The Wealth makers of the world. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1894-1896, November 22, 1894, Page 5, Image 5

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farember22. 1894.
. : ' . I
ME IN. ? FREE! PT"Ti3n 1
V I Tub bich bare to die, same as the rait
'pt 9J and thepleasures they can buy while
l l(tajffive never satisfy them. They can
amy eat tljree good meals a day, wear
esuit. clothes at a time, and exer
Ve and sleep. They cannot have a clear
MiHcience and peace of mind. They are
premely selfish, hence cannot love or be
,ved. Even in their own households
" ey cannot be happy. Having always
surfeit, more than they need of every
ling, they have no opportunity to deny
;"3gbne8s down even to the level of their
ml needs, bo do not at any time
ow even to their own children the love
"Sh sacrifice alone can reveal and
Jure. They are by their Belfirthness
jrely shut out of the realm of spiritual
ojtnent and real society. They have
.4 love for their fellownien, and are not
by their fellows.tbe service they get
; all a hired service. Their pleasures
sensuous, and such as are found in
gratifying the abnormal desire to display
Sir ill-gotten gains and exercise their
"po tic power, Poor fools,
Jhk old liberal parties in Europe are
appearing and the Clericals are re-
pearing, with the Socialists as their
f opponents. What does it mean?
-fie Clerical or church party should be
preaching socialism, because socialism is
the opposite of selfism. Being socially
centered instead of self-centered is the
jfeal Christianity. But the church doc
trine nevr enters the market place and
fcachers have so long allowed the
liness of selfism to rule all its mem
fthere, while professing faith in and
iiiedience to the law of equal love ("thy
Neighbor as thyself)," that it mistakes
mere word profession for the unselfish
deeds required. At the same time it
chinks its doctrines will save it, and that
those who attack its mode of living are
Its enemies. They are antagonizing an
apostate church, but not the real follow
ters of Christ.
In the late war when we had a million
men in the field, do you think the boys at
the front would have felt any dishearten
ed at the news that five hundred thous
and volunteers had joined them? Would
not their welcoming shout have rent the
heavens? Well, that many volunteers
joined our one million strong Populist
army on the 6th instant. It was a
mighty increase, and all the more so be
cause; every last one of them came from
JVbe winks of the enemy and we hav'
Once more, once more are heroes waking
Ai dawns a rlghteons day foretold
And marching forth their cry la shaking
The hldsooa shapes of evils old.
By alJJdt all onr laws shall be.
By all for all oar laws shall be.
The forming hosts of honest labor
Shall give to each his place, his past,
,Wlth equal worth In every mart.
And neighbor live at peace witii neighbor.
ALLganizations, partnerships, cor
porations, associations, trusts, trade
anions, farmers' alliances, the American
Railway Union combining all railway
employe, the Knights of Labor uniting
all sorts of workers, the thousand kinds
of insurance and other mutual benefit so
cieties, political parties, voluntarily or
ganized governments consciously or
unconsciously are teaching that co-operation
is better than competition; that
allimen must unite for mutual benefit
anffl defense. And there is but one basis
Lei'perfect, peaceful, lasting nnion, name
ly, that of political and industrial
equality. It is coming. It must come.
The resistless currents of natural forces
and human needs are driving us on
through strife and suffering to the state
of "peace and good will."
The Socia'ists of Germany are gainfng
many converts in the army, which is the
explanation of the recent re m ovals of con
siderable numbers of officers. In Austria
the agitation is most thorough, the
country being divided into clubs, and or
ganized 'm to sections;"books a refurnished
and lectures given and the propaganda
of Socialism carried on with enthusiasm."
In Vienna last year about a thousand
piblic meetings were held. The burden
off taxation necessitated by the Triple
y $ri2ee- has reduced the Austrian laborer
I to starvation wages, and in these days
men do not starve for such reasons with"
ont discussing remedies, says The Out
, look.
"Have wea Democratic party?" Henry
Watterson atks.
') Yes, but it is not known by that name.
The Democratic party so-called is no
more a party of the people than is the
Republican party. It is in the hands of
lideinagogues who make platforms and
Jr promises and print editorials to
tool the people, with one object, namely,
'y" secure the offices and the spoils there
I. It is as a machine, owned, oiled and
Jjgulated by the money power centering in
London and Wall street, and by the big
trusts, the railroads and the combina
tions of capital which have controlled
and are determined to control legislation.
New York city in the recent election
roted in favor of the municipal construc
tion of a street railway system for rapid
transit. Populist measure, see? And
what New York has done all other cities
will do. Tammany, the most corrupt
city government the world has known,
was also overthrown by a citizens move
ment, the most efficient man in exposing
'corrption being elected to the Recorder's
y"3ft by a majority of 52,000. The peo
t can be aroused. Never give up. It's
Our Second Great Annual "One in 7 Free Sale" began Saturday,
November 3, and will conclude without fail November 30. This
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Even Olney, attorney-general and chief
counsel for the trusts, says men should
not be discharged, as is now being done
by the receivers of the Reading railroad
in New Jersey, simply because they be"
long to the Brotherhood of Railway
Trainmen and refuse to withdraw from
tt. But, talk about despots and the lash
of slaveholders, of barbarous nations
and uncivilized ages! No more arrogant,
despotic and cruelly greedy tyrants ever
existed than the stockholders and man
agers of the great corporations which
have here been granted by the people le
gal favors, and so have gotten great
power by robbingas.
The wicked pressure of the military
system of Europe, crushing into miser
able poverty the working population, "is
feeding the ranks of the Socialist party,"
says The Outlook. The great standing
armies are necessary to keep royalty and
plutocracy enthroned, but both armies
and debts are having to be increased and
despotism, commercial and political, is
fast taking the safe ground from under
l use iv
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Pullman's Unemployed, 500 fami
lies. Will Settle in Alabama.
Montgomery, Ala., Nov. 11. A party
consisting of 500 families of the Pullman
unemployed will, arrive itv JLlabAtnaWr.
ing this week and will establish a single
tax colony after the idea of Henry
George, near Blakely, in Baldwin county.
They have secured 2,000 acres of fine
land at $6 per acre, located on the very
spot where the last battleof the civil war
was fought. The land lies for two and a
half miles along the beautiful Tensas
river with boat water up to the shore.
Mobile.the largest city In Alubama,is just
twelve miles across the bay from Blakely,
and will be the market for what surplus
products the colony produces. For thiee
months the colonists expect to expe
rience hardship, as there will be little in
come for them excepting from a fine coal
in bank on their land. After that, how
ever, the land will yield abundantly of
fruits and vegetables to provide com
fortably for them. Sawmill and brick
making machinery has been bought on
time. It is believed here that the co-operating
colony will prove a success. A
Lutheran minister named Van Kock,
formerly of Ohio, but now of Alabama,
is the instigator of the enterprise. The
colony will be located about ten miles
from the City of Mexico.
Our song book, Armageddon, is what
our great industrial political movement
has been long in need of. Its value is
recognized and its songs will be the songs
of the workers every where, in their homes
and the social and political meetings.
They alone furnish a very thorough edu.
cation in social questions, an education
for both heart and head. We believe no
book of any sort placed npon the market
has more tban a fraction of its power to
do good at the present time; no book has
in it so much power to stir the hearts of
the people and kindle determination and
enthusiasm; no presentation of truth can
be made to reach and effect so many as
the truth that is set to fine music and
sung to the people.
The Commander-in-chief of the Indus
trial Legion of America writes under date
October 4th, as follows:
"Your song book is the very best, and
fills a long-felt want in the party. It is a
song book; it is not machine rot, but
genuine high grade words and music. I
shall issue a circular in a few days and
recommend it to the Industrial Legion.
I congratulate you on your great work.
The whole country will sing this music if
you can reach the people."
From the New York Voice we clip the
following notice:
Armageddon, The Songs of the World's
Workers Who Go Forth to Battle with
the Kings and Captains and Mighty
Men. By George Ho ward Gibson. Manilla
130 pp., 85 cents, $3.60 a dozen. Lin'
coin, Neb.; The Wealth Makers Publish
ing Company.
This is a collection of songs for the
times, with bright, catchy words and
good, stirring music. Among these are:
"Get Off the Earth," "We Have the Tariff
Yet," "The Taxpayers Settle the Bills,"
"TVatilB- Hvinn ol.tU VlcirVvr ." "C.nA
oave tne reopie, mat uonestuoiiar,"
"Hayseed in His Hair," "If I were a
Voice," "A Politician Here You See," "It
Stuck in His Crop," "Sunrise on the
Hills," "The Road to Freedom," "A
Drowning Cry," "Armageddon," "The
Rallying Cry," "The Pauper's Last
Smoke," "Only a Penny a Loaf," "Our
liineof Defense," "1'lenty of Room,
"Old Error's Mists are Sweeping By,"
"American National Hymn," "Jeans
Pants a-Comin," "The Money Power
Arraigned," "Timothy Hayseed," and
many more.
Attorneys-at- Law,
1026 0 St., Lincoln, Neb.
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The Leading Conservatory of America.'
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