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The Wealth Makers and Lincoln Independent Consolidated.
... - . .
Is Aroused by a Telegram Sent by
Mark Banna to Goldbug
AXaol Goldbug Chieftains Oan
tioned to "Hold Nebraska's
Returns in Line."
That the State Has Declared Unmis
takably for Bryan and is so
Conceded by All.
Hold the Return.
"The national republican committee
lias wired to Nebraska to hold Nebraska
returns in line aa it may be needed."
The abofe telegram was received at
republican state headauarters late
yesterday afternoon from Chairman
Hanna. Significant isn't it?
When the success of Bryan, Holcomb
and the entire state ticket with the
possible exception of one congressman
in the second district has already been
conceded by the republican state com
mittee,as well as every goldbug paper in
the state, and that the majority of
Bryan and Holcomb has been safely
placed at 10,000 (but in reality will
reach a still higher figure) the Hanna
; telegram is interpreted as meaning
-nothing more nor less than that if it be
yAvecessary to steal the vote of Nebraska
to aid McKinley, as it now appears like
ly, have the returns so manipulated that
the vote can be stolen. ,
And right here another thought oc
' -curs. If no more reliance can be placed
on the claims of the republicans , in .lb
OttblturstaTes then at present the indi
cations jare strongly : that Mr. Bryan
js elected. The , goldbugs now
have the extreme nerye to claim
the state ot JNebraska. in re
sponse to Mark Hanna's telegram, An
"error" of 4,000 votes has been dis
covered in the Douglas county vote!
Think of it! An error of 4,000!
If they have nothing more substantial
to base their claims of carrying Indiana,
Michigan, Minnesota and California and
Ohio than they have in Nebraska the
goldbugs stand a mighty poor chance
tol winning on an honest count. '
In order to decide the matter an off!
-cial count will be necessary in all those
. The following dispatch will explain it
elf: - , ; '","
Duldth, Minn., Nov. 4. Minnesota in
doubt, but cbances favor liryan by a
small majority and Lind by somewhat
larger. 1 am re-elected.
Charles A. Towxe.
Grossly Unfair,
Chairman Jones of the national demo-
atic committee says in a private tele
gram that press bulletins of election re
turns are grossly unfair. He has hopes
of a democratic victory in Michigan and
Minnesota, and has assurances from re
liable sources that the solid south and
west will make the 224 electoral votes
for Bryan, 'v
Tennessee and North Carolina are con
ceded democratic and the result in Ken
tucky is very close with ten counties to
bear from.
In Michigan great democratic gains
in legislature are conceded, but the state
is still claimed for McKinley.
A Conspiracy.
Chicago, 111., Nov. 5. Chairman James
K. Jones of the democratic national
committee this morning furnished the
United Associated Presses with the fol
lowing statement: - v
"There is evidently a conspiracy on
the part of our opponents to claim every
thing in utter disregard for the facts.
They are now claiming Washington,
Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska,
Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina and
other states from which we have th"
most positive private assurances that
we have carried each ot them.
"So far from having lost any single
state upon which we have counted for
Mr. Bryan's election, every one has gone
for us from which any reliable informa
tion has been received.
"I have no doubt the others will do
likewise, thus insuring Mr. Bryan's elec
tion. ; . James K. Jones.
- -They Are M Uleadlng. "
Chicago, III., Nov. 5. At this hour we
are thoroughly convinced of the mislead
ing character of early bulletins. The
republican committee claims many
states that the democratic candidate has
carried by a largo majority. They have
none of the southern states, with the
possible exception of West Virginia.
Bryan has positively carried Alabama,
Arkansas, California, Florida, Geor
gia, .Idaho, Kansas, s Louisiana,
Mississippi, Missouri, South Caro-
North Carolina, North Dakota,
South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah
Virginia, Washington, Nebraska, Ore
gon, Kentucky and Wyoming. We claim
Michigan, our returns from the interior
counties showing remarkable gains. The
state central committee of Indiana
sorts that state is safe. We confidently
expect all belated returns to add to the
figures in our favor. We assert Mr. Bry
an's election with confidence. It may be
two full days before the result is finally
known and admitted by the McKinley
advocates. DANIEL J. CAMPAU,
Cincinnati, 0., Nov. 5. Kentucky is
believed to be democratic
Indiana is in doubt.
Cincinnati Enquirer.
Grover Gives Us a New Chapter in
His Game of Gold Stand
ard Guff.
He Keeps His Eye Glued to the
Vicinity of the Bond Deal
ing Syndicates.
Bears Down Hard on Charity.
Inspired by the returns that reached
him betokening the election of McKinley
and the triumph of Mark Hanna in pur
chasing the presidency by the wholesale
use of trust and corporation contributed
corruption fnnds, bribery, coercion and
intimidation, the pious Grover Cleve
land yesterday sat down 1n his gilded
sanetttia-md addressed the following
mockery of a state document to the
American people:
"The people of the United States
should never be unmindful of the grati
tude they owe the God of nations for
His watchful care which has shielded
them from dire disaster and pointed out
to them the way of peace and happiness,
nor should they ever refuse to acknow
ledge with contrite hearts their prone-
ness to turn away from God's teachings
and to follow with sinful pride after
their own devices.
To the end that these thoughts may
be quickened, it is fitting that on a day
especially appointed we should join to
gether in approaching the throne of
grace with praise and supplication.
Therefore, I, Grover Cleveland,' presi
dent of the United States, do hereby des;
ignate and set apart Thursday, the 26th
day of the present month of November,
to be kept and observed as a day of
thanksgiving and prayer throughout
our land. On that day let every people
forego their usual work and occupation
and assemble in their accustomed places
of worship. Let them, with one accord,
render thanks to the Ruler of the uni
verse for our preservation as a nation
and our deliverance from threatened
danger; for the peace that has dwelt in
our boundaries; for our defense against
disease and pestilence during the year
that has passed; for the plenteous re
wards that have followed the labors of
our husbandmen.and for all the blessings
that have been vouchsafed to us.
And let us, through the meditation of
Him who has taught us how to pray, im
plore the forgiveness of our sins and a
continuation of heavenly favor.
Let us not forget on this day of thanks
giving the poor amd needy, and by deeds
of charity, let our offerings of praise be
made acceptable in tne sight of the
Witness my hand and the seal of the
United States, which 1 have caused to
have been heretofore affixed.
Done at the city of Washington this
4th day of November, in the year of onr
lord, one thousand, eight hundred and
ninety-six, and of the independence of
the United States of America the one
hundred and twenty-first.
By the President:
Secretary of State.
But Strode Is Probably Elected to Con
gress From This District.
Returns are slow from thecongress-
sional election of Strode. The latter
claims his election by about 400. Judge
Broady says that he has beard that hie
majority in Richardson county was not
as large as he had expected at first, and
that Otoe county did not give him the
party rote. If so. he is nrobablv de-
Chairman Jones Concedes ZXcKin
ley's Election His Telegram
to Mr. Bryan.
Mr. Bryan Says the Fight for il
yer Has Just Commenoed
" and That the Fight
Will be Continued.
Bryan Congratulates McKinley. j
The first information that Senator Jones
bad conceded) the election of McKinley
was given to Mr. Bryan at 8 o'clock last
evening- through United Associated
presses bulletin, forwarded from The
Journal office. Mr. and Mrs. Bryan ware
out walking when the bulletin was re
ceived. They had been indoors all day
and after supper decided to take a little
needed exercise. Just as the clock in this
library was striking the hour, husband
and wife returned. A. R. Talbot and sett
era! newspaper men were in the library
at the time. Mr. Bryan read the bulletin
without showing any signs of feeling
and remarked as he finished, "I'll wait to
hear from Senator Jones before saying
anything." Then he put on a velvet house
jacket and began chatting pleasantly with
some personal friends who were waiting
him in the parlor. There was nothing of
the pathetic in the scene.Mr. Bryan had not
clung to the hope held out to him by some
of his enthusiastic followers and was
prepared for the news. His wife, too,
knew that nothing .encouraging was to
be expected. Her" natural good nature
came to the fore when ahereallzed that
the strain was over and she ' laughed
and Joked with those about her while Mr.
Bryan also chaffed the newspaper men
during the wait for the official message!
from Senator". Jones', .Half an hour later
a telegraph messenger handed a dispatch
to the defeated candidate.' It was from
Senator Jones. "You may say," said he,
turning to the newspaper men after read
ing the telegram, - "that the election of
McKinley is conceded and I will issue a
statement tonight."
Then he sat down at the big oak desk,
at which he works, and began writing a
message of congratulation to his vic
torious opponent, Mrs, Bryan leaning over
-his shoulder as his pencil went over the
paper. This was the message:
Hon. William McKinley, Canton, O.
Senator Jones has just informed me that
the returns indicate your election and I
hasten to extend my congratulations. We
have submitted the Issues to the American
people and their will is law.
. t W. J. BRYAN.
Mr. Bryan paused once during the writ
ing to tell a humorous story apropos of a
remark made by one of those about him.
When he had finished ha, handed the dis
patch to a messenger boy and then told
another story. There appeared to be noth
ing forced about his pleasant manner.
He seemed actually happy that the strain
was over. He told the newwaner men in
the conversation that ensued that he
would prepare a statement to be issued
to the blmetallists of the country and
would make it public before noon today
and not last night as he had previously
said. Mr. Bryan said he did not care to
say anything about the result of the elec
tion last night, but in reference to a ques
tion as to whether he thought McKlnley's
election was a blow to the cause of
bimetallism he responded, "The fight has
just commenced."
CHICAGO. Nov. 6. Chairman Jones lor-
mally conceded the defeat of William J.
Bryan tonight, and made his last presi
dential campaign statement to the public.
The free silver standard was really lowered
late last night, so far as the election of
1896 is concerned, when advices were re
ceived at headquarters from West Virginia
conceding the electoral vote of that state
to McKinley. but it was decided not to
make a public announcement of the fact
until today. 1
In the meantime Governor Stone arrived
In Chicago from Missouri in response to
Senator Jones' telegram. The national com
mitteeman, with the governor and Com
mitteeman Campau, were in conference
this evening in the senator's room and at
Its conclusion the following statement was
given to the public:
"The result of the presidential election
is apparently no longer in doubt. It has
been one of the "closest contests that the
people have been called on to determine
in recent years. We have claimed the
election on our advices from states that
were admittedly in doubt, in which we
knew that there had been many frauds and
from which there were evidences of tam
pering with the returns. It seems now to
be apparent that while Mr. Bryan, after
making the most brilliant campaign in
the history of our country, has carried
most of the states claimed to be doubtful,
has not carried enough to secure his suc
cess in the electoral College. Bryan elect
tors have been chosen in all the states
south of the Potomac and Ohio, except
West Virginia, and all those west of the
Missouri except California and Oregon. He
has 190 electoral votes and this number may
be increased by final returns from states
yet in question.
Thus this remarkable campaign closes
with the election of William McKinley.
The result was brought about by every
kind of coercion and intimidation on the
part of the money power, including threats
of lockouts and dismissals ana impending
starvation; by the employment of by far
the largest campaign fund ever used In this
country and by the subornation of a
large number of the American newspapers.
The president-elect and his party are un
der pledge to the American people to con
tinue the gold standard and by its opera
tion to restore prosperity to this coun
try. As chief executive Mr. McKinley will
have the cordial support of the millions of
patriotic Americans who have cast their
votes for William Jennings Bryan. They
bow to the majesty of the office and abide '
by the result with none ot the mutterlngs
that would have come from the money
power had It been unsuccessful. They are
confident that the gold standard cannot
give the promised prosperity, but will
gladly welcome It if it comes. They will
continue the great struggle for the up
lifting of humanity and to the maintenance
of the dignity of our country in the estab
lishment of an American monetary system.
And the democratic party, aided by Its
present allies will still uplift the bimetal
lic standard and bear tt on to victory.
Chairman Demovratlo National Committee.
8enator Jones and his family, excepting
his son Klmbrough, will leave for their
Arkansas home tomorrow morning, his
son remaining to wind up the affairs of
the headquarters.
Committeemen Johnson, Walsh and Cam
pau will depart for their homes by the end
ot the week, when there will be nothing
left but a memory of both republican and
democratic headquarters. .
A Sad Accident.
John M. "Tipliug, a traveling mania
the employ of Hargreaves Bros., was in
stantly killed in a collision at Malcolm,
about 8 o'clock Monday morning. De
ceased lived at Nineteenth and F streets
and was one of the best known and most
popular men on the road. He was seated
in a caboose of a freight train at the
time of the aucldentendeavorlng to make
two or three points and return to Lin
coln in time to vote.
K When the news of the accident reached
Lincoln the few facts obtainable spread
like wildfire about the city, and a few
lunatic individuals sought to create a
sensation by declaring that the accident
occurred on the Bryan special which left
Lincoln at 7 o'clock.
The minor was quickly run down and
another one was started to the effect
that the train under command of Mr.
Irish the California goldbug democrat
who has been selected by the republicans
to follow up the Bryan special, was run
ning regardless of time and had crashed
into a freight which was dead ahead of
it at Malcom.
'This appears to have been the case.
The Irish, special was in charge ot En
gineer H. T. Beatty, who together with
his fireman jumped in time to save their
lives. It is reported that the train was
running at a speed of sixty miles an
hour andfdid not stop at Germantown
at all but rushed on towards Malcom
and it did not even slow up as it
went around the curve. - It crashed
into a freight which was standing
near the depot.
. Assistant Superintendent V. O. Eng
lish, who was on board the Irislispecial,
had his shoulder somewhat dislocated.
but aside from this do other accidents
'are reported. .
t I he remains of Mr. lipling were
brought to Lincoln on the noon train
nd conveved to his residence at Nine-
fteenth and F. Deceased leaves a wife
and two small children. He was a promi
nent member ol the Traveling Mens
Bryan club and has been a resident of
Lincoln for jnany years.
Mr. Bryan Acknowledges the Loy
alty of Nebraska
A Legislature That Can Prevent In
timidation in the
s - Future.
Cause for Congratulation.
Mr. Bryan refused to be interviewed on
the general election today saying that it
would not be proper for him to express
an opinion, but he gave out the follow
ing interview on the situation in Ne
braska: "The result in Nebraska is very grati
fying. We have had great obstacles to
overcome, and yet in spite of all these
obstacles we have secured a majority of
10,000 or 15,000 for our electoral
ticket and have elected the entire
state ticket, and also at least four,
and possibly five, members of congress
out of six, and have elected a good work
ing majority in both branches of the
"The democrats, populists and silver
republicans have worked together in
perfect harmony and they share the
victory together.
"The gold standard democrats, bp
collusion with republican officials.
secured place on the ballot as
'democrats,' and deceived a few
voters, but the attempted frand was
called to the attention of the voters and
the evil effects reduced to a minimum.
"It is safe to say that almost the entire
Palmer vote was cast by mistake, be
cause the gold democrats here, as else
where, voted almost unanimously for
the republican candidate.
'I am prond of Nebraska and grateful
to friends in this state for their loyalty.
No cause ever had more devoted sup-
Corters than the silver cause has in Ne
raska. 'Having control of the legislative ma
chinery in this state, we shall be able to
so reform our ballot law as to prevent
the frauds which have been, prepetrated
under it, and we shall also be able to
secure legislation which will protect the
voters from coercion and intimidation.
"The people of Nebraska have cause
for rejoicing. The good effects of our
victory in this etate will be felt for years
to come."
By Pluralities Banging from 8,000
to 15,000.
Fotir Congressmen and Nearly all
the County OSLcers are ours. "
More Than We Expected.
The State Journal of 1 -iday morning
concedes the state ticket to the populists
and democrats in the following language.
Republican state headquarters In this
city Is no longer thronged by anxious
seekers after election news. Returns from
the first were discouraging to republicans
and with the lapse of time they admit de
feat That Bryan and Holcomb had car
ried the state was admitted by Chairman
Post from the first, but yesterday all
hopes ot the election of a single state offi
cer was given up by republicans. A few
had hoped that at least two state officers
might be eleoted.
It is now only a question of the sice of
the popocratlc fuslonlst majority. Returns
complete from sixty-five counties out of
ninety give Bryan a plurality of 8,294 and
It is believed that It will be 10.000. Fifty
four counties give Holcomb a plurality
of 10,644 and the popocrats claim he
will have at least 16,000 plurality over Mac
Coll, the republican candidate. The popo
cratlc state committee claims sixty-three
out of 100 members of the house of rep
resentatives and twenty-three out of
thirty-three members of the state senate.
The election of two republican congress
men, Strode of the First district and
Mercer of the Second district Is prac
tically settled.
Congressman Strode's estimated major
ity in Lancaster county is 850, Cass 186,
Johnson 136, Pawnee 242, a total of 1,412.
Broady has a majority of 321 in Otoe coun
ty, 423 in Nemaha, 286 in Richardson, mak
ing a total of 1,029. These figures give
Strode a majority of 878.
Returns on the electoral ticket from the
following counties are compared with the
vote cast for Holcomb and Majors in 1S94.
K 9 K
a 3
C- (J -i
g, r b
n : :
: :
TT687 18011 tSX
. 876 1060 872
.1 87 61 5
. 602 655 443
. 1366 1099 874
. 886 819 404
, 1608 1253 1148
. 1351 2336 1262
. 1012 1474 804
242 246 309
628 647 608
1679 1743 713
1310 1762 988
963 1916 1415
712 774 777
929 1320 747
2521 2076 1725
26 222
11545 10756 10642:
268 273 286
137 203 166
865 686 363
86 95 70
401 798 300
1792 1739 1561
831 1359 967
686 1288 673
147 1700
1418 1246 1404
964 1185 925
174 268 190
200 2801 223
96 63 82
6612 66781 6997
925 1046 V
113 127 I
647 380 1404
879 1023 840
' 180 652
1660 2G35 1528
1134 1364 1197
2642 2557 2080
1479 U68 1361
168 235 241
975 1185 840
631 064 674
1368 2209 993
840 1502 792
985 1013 1001
1876 2041 2107
346 223 325
60 2053
676 1184 670
2103 2730 1703
1667 1964 1496
433 866 399
667 833 494
1497 1362 1587
35 80 , 66
606 714 313
200 694
1112 1346 1150
99 170 96
995 1110 780
1825 1807 1824
72156 80450 73414 :
Adams .
Blaine ...
Boyd .....
Boone ......
Brown .....
Butler ......
Cedar .......
Chase .......
Clay .........
Dawes .....
Douglas ....
Dundy .....
Gosper .....
Grant .......
Greeley .....
Hall : ,
fHolt ,
Howard .....
Jefferson .
Johnson ....
Kearney ....
Keya Paha ,
Lancaster ..
Lincoln ....
Loup ........
Madison ....
Nemaha ....
Nuckolls ...
Red Willow
Saline .....
Saunders ...
Seward .....
Sherman ....
Thurston ...
Webster ....
Wheeler ....
Wayne ......
Majority. 'Incomplete.
Returns have been received from the fol
lowing counties on governor: -
MacCou. Holoomb.
Adams ...V 1498
Blaine 77
Brown 847
Burt ...1432
' 91
" 1023
Cedar 829
Chase 233
Clav 1546
Cuming 1152
unemr on
Custer - 821
Douglas U418
Dodge 2057
Dundy 260
Garfield 144
Gosier 827
Grant 90
Greeley 895
Hail .. uai
Holt ..7. 706
Howard 641
Johnson 1348
'Kearney .817
Keith 180
Keya Paba 195
Kimball 63
Lancaster 6473
Madlsoa n
Merrick rt f
Nemaha., If 1 i
Nuckolls , ...lil 1
Otoe I i 11
Pawnee i lj
Phelps 9-4 ...
Pierce : I II
Platte If. I II
MacCtiU, Howe .
Polk 4
Red Willow $
Rook .........
Saunders ....
reward ......
.... I t
....1 I.
.... I I
Thayer LI
1 t
f t
t f
I i
Thomas ............ it
Thurston 4 I
Valley 6 4
Wayne f i
Wheeler H
Webster Y i
York ....if
Majority. , . w..";.f ., .
Holooatr plurality, 10,i4
Auburn Nemaha county (iv te I"o
Klnley electors 1.&0 and Eryaa !,: ; 1 v
Coll 1,681 and Holoomb 2.C V. gtro V. i
and Broady 2.0C7. Church 1 we Il&s t
defeated In this county by tA'mai In tiot
the entire republican ticket ha been
feated by from 40 to 837.
McCook Red Willow county's vote ooa
plete, McKinley 9C5, Bryan LOU, Fair"
17; MacColl 816, Holoomb 1,03, r:tb U
Wayne Wayne county's vote oem-' :v
McKinley BPS, Bryan 1,110, Palmar 4: 1 9
Coll 931, Holoomb LOGS; total vote la
ty 2,189. a ' ,
St. Paul Howard county's vote com
plete, McKinley (86, Bryan 1X2. P"B
10; MacCoU ML Holoomb LSX Bibb V,',
Cady 820, Greene 1,150; Grotham, r ?.
eleoted to the senate and Bower, pop, to
the house.
Stanton Offloal canvass of complete re
turns of Stanton county Insults as fa!-
Iowa: Rrv. n ff" HTiTrititw a-P. TTnl Mttn s
- - " - - ar wwg wJaaw vui ( mwvwuov
849. MacColl 664: Maxwell 810. Hammond
827. - - -;
Central City-Official vote of Merrick
comb 1,064. MacColl 896; Porter 1,031, Piper
844; Cornell 880, Hedlund 914; Meserve t.'i,
Casey 823, Jackson 974: Oorbett 915, f nyth
870: Churchill Sua. Wolf Vft- TIibu.I c V
Maxwell 1.0U8, Hammond 821; Farrs'l, ropi
enaior, am; Miner, republican, tJi; voo-
ier, pop, representative, K; Hansen, re
publican. Kti Rica, m.llan,mw.'
922; Ross, republican, 944.
ilea cioua Webster county's vote com
plete, McKinley 1,112, Bryan 1,845, Palmer
afi! IfanCnll 1097' TTnlnmh 1 IK ttthh Sft'
Gandstaff, populist, for the legislature ta
eieoiea; lor congress, Andrews l.ikii,
Sutherland 1,811
Osceola Polk oountv'a vnta nnmnlaia
McKinley 840, Bryan L602, Palmer 8; Mac-
uu vm, jaoicomo i.ozu, moo s; represen
tative, Berggren, republican, 768;- Welch,
popoorat, 1.414; Halner 731, Stark LO.
Erlcson Wheeler county complete give
ruimH IPK ft TT.. 1- t . . 1Tt .v
Porter 167; Hedlund 86, Cornell Vil Co
halt-W, -Jackson iT; Casey 97," Meserve
168; Churchill 88, Smyth 167; Russell 6
Wolfe Ml; Whitmore 86, Rawlins L5; Cady
91, Greene 166; state senator, Glassbura
103, Lea 175; representative, Moon 84, Mc
Carthy 168.
Klmliall Kimball county's vote com
plete, McKinley 86, Bryan , Palmer I;
Mac-Coll 98, Holcomb 67, Bibb I; Greene
60, Cady 84; Holcomb, Jackson and Cady
running a little ahead of their tickets.
Valentine Cherry county, two precincts
to hear from, McKinley 628, Bryan 617;
MacColl 511, Holcomb 657; for congress,
Cady 646, Greene 644; Billings, populist,
elected representative from the Fifty
second district.
West Point The official canvass of the
votes cast in Cuming county 1- as fol
lows: Bryan electors 1,762, McKinley
electors 1.310: Hol.-mh t 7Mt Vaw-v.ii i n.
Smyth 1,623, Churchill 1,246; Maxwell l,752i
jnammona a,8u. me members of the leg
islature elected are F. B. Alderman, re-'
PUbllCun. WhO carried numlmr. ThiiMtnn
and Dakota counties, and Felix Given,
democrat, who carried Cuming county
over Mayor Glffert, republican, 18 major
ity. West Point la the onlv trnrn In ha
county that gave McKinley a majority.
.miner, nemocrauc canaiaato lor senator
from the Seventh rtlstrW i aisnts h -
small majority over Swanson, republican.
F. D. Hunker, democrat, was elected for
comuy attorney over a. k. Uleson. The
county board of supervisors will remain
Brewster Blaine county gives an all
around republican majority, an average
of about 26; Cady's lead 18. Germans
VOted for McKinlev ami aniinA munM,
The straight democratic vote was small!
Buunu money aemocrats mostly support
ins: McKinley. There wan tin aiivAi. re
publican vote.
Wahoo-Complete vote of Saunders
county give McKinley ,108, Bryetn 2,780;
jaacuou 1.ES, ac:co Teut l.fe6,
Harris 2.708: Piner 1.904. Tnrrar Mi. Xw
nell 2,511, Hedlund 1,988; Casey 1,971, Me
serve z,d; uoroett i,bss, Jackson 2,648;
Churchill 2.016. Smvth ?W- Ruaaell 1 VIA.
Wolfe 2,598; Rawlins 2.528, Whitmore L979;
Neville 2,544, Ryan 1,896; Kinkaid t901.
Kirkpatrick 2,544; Hainer 2,008, Stark 2,616.
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Jackson 1,186; Churchill 1,540, Smyth L161:
Russell 1,527, Wolfe L177.
Curious Bcqneit.
The Italian journals state that
wealthy person of Florence. int a.
ceased, has left a singular will. It
declares that the greater part of his
fortune shall go to the man with thr
largest hump on his back in all Tus
cany, and that the person entrusted
with the duty of selecting him shall bo
themselves twelve humpbacks. To
recompense the latter for their troual
he directs that, in addition to travel
ing' expenses, each shall be presented
with a gold medal, bearing the effigy
vi jxMop, weir protoype. .
Indian Town Fire Swept.
KtiSHVTLLE, ind.. Nov. 9. The
greater part of the business portion of
Mie town of Manilla, twelve miles
southeast of this citv. was wined nut
to-day by fire. Two blocks of frame
business houses were consumed. The
town has no fire department, and Rush
ville was eallcd on for aid. The total
loss will be over 140,000, on which
were was out la.ZOO insurance.
Rlpans Tabules core blllousnesa.