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May 6 1897
51' Nebraska Jnbcpcn&cull
Cmtnlitmtitm tf
There is not an instution in the stats
that so justly merits tbs pride of all
citizens as tbs Nebraska State Univer
sity It is recognized every where as tbe
PUBLISHED EVERY THURSDAY I greatest seat of learning west of the
Mississippi. It has as a rule escaped
I the changes usue'ly following a change
Ifldscsndsnt Puhlishinn So in the political control of the state. All
' ' !" ! - v , . .
At USO M toast.
bare Tied witn eacn
other in an effort to exhibit the great
est liberality to this magnificent institu-
Io a statistical report sent out by tbe
department of agriculture concerning
the Talus of farm animals for a series of
years is some very interesting figures.
Tbe average value shows a continued
decrease. It is well illustrated in the
. . mi
case 01 norses. joe average price ana savings banks have set the public
iu the United States has shown a con- minds to thinking that there must be
tinned fall in price. In 1884 tbe aver- some means devised by which the sav-
ngoprio w ?74,4, Is 192 it ags ef tho people shall U absolutely se-
mctK m. t tono mat no. taci mtf . . .
.i(iu ioo,fin.,iu i.-icure. 11 is not a pleasant thought to
am in iovo, ? ao.zy; in ioyo,; in
ft s are glad to note that the press of
the country is gradually beginning to
realize that there is really some good in
the populist party and its platform.
Tbe repeated failures of national, state
any man who has a heart that beats for
arf . ji T n J 1
tioo. It was right that they should. Itl 0i" '" " n uroiner to stand by and see tbe sav-
has been fortunate for the university we8tern etate in the raDge country ,nK ' Ufa-time swept away by the
that they did. Notwithstanding tbe wu """"" orr """" " " - "r rnwiieea nana- 01 unconscionable bank
$1 00 PER YEAR IN ADVANCE hard times tbe populist legislature of " "na" "mwnm irueoi omciais and feel be is poirerleea to pre-
-I.,, ... 1 a ffrpAE tnnnv ornnr mrm am main um itmi n.h l. mL
in is year apDrunriatea more monev 7-f " UHiruiHi, m failures
for tbe support of the university 'ann Product8' Every one is willing to which have occurred since the alleged
than has ever been
other legislature
state. The nonuliat.nnrtv
favored education and educational in- for by "aying that "moneT na" "sen in has been wrought, Lag caused almost a
stitutions. It was the more surprising VBIuef " riainiy irue. . ; universal cry to go up for some law to
that the last legislature should be sol 3 provide for tbe protection of depositors,
liberal with tbe university when it was . "u u"ttr are maue oy in several notable instances there has
Addnea all eommanlcatloni to. and makt all
orsfts. bom; urdora. lc payable to
Which do yon prefer much debt and
McKinley prosperity or 50 cent dollars
and less debt?
rt of tbs university wnproaocta, every one is wming to which have occurred since the alleged der thecircumi
en appropriated by any admit that hoP8e" have fa,,eo in Price' aaT,or8 ot the cntry and tbe advance a law, and the
in the history of the " many wi.I admit that a large part agent of prosperity hays been placed in States is too li has always "'all in piice" should beaccounted power, and the misery and ruin wbicb ki to stand
tbey have done is tbe past, and pillage
tbe treasury.
Tbe law should not be changed. If
Mr. Ca-negie can furnish plate to Russia
at a low price, be certainly ought to be
able to treat Uncle Sam as liberally. Of
course Mr. Carnegie is entitled to a rea
sonable profit on his output- But if be
demands an unreasonable profit, that is
robbery, and if tbe government cannot
get we piaie 11 wants witnout giving
to this trust the privilege of robbing tbe
people, then it is time to call a halt
Mr. Chandler's bill, far from being any
thing anarchistic or absurd and vicious,
is a good measure, introduced to relieve
tbe people of an unjust burden, and un
der the circumstances ought to become
seizure made. The United
large a country to be com
pelled to stand and deliver at the com
mand of Mr. Carnegie or anv other man,
Tbe committee investigating the state
officers will take nothing for granted, it
insists on being shown.
wlTOown that tbe present chancellor ,the nw,jr elected republican .senator been a demand made for postal savings
w"a7a pronounced and active gold-bug 'm Kentucky, ln an interview recent- banks. The people are beginning to
Note tbe date marked on your paper,
and if subscription is past due, pleaie
send in tbe dollar.
The one man bouse of representatives
The taxpayers of this state have been
unfortunate In the extreme. They owed
a 1200,000 bonded debt and had pro-
vide for a sinking fund from which to
pay it when due. They met the interest
payments regularly and according to tbe
treasurer's records bad nearly tbe re
quired amount of cash in tbe sinking
fund to pay the bonds when they became
tbe Capital National
1180,000 of their sav
was lost in the wreck.
x . . . .
u.a t":.Zrr:r'"r: ."luo more trusts than anv other Drincfole U.n - . .Tl u" nw anatookfrom the
uwinu uvuwui me contemplated ac-l , . . . ,r " "'" 01 we 1 jnmeral fund a sum anffiniant anu.
fi n-i- . iu. u.j In government), and tbe administration connrrv. and thhnfl!ai f. 1. Tm ,una eum "Offlcient to replace
engaged for tbe place by a board of
regents always overwhelmingly republi
can.It was their love for educa
tion and th&ir admiration of the
Uuiversity that prompted them to do
it. All this is called to mind by the
recent basty and
ranted, action of tbe board of regents
yr puiuiaueu r. veuw aaiu; ., realize that there must be Homthinff f
II T iL- J J t f . ! 9
t iBTr me goia aianuaru, a uign the kind provided if thev are t h..
protective tariD, the arbitration treaty, ,ured that their monev is alwv. -f
and the administration of William Mo- Nor would tbe good end witli theassured
Kinley." His other statement was. safety of the funds. The knowledge that
auu win nuu 1 qui not a inena oi thnir mnnv wnnM h oKlnM. i
' I 1 ww - mr-v Ml WOII BUID IU
apparenly ma rV"" Jt bow a man can favor the apostal savings bank would leid tno 'Z inLZZ'rVTi.t
v nucir oar1
has sncceeded in protecting Woolen Man- dismissing Prof-IH. K. Wolfe from the thn tb moDey trUPt) a big0 protoc" dePOBit i4 rtler than retain the burden nm in thi. fnnd
ufacturer Dinglsy. That is all it has department of Psychology. Prof. Wolfe tl,retarifl wblcn ba fo8tered and bnUt of its keeping. This would in no small Tbe legislature 1
country, and tbe beneficial effect nf anoii
(ingress is doing nothing, while Cuba he was summoned before a conference . W . Ilara cK-lD,ey an &t h f am? Wtm would be so great that the peo-
and Greece yearn for sympathy. Oh, committee. As Prof. Wolfe bad asked : De an anti-tr0Bt man a problem pie would be astounded. Tbe leaven is
that ws had some Henry Clays and for an increased allowance of fund-for 1 0na wecomprenension 01 most think- working. After a while there will arise
Daniel Websters in the senate! his department he eunnoeed that th- ,0 PeoPle' W9 P0101 lor D,m occasions which will call attention to
conference was to be in relation to that. ord imiIor to that of John M;. Tburstoi,, other planks in the platform, and tbe
Tbe gold reserve is experiencing some and be took with him a handful of nota- , , c jPxv ,Hn peppie wia nsaiiy seek to Secure all these
hard knocks these days, and withdraw
als for export have set in. That msans
another bond issue. Mark it.
I gold.' ;t-t vr$ stir m&t -Wut.t
Who is an anarchist, according to tbs
"sound money" definition? A man who
is fool enough to earn money and not
steal it 8ilvr Knight Watchman.
Get up a club of " four yearly subscrib-
bis department needed the increased al- Those whtf elaim that th , Attomp PaW which
lowance. To bissurDrise. tbe chancellor, ireneral haa been Ipniant in nma.,,1. tneB wn placedjua Dower the dodu
wno was a mem ter 01 tbe committee, ing defaulting state officials, should yar"J(
stated to him that H bad been .decided Point out SDecfflcallv the manner in
that bis services for the university which be could have been more vigorous.
should cease September let. - Pr6t He has alreadv bernn loni anit-a And
Wolfe was completely surprised. Hel promises others as soon as tbe facta are
inquired tbe reason. Practically no rear available, s Tbe republican conrta will
son was given; the chancellor merelv I have several onnortnnitlea n imnrlmn
the loss tb tbe bond fund. Tbey trusted
two state officials, Moore and Hartley.
to make the transfer from one fund to
the other. These officials picked it ud
oui 01 tne general fund tbe first day that
it was available, but have never out it
into the bond fund. The taxpayers of
bWeficenvtneMurew, through tbeonlv f payers 01
Bi'ii)fii?.t. . e s '.' . " 1 "uimmma mum Kataer toarethep Ol thoir
Those whtf elaim that the .attorney P f f WD,cn "ana" PMged to enact bard earning a .nm .
the indebtedness and pay it for a third
time. This time it will be handled bv
populist officials, and tbe Independent
predicts that it will reach its destination
Meserve and Cornell area different brand
of men from Moore and Bartley.
ine citizens of this state are fortunate
in making a change in the state admin-
Had the republicans bn in
as a general rule, the people of the
United States are proud of their postal
system, its growth has been hetforo.
enai. Starting With 75 Dontmnatara
franchises constitute one of the most
important of them."
Nor is the Mail and Express alone in
its opinion as to the great value of the
public streets to tbe city. The Chicago
Record, in editorially speaking of the
New York matter says:
"Chicago will do well to notice very
carefully tbe steps new York is now tak
ing looking to municipal ownership of
its street railways. It is needless to say
that tbe present owners of these valua
ble franchises, like those in Chicago, are
very much disturbed at the prospect
that they will have to restore to tbe peo
ple this valuable property after having
bad tbe benefit of it for half a century."
Chicago, however, is at present greatly
handicapped in any desire it may pos
sess to re-purchase the franchise of its
street railways, as it has no authority
under the law either to raise money to
repurchase or to operate them after
securing them. This difficulty was met
by tbe introduction by Senator Ford in
the Illinois legislature of a bill giving -Chicago
authority to issue bonds to
purchase tbe roads, and another bill
was introduced conferring power to "ac
quire, operate or lease" tbe roads, but
their introduction came too late in the
session to be considered fully.
Tbe people are waking up. They are
just beginning to realize that they have
an inexhaustible source of great revenue
in their city streets, a revenue which
grows with tbe city's growth.
In Chicago the sentiment has been
rapid in favor of municipal ownership
because of the introduction of tbe Hum
phrey bills giving to the street railway
magnates control of the streets for tbe
next fifty years. We believe tbey failed
of passage, but their consideration.even,
was sufficient to alarm the citizens of
the windy city.
. Elsewhere the grasping greed of the
corporations will help to crystalize sen
timent in favor of municipal ownership,
and the day is not far distant when the
present so-called "vagaries" of the
pops" will be no vagaries at all. but
will be recognized as tbe efforts of a
party to lessen the onerous exactions
of corporations and trusts of all des
criptions. .
to pay you for your labor.
lone lor did noj pursue tbe usual course in ney general can do is to lay the case" be vnier Washington, it has grown nearly power two years longer the result can
Ue case of dismissals and prefer his charges fore the courts and abide tbe result. 75000 postmasters, and an annual ex- only be surmised The irreat nartvot
in writing as he did in all other changes. Time will tell whether the assertions of Penditureof 192,000.000. The price of "honest monev" and
ers and send to this office (cash with tbe barging meddlesomeness. The chan- tffeir defaulting officers. All the attor- aml an annual expenditure of 37,000 fstration
order) and ws will send you prepaid
copy of Bryan's book "The First Battle,
It was a slight of hand performance; a the Bee and some other papers, that the postage has been steadily reduced, and
hi . .. . ... I . "
lick DeiOW toe Delt. . I renublic&n nartv ia nnvlnna t.n nnnlah I can DOW Send a lt,Ur fnrX ....,.
Aside from the vague charge of tiled- defaulters is true or not. Their judi- 1 et ln al1 " tplendid achievements it
neatly put up, and ably edited. Put it oleaomeness which is generally regarded c,al officers will have plenty of opportn
on your exchange list. When yon read M a men "ubterfuge, an excuse, the pub- n,t,ea to mee D aueetion fairly.
it you win prize u more loan any, 1 ,v, w mo cuuoe. 1
uunnauo., in their review of trade
bo far as can be learned by careful ... J:i! . .
The Bimstallist Is the name of a new
publication ' at Nebraska City. It is
la p M kHr...i . .
mw wi a pvr.txv sysiem. , it nas erave
aeiects. . .
Ti 8- J-i! ....
ueiecuve in inat enormous over
charges are paid to the railway service.
and the loss to the government amounts
nones, money" and "atate mAtH
would have stripped tbe state of all its
money and credits. It is a record that
should damn the republican uartvin
this state forever.
The nnnnliata hatra .
1 ' w. . 1 .imDj no, iiui, 1 r - r o'cij icnnuu do
The Reporter and Record of Randolph, and diligent inauirv. the char of J tona!".D on "aX 1 "at "bUHi- ana ine ,oss to the government amounts fat'y encouraged at tbe present
Nebraska, have been consolidated with dlesomeness 'was based upon an oral f " "sappo.nting." it shows a large iiiy fio.uoo.wjo. These overcharges wnoiesome and healthy growth of sen
Harry Hammond as editor. It will be a charge, made to tbe chancellor bv Wolfe 'uu'Vuo ePor?'oiaaur,nAPr,f w'ouu ueuei 11 yu w, l0k P ,avor 01 government
free silvsr and reform newspaper, irre- that another dnArtn.t i ,ha i ' ana aaa" m 1B,M a ' raln rom . pos tmaerer-general's reports you 'eiorms nrst enunciated by them in the
apectivs of party." This is more evi- sity bad reported as .-ivin,, ln,trtinn T wne tnac "the exports w, .earn mat tne government pays 8 umana P'aworm and reaffirmed by each
denes that the silver craze is dying out. to more students than the i-w-wnnM . 'a WOOia BOt mucn ,nfl0enC9 . :.per p0UM ,or tne transportation na"nal platform.
:,.nTraa-jc.A ?! I . mu- -. . . 11 "ere were not an extraordinary in. 01 man matter in addition to rentals of l 18 unaeniaDiy true that there ia a
That Warden Ledifra 'is a success as this way: It is the custom in .nnnJ"1 n merchandise imports." Be- postal can. Express companies, that wMMpwad tendency on th part of the
warden is shown by the fact that during tioning the university funda to th f ,ore e,"cuon " waB w fifoia reserve "e iarge pronts are charged 1 cent Puo,,c na aiso on the part of a few
tbs month of April there was not a caoe ,ia.,m. J tDM needed protection. Dunn & . Co., Tr pound and less for the name service. Prominent papers to look with favor on
of punishment for any cause whatever, the number of students in tl. a.m,l now coraPlain of eessive imports. If Not only this, but while tbe average life a ,eat two fundamental principles of
ment and nive tbe lanrer 'denartman . were "0I ,or TDe e,ce,8lve ""Ports we 01 a postal car is twenty years, the gov- in" popuust party-the establishment
morefnnda It on. A,nartman, Mm.J Bnoula t0 ""nn & Co., explain ernmeut pays on an average of 200 per 01 tne P"al 'ags banks and the
having more students than it reallv had hW ' W0U'd be p08eible ,or the United Cent 00 the C08t 0,a POBtal car as J'ear,y mnI,iciPa, ownership of street railways.
uiuroBiuueuiB.nan 11 really had, OttB trananrir in maal- thi I rfintal In aAAiHnr. t 1 x. I It ITlAv- anrnfiua h- J, .m. i..
fuuiuuii ,vi yawing eiUk times I iraucrs ui me JIN-
tbe charge per pound paid by express nEPENDENT to ,earD that right in the
companies. The government pays for DOt Ded of goldbugism, the city of New
In Illinois, bank wreckers are treated a
little different from tbe general system
in vogue in this state. Piesident Spal
ding of tbe Globe Savings bank has been
confined in an iron cell in the
ail. He receives bis meals from the tail
keeper in tbe same manner as other pris
oners. He is supposed to have robbed
the depositors of about 1600,000.
What a horrible thing it would be in Ne
braska to have Moore and Bartley ;
.reajea jn that manner.,,.
Hit report to the commissioner shows
that he has 810 convicts in bis charge
at this time.
and Secured the atinnrfinnmonf. nf hnl.
iue ueopie eiecieoa congress upon tne 0n that wonM mM ,..
: I .. ...
us. " uaJ"a IIS lUBtl DrODOrt On nf tha fun Ha onA
. . , , . , , 1 w - v aMUWSV UU VI
away uie we witnout even proposing other departments would receive pro
any financial legislation. It looks as if portionatelv lees than th anfi.i
tbey were afraid that the gold standard
enactments would prove disastrous to
their party.
' The ex-presidents are a peculiar class
of men. Harrison before college studen ts
made a ringing speech against monopo
lies. In the next speech of importance
he mads he was denying the conntitu
tionaaty of a three cent fare street car
bill in tbe city of Indianapolis.
Some of the populists of Indiana have
undertaken to expel a certain other lot
of populists. If these en thuniantio work
era would devote their energy and atten
tion to building up the party by secur
ing converts from the old parties, tbey
would be more successful and would
very soon secure the enactment of pop
ulist principles into law.
Mr. Edgertoii has taken a trip south
for his health and while aWut desires
to be relieved oi ail editorial work. He
will return the latter part of May when
he will again be rvady for duty, lie has
been under medical treatment for some
time and goes away by the advice of his
physician for rt and recuperation.
He is at Sulphur Springs, Ark., theguost
oi Hon. J. U. Sovereign.
Last week Mr, i;lminatn, the state
oil inspector, turuod 500 into the
state treasury, that bring the amount
that the receipt from f txceedml
tbs etpenses of tbs dparniot
fur the past thr mouths, it Mr. IM
itiiotan had beu gowned by (ho prvre
dmtBtablwKd by hi pmltMiir, b
woiiltl have drpoaiiftd this chetk ia soiue
bank to the f rvdit oi J, It. IMutiaWa,
Tbs editors and publiabars of ail
mmt fa th Stith rongreasioaal ditx
rtl will bold a nwetiag ia Vabatiae,
Jti R, 17. Kwryoae houi.J attend.
Ttvs bix k to toito a. rea aaatMta.
tiua of iba editors aal pdtitihrs of
taut rfbulrt. The iafitatiou U st
ly W. H, darker at the lUpublicaas
ttsucrt It. Kiiiert t tbs Wttra Na
aad Robert iiotvd of tbs VaUatise heitf
to. it wag a matter that a very little
investigation would settle. There was
nothing in it to warrant a request for
tbe resignation of any member of the fac
ulty, especially the head of adepartinent
seeking only justice and protecting his
department from the unwarranted en
croachments of another department.
ine people will never accept such an ex
cuse as the real reason
Professor Wolfe is a sou of the present
land commissioner, J. V. Wolfe, He
graduated from the Nebraska University
in 1880; tt.ughfcin tbe public schools to
earn money to go abroad to tcliool. He
spent three years in Germauy and grad
uated with the highest honors from
Leipsic, one of the most famous univer-
sities in Germany, receiving a Th. D, de
gree. He returned to Lincoln and pur
sued original work in his !in. until 18H9
when he was given the opportuntiy to
establish a Psychological department in
the vbraka UuivHrsity. H started at
a small salary but was steadily pro
moted during Caofleld'a administration
until he became a full protessor. Tbe diw
partment, which is now one of the
strongest ol Its kind in the I'niUd States,
has beu built up solely by the efforts oi
1'rofcwsor Wolfe.
Its commands the admiration and rr.
ect of all of the stttdunts More than
thiw-fourths of them driiounc the
aHlon of tbe board of ivgeots. The real
fIiog In the university was best shown
when at chappl, the aeit morning mltvr
tbs action of the rxata baiue koowo,
thy did what was avver known in ths
hinlory of the nnirerstty lfory; they
huuMid the chauir and board of re
gpttta, and railed loudly for "Woif.
WolU" TbeBla.Uats in the nniversity
ara not children. They am young inc
and women of good judgmeat. They
woald ot takseiKh atioa wiihoat a
eauiM, The studaU rrcard tU aiaiur
"Luckily," savs the Philadelphia Rec- th rental ot postal cars f3,600,000 an- York BteP are now being taken look-
ord, (arold democratic) "while our own nual,yi more than enough td build mg t0 tne municipal ownership ofits
government is chaffering with the Beth- nearly double the number in use. Think Btreet railways. Seems queer and cur-
lehem and Carnegie iron trying to ,t! Tne cars used by tbe government ,0U8 doe8n ' It? " is true, nevertheless.
cheapen their wares and threading to I coulrt D(J built for f 2,000,000. They Tbe New York Mail and Express in com-
confiscate and Chandlerire their Dlan te. would last twenty years. Yet the irov- raenting upon the attempt of the citv to
tbe Russian government is asking them ernment pays in twenty years f 72,000,- Becure posession of the Sixth and Eighth
to submit proposals for new battle lor rental of proDertv it could . Avenue eunace roads in accordAnoa
quire for 12,000,000. New York rail- w,th the provisions of tbe franchise
roads haul certain goods for one-sixth 8raute(l mty years ago, and tj offer of
of one cent; at a .profit, yet charge tbe 00'000 b the Third Avenue com-
government forty-eight times as much
for hauling its mail the same distance.
II such figures as are hire iriven
ships." Here's consistency for you.
Satisfied to give England control of our
financial system, this , goldbug organ is
willing that Mr. Carnegie should "hold
up" the government, and gloat at the
thought that they may be able to keep
agoing by furnishing a foreign country not powerful arguments in favor of gov-
armor plate at a low price, which they
refuse to the United States.
It was in the power of the state print
ing board to engage a clerk at a salary
of 1800, under the provision of H. R,
871. It would have
ernmHnfcowoprshiD of railways, then we
are at fault. It is uo wonder there ia al
ways a deficit in the postal department'
tion lor some worthy party man, but
the board has decided t n trnt ultimo
without the clerk and save the necessity
of fJouu appropriation by the next Ifg-
islature to pay his salary, The printin
board ornanizd lust ww k, with Cornell
na chairman and Porter as secretary.
Mr. Meserve is the other member. They
will call in clerks from their offices to
aiglet In the work when necesHury. This
i another case whera populim olllclaU
hare pactum! economy.
lltntry tl. liavemeyer, the sugar kinir.
is not Batinfied with the ordinary In his
state for a residuum pACv, but ia now
engaged in having built at a convenient
point 00 Loag Island, aa Auiewan Ym
-, w i-oagoias, eie. it coats iiionry
to do It bat so long as th Ainerkaa
!-oplean willing to furuiah him funds
thy hare no right to kick as to how he
Uavail, tt la so eonora tf his if a
huwaa softer. It ia hi buiaMi to(.
all hecaa aud a Jr the liiogtry bit) it
lojkBas it hsvai b abl to gt all b
Senator Chandler o! New llarimshire.
made a good poi-hae introduced a bill Authorizing the
a aa o the pr of vrUia IMia,,! suWriUr mi, And tbs
part to graUly tMr d.ira U d,t. l riplrati... a tMir .n-r(,,W.a
penuaal meajra. The rhaaMUr and a lb
NbIs have all admitted that thra iv at ih. t., ,.t tk. . ' i. . .
... .1. .. . ... ' rF-w.tww
tllBtiiiwtettrv or ioatlealioa in ku ....w. - .it.-.. .t . .
dative. , ..,i..ii... '
government to seize and operate the
Carnegie and Bethlehem Iron and steel
works for the purpose of making armor
plate. It is presumed that the NewEng
laud senators action was taken bwnuse
the government has been unable to se
cure puis joi (ess than f .WO per ton of
armor from these or olber firms with
one exception, the excepted company
demanding that at Ita bid of $120 per
ton it be granted what men term
monopoly of furnishing armor pints for
a period of t wenty years, The bill is de-
1 a t
nuuureu uj various eaitrra paper aa
"anarchy" ''aUurd and firious" and
likened to tbs higMayw;,a's "ataud
and deliver."
Carnrgia sod hi rprraiitstlvr tat
that .1iH wr toa ia ioutfii-let nad r
fua to furuih it at that price.
H Ih'a Un't In th nature of aeon-
I'lraey, what .uld a BuitURia term
it? Murvly al atrioim. If working'
shoald irik for alghr wage and
thus be the means of rvlarding gov-ra
mat work 1hy would tm sswrely dealt
With, Hat Mr. Cars; and hla
iate iay rtinaptr nad rr(ue to far-
kb lat to the govrrsmral aU
tlwy gt thr jrkw, A ad what hapwB?
IV by, thptai la ifatvd tMth
raited Kisirs id lbs avmtary id tbs
atjr, (a rablliaa) bvf tf toagrvat
to haag the law bo that t araKw i
("o, ay eoaliaa to do ia tb fstar a
pany ior tne lines if re-acquired bv the
city, bas this to say as to the worth oi
the franchises as shown bv tn
that have been made for them:
"They show that in its ntrt ri,!u..
franchises, whether already granted or
not, the city possesses an nam, u-hink
should pay for a conHuiornMo nntsnn
of the city improvements und lessen
materially the burden of directtaxation
In its water front and its dock thaiu
has another possible asset, which if util
ized to theutmost.asinLiverpool.would
alone almost pay the annual budget.
1 HUTitn aominisiration which spends
the city moneys honestly and economic
ally our citizen are waking up to a rea
lization of the hitherto lateut resources
of the municipality. The city railway
A new western
, i winuwauuii
nas made its annenrnn with - r..-i. "
cally tbe same membership among west-
railradB that its predecessor bad.
it s a cold day in a warm month when
tbe railroads fail to find a way to evade
a statute or a court decision-OmabA '
Bee. m k. -t-'.u .'.,.. . .
The Bee might have added in a similar '
train that it is a colder day in a warmer
month when a republican court cannot
find an excuse for releasing a defaulting; '
republican state official.
Consolidotion and concentration is the
distinguishing feature of the times. This
is especially true in the banking business.
For many years small banks have been
nothing more than agents for larger con
cerns. They have become so involved in
debt that they are rapidly beine ab
sorbed by the greater and stronger In
stitutions. The only remedy for this is
for the government to establish a gov
ernment banking system.
Auditor John F. Cornell has decide
that under existing laws farmers mutual
insurance companies may insure country
churches, country parsonages, and coun
try school bouses. The law provides
that these companies may insure, "dt
tached farm dwellings, barns. en
livery and hotel bares, and other farm
Duiioings." The auditor holds that.
farmers churches, parsonages and school
houses, come under the head of other
farm buildings. The decision is a proper
one. Decisions to the contrary have
been in the interest of old line comimn.
iea. Auditor Cornell has shown himseif
to be a just and fearless officer, and
friend of mutual iusurauce.
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