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    April 1 6, 1896.
Hall county's recent rmin amounted
to 1H inches.
A grand Army post will soon be or
ganised at Bayard.
An effort is being made to organ Ire a
0. A. R. post at Harrison.
Norfolk girla do not chew gum when
they go to public entertainments.
In Banner county the grass is long
enough to afford feed for stock.
The Commercial hotel at Ogalalla
was totally destroyed by fire last Sat
urday. Unadilla will hare a saloon the com
ing fiscal year as a result of Tuesday's
election. . ,
A Fremont man was fined f 5 for al
lowing his hens to sport in a neighbor's
onion patch.
The average of wheat in the vicinity
of Wayne is 25 per cent greater this
year than last.
Two Orleans grocers are having a
newspaper controversy that tickles the
editors all over.
Chadron folks cling to the hope of a
sugar beet factory some day in the
sweet bye and bye.
Platte precinct, Dodge county, peo
ple, are considering the advisability of
building a town hall.
Hydrophobia has appeared among
the dogs near Dorchester and the farm
ers are loading their guns.
The board of education at North
Platte is composed of three men and
the same number of new women.
Fremont society girls want to wear
bloomers, but their mammas are not
new women and won't let them.
A Burlington train struck and dis
abled three cows south of Lincoln re
cently, and damage suits may follow.
Fremont's new city directory contains
4,620 names of adults, doubling which
gives Fremont a population of 9,240.
The Missouri river is having its usual
spring tantrum. At last reports it was
rising at the rate of a foot every six
The farmers of Hayes county have
put in an unusually large crop of spring
wheat. The ground is in excellent
The centennial of the founding of
homeopathy was celebrated in Lincoln
last week by the Lincoln physicians of
that school.
Nels Christianson of Lyons was oper
ated on for appendicitis, and is up and
around feeling as chipper as he ever
did in his life.
In alighting from a buggy Mrs. Geo.
Reckard of Norfolk caught her foot in
the step and fell heavily to the ground
breaking an arm.
Farmers of Cheyenne, when not oth
erwise engaged find plenty to do in
fixing up the old irrigation ditches and
digging new ones.
Emerson boot ledgers - reeding
serious trouble for themselves by sell
ing Whisky to untutored savages of ad
jacent reservations.
Elmer McKinney of Nelson went
through a siege of typhoid-pneumonia
last fall and is now down with plain
inflammation of the lungs.
.The ill feeling between the citizens
of Hemmingford and Alliance is dying
out since the county seat matter has
been set at rest for a time.
Elmer Biggs, night watchman at the
beet sugar factory at Norfolk, took a
tumble in a beet shed and received a
broken arm and bad bruises.
Hon. Loran Clark of Albion, who was
thought to be fatally injured, is"now
at the Battle Creek, Mich., sanitarium,
"and said to be slowly recovering.
According to an assay recently made
at the Omaha smelting works there is
gold bearing quartz in the vicinity of
Calhoun that produces $16 to the ton.
Col. C. J. Bills of Fairbury, well
known as colonel of the Second regi
ment, N. N. G., has been elected brigadier-general
to succeed General Colby
of Beatrice.
If the druggists of York sell anything
stronger than mineral water the com
ing year, it will have to bear the fa
miliar label of somebody's "blood-purifying
C. J. Anderson, a prominent and
well known farmer near Minden, hung
himself in a cattle shed. He leaves a
wife and one child. No cause for the
deed is assigned.
One thousand Indians recently assem
bled at Rushville to say good bye to
about a hundred of their number who
were about to leave for Philadelphia to
join a wild west show.
Michael Matthews was standing on
the platform of a coach as the train
pulled into Bradish, Boone county, when
a strong gust of wind blew him "over
board." He landed on the wrong end
ma broke an arm.
Near Liberty the other day a boy
and a match were the cause of Ed
Ackerman's barn and contents being
burned. AsAckerman is a poor man
the loss falls heavily upon him, but it
is understood his neighbors will aid
A. Utter, a prominent citizen of Bart
ley, died last week. The deceased
was born in Ohio in 1833 and came to
Hartley in 1880. He was a member
of the Christian church, a successful
farmer, a well known and respected
citizen, and an unusually large number
attended the funeraL He was an old
soldier and a prominent member of the
I. 0.0. F.
Now is the time so subscribe. To say
that the opportunity will never return
attain would be to predict the impro
bable, but there is no time like the pre
sent and no better use to which a dollai
can m tut.
We Look Forward to the 22nd of
July With Increasing Hope.
The fight now in Nebraska, appears to
be between Thurston and Mckinley on
one side and Manderson and Allison on
the other. It is really the U. P. head
lawyer against the B. & M. head lawyer
or one railroad against the other.
one thinks of the common people and
really they are not in it. This govern
ment is of the corporations, for the cor-
portions and by the corporations.
What has McKinley ever done to earn
the title of "the great statesman from
lie was. it is true, chairman of the
committee that formulated the highest,
the most unequal and partial tariff this
country was ever cursed with. And real
ly it was more Blaine's tarin tnan is was
MnKinlHv'a. It was well calculated to
take the earnings of the western people
and put them into toe pocnets 01 ioe
east. He certainly has not managed
his nwn hnainnHS verv successfully, these
things, a great many people think, brand
bim as a great statesman. No body
ever heard of his proposing any law that
was in me interest 01 mo uuiumuu
pie. lie never has even made a speech
that shows statesmanship or genius.
He may be nominated but we very much
doubt it. The rich men of the east dis
trust bim. ,
Than whnt hiui Mnndarson ever done
that should classify bim among states
men? He has military on the brain as
much as McKinley hns protection. He
hn. nlan whnt.t.nd his annetite too much.
Tom Reed has more practical etateman-
.... a t fPU
ship than a long row 01 eucn www, mo
th republicans will nominate
has not been publicly mentioned yet. He
. . J
has got to oe a man woo is souuu uu m
gold question above everything else and
wall street inusi Know 11 io wi-wmuij.
It will be all the better if no body else
knows it. In short he must be a Polk or
Haves and then his mouth must De
stopped and his pen undipped. The
platform, on which he is to stand, must
say nothing and yet it must pretend to
say everything. It must straddle and
limp, and have many meanings.
Then il ten republican suver siaws anu
thirteen democratic silver states bolt the
thr will be fun. Already
the chills begin to crawl up the backs of
the gold bugs, ior two gum niseis
against one of silver is not pleasing.
Oh but say they, "that may throw it
into the house and the silver republicans
rule there." Not so sure. Each state
has one vote. There are twenty-two for
silver and twenty-two for gold with
Mnrvlnnrl hnlf and half. That II) (IV re
sult in another Kentucky dead lock, if so
the senate will elect a silver vice-presi
dent and he will be president.
The republican cry 01 proiecuon tuu
sound money means what? Protection
means taking at least two millions, a
year, from the hard earnings 01 tne Ne
braska farmers and giving it to Pennsyl
vania and Massachusetts ior iron ana
cloth, more than what we could buy
them elsewhere for, aua not a ceni more
do we get for what we sell to them, our
gram and meat, so wnen tney say
"stand up for JNebrasKa" tney mean,
"afnnd vin fnr TVnnsvlvauia and Mnssa-
n)inuitta nnrl let Nebraska foot the bill."
Sound money means a dollar that will
buy twice as much property as ever be
forft and that increases in value every
day on account of contraction. Twenty-
five dollars per cupita is considered a low
proportion of money. The increase of
our population has been about four
thousand daily, so our money should in
crease one hundred thousand or a mil
lion every ten dnys. Gold alone doesnot
fill the bill. Add silver and the thing is
done. Stick to the gold standard and
soon five dollars will buy a good horse
and a hundred a good farm.
The republicans nave some strange
doctrines. For instance, they are for the
gold standard because it will facilitate
foreign trade and extend our commerce.
The next minute they shout for high pro
tective tarin because it win curtail loreigu
trade and compel Americans to buy at
Tim ronnhlionn pnnntv convention sat
- 1 7
down hard on the proposition to reduce
nnnntv unlnries. The clerk of theMistrict
court receives more pay than any twenty-
five farm hands 111 the county anna yet
th nHiiliitinn to reduce it was hooted
out and the mover branded as not being
a sound republican, ltaise me salaries
and increase the number of offices is tbe
doctrine. And vet the farm hands will
all vote the ticket of course.
We look forward to the 22nd of July
ith great hope. H. W. Hardy.
Honeat, Karnet Men.
The Hutchinson Bee (Rep.) speaking
of the populist state convention, says:
It was n most creditable body of citi
zens drawn from every avocation of life,
save, perhaps, that of the railroad mag
nate and the bondholder. It was a body
of men characterized by gray hairs and
deep earnestness. No man could have
looked dispassionately into the faces of
those delegates without being impressed
with their sincerity and devotion to the
principles which they believe are best cal
culated to serve the interests of human
ity. The populists may be wrong in
their ideas of the best methods of secur
ing the greatest good to the greatest
number, but the day is passed when their
arguments can be' swept aside asjthe
frothings of irresponsible demagogues
and evil-designing men.
Landed in the Pop Tarty.
Ex-Gov. I'ennoyer oi Oregon, anti-ad
ministration democrat, has finally landed
snnarelv in the neonle's nartv. and on
April 2, was nominated for mayor by
the populists 01 rortiand. ins election
is a foregone conclusion.
' 0 opll ' 00 SP A3S3H0 't A
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lt JOJ UVllUO pajpimH 0 III M
so.i,unj KtUMmu eqi jo uomp
uco pamsutu sqi wq uq)ou j qoqM 'qjjBia q
pwnsj sin ua) jo jho x.isto eun i js.wjoj paXojjsep
eq in uJB.)q 'noijipnoa jvinjou v) 01 paioi
ei eqtn bui pus ?no usxmj 90 ora uononregni ni
seajun pus jibsbj nqj e ttxtujuaci 'P903 3jjus
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mtu 8Aq not peur:nu a) eqnj aq aamft 'sqnj,
nuiqosjuna eq jo uu;( snoontn eq) jo uojjip
-009 peranum us Xq p9nnrci si seeuisan aaipauiej
raaoMninauos a si win ens neouis.iu ojns 01 Xum
eao 10 si ejsn.r, j eai 10 uoiuod n.mamn
M 'iT iu Aam uo?s3iaat soo( 4q
A Remarkable X umber of Cures Made
by the Pyramid Pile Cure.
About one person in every four suffers
from some form of rectal disease. The
roost common and annoying is itching
piles, indicated by warmth, slight moist
ure and intense, uncontrollable itching
in the parts affected,
Tbe usual treatment has been some
simple ointment or salve which some
times gives temporary relief, but nothing
like a permanent cure can be expected
from such superficial treatment.
Tbe only permanent cure for itching
piles yet discovered is the Pyramid Pile
Cure, not only for itching piles, but for
every other form of piles, blind, bleeding
or protruding. The first application
gives instant relief and the continued
use for a short time causes a permanent
removal of tbe tumors or thesmall para
sites which cause the intense itching and
discomfort of itching piles.
Many physicians for a long time sup
posed that tbe remarkable relief afforded
by the Pyramid Pile Cure was because it
was supposed to contain cocaine, opium
or similar drugs, but such was not tbe
case. A recent careful analysis of the
remedy showed it to be absolutely free
from cocaine, opium, or in fact any pois
onous, injurious drugs whatever.
For this reason the Pyramid Pile Cure
is probably the only pile cure extensively
recommended by physicians, because it
is so safe, so prompt in tbe relief afforded
and so far as known the only positive
cure for piles except a surgical operation.
In one year the Pyramid Pile Cure has
become the best known, the safest and
the most extensively sold of any pile
cure before the public.
Nearly all druggists now sell it at 50
cts. and f 1 per package.
Address the Pyramid Co., Albion, Mich.,
for book on cause and cure of piles and
also hundreds of testimonials from all
parts of the United States.
If suffering from any form of piles ask
your druggist for a package of Pyramid
Pile Cure and try it to-night.
The Flritt Thing to do.
The first thing to do is to get together
and drive the English, blood-sucking
plutocracy out of power. Then all doors
of reform will be wide open; now they are
double-locked, with John Bull looking
through the transom, with a double
barrelled, repeating rifle, and Rothschilds
peeping over his shoulder. The Repre
sentative. National Banks.
From the report of the United States
Comptroller of the currency we learn
that there are 3,755 national banks in
the United States, whose average daily
receipts are $331,000,000. The capital
of these banks is placed at $003,000,000,
with a surplus capital of $246,000,000.
The annual dividends paid (1894)
amounted to $45,000,000. The net an
nual earnings (1894) amounted to $52,
000,000. The KasvalM.
The democratic and republican parties
are like a lover and his girl, 'two are
company and three is a crowd.'. So
when a third party starts up tney raise
a great hue and cry and forget what
d inn rascals they said each other were,
to tell what a rascal the other fellow
might be if he had a chance. Ex-Governor
Monographs by General A J. Warner.
No. 1. Intrinsic Value
2. Profit to the Miner.
3. "Put a Dollar's worth of silver
in a Dollar."
4. What is an Honest Dollar?
5. "A Depreciated Dollar for the
1 G. "A Dumping Ground for Silver."
' 7. Bimetallism.
1 8. Money and Credit.
' 9. Prices on a Gold Basis.
' 10. The Future of Prices Under the
Gold Standard.
1 11. Our Debt Abroad.
' 12. Should Banks or the Govern
ment Issue the Paper Currency?
' 13. Greenbacks and the Gold Re
serve. ' 14. Silver and Cotton.
' 15. A Silver Basis.
' 16. Agricultural Prices and How
Price Levels are Determined.
'17 Money and Property.
These monographs are especially val
uable to students of the money question.
Each one in itself is a complete argu
ment for bimetallism at 16 to 1. We
will mail them post paid to any address
at five cents each, or the full set oik
numbers for twenty-five cents. Write us
for quantity price.
1122 M St. Lincoln, Neb.
The above cut represents without doubt
the most popnlar free coinage badge.
The upper or smaller piece represents a
gold dollar in color and size, the larger ia
the color and exact 6ize of a silver dol
lar. It is a quick seller. Send 25 cent
for sample. Agents wanted in every
county and town in Nebraska. Liberal
terms. Write at nce to the Official
Badge Co. 1122 M. &j Lincoln, Neb.
- 1
or Ccda&gue,
The Summer Sool of 1896
Lincoln Normal University
Opens June 15th.
Summer Semesfer operjs pril 19th
Specialties to be emphasized in
our Summer School.
1. Child Study.
2. School Superintendence.
3. Methods of Teaching.
4. Elementary Science.
5. First Grade Certificate Studies.
6. Second Grade Certificate Studies.
7. Third Grade Certificate Studies.
8. College Preparatory Studies.
9. State Certificate Studies.
10. High School Preparatory Studies.
11. Latin, Greek, German, French.
12. Methods of Teaching and Princi
ples of Education.
More Than Four Hundred Teachers
Enrolled duringthesummerterm of 1895.
It will thus be seen that this school is
needed and is appreciated by the teachers
of Nebraska. The work is so arranged
and classified that every teacher and stu
dent in attendance will find work suited
to his needs.
The Expense. It is cheaper to coma
here and attend school than it is to stay
at home and do nothing, $24.00 will pay
for your room, board, and tuition in any
of the regular courses for the entire term.
Write to us about May 1st. for our
complete, illustrated Summer School
Address, Hill M. Bell, M. S.,
No. 607, Normal,
UnCOin, JN6D.
Mention Nebraska Indepedent.
A Beautiful Symbolic Badge.
the eagle badge, t ree coinage "lb to
1," the true American
financial creed. Show
your colors. Send
for sample of the
handsomest b a d g
ever made; beautiful,
durable, sym bolic,
silver, tipped with
gold, legends in blue
enamel. Sample, 20
Design Patent apl'd for cents; onedoz., $1.75;
3 doz., $5.00; prepaid to any address.
Agents wanted; special terms. Address,
44-6-t Willimatic, Conn.
Free of
We glre. frea ot charm, on of oar Fse Steam
ra to ererj purchaser ol a $1.00 bottle of oar
Complete Skin Cleanser.
Plmples, Blackheads, Freckles,
Moth Patches ana all JJiscoi
orations of the Skin.
Steaming the face it the only lore ana et
Sroceea to remove akin blotches, placing the ikla
I a clean and healthy condition, giTlng a moat
Btantllul complexion.
Face Steamer tent complete with every order.
Including Cleanter, Boiler, Lamp. Vaporiier, and
fall directioni tor nte. Agent wanted In erery
ity and town In the United State. Writ for
particular. Add rent
Complexion Specialists,
251 5th Ave., NEW YORK CITY
Mention toll paper in order.
We wish to employ one or two
good solictors in each county In
the state to secure subscribers
and advertisements for this paper.
Write for terms.
Time Reduced to California.
on their Fast Trains, and California rassengen
should examine Time Cards and see that wt
are nearly
Quicker than any other route Chicago to Los
The Rhilllps exenrsiona are popular. He ha
earried over 126.000 patrons in tbe past fliteet
years, and a comfortable trip at cheap rates Is
guaranteed, and the fast time now made pnts the
Post yonraelf for a Calilorna trip before dlcl4
Ing. and write me for explicit information. Ad
Delinquent subscribers must pay up, a
least in part.
'if ' y
Attorneyi-at-Law, 1101 0 Street.
Notice Is hereby given, That, by Tirtne of an or
der of sale issued by tbe Clerk ot the Dittrict Court
oi tne rnira Judicial District of Nebraska, within
and for Lancaster County In an action wherein
Hiram Bniley is Plaintiff, and Kate Hall et. al.
defendants. I will, at 2 o'clock p. m., on the 12th
day of May A. D. 18D6. at tbe East door of the
Court House, in the City of Lincoln, Lancaster
County, Nebraska, oDer for sale at public auction
the following described real estate, to-wit: Lot
ten (10) and eleven (11) in block sixteen (16) in
Junction Place addition to the city of Lincoln,
Mumwr rouui, neorasza.
Given under my hand this 8th day of April
A .D. 1896. JOHN J, TROUPER.
Notice of Probate of Will.
In the County Court of Lancaster County, Neb.
The State oi Nebraska, to Kirtland I. Perkv of
Albion, Idaho, son of Esther M. Perky and 'her
heir at law and to any other interested in said
Yon are hereby notified that an Instrument
perportlng to be tbe last will and testament ot
Esther M. Perky deceased. Is on file in said court,
and also a petition praying for the probate of
aid Instrument, and for the appointment of Le
nore Perky as executrix. That on the Twenty,
fourth day of April, 1896, at two o'clock p.m.,
said petition and the proof of the execution of
aid Instrument will be heard, and that if you do
not then appear and contest, said court may
probate and record the same, and gr..nt adminis
tration of the estate to Lenore Perky.
This notice shall be published for three week
prior to said hearing.
Witness my hand and official seal this 80th
day of March 1896, 8. T. COCHRAN.
Seal, 43-3t County Judge.
Notice is hereby given that by virtue of a chattel
mortgage, dated on the 25th day of February, 1895,
and duly filed and recorded in the office of the
county clerk of Lancaster county, Nebraska, on
the 26th day of February, 1895, and executed by
Patrick McManaman to J. A. Young or bearer, to
secure the payment of the sum of three hundred
and fifty dollars ($350), and upon which there is
now dae the sum of one hmidred and seventy-five
dollars (8175.(10). Default having been made in
the payment of said sum, no suit or other proceed
ing at law having been instituted for the recovery
of said debt or any part thereof, therefore I will
sell the property therein described, viz: One
black yearling heifer, one nearly white yearling
heifer, one red yearling heifer, one spotted cow,
one red roan cow, one brown horse seven years old
named Pete; one black horse seven years old
named Prince; one bey horse coming four years
old, with whitestripe in face; one bey pony mare
coming four years old; one black mare named
Bally, one bald faced sorrel mare, one bey mare
colt, at public auction at the house of Ernest
Horning, in Little Salt precinct, Lancaster county
Nebraska, on the 18th day April, 1896, at 1 o'clock
p- m. of said day.
Dated March 26, 1896.
J. A. Touno, Mortgagee,
By Jno. S. Kirkpatrick, his Attorney. 43-3t.
Attorney-at-aw, eturr's Block.
Notice is hereby given that by virtna of a chattel
mortgage dated on the 8th day of March, 1894 and
duly filed in the office of the county clerk of Lan
caster county, Nebraska or. the 15th day of March,
1894 and executed by Fred F. Carlson to Leander
L. Larimer to secure the payment of a certain
promissory note for the sum of S132.00 and interest
from the first day of March, 1894, at the rate of 10
per cent, per annum, on which there is now due
andoweing the sura of 8118.54. Default having
been made in the payment of said sum, and no
suit or other proceedings at law having been in
stituted to recover said debt, or any part thereof,
therefore I will sell the following property therein
described, viz; One grev gelding colt, named.
Douglas, six years old. weight about 1100 pounds at
public auction, in front of tbe postolfice in the
village of Raymond, county of Lancaster and State
of Nebraska, on Saturday, the 25th day of April, at
11 o'clock a. m . of said day.
Leander L, Larimer, Mortgagee
By ,,wbl et Wilson his Attorney. 43-4t.
Tbe abuse of tbe pardoning power ia
one of the striking facts in the history
of human methods of dealing with
crime. As commonly exercised, it has
been a serious evil, not only in its di
rect effect in arbitrarily remitting pun
ishment which, both for the good of the
evil doer and of society, should be al
lowed to work its natural effect, but
in the expectation which is encouraged
in the minds of those who plan the
perpetration of crime; that even if
convicted and sentenced they will be
pardoned. Rev. William I. Nichols.
Koclirirr Recollections.
Henri Rochefort begins his memoirs
by giving the recollections of his
grandparents. His grandmother was in
the Place de la Concorde when Marie
Antoinette was executed, and describe4
tbe queen as stupefied and so limp that
she had to be lifted from the cart to
the scaffold. His father saw the troops
swear infidelity to the "Acte Addition
el" of Napoleon on June 1, 1815. The
emperor was dressed In a troubador cos
tume of white satin, with a crimson
mantle. He looked very ridiculous, for
hie fat body was supported by thin lit
tle legs, and the white satin made his
flabby, bilious face look green .
A Care for Divorce.
If all who seek divorce were forbid
den under penalty to marry again, un
less the decree was obtained upon the
charge of faithlessness to the marriage
vow, as defined by the saviour, nine
tenths of our domestic troubles would
never see the light. Rev. J. H. 0.
Smith, Chicago, 111.
Death Rate at Kheims.
The statistics show that the city hav
ing the greatest death rate in the world
Is Rheims, France, the proportion be
ing 28.62 per 1,000 in each year. Dublin
follows with 27.05 and then New York,
with 26.67.
Buy Coin's Financial School, read it,
loan it to your neighbor. Tush the
good work along. We have them Ior
eale at 15 cents per copj.
l Jr Sf S A- J . .
If Prices Were not so low.
Cedar Rapids, Neb., April 8, 1896.
The Cedar Creek Valley is noted for its
rich soil and its well improved farms
and its inhabitants are noted all over
the state as being thorough going, pro
gressive, and for voting the populist
Cedar Rapids is in tbe Cedar Valley
and is a very nice little city and the
farmers in the valley all have well filled
granaries and would be in fairly good
condition if prices were so that it would
pay a fair price for tbe labor to make tbe
grain. The Gulf R. R. is the salvation
for the people in this state, in this corn
belt of the great west. Populism is on
the increase in this valley, J. M. D.
AH the Nation Mourn.
Morton Freweu, the great English
economist, in a letter to the London
Times says:
"I was at Washington in 1878 when
the Bland act was enacted, and since
that time I have never passed through
New York without being assured that
"politically silver is dead," and yet,
moribund as the Grand Turk, tbe free
coinage majority in thesenate was never
so large as today, and, as showing tbe
composition of thesenate chamber, eight
of thirteen members of tbe finance com
mittee are, as your correspondent
phrases it, "silverites or something
worse." What is even stranger is the
fact that at the present time, of six dem
ocrats on this all-important committee,
there is not amongst them a single ad
vocate of "sound money. " Well may
Mr. Cleveland be in convulsi ons because
of this malignant obstinacy within his
own party."
He gives a warning to gold standard
"Rnirlnnil lw nnntinnr frnm fioprn'fl nrn.
" r J i " T7 -'
tion against Verres words as follows:
"All tbe provinces are in mourning; all
the nations that are free are complaining;
every kingdom is expostulating with us
about our covetousness and injustice."
Invention and Injustice Ingersoll ioe y
Story of the Gold Conspiracy Del Mar ioe
People's Party Shot and Shell Bland ioe I
Illustrated First Reader in Social Eco- 9
nomics ioe
Money Found Hill Banking System.. 25c f
The Rights of Labor Joslyn.. 25c I
TVi Pullman Rtrikfl farwarHinft Qc. w
a) e-. r n..ii.--.., : n ..,.1 .
T How to Govern Chicago Tuttle 25c j
J Silver Campaign Book Tuttle 25c A
I A Breed of Barren Metal Bennett.... 25c I
J Shylock's Daughter Bates 25c Jj
I Send us v cents and we will mail you a T
Y full sample set of all these books, 1216 y
I pages, amounting to $2. 40 at regular prices. L
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I Charles H. Kerr & Co., Publishers l
56 Fifth Avenue, Chicago
Bath House and Sanitarium
Corner 14th M St.,
Hnun at All IfAllTfl Dav o t, tl "Vtjvli
All Forms of Baths.
Turkish, Russian, Roman, Electric.
With Special attention to the application of
Several time itronser than eer. water.
Rheumatism, Skin, Blood and Nervous Dl
asas. Liver and Kidne.v Trouble and Chronlo
lllment are treated successfully.
Sea Bathingg)
av be enjoyed at all aeaaont In onr large 8ALT
I W1MM1NO POOL, 60x142 teat, 6 to 10 ft deep,
toated to uniform temperature of 80 degree.
Drs. M. H. & J. O. Everett,
Managing Physician.
For the Young People.
Every neighborhood needs to be waked
up by a choir of singers who use Armaged
don, tbe song book of the great indus
trial class. It is a large book, full of new
songs, words and music fresh, and full of
humor, fire, pathos, patriotism and love
of liberty. Every home where there are
lovers of truth and justice and opnos
ers of oppression should contain one or
more copies of this song book. Get the
young people to singing its songs.
Doing- From Lincoln to Paoiflo Coast?
For quickest time, best service, lowest
rates, address A. . Fielding, C. T. A.
northwestern Line, 117 so. 10th St.
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