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    Nov, 5 ; 1896
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Quartered Oak Combinat'n Case, finely
polished, French bevel mirror
Buys this mahogany Parlor Cabinet,
Judge Dundy of Nebraska Dead.
Omaha, Neb., Oct 30. Judge Elmer
S. Dundy, for thirty-three years federal
district judge for Nebraska, died yes
terday of neuralgia of vthe stomach
He was appointed territorial judge b7
.President Lincoln in 1863, Since that
time he has participated in the trial of
many famous cases. He recently re
turned from a trip around the world.
Jjcadvlllo Sloters Indicted.
Leadville, Col., Oct. 30. The grand
. jury has reported indictments against
John Gerry, John Mullen, Evan Cost
ley and John Brennau, striking miners,
charging them with the murder of
Fireman Jerry O'Keefe in the Coronado
riot. The court refused to release the
four prisoners on bail. ,
Crisp's Son for Congress.
Atlanta, Ga., Oct. 30. Telegrams
from the various counties of the Third
district show that there will be prac
tically no opposition to. the suggestion
made originally by the Journal, that
Charles F. Crisp, yourgest son of the
late ex-Speaker Crisp, be named to fill
out his father's unexpired term.
"Jack the Hugger" Fined.
St. Joseph, Mo., Oct. . 30. Henry
Gist, known to the police as "Jack the
hugger," was fined $200 in' police court
on the charge of "disturbing the
peace." Nine women, some of them
girls not yet out of short dresses, while
a few were middle-aged, testified that
Gist had forcibly hutrxred them.
One Hoiert Man'
Dear Editor: Please inform your read
ers that if written to confidentially, I
will mail in a sealed letter the plan pur
sued by which I was permanently restored
to health and manly vigor, after yean
of sufferingfrom Nervous Weakness, Loss
of Manhood, Lack of Confidence, etc. I
have no scheme to extort money from
ny one whomsoever. I was robbed and
swindled by qnacks until I nearly lost
faith in mankind, but, thank heaven, I
am now well, vigorous and strong, and
anxious to make this certain means of
cure known to all. Having nothing to
sell or send C.O.D., I want no money.
Address Jas. A. Harris, Box 825,Delray,
Merer Asked for Gentry. -Philadelphia,
Oct. 31. The attOi'
&eys for Actor James B. Gentry, who
is under sentence of death for the kill
ing of Margaret V. Drysdale, or Madge
York, the actress, have discontinued
the appeal to the Supreme court and
have taken the case to the board of
pardons, where a commutation of the
death sentence to life imprisonment
'will be asked. '
Cardinal Hohenlohe Dead.
Bomx, Oct 31. Cardinal Gustav
Adolf Von Hohenlohe-Schillingsfurst,
brother of the chancellor of the Ger
man empire and arch priest of the Li
be rian basilica, died here to-day of
apoplexy. He was born in Germany
February 26, 1835.
Rlpaai Tabules: at drugrisU.
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rt A
Fine polished mahogany
Worth $40, our
01BB8 Door Oak Case, 72 InchMdkn CA
high, 80 Inches wide V V
Caught While Herding
in Colorado.
Clung to Him While a Commercial
Traveler In the Middle West, Not
withstanding all Efforts to Get
Bid of it Hot Springs of Ar
kansas, of no Avail Cured
by Dr. Williams' Pink
From the Chronicle, Chicago, 111.
Mr. William Clement, of Freeport, Illi
nois, is a well-known commercial travel
er, and represents the large Chicago
house of Reed, Welsh & Lange. In his
early life Mr. Clement migrated to the
breezy west and became a cowboy in Col
orado. After doing as much at cow
punching as he desired, he turned his at
tention to mining, the exposure from
which and his life on the plains under
mined a once strong constitution, and
rheumatism, liver and kidney trouble
and dropsy made their unwelcome ap
pearance. The Hot Springs of Arkansas were vis
ited in the hope of relief, but he was dis
appointed, and so he took ud his resi
dence in Illinois, and obtained employ
ment as a drummer for a large house in
Chicago that has long since gone out of
business. Physicians were consulted
both at home and while on the road,
with only pecuniary benefit to the doc
tors, for Mr. Clement grew worse instead
of better, and constantly had to lay up
for weeks at a time.
It was then that from reading the ad
vertisement in the papers the sufferer
conceived the idea of trying Dr. Williams'
Pink Pills for Pale People and did so.
"I thought," Mr. Clement said to the
reporter, that fifty cents would not be
much expenditure, so I bought a box of
the pills and began taking them accord
ing to directions. , '-
"I had not to wait many days before I
found a marked improvement in my con
dition, so I kept on with the treatment.
First my kidneys began to do their work
thoroughly and well, and all bloat left
me. Then the rheumatism and pain in
the region of the heart went, my liver is
cured, and I may say I am as well as
ever I was. If I had only known of Pink
Pills a few years before, I nhould be a
good many thousand dollars richer."
As usual, when such testimonials are
received at the office of Dr. Williams'
Medicine Co., they are sent for verifica
tion to the leading druggists of the Vicin
ity or other persons in good xtanding.
The above was not an exception, not
withstanding Mr.- Clement'n excellent
reputation, and the returned reports cer
tified that all of the foregoing state
ments made to the reporter were strictly
Dr. Williams' Pink Pills contain in a
condensed form, all the elements neces
sary to give new life and richness to the
blood and restore shattered nerves.
They are also a specific for troubles pe
culiar to females, such as suppressions,
irregularities and all forms of weakness.
In men they effect a radical cure in all
cases arising from mental worry, over
work or excess of whatever nature. Pink
Pills are sold in boxes (never in loose
bulk) at 50 cents a box or six boxes for
$2.50, and may be had of all druggiis,
or direct by mail from Dr. Williams'
Medicine Company, Schenectady, N. Y.
New style quartern!
Buffet at
Rudg Tvloriris (Do,
1 18 to 1124 (I St., Lincoln, Nebraska.
New stock of Carpets.' Mattings and
Draperies, Oil Cloth and Linol
eum, Lace and Chenille Curtains.
See our goods, gelt our prices before
you buy. We will try and save
you some money.
Sezxd. for ICatalogn-
, New Styles in art furniture- 40 different styles of combination
to select from $7.50 to $50 each. Just received fancy rockers,
chairs and odd pieces for the holiday trade. Make your srlection. .
foured Northern Illinois and Made Nine
. Chicago Speeches.
Chicago, Oct. 31. After a hard day's
campaigning William J Bryan re
turned to Chicago last night, arriving
at the Northwestern station at 7:15
p. m. The nominee made nine speeches
on the north and northwest sides last
night. At each meeting he was en
thusiastically greeted by large crowds.
Mr. Bryan's progress from hall to hall
grew more and more difficult. At times
it seemed to be a question whether the
crowds on the outside would admit him
to the inside of the different halls.
Finally it became necessary to send for
a special detail of police, and keep pa
trol wagons filled with bluecoats in
close proximity to his carriage. The
patrol wagons dashed ahead of his car
riage and opened a passageway ap
parently regardless of consequences to
tie crowds through which it forced
its way.
During the day Mr. Bryan made
speeches at Wheaton, Geneva, May
wood, Polo, North Dixon, Rochelle, De
Kalb, Freeport, Eockford, Belvidere
and Elgin.
Spain's Army In Cuba. ' : ,
Havana, Oct 31. The military
status in Cuba has undergone a com
plete change within recent days by the
heavy augmentation of Spanish troops
and the opening of an aggressive fall
campaign. The Spanish forces arriv
ing at Cuba from March 8, 1895 up to
one month ago, are placed at 165,551
men, distributed as follows: Forty-two
generals, 628 chiefs, 5,844 officials and
158,987 soldiers,, including infantry,
cavalry, artillery and engineers.
Three Men Under a Wreck.
Wapakoneta, Ohio, Oct. 31. A dis
astrous collision happened on the Cin
cinnati, Hamilton and Dayton railway
last night The through fast freight
train ran into three loaded oil car
tanks, which were left on the main
track by a local freight They were
set on fire by the engine, destroying
the engine and about twelve loaded
freight cars. The engineer, fireman
and brakeman cannot be found and are
supposed to be in the ruins.
Snow Ten Inches Deep In Nebraska.
Omaha, Neb., Oct. 31. Western Ne
braska was covered with ten inches of
snow last night the white mantle thin
ning out as it approaches the eastern
part of the State. In some sections of
the State a high wind accompanied the
snow, assuming the proportions of a
blizzard. Trains are delayed and on
several branches have been stuck in
drifts. -
Fraudulent Naturalization. .
New York, Oct 31. A discovery
made in the department of the street
cleaning indicates that hundreds of
Italians in this city have been fraud
nlently naturalized.
Dr. Bims gives special attention to ar
tificial teeth, crown and bridge work.
Burr Bl'k. 14.
Oak m7 CZl
vDa v2 I O
That Common Trouble, Aoid 'Dyspepsia
or 8our 8tomaoh.
Now Recognized as a Case of Serious
Acid dyspepsia, commonly called heart
burn or soar Htnmnnh ia a. fnpm nt in At-
gestion resulting from fermntation of the
f .1 FTII .... . .
iuuu. xuesiomacn Dei ng too weaK to
promptly digest it, the food remains un
til fermentation begins, filling the stom
ach with gas, and a bitter, sour, burning
taste in the mouth is often present. This
vwwiuuu wiuuniv uus
ing an every day occurrence is given but
uiwe attention. Because dyspepsia is
not immediately fntn.l mnnv nan nl a An
nothing for the trouble.
y unin a recent period a remedy has
been discovered prepared solely to cure
dyspepsia and stomach troubles. It is
known as Stuart's Dyspepsia tablets und
it is now becoming rapidly used and
prescribed as a radical cure for every
form of dyspepsia.
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets have been
placed before the public and are sold by
druggists everywhere at 50 cents per
package. It is prepared by the Stuart
Chemical Ce., Marshall, Mich., and while
it promptly and effectually v restores a
vigorous digestion, at the same time is
perfectly harmless and will not injure
the most delicate stomach, but on the
COntrarV bv oivino- norfnnf riiiraat.inn
strengthens the stomach, improves the
uppewie ana maxes me worth living.
five Persons Killed at Mitchell Was a
TerrlBe Storm.
Guthrie, Okla., Oct 31. Wednesday
night a disastrous tornado swept over
the little town of Carney, thirty miles
east of here, which was recently held
up by outlaws.
The tornado came from the south
west and traversed northeast Its
track was about six miles long, and
varied from 100 to 150 feet in width.
The first house struck was that of a
farmer named Miles Tobe. Tobe's
house was blown down and Tobe, with
his 10-year-old son Millard, was killed
in the ruins. The barns and fences
were razed, and fourteen head of stock
were killed. '
One mile from Tobe's place is the
Mitchell postoffice. M. T. Mullin kept
the postoffice, which was in his store.
Postmaster Mullin's residence was
lifted from its foundation and carried
seventy-five feet, where it was smashed
to smithereens. A bedstead which
was in the house was blown over a
mile. "
Yesterday morning the bodies of Mr.
and Mrs. Mullin were found in the
rain and mud about sixty feet from
where the houses were shattered to
pieces. The two bodies were locked
together, and a stick a yard long and
two inches thick was driven through
Mullin's head.
Rlpans Tabules cur biliousness.
New Btle Qnarterad Oak, Finely Air? OKI
follehed, at ...j)J. .2DJ
a .
Antlqne Oak Desk, a Bargain Qrj QQ
filgh' Bates Beached Again To-Day, but
There Is No Alarm.
New Yobk, Oct 81. There was a
notable absence of excitement in Wall
street at the opening to-day, consider
ing the extreme stringency of money
yesterday. Higher London quotations,
scarcity of stocks offering in the local
market and rumors of financial relief
measures to be taken by the banks
caused a confident sentiment The
first call loan was 50 per cent. The
rate advanced to 100 per cent and then
dropped back to 30 before noon. Not
much business was done.
- Mormons Driven Away by Force.
Ashland, Ky., Oct. 31. Reports
from Elliott county state that the op
position to the advance of the Mormon
religion is becoming very violent
throughout that entire county, and
that all the elders have been driven
away. Several serious affrays have re
sulted between the opposition and the
"frits" Emmett's Widow Divorced.
Dehveb, CoL, Oct 31. The district
court to-day granted a divorce to Mrs.
Eleanor Mix from Charles Mix of Al
bany, N. Y., on the ground of deser
tion and non-support The woman was
the widow of J. K. Emmett, the famous
actor, when she met and married Mix
in 1894.
To Settle the Leadvllle Strike.
Leadvuxx, CoL, Oct 81. W. H.
Montgomery, general organizer ef the
American Federation of Labor, is here
for the purpose of settling the miners'
strike, if possible.
, A Veteran Democrat Passes Away.
Allentown, Pa., Oct 31. Ex-Congressman
John D. Stiles, who was tjie
oldest member of the Lehigh county
bar, died last night from the effects of
a paralytic stroke. He was 75 years of
age. In 1856 he was a delegate to the
convention which nominated James
Buchanan for president, and was the
same year elected to Congres to fill the
unexpired term of Thomas B. Cooper
and was re-elected in 1853 and 1863.
In 1864 he was a delegate to the Dem
ocratic national, convention which
nominated General McClellan for
THE WAY TO CURE catarrh is to
purify the blood, and the surest, safest,
best way to purify the blood is by tak
ing Hood's' Saraaparilla, the One True
Blood Purifier.
HOOD'S PILLS are prompt, efficient,
always reliable, easy to take, easy to
Drink Id to His Death.
Chtllicothe, Mo., Nov. 3. William
Brannan, while intoxicated Saturday
night, attempted to drive his horse and
buggy across the trestle of the Chicago,
Milwaukee & St Paul railroad. Da
turning around, as it appears, the
horse, buggy and driver were precipi
tated to the ground beneath, a distance
of about thirty feet, and killed
-1 jr
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Qnartored Oak Library Caoe, It Inchee ftl 17 ft
blKh, S laches wide VV. U
Oak Book Rack with adJnstableA it Kf
ShelTM. cheap at V 'UV
The Toons; Actress of Noted TmmTj
' Becomes a Physician's Wife.
Baltimobe, Md., Oct 31. A San
Francisco dispatch announcing the
hasty marriage in that city of Dr.
Frank Donaldson and Ethel Chasa
Sprague, the actress, daughter of Kate
Chase Sprague, did not surprise the
Maryland friends of Dr. Donaldson. Ue
is the son of a Baltimore physician.
Upon his graduation from Harvard
he practiced his profession for several
years in this city with success. In
early life he married Miss Nannie B.
McDonald, member of an old Virginia
family. They spent several years
abroad, but upon their return from
Europe Mrs. Donaldson procured a di
vorce from her husband. One of the
sisters of Dr. Donaldson three weeks
ago received a letter announcing that
he had accepted a professorship in one
of the medical colleges of San Fran
cisco. Prior to this he lived for some
montnsin jsew ior ciiy. 11 e una
written several plays and was quite a
noted amateur actor, though he was
never known to 'aspire to the profes
sional stage.
It is understood that a' secret mar
riage was contracted by the young peo-
Cle in July. The opposition of the
ride's mother and the fear that It
might injure her professional career
have been given as the reason why an
nouncement was not made at the time
of the marriage several months ago.
The discovery that the facts were
known is said to be responsible for the
hurried religious ceremony performed
last evening.
HNo fits 'after first day's use of Dr.
Kline's Great Nerve Restorer. Free $2
trial bottle and treatise sent by Dr.
Kline 931 Arch St., Philadelphia, Pa. tf
D. P. Sims, dentist rooms 43, 43 Burr
Bl'k., Lincoln. Nebraska, 14
TO travel tor responsible established boose
In Nsbraska, Salary f 780 and expenses. Po
sition permanent. Rslerene. Enclose self-ad-drasssd
stamped envelope. The National, Star
Insnrance Bldg Chicago.
I Oalranli
I roumt,ol
J unci
Oalranlsad, in U ),
oblong or .qua re
(K) Chlcage.
Telephone too. UVOOUT,
A dollar bottle sad prsettosl Tristtsi ea Astt-s, m
Hay Fever sent Free to say eetfcauioe wee n.l pr
ezpresssfs. Pa-B.W. sUa, Pes. M. ae