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October U. 1694
l"behr Fimmn Em CnMd the Greatest
Exelteaaeat to Shanghai aad Else
wfcara TtarMghoat tha Flowery
Klagdom Twa Thoasaad Chl
aaa Bold lara Desart o
Aeeoaat af o fay.
Lohdobt, Oct 8. A dispatch from
Shanghai eays that the masters of sev
ral Chinese junks which arrived al
Chefoo yesterday reported having
sighted Tuesday a large fleet of Jap
anese transports, escorted by war
hip entering the gulf of Pe-Chill,
numbering 70 ships. Their presence
ia the gnlf of Pe- Chili has caused the
greatest excitement at Shanghai and
elsewhere. It is believed that it ia
. the expeditionaty fore of 80,000 mea
which left Hlroschlma, the Japanese
headquarters, September 36, under
sealed orders and under command of
Field Marsha ICount Oyama, Japanese
minister of war. This force composed
the second Japanese army corps and
was escorted by the second Japanese
A dispatch received it New Ch wang
says that the Chinese are in full re
treat from Moukden, which is threat
ened by advance of Japanese troops
from Corea and the Japanese force
aaid to have been landed near Possiel
bay and not far from the Russian ter
ritory bordering on Corea and the
Chinese province of Manchuria.
The Chinese government haa au
thorised a firm in Tien Tain to raise a
loan of 150,000,000. The aum of 15,000,
000 has already been placed privately.
The rates are, not stated.
The Siamese government has sold
to Chinese traders 60,000 rlflles of an
obsolete type. The price paid by the
traders was about nine cents for each
Wang Feng Tsao, late Chinese min
ister at Toklo, in an audience at Pekin
was severely censured on account of
his ignorance of the Japanese designs
in Cores.
Two Japanese spies have been ar
rested at Mankin. One of them con
fessed that he had been furnishing
information to the Japanese ana
added that he regretted that he had
been captured before he finished hia
work. The other, a clerk to the other
Pv pleaded youth and ignorance in
extenuation of his offense. Both are
now awaiting the decision of the vice
roy in their cases.
It is reported that 3,000 men be
longing to the Sheng division of Li
Hung Chang's crack corps, now in
Corea, have deserted on account of
their pay being in arrears. It is also
rumored that they have joined the
London, Oct . A dispatch re
ceived here from Berlin says that it
has been learned on high authority
that the meeting of the British cab
inet was called to discuss a proposal
for combined action on the part of
the powers to interfere and prevent
the overthrow of the Chinese
dynasty, which, it was claimed, would
result in anarchy in the empire and
the massacree of Europeans. One
power, it is said, favored a 'com
pulsory settlement of the Chinese
Japanese dispute. The dispatch adds
that Sir William Vernon Harcount,
chancellor of the exchequer, sup
ported this view of the action to be
taken, but Prime Minister Rosebery
and a majority of the cabinet believed
active interference would be more
dangerous than non-intervention, and
it was decided that Great Britain
should not Interfere.
ChanoeUor von Caprivi has gone to
Hubertusstock, where the kaiser is
now staying, to consult his majesty
regarding the situation in China. The
German press is inclined to view the
situation in the East with alarm. The
statement of the Vossische-Zeitung,
that in its opinion the Corean war is
the forerunner of a great Anglo-Russian
collision, is generally echoed in
the provincial press.
The Cssr Seriously III.
Bkbltet, Oct 8. Professor Leyden,
the distinguished specialist who has
Just returned from Spala, where he
has been in attendance upon the czar
of Russia in conjunction with Pro
fessor Zacharin, said distinctly: "His
majesty is suffering from Bright' s dis
ease. But the disease is as yet in
mild form complicated with diabetes.
The latter is causing difficulty in
roster Will Pay Forty Cents.
Fostobia. Ohio, Oct 8. The long
delayed settlement with the credit
ors of ex-Governor Foster and his
partner, Mr. Davis, has at length
come about The assignee to-day an
nounced that he would be able to pay
forty cents on the dollar on all the
claims, amounting to 8213,000. The
settlement will begin at once.
An Iowa Town Fire Damaged.
Dss Moises, Iowa, Oct 8. Fire at
Adele, to-day, consumed the opera
house and a number of other build
ings in the businels portion, causing
losses of about $85,000. Fifteen horses
were cremated.
The question of relieving army offi-
eera as Indian agents will be taken
up at the coming session of congress.
The termination of the Eastern
Alaskan boundary makes it the long
est straight line boundary in the
It is proposed that the government
forest reserves in the several states
be turned into national parks or given
to the states for state parks.
Commissioner McDonald says this
has been a bad year for young fish,
bat that the government hatcheries
have turned out something like 000,
HUi Sparry of allfornia Triply Marrlad
to I'rlnca I'onlalow.kL
Paris, Oct 8. The civil marriage of
MIbs Elizabeth Sperry of San Francis
co and Prince Poniatowski was per
formed by the mayor of Passy yester
day. The witnesses on behalf of the
bride were her brother-in-law, W. H.
Crocker of San Francisco and Mr. Kane
of Paris. The bridegroom's witnesses
were his uncle, Count Mouesue Ceren
sac and Count DeVeleon. The bride
was attired in dark green silk.
The religious marriage took place
at noon to-day in the Roman Catholic
church of St Pierre de Challot The
bridal party then repaired to the
American Protestant church of the
Holy Trinity.on the Avenue de 1'Alma
where a second religious ceremony
was performed by the Rev. Dr. Mor
gan, according to the American Epis
copalian rites with full choral and
processional music. Mr. Sperry gave
the bride .away. M. Le Comte de
Leon was the best man. The church
was decorated with flowers. Among
tire Americans, present were Miss
Sybil Sanderson, Mr. Sanderson, Mr.
and Mrs. Alexander and Mr. and Mra
Stuart Taylor of New York and Mr.
Allan of San Francisco.
After the two religious ceremonies,
a luncheon was served at the Hotel
Bristol and the prince and princess
started for Holland at 5 o'clock. They
will live hare after the honeymoon,
on the Avenue du Bois de Boulogne.
The bride wore a dress of white
satin and no ornamnets.
High Naval Offleers bane a Manifesto
Resenting a Kojral Speech.
Madhid, Oct 8. According to ad
vices received from Lisbon, a large
number of Portuguese naval officers,
aggrieved at a certain passage in the
speech which' the king recently
made at the opening of the Portu
guese Cortes, drew up a manifesto in
the form of a protest, addressed to
the nation. No names were attached,
but its authors are known to be men
of high position and influence.
The police have arrested the man
who printed the manifesto and great
excitement has been caused at Lisbon.
Trumbull Wants to Go to the Senate.
Chicago, Oct 8. Reports are cur
rent that the erstwhile prominent
Democrat, Judge Lyman Trumbull, in
appearing as a Populist campaign
speaker, is carrying out part of a deep
laid scheme. It is asserted that hav-
ing made himself solid with the Pop
ulists, he hopes to be the choice
I for United States senator of such
1 representatives as that party may suc
ceed in electing to the Illinois legis
lature. It is not impossible that the
Populists may hold the balance of
power in the Joint assembly, and it is
claimed that Judge Trumbull sees in
such a condition a chance to have
himself forced upon the Democrats as
a compromise, and Franklin MoVeagb
dropped aa an impossibility.
An Antt Liquor Trader Shot.
RusHmuE, Ind., Oct 8. John Mc
Carthy of this town, having failed to
obtain a license to sell liquor by re
tail at Part. a. Illiii.o fln. .;!.
north of here, by reason of a citizens'
league's opposition, this morning shot
twice at jf G. Wolf of the committee.
One shot struck Wolf in the groin and
he is in a critical condition. McCarthy
is now in jail '
. The Crawford Case Concluded.
Spbingfikld, Ma, Oct. 8. Argu
ments are now being made in the
A. B, Crawford embezzlement case
and it will go to the iurv to-niirht
The government's case is not a strong
one and a verdict of acquittal would
not be surprising.
Suicide by Drowning-.
MABTVUXE. Ma. Oct 8. Mrs. Afaro
Rice, wife of James M. Rice, commit-
ted suicide by jumping into a well
containing about eight feet of water.
Ill health is supposed to be the cause.
William T. Hutehlna Disbarred.
Washington, Oct 8. William T.
flutchinsof Wichita. Kan., and T. S.
Rice, Mattoon, I1L, have been dis
barred from practice before
patent office.
Another two-days' speaking trip
from the car platform throughout
Northern Indiana has been arranged
for ex-President garrison.
The attorneys in the sugar man
damus case have concluded their
arguments and Judge McCorub has
taken them under, advisement
S. M. Biddison, secretary of the Illi
nois State Mutual Life Insurance
company, has been arrested, charged
with running a lottery under the
guise of an insurance company. The
company is a prominent one. Ex
Governor Beverage of Illinois is presi
dent The representatives of the various
wheel companies who have been
meeting in Indianapolis for the past
several weeks, have completed an or
ganization which practically gives
them a monopoly of the wheel busi
ness in the country. The name of t he
new organization is the Commercial
Wheel company.
A clandestine marriage was the
consummation of a romantic court
ship at Hot Springs Friday. The con
tracting parties were Ernest Shendal,
a hotel clerk, and Miss Eldora P.
Craig, daughter of Auditor Craig of
the Union Pacific railway. The
parents opposed the match but the
young couple took a drive into the
country and returned man and wife.
Reports of the naval officers com- 1
manding the vessels on the Behrimr
sea patrol one and all present a very
discouraging outlook for the future of
our seal fisheries. Gonerally these
reports show that the regulations im
posed in accordance with the findings
of the Paris arbitration are of little
avail in protecting the seals during
what is known as the open season.
! Over 600,000,000 fish of varloua kinds
have been hatched and loosed under
, the auspices of the national cotnmis- i
sion this season. There has been
about 100,000,000 hatched,
000 white fish, 3,000,000 perch, besides
smaller numbers of a great many
( other species. i
Will S1EP on
UU Health la Too Feeble to Stand tha
Strain of Another Campaign 91
ehosetts Republican Renominate
. Governor Green halge UHsoo
Returns From Europe Im
L proved In Health.
Nkwabk, N. J., Oct 8. A lettei
was received to-day by Assemblyman
Moses Bigelow from Senator McPher
son, in which he stated that he wai
not a candidate for a fourth term in
the senate. "For a period of eigh
teen years," Mr. McPherson wrote, "1
have served the people of New Jersey
in the . senate of the United Statei
faithfully and diligently and with all
my ability. For the last four years
the sessions have been almost contin
uous and the strain upon me physical
ly has been quite as great as I can
bear and I cannot assume the respon
sibility of an active, exciting political
struggle wnicn tne situation in New
Jersey seems to make necessary to
Insure complete success."
Mr. McPherson has been a senator
for a longer consecutive period than
any other citizen of New Jersey.
Governor Greenhalge Renominated
Senator Hoar Reports tha Platform.
Boston, Oct 8. The Massachusetts
Republican state convention assem
bled in Music hall to-day, Samuel T.
Winslow acting as temporary presi
dent Upon reporting a permanent
organization the committee stated
through Senator Hoar that Congress-
mUQ Cogswell, who had been selected
for the president's place, had sent a
telegram stating that his physicians
would not permit him to attend.
Therefore Temporary President Wins
low was continued aa permanent
president Curtis Guild, jr., was ap
pointed to read Congressman Cogs
well's speech, which he had writtea
Senator Hoar, as chairman of the
committee on resolutions, submitted
the following report: -
"The principles of the Republicans
of Massachusetts are as well known
as the commonwealth itself; well
known as liberty; well known as
justice. Chief among them are: An
equal share in the government for
every citizen; the best nossible
for every working man; the American 1
mantel ior American labor; every
dollar paid by the government both
the gold and silver dollars of the con
stitution and their paper representa
tives honest and unchanging in value
and equal to every other; better
immiirration laws: better naturaliz
ation laws; no tramp, Anarchist crim- I
r Pf.uper labor to be let in so that I
SSfi1? h alI DOt ,-iaiD.ed I
P011"1 sympathy with liberty and
ltp i a fvernJmon- """e and
5.d; Americanism every where; the
flag never lowered or dishonored; no
surrender in Samoa; no barbarous
queen ueaeaaing men in Hawaii; no
lynchings, no . punishment' without
trial; faith kept with the pensioners;
no deserving old soldier in the poor
house; suppression of dram drinking
and dram sellinjr; a school at the
public charge open to all children;
and free from partisan or sectarian
control; no distinction of birth or re
ligious creed in the rights of Ameri
can citizenship; clean politics; pure
administration; no lobbyists; reform
old abuses; leadership along loftier
paths; minds ever open to the sua
light and the morning, ever open to
new truth and new duty as the new
years bring their lessons."
Senator Lodge, after some routine
business, moved the renomination by
acclamation of Governor F. T. Green
halge. This was adopted and similar
action was taken as to Lieutenant
Governor Roger Wolcott William M.
Olin was nominated by acclamation
for secretary of the commonwealth,
Henry M. Phillips for treasurer and
receiver general, General John W.
Kimball for auditor and H. M. Knowl
ton for attorney general.
The Tariff Keform Leader Back From
Europe Ready for Hard Work.
New Yobk, Oct a After a stormy
voyage the American line steamer
New York arrived to-daV. A mono-
the naaseno-ers r. i
- a
wt w;i." it:J?:.
... aj. Mumu ui Virginia, ano
Isidore Strauss of this state.
Mr. Wilson, who was looking excel
lently, said: "I feel fully recovered
from ray recent illness and have en
joyed my trip very much. 1 did not
go over to tain tans, but 1 met a i
number ox the leading financial and
business men in London at the cham
ber of commerce dinner. I spoke to
them then, and said the new
tariff bill .was not made to suit
them, but to suit Americans. My
remarks, I believe, were cabled over
here, and I have nothing to add to
them. The British will have to look
out for us when we get free raw ma
terial, for we will command suprema
cy in manufactures; our merchant
marine will be restored and our mer
chants will appear in neutral mar
kets.". 'What do j on think of the result in
Georgia and t ie gain of the Popu
lists?" "Well, as I have only just heard of
It I can not give any opinion at the
present time. I am going right home
and will begin my canvass at once.
That will be a test of my health be
ing improved, as I am going to work
very hard."
Ryan and Dempsey Matched.
Chicago, Oct. 8. Articles have been
signed for a finish fight between
Tommy Byan of Chicago and Jack
Dempsey, the "Nonpareil." The men
will meet at the Auditorium Athletlo
club of New Orleans, December 12,
for a purse of 95,000, weighing in at
144 pounds at the ring Bide.
Dr. Ulles Pain PUla cure Neurabrla.
LAnnual Crop Report Showing Average
la the Several State.
Chicago, Oct 8. The annual crop
report on hops, cattle and corn of
Mallory, Son & Zimmerman gives the
following averages:
On old hogs Illinois, 79; Iowa, 76;
Missouri, 82; Wisconsin, 69; Minne
sota, 86; South Dakota, 59: Nebraska,
35; Kansas, 61; Indiana, 88; Michigan,
91; Ohio, 89.
Pigs Illinois, 105; Iowa, 110; Mis
souri, 95; Wisconsin, 102; Minnesota,
111; South Dakota, 93; Nebraska, 86;
Kansas, 67; Indiana, 90; Michigan, 96;
Ohio, 95. .......
Cattle Illinois, 89; Iowa, 88r Mis
souri, 89. Wisconsin 89: Minnesota, 69;
South Dakota, 50; Nebraska, 44; Kan
sas, 54; Indiana, 76: Michigan, 78;
Ohio, 79.
Corn Illinois, 98; Iowa,60;Missouri,
76: Wisconsin, 72; Minnesota, 76;8outh
Dakota, 39; Nebraska, 31; Kansas, 45:
Indiana, 111; Michigan, 87; Ohio, 82.
The percentage of wheat-fed hogs
iiiinoia, i; wws, is; Missouri, 18;
33: South Dakota. 75: X-
braska. 52; Kansas, 55: Indiana. 32:
xaicnigan, sz; unio, 44.
The reports of correspondents on
wheat feeding show that farmers to a
large extent have tested the value of
wheat (when ground) as food for all
classes of stock and are using it free
ly and deriving benefits from its use
that are surprising Many of the
correspondents who have made scien
tific testa state that one bushel of
wheat when ground and properly fed
is equal to one and one-half buskels
of corn, and as this is a year when it
will have to be used to a large extent,
it is apt to revolntionize the stock
feeding business.
Another prominent feature of the
report is the large number of coun
ties reporting disease among hogs.
In the eleven states disease is re
ported in 111 counties. There have
been thousands of pigs from 20 to 140
pounds weight shipped from Nebraska
and South Dakota into Iowa, Illinois
and other states, and it is principally
among these hogs -that the disease
started and spread to native hogs.
f hat It the Number to Bo Presented
Voters of Missouri in November.
Jbffebsos City, Mo., Oct 8. The
socialist labor party yesterday filed
with the secretary of state their state
ticket which consists of the follow
ing nominees, all from St Louis:
Judge of supreme court Albert E.
Sanderson; superintendent of publio
schools, James A. Rendell; railroad
and warehouse commissioner, L.
The Democrats and Populists have
filed their state nominees, but the
Republicans and prohibitionists have
not done so up to date.
There will be five state tickets
voted for at the November state elec
tion, to-wit: Democratic, Republican,
Populist Prohibition, and Social
Labor. It is yet believed that a deal
is between the Republicans and Popu
lists to witnaraw tne .Populist candi
date for judge of the supreme court
in favor of the Republican nominee.
.Attorney General Little Renders a Do
elalon Upon This Point
Topkka, Kan., Oct 8. A letter
from B. M. Wallace of Topeka to the
attorney general states that an at
tempt will be made to ascertain how
certain citizens of Shawnee county
cast their votes in the coming elec
tion, and inquiring if any marks
can be put upon the ballots bv the
judges of election, or by any other
person, by which it can be determined
by whom the vote is cast In answer
' to the proposition General Little says:
"I have carefully examined the
Australian ballot law, and 1 find that
one of the purposes of this law is to
prevent any person knowing for
whom the voter casts his vote. If any
judge of any election shall, with a
view of determining how any voter
shall cast his vote, mark the same in
any way, he should be reported
once to the county attorney, and such
judge should be immediately prose- 1
eutea ior sucn violation of the law."
Suicide of a Prominent Farmer.
Harrisonville, Ma, Oct 8. Henry
flockaday, a prominent farmer living
about six miles west of town, about 35
years old, and recently a candidate
for the nomination of treasurer on
the Democratic ticket committed sui
cide by taking strychnine. He was
married last Tuesday and was build- j
ing a new house to live in. Ill health
was supposed to be the cause.
. held Op by the Cook Gang:.
Muskogek, Ind. Ter., Oct 8. Last'
night the K. & A. V. depot at Fort
Gibson was robbed by six masked
men. The Cook pan?, who are sue-
cessors to the Dalton gang, are known
Afl tL .
io nave oeen in me vicinity oi t ort
lurinsr the past week and the
inference is that they were the rob
The new song book, now ready for de-
liver j, is immense. Fire in yoar orsers.
Thirty-five Cents a oopy.
J Errors of Youth.!
leirous Debility, ToatMal
Indiscretions, Lost IMood, a
M.nv men. frnm the effect, of To 11 th fill imnru-
At dene, hive, brought .bout a ttt. of weaknw, A
that bu reduced the general nitem to much u to
(k induce slmoit mrj other dlieuei and th. real fy
cue of the troubl. fcarcely ever being .uapected,
0 they are doctond for everything but the right one. W
During oureztemire college and luMpital practice a
9 w. nave discovered Dew and concentrated reme- V
diea. The accompanying prescription i. offered -m
8mi certain and spkedi ci rk, hundred, of'
cam. having been rertored to perfect health by it. fa
nr after all other remedie. failed. Perfectly pur.
ingredient, muat be UMd in the preparation of thu A
0 R Erythrozylon coca, drachm.
Jerubebin.t drachm. -m
9 Helonia. DIoica, drachm.
Galaemin, 8 grain.. ... fa
Ext. ignatia amare (alcoholic), t grain,.
Eit leptandra, 2 Kruplea, 0
Glycerine, q. a. Mix.
Make 0 pHle, Take 1 pill at p.m., and another W
on going to bed. Thii remedy I. adapted to .very m
9 weaknea. in either lex, and eeprcielly in those W
A cam renihing from imprudence. The recuperative f.
power, of thi rertoretive are attoni.hing, and it.
UK continued for a .horttimechangee the languid, g
debilitated, nemlea. condition to on. of reuwed
" To tnof who wouM prefer to obtain U of at. to
fla remitting 1, a tealed package contalng 60 pilla, SJ
w carefully compounded, will be eent by mail from
At our private laboratory, or we wilt furrilah 6 pack- Bf
w ageaTwhich will cur. moat caaet, for ti. AU MMr. m
.aewaVp amJUtHM.
m 7 Tremont Row, Bstton, Mast.
Kantaa City Grain.
i KaksasCity. Ma, Oct 8. -Quotation for
ear lots by sample on track in Kansas City
weie nominally as follows: So. t bard 4S.&
49c: No i bard, 47 (48 No. 4 hard 4flo re
jected too: No ,2 red 4fl44'io No. a red, 15 Ha
Mo 4 red 44; rejected. 4243a
White corn met with a little better demand
than yesterday and sold fractionally higher,
but mixed corn sold slowly, though very few
samples were oderln. ' Receipts of corn to
day. Scar a year ago, 80 cars No 3 mixed,
t cars, 46c, Kansas City. - No. 3 mixed nomi
nally 45o; No. 4, nominally 44e: No i white. 1
ear Ifl'io, 2 cars 47o: 5 ears 7)c t cars 47 '4c;
No 8 white, nominally 4&
Oats Sold slowly, but holders would not
accept anything below yesterday's prloes.
Receipts of oats to-day, 10 oars a year ago
17 cars. No. t mixed oats. 8 cars -0c, No. 8
mixed, 2 oars 28a, 2 oars ffltfo; No. 4 oats, nom
inally, 2ft27e: No white oats, nominally 33a
No. it white nominally 32a
Live Stock.
Kahsas City, Ho . Oct & -Cattle Re
ceipts, 2,844; calves, 460 shipped yesterday,
2,491: calves, m.
Hogs Receipts, 2.77: shipped yeiterday,
678. . The market was quiet sod steady to to
lower. The top was ss 15 and the bulk of
sales 85 to 85. Oi against 85 15 for top and 85 to
85.15 for bulk yesterday.
Sheep-Kecelpts, 1,898: shipped yastsrday,
805. The market was active and stron with
stead ad ranees of 10 to 15c this week. The
i foilowiu are representative sales:
I No. Wt Price
No. wt Price.
18 lambs... IB 8 85
ttmut 1 2 85
79 mat 85 sou
12 ewes ... 105 2 22
881 NIC lm 89 800
21 mut.... . 80 2(0
461 Ca. ewi 88 319
Horses Receipts. 93: shipped
88, The market was quiet
yes tarda
Attorneys at-Law.
To Emma J. Rett, non-resident defendant:
Ten are hereby notified that on the 22nd da'
of September, 1884, William A. Jett filed a neti
tlon In the district eourt aa-alnat Ton. tha nh.
ject and prayer of which is to obtain a divorce
from you on the ground that you have will
fully abandoned and deserted plaintiff without
rood cauM for the term of morethan two years
You are required to answer said petition on
or before Monday, the 8th day of November.
ot. niimisa a.aiiirilMlll,
By McNBBjrrr AivracnuLia,
16t4 His Attorneys.
Electric Motor.
Ia Good condition.
Will be sold Cheap 41 soli
Cor. nth ft M 8ts
Lincoln, Neb.
The New Commonwealth.
THE great People's party paper of New
. York, and organ of the Co-OperaUvs
movement oi tne united states, and uanaaa.
Pries, BO Cents Per Year,
ample Copies Free
Addr-, Set Commoai cilti,
706 Macon St - BBoosxnr.R.Y.
Bath Home
and Sanitarium.
Corner 14th and If 8ta , Linooln, Heb.
Open at Ail Hours Day and Night.
All Forms of Baths.
Turkish, Russian, Roman and Electric.
With special attention to the application of
Natural Salt Water Baths
fevers! times stronger than sea water.
I ' '
RhenmatUm, Skin, Blood and Nerront Dis
eases, Liver and Kidney Troubles and Chronio
Ailments are treated successfully.
Sea Bathings
may be enjoyed at all seasons In onr largs SALT
SWIMMING POOL, 60x142 feet, 8 to 10 feet deep,
heated to uniform temperature ot 80 degrees.
DBS- M. H. and J. 0- EVERETT,
1 Managing Physicians.
Reduced : Rates I
for round trip tickets to
Many Tourist Points.
. . . AMONQ THEM .
Hot Springs, Dead wood, Rapid City.
St. Paul, Minneapolis, Duluth,
Ashland, Bayfield, Madison,
Milwaukee, Oeonomowco, Wis.
And othfr points too numerous to men
tion in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan,
New York, New Hampshire, Vermont,
Maine, Ontario, Etc.
For rates, maps, etc., see
S. A. Mohhkr. A. S. Fielding,
Gen'l Agt. City TTtt. Agt.
117 So. 10th St., Lincoln, Neb.
Depot: Cor. S and 8th Sts.
But "Direct Fkom Factory" Best
MIXED Paints.
At WHOLESALE PRICES, Delivered Kree.
For Barns, Roots, all colon, and AVE
Middlemen's profita. In nse 61 years. Endorsed
by Granite and Farmers' Alliance. Low prices
will surprise yoa. Writ for samples, o. W.
INGEKbOLL, 258 Plymouth St, Brooklyn, N. Y.
HiiT-f . Tne Ken a pie
X Ik.! V M sf -f1 Ctjrrtot is Pnnorpin. UMrr J-
y 1 ai World' Pair. 6et. In scamps tot 7
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r Ketiable Incubator and Brooder Co.,Quincy, lit.
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Please mention Tne Wealth Makers.
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Tour Hone Is always clean.
It keeps tne Hair smooth
and a-lceey. Nosardnclera-
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10 cnaanf or
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We coaflne oar Sales to Jobbers only.
Rtlfl 1 lyVi UtALtHa DO "OT keep THEM
UUl I We will. In order to convince too of the
superiority of the Burlington "STAY ON"
over all Imitations and old style blankets, snfti
only one blanket to any address, express paid on
receipt of prioe. (Write for Cajtiiwue and KiM.v
Laundrying Shirts
with Orawllsr. spring and
Batons Besom Board. A
shin front is stretcaed like
Willis ysa art Irtnlnt Us
tpriaas ara idUa. :
No wrlnklM nor crooked places possible. Fall
Instrncttoaa for starching, polishing, etc wlta
each board. Sent by express on receipt ot the
pries, 8L0O. Agents wanted.
Upper Sandusky, O.
Wan writing please mention Wealth Makers.
a little,
a little
you will hardly notice it will
soon have saved enough to
buy a bicycle
and feel better eat better ,
sleep better work better
be better
Get a Rambler
With " G. & J." Non-Slipping Tires
Each one guaranteed.
for all weights and styles.
' Catalogue free at any Rambler agency, or by
mail for two 2-cent stamps.
Qormully & Jeffery Mfg. Co.
Chicago. Boston. Washington, New York.
E. R. GUTHRIE, Agent,
Li d coin. Nf t
The "Fixed Star" State.
Best Dining Oar Service in the World.
Nothing can be clothed with more
facts than the statement that thousands
of farmers und fruit growers will leave
the more northern climes and locate in
This was evinced" by the excursion of
January 9th, over the Chica(?o, Rock
Island & Pacific to Texan, and the hun
dreds that availed th-iiiHelves of the low
rate were well repaid lor the trip, and
if each one could be heard on the subject,
the unanimous verdict would be, "It is
better than I expected to see, and just
suits me."
Many thousands will avail themselves
of the coming excurnions and low rate
offered, as did the hundreds on the bwt
one, and everyone who dwires to secure
a farm of 160 acres,, or a 20 or 40 acre
,r"lt,t!'actiu that land of mild climate
should not stand on the order of their
going but "Uo" the first excursion posi-
Apply for detailed Information as to
rates of fare to any representative of the
Ureat Kock Island Houte or any coupon
JJcke,t,t' or a,ldm,s "Editor Western.
1 rail, -Chicago, for full facts as to the
Gtfu'l I.W.Agt., Chicago.
A.X ,
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