The Wealth makers of the world. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1894-1896, May 10, 1894, Page 7, Image 7

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    May 10,
Movement of MrrrliamlUt- Hui-.ll The
Indus! rial itu:ti:m.
Xew Yokk, May 7. J !;-ad street's
Aa.,ii . S . . . . . .... I . .. .na
The movement of jjoiK-ral merchan
dise throughout the con u try is smaller
in volume. Spriny trade i finished,
and orders for fall delivery, with few
exceptions, are not meeting expecta
tions. Jobbers in leading lines at all
the larger cities report sales almost
without exception as of a hand-to-motith
description. The extension of
the coal and coke strike, ur-eompan-ied
by riots ut Cleveland, and
Mesaba, has emphasized the 'depres
sion. The industrial situation, there
fore, has not improved. Strikes of
iron ore miners, anions? Imiidintr :
VradcH, with an extension of the coal !
miners' striice, and the iilmost total
cessation of operations in the coko
regions, have swelled the total num-i
ber of idle industrial workers to fully i
S1.",K)(. Shut-downs of industrial I
concerns dependent on eoke or soft
coal for fuel, arc increasing, notwith
standing an attempt of coal operatives
to get together t arrange u basis of
Tim Kx-President says lie In Not n Can
didate for l're!leut.
Nkw Yokk, -May 7. Kx-I "resident
Harrison arrived in Jersey City by the
Pennsylvania railroad yesterday after
noon. Mr. Harrison says his visit to
the city is on private business.
"1 have been misquoted hy the
newspapers, mid the attempt to give
any political coloring to my visit here
is unwarranted. My law practice is
taking up all my time, ami I have no
thoughts of politics."
"Have you any idea of becoming :v
caudidutc for the presidency in IrtiiV.'''
4,I have not," replied General flarrl
soti, in nn emphatic manner.
To I ) noli a ITniteit Stiito Mnrliil.
Dil.irTii. Minn., May 7. --Marshal
Free tried t sHress a disUirbawe
among some striking miners at Mount
Iron last evening, when Mat Matson
threatened him with a revolver. The
Marshal promptly shot him twice in
the abdomen and he will probably
le. Word of the anair was sent, to
the strikers 4 Virginia, and a wvob
f J. , stnrtoU for Mount iron with
tie ttVAtvticl intention of lyiveliing
Mo to a a ."nrTragB im.Ikii Opened.
Ka.s "tv. K u ii., May 7. -The
first srsskm of the emial sufl'niffe
Tass iwi-tmjj- was held in the. J''iftli
Street miMrt.-u lioiise in Kansas Jit v.
I Kan , lat might. The purpose of the
meetieg is' to stiniiilate interest in
favr T the universal suffrage aiaend
nieiit iww pi'iiding before the Kansas
legislature. Susan IS. Anthony and
He v. Aunut Shaw were the principal
Thirty 4!uvn of Kniall 1'ox at AfKrlmin.
Awkiwx, Kan.. May t. Tb small
pox xare in this city is seri
ous pi'prlions. There are no' about
thirty cases iu the t-itv mostly con
fined to the colored districts. So far
butome death has been reported. Mr.
McAllister, wife of a colored lii.boivr,
res:di).T.g on !' street, South Atchison.
Millie lor Senator.
. IVwisi.o, Col., May 7. It isolated
oi reliable authority that attVw meet
ing of ifhe Populist state central com
mittee held here Saturday it was
unabMnously agreed that J. AYnrnef
Milk shwiild receive the musiiiiation
.for the goveriiship and tiweruor
Weitc! for the United .States seriate
and Ueiprcscutativc iiell ( noceed
karKN of Ktiiitey.zlemut MUn.
Piirtaiiuo, Pa.. May 7- Mure
charges uf cmbezzlouu'iit have been
made against members of the Order
of Nolan. 1!. P. Jteaty, the ex-supreme
secretary of the order, and Y. Over,
ex-chairuian of the supreme trustees,
were arrested charged with the .em
liezzleiweut of nearly 7,0(10 of the
society's funds.
fxi-pi'iiter t uvi'lel.
Alma, h'nu.. May 7. After a lung
and hard-fought trial, occupying the
entire wek, Jeremiah Carpenter was
convicted of murder in .the first de
gree, the jury being out but forty
minutes. Carpenter was implicated
in the mimter of 1'eter Mulenbaeker,
a wealthy IJeriiian. on March 17, last.
Hallway Depot Itunied.
r.iu:cKiM:nxiE, Mo., May ".The
ilaunibal and St. .lis- railroad depot at
1 his place, was destroyed by tire last
night. All the company's luniks ex
cept those of late date now being
used were lost; also till the local
book of the Adams' express company.
On the . o'clock tea table a new ar
ticle in cut glass hcautiticK and serves
a purpose. Half pitcher and half bot
tle in form it holus the alcohol re
ijuired for the spirit ltiiup.
A ATMTO Wanted. l.lorl "alary
III I" 1 1 I J '! Athoineortolravel.
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O street LliiIn. Nh
One rr for the Round Tt!p.
Te'l your Mend In tha t that on
May o and ', tho HarllrigUiO route will
e.i rouod trip lliB' a the one-way
rat to point In Nebakt. Ksosa,
oatero C'lo aJo, Southweotern t outh
lukuU and northern Wyomltjy.
Tltbete eie fond fnr tenty day;
liner t4)n-over d will N on lata at
all t'alM'ai !( :th Muiouil Ulver.
.! iRAWCia, tJ. P A T, A , Uurtlnf'.on
lU)it, oaiaha, Neb.
Call on (!co, Ni'.vermaa & Po. (or
carrUfte, tragon. blndert, and nil
farm Implement. We'll ua you rljjhV.
Ua NortbMUra Una to Chkmct
Lowratet, it tmlni, OSoi 111
The People's Party Platform Adopted
at Omaha July 4, 1802.
Assembled upon the HGth anniversary
of the Declaration of Independence, the
Teople's party of America, tn their first
national convention, invoking upen
their action the blessings of Almighty
God, puts forth in the name and on be
half of the people of thia country the
following preamble and declaration of
The conditions which surrouild ua
best j ustlf v our co-operation. We meet
in the midst of a- nation breught to the
verge of moral, .political and material
mln. Corruption dominates the ballot
box, the legislatures, the congress, and
touches even the ermine of the bench.
rho people are demoralized; most of
the states havo been compelled to iso
late the voters at the polling places to
pre veatunlversal intimidation or bri
bery Tho newspapers are largely sub
sidized or muzzled, publio opinion
illcDced; business prostrated; our homes
covered with mortgages; labor impover
ished and the land concentrating in tho
hands ct capitalists. The urban work
men are denied tho right of organisa
tion for eelf protection; imported pau
perized labor beats down their wages, a
hireling standing army, unrecognized
"jy our laws, is established to shooj
them down; and they aro rapidly de
generating into European conditions.
Tho fruits of the toil of millions aro
boldly stolen to build up colossal for
tunes for a few, unprecedented in the
hostory of mankind; and the possessors
of the?e, in turn, desplso the republic
and endanger liberty. From the 6arae
nrolific womb of governmental Injustice
we breed tho two great classestram pe
and millionaires. The national power
to create money Is appropriated to en
rich bondholders. A vast public debt,
j payable in legal tender currency, has
oeen funded into gold-bearing bonds,
thereby adding millions te the burdens
of the people.
Silver, which has been accepted
coin 6ince the dawn of history has been
demonetized to add to the purchasing
power of goll by decreasing the rluo
of all forms fi property as well as hu
man labor,'nd the supply of currency
is purposely abridged to fatten usurers,
bankrupt enterprise aud enslave indus
tries. A vast conspiracy against man
kind has been organized on two conti
nents and it ia rapidly taking possession
Of the world. If not met aad. 'Over
thrown at once, it forebodes terrible
social convulsions, the deptrciction of
civilization or the establishment of an
absolute despotism.
We hare witnessed for more than
quarter of -century the -struggles
of the two great political parties
for power and plunder, while griev
ous wrongs have been inflicted
upon a suffering people. We -charge
that tbeeontrolllng influences dominat
ing both these parties have .permitted.
the existing dreadful condition to4e
velop,vrithoutseriouj efforts to pre-vent
otj restrained. Neither 4o they-now
promise as ny substantial reform.
They hive agreed together "to ignore,
in the coming campaign, every Issue
but one.. They propose to -drown the
outcries of plundered people with the
uproar of a efcam battle over the tariff,
so that capitalists, corporations, nation
al banks, riife. trusts, watered etock,
the demonetisation of silver mad the
oppressions of the usurers ay all be
lost sight of. They propose to sacrifice
our homes, liv-ee and childrea o the
altar of mammon; to destroy the multi
tude in order to secure corruption funds
from the millionaires.
Assembled a the anniversary of the
birthday, of the nation and , filled with
the spirit of the grand generation
which established our independence,
we seek to restore the government of
the republic to the hands of "the plain
people," with whom it originated.
3 We assert our purposes to be Identical
with the purposes of the national con
stitution: "To form a more perfect
union, establish justice, insure domes
tie tranquility, provide for the common
defence, promote the general welfare,
and secure the blessings of liberty to
ourt !v es and our posterity."
Wo declare that this republic can only
endure as a free government while built
upon the love of the whole people for
each other and for the catUm; that it
cannot le pinned together by bayonets;
that the civil war is orer and that
ttt-ry pamilon and rctinlment which
grew out of It mubt d'.o with it, and
that we must be In fact s we are In
came, the united brotherhood of free
Our rountry Ends itnelf confronted by
condition for which there U no prece
dent in the h'.itory of Uo world; our
annail agricultural productions amount
lo billion -f dol'ars lu value, which
nun wltULt a few weeks or months I
oicbangvd for billions of dollars of com
oiudllSes tortHUiaed In tticlr production;
the rtUt'uj cirrency supply U wholly
1'i.v!ihb'. ti traka trl e.v baoge; the
rtnulti aw falling prices, tint fotmatloa
i.f co'lUiu' and ill.; and tho In
i.vri UhiUfD. of the prod.u:!cg t!&.
V? pledge. oumwIyc tha If glfti
(Hiwcr. a will JW to correct these
uvi't I-,. .io and ifMonu'nlu kgi
t!on la nccordaatM with the urnii
of cir i,'.atforro. We blU? tha
'te itfM of )ivrsiMent- la tthn
orJ, of tho pctiple -nlould h
upanded as la th: ewe of tl pota'
service) as rapidly and as far aa the
good senso of an intelligent people and
the teachings of experience shall justify,
to tho end that oppression, injus
tice and poverty shall eventually
cease in the land.
While our sj mpathics as a party of
reform aro naturally upon the side of
every proposition which will tend to
make meat intelligent, irtuous and
temperate, we neveitheles3 regard
these questions,-important as they are,
as secondary to the great issues now
pressing for solution, and npon which
not only our. individual prosperity, but
the very existence of free institutions
depend; and we ask all men to first
help us to determine whether we aro to
havo a republic to administer, before
we differ as to the conditions npon
which it is to be administered. Believ
ing that the forces of reform thia day
organized will never cease to move
forward until every wrong is remedied,
and equal rights and equal privileges
securely established for all mon and
.rncn of the country, therefore .
i?st That tho union of the labor
ftjfces of tho United States, this dsy
consummated, shall be, permanent and
perpetual. May its spiritenter into all
hearts for tho salvation of the republic
and the uplifting of mankind.
Second -Wealth belongs to him who
creates it, and every dollar taken from
industry without an equivalent is rob
bery. "If any will not work, neither
nhall he eat." The Interest of rural
and civic Jabor are the same; their ene
mies Identical.
Third We believe that the time has
come when tne railroad corporations
will cither own the people or the ppople
mug. own the railroads, and should the
government enter upon the work of
owning and managing any or all rail
roads, we should favor an amendment
to the constitution by which all persons
engaged in the government service
shall be placed under a civil service
regulation of the most rigid character;
so as to prevent the increase of the
power of the national administration by
ttiiaseof such additional government,
We demand a national -currency, safe,
sound and flexible, Issued by the gene
ral government sly, a full legal tender
for all debts, public and private,
and that without the use of
banking corporations; that a just, -equitable
and efficient means of distribution
direct to the people, at a tax ot to ex
ceed two per cent, per annum, to be
provided, tet forth In tbe subtreasury
plan of the Farmers' Alliance, or some
better system; also by payments in dis
charge of Its obligations for public im
provements. We demand the free and unlimited
coinage of silver and gold at the present
legal ratio -of If! te I.
We demand that the amotrat of circu
lating medium be speedily increased to
not less than 150 per capita.
We demand a graduated income tax.
We believe that the moneys of the
country should be kept as much as pos
sible in the hands of the people, and
hence we -demand that all state and
national revenues shall be limited to
the necessary expenses of tne govern
ment, economically and honestly ad
ministered. We demand that postal savings banks
be established by the government, for
the safe deposit of the earnings of the
people, and to facilitate exchange.
Transportation being a means of ex
change and a public necessity, the gov
ernment should own and operate tbe
railroads in the interest of the people.
The telegraph and telephone, like
the postofflce system being a necessity
for transmission of news, should be
owned and operated by the government
in the interest of tho people.
Tbe land, including all the natural
resources of wealth, is the heritage of
all the people, and should not be mono
pollztdfor speculative purposes, and
alien ownership of land should be pro
hibited. All lands now held by rail
roads and other corporations in excess
of their actual need, and all lands now
owned by aliens, should be reclaimed
by the government and held for actual
settlers only.
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Get these books and our paper as fast
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friends, Buy, read and clrcalate.
Address all orders to the
Wealth Makkr9 Puii. Co.,
Lincoln, Neb.
Civilization's Inferno,
Studies la the social cellar. . A dniple. thrilling
report of whatTb Arena editor loniml upon
with his own eyes in tbe tenement district of
Boston. A boon which nmt greatly startle
and arouse men. Cloth 11.00, paper SO eenti.
Leoking Backward.
A book no one can fiord to miss reading. "It
has revoluiiotifrMl the taouuht of tbe country
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entertalnlne story that lew in the full ltrht of
heaven on Urn great social problem. Millions
have already read It. uloih 11,10, paper 60
The Duties of Man.
The great Italian, whose heart embraced the
world and whotte thought will never die. He
uvea ana sunorea lor tne industrial ana politi
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Ten Men of Money Island.
Another book tn scatter everywhere. It Is the
money and money question made simple Must
Interestingly initrurllve. Eighty-eight pages.
Foet paid, 10 cents, it tor 26 cents,
Errors in Our Monetary system and the
25 cents. We have not yet seen this boi.
but th editor of The Coming Nation Tory
strongly recommends It. v
"The D -gsand tho Flea's" i?
This book lutliostrontfefit piece of isUHcat
and allegorical writing which has yet ;rtbMr
ed ojjali'xt the form of oppre don aart vll.
The doits represent the workers and the flei
the blood sucking monopol sis. The etbk-st
force thestjryls Rioat a d drspoUn pwr
and greod get a fearful shultlna up Vf 'hlx to
us previously unhtard of autbor. Dotiirl&tj Mo-
' Galium. Tbe book is finely tlluntravod wltb
numerous cartoons, ri uo in paper, j cents.
' Al; A Social VUion. I
A new book by a powerful ethlil novelist.
Charles K. Daniel, of i'hlildelplila. published
hy the Arena l'ubllthinK C'. bhuld be In
every true man's library. Full l the new
i thought of this time of social awaUeulnff and
'questioning. In laper, W cents UrdurtUrougb
London Money Power; the Great Red
By I,. B. "oolfolk, I). D. Xew and revised
edition. Price In paper, 50 cents. ,
The New Redemption.
This book by Rev. Oeorgo D. Ilerron, U. T
Professor of Applied ClirlHiL.tiHy in lown Col
lege is virtually a new discovery of both the
law aud tbe gospel, an uncovering of the truth
from accumulated temole rubulttk, -the truth
wblch alotw can save tbe Individual nA
socletyr It is tbe gospel of love in action, tbe
industrial, commercial traspcl a distinguished
frqm a Sunday gospel. In cloth binding, 37B
A Plea for the Gospel.
This book, by tbe same author as the prered
Ins. Is a most st-srcblng examination of the
preaching and work of tbe church, Same
price s anove, ocen's.
CTOCKWKIX a mAti BOY. Twenty-three slde
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A book for aU wbo believe tbe competitive
commercial straggle should be superseded by
a Hunt economic system of production and a is
trlbutlon. A book also for those wbo believe
competition necessary. Postpaid, paper corers
, The Railroad Question, '
The matter presented in the 4W pages of this
book, drawn from all the American and iCuro
eaa literature bearing on the railroad prob
em, is most valuable. Read this book and
you will be thoroughly informed on one of tbe
great over-shadowing questions of the day.
Cloth 11.50.
The Seven Financial Conspiracies
This little book, which has had largest circula
tion ana innueuoe in the Farmers Alliance,
shows how the Money Power has gathered lis
vast plunder A book to sow broadcast over
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Six Centuriee of Work and Wages.
Abridged with chart and summary. The facts
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A historic collection of most valuable infor
mation bearing on the present crisis, by Rev.
W. U. P. Blits. Introduction by Prof. & T.
fay of the State University of Wisconsin.
Paper, 2& cents.
Peopl'ea Party Campaign Literature.
We have received from Headquarters
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campaign literature which can be ob
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1 I I
I t
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Question" - ay ben
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II y nenator IV 111. M
.sr. for lioo
.or. 11 on ii ss s co
.! 40 7ft I 00
.0 6f I 1.1 3 00
.03 63 I to SO
.01 Ml I 6li t Ml
.04 V I flu 1 00
.os w t iaj
I !
N H: I hi t hi
(W J tJ I in
Coining the S ragr
IJy 'euator Hlewarl
Iuh and Hslei.f lloudn
Hy : senator ivio, v.
Miiih- gueaiinn from
I-Kji Hiaiiiiixnin
Hv neuator M IU V
The Mnui-J Que loll
My H-Dator Wtit A
U.e Tax 1)
l.afe l'ci,. M
Pree.'oibsgeof Oliver
Hy I. ale ivin r, M.
tti'iiod aud Miil
Mnry Hy J-bi,
I b M n y gu t u
iiy Jerry eimin
M v.,..'
The above Is only a partial list,
Olhrtrt will ims added as sisin ai out
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I'oopld's Party Clulw, l,igton, am! I V tv
pin's party voUr at-t In fln.u'ilnif
thli liu rauift'. Itlstlu lmt Ua Ui
a Uani'a our cauno yet ad)ttd
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pt.lnU wrston the 1'ecltJo lines, to any
polot In Minnesota, Wlwonsin, North
em Illinois and Iowa, direct to Chicago
tho cast and south, you can obtain I me
of chargo at the rlty office. 1 33 O St.
',r (leiJtit. cornrr 8th anrt 8 tret, of
Nor- li Vv rn lln. oompluto an-l re
Ilablu Information of all oonm-etlona,
raws eto. With WKO inll.-s of Iu own
lint's In tho states named visitors to any
of the ni can but serve their latvrtwta by
patronizing tha Northwestern line.
A. H. FtitDisa,
City Ticket A ., 1 1 SI O street.
L'-t NorthwueUirn line to ('hkairo
fvw ravs. last trains, Odlc 1U3
Tourists (torn Mlrntsi.ts Points.
CotnmenHng Oo'oir 6th, a Tourla
ear l.-avva Mliim aiK U erry Thurstlaj
n-orntng and run l I u-1" and vis
Albert l to t'olmni'tis dunotlnn, ar
rlelng at 1 1 i)1 1, m, and thtra t mnwt
with our J. H. I. A I. train N. 1,1
l U h will hold at that lHiInt (r ar
rlvattfthU C It Ai N, tr!ti varry
Inj that i?r, an I via KansaaCity arrive
al I'lit bl't Njwmd tnornlrg,
JWgtanleg 0ulscr IDih, Tourist car
alll Albert In every I iijU
nirel"g and run t MlnnreimlU A bt.
Unils l(y through Afgu in IVa Moloti.
arrUlnn tt night, and tber la 'Vr
nd h Mken wee' on 'lllg Fl.a" Krl
tlar inoriilng, and run vUUivahn,
cidn aad Itallev 111 Ui I'uebla
I I 1 Jtll
i Ii 1 Slebl'sv a
f rtoubloAriing -.A
A V l EeWor ttorar- Xtv f Br
V I 1 linsOiillilaprwaot , l
all iLMfaiifbtAWormr X l
r I I I Fruit. Inumbayx li.
A liyiald of all Krua anoVx-, JtT""
VI r VaRKUblo crop. Tnunt- I X
ml I anriainna. UeodSoU fr IV ,J
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9 M .J "ionaprsyiiif. Cimlarir. f 4
Stwl o Wind o Esgistv.
Has been In oae since 1SS3. lu
lathe PI0NUK 871 Cl MILL,
bene th mill for you to buy.
Tbousauss have uem I
our oti Towrs
Bave 4 angle steel corner posts,
substantia! steel sins ai4
braees; not fence wire, Tbey
are UOHT, illtOHO. SlKPll Jit
C0NSWUCV0H. much t-bearei
loa wood and will IsK a life
time I Our mills aud towers era
UUAKANTKEl) Write for.
prices an! circular,. Address,
Mentioning tbf i paper.
Arkansas City Kansas.
Pearl Steel Mill
and Tower, t H
(7111 run 29 years wlthtut ell.
Will send lliem on 30 day,' letl trial.
ana it not sutisinctory to tne pur
t-hnser It em lie returned to us
aud ws ssv frslahl both wsvi.
Ws iflve the Urononiwirmnlyot any
company in tne nusinoss. t nere
by protoctlnff you utid your cua
tonmr oif.ilnst loss in case of un
Write for full particulars ' and
printed mutter.
Batavls, Kane Co., M.
f vr-lTo Make a Trip to the
,,. MJ Best Ajvantage It Is Ea
f sentialto
; mm : : amni nioni. ,
If Going to Kansas Don't Call On Us,
Anf4olnt In tho two Dskotns or OiiUul WyonwiK.
call on ua, BaCaUSS) as tli Only LlnOiemnic
8fjCf to tiiuac sniJ inlrmcdi:W pouita on M
Wfl h'" f"1" 01 "alli 11 ' tn SOBt
W. M.SniPMAN, t. A. 8. FlELDIKO,
en'lA?t. CltyT'kt. Agt.
M7 8o. 10th St .Lincoln, Neb.
Depot: Corners and 8th street r,.
For Sale,
A Five BOftSit POWaH"
E.cctrlc Motor
In food condition. Will bo solrf
CHEAP if sold toon
f7leO. TCILLy,
Corner lltb&MS's.. Lixcoix, NB
Great Rock IsiahdRodu
' " . , , III
I ho Kot k Island la trcro( tn adopt
ing any advance calculated lo lm
irutiMNHl and give that luxury, a?ety
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dlntng car. lfM-r and c' air
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rvo title Improved panrni.
r'allfiil aid rapllo managi neat
and jHiilU, ti'im-si wrv!t fria em
ploytie ar ii.)Mriant l!om. They are
a doubUt duty to thu t.mpay and to
traveler and It Is anudtlaies lasli
dRcult of MHxitttfti)hnitnt )'asn.
gent no this line will omf iltlio tuusd foi
nuniUlnt on that ground.
Kvr f all iart kti a Ui UokcU, m pa,
raue, aii'y Wany ctuma ticket wUcn
In th UolM 8iau. Canada or Nfeiko
or addreas: JNO, HatlAbTI AN,
ttan'l Tsk A f. A s. ( t.-as lit,
K IT. JOHN, Ua t Msusgsi. Caao,!tt.
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