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AUg. 13. to9u- j
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A Fiery Debater, Always Ready
For a Fight.
Born a Country Lad-He toft College) to
Teach School Hie First Legislative Hon
ors Congress Appalled by Bis Sweeping
Charge Bitten Contest With Major
Black Crusade Against Finkerton.
Thomas E. Watson, the Populist nom
inee for the vice presidency, is another
instance of the young man in politics.
He is not yet 40 years of age, having
been born in Columbia county,' Ga. ,
Sept. 5, 1856. He received a common
school education and was then sent to
Mercer university, Macon, Ga. At the
end of his sophomore year he left col
lege, probably because of lack of funds,
and for two years engaged in school
teaching. Afterward he read law in the
office of Judge W. K. Mcliaws oi au
cmara Or. . and was admitted to the
har. cnmniencine the practice of the
nrofession in November, 1876.
In 1878 he was married to Miss
fWirpia Durham, and several children
were the result of the union.
r Mr. Watson's political career com
menced in 1882, when he was elected to
the Georgia legislature on the Demo-
Ruuuens. M they were trying to dis
grace him, and eulogized himself.
Walson attempted several oraniauo
effects, at one- time saying that ho would
talk if be was killed for it and at an
other denouncing as a "reckless and in
famous liar" any one who declared that
he leaned toward Harrison.
He bounded over the platform, swung
his anas and exclaimed :
"I have stood this abuse as long as I
mm going to, and my friends have stood
it as long as they are going to. We have
been called the rag, tag and bobtail long
enough. Here, where I am exposed to
every man who chooses to make me his
target, I, who have been denounced as
a traitor, a juaas isouriui i any wm
man who says I have betrayed anybody
la a willful and deliberate liar.
As he said this the high stand, which
had become crowded, gave way in the
rear, throwing a score of people to the
ground', but the front on whicn tne
speakers stood remained intact
The crowd bad become very noisy,
and soon many of them crowded upon
what remained of the platform. With a
Hon and the greatest volume of bellig
erency emanated from himself. Some of
his tirades against fellow members of
the house were particularly violent, and
one charg against congressmen in gen
eral, contained in a campaign pamphlet
written by Mr. Watson, aroused such
general indignation that the expulsion
of the Georgia member was said to
have been seriously considered.
Bis Charge. Against Member of Congress.
It was Watson who gave currency to
the phrase "Where am I at?" he having
attributed it to Congressman Cobb of
Alabama, who, he alleged, used the ex
pression while under the influence of
liquor and while addressing tne cnair
on the floor of the house. The congres
sional investigation which followed the
charge and the result showing that tne
representative from Alabama did sip
itimulants during a speech are well re
membered by those who watch the proc
ess of events at Washington.
In a stump speech made during his
canvass in 1893 Mr. Watson made tne
following reference to these proceedings:
"Now let's go to this drunkenness.
While I was there and those absentees
great crash it gave way and precipitated fa l wrote a boot i
everyooay on w to i g. tended that book to hurt, and it nas
below, amid the broken planks. No one hurt j intenae,i to expose what I saw
was injured, and Watson, who is agile . ther(J etrimeutal to the best
. l:i l; inA i Initb ff ha I .
as a cat, ui uuuu mo ot "-'j intprfists of the neooie. ine man wno
pulled a table from the wreck, jumped
upon it and cried out:
"This was an old, weak Democratic
niatform. but I will now speak to you
from a People's Party platform, and it
will stand like a stone wall."
Then he went on intimating that un
less he had followers at all the ballot
boxes in November the Democrats might
ttnmnt. tn nmint him out.
WVVV " .
Major Black spoke lor an nour ano a
half. Mr. Watson, he said, had ar-
rai i?ned the Democratic party. He would
defend the party by impeaching the
witness. "I would not, " said he, "con-
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sees legislative abuses growing up under
his eyes and does not denounce them to
the Txsonle is not true to the best inter
ests of the people. Here is tne paragrapn
that made the lion roar: '
The congress now sitting is one il
lustration pledged to reform. They have
not reformed. I have shown you why
thev did not dispute it Pledged to
economy, they have not economised. No
man will deny it Pledged to legislate,
they have not legislated. And no one
denies it Absenteeism was never so
pronounced. Drunken members have
rewind ahnnt the bouse a disgrace xor
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Then turning and pointing his finger
in Watson's face he said
"Whatever crime or iniqnity the
Democratic party is responsible for you
were a part of it
Watson." said he. "calls himself a
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cratic ticket In 1888 he again took a
prominent part in politics as a Cleve
land presidential elector for the state at
N': . . li,. 'a
He was elected to we .cuij-iu
congress as a Democrat, receiving 5,4&o
votes as against 597 votes cast for An
thony E. Williams, the Republican
nominee. He served only one term in
oongress, being succeeded by James
C. Black, who was elected as a Dcmor
crat, Watson having identified himself
with the People's Party, tie aiso ran
as a Populist for the Fifty-fourth con-
!, but was again deieaiea Dy jir.
Black. .
The various controversies and foren
sic wars that were waged by Watson
and Black in the course of tneir cam
paigning form an interesting page in
Georgia politics. Both of these contest
ants for congressional nonors are no
blooded and bellicose, and both are pos
sessed by that variously defined quality
supposed to be essential to a fight
"nrva. '
A newsnaner account of one 01 tne
many Watson-Black encounters so fully
sets forth the politics and character of
Tom Watson, as he is familiarly caiieo,
that the insertion of it here is not map-
nronriate. The article was a bit of cor-
resoondence. dated at Crawfordsville,
Oil. Sent 8. 1892. Here it is:
. - m rrt a.
The ioint debate between xom wai-
son and Major Black, the candidates for
congress from the Tenth ueorgia ois
trio., nnaned here today, reopte came
from all sections of the state. Special
trains were run. Farmers drove to town
from 50 miles around, some of them
makine a three days' journey to get
The debate was held under the great
oaks in the yard of Liberty Hall, the
home of the late Alexander a. tstepnens.
A stand had been erected under the
spreading bonghs of one of the largest
trees, and a crowd of 10,000 enthusi
astic Democrats and third partyites
crowded around.
His Campaign Methods.
Mr. Watson opened the debate and
spoke for an hour. He pitched into the
Democratic and Republican parties and
their candidates, declared that the Dem
ocrats had tried to disgrace Alexander
. TN. A
rwitnfwrat a Jeffersonian uemocrai.
Vnn renresent a Dolicy that is totany at
war with everything that jenerson nas
ovnr said."
As the audience grew boisterous major
Black urged it to keep quiet ,
I am not coing into any tneamcai
performance," he said. "Nobody is going
r.n kill anvbOdV. u 1 wongui nujuwj
was going to shoot at me, I would not
be np here. , 1 tmnK my menu v itm
knew he was safe, else ne wouia no
have done the theatrical act But in
November somebody is going to gei
killed politically."
Talking to the tmra party men, ma
jor Black said: V
"Four years ago your leaner wean "u
of the district with the flag of Democ
racy. Where is it now? I call upon him
we want our flag, wnat nave you aouo
With it?" ....
A Voice Mrs. Lease took it irom
"I tell you what he did with it lie
should have held it aloft in the face of
the enemy. Instead of planting it on the
battlements of the enemy, he laid it
down, trampled it underfoot and came
back with the sword of the enemy crim
son to the hilt with the blood of the
party that had made him. He not only
turned his back upon the party, but he
denounced it
"Even the dead haven't been spared.
He has gone into the grave of Samuel
j Tilden and declared that he obtained
his wealth by piratical methods and dto
not have sense enough to write his own
will. Shame!"
At this moment some one cried,
"Ch Watsnn has been bribed to do
Watson heard the cry, jumped to nis
fWfc and made for his accuser through
th crowd. Had it not been for his
friends, who held him and hustled the
other fellow out of the crowd, tnere
would have been a fight which would
have resulted in a general riot for the
crowd was aroused to an intense pitch
of excitement A
Mr. Watson's career in congress was
hardly less stormy than were the pen
ods of his urevious and subsequent can-
th difference being that the
conflicts were largely of his owners
ers on the floor in the midst of maudlin
ramblings, have been heard to inquire,
Mr. Speaker, where was 1 atr"
He then referred to the testimony
taken before the investigating commit
tee and conoluded with :
And now what does this evidence
show? It shows that a man maoe a
speech on the floor of the house who
was drunk. First, I charge a case of
drunkenness during the debate on the
river and harbor bill; another time,
when the pension bill was up, and an
other time when a dnrhkon man was
trying to have a dialogue with another
fellow who was drunk and his own
question kicked him over to the floor.
If that is not the trutn, 1 am tne mac
fist, toniraed liar that ever spoke. "
This sort of invective seems toDeaia-
vorita form of sneech with Mr. Watson,
and he employs it with groat effect, xor
Via ia a rcallv brilliant man and an
orator of first class ability.
Mr. Watson is essentially a fighter in
a physioal as well as a moral sense, and
any one who watches his flashing eye
and the emotions demoted in his thin,
dfitfirmined face knows Well he Will
"back uo" what he says.
' 1
One of his most famous crnsaoes was
made against the Pinkertons, and ms
determination to continue his warfare
upon the huge detective agency was one
of the claims for re-election which he
put forward during bis canvass in 1892.
. . j l. KnW
tie constantly arraigueu mo
tons as outthroats and lrresponsiuio
blackguards. On one occasion he de
clared his belief that congress would
pass a law which would render the ob
noxious detectives outlaws.
"These Pinkertons," said he, "have
claimed that in one day they could turn
over to a big corporation 85,000 men,
provided the place where they were to
be congregated was near any of the
larirfi cities. Mv attention was first at
tracted to this great evil at the time of
the Missouri Pacific railroad stme.
During that period the Pinkertons ad
vertised for men. and in the advertise
ment it was stated that only men who
had courage and meant business need
antilv. This is the only qualification
that the Pinkertons require from their
men. Thev do not care what their char
acter mav be. and the chances are they
would prefer a lot of ruffians and tough
characters, many of them undoubtedly
beinsr ex-convicts.
The eccentricities of Mr. Watson have ;
long been a subject of comment m tne ,
south and at Washington. It was to
him that bluff Tom Reed of Maine ap
plied the uncomplimentary title "colt
of the wild ass," and in his own state
his oddities and his violence have caused
not only adverse criticism but actual
doubts as to his sanity.
On the 26th day of October, 1892, the
following telegram was sent out from
Atlanta and published far and wide
throughout the land:
"Is Tom Watson's mind weakening
under the strain and excitement of the
campaign? That question is being asked
all over Georgia today, tteoent develop
ments in the campaign in the Tenth
and Watson's . wild utterances have
caused many men who are the little
congressman's friends to fear that some-
thing is wrong with him. tiis wna iaj
in summoning armed followers from
far and near to protect him and his Re
publican henchman and following this
bis open enorts to mauce uu iuuu
to declare a Dovcoti agauibi, mo ukm-
chants of his home town have seemed
to cap the climax. There are grave fears
that the campaign has Deen too mucn
for Watson. :
"The papers of the state are full of
this inquiry. Watson's physical strength
has given way under the ordeal through
which he is passing, and his advice to
his followers to shoot down the Demo
crats if there is any trouble and other
like talk is taken as evidence of mental
weakening as well"
kThat this report was ill founded, if
not, indeed, a gratuitous prevarication
on the part of his enemies, is fully
proved by his subsequent success both
as a lawyer and as a farmer. Just what
effect his most recent political elevation
wilt have noon this remarkable man of
t. Ki hrata. the weak body and the
VMV w w v -
vehement spirit remains to be seen.
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City, Nebraska.
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ttrand Is
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