The Wealth makers of the world. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1894-1896, May 03, 1894, Page 8, Image 8

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mjnt, etery one of whom perbapi is as
food m aoy Senator in this Chamoer,
everyone of . whom owa allegiance to
V.I. nnnntr and to its flaflT. ttftt tO be
met with a mlllUry force to deprive
them of an undoubted and saored right
A surprising spectacle In country Hk
Tti rr,,in.inr, of tha oountrr are
AND TIE OOMMOJJWEAL. rl tQ pr0(iuce movements of this kind
These people have appealed to Congress
from time Jto time by petition! and
memorial! without any attempt being
If Ttii Bs Anarchy Bacilli Maks the
Moit of It.
Tb Rich Welcomed by the Lawmakers
a . Pnnu.
vno I'oor miuhu vs.,.B -r
list! are Their Only Friend.
(speech Which Angered INutouracy.
Mu. ALLEN. Mr. President, I cer
talnl hone the resolution of tho Buna-
tor from Kansas will be aiopted by the
WtwHte, noi because I think It advisable
m- rvi.av'a irmv or any other
army to ootne to Washington for the
porioM of presenting a poUUon to
Congress lo person, not becauso I thinlc
It is advisable for thorn to do thin, but
UuauHe as American cltUcris they have
a rltfht to do so If they soe lit, and It
would be unwise on the part of the kton
ate to deny them this right. Any
American citizen ba a right t com o
to Washington, I supposu, at least I
iuvo never heard It denied until within
tha last two or three dayi any Amerl
ndtken, It makes no dlffsjronoa
where he may live, or what bis occupa
tion may be, or what his station In lift
may be, has a right to come horo, and
he has a right to wain unuur uio umna
of this Capitol if be sees fit and be as
aooitro ft any other citizen la tno lunu,
a,, if m iiii.nv md his followers see
Jr ta -
fit to come here for a peaooful purpose
as they are oomlng-whether that pur
isu bo visionary or not it Is not for us
to judgothey have a right to do -o
and look In upon thohlghosuogiBiawvo
txMly of the country of which they are
citizens: and they nave a ngni 10 w
oupy these galleries,' which are aoiui
times occupied by persons who are
iw.kt ,1, run In In oocuuvlntf them 10
tho ftxclnslon of clthons of other ).
thms of the land. They havo a right
tit iHiniH and ba heard by a committee
of this body, they have a right to pie iholr grlevanres In person: and no
rouu has the moral or tbo b-gal right to
deny them that privilege whether lie
m Buuator or citizen.
Dlaolalmlng, then, any purpow whst
ever of approving or advising Mr,
Copy's movement, I must say that, o
far as 1 am oonoerncd, I believe he has
a right to come hore with hi follower,
mt that he and they have a right to
hi treated with as much courtesy and
kludncsi in doing so as the President of
tho United States, and any different ro
caption of Mr. Coxey or his lollowsrs,
or of any other American citizen, would
be altogether un-American, and would
not bo sustained by the' common judg
ment of the Amorloan poople.
i.ot us look for auomout ut tho way
publm buoineo is transacted bora. J
havo been reading for two or
three days it the newspapers of tint
city thut some general, called Ordway
I do not know who ho is, whether he
is a regular army officer or a mllltta
olHcvr Is mobilizing the military force
of tho city for the purpose of reoelvlng
Coxey ut the confines of the District,
with the bayonets of soldiers and the
club of polloemen.
Thusa men are coming hero for a
rightful purpose as American citizens,
whin persons, whose homes and whose
rights are as sacred under the flair, and
the Constitution of this country ut are
tfco'wii of any other, man, woman, or
child, ami yet we witness tho singular
si vctiiclo of the city being thrown Into
eicUeinoat about the movements of a
harmless army of this oharaote-r. en
tirely without arms. The Army is to
bo mobilized to receive them upon the
point of the bayonet, If need be, and
4slrcd soldiers are to meet them at the
caaflne of the District and chock their
entry or to shoot them into submission
if they refuse when they have violated
to Uw,
Is that American? It it right to
deny to tut h men the privilege not only
of tutoring the District of Columbia
ami the city of Washington, hut to
euWr t)u gallerks, If they ilt to
v i aUt them?
t0 down K the depot vt the IUUI
lunre a u J Ohio railroad or the lnol-
TnU railroad at altat any time of
thsuay and you will seo.greal Uidles
! lobbj Uts coming to tho city I have
lhai utytelf, ti(l"n. twouty, tud
tvtti)-deta time, and somtlme
ro rr. They do not slop to Uke thvlr
i..'o to the howls, but thoy aula
rUbt laU this cvriUW nl ihU Cplud
Hud Mtik iiww gaUerWs, s'tk Use lob
I i f (he Caplud, svek SuuUii uj
ivi.ituliw ruvms u Uy their m
Km ohitt h-f numitwis f t,
I., a. Sttr, ninny tf Utem -m nun
mtl mIi tis i(T, tty ar wt
ihmV with ouulrvk-34 aims and w,jt
if stkoaw, attd yt t!.y arw d.iieu thw
iowatry mure damage a4 h U.ury
Uss a.) the IW y araiUs, tb a s!l (H
!rvi sm t tuuNt.c t ttkts
cvautry b) Mw like Mr iVktvy;and jet
t. . . , . ,k . . . . . , .
n r m m arm tr vr m uu
le.i.atat-l'r 1 assume tbat IhU
isluua t i'tcvr weuU ao; t.kt tb u
l.e ihtN stvas 0 ttke llfetM arder
(w authortli, from ib ja
k 4 r thaa hlwli-aer) it Ukt thrval
w la the aar4, that heaest
kr)il(guit wba are .tut nf ewiilt)
a . 'WL
made to redress tneir wrung. mj
send their petitions to Congress, and
they are received bore simply because
the Constitution makes it obligatory
upon us to receive them; they are never
read or oubllshed here SO that the
world can know what they contain
they are hurriedly read by title or
mere brief statement is made of their
reception, and they are speeded off In
to the dark closets and caverns around
this Capitol, never to be resurrected or
soenacain. No attention whatever Is
paid to them.
The rizhtof petition as It cxlits In
this country, and as It Is practiced In
this body, U a farce, and. the great
common American puoplo know It lul
well. So, seeing that they cannot be
board otherwise, they come here to lay
their grievances bofore"Congress la
peaooful manner. Will we deny them
that sacred right of American oUIzmcis?
Will we deny them the privilege no,
not the privilege 'but the right under
the Constitution they have to do soP
Will we not only deny them that right,
but meet them at the confines of tho
city as felons are to bo met and driven
back? Are American citizens coming
here for a lawful purpose to be met at
the confines of the capital of their na
tioa by a hired soldiery, by a police
force and kept out of the city and
beaten Into submission if they persist m
What provokes any suspicion against
this class of our poople? Is it the
clothes they wear? Is it because they
are not clothed in purplo and A no llnun
and arrayed like Solomon la all his
glory? Is it in oonscqucnoo of any
threats they have made against Con
gresi or any bra..oh of tho Government?
Il It in consequence of their being
armed and threatening the peace of tho
city or the integrity of tho nation? Sir
it cannot be any of those, for they are
peacoable, law-abiding, honest, humble
American citizens, and they come upon
a mission of pouoo, and not of war.
Mrt. Harris. Will the Senator al
low me a second?
MR, Allrn. Certainly.
Mil, Harris. Uepreaentlng in some
measure, as I do, the poople of the Dis
trict of Columbia, I beg to know of the
Venator from Nebraska what evidence
h has that the oliloer In command of
the District militia has ' ever made a
throat or an intimation such as tho
Senator has indicated? I undertake to
say he will And no authority for any
uoh statement coming from any such
o nicer.
MR. ALLKN. Mr, President, I will
say in answor to the Sonator from Ton
nessoe that I ssld tho newspapers of
thlsolty were full of It. I ak tho
Senator from TenncBteejlf that Is not
MR. Uahris. I understood the Sena
tor to deal with what he was pleased to
characterize as a threat of tho officer
commanding the mllltla of the District
of Columbia. I deny that any such
threat has been mado. Tho Senator
need not ask mo what has appeared or
what may appear In a nowspaper In Its
disposition to speculate upon every
possible condition, In Its dlspogltlon to
hunt things sensational, I know not
what the newspapers have said or what
they may say upon this or any other
subjeot, but tho Hanater Is not jutlflcd
In charging that a public ofilolal has
uttered threats such as he has described
upon mere newspaper declarations ai to
what possibly or probably may happen.
mu. alien. Mr. President, I am
not responsible for what tho Senator
from Tennessee uadorstands, nor did I
ruake tho tatatnent which he uow
make. I said that In the newspapers
In this o'.ty it was claimed and it ti not
denied and that is how I knew that
there was an oitloer of this uame-that
Uen. Ordway 1 mobilizing the military
force of this District fr the purpose I
have nsiuod.
Mr. It arkisk Djos the senator
meat to say that It Is tuu that that
ottltr hat threatened to dt the things
Mhu h the Hnator dotcrllH'''
Mu AI.UN. llfcatlwa utJ In
tht new spears that this oltoer ha
aiubiil 4 or U moitUUlog a Km fr
the purpose of me-ting (he with
the tmvkjtieu ti solder. What Uvte
thst ueaa? Dm not that tueaa war
! ihoin aavl up n their right It
U aouecttj for u t.i sty that coining
of that k'nd tswoWmpUU'd wbeathtr
a UbeiUuHM tuu!n4 of opinion
ujHtfttUtkjr.J.MV and It Is not dtv4
by the very v.1Um MmttW, mut
thi tVv eun ut Ms4.j ,a h nvr
pap u fru, dsr tndj. I kttoW Hh
leg of his parp iity st
tHruh the iteprt if this itty;
tdlylf fee IttWttk i to meet th
tu.' i h a aitlltari fvrv, n via!,
tvry prUolple . this gavrtatnt, and
vtaia'ts It statvtUt as ll.
I fceald It tuud U this Change
Uhia a f d ut the time I m
wme bn ths.sCai Uel grouodt m .t
b) u)d sacred a4 aoWdy must W pr.
mltted to occupy them; that parades
must not occupy the Capitol grounds.
What is there, Mr. President, about the
lapitoi grounds waica makes them ao
sacred that no American citizen dare
walk across them without permission?
Mr. Faulkner. I should like to ask
the Senator a question.
Mr. Allen. 1 yield with pleasure.
Mr. Faulkster. Is not tho Senator
aware of the fact that no processions of
any character or description can parade
the streets of the city of Washington,
or any other municipality of which
know, without permission from the city
authorities, designating the route over
which they are to pass, and the object
and purpose of the procession?
Mr. Allen. Mr. President, if that
be true, it is a shame and a disgrace to
this nation that it should be to.
Mr. Cockkbll. It is so everywhere
In every city of tho United Btates.
Mit. Allen, It is not so in every
city of the United Slates.
Mu. Cock hell, it is true In every
well-regulatdd city.
Mr. Allen. It Is an absolute shame
and disgrace to this nation that peace
able citizens dare not get together acd
march in the streets unless they got
permission from some person in charge
of the municipality; and when the Sen
ator from Missouri says it is to in every
city In the United States, I say I know
that it is not so In every city; that there
are largo cities in the United Slates
whero it is not required to get permis
sion to have a parade of any kind. If
that be the law of tho city of Washing'
ton, and honest and loy all citizens dare
uot get together upon the streets and
maroa with drums and flfus. If they
desire to do so, then it is high time for
this Government to repeal such a law
I hero is no right in anyone to enforce
a law of that kind unless there be an
occasion for its enforcement by a viola
tion of the peuco or threatened injury
to the poople and to property.
Mr, I'resident, It is almost of weekly
oocurrenou I have soon It myself, and
have seen it repeatedly for military
companies and parades of different
kinds to march across the Capitol
grounds, and yet I am told that it is in
violation of tbo law for thorn to do so,
and even the District Commissioners
huvo no power to permit proccsions
to Invade the Cupltol trrounds. I saw
ast week, ss I have seen almost every
week since I bavo boon in this city,
military companies and societies of
different kinds with banners, with fifes
and drums, and with brats bands march
lng across the Capitol grounds without
the slightest molestation or Injury.
There is not a man in this Caoltoi
building today who has not seen the
same thing; and yet we aro told when
Coxey, this mysterious and harmless
Mr, Coxey, who Is coming down the
Chesptiuke anil Ohio canal with two or
tbreo hundred harmless men teaches
Washington, beoause ho is not
domiciled in Washington and of
known high character, bicauto
he is not honored with a posi
tion in this end of the Capitol, or
tho other porhaps; bocauso his fellow
citizens have cover called upon him to
represent them in any respect la Wash
ington, that be and his followers aro to
bo u?t by police officers aud a military
force aud kept off tho Capitol grounds
Why? Docs ho menace this Chamber
or tbo Uapitol? Not at all. Ho 1
harmless; his mission is harmless; the
mission of thoso who follow blm Is
harmless, and It is lawful, and In one
sense laudable and respectablo.
The Capitol grounds the great
cum pus upon which this building Is
Ituated are very saored, indeed, now.
but when railroad lobbyists, tax lobby-
sts, bunk lobbyists, and all other lobby.
Ists who Infest this city and these Capl.
tol grounds, come hero everything is
thrown open to them; but when Mr,
Ooxey comes marching along with bis
army of the commonweal to petition
Congress tor the redress and relief of
the masses of his rtoe, he Is to be met
and not permitted to enter the Capitol
grounds, to say nothing of this saored
Senate Chamber.
Tho galleries aro inhabited from day
to day, irom week to week, and from
month to month by the same class of
persons, so thai American oltlens from
Maine to California and from Texas to
Matsaohusettt are crowded out of thorn
when they come her but once la a life
time to look upon the Senate t the
t'nlU'd Stales, aud uothlng Is dne, no
tttort I nude ti change this oondltlou
of affairs; but when this hannte man
Mr. l'oxy and his harmless and un
armed followers are uoiulng here to lay
their grlSQoet bvfore u we refute t
give thm eiett a tti w moment's t m of a
fww of th Senator In this Chamber,
and are U forMJ thiu eutranee ino
on the Ctlt i grounds.
Me, rrvtUKuit, hav w nut time to
give tar Ut thsiu? Look U upo this
Chamber It yen will ! hours from
this tint be the tat I It dltouMlo t
going oa and publ!y titer w ill not b
is member of the body prul to
lr th tjHSfvh whka is Wing d
tltorvd, lor hour It will gsi oa I tat!
! uatil & o ulors, a4 prtjUably Ui
r fkity or uly Hvut.ur who uould
gl th taa from two U thro haurt
o rvttt their o4 wtthut any
detriment whaWvvr la their rltt
atlr or U th yuh'M bl of th
aavlott. I hop th rssuiutioa sill to
HhcitbaftrTMR WKAL1M MutKS,
LlNCOMf, Nsi., Aug. 10, 1893,
inhiho-Balln. But Co.. Uncoln. fiii,7
OenUeinen I htvt been victim ol rhcntmtiais
lor Mtrcral fun put, I ltaT uflrrj intcaMty l
IntM, and have gon to the Hot Hprinyt o ) Sooth
Dakota, and th Hot Snrinif of Arfcaaaa tn
inrt, Meking relief. I have alw taken mac
nedlclne under th diredione of able phyticiaai,
tuoai one raonui ago i auoerea tram one ! Um
aaet violent attack of- the diKaee. and at once he.
fan taking hot aalt water bath at vour new and
tplendid bath hmue In this citr. Under the ear ol
our (entlcmanlv an etSi lent attendant, Mr. Uenr
Vhmntte, I have, think, entirely recovered.
fVom experience and my obaervallon of the r
nilta of Ueatment of many patient at th lint
4prin( above named and at your bath houae, I am
onvlikoed that betterand qiikker retnlU caa be ob-
ainea oy a rourae of hot alt wuter bath at youi
ath houae than at any other Illkir e In tli country
I do not heaitat nirt only to recommend, but to
Uf every peraon unrltig from rheumatim to try
t course of batha at your bath houae under the
urecuon 01 one Of the pliyaictan In charge.
I believe your new and nm(nlnciit belli houat
will iirove a great bleMino; to th many victim
...,, um Tivifiuy, auu 1 nujie it will re
XlVe the liberal DatronHirc It merit.
You have not requested ol me any teatlinonlal,
Tit 1 derm it proper that 1 aheuld irknowledire tht
freat relief I have received at your biinila, and you
nay uae what I have Mid in Such manner a you
nmj uocin prupcr, very reniwcilllllV,
J, 11. Sthook
The above from Judge Strode is but
sample 01 the irutnv similar tastlrnnn
lals we have received without solicita
tion ana which will appear from time
vt umo in ineso columns.
So lpho-ba li n k Bath Co,
B'oiirntb and NT s'rnetsu Lincoln
f 9 71 "'"" Nkiural yinisb Natf Cirri!
ftifaj tmtUUi with it-) wtils,
iMmlfiajMI. M4 utht jtls
insiif natsh.d fitabi,Mt'l (.ra(l4 for H f Hhiu-A
s 111 rtats'lfi.! tMttUUT I'Alli) tw sjm, r.i.W.J Im
rlft. M Wi sjtdMfl Mf h
1bl I KM. im Ilia ulrlasa anrl i..t k.....
sMaswrsi f uv kwl, rllat'l tn4 rSM,nslt.l, ufns
unsuliM M BM liHMl, Was d Mil sMhlf) btlt What
M'sanMtM Ut IM MWbftMitMJ.Vil t tti l'Wt ttstttrf
'piUm. WKITR TO lUV lut out lsff KKKK IJluiVfttw
wan-VMS) n tarrn ugM svi-i ij im eumisrwii,
OXFORD SJFO. CO., 340 Wsbssh As., Chicago, III.
apt) PkOWEP
, t CtM
We hav a very c holes Hue . S.
ofmwl oats and iioiuumh, 2
Herul tor rteiicrliillvi) cat. 2
lotfue. oi(iwin.lJBt;ii;u C
CO., Llniioln, Noli. W
aHMWm iirC
Writs for Bank References
h Operation, Ho Detention from Business.
307-308 N. Y. Life Bid., OMAHA, NEB.
mm mmmm ewuiin u.i ...i..ieMu IWU
The National's Date.
Bethany, Neb., April 11, 1894.
Editor Wealth Makkus:
lion, Alonzo Wardall, national or
ganlzer of N. P. A. & I. U. and Alltanue
Aid, assisted by W. F, Wright, state
organiser, will hold from two to three
meetings with tho Alllauoes In open
mooting in the following counties, com
mnnulng in Otoe county, April 2.trd,
Nolnn ar-bonl hounH. 0 mll north of Lincoln.
Lanruatr county. May 4.
Naiuiiir), Lanciuitiruounty, Muy o,
flHllllOtt, " 7.
Co , Jobnon county, Mar V.
Omit, ' " in.
VnHta, " " u.
Oiromaiiurg, Polk " Jim 4,
Owmilii, ' R.
Bbolby, " " " 8,
Ours county, May l'J, 14, 15
ji-neraon in it.
Thuyer " " IN, tu, SI.
Klllmor ' " W-W.
Hulliie !4'!.
Heward " " iW-KH.
York " " ).
Hamilton" 81, June 13.
Bills will bo sont out as soon ae places
are designated for last eight counties.
W. P. Wright,
State Organizer.
State Lecturer J. II. Towers
speak at tho following places on
aus given:
rrleud, ttallne county, May 1,
Wllbor, 8.
Tobias, " ' " 9.
Daykln.Jefforson " ' io,
Kalrbury, " u.
Kndlootl " ijj.
Friend of tho Alllanoe In theso
counties will please 011 out the appoint
menu giving the hour of the day in
each case, and notify ihe state arvre
tary, Mrs. J.T. Kellie. ilartwoll, Nub.,
as soon a polble so he can inform
me of the same.
b'rtends of the cause will please ro-
member that on at'cotintof the financial
tHindlttoa ut tho sUie treasury th lee
turer will get aiithini; for his services
extvptwhat Is vuluaMrtly ivntrlbuted
on hi field '( laKir,
Notice tha i ad. of the Interior
iKooravU Company U this iu. Call
on them and tH tltm whsr tou saw
their ad. and buy suvtt things a you
no.d. Tt)y ha evvrythln la sUxsh
la thvlr Us", sud will tr'l you whit.
I'roaldt'B Ulscoin 14 ' hwp In touch
tth the puple,' l"!ottor t Uvrlaed
waru th industrial army Cat they
hat nt rlt'hu ff iwavful nUtlua that
lh (ovsraaicat Ul k!t-that If
Iht'y ituigrvgat la NahUgkA lit
dgsnt war ' will be turned ! up
oj tUvva. Vet thd d.!t-'s tf li!l
rtandlh rU'h erpurtUm rid
(rH In pt iars ti i'uHvalt IU th
i-.J nt ad wru U kihll of
Cegr. lirvter may tUr iiui
thlsg alxntt th uutiv u( this gotwta
aat Uar4 l slrl aa4 dosvitut
ubjwu,ll'alr Htfpuhitsaa.
J. o. PEPPARD, 1400-1402 UNION kl
Red. White. Alfalfa snd Afelke Ctorer, ....-
l lniothy, BlneGm,OrchardOra,HMI'ilf 10 PITY 1111
Top, (hilon twta.Tnw hced,Cne Seed. IVIMOrW Will MS
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tO Ml
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them to whether they sr employed or
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b.jth classns.
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ject to examination. Send
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LVtV lp. it Ulml lu nmrkt t ami lo ttis rtvhi h.M.. It
dues I ay. UUnoniwrliiirni. urhlpi r ir.uiy to It
uusnlwousljr, W will mt wily t,i.ittin u, biHbit umrkl
irl s tor your Wuol, W you M , 'ml HI wn.t ytm qutrk
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I'rompt ales and QuUk Returns. w,
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