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Mr Casiatis
There will be a meeting of the Christiai
Co-operators at the parlortof the church
at 12th and H street Monday evening
aezt at 7:30 o'clock. Friend from oat
of town will be in, and those in towu and
3 in any degree interested in co-opera-tion,
art invited to be present It will
ot ha a business meeting of the corpora
tion bat a fellowship meeting, and co
operative plans will be discussed, partic
ularly the plan ot the co-operative store
for Lincoln. A paper will be read report
ing the successful year's work of the In
dustrial Christian Union at Manistiqne,
llichM a corporation like our own.
Bring all your friends with you.
Iiooated and at Work
The members of the Christian Corpora
tion held a series ot meetings, last week,
the 14th, 15th and 16th fnsts. at Lin
coln, and after due deliberation mads
three slight changes in the constitution,
adopted by-laws, selected a location
eight miles from Lincoln as the center of
their farming operations, elected two
additional directors, a superintendent of
the Agricultural Department and a farm
foreman, appointed a committee to de
vise a plan for starting a co-operative
tore in Lincoln, and another committee
to edit and print a pamphlet containing
the constitution and by-laws and a brief
setting forth of our reasons for organiz
ing just as we have.
Our two new directors are Brother
Victor Erickson and Brother Cook. Presi
dent W. J. Eyestone was the unanimous
choice for superintendent of the Agricul
tural Department, and Brother Erickson
was also for the office of farm foreman.
The location fixed upon, where perman
ent improvements are to be started, is
the Victor Erickson 200 acre farm. It is
now in a superior state ot cultivation,
but by subsoiling and irrigation works
will be brought to the very highest state
of cnlti vation and fertility, and crops in
sured whether it rains or not.
Besides the home farm, given by Bro
ther Erickson and wife, we have a forty
acre farm which is leased from the state
for sixteen years and in a valuable way
improved, Brother Llndholm and wife
contributing their property interest in
it; and Brother Eyestone of Rising City,
Butler county, also turns in his 200 acre
farm finely improved. We have now
three farms (altogether 480 acres) under
eultivation on which the farm workers of
the C. C. will put forth their energies at
once, and it is likely that other good
farms will be added to the Corporation
farm acreage this month. Besides these
other land (wild) and houses have been
placed at the disposal of the Corporation
At present writing twenty-three adults
have joined the Corporation and it num
bers, children included, betweeu fifty and
sixty souls. Others out of town, quite a
number of families, stand ready to join
us, and will come to us when work can be
provided for them. A still larger number
are deeply interested in our organization
and will no doubt unite with us in the
fall. The interest in the new kind ot cor-
Jtoration has spread outside the state, as
ar as Michigan, at least, and when our
pamphlet and literature has widely ad
vertised the movement iiu uu
of families will come to us Iroin one
All who wish to join ns. Or who m
interested and desiro to acquHint them
elves more perfectly with our plan
should send five cents in stamps to Sey
mourE. Keene, Sec'y., 1120 M street.Liii
coin, Neb., for a copy of our pamphlei
and application for inemberHhip blanks.
They will be ready iuside of ten days or
two weeks.
More than one brother at the close ol
our Friday evening meeting almost un
consciously remarked, "It is good to be
here." When one pioteaaes love, as in the
churches, it stirs in men no longer a
strong instantaneous affection; but
when men do again as they did in the
apostles' time, bring in all they have and
lay it down in the midst, for all, it melts
and unites all hearts.
Whatever is right or just is wise. What
ever is wrong or unjust is present folly,
which carries with it evil consequences,
Self-seeking is the accepted wisdom of the
world; but see what sort ot a world it has
everywhere made. "A new eartn wnerein
dwelletb righteousness," or right doing,
will not be made by tue shrewdly sell'
seeking, but by those only who live for
others, caring tor the common interest
We have been working out a plan tor
starting co-operation in towns which
competition cannot exist beside, co-operation
first in the retail mercantile business
that will greatly cheapen the cost of
retailing goods. The plan when perfect
ed will be perhaps a slight, perhapsacon
iderable, modification of the Rochdale
plan. Under competition Lincoln mer
chants are being forced to the wall
There are several times too many of
them. They are savagely cutting each
others throats, trying to get enough
customers to keep them from bank
ruptcy. The new plan will draw and hold
customers in ever increasing number,
and so will reduce to the lowest economic
cost the labor of handling the sum total
of goods that can be purchased.
People who hold on to their property
and refuse to be members c to is every
day Christian body through fear that w
hall not be able to love each other
enough to make it safe to give all, all that
each has, do not see that it is the act
ually putting in of our property, all we
have and are, which kindles and feeds
the great fire of love. Yes, it is safe to
love with all the heart, with all our pro
perty, with all our labor power, 1 hey
who so love will be so loved. Men can
not help returning the love they receive,
unless they are brutalized, degraded, en
cased in ignorance. To thusenrich.aban
don ourselves to serve one another, is to
create "a new heaven and a new earth
about us: it is not to take but to escape
from risk; to love unreservedly is the
supreme wisdom; it is the attracting,
uniting, infinite force of the moral uni
verse. .
L. P. Davis. D.D.8., dental office over C. R. I,
P. B. ticket office, ew. cor. 11th & O.
Improve your time by getting up
club for Thk Wealth Makkbs.
. W belter in Ood our iaflalr father.
la Christ, our perfect brother, ana in the
law of equalising love, expressed in the
command, Tnou snait love toy neign-
boras thyself."
W hold these truths to be self-evident:
That all men created have a right to live
and to share equally the abundant nat
ural provisions tor a happy existence;
that the earth is theirs by common in
heritance, for use only, and not for spec
ulation: that because it is the inexhaust
ible source of values no equal value can
be offered for it, or a part ot it, and that
therefore no just title of absolute owner
ship is acquired in it; that it must be-
iOngWlinOUl powviiwvuauuiivi
to all Individuals of all generations. We
hold that the individuals ot the race are
ittterdependent,eachueedmg ail ana nav
ing the power to serve all; that each in
riivMniddiffers in his wants and capabll-
Iris from all others, diners not simpiv
in degree, and that be is as much needed
by the body pontic; as is eacn roemwr u
tbs human body, to constitute a perfect
whole; we hold that self-interest, the
irood of the individual, is so bound up
with society iiiteresw, or tne inwrwn w
all other individuals, that it cannot be
preserved apart, that Individuals cannot
ook out lor tneir own interests vmy, u
In th present business and political
struggle, without insecurity and immens.
loss; we hold that there can on no emeu
Ino- of Interests between nieniueru ui n
healthful, nuturally organized society,
and that in proportion to its numbers
td rough organic unity, will bs the meas
ure of individual service, oenenis ana en-
ioyineuts. We bold that each member oi
society should be equally nourished,
enuallv exercised according to bis abil-
tty, and receive equal nonor lor equai ex
. , , . l
Therefore. In order to open the door of
pportunity to every individual, to pro
file employment and secure to the la
ish the
com pet
full obedience to the Divine command,
love thy neighbor as thyself, this cor
poration is created.
Abt. I. Sue. 1. The objects ot this as
sociation shall be to purchase land, erect
buildings, institute agricultural, mining,
mechanical, manufacturing, and mer
chandising industries, establish schools,
libraries and institutions of art and
science, and in short operate and main
tain any enterprise achievable by united
effort which may encourage and foster
the highest forms ot human welfare ana
of personal freedom.
Abt. 2. Sec 1. This corporation is
organised under article 40 of chapter 16,
compiled statutes of Nebraska, 1893:
with the intention oi providing a social
organisation for socially, or in common,
holding or owning all "means of produc
tion and distribution" possessed oy it
members, the purpose being to substitute
the principle of collective or social own-
ershio for that ot private ownership in
such "means of production and distribu
tion," meaning by these term all laud,
labor and capital, in whatsoever form.
used by said corporation in the produc
tion and distribution of wealth. Its orig
inators holding that only by such means,
supplemented by the co-operative effort
ot all member and such substitution of
the co-operative system with equal pro
duct sharing, for the competitive system
with its absorption of all product in in
terest, rent and net profits, can the great
and noble ends set forth above be ob
An. 8.8KC. 1. This corporation shall
be known as the "Christian Corporation,"
and located in the county ot Lancaster,
state ot Nebraska.
Abt. 1. Sec. 1. Classification : The
membership of this association shall be
divided into two classes, as follow:
(1) General members.
(3) Dependent members.
Sic. 2. Any person, male or female, of
legal age and good moral character, who
is willing to diligently work to carry out
the objects of the association ns above set
forth shall be eligible to general member
ship in this association upon the follow
ing conditions :
A.tle shall affirm his belief In the
teachino-s of Christ.
B. subscribe to the constitution, by
laws and preamble.
C (surrender all bis possessions to the
corporation ot whatsoever kind, except
his or her personal or domestic enects.
v. Shall pass a satisfactory examina
tion in the principles of co-operation.
E. He shall receive seven-eighths of all
Sec. 3. Dependent members: All mem
bers of the families of general members
nnder 18 years of age, and all other mem
bers depending upon such general mem
bers for support shall be classed as de
pendent members, and entitled to a
home in the community and an oppor
tunity to work.
Abt.1. Sec.1. The general members
shall annually elect from their number
the following officers, to-wit:
President, vice-president, clerk (secre
tary), treasurer, auditor, and also a
board of six directors, or more, who shall
be severally beads of the different depart
ments of labor. Mo person shall hold
the same office for two consecutive terms
except upon the choice of three-fourths
of all the voters. The president of the
corporation shall be president of the
board of directors, and In case ot a tie
rote he shall cast the deciding vote.
Abt. 6. Sec. 1. The government of
this association shall be by direct legisla
tion, including; the Initiative and Refer
endum and imperative Mandate. Any
measure may be initiated by the petition
of ten per cent of the voting members in
good standing, and be referred to a vote
ot the members, when a majority vote in
favor of said measure shall decide in
favor of its adoption, except in cases of
constitutional amendment and expulsion
ot members, which shall require a two
thirds voteof all members in good stand
ing. All members shall be required to
note on all measures of whatsoever na
ture that shall be put to a vote of the
members. Any member falling to vote
n any measure shall be disfranchised for
tne mil proauci 01 uis ion, 10 uou- " r- - ---- --- -r 1 fmIUui
i... ....... " nnri nrnviria a. i tne larmers 10 save tuuusauus ui uuiwra 1 ibIiiy m. rn
mai vi wcuv, " j.w.- 1 1 ... 1 . , , mns aa ww.
ency for old age, to establish the wnicn iney now pay to siuc uuiiipamtm. . -n
OOd Of man and make possible was iuiu jemeruajr u aiui.urrerif.uiiu-
jas. McMillan & co..
TrWrite for Circular giving
period of one year, provided that no
member shall bedisfranehissd who proves
it to havs been an impossibility to have
Art 7. See. 1. Tb books of the a
odation shall be open to inspection if
any member at any una.
Conducted by J. T. M. SwioiBT. Correspos
dunce solicited. Kin, cyclone or ball.
Many who are interested in this de
partment are asking what the legislature
is doing. That question is easily an
swered by simply saying, "nothing for
the masses."
Two good insurance bills have been put
to sleep and more will follow if the com
mittee ever meets. H. R. 292 was recom
mended for indefinite postponement early
In the session. It provided a plan by
which any man could tell just how much
was due him from any insurance company
at any time he would want to cancel his
policy; but as that did not suit the old
timers it was knocked out.
Our present law is built in such a man
ner that the skin dollar companies will
not give anything back if your policy is
two and one-half years old, but some ot
the foreign companies will give back the
amount that the la w contemplates. Such
companies are considered honest.
11. K. lzo has also been inaenniteiy
postponed. It was calculated to amend
Sec. 40, Chap. 43, entitled "Unincorpo
rated Mutuals, and does not allow any
agents to be hired; in fact it IS Calculated
to serve as
9 a neigh boruood company law;
but as it includes hail, and is the only
chance for us to insure against hail in a
mutual company we are therefore inter
ested in its welfare and would like to
have it changed in such a manner that
will look it up and if possible will get it
through, but it looks like no such meas
ure has any chance to get through the
house committee. I hope I am mistaken,
The hands of the Populist members
are completely tied and when they are!
extremely anxious for any measure they
hunt for a conservative Uepuuhcan to I
make the fhtbt (there are a few Republi
cans that are favorable to some good
laws being passed.) But all a Populist
has to do to kill a good measure, is to
fitrht for it.
The principal thintrs that have taken
the minds of the twenty-fourth session
are adjournments, junketings and slap-1
t he-pops-i n-t he-face.
11. K. is a good bill as it allows tne
people in towns and cities to organize a
mutual company and insure themselves
just as the farmers are doing now. This
bill was before the house committee two
weeks ago last Tuesday and by a vote of
5 to 4 it was recommended to pass; but
at this time the committee has not yet
made its report to the house and will
not until they have another meeting, but
the chairman fails to make the announce-1
ment. Ono member of that committee
has changed his mind since thecommittee
voted to recommend its passage, and is
now on the other side.
We may iu the future have more to say
on this subject. But for the present I will
only say, that thecommittee by its niti
jority, has a peculiar way of doing busU
ness. i do not condemn tne wnoie com
Kansas Citt, Mo. Feb. 19 -Receipts et
wheat to-day. 13 oars, a year ago, 61 oars
Car lots by sample on traolc, Kantat City, at
the close were quoted nominally as folloi
No 8 hard, &2o; No. S hard. 61ft No i
hard, 500. rejected, 47o No. 3 red. Wo;
No 8 red. 6lo No 4 red 50 o rejected, 473480
Receipts of corn to-d iy, 48 cars a year ago,
S3 ears. Sale9 by sample on track, Kansas
City; No. t mixed corn, S cars Wo, lit oars
40HO: No 3 mixed, 1 oar 38HO: No 4 mixed,
nominally 39o; No. x white, 13 oars to Ko. No.
white, t ears 40a
Oats Were uncharged There was not
much demand,
Receipts ot oats to-day ,8 cars: s year ago, 11
ears sales by sample on tract nansas uij
No mixed oats, 1 oar 80, No.
8, nominally, 27H'o No 4 nominally,
87o No x, white oats, nominally alo No. 3,
white, nomlnallly, aoo
Bra-Flrmi No t, nominally, &2o; No S, 480.
Flaxsmd-DuU nominally, 130l3l, ao-
cording- to bllllnir. Bhah Dull, MJMo
per owt sacked Cork cmop uuii, 77wo
per ewt saoked
Hat Receipts. 41 oars. The market was
steady. Timothy, fanoy, 9tO. choloe.
BaK&0; No. 1. 7 was: olover, mixed, l-3:
low srade. M7 W fancy prairie, tou:
choloe, tril by. No. 1, t36fc. No. 2, M503
6.W; packing hay, li 5J4 5U
Chicago Board of Trade.
Chicago, Feb 19 The following table
shows the ran e of prices for aotire future!
on the board of trade to-day:
I wa asm lift tint n (ran fa in ha flulrl Ann ham I I
I ing bill was introduced in the senate. 1
Febia lop'ndHli't Lo st I F
WBIAT Feb 40 60S 45i 60 . 4S
May ti li 61 t 62H 6iH
July 63 63 , 68 MS . 63
Cobs Feb iiH H W
May 44 44S i, US 44J,
July 43 V 44 43), 44, 44
Oats Feb -s is 8 t iTi
May IfH', l't 8H 28 H
July 27S 27)4 S 27X
Pork Feb 10 1 1 10 10 10 to 10 io so
May 10uTt 1030 10.7 10 30 10 12
Lard Feb 6 40 8 40 4 4) 40 S4o
May 0 60 S6 6 60 6 65 6 62
8 Ribs Feb 6 17 6 7 5 17 6 17 6 10
May 57 6K6 6 7 6 85 6 ii7
July 4 45 6 47 6 42 6 47 6 4J
LIt Stock.
Kansas Citt. Mo.. Feb. lft Csttle-He-
ceipts. 8,820 calves, 43 shipped yesterday.
L 165 cattle. The receipts were rather light
and the market opened active and loo hlher
on nearly every thin t. The supply was large
ly in the Quarantine divHioo.
Dressed best and export steers, f-3.4Vat.85:
cows and heifers, fti.25 A3 00 Western steers,
S3 2a 15. Texas and Indian steer. K ebi..
stookers and feeders. t2 23i3. mixed, S&85
Latest Market Prices. Fair Selection; immediate returns. UMake Us a Trial Shipment
ndfs Receipts. to-dr. 4.035 shipped yes
teraay, I.ObO The market was active and t
eents higher on all wet ht. The supply was
light and packers were oat early and eater to
boy. The top was Hot aad the bulk K 70 to
U.90, against Si tor top and Is W to UU
(or balk Saturday.
Sheep Beoetpts since Saturday, t SW
shipped Saturday. 5U The market was
steady with Saturday's elo.e. but trade was
slow. The run was light belnr less than sis
loads. One thousand head were billed direct
to 8 wlft and two ears bad been eold Saturday.
Those on the market were all Westers ted.
The following are representative sales:
C Mexican yearlings. M lbs 15
Ut Mexican yearlings, it lbs 4 IS
ft lambs. S lbs I to
tWiBM, M lbs... 1 4
P A Perfect Wonder. The BeatTol
kin the Worltt and Juet what evenoae want.
piiUMMy awtr, bun abunaantlf el
n flavored, bricht nd tomatoes and la
9 Inm all etasnar Ha tne fera, standing sreot and
rmm bus wtmmn j saw arwp esaraai BbauaiD inniDQ rt-
iqnlrtnf no tap port at all, lie & wlMOMAfar-l
. U k. Wl-. V l J .1 n A
about Wlnoh long, and is anaqnalled foralioing.
I ItkaaUtfcsaiBU, Very eriap and tender. Stand
1 Ions time before rnnnina to
P. W n..m aw.ymm. u Mire
Early Tree Tomato, Matohlasa Ouonmbar, Cream
IrVi wil 1 aand post paid, a packet each et Kxtra
a Lotnoa, Mar mo. uerunoata, ana our Illustrated
I Bargain Catalogue (worth dollars to stsit bojarj
a of Beads, Fruits ana flanta, containing Colored
Iputaa, painted from nature, and tbxrasandsof
i"'1"1""0 " Ior mr """ M-TiT
'it. tt is.ii.i;
I To every parson sending U)m. for abots Tomato
To ererypsrson sending IDs. for ab
anormnsossiie. often wsighngl lbs. each.
TfaU Is Us suet liberal sger ever suds r a rensUs
saa sasaia rau to cus aSTsaiate u n.
Seedmen Paul Minn
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most convenient kind of storehouse
for memoranda. The Columbia Desk
Calendar is brightest and handsomest
.of all full of dainty silhouettes
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thoughts on outdoor exercise and
sport. Occasionally reminds you of
the superb quality of Columbia Bi
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You won't object to that, of course.
The Calendar will be mailed for five
2-cent stamps.
Address Calendar Department,
Mention this pspv. Hertford, Conn.
rtorm rrajrwisA jc
OKI? 5jbr MrfiKpfsi
. Chicao.
CATAtsoue PReeAT aat
Ram&lcr AoeMCv . or sent by mail
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Lincoln. Net
for your
Any slie yon want, 10
oi6in.hica. Tires 1
to 8 tn.wide hubs to
As any axle. Mares
(Jew many times in
a season to base set
of low wheels to fit
fw healing
rata, loader, manure,
boaa. ao. Ho resetting ol
twee. Oatl'gfree. Address
tpaincri llle
WHy pay 00 w wo. m roa 101
MSt rvovea wire reuw ui
rth hnrafl hl.rh.bu 11 Btroni
pig and chicken tiglit, (oi
13 to 20c. A
A man ana dot can roaae
from 40 to 60 Rods, a
dar. OyerSortfltorent styles
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HIQggvillOi inaisns
cVIl druggists sell Dr. Miles' Nerve Plasters.
mL ' jtaK For
ml u ,7
riRSTAVC. NORTH Minneapolis, Minn.
wi.wl saeuj Weawla
I FSW .i
: ar
cracuuas gawr ran.
Grbxls more grain to any
otnermiu. unnui oar-
purpose, wsr
e Peerless to be
rw Writs ns at once for prices and agency.
There la money In this mill. Made only 67 the
Jobbers and Manufacturers ot Farm Machinery,
Carriages, Wagoni. Windmills, Bicyolws, Harness,
etc. Rlees lowest, Quaiiiybest.
Qardja siaaul
Bast and la-
LarruCB, Maxon, Tomato
iwssx Pxas. Save numer in
list. tlXxtl
Tom oa. Complete
Extras wlthordera.
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erergrsena. smn Tsristlss, including
Colorado Bloe Bpmos, (Piosa Pon-
Rna). ssnt to any address in the
, ana-half ot abore tl. U Daoe whola-
7aale oatslotrue and ' 'How to grow erer
JF greens" Free. Roosirod highest
s award at the World's Fair. Large
I un maiaBl dlaooania ior earir oraere. uiiw.
St- Siaet HtUonal Howry Cc, Ilfln, Ul.
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Oar apeelultleat Seed Corn, Tree Seeds. Onion
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Ash . .
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Pelts. Wool.
ifvraln. Gnss
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0.1 stnri ia tfiA iRrsTMit and mont
,,wh If IV la.'
' r DltHTorrFFT
ROD7 s
H. S. Aley, M. D.,
Treats snnsstsfly
K:rr:.s, Feali&Ctrcni:Di:::::j
Besansatrto ystan mf KWIeattosv
emci: uu o r. unoou. m.
4 ABSljIaal shOkssa
7 JmJ riSS. Jerssy. eraasr aaj
f neistsla CaSlla. Tbaisagaatat
Saasp. raasr Msrr. aN
r IM sad Bssas Dsgs. Ostttfegas.
a WTftaUTllTUZMsiTin., Caaaaar Ca. JPenaa.
Ilia Bsd of a ehoicsly brad Poland
boar write to J. V. Wolpc, Box 825,
Lis cola, Ms. Hs has a tow wa up pig
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Furnas County Herd.
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Elkhorn Valley Herd
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We confine our Sales to Jobbers only.
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superiority of the Burllng-tnn "STAY ON"
' over all Imitations and old style blankets, serai,
only one blanket to any address, express paldoa.
receipt of price. (Write for Catalogue bikI Prices.)
Address, for catalogue aad particulars.
Or Trie Ol Laval Semmstor Co,
Eloiw, III. 74 Cortlandt Street, New York.
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