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August 16, 189-1
- Tanbeneck Tells of the Scheme
ft El ct I. moctw,
1. Washington, D. C, Aug. A '94.
Hon. W. P. Porter, Clarke, Neb.
My Dear Sib: I have just read with
' much interest your lefer in the Nebras
ka Wealth Makers. It has the true
ring to it, and I sincerely trust that the
Populists in your district will nominate
only a true and tried member of our
party, none owners can be trusted in any
emergency. We must demonstrate to
the world the justice of our cause and
the integrity of our purposes, or we are
doomed to ignominious and deserved
failure. I admire your courage, and I
desire to Impms upon your mind that
your personal fortunes can not ba in
jurtd by the manly course you pro
pose. These are times that bring to a
test the metal that men are composed
of, and those that stand the test at such
times, establish their superiority over
tneir weaker brethren, and establish
their characters as safe and reliable
An independent political party can
not survivn more than one or two na
tional elections if confined to a small
section of the country. It can only sur
vive when a response is found in other
sections giving promise of ultimate and
speedy triumpn. The states west of the
Missouri river, by their independent
action showing their disregard for po
litical parties that aid not voice the as--piratlons
of the present and the hope of
She future, and by raising aloft the
banner of reform, have ushered in the
dawn of the new political day. The
nut.lnn! election proved that they
vntwd the demands of the people and
no uower can prevent our ultimate tri
umph, except it be the imbecility or
nnrfidv of our own leaders.
The Solid South is now breaking
away. The perfidy of their own admin
ifttrntlon la more than they can stand,
and the revolt in the south is simply
prodigious. They are a homogeneous
people accustomed to think alike and act
together, tne younger eiemen wuo uyo
cnmi ud since the war, and whose glory
is in the present and the future and not
the past, is asserting itself to overthrow
the bourbon spirit that has hitherto
- dominated the South.
Senator Gorman, the shrewdest pollti
ciaainthe Democratic party, set out
- two vears auo to turn the Populist up
rising in tne west to account for the
Democratic onrtv. Secretary Hoke
Smith and others are co-operating with
him Their plan is to force fusion on
the best terms they can with Populists
in the west, giving local omues for con
gres&menand United states senators.
Thev will never fuse on Populist con
gressmen or senators, unless they are
pledged to become Democrats when it
comes to a political show down. These
western Democrats are to go into the
south at the proper time and show that
the Bland, Baileys and Livingstons
would be called good Populists in the
west, and that there is no occasion for
the Democrats leaving their party
there. In this way the south is to be
keDt in the Democratic fold, and the
western Populists turn into Democrats.
Our nartv has suffered much by hav
ing men in congress and in the United
f States senate, who came here by the aid
-f Pn.mllo' vntoa an A apa Afraid tonnen
their moutns m criticism ot me demo
cratic party. There is no enemy so
- dangerous to our cause as the one who
professes our principles and remains in
the camp ot tne enemy..
The Democratic plotters of Washing
ton. D. O . are exceedingly anxious
that the Populists in your district nom
inate some one. whom they can use to
organize the next House. You can not
. afford to nominate a man simply be
cause he can get the Democratic en
dorsement. To nominate such a man
under such circumstances would be
suicide. The partv that can be so de
ceived, is the one that will be betrayed.
Tnerefore I am much pleased with
the position taken by you in your letter
to The Wealth makers. The word
should be given out that Populists will
, not vote for any candidate, unless he
be a true and tried Populist. WeaK
ness and cowardice at suoh a time as
this is treason.
The American people JLe aroused
and' they are equal to any emergency
have no fears whatever, the result
not ia doubt. Our party has the grand
est mission that ever fell to a lot of
men, the times are propitious and we
will surely win. 1 am,
Fraternally yours,
H. E. Taubeneck.
Comments on Bryan.
W. J. Bryan should not receive the
support of a single Populist for United
Statessenator, Bryan Is not a Populist
and should be let aione. Independent
Bryan is a very fair Populist all ex
ccpt the n!ffis. H- would make a irood
Populist Senator if he would accept the
name. ;so Uimocrats need apply. in
dependent fc.ra.
We see no more reason whv the peo
ple should align themselves under Mr.
Bryan, than that Mr Bryan should an
nounce himself a candidate upon the
people's party platform. Independent
As between Ilryao and Thurston, no
laboring man, whethtr ho has been in
the habit of calling himself Democrat
or Republican, need be very long mak
ing up his mind whom ho is in favor of
But what is the matter with a good
l'opullst'i1 Wes'ern Laoorer.
Bryan of Nebraska, has announced
hU cailldacy for tho U. S. Senate, it
is to be hcKd that lh PopulUt of that
State will allow no al linnet, that will
aid htm. lie Is a member of the party
that reflated Ibe crime of the national
Republican party tho demonetization
cr silver Put none but middle of the
road men on guard. Missouri World.
M r Bryan has only ona course to pur
u It he wHh?s to retalo the god will
and suwport of the people, lie muit
announce blroaelf at uppoeed V the un
democratic admlnUtrallooof the Demo
cratic party which now has control of
tne government la all lu brar ehes.
II must corn M't and let the people
know that he is one of them. He must
not In a position that will create
te impr. ion that ba U more of a pol
itician than statesman. Ha must not
rrtaid the Impression thai he fee it he
has a political future that must oe
guarded by remainlag in the Demo
cratic party through fear that the In
dependent party will never get strong
enough to elevate him or satisfy his
ambition. The politicians of the Dem
ocratic party will down him if they can,
and should he fall to take a stand with
the people it is only a question of time
when they will get him Free Press.
The Quill has just one objection to
Bryan's candidacy and that is, he is
making himself a political nypocriie
and while he lauds the Democratic
party to the skies and announces nim-
self a Democrat, comes over into me
Populist camp and gets squarely onto
their platform. A man's bellel in po
litical principles is what Ib supposed to
classify him as regard party, and yet
Bryan calls himseu a uomocraianu ue
nounces Democracy in a roundabout
He virtually denounces Democracy
and its platform, yet has not the man
hood to stand squareiy oy nis uuu tui
tions .....
The Quill has always admired mm
and dees yet. The editor oi wis paper
is a Bryan man and would like to sup
port him in nis canaiaacy, yoi wo wu
not help but think him a political cow
ard. Bryan will find that he cannot
carrv water on both shoulders and will
. . . " . . if w J 9 V
rati iinteRs ne is true to nimseu. u ue
in a Ponuiist. let him announce himself
as such, not endorse Populism and yet
call himself a Democrat The Schuyler
A Petition to Congraa.
To the. Honorable Congress oi tne
United States, assembled in the House
of Representatives and the Senate at
Washington: '
We, the undersigned, citizens of the
State of Nebraska, would respectlully
represent to your honorable body that
all of us are in a state of want and em
barrassment and many of us confronted
wi th the certainty of starvation in the
near future if we cannot obtain aid soon.
Fate has decreed failure to our fields
three times In five of the last sowing and
planting. The calamity this year ex
ceeds that of 1890 and 1893. Then there
w&a a reserve of old store. But now
there is none. This year many thous
ands of acres failed to return even a
single handful of bread. Many are for
saking the country daily and all must
do so If we get no help and present con
dltions continue. And where are they
orninfr. do vou ask? Only to join an
army of the unemployed, moving north
south and eastward. And God only
knows what the end must be. Nothing
definite in all their movements. An
army of wanderers upon the highways
And all this In a state that sent a train
load of corn to Russia three years ago
to bfilo relelve their distress in their
time of famine. We do not want to beg,
and need not do so if you will pass the
good roads bill, or something similar,
for the benefit of the drought-stricken
regions of the west. We will improve
our highways and so earn our bread,
and add value convenience and beauty
to the country. Prompt action on your
part can save us. The winter ia too
late to do road work. And thousands
will move away if you fail to extend to
us any hope. We need no taxes from
any one. Just send us good full
tender g'reenbantt and we will earn them
by hard work and buy the needed sup
plies with them Most of us are Amer
ican-born citizens many of us saved our
country in the late war. And some of
us are the grandchildren of fathers that
fought under Washington. All that
hard work could do has been done, but
also all in vain for the last two years
It is now a matter of relief immediately
or a deserted country. A deserted
country means death to railroads and
all enterprise or even hope.
Our legislature does not mee until
midwinter and could not meet our case
if in session now. One hundred mil
lions of dollors may be needed before
we pass out of this calamity. Our cause
is one of the most worthy ever brought
to the attention of congress our patriot
ism and loyalty is above suspicion. And
our country will be a land of plenty,
as it has been heretofore. As soon as
a kind providence shall see fit to send
us plenty of rain. We therefore plead
with you in the language of suffering
humanity to promptly pass this Good
Riads bill Into law. So that we and our
children may earn brea and noi be left
to starve and die.
W. A. JamUon of Ogalalla, Neb,
sends us in 30 new eubscrlb-rs this
week. Tub Wealth Makers ought
to have 50,000 subscribers and how ea-y
wo could get them if every one of our
readers would make a little extra effort
to'lncrease our circulation Dear read
er, have yon ever asked your neighbor
to subscribe? Have you ever told him
that he would get many times the value
of tho subscription by reading The
Wealth Makers one year? If you
have made no effort to spread the light
you have not done your whole duty.
The more subscribers wehave, tho better
paper we can give you, and the more
good we can no for humanity. Friend,
tend us one new subscriber, at least.
pay up your own subscription If you are
in arrears sod you will be helping the
cause aiong.
Mtate Committee Mating.
A meeting of all of the members of the
state central committee of the People's
Independent party of Nebraska called
to meet at Grand Inlaid on Thursday
evening, August 23, a8 o'clock, for tho
purpose of tearing the report of the
onioers, and arranging maters prepara-
tory to turning over the hooks and b.
longings of the party to the new om
mlttce. iteeptwtfuliy,
D. Clm Iuavi.r,
Chairman State Central Committee.
(Tb World-Herald kept at the bead of its
editorial column for some time after Cleve
land sent the tegular arm y to assist the cor
porations in their conspiracy to -rush organ
ized labor, this new version ot an old accursed
Ue: '-The American Flag is always right, and
whoever opposes It is always wrong "J
In the dark ages of the earth
When freedom was unknown,
When common people dared not claim
An Idea for their own,
Tyrants to keep their power to rule
Paid priests to sing the Bong:
"The one who rules by right divine,
The King, can do no wrong."
They taught, the King was led by God,
And every evil deed
Which makes one's blood run cold today
When we In history read
Was covered by the selfsame plea,
Through ages dark and long:
"The one who rules by right divine,
The King, can do no wrong."
We own not now the right of kings
To burden or oppress; -But
rulers strive to still the voice
Of those who seek redress,
And as we have none called a king .
To rule us by bis might,
Tyrants now use a craftier phrase;
"The flag is always right."
"The flag is always right" must mean.
The right Is now denied
To question what our rulers do.
The blood of thoso who died
To gain us liberty of thought
,-, Has sure been shed in vain
If we can question not the acts
Of tyranny most plain. -
The flag should always float for truth,
For liberty and right,
And ne'er above those sere oppressed
By the flag's power and might
And when it does, no danger but
The world Mil praise the sight.
No need for tyrants then to teach,
"The flag is always right."
The flag perchance is always right,
Since flags can do no wrong;
Then why o'er all our land today
Echo that senseless song?
By flag they mean the ruling power
Wfclch claims a heavenly right
To help the rich defraud the poor
"The flag is always right."
Is freedom dead that nevermore
We have no right to think
The ruling power can do no wrong
E'en when on ruin's brink?
Begone vile echoes of the past,
And onward with the fight,
And pray for better days te come
When the flag will be right. '
Mbs. J. T. Kelui,
Secretary Neb. F. A. & 1. U.
A Prohibitionist Drawn to Us.
Lincoln, Neb., July 31, 1894.
Editor Wealth Makers:
I notice that you have invited sug
gestions for your coming state platform.
This invitation is doubtless intended
for members of yonr own party, but
outside the Populist party there are
many of the great mass of restless hu
manity, uneasy under the yokes and
burdens ofjiresent conditions, and be
lieving that you are sincere in your
efforts to break these shackles and lift
these burdens I doubt not that you may
give place to a suggestion of one of
these outsiders. -
I have not been long a reader of
strictly Populist literature and am sur
prised to find in it so much that is in
common witn our i ronlbltion ideas.
In most of the reforms demanded we are
united, and it seems a great pity that
ia such times of distress you cannot
sweep a way the single barrier and unite
the forces of reform against the common
foe. '
The Prohibition party contains some
of God's noblest men and women, who
would be an acquisition of which any
party might well be proud, ard the
price at which their sj mpathy and their
votes can be united to Populist forces is
simply an honest declaration against
our common enemy's strongest hold.
Striko down the political power of
the saloon and both of the old parties
would fall with it.
Populists are thinking men, brave to
break old political ties and face opposi
tion, will they not open their eyes to
these truths and while striking at the
great social evils of our age include this
king of evils? -
If the Populist p-irty will this year
adopt a straight Prohibition plank and
nominate men who will stand fquarely
on that plank, I believe the ticket will
take the majority t f the Prohibition
If this is too largo a step to take at
once, if the Populists will declare for
the sta'e control of the liquor traffic,
with all profitellmlnated, and nominate
men for office with pronounced ant
saloon standing, I believing- that such
action will take a large number of Pro
hibition votes
To follow the first suggestion would
result in the ultimate acquisition by the
Populists of a large well organized
force, including many able newspapers
and platform orators and a large ma
jority of the orthodox pulpits of iho
land. The second suggestion Is it the
same direction; for while as a class
Prohibitionists will not give up the
fight till the tramo in Intoxicatlnir her
erages Is recognized a a relic of a tat
unjust and uut qua), civilization, still
many oi tnera recognize lo thostatacon
trol idea a means Ut rut down tho evil
Very truly yours,
h O, Kttol'IIHKY.
P. S. Slnoa writing the ahova I have
just read the procfdintr tf vour con
ventlon In this county and and am wH
pleaeed with your platform In the main.
anti who your nominee as rar as I know
tnera, aod your county tlokot, at
will receive inv tuonnrt.
in mil ntt luu'ca'e wi at i am any
lees a iVmlbltlonlet than before, but
that ( believe the rauw of temp.ira.mi..
reform will bn advanced mora h ktluina
PL t - ttk . 1 II . .. . .
to elect such staunch anil saloon men m
your senatorial nnrnlmwi, or a etata
control plank, than bv votmir lh 1 vw
bibltlon Drlnuiole. tnowluir th rm 1st nn
i poesiouny o: esocting our men to carry
If ,ou have a hog.
If you have cow,
If you have a horse.
If you have a farm,
or anything else that you want to sell, and
don't know just where you can Hnd a buyer
.- IN
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The leading Conservatory of America.
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Illustrated Calendar frmne fail inforoiauuji if.
New Eagland Conservatory of Basic, Boitea.
The exceedingly dry weather has
placed corn on the top shelf and, judg
ing from the active market, wool is a
close second. The dry weather has not
been the means of creating the firm
market on weol, however, but the cause
may be assigned to two reasons; first, up
on actual demand by the manufacturers
notwithstanding tariff tinkering, and
second, on account of the anticipated
tariff revision many millions of sheep
have been driven to the slaughtering
pen. We are credibly informed by
Messrs Silberman Bros , 212 Michigan
St., Chicago, Ills., who, by the way, are
one of the largest wool commission
houses in the West, that the demand
for best grades of wool at this time is
more active than for two years past.
Speculators, with an eye to business,
think wool is good property and this,
together with above reasoos, makes a
decidedly firm market.
Any shippers having wooito dispose
of would Sod it to their advantage to
correspond with the. above firm and
market their wool in tne next two or
three wetks while the market is strong
and before their is any possible show of
foreign wool coming in free.
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Half Hatea
to Hot Springs, H.
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Full Information upon application o
local 11. k. M 11. 11. agent, or to J.
Francis, it V t T A , Burlington
Hout, Omaha, Nehr.
The Largest Manufacturers ot
Oa Oils ( UMt, km nest
s all Ihtir nJI ie
f I iA uiBkuusesiBi sVassMAJta-VIM
aa mM wtieva ww
4hr t tMHlto of iff Mi to
KMy pi w4 s4
IMS I) t4 MOt ta.
oio sr QkoctM cvturwtttai.
Jrt u
! I U
Irrigated Farm Lands I
rPHE SAN LUfS VAT.TRV. CM nRATVi l. . i.iT .v..
j w w v c- sjsj v wi j ivu vi tcfci sJtalU MUUilv
as large as the State of Connecticut, lying between surrounding ranges
of lofty mountains and watered by the ttio Grande River and a score
or more of small tributary streams. It was the bottom of a great sea, whose
deposits have made a fertile soil on an average more than ten feet deep
he mountains are anvnrnd with Trent rlnnnalfa of .n - J
furnish the irrigating canals with water
The Climate
Almost perpetual sunshine, and the elevation of about 7,000 feet dispels all
malaria, nor are such pests as chinch butrs. weevil, eta., found thr jrzam.
ing artesian wells are secured at a depth, on an averege, of about 100 feet,
and at a cost of about 125.00 each. Such is the flow that they are being util
ized for irrigating the yards, garden and vegetaole crops. The pressure is
sufficient to carry the water, which is pure, all through the farmers' dwell
ings. ;
Already several thousand miles of large
uoeu uuun bdu several nunarea tnousana acres oi tanas maae available for
farming operations. Irrigation is an insurance against failure of crops, be
bause success is a question only of the proper application of water to them.
The loss of a single corn or wheat crop in Nebraska, for instance, would
mora man cqutu tne cost oi irrigating canais to cover tne tntlre state, bo
impo tant is the certainty of a full crop return to any agricultural state.
The San Luis Valley will grow
Spring wheat oats, barley, peas, hops, beans.
potatoes, vegetables and all kinds of small fruits
and many of the hardier varieties of apples,
pears and all Kinds of cherries.
In the yield oi all ihese products it hat
lion on i nit continent.
Forty Acres Enough Land.
Forty aeret it enough land for the farmer of ordinarv means and helo. Be
sides the certainty of return, the yield,
gauon. win average iar more man tne itw-acre i arms in tne Mississippi
and Missouri Valleys', and the outlay for machinery, farming stock, pur
chase money, taxes, etc., are proportionately less. There are a hundred
thousand acres of suoh lands located in
ley, all within six miles of the Denver
maraets ana snipping stations, lor sale at $15 00 per acre. Most of these
lands are fenced and have been under cultivation and in many instances
have wells and seme buildings, everything ready to proceed at once to be
gin farming, A email eath payment only is required where the purchaser
immediately occupies the premises, ard long time at seven per cent, inter
est is granted for the deferred payments.
A Specially Ijow Homeseekers Rate
will be madeiyou, your family and friends. A large party will leave for the
Valley on July 21 and 22, Should you settle on these lands the amount
you paid for railroad fare will be credited to you on your payments; and
remember the land lsperfectly and thoroughly irrigated, and the land and
perpetual water rights are sold you for less than other sections ask for simply
the water rights without the land. Xo better landt exittt anywhere on earth.
For further particulars, prices of land, railroad fare, and all other In
formation call on ofaddress,
F. 3Li. M-A.R."Y",
. 'Manager Colorado Land A Immigration Co., -
Wealth Malceri !.
The Best Weekly
UBLISHED at the center of
trial movement, at the
Lincoln. Nebraska. Thn
90,000 strong, but reaching out also to mould the theught of the entire
country on the questions of economic production and just distribution.
It Is one of the few papers that throw convincingly clear moral, economic
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f 203 O Sti Ulpoolpi rb
Elkhorn Valley Herd
V'-l' I' V, I
I have all h luadtnir strains twlttrfltia Frws
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twit i of tit I vr rats! lvj tf l' l)s
Chip lion, Ks WaDawkr .. . U. i.
Mf i rs iiMwtly re Trl hb
m ;.si.-i(i
L H. BDTEE, Kflich. b
large English Berkthlres
Have Hi pi- i.f stn
firmw fo mi, slrw.1 t
lnilxitw.t tVunUS fiwt
nii.l a. Kins' ito-ihr akj
N.aexl Major imrbt M N
I u !' ( .f kmi tovltstj. rrrpimJa.e
, A. .Williams 4 tone,
Hoi tm, t.lurtkii, Krtt,
for the farmers' crops.
is Unrivaled.
and small Irrigating canals have
never been turpastdd by any other tee-
under the conditions of proper irrl-
the veTv heart of the San Luis Val
b Rio Grande Railroad, convenient
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Holstein Cattle-
Beaver City, Nab
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