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Dryan'g Plurality in the Et&te Now
riaced at 15,000 Beyond
Any Doubt.
i::icc"3 r.i";s still eette3
Cotn Conies of the Legislature Will
Unmestionably Be
Fusion Also.
Didn't Do a Thing.
Nebraska returns fro to show that the
tate has given Mr. Bryan a plurality of
abont 15.000. Uoveroor lioicomo uu,
COO plurality, and elected the remainder
ol the fusion ticket by pluralities rang
ing from 5,000 to 13,000.
Both bouses of the legislature will no
doubt be fusion also, having a fusion
Venr Congressmen at Least.
Four congressmen hare been elected
Greene, Sutherland, Stark and Maxwell
and possibly also Broady, leaving Mer
cer tbe only one conceded now to the re
publicans. v
Returns by counties are these:
Adams Eleven precincts, including
Hastings, give McKinley 1,359, Bryan
1,128; five precincts, including part of
Hastings, give MacColl 801, Holcomb
502; three precincts give Andrews 821;
Sutherland 807.
Antelope Nine precincts, including
Neligh, give McKinley 871, Bryan 641;
two precincts give MacColl 189, Hol
comb 179.
Box Butte Two precints give McKin
ley 194. Bryan 156, MacColl 10, Hol
comb 89.
Boone Seven precincts give McKinley
695, Bryan 830.
Buffalo Ten precincts, including part
of Kearney, give McKinley 849, Uryan
1,031; six precincts give MacColl 140,
Holcomb 600; seven precincts give Cady
628, Greene 635.
, Butler Eight precincts give McKinley
718, Bryan 1,047; five precincts give
MacColl 277, Holcomb 679; four pre
ducts give Hairier 808, Stark 351.
Clay Thirteen precincts give McKin
ley 1,885, Bryan 1,871; four precincts
ive MacColl 431, Holcomb 669; An
rews 632, Sutherland 489. -Custer
Four precincts give McKinley
S37, Bryan 413; two precincts give Mao
Coll 93, Holcomb 225; Cady 102, Greene
213. .,
Dixon Six precincts give McKinley
818, Bryan 468; five precincts give Mac
Coll 262, Holcomb 892.
Baine One precinct gives McKinley
24, Bryan 19; MacColl 24, Holcomb 19.
Brown Two precincts give McKinley
169, Bryan 109; one precinct gives Mac-
vwsa w v a vivviu j - :vrj vtav j r i uicuuu
Case Eight precincts outside of Platta-
mouth give McKinley 1,128, Bryan 854;
three precincts give MacColl 392, Hoi
comb 277; Strode 167, Broady 80.
Cherry One precinct reported gives
TcKiuley 108, Bryan 87; MacColl 104,
Holcomb 92; Cady 112. Greene 87.
Cedar Ten precincts, Incomplete, give
l!cKinley 618, Bryan 889; MacColl 120,
Holcomb 892; Hammond 116, Maxwell
803. -. --; 'vt -
Chase Two precincts give McKinley
110, Bryan 98: MacCall 110, Holcomb
89; Andrews 111, Sutherland 93.
Cuming Four precinct give McKin
ley 140. Bryan 811, MacColl 131, Hol
comb 156.
Dodge Eight precincts, including Fre
mont, give McKinley 1,795, Bryan
1,245; four precincts outside of Fremont,
give MacColl 698, Holcomb 487, Ham
mond 275, Maxwell 263.
Filmore Thirteen precints give Mc
Kinley 1.125, Bryan 1,170.
Franklin Six precincts give McKiuley
. 358, Bryan 402.
Dawson Nine precincts give McKin
ley 697, Bryan 713; seven precincts give
MacCall 504, Holcomb 608; three pre
cincts give Cady 806, Greene 309.
Dawes One precinct gives McKinley
820. Bryan 203.
Dundy One precinct gives McKinley
73, Bryan 42, AiacColl 67. Holcomb 46,
Andrews 77. Sutherland 42.
Furnas County Three precincts rive
McKinley 73; Bryan 189; two precincts
give MacColl 70, Holcomb 151, Andrews
71. Sutherland 152.
Gage Twenty-two precincts, including
partoi Beatrice, give fttctuniey z,vo,
Bryan 2.323; six precincts give MacColl
625, Holcomb 476.
Howard Six precincts, including St,
Paul, give McKinley 287, Bryan 669,
C,nAv 428. fireen 47tt. '
Frontier Two precincts give McKin
ley 89, Bryan 108, MacColl 102, Hoi
comb 100. Andrews 94, Sutherland 94.
Garfield Two precincts give McKinley
93, Bryan 125, MacColl 101, Holcomb
122. Cady 102, Greene 118.
Greeley Five precincts give McKin
ley 264, Bryan 353; one precinct gives
Cady 118, Greene 51.
- Hamilton Six precincts give McKin
ley tuo, uryan oo; nve precincts give
MacColl 602, Holcomb 562, three pre
cincts give uainer , stark 400.
Knox Two precincts give McKinley
178, Bryan 257, MacColl 169, Holcomb
266, Hammond 40. Maxwell 80.
Madison Four precincts give McKin
ley 618. Bryan 889.
, Merrick Ten orecincts iv McKinley
822. Bryan 881; two precincts give Mac-
mou so, Holcomb 202, Hammond 97,
maxwell 1H.
I Holt-Eight precincts give McKinley
ot v, uryan 073; rnree precincts give
I liaouoH 140, Holcomb 156, Cady 89,
ureeni47. v . . .
nail Five precincts give McKinley
. 1,; uryan y o.
1 " Hitchcock Three precincts give Mc-
t-ley 119, Bryan 180, MacColl 113,
liocker One precinct gives McKinley
' 1, rryan 21, Mactoii e, Holcomb 30,
Lrriaa Two precincts give McKin-
Ey 123, Bryan 114.
aoa Fifteen precincts, including
I ' zry, giv McKinley 1,451, Bryan
' " Fir precincts give McKin
V 7U 23, MacColl 644, Hoi-
r Tim precints give McKin-
-wirrtaneta give UcKinley 820
Bryan 500: five precincts give Holcomb
592, MacCall 532: two precinct give
Hroadv 259. Strode 290.
Perkins One precincts gives McKin
lev 89. Brrau 24. MacCall 86, Holcomb
28. Andrews 39. Sutherland 25.
Pierce Six precincts give McKinley
397. Brvan 378.
Pawnee Eight precincts give McKin
ley 1,336, Bryan 954; three precincts
give MacColl 387, Holcomb 270, Broady
269. Strode 396.
Richardson One promt giver Mc
Kinley 83, Bryan 96, MocColl 83, Hoi
comb 90.
Rock Four precincts give McKinley
133, Bryan 103, MacColl 125, Holcomb
104. Cady 133. Greene 109.
Platte Fifteen precincts, including
Columbus, give McKinley 1,136, Bryan
1,889, Holcomb 1,860, Meuoll 77a, Max
well 1.198. Hammond 716.
Sioux One precinct gives McKinley
31, Bryan 89, MacColl 31, Holcomb 39,
Ureene 34, Cady 81.
Saline Ten precincts give McKinley
1.123. Bryan 1.078.
Seward Six precincts give McKin ley
450. Bryan 688.
Sarpy tight precincts give McKinley
515, Bryan 982, Holcomb 79, MacColl
323, DnfBe 816, Mercer 441.
Sherman One precinct gives McKinley
25, Bryan 105.
Saunders Twelve orecincts arive Mc
Kinley 1.462, Bryan i,482;two precincts
give MacColl 173, Holcomb 275, Stark
268, Hairier 188.
Sheridan Five precincts give McKin
ley 119, Bryan 170; one precinct gives
Holcomb 67, MacColl 87, 3reene 64,
Cady 87.
Stanton Eight precincts give McKin
ley 614, Bryan 816.
Thurston Four precincts give McKin
ley 281, Bryan 857.
1 nomas Une precinct gives McKinley
6, Bryan 41, MacColl 9, Holcomb 67,
Cady 7, Greene 86.
Thayer Three precincts give McKin
ley 824, Bryan 336. Holcomb 68, Mac
Coll 56, Stark 09, Hainer 56.
Valley Three precincts give McKinley
824, Bryan 223, Greene 172, Cady 204.
nance Two precincts give McKinley
213, Bryan 162.
Nemaha One precinct gives McKinley
21, Bryan 69, MacColl 16, Holcomb 68.
Nuckolls Five precincts give McKinley
554, Bryan 484; three precincts give
MacColl 331, Holcomb 806, Andrews
353, Sutherland 802.
Folk Four precincts give McKinley
570, Bryan 990; three precincts give
MacColl 312, Holcomb 574., Stark 746,
Hainer 435.
Phelps Four precincts give McKinley
443, Bryan 403; MacColl 267, Holcomb
285; Andrews 508, Sutherland 457.
Wheeler One precinct gives McKinley
8, Bryan 10; Holcomb 9, MacColl 12.
Greene 10, Cady 12.
York Ten precincts give McKinley
1,232, Bryan 1,174; Holcomb 486, Mac
Coll 428; Stark 48, Hainer 426.
Wayne Four precincts arive McKinley
358, Bryan 293; two precincts give Mac
Coll 108, Holcomb 110; Hammond 122,
Maxwell 107. ' .
Webster One precinct gives McKinley
57, Bryan 115; Holcomb 110, Mac
Coll 59.
Wash inn-ton Two precincts a-ive Mc-
Minley 293, Bryan 215.
One who served as an election official
in Stromsburg precinct, Polk county, is
authority, for the assertion that one
Bill Deck, candidate for congress, re
ceived just two votes in that precinct.
The balance of the tickets upon which
these votes appeared were straight re
publican. He received one or two simi
lar votes in Osceola precinct.
A Chlcag o Woman and Her Boy Nephew
. Vonnl Shot la rigta.
Chicago, Nov. '.Mrs. Annie
Schrieber, 88 years old, and her 14-
year-old nephew, Bruno Milke, disap
peared yesterday and were found on a
street of Elgin, III., this morning. The
boy was dead, having been shot
through the head and heart, while the
woman had bullet wounds in the eye
and breast. ,
The affair is a culmination of an in
fatuation between the two which had
lasted for months. A letter written
by Mrs. Schrieber, in which she threat
ened to shoot him if he dared to smile
on any other woman, was found in the
boy's pocket by his father a day or two
ago. Written in pencil on the kitchen
table at the Schrieber home was a mes
sage in the woman's handwriting stat
ing that they would not be seen alive
train - " . r . ; .- -' .
a x-neay vat.
Mrs. Fred Vanderbilt's cat, Koko, is
said to have cost, counting original
price paid and cost of importation,
close iipon 81,000. He was born in the
palace of the mikado, and is the most
beautiful, as well as the most costly
cat in this country. Of unusual size,
he is like a maltese cat in color and in
telligence. His mouse-colored coat is
like heavy satin, so rich and showy
and sleek. Every morning he has his
bath and is combed and fed before he
is allowed to present himself in Mrs.
Vanderbjjt's rose-colored morning
room. His breakfast of cream and
grilled bones is served in a delicate
china bowl and soup plate, very like
those used by children for their oat
meal. One of Koko's accomplishments
is the delicate way in which he par
takes ot his meals. He never spills a
drop of cream or touches the delicate
carpet with a piece of meat or bone.
Attorney, Lincoln, Nebraska,
William S. Jones and Fannie Jones his wife,
non-resident defendants will take notice that on
tbe SOth day of October. 1896, Walter A. Leem, a
Jostle of the peace of Lincoln, Lancaster conntjr
Nebraska, issued an order ot attachment for the
urn ot (1S.90 with 7 per cent Interest thereon
from May e. ISM in an action pending before him
wherein Robert B. Soter to plaintiff and William
B. Jones and Fannie Jones his wife are defend
ants. .
That property of said defendants consisting of
one covered top phaeton and one set single har
ness rubber mounted has been attached . nader
said order.
8aid cause was continued to the 21st day ot
December ISM, at o'clock a, m.
Dated November Sth ISM. 34
Send to Lewis B. Walker, Bonkelman,
Neb., 25c for the newest and eatchieat
sonar, just out, entitled "That Cute Lit
tle Black-Eyed Bb.M It will drive
away that Vni baling 27
n m mm.
Oovemov Morrill Will bo Succeeded by
Mr. Leody The Legislature Strong
ly Tnaion on Joint Ballot Par
tial Betnrns From the State)
Jerry Simpson Defeats --
Chaster Long. , .
TonntA. Kan.. Nov. 5. Brvan and the fu
sion state ticket have carried Kansas by a
majority that may be anywhere from 8.000
to 16,000.
At Republican headquarters the hone Is
till held out that Morrill and the rest of the
state ticket may be saved, but they back It
with uncertain figure, it is a fact that the
returns so far received put Morrill sllghtly
In the lead of Tweedy, bat from the outset
these returns have shown a steady Repub
lican loss from the vote of 1893. when the
f uslonlsts won the state by 6,000 majority.
To Illustrate: At 11 o'clock complete re
turns had been received from 314 precincts.
giving Morrill 18,679; Leedy, 16,648. This
now a Republican loss in the same pre-
incts on the vote on governor In 1892 of
1,000 and a fusion gain of 25a .
These figure represent about one-ninth of
the total vote of the state and tbe same ratio
of loss and gain kept up to the end would
give the state to Leedy by 12.000 or 15,000.
Brledenthal claims that these returns do not
fairly represent the fusion gains, as they are
from Western precincts where the popula
tion has become so sparse that the fusion
peakers had little room to make converts.
Tbe same 314 preclncU give McKinley 18,-
749; Bryan, 18,028. This indicates a lead of
1,885 by Bryan over Leedy, but an analysis
snd comparison of the returns develops the
probable fact that some, evidently a ma
jority, of the judges of election have either
counted the Bryan and Watson vote for
Bryan or thrown it out entirely. This fact
coupled with the expectation that Leedy
would run somewhat behlml Bryan, ac
counts for Bryan's strong lead over Leedy
In one-ninth of the total vote of the state
beard from. This Is tbe judgment of R. M.
Pulton, who has been tabulatfng election
returns in Kansas since 1890. 1
la the returns from 226 precincts only 174
rotes for Bryan and Watson, 40 for Palmer,
tnd 43 for the Prohibition tickets are re
ported. Chairman Simpson and Secretary Brlstow
refuse to give out anything but the exact
count of precincts. The fusion chairmen
ire not tabulating the returns in such detail,
rhey accept the statements of majorities
telegraphed by their county committeemen
snd have reports of the majorities for gov
ernor in thirty-five counties as follows:
For Leedy Bourbon 800, Butler 800, Clay
$00, Decatur 400, Edwards 100, Ford 40
Franklin 300, Hamilton 35, Jewell 400,Klng
man 800, Linn 200, Miami, 150, Mitchell 800,
Montgomery 400, Neosho 800, Norton 200,
Osage 400, Ottawa 250, Pawnee 150, Pratt
160, Rooks 175, Rush 120, Scptt 70, Sedge-
wick 800, Sherman 125, Stafford 859, Sum
ter 400, Thomas, 150, Trego 35.
For Morrill Allen 150, Douglas 1,100, Fin-
ley 125, Greeley 60, Jackson 200, Riley 15a
On Congressmen, Breldenthal estimates
the resul as follows: First district, Broder
tea, Republican, 2,000; Third district, Rldg-
y, fusion, 8,000; Fifth district, Vincent,
fusion, 1,500; Sixth district, McCormlck, fu
lion, 2,600; Seventh district, Simpson, fu
lion, 8,000. He regards the. Second and
Fourth as about a standoff, with the chances
Itrongly for Peters, fusion, in the former.
and for Curtis. Republican, fairly good in
the latter. He has little doubt of the elec
tion of Peters and says Madden will win over
Durtis 11 tne latter s majority in Shawnee
county falls below 1,500. ri
In the thirty-five counties Breldenthal has
heard from, he claims the election of 34
nembers of the house and 18 of the senate,
I total of 63. Out of this total he claims a
tain of 34 from the Republicans over the
came representation in the legislature of
1896. He estimates that the legislature will
stand on Joint ballot: Senate: Fusionista
II, Republicans 9; house f uslonlsts 77, Re
publicans 48. Total fuslonlsts, 108;
total Republicans. 57; fusion matoalty.
sn joint ballot, 61. The Republicans are as
little disposed to concede Breldenthal's flg
sres on the legislature as on the state ticket,
but they will make no estimates until they
ihall have received more complete returns,
rhey are not so hopeful of getting the legis
lature, however, as of carrying the state
ticket - '
At 13:30 o'clock, Breldenthal had received
the following additional reports of majori
ties for governor by counties:
Leedy-Leedy, 300; Barber, 146; ClarkTTT;
Straham, 200. Morrill Brown, 350; Marlon,
100. . - -
Governor Morrill ran 100 ahead of McKin
ley in Brown. Fulton, Republican candidate
tor stats senator carried the county by 60.
(n Clark county Harry Bone, Republican, Is
ftef eated for re-election by 7 majority.
Wicarra, Kan., Nov. 4. Bryan has carried
Bcdglck county and Republicans concede
that Seedy rnd the entire fusion state ticket
have carried the county by 600 to 1,000. The
fuslonlsts will probably elect three repre
sentatives. ,' - . .-
' Breckinridge Beaten.
Louisvtllb, Ky., Nov. 6. Latest returns
from Owen and Henry counties in the
Seventh district show Bryan majorities of
8,260 and 898 respectively, which easily
overcomes Breckinridge's lead and elects
Battle, Democrat
Present Situation Never Dreamed of Be
fore Real Starvation Unlikely.
London, Nov. 5. Sir Eichard Tem
ple, who has had experience in Indian
affairs since 1846, who was secretary to
Sir John Lawrence, finance minister of
India from 1868 to 1874, and who was
then appointed to superintend the re
lief operations In the famine-stricken
iiatricts of Bengal, after which he
terved as governor of Bombay, alluded
f esterdayto the Import of California
wheat as a unique factor in the sit
uation, and ?ald: "It appears this
wheat can be Janded, at Calcutta
and sold at from eight to nine
seer per rupee. Such a possibility was
never dreamed of in my time. . If this
be true, it will suffice to fill the short
age In the Indian supply. Certainly
American wheat sold in India at that
price will suffice for the distressed dis
tricts. I do not see the need for the
Eivernment o intervene in this mat
r. If the thing can be done traders
tan do It better unaided. I think this
Is a Vital matter and the government
should Immediately verify it if this is
possible. Ami rf so, they should not
Intervene. If the American supply
fatted, then I do not think there is auf
fisieat wheat in India to meet the
soareity and the government might
have to buy supplies wherever favora
ble opportunity offered.
Ripens Teuleaftvr tour atomaeh.
Spanish general (after the battle):
"How many missing, colonel r, Span
ish colonel: "Everybody's missing
we naven t hit a Cuban for some time."
"I was just talking with Biffs, the
pugilist" "Biffs? Lemme see. Biffs.
He is heavy weight, isn't her "Heavy
weight nothing. He is an extreme light
weight Doesn't light above a whis
per." Indianapolis Journal.
Johnny:. "Tommy Jones don't know
how to swim because hie mother don't
want him to go near the water." Mam
ma: "Well. Tommv is a rood bov."
Johnnie: "Yes. hell eo to heaven the
first time he falls overboard." Brook
lyn Life.
"Uncle Harry: "And did naughty
Dada whacky-whack noor MedJe?"
Medje: "Iss, uncle." Uncle Harry:
Oh, poor old girl. And where did he
whacky-whack you?" Medje: "Er
r on the b-b-back of my tummy, un
cle." Punch.
Wife (examining the bill): "Do you
remember, my dear, how many trout
you caught last Saturday?" Husband:
"There were lust twelve: all beauties.
Why?" Wife: "The flahraonaer has
made a mistake; he only charges for
nan a dozen." Tit-Bits.
"They tell me the De Courceys have
i skeleton In their closet" "Yea."
'And that they have been drormed bv
oclety." "Yea." "Because of the skel
eton In the closet, I suppose?" "Not at
all. It was because they didn't keep It
there." Cleveland Leader. V
Lady (to dirty tramu): "Here's a
piece of soap, and I hope you'll wash
your sen with It; and here's a piece of
home-made cake to eat." Dirty tramp
(critically surveying the soap and
cake): "la the soap home-made, too,
mum?" Lady: "Of course not." Dirty
tramp: "Then, if you don't mind.
mum, I'd rather eat the soap and scrub
meself with the cake." Fun.
Attorney (examining witness): "You
Bay you saw the shots fired " Witness:
Yes, sir. "How near were you to the
Bcene of the affray?" "When the first
ahot was fired I was about ten feet from
tne shooter." "Ten feet. Well nnw
tell the court where you were when the
ooond shot was fired." "I didn't
measure the distance." "SnAnirW on.
proximately, how far should you say?"
wen, u approximated to half a mile."
Texas Sifter.
He Wouldn't Be Called "Papa" la Basl-
, ness Hoars.
It is whispered among a certain gay
young set but lately entered into
society that one of its members, a
college graduate, but a regular "mam
ma's boy" fof" all that, is feeling a
trifle sore over an episode that marked
his first day in business.
His father, the president of a prom
inent insurance company' had made
place in the office for his son, and
the young fellow was eager to take it.
It so happened that his first dip into
the great sea of worldly ambition oc
curred on the same day as a meeting of
the directors of the well-known
corporation. .
Being sent on an errand to the
president, the young hopeful burst
into the room where the maarnatea
were assembled and in the familiar
parlance of the home began "Papa "
The august president with a look of
absolute horror, turned to the agitated
messenger, and to the intense amuse-
men of the others present, and to the
everlasting chagrin of the dudelet,
roared out, "I'm not your father at
least in business hours."
..:uj ..'SuiiiUub no s.usia eju. huh"
v.Xiva ooj aq PinoM aidoad aqj mSnot;
'H 'N UMOJg ,.iaq ;,upia
irof ..'noHssriD jtauom aq; no 9oua;;
sire jo iKspHiJD egJDApu qonui os loadiEi
;ou pip Xeitrtxail a"bs aqx UAoag
Ripans Tabules cure Indigestion.
1 jayysawaswsiy"VMi,wgTagj?a aLir-ftcaut-ATiwo.
ket. Aad ear shippers are almost universally satisfied with the returns. Beeaaas w make thiss
moaey. We receive and sell : 1
Buttsr, Eggs, Poultry, Veal, Gams, Fur, Wool,
Hay, Grain, Seed, Beans, Pctatcss, Broom
Corn. Hides, Green an.Drisd Fruit - --
Or any thing yoi may have to ship. We make prompt sales at the highest market pries and seat
ejalck retsrns.WrlU as for prices, tags, shipping directions or any information yot stay want.
Asm this Papxb.
' no-.
Keeaatrlelty ot Character Displayed to
aa English Graveyard.
A remarkable, but werfectlv reliable
story comes from Wales which' throws
a strange light upon eccentricity of
character. In the graveyard of the
parish church at Churchstoke. a small
village in Montgomeryshire, there is to
oe seen a gTavestone which bears an
inscription recording the death of a
maiden lady who, nevertheless is ac
tually living m the village referred
to, and within a short distance of her
Her brothers and sisters died in the
early part of this century, and single
tone announces their deaths. . stood
undisturbed until 1886. when it was
renovated, and at that time the lady
referred to, who was then in her 68th
year, gave orders to a local stonemason
to insert her name at the foot of the
stone. This was done, bnt he was
rather surprised to receive a further
order to add the words "Died 1889."
At first he hesitated, and afterward
complied with, this request, although
he did not credit his customer, with
may remarkable degree of prophecy.
x ear alter year passed by, and when
1889 came the eccentric ladv was still
living, perhaps contrary to her own
expectations. The eDitanh now con
fronts her every time she wends her
way to church service. So robust is
she that since 1889 she has visited
America, and apparently derived con?
siderable benefit from the voyage
The following is a cony of the in
scription on the stone:
"In memory of Edward Locklev.
f ,
stonemason, son of John and Mary
Lockley, who died July 30, 1843, aged
36 years. Also John, their son. who
died December 7, 1846, aged 35 years.
Also Thomas, Richard and Joseph,
their sons, who died in their infancy.
Also Sarah, their daughter, born Autr-
nst 8, 1819, died 1889."
The principal part of a Kafflr'a
llgion consists in slneW nnri Hann
The city of Florence. Ala. haa re
cently paid 1125,000 for the water
Mrs. Walter Wilkinson, who is said
to be the only woman commercial trav
eler In Great Britain, Is visiting in Chi
cago. The natural food of the horse la
grass; there is nothing else upon which
he will grow so large, keep so healthy,
or live eo long.
Canny Is Mies Wilbur at home?
Norah No, sorr. Canny Well go up
stairs and ask her when she will be at
home, Norah (going) Yls, sorr. Har
per's Bazar. .
The French society for the preven
tion of cruelty to animals has deter
mined to take active steps to put a
stop to the wanton destruction of small
birds in France.
A man In Lawrenceville, Ga., recent
ly sold his horse for 25 cents. He had
put it up at auction once before, but
as he could not get even that sum for
it, he did not sell.
A gang of tramps has been living
very comfortably In Benton Harbor,
Mich. They have fixed up a deserted
mill with beds and fire, and expect to
spend the winter there.
Princess Pauline de Metternich, who !
used to set the fashions in Paris under
the second empire, has received the
grand medal and diploma of honor for j
fat cattle at the Budapest exhibition.
, A mathematician has computed the
movement of a bicycle rider's feet
while working a bicycle, and has dem
onstrated that it requires less exertion
to travel fifteen miles on a bicycle than I
to walk three miles.
The heart of the common oak begins
to rot at about the age of three hun
dred years. The holly oak is longer
lived, and there is a specimen of this
tree, age 415 years, in existence near
Aschaffenburg, Germany.
Dr. Sims gives special attention to ar
tificial teeth, crown and bridge work.
Burr Bl'k. 14.
Too can't obtain It any ether way. Beeaaas yes
have been soiling your produce at home for yean
is no reason yon should eontlnne to do so If ya
can strike abetter market and make Moremoaey.
Wo make a specialty of receiving; shipment di
rect from the producers and have the largest
trade from this sonrce of any noose la this mar
suqrs, r.:oRRiso;j & co.,
174 South Water St., - Chicago, I1L
And dressmaking
yery cheap. We
have a large stock
of fine millinery;
prices lowest.
Sadie Pcckett,
1233 0 street,
Like This, f?S.
His Mistake Was la Thinking That He
Could Keep It from Her.
Now that her husband was sentenced
to fifteen years in the penitentiary for
poisoning his mother-in-law she de
clared she would insist upon a divorce
as provided by statute.
He reproached her with lack of
affection, but she was obdurate.
He pleaded, but her heart was like
"What a spectacle"
The few minutes during which they
were to be' left alone were almost
spent and he was becoming frantic.
' of devotion it would be were yon
to wait patiently, for my release.
What a rebuke to the world's con
demnation." She tossed her head impatiently. .
"Deliberately " ,.
She spoke with seeming non
chalance. "you have destroyed the confidence
that should subsist between husband
and wife. You"
He would have interrupted, but her
glance commanded silence.
"went to work and killed ma with
out saying a word to me about it."
Then the guards came and led him
0ool'i And now wiiat did your
ftthor nnd mother die of?
A pplicant Well, sir, I can't say as I
do 'xactly remember, bt twarn't noth
ing sriou. ;
Breeders of fine stock can find no better
advertising medium than this paper.
Attend the Chamberlain Commercial
College, room 1 Lansing theatre build
ing. Day and night school. We make a
specialty of shorthand and typewriting
tf '
A six months scholarship in a first
class business college. Cheap for cash,
Address Scholarship, care of Nebraska
Independent, Lincoln, Nebraska.
This is a good opportunity for any
one desiring to attend a business college.
Publishes op Thb Independent.
A well improved farm in Seward
county to rent for next year. One-half
cash and part of crop. 80 acres.
J. 15. komine,
Hotel Ideal, Lincoln, Neb.
Business Directory.
Men whose advertisements appear In this co
no are thoroughly reliable, and easiness en
treated to them will receive prompt and oarefaJ
attention. .
CNERNET ft EAGER. Attorneye-at-iaw. MM
O Street, Lincoln. Neb. Telepsoae tan.
L. STARK. Attorney -at-Law, Aurora, H
ONO ft HATHEW. Attoonays-at-Lew, Lonp
- City. Nebraska.
rvB- H- B. LOWRT. 11T North llta Street, Us,
' coin, Nebraska.
CHARLES A. UUNX.Attoraey--t-Law.Ord, ls
braska. '
MA. MILLS, Aitorney-at-Law Oaeeols, He-
A. EDWABD8, AHoraey-at-Law. arend Is
land. Neb. OBee over First Natl Bank.
M. LEESE, Lawyer, 1 Booth Eleventh
Street, Lincoln. Neb.. Will Dersonallv attend
to all business with ears and promptness.
OBOT WflBBLEB, AtlorBay -t-Uw. M
Bentk 11th street Lincoln. Nab, lz-Jndaa
Fifth District. Business glvea atwaapt attention
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R. J. U. fUCAS, Dentist, Brace Block. Lia-
coln, Nebraska.
8HAMP IMPLEMENT COi. Bohanan Block.
Lincoln. Neb. Farm Machinery a specialty.
Machines shipped to all parte of the state.
I T. M. 8WIGART. Mutual Firs and Cyclone
1 Insurance, Lincoln, Neb, Agent wanted.
16 o. to 1 lb.
0oM, sntcrer Cnmm&y Vara the
hsl SnlM mtit t lowwt prim.
Do't k. kambiig4 ky AUf
U. S. Standard ?
tnut, Bay ef ike BnButsnn.
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letter I'maee, JaekSflrewa, Traekl, anvlle, BajrCatten,
PmsMaadi, : Feed Bllta, Mom, Brllte, , Kaadriewa,
lAwaMawen, CetVeBllu. Fonm. LtlhM. DaaiBfarta.
(Wa Hh.ll.n, Head Carta, Barlaee, Toela, Wlra reaee,
ranaiaa aiiin. vrewHan, Koiien, ifaueea, viotaiata-e.
Hay, stack, delator. Railroad, Platforal aad Ceaater SCALES.
Seed rorrreefatalofneaadwehowto San Beaey.
TBI I. deSenoa St. CHIOAQO BCALB. CO., Chicago. XU,
Vanted-An Idea
Who can think
of some simple
thing to patent?
Protect vour Ideas: thev mar brlnir vou wealth.
Write JOHN WKDDERBURN ft CO., Patent Attor
neys. Washington, D. C, for their 1,81)0 prise offer
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0Q for 50 Days Only
-i.t, .
uicniaang f-iara,fta lot 1U vfarx.
Cabinet Oxford Sewlnc M-.cfcin.'ft.mi
r.. a . 72 UWU9 " A I 9 f It 1. A.
I HI 4r..nn innnsv ranninj aa. ...
11MWO now in am. Wnrld. fair jirrtai
from factory and Mve Dtnl.r', utl
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Ola.. Sea Wake At., i:lll(Km. m..
ecu n:i.ei 1 desaaaa jkoaanda
wed nuf.ui lqwiki.j
(heel Posts, Steal Balls and Steel Qatasi Btaal
flower and Tomato Oaards, Cabled Field and
nee, M to 68 In. hiefi. Poultry, Oarrien and Babul
for SO days In yonrown !
save 110 to . Seanaey
home and
am keawoed Baeklae far
ass arliaftoa BaAlae for
ttatara (Made by as) ts, Slt.ta. fit
and st otner styiee.
race Ws aer fnlefct. Buy from
factory. Save airenta large profit.
O r loams la aaa. Oataloirae and
teatunoniaia m. nnte u once.
Addreee (la Ml), CASH IH'IM'
irea 8fe,H-3XftjaJaee , lue.
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