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Nov. i, 1896.
. .
The PrMilacU et lha Nation.
The follow "m (j table shdftvs the num
ber of election precincts or districts in
the larger cities, and in the states out
side of such cities:
Alabama l.OtHlj
Arkansas ...... ..ID-Jim
California 2,876 1
Kansas City ... 63
State 1.977
Montana 680
Colorado , wva
Connecticut ..... saol
Delaware 69
Omana 64
State 1.(64
Florida 63-'
Georgia ....... ...1,805
Idaho 261
Chicago 921
Cook countv... 87
Nevada. 148
Sew Hampshire 286
Sew Jersey 961
New York-
New York City 1,892
Brooklyn ...... 629
State 8.864
Btate ..3,22b
Indlananolls .. - let-
North Carolina.. 1,680
North Dakota... 1,248
State , 2.94h
Cincinnati. 192
Hamilton Co... 261
Cleveland 174
County, ........ 204
State 2,186
Iowa 2.047
Kansas .2.1281
. 162
Oregon 738
Baltimore State
. 633
fnuaaeipoia.. uvu
iritate 4,271
Rhole Island.... 101
South Carolina.. 72S
South Dakota... 1,097
Tennessee.....!. 1.800
. 802
Boston 191
Cities 81
Towns . 821
Texas.... ....... ..4,022
Utah 680
Vermont......... 268
Virginia .........1.600
Washington. ....1,100
Detroit...., State
St Paul....;
.. Ill
west Virginia. ..1,71s
Milwaukee 124
County, 81
State 1,674
Wyoming......... 297
Minneapolis.... 186
State... ....1,617
St. Louis....... 4861
The Latest Competitor Filibusters Court
Martial Trial Suspended.
Havana, Not. 3. Owing to a notice
of protest from Consul General Lea
taking exception to the new court
. martial of the Competitor's crew, tha
proceeding in the case hare been tem
porarily suspended. A summons has,
however, been published in the local
papers requiring various witnesses to
appear and tile written evidence
against the prisoners. One member of
the expedition, George Ferran, who,
after landing, surrendered to the
Spanish authorities and was pardoned
under General Weyler's amnesty de
cree, has just been arrested to await
the trial as a witness. James Brown,
a British subject, has been imprisoned
upon a political charge.
A Rebellion la a Calverslty.
Pabxembubo, W. Va., Nov. I.
There was a rebellion in tha West
Virginia university at Morgantown
last year, another is in progress now.
It atartad with tha action of the faculty
la ignoring the choice of the students
for if 00 1 ball manager, but vairous
privileges have since been demanded.
Three hundred out of 400 students are
Involved. A vacation has been granted
till November 0, ostensibly to allow
tha man to go homa to vote, but really
to give them lima to cool.
A BsXJoafederata Diplomat Dead.
LxADTrxxx, Col., Nov. 3. Henry S.
Ctotesbury, who, during the civil war,
held a high position in tha diplomatic
aarvlos of the Confederate states, and
made several trips to England in an
andeavor to induce that government to
grant belligerent rights to the Confed
erate states, died here last night.
V After the Brooklyn Gas Trust.
Albany, N. Y., Nov. 3. The attor
ney general has decided to begin suit
for the dissolution of the Brooklyn Gas
. Six Hundred ttalian Immigrants.
Niw Yobx,Nov. 4. Six hundred Ital
ians arrived at EUis island yesterday
on the Clive. The immigration authori
ties learned to-day that most of the
Genoese and Sicilian passengers were
bound south, and it was said that it
was their intention to work in the
Louisiana canebrakes.
Fatal Crossing; Accident.
Chicago, Nov. 4. -Annie Vanderwall,
aged 7 years, was instantly killed, and
Ella BLrkman. aged 0 years, fatally in
jured yesterday at the Joseph street
crossing of the Chicago and Alton rail
way. The girls were struck by a
freight car which had been "kicked"
by an engine. Annie Vanderwall's
head was cut completely off and the
body terribly mangled.
A law just enacted by the legislature
of New Zealand excludes the Chinese
from that cduntry. '
In the palace of Emperor William,
in Berlin, 600 housemaids and 1,800 liv
eried footmen find employment
A Boston barber advertises "a sep
arate room upstairs for dying," igno
rantly omitting the letter "e" from the
last word, y
When dentist In China is pulling
a tooth for a patron, an assistant
pounds on a gong, to drown the CTies
of the victim.
Trees which grow on the northern
aide of a hill make more durable lum
ber than those which grow on the
ccnthera side. " - '
A cane worth $3,000, a gift from some
friends, is carried by Dr. H. H. Hale,
of Detroit It is ornamented with gold
and jewels, and In the head is a fine
Some of the best families in England
have substituted boys for housemaids,
whom they have found incompetent
and insolent The substitutes are
chiefly from India.
Smelts are so plentiful in Belling
ham bay, Washington, that they oome
to the margin of the water In schools,
and are drawn ashore with garden
rakes and scoop nets.
Indiana Town Fir Swept.
Rcshville, Ind.. Nov. 3. The
greater part of the business portion of
the town of Manilla, twelve miles
southeast of this city, was wiped out
to-day by fire. Two blocks of frame
business houses were consumed. The
town has no fire department, and Rush
ville was ealled on for aid. The total
loss will be over 8340,000, on which
thers was but 82,200 insurance.
Fotrsw Found Dmntd. -
CnSAOO, Nov. 3. Albert D. Powers,
canyer of the Cuban Relief bureau of
tJ efty, has been found demented in
The Vartoaa National Commits Wted
I'p Their Work.
Chicaoo, Nov. 3. Chairman Bynum
of the m. ional Democratic committee
returned to the Palmer house head
quarters yesterday morning from a
stumping tour in Indiana. In speak
ing of the general political situation,
he said: "The states of Minnesota,
Michigan, Iowa, Illinois and Kentucky
will cast their electoral votes for sound
money. I hope Missouri will do the
same, and I feci confident that there is
a chance Of saving Nebraska." f
Chairman Catnpau of the Democratic
national executive committee, in his
final estimates, gives only New Eng
land and the middle Atlantic states to
McKinley with a total of 117 votes,
claims the "solid South," the mountain
and Pacific coast states and Illinois,
Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Min
nesota, Missouri. Nebraska and the
Dakota for Bryan with 283 electoral
votes and puts Ohio. Wisconsin and
Delaware, 38 votes, in the doubtful
column. '
Senator Butler, chairman of the
Populist national committee, expresses
confidence that Bryan will carry every
state west of the Mississippi river ex
cept possibly Iowa, every state south
of the Ohio and Potomac and Mary
land, Delaware, Indiana, Illinois and
Michigan, with Ohio in doubt. Vice
Chairman VVashburne claims that
Bryan will poll the full Populist vote
and will sweep every state west of the
Missouri river. Chairman Stevens of
the Silver party is equally confident
and declares that the best sign is that
the Republicans sprung "patriotism"
as the issue at the close of the cam
paign. He also predicts the election of
a silver congress.
Chairman Hanna and other members
of the Republican national committee
still stand firmly by their claim of 311
votes sure for McKinley, as made
Saturday, and say they will have no
further estimates.
Two Hundred and Fifty-Two Vote
Claimed as Bur Illinois Uncertain.
Chicaoo, Nov. 3. Democratic Na
tional Chairman Jones has issued the
following statement:
"The great struggle to right the
wrong of 1873 has been won. The only
work remaining to be done is to see
that the people have the opportunity
to vote as their conscience dictates and
that their votes shall be counted as
cast I urge all lovers of the country
and our institutions to exert them
selves as they never have before in this
holy cause, watch the polling places,
scrutinize every act at the polls and
see to it that the law shall not be vio
lated. This committee has offered a
reward of 8500 for evidence necessary
to convict anyone guilty 01 bribing or
attempting to bribe any voter to vote
or to refrain from voting; also a reward
of 8500 for evidence to convict anyone
01 coercion or attempting to coerce,
intimidating or attempting to intimi
date any voter.
"1 nave received from our chairman
of each state committee full estimates
of the standing of voters in each state
and am confident that Mr. Bryan's elec
tion is assured by a very large ma
jority. He will carry each one of the
following states: Alabama 11, Arkansas
8, California 9, Colorado 4, Florida 4,
Georgia 13, Idaho 3, Indiana 15, Kansas
10, Kentucky 13, Louisiana 8, Mary
land 8, Michigan 14, Minnesota 9, Mis
sissippi 0. Missouri 17. Montana 3. Ne
braska 8, Nevada 3, North Carolina 11,
North Dakota 3, Oregon 4, Tennessee
12, Texas 15. Utah 3. Virginia 12. Wash
ington 4, West Virginia, 8, Wyoming 3
total 253. In the following states I
look upon Mr. Bryan's chances as the
best: Delaware 3, Iowa 13, Illinois 24,
Ohio 23, Wisconsin 18 total 75. There
are other states I regard as doubtful.
James K. Jones." :'
Chairman Butler's Forecast.
Washington, Nov. 3. Senator But
ler, chairman ' of the People's party
committee, gave out a statement at
"Bryan will carry every state west
of the Mississippi, with possibly the
exception of Iowa; every state south of
the Ohio and Potomac, and, in addi
tion, the states of Maryland, Delaware,
Indiana, Michigan and Illinois. Even
the state of Ohio is trembling in the
balance, and Iowa is leaning Btrongly
to Hryan."
Ivory Asks American Protest!
London, Nov. 3. Edward J. Ivory,
alias Edward Bell, against whom a
eharge of being a dynamite oonsplrator
is pending in the Bow street police
court, has communicated with Am
bassador jtayard in regard to the rec
ognition 01 ait rights as an American
em ten. 1 una are oeing raisea in
America to assist in Ivory's defense.
Leadea's Hw Episcopal Bishop. '
London, Nov. S. The Right Rev.
Handel Crelf htoa. ' bishop of Peter
borough, has been appointed bishop of
London in place of the Kignt Kev.
Frederick Temple, who was last week
appointed bishop 01 Canterbury.
Th President's Election Flans,
Waskinoton, Nov. 8. President
Cleveland Is at the White house to-day
and will probably receive the election
returns at the White house instead of
at Woodley. Secretaries Olney, Car
lisle and Morton are likely to be the
President's guests for the purpose of
bearing the returns as received.
Fstaslstrs and Inspector Married.
ExcitaioB Springs, Ma, Nov. S.
Postmistress Kate E. Kidd of this place
and Postoffice Inspector Dennis Sulli
van wer married at noon yesterday at
the home of the bride's brother-in-law,
8. F. Folsey. ..
" Oregon.
Portland, Ore., Nov. 8. The Repub
lican state committee places the min
imum majority for McKinley at 4,500,
The latest estimates given out by the
Populist state committee put the ma
jority for Bryan electors at 2,200. At
the state election held last June the
Democrats and Populists both had
tickets in the field, and their combined
vote on supreme judge exceeded the
Republican vote by 4,300, The Na
tional Democrats claim they will cast
at least 4.000 voles in the state.
Orgaoiaad Delegations Photo
graphed With th Escorts.
Canton, Ohio, Nov. 3. No organized
delegations had come up to noon to
day, but callers as individuals have
been going to and coming from the
house to shake hands, and that has
been the major's chief occupation dur
ing the day.
The Canton troop of horsemen who
have escorted afl the visiting delega
tions to the McKinley bouse were pho
tographed in a group with Major Mc
Kinley this morning, and a number of
other such groups are being arranged
T Honor Mm. Bernhardt.
Paris, Nov, 3. Victoriea Sardou
presided over a meeting of a committee
including Vicomte Henri De Bornier,
Francois Coppee, Ludovic Halevy,
Jules Lemaitre, M. Sully-Prudhomme
that decided on a luncheon by Mme.
Sarah Bernhardt's admirers, followed
by a special performance at the Thea
ter de la Renaissance in which Mme.
Bernhardt will aDoear in some of he
principal roles, after which compli
mentary verses will be recited and
then M. Theuriot will crown her queer
of the French drama.
Telephone and Telegraph Agrea.
New York, Nov. 3. The directors
of the Western Union Telegraph
company say, in reference to the ex
piration of the contract between the
Bell Telephone company and their
company without renewal, that a har
monious agreement has been reached,
though no formal contract has beer
Triple Shooting In Ohio.
Bellaire, Ohio, Nov. 3. To-day
Scott Linton shot and fatally wounded
William Metzler and Belle Gray and
then killed himself at Georgetown.
A Mayor Run Down by m Car.
Roanoke, Va Nov. 3. Mayor Mc
Clelland stepped in front of an electric
car when it was less than five feet
away from him and was run down and
fatally Injured.
Heavy Snow In Sonth Dakota.
Huron, S. D., Nov. 3. Five inches
of snow fell here last night, making a
foot now on the ground. The storm
north and west is reported severe and
farmers are wholly unprepared for
winter. Trains ' are only slightly de
layed.. Shot His Wife on a Street.
Mankato, Minn., Nov. 3. Louis
Bulser, lessee of the American house,
was Intoxicated this morning and
abused his wife and drove her out of
the house. As she stood on the side
walk he shot her dead. He was im
mediately arrested.
Football TTayers Fight.
Wabbensbcrg, Mo., Nov. 4.-Bad
blood between members of the normal
football teams culminated In a fight on
the normal campus yesterday,, when
Frank Hyatt, a member of the second
team, was set upon by normal students
and severely beaten. . Trouble has been
brewing between the two teams for
some time. It is understood that the
faculty will take a hand in the matt
and a number of expulsions will prob
ably result '
Peeallar Condition of Politics In Texas
"-Brief Forecasts. .
Austin, Texas, Nov. 8. Democratic
State Chairman Blake says there will
be 500,000 votes cast In the state, , ol
which number Bryan and Sewall will
get 275,000; Bryan and Watson, 90,000:
McKinley and Hobart, 125,000, and
Palmer and Buckner, 10,000. Blak
also says the state Democratic ticket
will win by anywhere from 50,000 to
75,000 majority.
Chairman John Grant of the Repub
lican party figures the total vote at
450,000, but claims from 205,000 to 210,
000 votes for the McKinley electors and
the Populist state ticket on the fusion
arrangement Conservative politicians
figure out that of the 500,000 votes the
Democrats are sure of 200,000, and the
fusionists, composing the Republicans,
Populists and gold Democrats, are also
sure of 200,0000, thus leaving 100,000
votes as the uncertain quantity.
Ul this number it is estimated tha t
most of it is a vest-pocket vote that
cannot be placed, and it is therefore
very unreliable and cannot be depend
ed on. The Republican leaders are
arranging matters so as to have the
Populists and silver Democrats waste
their strength between the Bryan and
siewau and .Bryan and Watson tickets.
If they can be successful in dividing
the vote they will undoubtedly get the
McKmley electors. As to the Con
gressional lists, Democratic Chairman
Blake is claiming all thirteen districts,
while the Republicans claim two and
the Populists two. It is safe to say
that the Democrats will win in all but
two districts. The Tenth and Sixth
will go to Republicans and Populists
unless a wonderful change takes place-
' Denveb, Col., Nov. 3. A fusion was
early effected between the Democrats,
Populists and sliver Republicans and
sliver party on presidential electors
pledged to Bryan and Sewall and on
Congressmen Shafroth and Bell for re
election. This combination, It is
conceded, will carry the State by
a very large majority. The
vote this year is estimated at 160,000.
The supporters of Bryan and Sewall
claim for them a majority of 120,000,
The McKinley Republicans promise to
show twice the strength credited to
them by their opponents.
',; Kentucky.
Cincinnati, Ohio, Nov. 3. Senator
Blackburn, who has been replying to
Secretary Carlisle throughout Ken
tucky, says:
"My estimate, which I consider con
servative, gives Kentucky to Bryan by
from 18,000 to 30,000. I would not
compromise on 10,000. Colonel Whal-
len and others assure me that Louis
ville will rive Bryan a majority. The
Republicans claim that district by
5,000 and upward. They will not carry
It by mnr. than 3.000 at their best."
EJTI mates on the, re-
pahlleaas Figure Oat Over 10,000 Us-
farltr for McKinley la Kansas
rMathal Counts Vp m Big
Bryaa Majority Democrat
Claim Missouri by TO.OOS
''. . O. P. HopefaL
Topka, Kan., Nov. 3. The Repub
lican state central committee1 continues
decline to srlve out a forecast of the
result of to-morrow's election by coun
ties, out this forenoon a half dozen
well posted men : got together and
made estimates of majorities which
seems to be accepted by the party
leaders ' as approximately correct.
These estimates iriva tn th Rnnnhiin.
tins sixty-six counties and to the fusion-
sis uurty-cignt, with one (Kiowa) in
louot, ana jvrcjuniey 10,520 majority.
Predicts Bryan Win. Hav 118,000 Pin.
rality In Kansas ,
TopekA, Kan., Nov. 3. Chairman
Breidcnthal says: "I predict the elec
tion of the Bryan electors by a plu
rality of not less than 25,000, and the
election of the entire People's party
State ticket, including nno-rKKrrinTi-a..
iarge and chief justice of the Supreme
courv, live out 01 seven cougressmen,
five out of six appellate court judges,
four out of seven district judges, and
a maioritv of parh TimiRA in t.llA lain'..
lature, thereby insuring the election of
iree stiver umwa oiaies senator.
"The Populist state ticket may run
,000 behind the electoral ticket."
lack Everhardt Beaten After a Hard
and Game Fight.
New Yobk, Oct. 29. The fight to de-
elde the lightweight boxing champion
ship of the world attracted a repre
sentative gathering of sporting men
from ail over the United States to the
arena of the Bohemian Sporting club
last night. The prices of admission
were more prohibitive than those usu
ally charged, being $20, 815 and $10.
The contestants were George Lavigne
of Saginaw,' Mich., and Jack Ever
hardt of New Orleans. The contest
was scheduled for twenty-five' rounds
at 138 pounds, and both men weighed
in at the right weight. Police Com
missioner Andrews and Acting Inspec
tor Harley, as well as a number of po
licemen in plain clothes, took seats
before Everhardt climbed through the
ropes. -,v ..:, ,.;
Everhardt was almost knocked out
in the 24th round, when the referee
stopped the bout and awarded the fight
to Lavigne. Lavigne had the best of
it irom the start, but Everhardt stood
the terrific punishment well and put
up a game fight
A $100,000 ERROR.
Mistake of Court Clerk Costs an In
Snrance Company Heavily.
San Fbancisco, Oct. 29. Owing to a
court clerk's error, the Mutual Life In
surance company of New York must
pay Mrs. Nellie Phinney a judgment of
$98,000, with Interest and costs, mak
ing over $100,000. Such was the deci
sion rendered by the United States cir
cuit court of appeals In this city.
The company refused to pay the life
policy of Guy C Phlnney for $98,000,
and suit was brought by the widow
and judgment given, but the case was
K. M. Hopkins, clerk of the court at
Washington, failed to indorse properly
the writ of error filed with him.
Therefore there is no official record
showing that the writ was actually
filed. The time allowed within which
another appeal might be filed has ex
pired, so the decision Is nnal.
Divorce, Actress and Bride.
Cleveland, Ohio, Oct 29. Mrs. Cora
Gabrielle Smith and Mr. Fred M. Ran-
ken were married here last evening.
The marriage was of more than usual
interest to the public on account of the
prominence of the contracting parties.
Mrs. Ranken was formerly the wife of
Beaumont Smith, the actor, from whom
she was divorced In Oklahoma. She at
one time played as Modjeska's leading
lady, and was also a member of .Booth
& Barrett's company. Mr. Ranken is
a woolen merchant of New York and a
leading society man of that city. The
couple left for the mast immediately
after the ceremony.
Deed of a Craay Hired Hand.
Jewell Cmr, Kan., Oct 29. B. F;
Wallace's hired man kerosened his bed
last night and set fire to it. While the
family were extinguishing the flames
the man set fire to the barn, which
was consumed, together with a large
lot- of srrain and four mules; loss,
$3,000: insurance, $2,000. The man is
supposed to be crazy.
The Tenewelan Commission at Work.
Washington, Oct 29. The Venezu
elan commission resumed its session
to-day, and probably will meet very
frequently from now until it shall
complete its work. Andrew D. White
was the only absentee. The work of
the commission is, neretoiore,
strictly in private.
Six Seamen Lost In Laka Erie.
St. Thomas, Ontario, Oct 29. The
government cruiser Petrel has arrived
at Fort Stanley with the news that the
schooner Sandilla, loaded with lumber
for Tonawanda from Wiarton, went
down in Lake Erie last Friday, and the
crew, consisting of captain, mate, three
seaman and a cook, were lost.
Rlpans Taboles cure bad breath.
General Torrenc Is Dead.
Chicago, Nov. 3. General Joseph T.
Torrence died Saturday night He has
been ill for a long time with Briarht's
disease. He left an estate worth 15,
000,000 Sabbath Fight In a Saloon.
St. Joseph, Mo., Nov. 3. A saloon
fight took place In Bloom Brothers' sa
loon about 1 o'clock yesterday after
noon, in which half a dozen men were
hurt Beer glasses, bottles, clubs and
billiard cues were used, and two men,
Thomas Williams and William Taylor,
received injuries' which may prove
fatal. ' '
Ho For Oolereia.
Would yon like to' own a FrmitFavm.
a Berry Farm, a Viaeyard, a Potato
Farm, a Melon Farm, an Alfalfa Fans,
a Stock Farm, a Dairy Farm, a Bee Farm,
a Farm or Country Home, for profit,
health and independence, with the best
soil, best eiimate, best irrigating eased,
best water supply, best railroad facta
ties, best markets, best titles, and ths
most ranidlv arrowim? eonntrv in Asssrf.
ca? The Colorado Immigration k De
velopment Co., 1M1 Cnrtk St., Denver,
Colo., is a state organization for assist
ing people to just such locations. Write
them fully and receive by retain laatl
Handsomely illustrated uteratare teQag
about tbe climate, irrigation and won
derful profits to be made in Colorado by
growing fruit and other farm prodacte:
Prices on fine irrigated farm and orchard
lands were never so low as today, and
tnose who take advantage of the oemor-
tunitiesnow existing will never remit
their change.
Playing Oards.
Send 12 cftnta in atnmna tn .Tnhn Se
bastian, Gen'l Pass. Agent C, R. I. St P.
R'y, Chicago, for the slickest pack of
playing cards you ever handled, and on
receipt of such remittance for one or
more packs they will be sent you post
Orders containing 60 cents in stnmnsi
or postal note for same amount will se
cure five packs by express, charges paid.
OPDIfinCD made to attach to any
WnlllUCIl size or make of pump
ins wind mill, and grind all kinds of
grain. A wonderful machine. Also
manufacturer of Steel Wind Mills.
Attornya at' Law, Lincoln. Nth
wotice. Benjamin A. Gibson, Joseph '
M. Beardsley, Jonathan
Cnase, John D. Pershing,
Jamea Barr Ames, Edward
Ulcott, executor of tbe last
will and testament of George
Oli-ott, diseased, Frances C.
raulkuer, as Hastirnee of the
Connect rut. Itiver Savings
Hank, tnw onuectlcut River
National Bank a corpora
tion, l'lilliip Andrew Heimer,
ObiuifHU. Holmes, Defendants
will take notice that on the 24th day of October,
is , Alexander 8. Porter, plaintiff herein, fllni
his petition in the District Court of Lancaster
County, Nebraska, against said defendants and
others, tbe object and prayer of which are to de
clare tbe following described property: Blocks
one (1) and two (S I Lincoln View Annex. Lot
eight ft) block three (8) Kinney's O Street Ad
dition to Lincoln. The southeast quarter Ctl
ol the southwest quarter (H) o( section eleven
(11), township ten (10), range six (6), east i( the
6tb P. M. Lot ons (1), block thirty-six (:6) In
the city bf Lincoln, blocks A Ave (5) and six (til 1 f
Lincoln View and blocks seven 7 and eight OJ
Lincoln View. The west one-half (H, of ih
northwest quarter () of southwest quarter 04)
ol southeast quarter! V.lof northwest Quarter) Vit
ol the southwest quarter(Vi)of section eeven (11),
township ten, 1 10 J range six (6) east of tbe tii u
P. M. all In Lancaster County, Nebraska subject
to the lien of a balance due upon a Judgment ob
tained by AlfXander 8. Porter vs. Ilrnjnmln ,
(j 1 1. on, Joseph M. Beardxley and JoiiiiiIihii
Chase, a transcript ol which was Hied within.
Cleric of the District Court of LancttKtr Couniv.
tebraska, on the 8th day of June ln. for Hit-
sum of about SJ,8."i0..16 to obtain the direction of
the District Court that the sheriff proceed to Fell
the same on execution already lev eil upon miid
property and to foreclose and exclude 1 he above
mimed defendants from all fnterestln I no mime,
or any part thereof
urn sre required to answer snid pet.tion on or
bviore the Ttli day ol December, I UK,
24 By Lamb & Adams his Aflorue.s.
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- - ,-- ratknu. Sol S. Atasataass. aad
I awtOrewaWara. waio, Porsslal s Asss.
When yon take Hood's Fills. The big, old-fashioned,
sugar-coated pills, which tear you an to ,
pieces, are not in it with Hood's. Easy to u
n n rip 1
and easy to operate, is true
ol Hood's Pills, which are z) S 1 fl r
up to date in every respect i'nilll
Safe, certain and sure. All U U U U
druggists. 2fic. C. I. Hood & Co., LowelL Mass,
Tbe only Pills to take with Hood's 8arsa Dart 11a.
This school Is giving Its students good work
and Is up-to-date. Instruction given In the fol
lowing brasches:
fe'iiort-lmiiu, ';;uMinessPnietlcei 1
Bookkeeping, Typewriting,
English, Mathematics,
Telegraphy, Penmanship '
Send ns the names of 12 young persons j
want 1
it to attend a business college and wr
seaa yon oar "Business student for one yey
Lincoln Business College,
1 Ith & 0 Sts.. Lincoln.
Tklephonk 254. V
Attornoys, Lincoln, Nebraska.
William Maeoa, Plaintiff, vs. Nimrod B. HoItv
etsl, defendants,
The defendants, Nimrod B.Holt and -Lewis,
first and real name unknown, will take
notice that on the 18th, day of August, 184.
William Macon, plaintiff, filed a petition In the
district court of Lancaster eonnty, Nebraska, l
against Nimrod B. Bolt, Litsie 8. Thackera, . i
Mary D, Tbackera Lewis, first and real 1
name unknown, B. R, Owlnn, first and real nam
unknown, the object and prayer of which are to
foreclose a certain mortgage executed by the de- i
fsndsnt, Nimrod B. Holt to the Lombard Invest
ment Co., and ' duly assigned by the Lombard
Investment Co., to this plaintiff upon lot one.
(1). of Gould's subdivision of lot five, (5), tn th
southwest quarter, (8. W. M) of section thirty
six, (St), township ten (10), north of range six,
(), In the county of Lancaster and state of Ne
braska to secure the payment of one promissory
note, dated September 88, 1880 la the sum of
seven hundred fifty (8750,00) and ons eoupon not
of same date In tbe sum of twenty-two 60-100 (82J-, ,
60) the principal note payable and due Ave year
after date and the eoupon note became due ana)
payable April 1st, 1806, each drawing 10 per cent
Interest from time dae. That there Is now duo
and payable on said notes and mortgages tha -sum
of eight hundred fifty-four SI-100 (8854.
21), and plaintiff prays for a decree of foreelosnro
and sale of said premises.
Yon are required to answer said petition on or
before the lth day of November, I8M.
Dated Lincoln, Nebraska, October t, 1896,
21 By Mockett Polk, his Attys.
Wm Leese Attorney at Law-
Notice Is herebv given that bv vlrture of an
order of sale Issued by the clerk of the district
court of the third Judicial district of Nebraska,
within and for Lancaster eonnty in an action
wherein the Building and Loan Association of
Dakota Is plaintiff, and Kurt H. Will, et al de
fendants, I will at 1 o'clock p. m. on the 10th
day of November A. D. 1896 at the east door of
the court house in the city of Lincoln, Lancaster
county, Nebraska, offer for sale at public auction
the following described real estate to-wlt: Lot
number twenty (JO), W. W. Holmes second sub
division, located on part of the northeast qnar
ter of the southeast quarter of section thirty
five (S6). township ten (10) north, range six, (6
sast of the tth P. M. in Lancaster county, Ne
braska. Given under my hand this 7th day of October
A. D. 1806. JOHN I. TROMPEN,
Attorney at Law, Linooln, Seb.
x Sheriff Sale-
Notice Is herebv Jlven, that by virtue of aa
order of sale Issued by the clerk ol the district
court ol the Third Judicial district of Nebraska,
wit bin and for Lancaster county. In an action
wherein the Woonsocket Institution tor savings
is plaintiff, and Klora K. Grimes et al. .defendant
I will at 2 o'clock p. m. I on the 1st day of
December, A, D. 1806, at tbe east door of the-
eonrt house, In the city of Lincoln, Lancaster
county, Nebraska, offer for sale at public auction
the following described real estate to-wlt:
Lots one '1), two (2), three (3) and four (4), la
Lincoln La-d Company's subdivision of lots ons
(1) and two (2), in block one hundred and four
(1041. in the city of Lincoln, Lancaster county.
Given under my hand 2Sth day of Oetooer.
is but
onetafe,sure,rellable "Regulator th
Regulates" all cases of functional lrregalarlti
peculiar to your sex that Is guaranteed better
than any other kind MRS. PR. P. A. BALE'S
Removes all Irregularities From
Whatever Cause Never
Sold at tbe price of dangerous Imitations: No, 2
12 (S for 86): No. 1, 81. DALE MEDICINE CO.,
Ind. 10, 8t Louis, Mo.
Bridge Notice-
Notice Is hereby given that sealed bids will be
received up to November 21, 1896, at II m at tha
office of the county clerk of Keys Paha county
lor the construction ol an 80 foot combination
bridge across tbe Keys Paha river on theaee
tiou line between section 16 and 17 township M
range 17. Bald bridge to be In conformity to
pin us and specifications now on file in the office
of the county clerk of said county. Bridge to be
paid for in 1806 bridge warrants.
H. L. Mtllay,
23 County Clerk.
rxiu rxjjLia DUJrJrijX Lv.
Adams Express Bldg. Chicago, Ilia.
Pares! ala Plata. aVoel aa aaealaia