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The Wealth Makers and Lincoln Independent Consolidated.
NO. 39.
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U. P. Thurston and B. M. Manderson
Are Two of a Kind.
What Interest has a Farmer or Mer
chant in Which Gets the Dele
gation and the Spoils
The Whole Game is to Catch Suckers and
Gather in the Boodle.
Thurston is in the United States sen
ate as a representative of the Union Pa
cific railroad, and all other corporations,
trusts, and money power interests.
Manderson was in the United States sen
ate for twelve years as a representative
of the same trusts and money power in
terests, and is now the general attorney
of the B. & M. railroad. One is as good
as the other, and neither have any inter-
stinthe masses of the people. They
both have supported and howled for the
republican party through all its malad
ministration since the war, which has re
sulted in concentrating the wealth of the
nation into the hands of the few who
make up the money power, control the
corporations and trust combines, while
the masses who produce the wealth find
"poverty staring them in the face" after
"'a Iife-tirae of mcessan t labor."
Thurston sacrificed his father to put
down the rebellion, and is now ready to
sacrifice bis son in order to sound the
foghorn of the demagogue and gain
spoils for the henchmen who aid him in
working the schemes to serve the inter
ests he represents and bring prominence
to himself. ,
Manderson is in the same business,
They both supported the republican leg
islation that created a war debt three or
four times as great as the value received
for it by the government. They both
supported the contraction policy, credit
strengthening BCt, refunding schemes,
demonetization of silver and specie re
sumption act, which appreciated thefraud
ulently contracted debt so that it takes
now from four to ten times the amount
of labor and property value to pay the
debt than it would have taken when it
was created.
What has been true of the fraudulently
contracted national debt is true of indi
vidual debts and business. They both
supported and advocated a policy that
omnelled the neon e to do business on
continually falling market, and after
thirty years of paying interest, tribute
and debt principals, the people find that
they are deeper 111 debt, national, state.
municipal and individual, than tbey were
at the beginning. That is, after all the
hundreds of millions they have paid,
they And they have not reduced the debt
a dollar when measured in the amount
of property it takes to represent a dollar
as compared with the amount it took at
the beginning, while at the same time
they "find poverty staring them in the
Thurston and Manderson both sup
ported the policy that produced this con
dition, and are both supporting the gold
standard policy which is to continue it.
What preference can the people have
oetween the two men7 Certainly none.
Then why all this noise about which
shall control the delegation to the repub
lican national convention? The whole
game is to catch suckers and gather in
the spoils for the politicians who have
the nerve and gall to take charge of the
people's politics for the spoils there is in
it. 4
John M. Thurston has promised the
delegation from Nebraska to McKinley.
What right has he to speak for the peo
ple of Nebraska? None whatever, but
be presumes to speak for them because
he has been in the habit of herding Ne
braska republicans like a lot of sheep,
as lobbyist, shyster politician, and agent
for the corporations. He fathers the
McKinley boom, hoping that if he is
Dominated lightning might possibly
strike him as the nominee for vice-president;
and failing in that, he would be as
sured that he would stand nearest the
throne in the distribution of patronage
should McKinley happen to be lected,
and this would aid him in obtaining
other greatness bycoralling the people
in his political pasture. He has no oth
er principle in the matter.
Other men who want to stand near the
throne, also, and feed a little at the pub
lie crib while Thurston feeds a good deal,
bave'eonceived the idea of bringing Man
derson out as a presidential candidate,
thinking to gain control of the Nebraska
delegation under the plea of a home can
didate, and in that way gain a standing
in court by which they can de
mand a share of the spoils. It is
a scramble of the politicians for spoils.
Principles, or issue or the people's in
terests are foreign to every thought of
the politicians who control the republican
party and who have made it so corrupt
and rotten that the man in the moon
holds his nose when he passes over the
continent. The "old school" republican
frauds who ''labor incessantly" to pro
duce wealth enough to live on and who
find "poverty staring them in the face"
after all their efforts, are merely puppets
playing in the great farce and have no
standing in the politics of their party
further than to connt one when the
census is taken and to vote for the win
ner in the spoils contest represented by
the nominating conventions of their
If Thurston wins in the state conven
tion be takes the delegation to St. Louis
and delivers it for spoils reward for his
henchmen who in turn will aid him to ob
tain greatness in the same way. If the
Manderson men win, they will take the
delegation to St. Louis and deliver it,
receive the spoils reward for a like pur-
pose, that is all there is to the principles
of the grand old republican party and
those who have "never swerved for one
moment in their allegiance to them."
May God have mercy on their souls, as
they wifl certainly have great sins to an-
swer for in the after a while.
Ed. J. Hall.
Their Capacity for Lying Shown up in a
Congressional Report
Washington, D. C, Feb. 22, 1896.
Editor Independent: The readers of
the Independent will remember the
villianous way in which the Omaha re
porters wrote up that congressional in
vestigation in the Omaha Reservation
last summer. They said that Captain
Beck insulted them, and ''the big popu
list senator" ordered him to "sit down.'
I thought you would like to know the
truth about it, I th erf ore send you the
stenographic report of that incident
which is just published, It is as follows;
Capain Beck. I can show you thirty
of them. Not only that, but it can be
proven that they have paid money to
wrong persons individually. That can
be proven.
Mb. Myers. We have got no leases of
that kind, and money has been paid to
the proper persons in every instance,
Captain Beck (reading). "I further
certify on honor that said E. P. Walker"
Mr. Myers. We haven t done that
kind of business, and I want
Captain Beck. I don't want any more
of that, sir. I want you to understand
Mr. Thurston. Captain, I would like
to make an inquiry whether we are in
charge for the purpose of this inquiry in
this office now, or notf
Captain Beck. Well, Senator Thurs
ton, I haven t the slightest desire to be
in anyway offensive to you gentlemen,
and I would think you would know that,
but when this man, who has just been
arrested on a warrant issued by the
United States district attorney, comes
here to this office and disputes my word,
I don't think you can consider I am vio
lating any law of hospitality
Mr. Thurston. Captain we are here
for the purpose of conducting a most ira
partial inquiry. We desire to render you
every possible respect as a representative
of the United States government here.
Captain Beck. Well, then, i beg your
pardon. Will you be kind enough
keep this man silent?
MR. Thurston. 15 lit we also have in
vited all thes men to come here and meet
us, and without regard to whom these
people are or whether they hold any offi
cial position or whether they are under
charge or under arrest. We recognize
no distinction between citizens of the
United States before us at this bearing,
and if we are in charge of this place dur
ing this hearing we win attend to the
matter of the preservation of the order
and reprimand, whenever it is necessary
any person in attendance. If we are not
in charge for that full purpose it will be
our pleasure at least mine to retire
from the room.
Captain Beck, Very well, Senator
Thurston. But I was not aware
Me. Allen. I think, Senator Thurs
ton, it is altogether improper that while
the Captain or any other person is mak
ing a statement heshould be interrupted.
Mr. Thurston. There is no question
about that, and I think the gentleman
conducting this inquiry will see to it.
Captain Beck. 1 Mas not aware, sir,
that this was a formal investigation. I
thought it was essentially an informal
one. 1 am not aware that it is an au
thorized investigation, Senator Aflen.
Mr. Allen. No,' this is not an author
ized investigation. What we are endeav
oring to do, Captain, is to find out the
facts here from inquiry of the settlers,the
Indians, and yourself.
Captain Beck. That is what I sup
posed; and I did not suppose that I was
violating any parliamentary rule when I
was attacking a man who bad the impu
dence to interrupt me under the circum
stances; That man, though he may have
been invited by this honorable body, had
no right to interrupt me under any cir
cumstances, and he must not do it.
Mk. Thurston. I will agree with you.
Captain Beck, that it is not a formal in
vestigation in the sense that it has been
directed by any act of the congress of the
United States; but is being conducted by
the Nebraska delegation in congress for
the purpose of laying the result of our
inquiry before congress when it assem
bles, and possibly for the further purpose
of making our recommendations, if they
are or any weight, to the department
having charge of
this Indian
Captain Beck
Very well, sir; all that
I request
Senator Thurston. And I think we
are fully in accord with you in the propo
sition that no witness or no person in
vited to speak before this delegation
shall be interrupted, or that anything
shall be said with our consent that in
anyway is offensive to any party who
comes before us.
Captain Beck. The intention of the
man was to insult me. I know him.
Mr. Allen. Now, Mr. Myers, let me
make a suggestion, and to all of you
getlemen. You are all going to be given
full and fair opportunity to be heard.
Now, don't take advantage of your po
sition here to interrupt auybody that is
making a statement, If the statement is
not correct you will havean opportunity
to correct it. Now, go on, Captain.
The Intrinsic Never Change.
The intrinsic nature of gold is just the
same as it was twenty-two years ago.
So is the Intrinsic nature of wheat and
cotton and petroleum, and every other
commodity that is sold in the market.
But it takes twice as much of these com
modities to buy a given amount of gold,
or any other money on a gold basis.
national uimetaiiist.
The Bonds were Increased to
tire the Greenbacks,
In discussing Morrill's motion1 to take
up the tariff bill Senator Stewart, showed
up the real meaning of of the bond sales,
He said
Mr. President, I cannot afford, to hold
my peace and allow the false pretense
that this bill is designed to produce rev
enue, or that there is any necessity for a
bill to produce revenue, to go unheeded
The most oppressiveaud the most wicked
part of the bond sales is the impounding
of the people s money in the Treasury
Department. Financial journals in this
country declare that that is one of the
modes of retiring greenbacks, and the
favorite mode. There will be in the
Treasury when the last loan shall have
been paid in.nearly 300, 000,000 of cash
balance. A deficiency of 230,000,000 a
year will not draw down thecasu balance
in the Treasury to where it ought to be
in less than four years. It will take four
years for the people to get back into cir
culation the money which has been un
lawfully token from them by thege bond
sales. It will take four years to reduce
this unhealthy surplus in the treasury, it
matters not how it has got there. It is
a sham, a pretext. Anyone who seeks
to put more money there wants to im
pound the greenbacks to a greater ex
tent. Additional taxation, when there
is about $ 300,000,000 in the Treasury,
when there is a cash balance which at the
present rate of deficiency cannot be
drawn down to a reasonable limit in less
than four years, it seems to me, is out
rageous, and I hope that Congress will
not adjourn until it takes some means
of releiving the treasury of the surplus
that has been taken away from the peo
ple. '
The gold standard and the policy of
impounding what little money is left has
distressed the country and when it is
said that the country is anxious for
more taxation, that the country is rich
and abounding in money and anxious for
further taxation, I deny it. i deny that
in all the history of this country there
was ever such general distress as prevails
today after twenty-five years of, peace
and abundant harvests. I deny that
with the money impounded as it is now,
with contracting circulating medium, the
resources of this country can be made
available. The wealth of the United
States is not in its debts, but it consists
in its productive power. There has not
been 33 per cent of that productive
power made available for the last three
years because of want of money. Falling
prices paralyze industry, and here we
have a proposition to put $40,000,000 a
year more in the Treasury and contract
the currency that much more.
The Men Who Wear them Will
throw Oar Oligarchy.
Giltner, Neb., March 2, 1896.
Editor Independent Inclosed find $1
for renewal of The Independent. I am
glad the paper is improving.
The pops are so dead out here that
they cast about three-fourths Of the bal
lots, and the balance of the voters are on
the mourners' bench. So, earth toearth
and dust to dust, let them join the dying
Allow me the space to express my ap
preciation of Senator Allen's sincere de
votion to the caus of the people. A man
who sits in the United States senate, and
with the club of Knowledge and Truth
pounds the heads of American traitors
as they pop up, is entitled to the admira
tion of all loyal citizens. There are more
hearts beating in sympathy with Sen
ators Allen and Tillman than they are
aware of. I believe there is a silent con
viction uuder the slouch hats of millions
of patriots to deliberately overthrow
the oligarchy.
By the way. Instead of the govern
ment increasing the army from the
ranks of idle men, to keep in readiness
for foreign foes, why not use the money
required (which is about f 2,000 per an
num per soldier, all told) in buying
homes for the heads of families who are
homeless, and if there is any foreign in
vasion they will not have to be hired.
but through patriotism they will defend
their homes against all comers. I hope
intelligence will govern the people, so
there will be no need of the barbarous
custom of military powers.
S. W. McDannkl.
They Have a Small Minority Among
the Youngr Hen,
The republicans of the state university
collected the students in the law depart
ment together last Friday night and un
dertook to organize a young men's re
publican club in the department. One of
the principal motives for the pressure
brought to bear on the students seemed
to be to squeeze some campaign funds
out of them, as the young men were told
that each club must send five dollars to
the national republican headquarters.
The managers of the movement found
the young men of the law department of
the university an altogether intractable
lot. There were seventy-six students in
the department. With all the pressure
they could bring to bear, they could only
induce twenty-three to go in, and one of
these backed out when the campaign
fund business was explained to him.
Nebraska university men are not
chumps. They have been doing some
thinking and studying on their own ac
count. They don't propose to go into
the gold bug camp.
It is thought by those who have the
best opportunities of knowing that this
proportion of 22 to 76 is about the pro
portion of gold bug strength among
Nebraska's brightest young men, not
only in all the departments of the uni
versity, but all over the state.
How it Haa Affected the Riohest Ooun
try in the World Thous
ands Homeless-
The prosperity of a nation or state or
county or a city depends upon a combi
nation of many things. Some of them
material things, such as climate, soil or
minerals. After having all the material
things necessary to make a people pros
perous and happy, that people must
have an honest government, adminis
tered by honest, practical men, or they
will not be either prosperous or happy.
The United States has the best piece of
ground in the world, extending from
ocean to ocean and from the Gulf to the
Lakes. It is located in the temperate
zone, and has by far the most varied and
best climate of any nation in the world.
We have the best form of government,
and the intelligence of our people is
above that of other countries. We have
to our credit more useful inventions, and
have them to use, than all the other na
tions combined. In fact our country
has the best of everything that the
world can furnish. Yet with all these
natural resources we have millions of
men without homes, without the neces
saries of life. Why is it? Bad govern
ment is the only answer. Legislation in
favor of the few, compelling the poor to
bear the expense of government bv rais
ing the revenue by taxing the clothes
they wear and the food they eat, and ex
empting from taxation those princely
fortunes in the east that constantly
grow greater whether their owners wake
or sleep. By contracting the currency
and so increasing the value of all money,
and decreasing the value, (in terms of
money) of all property result, property,
decrease in value, mortgasre sanitize.
equity gone, foreclosure, owned t" the
Gold Sharks, and the man who has spent
years of toil in improving it is turned
out homeless, with no where to lay his
head. Yet the cry is "Sound Monev."
and less or it, and by party roanipula
tion, and tariff speeches, the Gold Sharks
expect to conquer. Who is to blame for
all thisr loose who have controlled the
government for the last thirty years,
Shall we endure it longer? The repub
licans are with Cleveland democrats on
everytning except a percent on the tar
iff. They are controlled by the same
crowd of monied monopolists. Think
about these things from now until elec
tion and then act once in your own be
half, and for the welfare of your family.
Failures Continue to Increase in the
United States and Canada-
Failures in business are increasing at e.
rapid rate. , The predictions of the mon
ied prophets seem to have been made too
soon. K. u. Dun & Co. in their weekly
review of trade say:
"Failures in three weeks of February
aggregate f 10,889,936 against f 8,523,
028 last year and 111,420,418 in 1894.
Failures for the week have been 278 in
the United States against 259 last year
and 58 in Canada against 38 last year."
This report shows an increase of 29
failures over the same week of last year.
The increase in Canada was 20. The
total failures in this country since July
1st, 1896, are 2.848, a train of 255 over
1895 for the same time. In Canada they
have amounted to 519, an increase of
109 over last year for the same time.
The Bi-Chloride of Bonds is a slow cure.
It may be sure. We shall see and report
Every Man in the old Parties is an Enemy.
and We Will Shoot on Sight.
It is impossible to discriminate be
tween the innocent and guilty of those
who are serving the enemy and fighting
the friends of reform. We shall hereafter
treat every man who remains in either of
the old gold parties as a goldite, because
we regard him as more dangerouc than
an avowed enemy. He is a secret foe;
if not in principle, in practice; he is re
cruiting for the enemy; he is serving as a
sort of decoy duck to lead the unwary
into the trap of the iniquities conceived
by Rothschild and his co-conspirators,
who are known to be enemies of the hu
man race. If you have no desire to in
jure your country, come out from among
those who support the agents of gold
monopoly, whether they be gold repub
licans or democrats. "Wherefore, come
out from among them, and be ye separ
ate, saith the Lord, and touch not the
nnclean thing; and I will receive you."
II Cor. 6:17. Senator Stewart.
Allen for President.
Zanebville, Ohio, Feb. 22, 1896.
Editor Independent: I would beplesaed
to have a few sample copies of your pa
per. There are several of us here that
wish to take a good western populist pa
per and have heard your paper favor
ably mentioned, bat have not yet seen a
copy. We are all for Allen for president
and a square fight on the three cardinal
principles of the party, finances land and
John II. Josselyn,
' A
Allen Lays it Aside and Gives the
Republican Senators the lie Direct.
Aldrich and Piatt Declare That They
are not Bimetallists.
And "You Have Lied Upon This Question
For Three Tear."
The following clipped from page 2407
of the Congressional Record, shows how
Alleu drew the plutocratic republican
senators up the snubbing post and made
them squarely face the silver issue, it
being the first time they have ever been
forced to make an unequivocal state
ment on the subject:
Mr. Allen. Mr. President, the trouble
is that nothing practical will come out
of the discussion here. The honorable
senator from Vermont Mr. Morrill and
the honorable senator from Ohio Mr,
snermanj are permitted to run away
from the chamber without any practical
result coming from the propositions they
The senator from Vermont has under
taken to cast upon the populist party
tne responsibility lor a laiiure to carry
his motion this morning, it isresposible.
Mr. President, and it is perfectly willing
to assume the responsibility and all the
consequences that may now from it.
see present my amiable and distinguished
friend the senator from Rhode Island
Mr. Aldrich, who always coaches the
senator from Vermont, the chairman of
the committee on finance, and I wish to
ask the senator from Rhode Island, who
has said he Is a bimetallist and that his
party is a bimetallic party, whether he is
willing to take the tariff bill iust as it
comes from the house of representatives
with the free silver coinage amendment
attached to it?
- Mr. Aldrich. Does the senator from
Nebraska wish an answer from me?
, Mr. Allen. 1 desire to have an answer
from some responsible head of the republi
can party, if it has one, i
Mr. Aidnonr-f aBswej, teen,- frankly,
no, with as much emphasis as it is possi
ble for me to use.
' Mr. Allen. I am glad to hear it, be
cause it stamps the republican party as
the enemy of bemetallism. lour party
has been masquerading for three years
under false pretenses in this chamber.
Mr. Morgan (to Mr, Allen). Ask him if
he would take the McKinley law with free
coin aire
' Mr. Allen. The senator from Alabama
suggests that I ask if you will take the
McKinley bill with free coinage. Will you
do that?
Mr. Piatt. No.
Mr. Ailed. The senator from Connecti
cut says "No." Are there any circum
stances under which you will take free
coinage? , .
Mr. Aldrich. No, sir ,
Mr. Allen. No, sir.
Mr Piatt. Except by an international
. Mr. Aldrich. Unless an international
agreement on the subject shall-be first
secured. ,
Mr. Allen. Oh, yes. Now, that dis
closes exactly what we have always
claimed. There is no circumstances un
der which you are bimetallist.
Mr. Piatt. Ob, Mr. President.
Mr. Alien. You have lied upon the
question, if I may speak metaphorically,
for three years to my certain knowledge.
For three years you have stood in this
chamber and haye undertaken to make
the people of this country believe that
you are a bimetallists, and now when
you are put to test you will not take sil
ver with this tariff bill and you will not
take it with the McKinley bill and you
will not take it under any circumstances.
Andrew Carnegia, the greatest protec
tionist of tbem all and who has made
more out of tariffs than any other man
in the United States frankly stated the
position of the republican leaders when
he said, over three years ago, that as
between free silver and free trade hs would
take take free trade. "I would rather
have" he said, "the gold standard and free
trade, than protection and free silver."
If, after the above episode in the senate
there is a man living who is fool enough
to believe that the republican party is in
favor of bimetallism, he well deserve no
pity if he is raadeaslave. Ed. Indepen
dent. A Splendid Paper.
The Nebraska Independent came to
our exchange table this week, and it is a
splendid paper. It is published by the
Independent Publishing Company, and
is edited by one who comprehends the
needs of the hour.
More Associated Press Lying.
One day last week the subsidized pop
ulist-hating commercial press reported
it all over the country that Congress
man M. W. Howard, populist from Ala
bama, had appeared on the floor of the
house, drunk. Upon investigation the
whole story proved to be a lie out of
whole cloth, and these same dirty sheets
were compelled to acknowledge it in
their own columns. It is a welf-known
fact that there is more than one con
gressman in Washington, who are not
populists, that are continually drunk,
and have been for weeks and months,
yet these lying sheets never say a word
about It Silver Knight.
They've Loaded Their Guns
It seems that nearly the whole popula
tion of Gage county are engaged in the
study of economics. At Beatrice they have
organized a financial reform club, which
has already nearly one hundred members.
Mr. I. T. Uren is the president of the
club.and Mr. E. Ellis, editor of the Tribune
is the secretary. They hare already
held two important meetings and are
now completing arrangements for
They are determined that the tricks of
the goldite democrats and republicans
which resulted in the defeat of McKiegan
and the election of a gold bug to con
gress in his stead shall not be worked
again. So they have already begun the
campaign, and tbey will shoot to kill
every time they see a gold bug head from
now until November.
Don't Help the Money Power by Mis
guided Zeal-
Let every man guide bis utterances
carefully. Let kindness and good will
prevail on all sides. And do not insist,
as some are doing, that the freesilverites
must accept every plank of the people's
party platform, The very idea of hav
ing two conventions is that men may
vote together who differ somewhat in
their opinions.
The two platforms of the two conven
tions will not be hostile to each other,
but one may possess planks which the
other does not. This will be all the dif
ference between the two wings of the
great army of reform. ? - ;:r
If we fall to unite at St Louis the re
sults will be most disastrous they may
be irremediable. Think how many hun
dred thousand of good, true, honest
American citizens will be driven out of
their homes, with their families, and re
duced to pauperism, by mortgage fore
closures, and otherwise, if plutocracy is
to continue in power lor tour years ion-
Think to what extremes the despera
tion of the wretched may drive the mul
titude; to be .followed, perhaps, by re
pression, by standing armies and radical
changes in our form of government.
Thin may be our last national flection.
For God's sake, friends be patient and
tolerant with each other. Don't claw
each others' faces. Every man who op
poses plutocracy is our friend, our true
and treasured friend eveu if he does not
agree with us on every public question.
If he is ready to fight the gold power
tnat is enougn.
We hope the misgusded zeal of honest
men will not unintentiouably supplement
the corruption funds of the money power,,
to tear us to pieces, and make success
forever impossible. Ignatius Donnelly
in The Representative.
Ho Power on Earth Oan Restrain Their
Wrath Against Their Destroyers.
We are sorry to see that some of onr
good people are disposed to criticise
lion. H. E. Taubeneck, chairman of the
people's party national committee, and
to matter susDicions against him. They
mistake his eager zeal for the success of
the party for desertion of its principles.
For ourself, we have the most unbound
ed confidence in him. We can never for
get how he stood out alone, in the Illi
nois legislature, when both his people's
party colleagues had deserted him and
united with the democrats to elect that'
single-standard advocate, Senator Palm
er, to the United States senate; and in
the midst of the triumphant uproar be
laid his head on his desk and wept aloud.
That kind of man is no traitor. He may
be wrong, but he will be honestly wrong.
The conventions of July 22d will dem
onstrate that there are honest and earn
est gentlemen on both sides; and when
tbey have once agreed upon the same
ticket, all jealousies will disappear in one
wild whirlwind of loyalty, delight and
The people of the United States are
going to unite, eventually, in a grand
movement to destroy their destroyers;
and there is no power on earth can pre
vent their harmonious and triumphant
co-operation; and that, too, without the
slightest sacrifice of principle on either
side. Ignatius Donnelly in the Repre
sentative. Delinquent subscribers most pay op, at
least in part. . .
Massachusetts Wakes up.
The populists of Massachusetts held,
February 22d, the largest and most en
thusiastic convention of the party ever
held in the state. Over 300 delegates,
representing every part of the state,
were present. They adopted the follow
ing platform:
Resolved, That the people's party of
Massachusetts, declaring for the ulti
mate destruction of all monopolies that
are oppressing the people, and recogniz
ing the fact that there is a rapidly grow
ing sentiment among the followers of all
political parties in opposition to money
monopoly, affirm our belief . that in the
irrepressible conflict to improve the
financial and industrial conditions and
restore the republic to its normal pros
perity, we should welcome the co-operation
of all those opposed to the money
power that is att3inpting to fix upon
this country the British gold standard,
and to secure its defeat we should en
deavor to unite all forces into one ag
gressive, irresistible phalanx that will
secure free coinage of both silver and
gold at 10 to 1, and the issue of all cur
rency by the United States without the
intervention of banks olissue, to be re
ceivable for all debts, public and private.
We believe also that there should be a
plank on land, transportation and mo
nopolies in the platform.
Delegates were elected to tne national .
convention in St. Louis. ' .' v -
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