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    April 20, 1894
in Mala Reliance Man He Manure
t'sre of Waguii and Carriage
llotbeila l ork rirkliiK ami
llouaeltolil Help.
Maintaining- noil Fertility.
I'ndcr tho above title it is usual to
w;e "rotutifin of Top"and"avingand
applying manure'' at) tho only means
by which tho unlvorHal "di-plotion of
soile" may bo arretitod und fertility
of soil rt'Htorod. "Rotation of crops"
is without doubt an Important item
in crop production and its impor
tance ought not to be lout night of
by farmers for a Mingle scanon if po
Miblo. "Saving and applying manure"
i another very important matter.
No doubt that the manure lout in
the I 'ill tod State each Heanon, If
properly xuvod and lined, would pro
duce an annual int-roitao in the yields
of farm crops to almost, if not entire
ly, extinguish tlio great "war debt"
of the nation.
Hut to assume that rotation of
crops und saving manure without the
iimo of other means will even prevent
the further depletion of soil, to say
nothing of restoring fertility to de
pleted soils, is without doubt a most
grievous error. Jt is not claimed
that rotation of crops pun tho power
alone to prevent depletion and, in
fact, only a small advantage is claimed
for it. Saving and applying manure
then must be the main reliance of
those who advocate this theory.
The mauuro carefully saved from
feeding to stork the product of a
given amount of land will not supply
a sufllcleot amount of manure to
coverall of the land from which tho
cron hud lii'i'ii tnUi'ii. It. ulil (inltr
cover properly about one-tenth tho
area covered by the crop so fed.
Thus tho c.-op from 100 acres care
fully fed to jtock and all the manure
savednd applied to tho land would
not cover more than ten acres, so
that ten years "would bo required to
go over the entire 100 acres, and
Jong before the expiration of this
time the manure would be exhausted
on tho first lands it was annlied to.
'So that it is clear that manure alone
will not preserve fert ility. Jiut besides
this every farmer cannot, and, la
fact, but a few can, feed all the pro
ducts to stock. Tho world would
-parish for the watit of bread if all
farmers would feed tho entire product
of tlielr farms to stock. Then where
are you with your manure "racket?"
bo it ever so good.
What then is the main roliunco to
not only prevent depletion of soil but
also to restore soils already depleted?
asks the Journal of Agriculture. A
good physician will seek to Und tho
cause of his.patlcnt's ailments and will
treat the cause ami remove it. A
quack will treat tho symptoms and
let the case remain in darkness to
What then is the caiiHo of tho de
pletion of soils so usually complained
of, and tiie cause of low yields of
crops as shown by tho census reports
for the past twenty yearn!'
Tho attempt to cultivate a much
larger area than could bo properly
done has been tho universal practice.
Shallow plowing with too little after
cultivation has been pract iced as a
necessity and not Iwcauso it was
thought to lo tho best. Careless
plowing and too little harrowing has
boon tho rule. And those failures
and overdoses are the causes of the
depletion of soils. The remedy is a
reduction of the cultivated area, deep
and thorough plowing the ground so
that not on! y the thin surface soil Is
cultivated, such a thorough plowij'T
that will result In strict oltcdlctico to
tho requirements originally made
when the first man was sent out to
"till the ground."
If the soil is broken up to such a
depth that the moisture of rains and
melting snows will lie quickly ab
sorbed and carried deep down into
tho earth where it is stored for tho
uho of plant when needed, then it is
brought to the surface along with
the necessarily accompanying fer
tility by the capillary uction of the
earth, t here can be no depletion of
soils. This is tilling ihe ground, the
whole C roil ml and not slmwlv a thin
crust of the earth, as is done by shal
low plowing.
Shulluw plowing allows the surface
t. soon dry out and with a dry sur
fueo the hem-tit of rising fertility and
moltur Is lent to tho growing
plants, dud the air which is a great
reservoir if fertility" full to deposit
the moisture and plant food it con
tain while the surface is dry and
hard. The air and tho earth imiat
act conjointly lit the tdalmratioi. of
plant food for the support of growth
an the conditions favorable tt this
action must U supplied by the proper
cultivation of th soil. The failure
to do this t aunt i lo of fertility and
b of crop yields. Uepplutng
and a thm-uugh preparation of the
ell by frtHjiiiMit hii, thorough bar
rowings ato liittimiiabli t'itulltea
111 prvpitriiig null tit receHe tin.
Mft( that U l'i pi tsl tire the pat tug
crop. CuttU alien ! a term lUtUt
known among HifMiiuyo fri;ii.
ToohUiti from muthir earth" the
full! rrd sin hwwM-H '
hwUid dawn must ts c e:('l it'll with,
it l Ivi U jwi, Trvw vultialoti i f
thi at It em pled with tru mt Utel
optii.-ul by lh. ml jtlit vt jHvUI
litt lh tl uited tatlte naltu al tl ntatitU
f thw imb tu farm i rip u! tv.ur
JfpU'ti d eniU a'ut (.(.! ) i, !,
crop v '-muni tti rapid!)
tnctea.tiii j tli'inamW of t'.t niit'ili j
popuUU, n
l'wtUt buahcl of wle at I i U,
evm and WIJ il lnuht li ttf eel li
a lb avfre.' annual j Ubl tlu.niih
out IhU x ' v I e,r. Uuiel e.ttiittr
Ijnrak out in ! not' tituti,tr
tud, telling the farmer he must
change present methods, and that
s u n. or there will be a long and loud
cry for bread heard over this "land
of plenty." Till the ground.
Hut bedt.
Hotbeds, by being protected at the
Bides and ends with boards, and cov
ered with glass, confine tho moisture
which arises from the earth, and thus
tho atmosphere is kept humid and
tho surface moist, and the plants are
not subjected to changes of temper
ature, as a uniform state can be main
tained, no matter what the weather
may be. Tho bottom heat of the hot
bed warms the soil, and enables the
grower to put In his seed early and
obtain plants of good size before the
soil outside is warm enough to re
ceive the seed, t'aro, however, is
required to prevent scorching the
young plants. In bright days the
neat is intense inside the frame, and
unless air is freely given, or some
course taken to obstruct tho rays of
the sun, most likely a great portion
of tho plants will be ruined. When
tho sun gets pretty warm give the
glass a thin coat of whitewash. This
gives a little shade, and, with some
air during tho middle of bright days,
will make them all safe. The hotbed
is made by forming a pile of horse
manure with the straw used lor bed
ding, or leaves, some three feet in
height. Shako all together, so that
straw and manuro will bo equally
mixed. Jt may bo sunk into the
ground u foot or eighteen inches, or
uuide on the surface. On this place
about five inches of good mellow soil.
Then set the frame and keep it close
until fermentation takes place and
the soil is quite warm. It is better
to wait u day or two after this, and
then 'sow the seod. Farmers Voice.
I'ork I'dlnlcr.
Kxtru heavy pork is nearly always
costly pork.
Scalded bran and corn meal is a
good feed for pigs.
(irowing hogs require a considera
ble amount of drink.
In fattening pigs it is quite an item
to make them eat all that they will.
Plenty of bedding in good season
will often holt) materially in saving
a litter of pigs.
A liberal allowance of bulky food
is vory necessary witli all kinds of
growing stock.
There are few farm animals that
pay a better proportionate profit than
a good brood sow.
Tho incessant drain on a sow that
IS suckling a litter of pigs sharpens
her appetite amazingly, and sho will
need lilsiral feeding.
Jt is less expensive and more satis
factory in every way to keep the boar
in a good, thrifty condition rather
than allow him to get too fat.
One advantage with hogs is that
they give returns in so short u time,
that even if only a small profit is
realized they can bo made to pay.
Urood sows require a ration that is
rich in tho elements of Imiiio and
muscle. The objection to some is
that it tends to cause an excess of fat.
Oats, rye, wheat, middlings, bran
and oil moal are preferable to corn as
a feed for growing pigs. There are no
foods that will equal corn however
for fattening.
Tho best stock will not bo long In
degenerating If not properly fed and
cared for, and tho farmer that pur
chases good blood and then neglects
it is wasteful.
Ilnum liolil Help.
"There Is nothing," says an artist
housekeeper, "like an old palette
knifo to use for scraping dishes."
llathing should never directly fol
low a meal, as it withdraws tho blood
and nervous vigor demanded for di
gestion from the stomach t3 tho skin.
Some of tho newest pincushions are
of miniature form in tho shape of or
chitis, dahlias und other (lowers in
natural sl.e, made from shaded vel
vets und satins.
Common grafting wax is made by
Uiklng one part of tallow, three of
beeswax and four of rosin, and melt
ing over a slow lire. Melt the rosin
first, and put In the other ingredients
after stirring well together.
Very pretty and cheap low turn
over collars can be made of the half
of one of those colored-bordered
handkerchiefs, which ca:: lt bought
at a ridiciiioiish low price since tln-y
went out of fith!en for their original
'i'o polish hoi(, Hist smooth the
surface with the finest sandpaHr,
then apply v biting on a bit of flan
nel, rubbing it well. The wliiuf"
may 1st wet with oil or water. rlnUu
by rubbing the Ivory with a ellghlly
oiled bit of linen cloth. All crutch
must ls full I v ruhhctl out in the pro
cess. A pretty teri butter i tt
place a small itiiie ef iu on each
Individual butter plate. With a heated
poker a small depression U made in
each bltvk, In which art laid ine or
two rioter Iratoa, if possible, or a
bit of pal', ami in thU u r n
lio.t Ihii i.i'.u butler lnll 'pe!W
llltfly ami effectively u pi ..
Th" 1 t t'v i'llwt f. i' ii .dialling hii't
ts'aniita ( tit lake twit ettitt-e of rite
gum atatde put tier, p tn on a pint or
lllt'lii ( f Hat i-1', i iv el , alkd let aland
ever eitit In i!ie iiini iiuig p""r It
vait'futt.v fit in the li g Into a c'etin
Uoltil', cm l ti and kt t p fur um A, id
a teapit iifiit d tlti gmti mater to a
jiliil t! Ut . It uan,i In tl .t usual w nv,
htiivi at lUt Itvlttd'.f Met
haVO U ft etc hi m tied IiMi failvlt
Otlt l l.tlt' 'v. ta t be eme,d at
hiuiie, and with nigii evjiit... by
tiatng IM on ul luatt (tint ..uti i(
renin, one pail ! U , otic part
i't planter el ! ",. ,i'l lt. bt'lu l'i th
haitttle with tl v' tieiit, then i al
th ateel d tint ban. lie u ptt
firmly ln i'ctht. j
Ths People's Party Platform Adopted
at Omaha July 4, 1892.
Assembled upon the 116th anniTerstry
of the Declaration of Independence, the
People's party of America, la their first
national oonrentlon, Invoking upon
their action the blessings of Almighty
Qod, puts forth in the name and on be
half of the people of this country the
following preamble and declaration of
The conditions wnion surround as
best Justify our co-operation. We meet
la the midst of nation breught to the
rsrge of moral, political and material
rnln. Corruption dominates the ballot
box, the legislatures, the congress, and
touches even the ermine of tho bench,
The people are demoralized j most ef
the states have been compelled to Iso
late the voters at the polling places to
pre ventunlvcraal Intimidation or brl
bery. The newspapers are largely sub
sidized or muzzled, publlo opinion
silenced; business prostrated; our homes
covered with mortgages; labor Impover
ished and the land concentrating in the
hands of capitalists. Tho urban wort
men are denied the right of organiza
tion for self protection; imported pau
perized labor beat" down their wages, a
hireling standing army, unrecognized
by our laws. Is established to shoot
tbem down; and they are rapidly le
generating into European conditions.
Tho fruits of the toll of millions are
boldly stolon to build up colossal for
tunes for a few, unprecedented in the
hostory of mankind; and the possessors
of these, in turn, dosplse .hs republlo
and endanger liberty. From the same
prollflo womb of governmental Injustice
we breed the two great classoi tramps
and millionaires. The national power
to create money Is appropriated to en
rich bondholders. A vast publlo debt,
osvable in legal tender ourroncy, has
been funded Into gold-bearing bonds,
thereby adding millions to the burdens
of the people.
(Silver, which has been accepted as
coin since the dawn of history has been
demonetized to add to the purchasing
power of gold by decreasing the value
of all forms of property as well as hu
man labor, and tho supply of currency
is purposely abridged to fatten usurers,
bankrupt enterprise and enslave Indus
trios. A vast conspiracy against man
kind has been organized on two contl
nents and it Is rapidly taking possession
ef the world. If not met and over
thrown at once, It forebodes terrible
social convulsions, the destruction of
civilization or the establishment of an
absolute despotism.
We have witnessed for more than
quarter of ft century the struggles
ef the two groat political parties
for power and plunder, while grlev
wrongs have been lnflloted
upon suffering people, we onarge
that the controlling Influences dominat
ing both these parties have permitted
the existing dreadful oondulons to de
velop, without serious efforts to prevent
er restrain them. Neither do they now
promise us any substantial reform.
They have agreed together to Ignore,
In the coming campaign, every issue
but one. They propose to drown the
outcries of ft plundered people with the
uproar of sham battle over the tariff,
so that capitalists, oorporatlons, nation
al banks, rings, trusts, watered stock,
tho demonetization of silver and the
oppressions of the usurers may all be
lost sight of. They propose to sacrlaoo
our homes, lives and children on the
altar of mammon; to destroy the multi
tude In order to secure corruption funds
from the millionaires.
Assembled on the anniversary of the
birthday of the nation and filled with
the spirit of the grand generation
which established our Independence,
we aeek to restore the government of
the republlo to the hands of "tho plain
people," with whom it originated,
j We assert our purposes to be identical
with the purposes of the national con
stitution: "To form a more perfect
union, establish Justice, insure donees
Mo tranquility, provide for the common
defence, promote the general welfare,
and sooure the blessings of liberty to
curiolveo and our posterity."
We declare that this republlo can only
endure as a free government while bulit
upon the love of the whole people for
each other and for the nation; that it
cad not be plaaad togothsr by bayonet)
that tho clrll war is osr and that
every pawlen nd reoentmont which
g re oi it must die with it, and
that we must bo ia fact as we are la
eme, tho united brotherhooi of free
Our country finds itself eonfrtated by
ooadttlons Ur which there is no prc
it ia tho history wf tho world; our
aaaul agricultural productions amouat
to blllloas of dollars It value, which
ausl wlthta ft tow wks or nsoathi he
lokangtd for bU'tomof dollars of com.
Btodltlos ventilated ia thotr production;
taeeiUUaf currency supply U wholly
laadoe.uato to stake this oithaas-e; tho
rotuUt are falltsg prlo, tlto tormatioa
t eosshiafs ftad riage and tho lm
aeiorWautast of tho producing elaas,
Wo pledge ourtuitfs that, if glvn
power, wt will Wbot la (Krrot thtto
evils by We ekd ra)tble !'i
attoa ia aorUaaoa with the totws
tl our platform. We bIUMe that
tho poeers of gariaat It; othor
vefes, of toe pttIehoul4 be
tiotavWd (at to too al the postal
service) as raptdly and as far as the
good sense of an intelligent people and
the teachings of experience shall justify,
to the end that oppression, injus
tice and poverty shall eventually
cease In the land. '
While our sympathies as a party of
reform are naturally upon the side of
every proposition which will tend to
make men intelligent, virtuous and
temperate, we nevertheless regard
these questions, important u they are,
as secondary to the great Issues now
pressing for solution, and upon which
not only our individual prosperity, but
tho very existence of foee institutions
depend; and we ask all men to first
help us to determine whether we ftfa to
have ft republlo to administer, before
we differ as to the conditions upon
whlchltlstobeadmlnlstered. Believ
ing that the forces of reform this day
organized will never cease to move
forward until every wrong is remedied,
and equal rights and equal privileges
securely established for all men and
women of the country, therefore:
lrst That tho union of the labor
forces of the United States, this dsy
consummated, shall be permanent ftnd
perpetual. May its splrltenter Into til
hearts for the salvation of the republic
and the uplifting of mankind.
Seooiid Wealth belongs to him who
creates it, and every dollar taken from
industry without an equivalent is rob
bery. "If any will not work, neither
shall he eat." The interests of rural
and civic labor are the same; their ene
mies Identical.
Third We believe that the time hu
come when the railroad corporations
will either own the people or the people
mus. own the railroads, and should the
government enter upon the work of
owning and managing any or all rail
roads, we should favor fta amendment
to tbe constitution by which all persons
engaged la the government service
shall be placed under a civil service
regulation of tho most rigid oharaoter;
so as to prevent the increase of tbe
power of the national administration by
tbe use of such additional government
We demand a national currency, safe,
sound and flexible, Issued by tho gene
ral government only, ft full legal tender
(or all debts, publlo and private,
and that without the use of
banking corporations; that ft Just, equit
able and efficient means of distribution
direct to the people, at tax not to ex
oeed two per cent, per annum, to be
provided, as set forth In tbe subtreasury
plan ot the Farmers' Alliance, or some
bettor system; also by payments in dis
cbarge ef Its obligations for publlo Im
provements. We demand the free and unlimited
coinage of silver and gold at the present
legal ratio of 16 to 1.
Wo demand that the amount of circu
lating medium be speedily increased to
net less than ISO per capita.
We demand ft graduated Income tax.
We believe that the moneys of the
country should be kept as much as pos
sible In the hands of the people, and
henoe we demand that all state and
national revenues shall be limited to
the necessary expenses of the govern
ment, economically and honestly ad
ministered. We demand that postal savings banks
be established by the government, for
tbe safe deposit of the earnings of the
people, and to facilitate exchange.
Transportation being a means of ex
change and a publlo necessity, the gov
ernment should own and operate the
railroads in the interest of the people.
The telegraph and telephone, like
the postoffioe system bolng a necessity
for transmission of news, should be
owned and operated by the government
in the interest of the people.
The land, including all the natural
resources of wealth, is the heritage of
all the people, and should not be mono
polized for speculative purposes, and
alien ownerthlp ef land should be pro
hibited. All lands now held by rail
roads and other corporations in excess
of their actual needs, aud all lands now
owned by aliens, should be reclaimed
by the government and bold for actual
settlers only.
North Weetern Lin Palace Sleeper
and raet Chicago Train foolce.
A palace car for Lincoln people U
new attached dally to tho Chleairo lint
Itad, Isavlnr Uaoola at 1:35. Mo hotter
Survloa, lowoat raies.
ri tickets, berth roaervatlons etc..
eall at city oftloo 113-1 U itroct, or depot
Cor, U and Ith streets.
Uie Norttiwwitera Hue l Chicago
Um rate. Km trains. UOUm IIU
The 0 13 It hotel i headquarter ti
VV. li. Ibwh, DlvUltia iVm in soder of
tis Ancient Urdur of Ley! Anirirat
Ueota V W. II Ibei tt.
Mow Rtt la (! ia St. t'sul sn4 the
Qitsl Noilhwtai,
Hurt riht. 1her Is Ul urn diruc,
yWw line. To Wave l.Uuilo by other
roads U td bo turned ir to Ihe North
Wvstarn lluo nrouht. .4eo that )ou
star! the ".Nerth Wwlertt" by pur
vBMtiif tloleUol lU rvirasaUUes,
A, U, fielding City Ticks! Aoet 111
Ho, UHh, tit, K. Tt Miairo at upul cer
art fla and ttilroefV
and ftif
Schenectady, N.Y.
! RATIONAL . . .
I ?H usiNtesooLLiai,
OFFICIO," Kaunas Cut, Mo.
' Mont Practical nuNtnam Colliwa In ths
I WttMt. bhottlitttul, TyixtwrHliiK, :iook
I kneiilnir and TltKt'aliy. Bhorthund
.by Mall. 1'hreft leNNntm frra. Saud fori
I our Hl'KCJAL, hUMMiat (j rfcK.
Laundryirig Shirts
with Ornwllut-' Mrln and
HitiiihHt tliimitn Uiiard, A
Nlilrt front in lritchl ltkn
ad ruin hnaU and anntralgtit
Whils you srs Ironing Ihs
Springs srs Pulling
No wrlnkltti nor crooked tiliicon poNnltila, Full
lintirucLlunx for ntiireiitiiu. tiollHblnu, h!c with
filch board. Hunt by tin ikh oh IbihIiH of the
prlrtt, tl.ixi, AkiiU wiiiiiiicl.
Upper Sandusky, O.
Wtiit a wrltliiK iMutn incntlou WmilUi Maknra,
For Sale.
Eleclric Motor
In good condition. Will be sold
cut a I' if sold soon. , . , . .
TV1. O. ftKJkUYf
Corner 11th ft M 6ts., LINCOLN, Nrb
Fine Stock Auctioneer
f 203 O mu, Ufpcolrii nb
Holstcln Cattle
Thlrty-I)va novrn brad for hitIiik farrow, four
inaltw of I iioa furrow anu a lnw fail pitfn at
prici to villi inn tiinK,
Beaver City, Msb
Hog Cholera Cured
Gkktna, Nob.. Nov, 18, D.'J. I here
by certify that Henry Combs oneratod
on my hogs In AuguHtlttHtand since tho
operation I have nver hud ray hogs do
so woll. I believe it to bo a good pre
ventatlve against all diseases. I also
believe it to bo to the interoxt of every
hog raiser to try it as the cost is very
little. M. J. uiiXKHi'ia.
Address. IlKNUY CoraliH. 11th. and
Cuming St., Omaha, Nob.
faMll lITRi tb8rmi.lHhHatr
vaiiiuavuaurowiir, will
muke hair arnw on bald head
Hud ou Imiib lucca, It Hiluiuliiti'ii anil Invltdir
imi nit HiiTiiimi r.9 wii.i,, it Ik fttfn, Nurx,
certain, TcmIwI for;)yni, If It fnllM tnnoxy
will Imraiurnml. cuitcn Prlc.ll,aS.
OK PP11! TV A woudtirttil Mwiiiittlfl
vi uunv 1 1 Cure Plum na.l'TBcU
Ion and ALL faclnl Inuicrfncllorm,
wliitii. nofuina ana actually traimfomia Hi
ittoat rouifh and tiiiuldy couiplcxlon, If tnitkiM
tbnboniHly handNOin. I uc-i uullcil and aufa.
1'rlctt. MicpiitN.
i l TiKT Korflodayaohlv we offer aftitlaf
fll VUJI caiwef Caplllanra. l'rl' si.aft, for
only no renin, halm of Ititauiy for 3U cuniH
Hoih for only T.'icfiitM Bent fn and priiald
auywiirri). circular irmi. AaartM
HUNTER A CO., Hinsdale, N. H
U the only
Weeieii tietudti.
1 ircular. free.
1Kb and r'arwnHU,
"Vim lon't Have lo tiwear Off"
The uh of tobacco In any form if you
uik) NO TO-IIAC, th wimilerful, harm
l'.. L'uaranUjod totaroo habit cure; It
cole but a trifle, and tho man who
wante to quit and can't, will find In NO
Tt) UAU a iiormanent cure (let on
of our little books tntlilod ' iKm't Ti-
baooo Holt or smoke Your I.lfe Awav,"
nr ouy .w iu hm; rrom ll.T. Ulais
k- . . k mi k I a a . a a a . -. '
Drug wniiiiany, l.lnwiln, Neb, our
agvnt. A ropy of the honk wilt m
lualloil fr) by addreaetnf "I'liK HTSH
LINU ItrAlKDY t o.."olttiuuyfturttre
it NO-ltMIAU, No. Kaudoliih 8W,
Chkago, ill.
Tourists horn Minitesot faints.
CWtuearlna' CVttilwtr 6th. a Tourtat
ear Uiae ,'4lauiaHlU evrry Thurli
atorning an 1 run id ruuMu ana via
AHwrt l.n tu t'ulumhiia JuaclltMi. ar.
rlvlmtfct IIM I. li. and llieru OMtttwtel
with our U, It, I, A I'. train Nt. II
whluhwtll IhiIJ at tl. ai point fur ar
rUeiufthell t!. It, & N . train carrr
ng Ibat cr, and ! kanaaat'ttv arrive
at I'udhltt eHaad iiitirniif.
Itfglariliig tk'UilK-r UHh. Tuur at rar
wiili.'ave Altwit la eterv lut.,la
nuirnlng ami run U Mlniwaiaill 4 Ul
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Pearl Steel Mill
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1 1 7 So. I Oth 8t , Lincoln, Neb.
Depot; Curmir M and Htb Mlr.t.
Great Rock Island Routf
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