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    November 8,- 1894.
The November Annals of the American
Academy contains the following papera:
"Why Lad Roecherno Little influence in
England?" by Rev. William Cunningham
the English economist; "ReaHouable Rail
way Rates," by H. T. Newcomb, of the
Auditor's Department of the Interstate
Commerce Commission; "The Economic
Function of Woman," by Dr. Edw. T.
Devine of the American Society for thf
Extension of University Teaching; "Re
lief Work at the Wells Memorial Insti
tute," by Miss Helena S. Dudley, of th
Boston College Settlement. "Utility,
Economics and Sociology," by Prof. F.
H. Giddings, of Columbia College:
"Organic Concept of Society," by Prof.
S. N. Patten, of the University of Penn
sylvania, and "Clark's Use of 'Rent' and
'Profits," " by Prof. J. H. Hollander of
Johns Hopkins University. The Per
sonal Notes and Book Department are
up to the usual standard. The Depart
ment of Miscellany contains a report of
the recent "International Congress oi
Hygiene and Demography," held at Buda
Pesth. And a new feature hj inaugurated,
in a series of Notes on Municipal Govern
ment, by Dr. Leo. S. Rowe. A transla
tion of the Italian Constitution, by Dr.
S. M. Lindsay and Dr. L. S. Rowe, of the
University of Pennsylvania is sent as a
supplement to this number. Station B,
Pbilada. f 1.50.
Our song book, Armageddon, in what
our great industrial political movement
has been long in need of. Its value is
recognized and its songs will be the songs
of the workers every where, in their homes,
and the social and political meetings.
y iThey alone furnish a very thorough edu-
cation in social questions, an education
for both heart and head. We believe no
book of any sort placed upon the market
has more tban a fraction of its power to
do good at the present time; no book has
in it so much power to stir the hearts of
the people and kindle determination and
enthusiasm; no presentation of truth can
be made to reach and effect so many as
the truth that is set to fine music and
sung to the people.
The Commander-in-chief of the Indus
trial Legion of America writes under date
October 4th, as follows:
"Tour song book is the very best, and
fills a long-felt want in the party. It is a
song book; it is not machine rot, but
genuine high grade words and music. I
shall issue a circular in a few days and
recommend it to the Industrial Legion.
I congratulate you on your great work.
The whole country will sing this music if
you can reach the people."
From the New York Voice we clip the
following notice:
Armageddon, The Songs of the World's
Workers Who Go Forth to Battle with
the Kings and Captains and Mighty
Men. By George Ho ward Gibson. Manilla
130 pp., 35 cents, $3.60 a dozen. Lin
coln, Neb.; The Wealth Makers Publish
ing Company;
This is a collection of songs for the
times, with bright, catchy words and
good, stirring music. Among these are:
"Get Off the Earth," "We Have the Tariff
Yet," "The Taxpayers Settle the Bills,"
"Battle Hymn of the Workers," "God
Save the People," "That Honest Dollar,"
"Hayseed in His Hair," "If I were a
Voice," "A Politician Here You See," "It
Stuck in His Crop," "Sunrise on the
Hills," "The Road to Freedom," "A
Drowning Cry," "Armageddon," "The
Rallying Cry," "The Pauper's Last
Smoke," "Only a Penny a Loaf," "Our
Line of Defense," "Plenty of Room,"
"Old Error's Mists are Sweeping By,"
"American National Hymn," "Jeans
Pants a-Comin," "The Money Power
Arraigned," "Timothy Hayseed," and
many more.
Pbof. Commons In his book on "The
Distribution of Wealth" classifies person
al rights as those of life, liberty employ
ment and marriage. Concerning this
right to employment he says:
"The right to employment, when en
forced, wouldihavetheeffex5tof guarantee
ing to every worker, even the lowest, a
share of the total income in excess of his
minimum of subsistence. It would give
steady work through the year, which
would increase the wages of the lowest
laborer by thirty to fifty per cent. And
by overcoming the chronic excess of la
borers beyond the opportunities of em
ployment, it would ruise the marginal
utility of the marginal laborers, thus
raising the nages of all."
The I. M. Raymond colored Republican
club of Lincoln during thecampaign held
its meetings in a building just west of the
Republican headquarters and kept free
liquors, beer and whisky on tap in a
back room opening out of the hall. A
reporter for The Wealth Makers at
tended one night when the meeting was
addressed by the very respectable Mr.
Raymond, and the right honorable Ed.
Sizer held forth. Sizer sacrilegiously
paraphrased the Bible in bis talk, and
both at the close of the speaking went
behind the scenes to wet their whistles.
Raymond is a trustee of the Presbyterian
In this city today, voting, is the son of
a Lincoln minister, brought back from
Chicago by the Burlington to help elect
its man Majors, brought back on a pass.
The University students have also been
tampered with, those who would vote the
Republican ticket have been sent home
at expense of the corporations. The g.
-'. , p., if. w WsnfiMTtZ PJfth. .59P)f' It
is run by the corporations, for the cor
porations. The Independent Labor party of Great
Britain, led by Keir Hardy, M. P., Tom
Mann and others, aparty that is gaining
rapidly in votes and representation in
Parliament, has this to say for itself:
"The I. L. P. is not merely an organiza
tion for securing the return of a few work
ingmen to Parliament, but a great na
tional movement to bring about the re
organization, by constitutional means,
' of our entire industrial system on the
basis of work for all, reward for all who
work and the overthrow of the idler,
whether rich or poor. .
Ulfc IN ( FREEIPX Blankets...
I S If U
Our Second Great Annual "One in 7 Free 8ale" began Saturday
November 3, and will conclude without fail November 30. This
means that every seventh purchase of like amount will
be absolutely free to the purchaser.
Mail Orders Filled Same
Day as Received and
Satisfaction Guaranteed
The Populist committee nas discovered
a large amount of perjury and fraudulent
registration in Lincoln. The Republican
leaders in their desperation have paid a
large number of men to swear falsely as
to their place of residence. They have
men registered as living on vacant lots,
in vacant houses, and the same individ
ual declares (swears) his residence to be
in several places. They have planned
thuB to have men vote early and oftec
for "Tattooed Tom" and the rest of the
railroad ticket.
The 1,200 bankers who met in Balti
more to formulate a new banking scheme
to enable them to draw the largest pos
sible stream of usury from the people,
are jointly worth $150,000,000 and
represent a bankingcapital of $700,000,
000. They had much to say in favor of
an elastic volume of the currency, but
planned to do the stretching and con
tracting themselves. They are not a bit
afraid of fiat money if they alone are
permitted to intuit- and loan it.
IT has taken us only one generation,
since. 1861, to do, in the matter of con.
centrating wealth, what it took Rome
five hundred years to accomplish. There
fore an immediate, mighty uprising of
the liberty-loving people cau alone save
us from what destroyed that ancient re
public. The historian, Pliny, says:
"The colossal fortunes which ruined
Italy were due to the concentration of
estates, through usury, brought about
by lack of an abundant supply of money.'
Eight great railway corporations own
ninety-five per cent. of theanthracitecoal
fields of the country, and since 1879 the'
anthracite freight rates have beeu
advanced, instead of decreased. This in
the face of the fact that facilities for
handling coal and the price of labor have
greatly cheapened the actual cost of
carrying it.
Hate you noticed, the president always
trawls new la a spee'al train? The cor
porations provide it free, andGroverand
his attorney general, Olney, take care of
the railroad interests. The common peo
ple no longer obtain legislation. The
corporations have to be cared for and
justice is too costly a thing for the poor
to dream of.
Counterfeit Money Found.
Clav Center, Kan., Nov 5. Labor
ers in digging a main for water pipes
in this place discovered 350 pieces of
counterfeit money in denominations
of fifty and twenty-five cent pieces.
A peculiar feature of the find lies in
the fact that coins of the same de
nomination bear different date.
If you are in arrears on subscrip.
tion to The Wealth Makers, you
will receive a letter soon, telling you
how much you owe, and earnestly re
questing you to pay up and send in a
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ciples, of the Populist party may be
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a single subscriber, but shall hare to
do so if you don't pay for it.
If yon are a Populist you ought not
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We know it is hacd to get, but in
many cases the persons who are in
most need of it are more prompt in
renewing their subscription than
others who can well afford to pay. It
has been a wonder to ns that many
of our subscribers who are holding
good positions, county offices in some
instances, have paid no attention to
our notices of expiration, while many
others who could ill afford the money
have paid a year in advance and
given ns kind and helpful words of
appreciation. We have done the best
we could, and have placed The
Wealth Makers on a sound financial
foundation; but to you who are
owing us on back subscription, we
must say that, in justice to ourselves,
we can no longer send the paper to
you. If yon have not already, you
soon will receive a statement of the
amount you owe in; ftniVlft-do, ..T0fc
hear from you immediately your
name will be stricken from our list.
To those of our friends who have
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shadow we express ourhearty thanks,
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Lincoln, - - Neb.
State Superintendent Gondy Not
In It.
Linooln, Neb., Nov. 5, 1894.
Editor Wealth Makers:
Merely in order that my friends through
out the state may be assured from me
that I have not prostituted my office to
the methods of the politician, as was in
dicated in your columns of the issue of
October 25, I ask the publication of a
letter of Mr. Barton, whose connection
with my office and with the "committee"
referred to gave color to the charge. As
I have always been, I am the servant of
the educational interests, and am not in4
clined to coercion, as the letter of Mr.
Miller, which was the cause of your ed
itorial comments, indicates that those
in sympathy with bis methods are. I
know that not all the committee ap
proved of his start. This may account
in part for his sudden withdrawal from
the committee. A. K. Goudy.
Lincoln, Neb., Oct. 31, 1894.
Editor Wealth Makers: .
In your issue of October 25 I find cer
tain articles which connect State Super
intendent Goudy with a committee of
which I am a member. You quote a let
ter purporting to be from Mr. J. H.
Miller, one of the original members ol
said committee, and commenting npon
the same, you conclude that Mr. Goudy
participated in the organization, acts,
and deliberations of such committee.mid
permitting and allowing an improper use
of stationery, postage,etc., belonging to
the state.
I wish to state that said committee was
mnde up without Mr. Goudy's knowl
edge and without consultation with him,
and that the steps taken by said com
mittee have been taken without his
knowledge or consent. I further declare
that not an honr of the state's time, not
a sheet of paper, or an envelope belong
ing to the state, not a postage stamp,
the property of the state, has been used
by me, or by any one else, so far as I
know, for campaign purposes.
What part I have taken in this matter
has been taken on my own volition and
without consulting or advising with Mr.
Goudy, and for such part lam personally
and wholly responsible. I am also confi
dent that no other member of the com
mittee has, at any time, advised with or
nonsuited Mr. Goudy An this matter.
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