The Wealth makers of the world. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1894-1896, October 10, 1895, Page 5, Image 5

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    October 10, 1895.
Meetings In tbe County
At Woodluwu, Wediiesday, Oetober Oth
Geo. W. Uerge, Hiram Polly, It. E. Ilich
ardson and others will addresa the ieo
pie of that vicinity.
At Denton, Thursday, October 10th,
Speakers, Walters, Seidell, Eichardson
and others.
Nemaha, King School house, Saturday
October 12th, Speakers, Berge, Baker
and others.
Oak, Hoxie School house, Monday,
October 14, Speakers, candidates and
Havelock, Oct. loth, Berge aud Miller.
Walton, Tuesday, Oct. loth.
West Lincoln, Thursday, Oct. 17th.
Davey, Saturday, Oct. 19th.
Ex-Congressman McKeighan will speak
in Lincoln on October 23rd, and we hope
every voter will make arrangements to
hear him. He is making a eallant fight
for the People's party, giving his whole
time to the campaigu.
The issue in the 'present county cam
paign is honest government economically
The People's party goes before the
voters of the county with a ticket that
cannot but command respect and one
that is deserving of the support Of all
fair minded citizens. The administra
tions of Judge Tibbetts, Sheriff Miller
and Clerk Baker are above reproach, aud
with Polly in the treasurers office, Walt
ers as county clerk, Richardson as com
missioner, Judge Berge in the office of
the county judge, a position to which he
was honstley elected a year ago, we feel
safe in predicting that the county will
have the best and most competent offi
cials that ever filled its court house.
Do your whole duty as Populists and
citizens, and on November 5th, see that
your vote is cast and counted for the
People's Independent ticket.
Vote for Elias Baker for clerk.
Send in a club for The Wealth Mak
ers. Vote for Miller for sheriff and Berge for
county judge. Don't forget it.
For district judges, A. S. Tibbetts, J.
C. McNerny and H. F. Rose. Vote for
them. '
G. II. Walters is the best man that was
ever nominated for clerk of this county.
Vote for the best man.
7 - ' "
it now looks like the reported gold lind
" TiPHr T.tnenln inv nnr h A.a hio n. "fke'
aw was at first supposed. Hundreds of
persons went out from the city to see the
new mine. -One man sold one hundred
and sixty acres of land near the mine
for $12,000 and others who have land
refuse to sell at $75.00 per acre'.
In nominating Mr. Hiram Polly for the
office of county treasurer, the party in
this county made a wise selection. Mr.
Polly isone of the best known farmers in
this part of the state. Capable, conser
vative and if elected he will make an offi
cial of which the Populists will be proud,
and one that will add dignity and
strength to the party. We predict for
him the hearty support of Lancaster
county citizens.-
Hon. Geo. H. Walters addressed a
large and enthusiastic meeting at Pana
ma on Saturday. Over one hundred
voters were present and the cordial recep
. tion given him by the people of that
vicinity is a good indication of the
growth in popular favor that the princi
ples of our party is now experiencing.
The lesson of Cleveland's bond issue
supported as it has been by the financiers
of the Republican party is beiug learned,
and the people must look to some other
source for relief. The financial question
will not down and the voters are study
iug the legislation along these lines as
they never have done before. Every
thing indicates a substantial increase in
the state of our party in every precinct
in Lancaster county.
Harvard and Tale Will Not Play.
. Cambridge:, Mass., Oct. 9 . The Hat
vard athletic committee last night
gave out the following explanatory
statement: "October 5 having passed
and Harvard having received no invi
tation from Yale to play football, it is
now definitely settled that there will
be no football game this year between
" ijthe elevens of these universities." -
Fighting Legal In Nevada.
Caesox, Nev., Oct. 5. Nevada sport
ing men, assisted by San Francisco
capital, will make a bid for the Cor-bett-Fitzsimmons
fight, which will be
forwarded in a day or two. Prize
fighting is legalized in Nevada. It
would take place in Carson, and a
purse of $100,000 is being raised for
the event
End of an Unhappy Marriage.
Gonzales, Tex., Oct. 9. Last even
ing Chris Walseek Bhot and mortally
wounded his wife and immediately
blew out his own brains. The couple
were married eighteen uionths ago,
but had been separated several
months. Mrs. Walseek's refusal to
return to her husband led to the trag
edy. -
Double Crime of a Loafer.
Denver, Col., Oct. &. Christopher
Ewald, a middle-aged man, shot and
fatally wounded Mrs. John Stegman,
aged 30, and then blew his own brains
out. He has done no work for threo
years, his wife supporting him by
taking in washing.
Frazler'ln Custody.
Platte City, Mo., Oct. 9. James
Frazier, who killed bis father-in-law,
came to Platte City and gave himself
up. He says the Oxfords came to his
house and attacked him and that he
shot the old man in self defense.
1 Frazier is now in jail.
Horned to Death.
Birmingham, Ala., Oct. 9. EfBe and
Addie Evatt, aged 13 and 10 respect
ively, daughters of W. P. Evatt, a well
known railroad man at Woodlawn,
were burned to death last night by the
explosion of a lamp.
Be Was One of the Best Known and
Bravest Officers of the Confederate
Army During the War His Sen
sational Exploits In the United
States Senate Chamber
as a Republican.
Washington, Oct. 9. General Will
iam Mahone, ex-United States senator
from Virginia, died here at 1 o'clock
this afternoon from paralysis. He
was stricken during the night of Sep
tember 29 and only partially rallied.
His case had been hopeless for some
General Mahone emerged from the
war with the halo of glory about his
name. The citizens of Petersburg, his
home, through the city council ottered
him a lot to build on. It was a recog
nition of the services of the gallant
Mahone ' brigade. He was a son
of the state and, after Lee and "Stone
wall" Jackson, her greatest .fighter
in the rebellion. The night before the
surrender at Appomattox General Lee
called Mahone into his tent.. There
the two went over the situation to
gether. They agreed that surrender
was the only thing. General M atone
did not accept the lot offered by tbe
city, but the citizens united again and
by subscription bought a house and
lot and presented it to Mrs. Mahone.
She likewise declined to accept the
gift. But the general bo ugh V on Mar
ket street and built the residence
which he had since occupied, together
with Mrs. Mahone and his two sons,
William and Butler, and his daughter,
Mahone and the exploits of the Ma
hone brigade were celebrated in prose
and song. For years the "Little Wiz
ard" was the idol of his people. But
he became a Republican. Then the
idol of Virginia and of the South was
pulled from its pedestal.
General Mahone was the son of a
fine old fashioned tavern keeper, who
lived on the Jerusalem plank road in
the black belt below Petersburg. The
boy passed through .the Virginia mili
tary institute as a free scholarship
man and began life as a civil engineer.
He built the railroad from Richmond
up to the Southern terminus of the
Pennsylvania over back of Alexandria.
In the rebellion he was known as a
hard fighter. For exceptional
bravery at the time of the explosion
of Grant's mine underneath Lee's
works, July 30, 1864, he was given the
sobriquet of the "hero of the crater."
He was commissioned a brigadier gen
eral in March, 1364, and major general
in August of the same year.
This man, who was a major general
at 30, took charge, when the war was
over, of the railroad which, he had
built some years before. It was then
little more than two streaks of iron
rust. He nade it the powerful Rich
mond and Danville. He showed the
quality of the born leader at the first
start off. He sent the agents of the
Adams Express company and of the
Baltimore and Ohio Hying from his
trains and went into the express bus
iness himself. He made money and
solid popularity all at once. But in
the big Richmond Terminal fight the
other moguls froze him out. There is
a tradition, however, that the general
was posted about the movements of
the syndicate and made handsomely.
There is another tradition that young
Butler pocketed a good $30,000 himself.
General Mahone made an unsuccess
ful attempt to secure the nomination
for governor of Virginia in 1878, es
poused the cause of the Readjuster
party and became its leader and by
devious methods the object of many
an attack, he found a seat in the
United States - senate in 1880. He
served six years in that body, being
retired by defeat at the polls. lie was
like a firebrand cast into a mass of dry
tinder, and irom tbe peculiar attitude
that he at once assumed he caused one
of the most bitter controversies and
stubborn deadlocks ever known in the
history of that body. He at last acted
witb the Republicans, and gave them
the organization of the senate. His
course brought down upon his head
the wrath of the Democrats, but
the Republicans received him with
open arms and the federal patrpnage
in Virginia was turned over to him.
Since that time he had been
the Republican leader of Virginia,
Aitnougn ne bad resided almost con
stantly in this city since he left the
senate, he retained the Republican
leadership in Virginia and in 1890 was
a candidate for governor. He was
best known here of late years by his
efforts to secure the purchase by the
government for a printing office site
of a square of ground owned by him.
The quaint figure of its owner was
always seen in tbe lobbies of both
house and senate at the close of every
session, and he was considered a
great power in the third house. Ex
ceptionally slight in stature and frame
he was a marked man in great assem
blages. His peculiar style of dress,
and especially his hat, attracted atten
tion to him. This broad briirmed, soft
felt head gear seemed out of propor
tion to the tiny form beneath it..
A Prominent Presbyterian I1L
CniCAGO, Oct. 9. Rev. Dr. Herrick
Johnson, who for many years has
been a powerful factor in Presbyterian
circles, is very ill.
Crisp Is Still for Free Silver.
Nashville, Tenn,, Oct. 9. In a
letter to J. W. Gaines, this city, dated
Americus, Ga., Oct. 2, in reference to
the reports that he had changed his
views on the silver question, ex-Speaker
Crisp says: "I still favor the free
coinage of silver and think perhaps I
may make a speech or two in Georgia
on that line before congress meets. "
Tanderbllt Wedding Announced.
New York. Oct 9. Tbe wedding
of the duke of Marlborough and Alias
Vanderbilt is announced for Thursday,
November 14, at Stj Thomas' church.
Make Cows Pay.
Twenty cows and
one Little Giant
Separator will make
more butter than 25
cows and no separa
tor. Five cows will
bring $200 to $300 and one
separator will cost $125.
Five cows will eat a lot of
feed; a separator eats noth
ing. Moral: Make the cow
business pay by Rising a sep
arator. Send for circulars.
P. M. SHARPLE3, Elgin, 111.
Republicans and State Democrats Agree
On a County Ticket.
New York, Oct. 0. There was con
siderable excitement before the for
mal opening of the Republican county
convention in Lyric hall last evening,
when the report was received that a
fusion ticket had been decided upon,
It was a great disappointment to the
straight ticket men. Three places had
been conceded to the State Democrats
and one to the committee of fifty and
one to the good government clubs.
There were left fourteen Piatt Repub
licans on the ticket. The -Stecklers
independent county organization and
the Jimmie O'Brien and anti-Tammany
Democrats were refused a place on the
ticket. The Republicans and State
Democrats both held county conven
tions and formally placed in nomina
tion the fusion ticket. It is expected
that the German-American Reform
union will indorse the ticket because
the excise plank of the State Democ
racy is indorsed.
Agent Beck of the Winnebago Reserva
tion Upheld by the Courts. '
Omaha, Neb., Oct 9. Federal Judge
Shiras has dissolved the injunction
that . restrained Captain Beck, the
Indian agent on the Winnebago res
ervation from using his police to evict
settlers who, refused to lease direct
from him. The court has also issued a
mandatory injunction which is prac
tically an eviction of about 250 sub
lessees. The court sustains the agent.
The landsj are covered with corn, a
heavy crop having been raised, and
the lessees may suffer a hardship.
Ezeta Issues a Manifesto.
. San Blab, Oct. 9. General Antonio
Ezeta of San Salvador, who has ar
rived here has issued a long manifesto,
written in Spanish, in which he says
that he has striven while in exile to
conduct himself so as to reflect credit
on his country, and that now he is re
turning to free it. He says he will
summon the legislature of 1894; that
life, liberty, property,, agriculture,
trade and industries shall be encour
aged, and that he will establish en
lightened education in the country.
He says he will adopt Jhe single gold
standard of money, using the coins of
the United States until such time as
the pountry shall be able to issue its
own coin.
Wool Growers to Move on Congress.
Washington, Oct. 9. Judge William
Lawrence of Bellefontaine, Ohio, pres
ident of the National Wool Growers'
association, M. G. Markham and Sec
retary Avon of New York have called
a meeting of wool growers, wool deal
ers and sheep breeders at the Ebbitt
house here December 4 to urge con
gress to incorporate wool tariff pro
visions on any revenue bill that may
be passed.
Shot Himself Instead.
Anderson, Ihd., Oct. 9. John Co
burn, aged 17, while under the influ
ence of liquor, went to Chesterfield to
shoot Ben Hawn, who had objected to
Coburn paying attention to his niece.
While in i saloon he told some men
what he intended doing, and, drawing
his revolver, aimed to shoot through
the ceiling. The bullet, however, cut
through his scalp. The skull was
The Deadly Crossing In Chicago.
Chicago, Oct. 9. Frank Winnie
man, aged 7 years, and Robert W.
Winkleman, aged 9, were killed last
Dight and their father, Louis Winkle
man, badly hurt by a Chicago, Mil
waukee and St. Paul train. The
father was driving a team across the
tracks when the wagon was struck by
an express train running forty miles
an hour.
A Crank at the White Ilouse.
WAsniNGTon, Oct 9. Owen Jones, a
crank from New York state, who had
previously addressed a letter to the
white house, appeared this morning
and in an incoherent fashion an
nounced he had come for employment
as the president's boy. He was
promptly removed to the nearest po
lice station.
Window Glass Jobbers Combine.
Cleveland, Ohio, Oct 9. The
American Window Glass Jobbers' as
sociation was organized here yesterday
by jobbers from all of the central and
eastern sections of the country. The
object of the association is to force
manufacturers to quit retailing and to
give jobbers better commissions.
L. P. Davis, Dentist over Rook Island
ticket office, cor. 11th and O street.
Bridge ami Crown Work a specialty
Ohio Silver Men.
CoLUMBCS, Ohio, Oct. 9'. The Silver
Democratic state central committee,
of which Senator Washburn is chair
man, und W. W. Durbin secretary, last
night issued an address to the Demo
crats of Ohio urging concentrated
action looking to the control of the
next national Democratic convention.
Jackson's Hole Murders.
Cheyenne, Wyo., Oct 9. The mili
tary authorities at Fort Russell dis
credit the reports of the killing in
Jackson's Hole of Captain Smith and
two comrades by Bannock Indians.
0. F. LAMBERT30N, D.D.S.,
Ohio College Dental-Surgery
10 years continuous practice
in Lincoln:
Office: Alexander Block,
12th and P Streets,
Rooms 23 and 24.
Teeth on Rubber, I'latlniim. Gold and Alomt
nam Flutes. Drills Work. Gold aud .Porcelain
Photograph Gallery,
1222 O Street
Cabinet I'botos, per do...
Little Queens, per dos ...,
Kx 10 Views, per doi
..... 1.00
Finest Interiors Taken Day or
Alt work guaranteed Call and see ns.
An Organ for $5.00
Per Month
On these terms you can buy
the celebrated KIMBALL organ,
highest grade, latest style, up-to-date,
fine stool and book, freight
paid, only $63.00 on payments.
Write for catalogue and descrip
tion. Agents wanted.
A. HOPSE, Jr.,
Omaha, Neb.
i .f T (' f
Gabled Field and Hog Fence,
24 to M Inches hlg-h; Rteel Web Picket Lnwn Feni;
pfjultry. Garden and Habh't Kence: Htoel Gates.
Steel Posts and Steel Kails:Tree.Klower ami Tomato
Uunnls; Steel Wire Keuce Board. etc. Catalogue tree.
DeKALB FENCE CO., U2 High St., UeKalb, III.
Commercial College.
la now offering special inducements to
all parties wishing to 'study' Bookkeep
ing, Mathematics, Shorthand, Type
writing, Pemnauship, Latin, Trigonome
try, Commercial and Railroad Telegra
phy. Special attentioa given to prepara
tory work for State University.
Principal Commercial Department.
Principal Shorthand Department and Lec
turer on Commercial Law. (
Official Court Reporter.
B. II. TRUE, '
Principal Telegraphy and Railroad Bnsl
nms Departments,
Principal Penmanship Department
Latin, Trigonometry, etc
Call or write for special rates during
summer months.
Lansing Theatre Building,
Doble's Alamlnnm rftlonoralier
Prte Trial No KrK needed to settle. Keeps the pet
,y blackens. Wo guarantee our
Fbe Coffee stronger and richer coffee.
73 Kmnnin ur to maae netrer.
Price i-s lew. auow
Ptoat (! each jrarctaater one reek'a
UC trial Free, and it not -factory
can be returned and
we win remnd the money.
311 Wabuh Are., Ohkase, OL
smith premibh
b the most simple, most 4o
able, tas easiest to operate and therefore eapable
e( aoet speed. Bend lor catalogue and prices.
Address. Ne. USS Parian St., Omaha.
Iiarlington'a Personally Conducted
Kxcurslons to Utah and California
A Pullman tourist sleeping car will
leave Lincoln every Thuntday at 12:15 p
111. for Denver, Suit Lake, Ogden, San
Fraiuiipco, and Los Angeles. Only $ 5.00
for a double berth Lincoln to Loa An
geles in one of these cars. Remember
there is no change of cars. For full in
formation and ticket apply at Burling
ton & MiftHOiiri depot or city ticket office
comer Tenth and O streets.
0. W. Honnkll, U. 1'. and T. A.
L. P. Davis. Dentist over Rock Is
land ticket offlee.cor. 11th and Ostreets.
Bridge and Crown Work a speci al ty .
Dr. Miles' Nerve Flaaten 260. at aUdrogf tsta.
pill: I '
! i" '"V"," 1 ' - '"-n
ilii J
Would Vou
Pick Up a Dollar?
hard pan" and our system for mail
Investigate by sending your address
plainly written on a postal to
1 04-1 06
N. 10th St.
The Lincoln
Polytechnic Institute
Different from all others
Send for Catalogue to
MUSIC .'' :, ,
Mr. C. D. Griffin, who
Matbemstlci (or (Ire yenrn
has again associated himself with ns. and will conduct Snmmar In sal,
devoting bis time to special Instruction 'in Arithmetic and other atrnasa
taugiit In the public schools. Tnltlion, $1 per week.
The tuition In the Business, Mliorthand, and Penmanship tl r4ac4fa
the months of June, July and August to 1 tor ten waaka.
Call at tha Collage, Corner 11th ft 0, or addrexa.
Te kincoli) Business Gollege,
Tha beat bnlldinga and equipment!. Tha ablest faculty and tha moat satis
factory work. Common aeosa oouraea of study. If you ara a
taaehar you will ba Interested In tha lollowlnffi
Normal Course.
First Term, Second Term, Third Term, Fourth Term, Fifth Term, Sixth Term.
8 weeks. I weeks. (weeks. t weeks. t week. weeks.
Orthoepy. School mangt. Oeoirrapby. Geography. History. History. .
Arithmetic. Arithmetic.. Arithmetic Arithmetic Bookkeeping, WordAaalyafe
Grammar. Grammar. Grammar. Physiology. Physiology. Cirll Gor'sst.
Mental Arlth. Penniannhlp. Reading. Vocal Mnsio. Drawing. Drawing.
Debating. Debating. 'Debating. 'Debating. 'Debating. 'Debating.
Physical Cult. Physical Cult. Physical Cult. Physical Cult. Physical Cult. Physical Call
Algebra. Algebra. Algebra. Plane Geom. Plane Geom. Solid Geoalej
f I. at. Lessons, tl. at. Lessons. fLat. Lessons. asar. tCaesar. - tCaesar.
Khetorlc, Rhetoric. Rhetoric. , Physical Geog. Rotany. Botany.
Gen'l History. Gen'l History. Gen'l History. Eng. History. Eng. History. Political Bcasv
Prln. of Edu. School Mngt. Physics. Physios. Biology. . Zoology.
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Literature. 'Literature. 'Literature. 'Literature. 'Literature. 'Literatara.
'Once a week. tLattn Is optional in this course.
You can get in addition to tbe abore the Preparatory, Pedagogic, Scientific. Literary. Clsaste.
Bnslnees, Shorthand, Music, Band. Orchestra, Oratory, Telegraphy, Kindergarten, Fina Art. aw
Pen Art Course. ,
It la cheaper to attend school here than It la to stay
Tnitiou, Board, and Room for one term
Tnitlon, Board, and Room for one year
Write to ua fur catalogue and particulars. .
BILL M, BELL, President.
JOHN CARK, Vice President.
We want l(J0O more active agent hefora
July 1st. We will guarantee S20 to &0 per day
can be easily made In any locality; our goods
sell theaielves;wefurilli a large roll of
samples entirely H!KK and allow to per
cent, commianlnn on all sales. Send to-day
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same a Valuable sample of our goods In
Solid Silver upon receipt of 10 cems In
silver or.tamps. rtabltalied In Ail
'tl.. Ttn.tnn. M
To enrich and vitalize the blood, no
medicine can be compared with Ayer's
A big silver dollar, if you
saw it lying in the dust of the
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Our "Fall and Winter Cata
logue," with samples of cloth
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ers of clothing, and costa
nothing, simply your addresa
sent in today. Our prices are
trade is perfect
Educational and
Industrial School
A SCHOOL BOTH Chairman of Faculty.
la wall kftown to oar ftadrats M
at the Lincoln Business Colluw.nn.tll TMr 1
at home, la any of tha regular courses wa glW
for.. ...... i 14 00
for . ..... .. 123 00
Lincoln, Nebraska.
Established I860.
F. JELIIE ti SO:!,
53 Walnut Street,
Cincinnati, O.
Commission Merchants and
dealers in Broom Corn and all kinds
of Broom Materials Jt Machinery.
L& Bays mt t drum tmlaal r mk tast
otW ttaiatMd. tticksl DUld.4tHei U baM
mxJ bsttvy wert (rnartnUsx. for 10Tim wUk
aer Maui, BK'M(isBC itftMl mom m
ifttOt M! lllMtfANIM Mrff Uf
10 Du'i TrUL No morM7 waajitii fa
fl.000 bow In om World's Fstr MdJ iwirtM BMcfciM uJ tt
nutate Buv from factory avod mvo efvaltr'li nd mil 9n
m m
sn r I'm tihvm ana mm io-mt tor mcdim m iaT no
r If L C estate, ttmollf and (i ffmpaai of ths World' Fait
OXFORD MfB. C0.9 Wsttit An.CHICABO.tlU
Dr. Madden, Eye, Ear, Nose, and
Throat d leases, over Rock Island
ticket offlw, S. W. cor. 11 arft 0 atreeta.
Glasses accurately adjusted.
lmwi a