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    ' Janry 9ji896.
Consolidation of tm
Fmrmert Alliance and Xeb. Independent.
Tlu Wealth Makers Publishing Osmpany,
1120 M St, Lincoln. Nebraska.
GtoooB Howard Gibson......... , Editor
J. 8. HTT... -... Bn"e Manager
N. I. P. A.
If any man most fall tor me to rise,
Then feck I not to climb. Another' pala
I oboon not lor my good. A golden chain,
A rob ot honor, It too good a prlM
To tempt my hasty band to do a wrong
Unto a fallow man. Tbia Ufa bath woa
Sufficient, wrooifht by man'a aatanlc foe;
And wbo tbat hath a haart would dara prolong
That seeks a baaling balm to maka it whole?
My boaom owna the brotherhood of man."
Publishers' Announcement.
The subscription price of Tac Whlth Mai
Bi la 11.00 per year, In advance.
Agenta In aollclting subscription ahonld be
very careful that all namea are correctly a pel led
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on application to thla office.
Alwati algn your name. No matter bow often
you write oa do not neglect tbla Important mat
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Cantos or Annans. Subscribers wishing to
change their poatofBce addreaa muat alwaya give
their former aa well aa their preaent addreaa whea
change will be promptly mad.
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Free of Cost.
Miss 1896 was born with a smile tbat
was broad and bland.
'Jeff Davis was .not a greater traitor
to the country than Cleveland and Car
lisle are to the interests of the common
people. ' ,
Next issue of this paper will be a "hum
mer." Eight large pages full to over
flowing with red hot Populist shot. Just
wait' till next week.
The city last week was given over to
the "school masters and school marms"
and yet no article of value seems to be
missing, or unaccounted for.
The State Central Committee are al
ready beginning work for the pros i don
tial campaign. It will be a hot one too
and the Prpulist party will be in it from
8 tart to finish.
Wouldn't we like to have a chance to
"wallop" Miklejohn next fall? Tom Ma
jors ought to support his nomination
for when the election is over Tom's de
feat would begin to look respectable in
The editor of the Daily Call is' just
spoiling for a fight with England. It
would seem that his experience with a
certain Englishman last summer when
(the editor) got "swatted" all over the
face, ought to have been sufficient exer
cise for him in that line.
Where was Strode and Mercer and
Miklejohn and Hainer and Andrews when
more bonds were being voted upon the
people in the House of representatives!
Assisting Wall Street of course to bleed
their constituents. Poor Nebraska only
has one man in the House out of six to
vote in the interest of her people.
An exchange Bays, "When a person
hungers for notoriety to such an extent
that he would obtain it at a sacrifice of
public happiness, it is time to invite the
T-trf7iin rf n trr IriTlar anf tall Vi i rvi t
aj wi i ivu a n a 1 1 v l uuvi tun J i in vu
do his worst." The writer of the above
must have had in mind the editor of the
Call who is spt fling for a fight with Eug
land. I
Hon. J. L. H. Knight, ex -regent of the
State University, a very able and schol
arly gentleman now raising grain and
fine hogs for a living in Custer county
has recently become a convert to the
, Populist party. He will aid very materi
ally in keeping populism at high tide in
what is all ready the banner Populist
county in the state.
The money appropriated for the run.
ning expenses of the penitentiary is still
in th treasury or in some one or more
banks, and. Leidigh has not suspended
operations. ' The government at the pen
still lives, and the prisoners are still
clothed and fed. We would suggest a
state issue of bonds at a low rate of in
terest, to replete the "a vailable" funds,
as it would undoubtedly meet the appro
val of at least five of our delegates in
Congress. The reserve is now below the
million point. The bill would certainly
tr approved by governor to be elected
We are living in the evening twilight of
thenineteenth century. Just what scenes
are yet to be enacted before the final enr
tain falls is only problematic. We hav
to admit that the present outlook is not
the brightest. At no time since the cen
tury dawned upon our land, save per
haps, the dark days of the rebellion, haa
the condition of the mass of our people
been worse or the prappect of improve
ment less promising. If matters go o
from bad to worse for the few remaining
years of the cen tnry as they have the
same number of years just passed the
nineteenth century will indeed go but in
gloom. But we do not, cannot, believe
it will. The common people are thinking
as they have never done before. Force
are at work as they never have worked
before. Combinations are being formed
that were never formed before, and the
condition of labor and laboring people
is being realized as they never were real
ized before. It is true the forces against
the common people are also combining
but this is one of the most hopeful signs
of the times. It is the most convincing
arguments that the people have bad, or
could have, that the battle is not to be
fought out on old party lines. Old party
lines are almost entirely wiped out.
Party fealty has become a shame and a
cheat, and party leaders, and, the once
proud masters of their organizations
have themselves become the followers
and slaves ot one master, the "Money
Power." They can meet upon one com
mon ground and join hands in their ne
farious work of bonding the people in
time of profound peace and robbing them
in the way of interest to further fill the
already plethoric purse of the masters.
They have not only announced their in.
tentionsbut have proceeded far to carry
ing them out in this direction, and if they
meet with no barrier in the Senate their
hellish scheme will be accomplished.
But they do not intend to stop there.
They propose to further reduce our cir
culating medium by withdrawing all our
greenback circulation and thus further
contracting our currency.
We say these bold strokes are the most
hopeful signs of the times. If under such
treatment the supposed corps does not
come to life, and resent the insult, it
ought to be buried out of Bight and be
yond the hope of a resurrection. Let the
dance therefore go on for the time will
sooner come when, "the silver cord will be
loosened, and the golden bowl broken at
the fountain."
Senator Allen is making a record for
the people in the United States Senate
that ought to make the people of Neb
raska proud to know that they have one
representative in the United' States Sen
ate who is their friend. When Congress
convened lie, with . the balance of the
Populists in the Senate, called a meeting
of the free silver men of the Senate of all
parties to confer as to the best policy to
pursue to secure legislation on the money
question in the interest of the people.
The Populist members met but the Re
publican and Democratic free silver Sena
tors ignored the call and the meeting
was a failure. The Populist members of
the senate held the balance of power and
when it come to the reorganization o'
the Senate they could give the organiza
tion to either the Republicans or Demo
crats as thev chose. They determined to
take no part and allow them to fight it
out among themselves. This gave the
organization to the Republicans and of
course the Democrats were hot and com
menced to abuse the Populists. Senator
Allen made a speech in reply and remind
ed the free silver Republicans and Demo!
cratic members of their action when the
conference was called and told them that
as they ignored the Populists in the mat
ter of legislation the Populists would
ignore them in the matter of organiza
tion as it mattered not to the American
people which party held the organization
so long as neither party proposed to
grant the people relief on the money
question and that as long of the Repub
licans held absolute control of one house
of Congress he was willing that they
should control both and become respon
sible as a party, without excuse, for the
legislation. At the same time he gave
them notice that the Populists would
vote for good measures and use their
vote to prevent bad measures from be
coming laws. When the bill to authorize
the Secretary of the Treasury to issue
another hundred millions in bonds to
buy gold to keep up the gold basis farce
came up Senator Allen moved an amend
ment which directs the SecretaJy of the
Treasury to issue $30,000,000 more of
the treasury certificates of the act of
July 14, 1894; to coin all the silver bull
ion in the treasury at the rate of not less
than $3,000,000 per mouth, such coin
age to be a reserve fund for the redemp
tion of the additional issue authorized,
and also, the treasury notes heretofore
issued. When they are redeemed they
are to be reissued and kept in circulation.
The issuance of any interest bearing
bonds for auy purpoee whatever, with
out further authority of Congress, is
prohibited. Of course his amendment
will be rejected although a majority of
the Senate claim to be free silver men but
it shows the consistency and statesman
ship of Senator Allen in a way that is
pleasing to his friends in Nebraska.
Free Press.
Hon. Geo. E. Bioelow once a candi
date for governor of Nebraska, but now
a hard working Populist, hasibeen living
In Texas the past year. He made Lin
coln a visit a few days ago, and said
among other things that the brightest
minds in Texas belonged to the Populist
party. Of course: Texas will give a large
majority vote for the Populist nominee
lor president this year.
The Utah Democrat has the following
to say in regard to keeping "in the
middle of the road." The Populist
party is the party of the people, and the
inly hope for final industrial freedom.
Looking these things square in the face,
e must decide what to do, first we can
dght along in the old parties with no
possible hope of keeping a gold bug,
oigh-tariff-Republican out of the presi
dential chair in 1896. We cannot con
sistently do this; we will not lay still and
te robbed without at least entering our
protest. Hence, if we cannot do this we
bavebut two possible courses left; to join
move for a distiuctly free silver party,
or join a party that is already second in
lize in 22 states in the union, and first in
three. From a business or a political
itandpoiut we would decidedly be in
favor of the latter, providing the same
result may be obtained by so doing.
The proposed silver party promises noth
tng but free silver. They have no orga
nization. They have no press save a few
sheets that have sprung up in Utah,.
These obstacles are all overcome in 'the
Populist party. They have an organiea
tion, national, and most perfect, with
more than 2,000,000 voters at the '94
lection. They have an army of over
8,000 newspapers that are valiantly
fighting (every one of them) for free silver
and other much needed reforms. Resides
this, the party is fast growing. While in
every state that held an election this fall
the total vote was from 10 percent to 20
per cent lees than the congressional elec
tion of '94, still the People's party made
clear gains in every state.
Farther than this, the People's party
deals with the railroad question and the
land monopoly question, surely both of .
these questions are vital questions for
Utah. We are being most unmercifully
fleeced in this valley in the matter of
freight rates, and land monopolies are
fast gobbling up th6 public domain, and
our small farms are fast passing into the
hands of the usurer. After looking at
these questions from every side we have
concluded to unfurl the People's party
banner, nail it to our mast head, Fin
ance, Transportation, Land, Free Silver,
and Death to Interest Rearing Bonds,
and abide by the result. Utah Democrat
The financial world has been made to
feel that unless the "gold reserve" i
maintained disaster would follow, where
as if there was not a gold dollar in th
treasury it would not lessen the actual
bond security one iota. It's one of those
unaccountable bugaboos that must bf
of pecuniary value to a large number ol
wealthy men, or so much pains would
not be taken to scare people. I acknow
ledge now that to reduce the reserve
would be disastrous, but for no sensible
Just thinkl The hundred millions is
kept up, for what? To redeem bonds and
circulating medium of about twenty-five
times as much. What would you think
of a bank that had ?1 of securitp for
every $25 in circulation? Yet this is the
gold fiction. When the world knows that
the entire wealth of this country is the
real security, inside of a few years it will
look back in wonder at the gullibility of
the whole nation on this subject. Of
course, if prosperity comes in full blast,
there is no financial question, for people
cry for change when .conditions are bad.
Cor. N. Y. Herald.
Des Moines, Ia., Jan. 1, 1896.
Editor Wealth Makers:
Dear Sib: Two dollars a year, for five
years; from three million reformers (the
country's liquor bill for twelve days)
would build and equip a railroad from
Denver to the Atlantic coast) 2000miles.)
It is pretty safe to say that every refor
mer will spend that amount in the next
five years and get practically nothing for
it. Yes, every tramp.
Such a road operated at cost would
save the people the ambunt spent on it
every year. It would cut off millions of
dollars going out of the country yearly,
as interest and dividends on roads which
are three-fourths watered stock, and by
so doing force a large number of such
roads onto the market, for sale to your
Uncle Samuel for legal tender. It would
demonstrate the power of the people,
when righteously inclined, and lead them
quickly to destroy all monopolized in
dustries in the same manner. It is idle,
and cowardly to say that it connot be
done. Thetimeaud money already spent
on organizing the P. P. would have ac
complished it. The people will take it up
readily if presented to them. The stock
can be made non-dividend-bearing (one
man one vote) and be exchanged for
legal tender as soon as the government
will take the road, and guarantee the
people their rights therein.
To destroy "profit" is the only way to
destroy monopoly. It is the natural
way, and therefore the right (divine)
way.1 No reformer uever a single one
ever originated in legislation (strife).
Every one of them spring from, a spiri
tual source (educational). Experience
alone teaches, and this is the easiest way
to teach the people that when they do
right themselves, others are compelled,
bv natural law, to do right also. The
people never had any control of a gor
eminent anywhere, at any time, and
never will until they first make right
conditions themselves. The flat of law
is the prerogative of the Almighty alone,
We are here to carry out His laws. We
can deny Him, but His laws assert them
selves in spite of our ignorance. When
we I apply natural laws we will rendei
mush of government as we know, gov-
eminent useless. God is "practical."
Never fear about that. There is no use
duplicating His laws. To thwart them
is supreme folly. Then why legislate?
When we understand that natural laws
are sufficient for every purpose, if appli
ed, reform will come with a rush. "For
in one hour is so great riches come to
naught," Rev. 18. We have no one to
blame for present conditions but our
selves. Self love has led every one of us
into "profit" seeking. All wanted to get
where we could live in the sweat of the
brother's face. We must destroy ."pro
fit," not make it. Must seek nature
(God) for all profit, not our fellows. Must
exchange with them at par (cost)- Leg
islation is war. Peace is the conqueror.
We cannot put new wine into old bottles!
We have entered the ew order. Have
been caught napping. The money ques
tion is not a money question, it is a debt
question, that is to Bay it is a question
of interest, which is "profit."
Assertions? Yes. Contradict them
successfully if you can.
Jas. T. R. Green.
P. S. I can get $1000 (100 shares)
subscribers in this city alone, for a peo
ple's road from old party voters, men
who wouldn't vote a Pop ticket to save
their souls, and I am the worst kindyof a
collector. G.
Sheriff elect Trompen of this county
is having serious trouble in distributing
a small amount of patronage between a
large number of aspirants who are claim
ing anti-election promises. John is
showing a large amount of skill in not
violating the letter if he does the spirit
of his contracts. Where he has more
promises than places, and has made
promises that hedon't want to and never
intended to fulfill, he makes a tender
with a string to it, or a condition that
he knows will not be accepted and then
appoints the other fellow. John is long
headed as well as long bodied.
The year was ushered in so suddenly
that many forgot to swear off. The
police record for the first few days wonld
at least indicate as much.
You didn't think the profit on coal oil
was great enough to carry into politics,
did you? But the continual small steal
ing on each gallon hasenabled the Stand
ard Oil company to become the most col
ossal combine in the world's history,
owning courts, legislatures and congress.
It is now reaching out to own the iron
industry, the copper industry, the timber
industry and the land we must live on or
perish. The oil company has always
been in politics and using your vote to
gain its end. No, you will not mix coal
oil and politicsl - Of course hot! Coming
The United States cannot go to war
unless Rothschilds will loan us the gold,
for surely ourgreatand noble and honor
able rulers wouldnot ask soldiers to fight
and take pay in debased silver and paper
fiat trash! See Uncle Sam getting down
on bis knees to John Bull for the gold
John Bull is drawing from this country.
A pretty spectacle. Coming Nation.
From Southern Mercury
Cleveland's war will be a series of Bull
Cleveland should go to the front with
his body guard.
We must have European money to
carry on a European war.
Mr. Cleveland can't whip a crank, much
less the British empire.
Why not redeem the $500,000,000 of
treasury notes in Mills' change?
The Democratic cuckoos have a faith
ful friend in John Sherman.
The one great lesson for the American
people to learn is how to vote.
Small Change Roger Q. will probably
be a colonel in Gen. Gordon's brigade.
Man-Afraid-of-His-Big-Shadow is a
great warrior. He has won many vic
tories on duck ponds. .
If Uncle Sam and John Bull were to
open recruiting offices on Wall street, it
would be nip and tuck.
Plutocracy owns the courts, hence the
millionaires can destroy the laws as fast
as they can be enacted.
John Bull is conquering this country
without firing a gun. He has possession
of the treasury now.
Grover should tak" Deb's advice, and
save his money and buy a gun if he is
going to whip Johnny Bull.
The English gold gamblers will doubt
less have an opportunity to purchase
several more issues of bonds before war
breaks out.
Will a man fight who is afraid of his
shadow? He will first have to under
stand that means of escape are effectu
ally cut off.
A man may be able to conduct a sheriff's
hanging successfully, but that is no sign
he possesses capacity to command an
Cleveland's substitute has not been
heard from on the war question. In all
probability he knows a sight more about
war than Grover.
The power of thought is most wonder
ful. If an old party voter will spend a
few days in earnest thought it would
revolutionize his politics.
The bond grabbers were so vociferous
in their demand for bonds that congress
men were forced to forego a Christmas
recess in order to feed these comorants
with evidences of notional indebtedness.
Senator Mills has not been heard from'
on the Venezuelan war question. Senator
Gordon has declared for war; now let
Senator Mills take a stand.
Grover will soon be like Alexander the
Great. He will weep on his shirt front
because there are no more humbugs for
bin to work off on the people.
The indications are that Grover and
the money power are about to browbeat
Chap. I. The world's wheat crop has decreased for twelve years. !
Chap. IL American wheat crop has decreased for fifteen years. '
Chap. III. The corn crop decreased for 16 years in spite of the last crop.
' m tir o i t. ; f 1 . ,1 : i j j
uiiap. i . ourjjiua aiuruge ui graiu una Bitaui.y uecrctuseu.
Chap. V. Export of grain has increased for fourteen years.
Chap. VI. The number of farm animals has remained about the same ten years.
, Chap. VIL Total average of crops decreased in ten years. -
Chap. VIII. But the Home Market increased by twenty million mouths.
Chap. IX Mr. Price, instead of climbing higher pitched headlong over the fright
ful precipice, crushing Miss Supply Demand into mush.
The sly, deep, dark, devilish, doughface villain known to the World as Mr. Re
spectable Greedikuss, and to the Devil as Mr. Legalized Labortheif, arose from his
web. He silently parted the portierre, G. O. P. upon one side, D. O. P. on the other.
They were looped together as one curtain at the top, and as the velvet folds parted
they gracefully swept downward into hell. The villain stood a moment gazing out
of the window as the mangled form of Miss Supply Demand was carried by on a
stretcher. ' .
He smirked a dreadful smirk, sat down at a table, and began to figure. "My
God, but we used to raise eleven bushels of wheat per head in this country and
they got $1.25 a bushel for it ! ! Issachar Jewhittaker 1 now they raise only six
and one-half bushels per head I and export morel and feed seventy-five million
bushels to hogs ! and the price is forty-fl ve cents ! ! I ? ? ? ? 1 1 1 Ha-ha-he-he-he I Hi-yi-yi
I Ho-ho-hold on there there'll be revolution we're overding it I We're too
" The villain sat back in his chair and mused. "No : N o, a lot of ten
ant serfs and dollar-a-day slaves can't rise without thg press
and the church. The Devil owns one and and well, Judge GreeVilie Pryde,
the Devil's attorney, has had Christ arrested for a penniless crank and-V-" He
rang the bell violently. His servant, J. Sterling Morton, instantly appearedVb&t in
hand and bow-legged in the neck.
"Sirrah, lean right!" He leaned. "Lean left then snoup." He seemed glad to
snoup. "Now summon Mr. Price."
"Mr. Price is dead sir; He was sneakin' round the precipice where we shoved over
Miss Supply Demand we he fell.
"Go sneak out send me Deacon Pogus. I must see if the church is going to
stand by me ah, my deah Deacon You're an old man you may lean against the
chair. How's the church behaving?" '
"Wal, Mr. Laborthief, so fer, the church are movin' along our line. Wunst in a
while it luks as tho if that old Crank from Nazareth shoulk break juil thar might be
a rumbus. But we've got to teochin' scienktifleous murder in all our church schools.
There's a lot er dang crazy poperlis tellers that's down on yer, an' we had ter kick
that New York preacher out fer wearon overalls on week days. But the church is
all right if ye keep up the donationers."
"Well, Deacon, let us pray and after prayers you take this sack of $3,000,000
and offer to Ghicago University if they will kick Prof. Bemisout of the faculty. It's
oil right good by. Oh yes, as you sneak out ask the Devil to sneak in."
"Ah, my Lord Duke l'Devil I Do you know, you miserable dog, that you kept me
waiting two minutes? ' Jump round that table, and let's see your legsmovel" The
Devil dropped his ears and put his tail between his legs, and obeyed.
"Now, you coward prince of Perdition, for what did I slack your chains, if you
will not obey me? What of Christ?
"Master he is double-ironed with the steal of the G. O. P. and the brass of the D.
0. P., and old Scrop Avarice is jailer. I've tried to do my duty, most august mas
ter," the Devil whimpered, "I havesecured control of the press, for you sir you are
Press Association, sir even the country press believes your lies. The courts are
all "
"Shut up, my Lord Duke why do you permit labor unions and such treasonable
glimmers of independence? Answer !
"Oh master," cried the Devil, dropping upon his knees, "It weans the Simple
Simons from politicsl Did you hot hear my voic in Vice-Pres't. Maguire's mouth,
say, "it is too eorly for a labor party?"
"Out of my palace 1" shrieked Laborthief, rising and plying his cane over his back,
"Out, you old RipBnort I get thee forth 1 I am through with you. You have let
some of my slaves THINK ! Go to the God who cast you down, and defy him for
me. Tell him to send another son I've got the first One in chains. And as for
Devils Ha, ha he, he hi-hi-ho-ho go tell him I've a starvation Poverty-Hell of
my own and that I kicked the Prince of Perdition out of it thus and Get out,
you Horned ScaribI thus and thus" And he kicked the once powerful Satan
down the marble steps. He then sent for the Sec'y. of the U. S. Treosury. East
and West. , - ,
the formidable Republican majority of
the lower House. Another evidunce that
neither one of the two old parties can
withstand the money power influence.
The English bond gamblers will display
wisdom if tbey exercise caution about
buying American bonds. If the war
spirit should ouce start in this country
the goldbug influence would be wiped
out. For a time at least other hands
would shape the destinies of this country
Cleveland's war message benefitted the
speculators and robbed the farmers, as
usual. Immediately after the appearance
of the war blast wheat and cotton de
clined. Mr. Cleveland is determined to
force the products of labor down to the
pauper notch if it takes war to do it.
A grander army than will come up to
battle for the rights and liberties of the
people under the People's party banner
next tall was never enlisted. Neither will
brave men ever face the cannon's mouth.
This army will be 300,000 strong in
Texas, every man a hero, brave, chival
rous and brainy. '
The Republicans of the lower House of
Congress have framed a financial bill in
accordance with the demands of Mr.
Cleveland. How pleasant it is for the two
old parties to agree so harmoniously.
There is no need longer for two separate
party organizations except to humbug
the people.
It will be interesting for the people to
note the action of the free silver Demo
crats and Republicans in Congress in re
sponse to Cleveland's demand for bonds.
Kpep an eye on these patriots, and it
will be seen that they first show fight,
but very soon yield, and do the bidding
of the money power.
There ought to be no stay-at-homes
this year. Let every American citizen
exercise his constitutional right to cast
a ballot. If the people do not get to
voting regularly and freely the time will
come when this right will be denied them.
If there ever was a time forevery man to
vote and vote bard it will come at the
next presidential election.
It will be interesting to note the posi
tion take by ex-Speaker Crisp on the
financial legislation of the present Con
gress. Crisp is an expert dodger, but he
will be unable to dodge the present finan
cial issue. If he is consistent for his
friendship for silver his actions and vote
will so declare. A dollar to a cent Crisp
dodges the issue.
In case of war, the striking laboring
men of Chicago who were fired on by
United States troops will of course gird
up their patriotism and enlist to defend
their beloved country.
.What a subject for future ridicule Gro
ver Cleveland will be? His various hum
bugs, capped by his war messnge, will
constitute subjects for the comic alma
nacs of the next generation.
The Republican Congress is no improve
ment on the last Democratic Congress.
The only difference is in the name. The
two old parties are both subsidized by
the money power and are unable to do
anything for the masses of the people.
It is absolutely necessary that a new
party come into control of the govern
ment. If this does not occur, then the
money power will fasten a condition of
plutocratic servitude on the people that
only a bloody revolution can remove.
Ex-Governor Waite of Colorado in a
private letter to a Texas friend suggests
the propriety of placing a southern man
on the People's party ticket for presi
dent. There is presidential timber in the
south, and it is sound to the core also.
The reformers of the south are of the
middle of the road variety; no fusion and
no one plank party nonsense. The party
would make very little, if any, mistake
at all by placing a southern reformer at
the head of the ticket. Southern reform
ers are not office seekers. The south
wants a genuine reformer for president,
let him come from any section he may.
In this age. when gold Is king,
Sitting ort a braien throne;
When It la the 'proper thing'
Rating men by what they own;
When the brute is more and more,
And the spirit less end less; - ,
When the world is lorded o'er
By corruption and excess;
It is time that men of worth
Boldly step into the van.
With this message to the earth,
Down with Mammon, up with Man.
We have seen the Idler feast,
While the toiler lacked for bread;
We inve seen the king and priest
Rob the living and the dead;
We have seen the thief arrayed
Tn the purple robes of state.
While the honest man was made
To beg succor at his gate.
It has ever been the same,
Since our human world began,
Let us top the sickening game,
Down with Mammon, up with Man.
Earth Is far too wise and old
For a lordllng, or a slave;
For to heed a ring of gold '
On the forehead of a knave;
Far too old for war and hate;
Old enough for brotherhood;
Wise enough to found a state.
Where men seek each other's good.
We have followed self .too long.
Let ns try a better plan;
Keep the right, subdue the wrong,
Down with Mammon, up with Man.
Many of the brightest, best,
Of the earth, were counted poor.
Some possessed "not where to rest;"
Others toll and hardship bore.
Homer, at the dawn of Greece,
Snng and begged from day to day;
Bnddha, born with palaces.
Flung the baubes all away.
Wealth Is by the devil prUed.
God has cursed It with a ban..
Let ns hear the pauper, Christ, ,
Down with Mammon, up with Man.
0. my people, will you heed?
Be no more like beasts of prey.
Turn from selfishness and greed,
Let us find a nobler way. .
From the worn-out lies of old,
Let us make the whole world free.
Down with kings and priests and gold;
Up with God, Humanity.
We are tired of wrong and crime.
Let us crush thorn while we can.
Let us hail the better time,
Down with Mammon, up with Man.
J, A. Edoebtoh.
Holiday Bate via the Burlington
December 22, 23, 24, 25 and 31st, and
also on January 1st, tickets to points
within 200 miles will be on sale at rate
of fare and a third. Minimum raU 50
cents. ,
Tickets and information at B. & M.
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