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    February 21, 1895
tou. Price 25 route.
The Remedy for the strife
The Bible and Enochs Prose Style
by Albert S. Cook.
Thin is one of the most sufcKWttive and
InterestiiiK little book we have read id a
Ion? time. It shows bow profound an
influence the English of the Bible ban
bad upon our present prose style. All
are familiar with the extent to which
Milton and others are indebted to the
Bible, not only for style, but for inspira
tion, thought, imagination; but few of
us appreciate how much the modern prose
tyle is dependent upon that mine of lit
erature. The book will be very helpful to
teachers in nigh schools and Colleges,
Fublixhed by V. C. Heath & Co., Boston
f rice 50 cents.
Contributions to the Science of Educa
tion by Wm. H. Payne, A. M.
These papers formavaluablediscussion
of the principles and doctrines of educa
tion. It must be kept in mind, however,
that these are detached essays now
brought together. They nevertheless
form a united whole in thought and dis
cussion. I he author differs from Mr.
Spencer in some of the great writer's gen
eralizations, and justifies himself partly
by a very pertinent observation. He
says: "It is a notable fact that the men
who, like Rosseau, Locke, and Spencer,
bave written the most absolutely on ed
ucation, have been men of little or no ex
perience in actual teaching.".
Published by American Book Co., New
I or it ana tnicago. trice fl.zo.
School Supervision by Wm. H. Payne,
Superintendents and Principals of
schools have none too many books with'
in reach that touch directly on their work
and they need all that they can get.
l nis door can De recommended as con
taining many excellent things. It dis
cusses the duties of him who supervises.
and also gives valuableinformationasto
grading, blanks, records, etc.
Published by American Book Co. ,New
X ork and tnicago. f rice f 1.1)0.
The special features of the February
Review of Reviews are articles on, "The
Cotton States and International Exposi
tion at Atlanta,' "Canada's frame Com
monwealth," sketches of the life and work
of RobertLouis Stevenson, by C. D. Lanier
and Jeanette Gilder, and a character
ketch of Kubinstein. The regular depart
ments are valuable and entertaining and
instructive as they always are. Published
at 13 Astor Place New York, $2.50 a
: The February Cosmopolitan is a beauty
and its contents are as interesting as its
illustrations are artistic. Mrs. DeKoven
fives a view of "The Altar of Mammon;"
rank Vincent has an illustrated article
entitled "From Baku to Samarkand; the
ixtb chapter of Great Passions of His
tory is the next thing in order; China
and Japan and their conflict are written
about by ViscountWolseley;EmileOllivier
ducusMes "The fall of Louis Philippe,
and there are several other excellent
The February Century continues the
"Life of Napoleon Bonaparte" by Will-
liam M. bloane; Mrs. j. r. Fields contn
butes "Personal Recollections and Uu
published Letters of Oliver Wendell Hol
mes," written at his request and giving
many interesting accounts of the auto
crats home life; "People in New York"
furnish the subject for an entertaining
paper by Mrs. bchuyler Van Rensselaer,
with illustrations by C. D. Gibson; Victor
Louis Mason writes of the "New Weap
ons A the united States Army: ' Rebecca
Harding Davis tells of life "In the Uray
Cabins of New England;" R. Dorsey
Mohm, U. a. agent in the Congo free
State, has an article on "The Death of
Emin Pasha," with map and pictures;
and Noah Broons has an interesting
and instructive paper on "Lincoln, Chase
and lira nt. Ibesewith lighter reading
in the continuation of serials of r. Mar
ion Crawford and Mrs. Burton Harrixon
and short stories by Ruth McEnery Stu
art, Frank Pope Humphrey, Alice Brown
and Lucy 8. freeman are only a part of
the good things furnished the readers of
the magazine for this month.
The North American Review for Feb
ruary contains some excellent material.
The ever present financial muddle comes
in for its share of attention by secretary
Morton, Congressman Springer, and
Henry W. Cannon of New York.
The new pulpit is a very suggestiveand
interesting article by Rev. A. R. Haweis.
Politics and The Farmer is writteu about
by the president of the Farmers National
Congress. Prof. Simon Newcomb has a
timely article on why we need a National
University and Albert D. Vnndon contin
ues Personal History of the Second Em
pire. The Forum for this month starts with
a vigorous article from the hard money
standpoint on Should the Government
Retire from Banking, by W. C. Cornell.
The program of German Socialism is a
very interesting and timely article and
will give people a clearer idea than they
ever had before of socialism.
A Religious Study of a Baptist Town
is a clear and unique piece of writing. It
is by Rev. W. B. Hale.
Steps Toward Government Ownership
of Railroads by Col. Carroll I). Wright,
and Has the Law BeconieCommercialized?
by Wm. B. Hornblower are good. .
Dr. Paris, teeth on aluminum plates.
Borne Figures.
Some time ago a writer in the North
American Review made the statement
that the Uuited States is the largest ten
ant farmer nation in the world. Here is
a list of the tenant farmers insomeof the
States as given by the writer:
North i arolina
West Virginia
Therelative proportion of tenant farm
ers to others is steadily increasing, ac
cording to the reports of the census.
Dr. Darin, teeth on gold plates, 11th 4 0.
(Continued from lit post.)
laziness, avarice and luxury. They an
wens and excrescences on the body politic
and social, that by absorbing and con
suming diminish wealth and add nothing
Government should conduct the rail
roads, telegraphs, and mine the coal, ai
it now conducts the post office, for thi
benefit of the people. In all department!
of life, women should be admitted to
equal rights with men. Private corpora
tions should not be allowed to control
the volume of currency.
First and last, rulers should be just,
acting in the revereuce and love of God
the Creator. When they make his com
mandments their rule of conduct, to love
their neighbor as themselves, and covet
nothing that is their neighbor's, all
righteous reforms will become practi
cable. It is an empty honor to place the name
of God in the fundamental compact of
tne people who reject the law of kind
ness and sympathy, and refuse to obey
bis commandments in their dealings with
their fellows. Love ye one another.
New York Independent.
Agitate and Eduoata
Bromfikld, Neb., Feb. 11, 1895
Editor Wealth Makers:
The old saying that there is no loss
without some gain, can be applied to this
part of the couutry. The farmers out
here have had but little manual labor
this winter, consequently a good chance
for mental improvement, which in the
years to come will be applied to the
civilization of man, through the science
of government. There are many who
have bad their fallacious theories eradi'
cated by making diligent search for
ancient and modern historical facts. So
be of good cheer; the cloud of misfortune
(or the lack of knowledge) is not without
a silver lining.
There are millions of brave, patriotic
Americans, who when well informed will
establish a mental fort that will be im
pregnable, men who can with ability bid
defiance to the plutocratic oligarchy.
I believe that if we ever rid ourselves of
tyrannical oppression it will be byelevar
iug mankind through scientific research
to a knowledge of their natural rights
and duties as individuals and citizens;
for should we sacriflceotarconstitutioiiul
rights of free thought, frw speech and a
free prerts, we will have retrograded to
the barbarous custom of exterminating
wars. I think it would become uu more
to teach the children in our publiCMchools
the true science of government, and over
throw fallacious theories, than to have
their minds burdened with military
training which makes war possible by
cultivating their animal passions instead
ot their intellectual proeuniiie. That
would have a tendency to entablixh
mental power instead of a military
Already millions of ignorant people
through the cause of war have nufferei)
(.-8tli who were as innocent as they were
ignorant, and who were as honest in
their convictions as their persecutor.
and had as good a right to. life.
Therefore, agitate and educate, that
our ship of state may not be stranded on
the shoal of superstition and ignoiiiiice;
and b" a people worthy of living in the
nineteenth century.
I appreciate, your uncompromising in
tegrity. Your for truth.
V B. F. McDannkl.
Whatever la Is Right "
I am an optimist. I have full confi
dence in the Creator, and his power to
bring order out of chaos. "Order is
Heaven's first law" and "Whatever is is
The last quotation is clearly illustrated
in the present social condition, in the
great crisis. The many are in the power
of the few a queer state of affairs in a
republic, where the government repre
sents the people. "Legislation controlled
by the money powerl" Are the people
of this representative federation bought
and sold? When men barter the birth
right of Liberty, when they forget God,
when they ignore the two great com
mandments on which hang all the law
and the prophets, and worship self
through the medium of money, they get
in exchange for that liberty, slavery.
The idol before whom they how the knee
has been monopolized by Fortune's fa
vorites, along with all tributes paid. In
its stead the monster Poverty frowns on
them and demands homage. Poverty
and riches idols erected in the minds of
men, neither of divine origin, wholly an
tagonistic, all in harmony in God's plan,
and while we follow in the wake of For
tune and worship at the temple of Mam
mon we may expect to see riches given
to her favorites and poverty to the mul
We receive our due reward, we reap
what we sow; but in the divine law of com
pensation, whatever is is right. If man
will make himself a sheep he must ex
pect to be devoured by wolves; it he
make himsell a hind he will be the prey
of lions. As Cassius says of Cresar, "I
know he would not be a wolf, but that
he sees the Humans are but sheep. He
were no lion were not the Komau
hinds." Thone words speak volumes,
and as I view the world they reveal to
me in its true light what we call "human
greatness. It is measured by human
weakness, by ignorance. An educated
man among nncultured people becomes
almost a god. He takes their mental
measure, and gives them just such food
as will please them wine to make them
drunk. The influence of intoxicating
speeches, lectures and books, is becoming
as great an evil as intox eating drinks.
The effect is as delusive and the result as
"Men at some time are the masters of
their fates." AW is the time for the
men of the United States to make them
selves masters of their fates. They must
do it whether they will or not: the
"sometime" has come, and today they
are masters of their fates. They aloue
are responsible whether for liberty or
slavery. Let them decide and abide by
the decision, for whatever is ia right.
Maud Daws.
Beadoeheteulr Get Di. Mflea Pain Pills.
Dr. Davis, diseases ot teeth and month.
Can't yon tear oar Macedonian ery of anguish
and despair?
Can't joe. sre our souls are aliening In this pes
tilential air?
Can't you see onr children pining Ilk a sun
starved plant away?
Can't yon see the moral poison sinking la their
hearts each day?
Mnst they live through tender childhood In this
atmosphere ot death,
Sucklnn in Its miasmatic germs with every Infant
Must we rear our sons to manhood doomed to
wear a tarnished name?
Unst we see our daughters sinking in the noisome
pool of shame?
Is it strange that treachsrona treason rear aloft
its hydra head?
Strange that virtue droops and falters eouched
npon incestuous bed?
Do you think yonr alma will help us, given as you
throw a bone?
When we ask the bread ot Justice will you offer ns
a stone?
We are groping In the darkness, blindly seeking
for the light:
Will the Great Physician touch ns and restore
our mental sight?
What of Christ, the poor mechanic, who made
war on social casta?
lathe day he died for dawning? Will Bis king
dom corns at last?
Will It bs a peaceful morning, swsst and tranquil.
calm and bright.
Or bs ushered In with bloodshed and with arson's
lurid light?
Kearney, Nob. Gcoiqu A. Maxnoi.
Y. M. O. A. Lecture Course
The Y. M. C. A. ia to be congratulated
on having secured Prof. Edward Daniels'
services for three eveuings of its lecture
course. Prof. Daniels was formerly State
Geologist of Wisconsin and is a man of
almost encyclopaedic information. He is
also one of the most instructive and elo
quent speakers it haa ever been our good
fortune to listen to. His lectures are
illustrated with very fine stereopticon
views, and the delightfully instructive en
tertainment be provides his audiences
have won for him a great reputation.
His lectures on Egypt and Mexico and on
the Wonders of the Microscope are among
his best. Everybody should improve the
opportunity given to hear him.
Program of the Y. M. C. A. Lecture
Course is given below:
MONDAY. riBDDlir J5,
Egypt Illustrated with views ot the Pharaohs
and their era. Col. Edward Daniels.
Mexico, Ancient and Modern. Col. Edward
raiDtT, MARCS 1.
Life in the deep sea. Prof. Henry B. Ward,
State University.
Interesting tacts In the life history ot Insects
and Birds. Prof. Lawrence Bruner, State Uni
versity. WIDKttDAY, MARCS .
Ths wonders of the microscope with exhibition
ot projecting polariscope. Col. Edward Daniels
The mutual relations of Flowers and Insects.
Prof. Bessey, State University.
The following letter was received by Mr.
Graham, Sec'y. Y. M. C. A., Lincoln.
Omaha. Neb.', Feb. 1, 1895.
My Dear Graham:
Col. Daniels gave a most valuablesenes
of lectures here. I should certainly advise
you to hare them in Lincoln.
I hey will open the eyes of young men
to what is in the world under the earth
aud overhead. Cordially yours,
Frank W. Ober,
Gen'I. Sec'y., Omaha Asso.
Take Notice!
The Farmers Mutual Insurance Com
pany of Nebraska has moved it-0tilr.
from corner 1 1 1 It & M Kts. to corner i Ot
and 0 Sts., nndT F rst National Bank
"Who Wsnn Bub r of Them?"
We have two full blood Percheron
Stallions, one gray and one black, flv
years old. Sound and sure foal getters.
We will sell either of them reasonable, on
approved security. Will allow time it
desired, with low rate of interest. Owned
by farmers. Address,
W. S. Wright, Keeper,
Valley, Neb.
California and Utah Excursions
The Burlington runs on every Thurs
day a tourist sleeper, leaving Lincoln at
12:15 p. m. for salt Lake, Han f rancisco
and Los Angeles. Only 5 for a double
berth, Lincoln to Lob Angeles. These
excursions bave proved very successful
from the fact that they are conducted
personally by a Burlington employe.
For full information regarding tickets,
apply at B. & M. depot or city ticket
office, corner Tenth and O Streets.
iffta-tP Is the SHOUT Line
ujjjjf J (operating its own tracks)
to Marshalltown, Cedar
Rapids, Clinton, Chicago, Milwaukee,
Madison, Oshkosh, Fon du Lac Sioux
City, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth. In
Chicago connections are made with 22
diverging lines. In St Paul, Uniou
depot with 10 lines unsurpassed time
made to eastern and northeastern cities.
For tickets, etc.. call at city office 117
So. 10th St., or depot corner S and 8th
A ormal Student In Jail.
Fort Scott, Kan., Feb, 19. S. B.
Coffett, a youngs student of the Kan
sas normal college, whose home is in
Macon City, Ma, was arrested this
morning by Deputy United States
Marshal Lardner, charge I with send
ing scurrulous letters to Miss Crab-
tree, a student at the normal college
at Great Bend. Coffett formerly at
tended the Great Bend school and
kept company with Miss Crabtree.
He pleaded guilty to the charge and
was sent to jail to await sentence at
the next term of court.
Dr-afnen cannot b 0nrd
by local applications as thev eennot reach the
dlsdasxd portion uf the ear. There Is only one
may to cure drafneea. and that Is bv constitu
tional remmiies lieafiieests canned by an in
flamed condition of the mucous lining of the Kua
rnian Tube. When this tubs s Inflamed Ton
hare a rumbling sound or Imperfa) bearing, and !
when It Is entirely closed. Peafoeea Is the rrsnlt. I
and nnless tbelnflnmatlon can be taken out and
thi tube reetorrd to Ita normal condition, heae
Inn will be destroyed forever; nine cases out ol
ten are caused by catarrh: which is nothing bat ,
an Inflnm-d condition of the mucous surface. I
we wil aire One Hundred Uo lara for an case
of DeHfneee (caused bv catarrh) that cannot be
cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. Ken rt for circulars:
fm K. J OH r NET CO- Toledo. Ohio, i
aTSold by Druggists, 76a
A Chat
with Our Friends!
The publishers ot The Wealth
Makers have reason to be grateful
tor the financial support, and the
very many kind words of appreciation
and approval that have eoms to ns
during the past year and especially
during the last six months. When it
was known that the crops in Nebras
ka were a failure we felt aome uueasl
ness for tear that we should have to
cut the paper down to four page;
but so many ot our subscribers who
were owing us paid up that we have
been able to continue the paper its
usual site; and while it haa not been
all that we would like to have it, it
has been the best we could make it
with the limited means at our com
mand. But our hardest struggle is yet to
come; we wish yon friends to realise
this fact fully, in order that you may
feel keenly the weight of the responsi
bility that rests upon you. W art
necessarily in your hands, in your
There are many Populists in the
state who cannot possibly get the
money to renew their subscription
this year, or even pay what they owe
ns on back subscription.
They would be glad to do so if they
could, but the failure ot crops makes
it impossible. It rests then with jou
who can pay to see that your sub
scription to The Wealth Makers is
paid a year in advance in order that
the state paper may not be weakened
in its struggle against those who
would rob us of the product ot our
labor. We are fighting your battiest
you must hold up our hands.
Now friends, don't be negligent, be
thoroughly in tamest. We need the
money that you owe us. You can
not show your love for the principles
of the Populist Party in any more
effective way than by supporting the
press that advocates those principles.
Every shoulder to the wheel I
Pay your subscription a year in ad
vance, and if possible, send in at hast
one new name, if only tor a three
month's trial.
Faitbful!y yours,
Wealth Makers Pub. Co.,
J. 8. Hyatt, Bus. Mgr,
Three Cent Column.
'ltW Msklan UTWmSLjS HMfjL. ma JTaI
nivsrtUNmmMfor short UmeTVlllbo
SSiS1? ew" om for aehlnaar
wort. Cosh with the order
If you wawt anything, or bars anything that
Wbody else wut7make Utaowataraagk
this column. It will pay.
(OUS AND OATS for sale, Tra.k" Pedal
Bluffs, Neh. Write for prloxa, KAIiMEKH'
O. WILSON, gZZtf&li
Bnnrs Monk, Lincoln. WeK
TfJANTBD Fire and cyclone agents, aeod
vv pay. j. y.M. swigart, Beey, I
SWXZT rOTATOBB seat out to be sprouted
on kboren. Me experience iwmlrsa. Direc
tions for sprontlag ires. T. i. sinner, Maa
bus, Ki
MAM Wanted: salary ai
Mnn en t place; whole or part time. Appqr at
raes. Brown Bros. Co. Nurserymen,
Chicago. -
FOR RENT Ms acre Stock Farm sdlatatag
Lincoln; large bense and best equipped cat
tle born and hog houses In the state; complete
system of water works and tanks In yards aid
feed lots. Will ssll half Interest ia stack on torn
and share profits or take off stock and rent far
caaa. Address. JOHN J. QILLILAN,
Beal Estate Broker,
1041 P Street,
UM Lincoln. Nebraska.
slue or Bd,.uf pR ACTIC AL
er BMlbod, Used IttBlllteiorlci
t pirn d gootia, PlaUB told.
a.Vcr, ftickel, tUt . M WBIabee.
JowolfT, Ubiswve, bsovelrowisi
sui bmuu simmu ; duo ostnu for
Mnu( U1I real bUm) tlwojs
roady; bo Iwuieryi M tov; m
OXprrlOBOOJ do limit to plat 1 11 f
W. P. HARR ISDN A CO.. f frk f'n. t"i. I
5750.00 A Year and All Expsnsss.
' We want a tew Bore Oeaerol Ageata, ladles at
gentlemen, to travel and appoint agent an obi
new publications. Fall particulars given oa ap
plication. If yon apply please sand refereacco,
and state bnslness experience, age and send pho
tograph. If you caneot trarel, write ue tot
terms to local canvassers. Dept. Bare, S.L BCU
OO., Philadelphia, Pa.
830 acres of first class land tor sale) al
under irrigation ditch. 176 acres la cul
tivation. Price $17 per acre. 1 Biles
from Champion, Neb. For further par
ticulars address, M. Cook,
Champion, Neb.
For Sale
at a Bargain!
Lease of 640 acres school land (im
proved) all enclosed with six-wire fence,
180 head of nice young hogs weighing
from 100 to 200 pounds to go with it
This is in Custer county near Broken
Bow. Price. $3,000.
FOR SALE Good 6-room cottage,
barn, corner lot in good neighborhood.
For sale cheap. E. T. Hurr,
236 So. 11th St., Lincoln, Neb.
For Sale.
0 acres of tableland, good pasture, II
acres meadow land (12 tons of bay this
dry year) good well, all uew buildings, t
head ot work horses, 18 head of cattle,
46 head of hogs, ( good Poland Chinas)
wagons and implements necessary to
farm; 75 chickens, household goods, po
tatoes, hay, seed oats and seed corn.
Price $2,600 half cash, ft miles soatk
wtet of Wisner, Neb.
All parties coming to Wisner, should
Inquire for Mrs. Lutes or address all let
ten to Isaac Gkntzleb, Wisner, Neb.
Wealth Bakers,
arasn Tribune
Ths Wealth Bakers
The Biuouxi World
The Wealth Bakers
The Vara Journal
The Wealth Bakers
Yox Populi
The Wealth Bakers
The Honeonibrmist
The Wealth Bakers
The Prairie Farmer
The Wealth Bakers
The KepresentatiTe
The Wealth Bakers,
($1.00 per
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The Hebraska Farmer
The Wealth Bakers
Western Swine Breeder
( 1.00 per
The Wealth Bakers ( LOO per
Western Ponltrj Hews M "
The Wealth Bakers ($1.00 per
Tamers' Institute, Bason City, Ia.
(Mutual Insnranos Paper)
We will send you Tea Wbalth Marks and any other weekly paper that
you want, the prioe of which is $1.00 per year lor $1.55. Old subseribert
"y advantage of these offers as well as new subscribers.
We want every one ot our readers to canvas for us. Bend ue al haat oa
nbscriber, if it is only tor a three month's trial, for 25c
We will give 20 pur cent commission to agents who will work for us.
How many of onr readers lore Thi Wealth Maxkrs enough to work for tm,
to increase its circulation and consequently its usefulness?
If tov will send us only one new subscriber our list will be doubled next
week. Individual work is ths kind that gives results. 8eud as two new sub
scriptions with 2.00 andfre will extend your subscription one year tree!
Faithfully youre,
. W. CASTOR, Pres. 3. P. HOUBE, Vlee-Pree. W. B. LtMCR, Sec'y. A. 8BEB1 AMYKK, Treos.
O. L. LINCH, State Agent.
Farmers' Mutual Insurance Co.
The Largest, Best and Cheapest Farm Bntual Insrranoe Company
in the State;
Over $4,000,000 Insurance
Now in Effect, o
Paid Mora Promptly than any old line company dolus business. Insures awalnsi Ptra aad
Detaining, Wind and Tornado, at one per cent. Haa run three years without any Asssns
mens. Famishes insurance to the farmers at actual coat. AU loses paid In tall
and no debts standing agalast ths company.
Home Office, lOOl O Ht,
Who Wants a Good Thing?
1 la a sx!l t:ra k:I fcr frca Uzzztz,
I HATE a nice dean salable stock of hardware of about $2,600.00 so tnu&g
stock. Sales from f 8,000.00 to $10,000.00 per year. My profits last year
were about $1,600.00. Storeroom on corner rents for $16.00 per month,
38x78, ample side rooms, street frontage 60 feet, best location in town; tributary
trade large and good; like buying a gold dollar if anyone is wanting a hardware
location; part cash, part on time. Must selL
It will pay you to see or write to me.
1U0 U 8t, Linooln, Beb.
Irrigated Farms-$1,000!
OUT of a thomsand tarns ia EOUTHWOT 111, ei ltt aens ca. we aw
esUiag a limited aamber eqtJppsd with aa meepwdeal and arriv
tira plant suOdent for at least tea asm oa eam faesn. The seise a wUsh
IkmiltOaMntamBnmWamknmnbritoiwaMltotm am aad Inri sfswi
mat are worth.
ea ae er write for
Fine Stock Auctioneer.
H.I ae lasel
trsngta or sUa-
ladii and IMP-
loma at World1 e
Fair. Alio Gel-
nnlied Steel
Twike, CtMeis
Ml Imsn Ternee,Caleee,IS
Our rraad eataJofae, orsr SM Ulnatratlone,
agent's latest roods and aoTsltles, 1 writing pea
fountain attachment. 1 elegant gentleman',
watch chain and charm, guaranteed se years
Tonr nam In agent's directory 1 year, all seal
lor 10 eta. Postage 1 cents, EMPIBB M0TILT1
00., 167 Tremont Ot, Boston, Mass.
tne Oarks,"
The Land of Hm Rd Appls, Is aa attractlTj
and Interesting book, handsomely Illustrated
with views ol South Missouri scenerr. iuclndlns
the famous Olden Krult Farm ot H.OOO acree Is
Howell countr. It pertains to fruit rals ng Is
that areat (rait belt ol America, ths soutbri
slope of tbe Osnrks, and will proTS of great ealue
nut only to fruit growers, but to every farinnt
and homraeeker looking for a farm and a home
Mailed free. Address,
J. E. L0CKW00D,
Kauai City, Ko
Farm For Sale.
410 acres: M acres la cultivation; l-room dwelling;,
good well of pur water and cistern, MO scree
pralrte. so acres umber: mtuaora ivi miiee irons
Dee Are. tbe eoaaty aeat of Prairie county, a
busy little town on ths west bank of Whits Klver,
cheap traneportotloa by steamer line: good
anarch and ecbooLprlvllegee. Price :,860. $L6M
saah, balance la deferred payments. Address,
W. U. V1VION, Lonoke. Ark.
mmis 7
M aT 1 19 sW "n-t
I Both papors
f for $ 1.65 per year
Both Papers
f for $ 1.25 per year
) Both papers
f for $1.10 per year
I Both papers
I for $ 1 .40 per year
I Both papers
f for $ l .55 per year
I Both papers
I for $ 1.30 per year
) Both papers
I for $ 1 .65 per year
I Both papers
I for $1 .55 per year
) Both papers
I for $ l .60 per year
I Both papers
f for $ 1 .00 per year
) Both oaoers
for 9 1.00 per year
Both Papers
I for $1,15 per year
' "
Wealth Makers Pub. Co., g
Lincoln, Neb a
Over $7,000 on Hand.
32 Losses Paid In 1804.
Lincoln, Neb.
&, ZAX1AI CTT, X3.
Want : Column.
COR EXCHANGE Six-room house, large lot,
fruit nod shade; for land in central Nebraska.
FOR EXCHANGE Five-room cottage borne oa
street car line; would take land,
COR EXCHANOn 1 acres Improved land ia
sou theas tern K ansss; for f arm la eastern Ne
braska. FOR EXCHANGE Four vacant lots near Col
lege; wonld consider live stock.
FOR EXCHANGE rive eight-room house and
corner lot, facing college campus, for farm.
FOR EXCHANGE Five acres, good souse, six
rooms, bath, hot and cold water, closet,
seweracr, barn, hen and hog house, windmill aad
tank, frnlt: near school and street ear, the Ideal
suburban home; will exchange for (0 or leO aera
farm, convlent to railroad.
FOR EXCHANGE-Ten acres adjoining Llneoiaj
would eonalder property ia smaller town.
FOB EXCHANGE 1(0 acre farm twelve mllea
northwest of Lincoln, for 60 acre form la ease,
era Nebraska.
FOR EXCH ANQE 1(0 acres tea miles from Lin
coln; would conelder central Missouri land.
FOR EXCHANGE 80 acres, tan miles from Lin
coln, adjoining small town: for general mer
chandise. FOR BALE Six aeree, no buildings near school
and street car. Fine site for a homo.
FOR SALE (S acres adjoining Lincoln, near
College and ear line, cheap for short time.
FOR HALE lit acres, well improved, twetva
miles south of Lincoln; trait and sprias;
FOR SALE 040 acres, eloee to Lincoln, oae
mils from street ear and college; a bargain,
FOR SALE 80 acres, twelve miles of Lincoln, at
half the prioe of adjoining load; must be sold.
FOR 9 ALE-MO acres, eight miles ot Lincoia
good buildings, fruit, living water; cheap.
IF TOD have land. Improved or unimproved,
city property, or merchandise, yon wish to
sail or exchange, list it at once.
IP TOU want to buy and wont to gat a bargain,
all upon or address,
Gillilan Investment Co.,
Jforthwsit Corner 11U P SU.
Orouad Iloor, Real Xitate Xxebaage Boonu.
Llnooln, Nab.
NEURALGIA cured bv Dr. M 11m1 Pais
Fills. "Quo cent a dooo." At all drnstlstsv