The Wealth makers of the world. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1894-1896, March 29, 1894, Page 8, Image 8

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March 29, 1894
..... Htior WeJr.
E ditor Wealth Makebs:
UtheinterestoftbeFeople PrtJ
1 . i information. J
cornea Lincoln Is li
Stub to ambition U encouraged lb,
oeuln member, of lb. Par J. :
there U nothing toV" TuU
wplrlog to be our candidal If
eipeitatlons. very j
haVe the imprenlo. ''p
nothing Jtb
American people. (
It U elalmed that be has held aloo
fromtb. Independent, of lo f
orotlnf during the mayoralty election
Spafgn. Tnat Id bl. dtotrlbutloa of
c patronage the Republican, aad
,J P I more favored tbaa
Democrats uw i- ..
election, and that u. - h-- -
capitalistic mugwump wt
to understand wat ne ----
? .f! ...f theOmabs platform,
ul . . the vital polnUof the
man knows, sre tne f
ro 7. .. it 4 claimed that
lent convention last fal to brW
.Meob.tbath. continually used tb.
peeoD, . ,.up, bot never
P"'DOT".'r; I. fact that
. v. ... ord in that address
it that u wc " . , i
that our candidate (or tbl.l.porU
office ihould be a man worouu.,
with our movement, and on. who
: oinai than the platform
. . i.t. tt.nM names w v f v
mm wivu r
... . .
"J::!:: T he, to toaulrtH" ittrue
that Mr. Weir plre. to (he governor.
,bip?and,Uo, d you -
vi. t record that will lsti
Certain it wish to reap
"ootbor bountiful harvest of stayaU
Tome vote., tbey have only to nominate
."conservative" candidate and their
bones will 1 "
ome Very Pertinent lntolrlee.
SHERMAN Co., Neb ,
in.. nruTR Makers:
I am very much pleawd with the new
heading of your Journal, and
,,M e.nulre where the Maxi
mum IUte law, enacted over a year ago
i a it. nwAannt time?
Wo have a faint recollection that It
entered a court of appeal, la that
.appellate body almllar toDlcken. ro-
r' . .... .iSt....... Im Phltl.
.representation oi me -
iTouhle to eet In, but very
jinu..n frt BfAt out?
wk .ha Union Pacific employees
receive so prompt an answer from our
superior court?
Wfav do not the people of NobraHka
et as prompt ao answer to the appeal
of the oc-rporutlons In regard to the
Maximum Rate law, as those working-
Has labor any right In Nebraska that
the agents of the people are bound to
Are our courts created for tho people
or the corporations?
I the voice of the people forever to
find a grave In Institutions they have
created in order to secure "Equality
Before the Law?"
Again, I abk, where U the Maximum
Hate law, and who la responsible for
this long deterred decMoo?
H you have space j lease answer thew
quostlona. To my mind they are perti
nent and Important.
Fraternally voum,
C. U.Kino.
.--.- citTC At I lialPF TbeReltloneof Alliance Patriot
Editor Wealth Makers:
Where an; There Is wide spread dis
content amonff the laboring and pro
ducing classes, bordering on revolution,
anarchy and bloodshed the timet being
similar to those before the war; and
Whereas: There exist today a ten
fold more danrerous. corrupt and blood
thirsty aristocracy, the money power,
with the same corrupt means to accom
plish their belllsb designs to overthrow
the people's government, Therefore be
Resolved; by Fort Kesrney Alliance
No. 278. of Newark. Kearney county,
Nebraska, that we bold In bitter con
Yfce-Pree.. fro. W. A. Jow. HUng.
BMMUrr, Mr.. J. T. K.uie. Banweu.
TreMorar. Jom Cmoren, BMver Citr-
a o.. .. . btata Trtnrer. Nooie.
W. V. Wrlgbt, state Orgnlaer Aliuaee Aid,
Bethany, Neb.
Bxacrmva oomitt
Chairman. I. N. Leonard. Lincoln
E. Suderman, Dertrand.
L.W Young. Wlieonvtlle.
C If . Ltmar, Waboa
J. K. IMmmlek. Mteon.
Orgaulcatlon Ooln Forward
A orcanizer. W. C. Briggs, haa
been commissioned for Hitcbcoc county
this ween. , vr .7",
Our Bute Lecturer writes from there tempt tne aecreea oi we wouiu-wj vj
u fnllowa- I tyranti ana toow oi opprewjuu, iu w.
'Thai! a meeting wth the Alliance in . juagei, uunay, jenacoo, imw,
.u - niVfYvlc firtuntv. ITaft. etc.. who seek to sap the bul
.... . I . a 1,1 . i . V wmnMiiB ah nf
found them aomewbat fllscouragea ' waras ei nocrv vj m v..
.i . -i. tu. ha nv, need ine I rrae SDeecn ana press.
UW ivufciuu r ' I r - - ... exceot to select a question Resolved; That we tender w master
.... . I nvi rt UV a rAfnaaa r iwiter
here and there. I sold tnem a aozen norinnou'Kii -
, a 41, t take un the I to the creed? tvrants. our lives, our
study systematically, and when I left fortunes and our honor, to stand by him
.. jt ..n. ArminnA to I In Ann of the i? re ate st struggles a people
tnem iney aoeiueu - , . -
oerserveand never dlsbaad again. I was ever engaged in, In regaining our
. mf m of frAAdom from tbe enemies oi uou anu
BtVO now nearij yivymi ...
ti,. ,,,.t!nD. of the Alliance man. Dakux Heoox,
- ,
manual. They will make a pamphlet
of about 100 pages. There bas been a
general demand for something oi toe
kind during ths oresent year, i nave
nnr.lntm.nt. IfiV PlT.h eVOnlDlT WIS
week In my own county.,'
To the land of Bed Apples via the
Missouri Pacific route Feb. 1st, for one
fare for the round trip good 30 days.
Call on Phil Daniels, C. P. & T. A. 1201
O street Lincoln. Neb.
tfJe Offer Follow W B
Dry Goods.
tic. Unbleached Muslin, 1 yard wide lor
7c. Staple check Ginghams, the best, -
He. nice dress styles, umguam -
10c. " "
7c. Indigo blue calico, the best,
8c. Outing flannel ....
. V. Smead,
W. O. Dunoa.
fl..f.M hie Precinct After
Boring Heeding,
Lvtks, Neb., March 14. 1894.
. " " 'I. -....-A X. Ml W1A.LTH MAKERS
A very cheering reporv -- - 11Bt
l. i untT. a so from i wan you w wuuuu, ,
v-.. " - I . , -in. Aa uvin aa
Furnaa and Perkins counties. iv9 j
orran" atioe .till goes rapidly on and 1 1 spring seeding 1. don. I shall canva.
organisation bum ! Al .(,. n, uh.erlbers for our
n not think It to mucb too Dope ana oe- ' r"-"""--
..... ... i .
i il.wl. I w 1 hfnr Tail I vuinr
lie? vn ta ... - ....
. ... I a word anout iuiiun.
more wan regain i vm w i - - - mnnXA v.
ana usefulness. dmi , m
. ... .. i .l ..j k. . aih i nice marrviDK viritiu v v -
.nail near oi its aeavu tun u. - , ... - ..
I i. . a. w notn ainnM Ka nil on one
.. heretofore. ra" ul "v k"D " . ' .
" . . I.i Ti ..t.U In 1H7R in I'
tk .nn.tltHtlnna are now being siuo. v "
"f" . - -ii Au..nn. in nod .tend- vanla by the UreenbscK party ana vein
K)un;u,w.n..- . ... A .v.... .11 lftd IS
Ing. Any who do not receive ftift4lh.arU
-iv,i- th wek. ai anv aeiinquent w-"""" --.
' " . I . . m fa In lact VMk m
Alliance or member, wno w . . We hm
or a copy of we Aiu Dy-iaws caa owiu
rf ... I .nlkl.A In ziammnn . With
them bv addressing tbe secretary,
MRS. 1 . J K.EL.L1K,
Hartwell, Nb
with either old
Marion Alliance Nobly at Work
Fkahklw, Neb., Mar. 11, 1894.
Editor Wealth Makers:
Murinn Alliance Is dolntT a noble
work, and its members have coenmene
ed to believe tLat the children of the
working people have a right to the
Decennaries of life and snouia nave
them without kneeling to monopoly
At first thought It seems very kind
of the "well to do" to donate a pittance
to keen tbe breath of life lo the starv
Inir thousands of our cities. But think
a moment. Who but the working peo-
nothing in common
If wa etsv in the middle of the road
in atata and national elections we shall
soon drive both old parties together, as
we have already done in we uwu
county of Keya Paha, and beat them
hoth at tha lat election. Ana still we
are (ralnluff slowly. 30 cent wheat and
5 cent eggs in March are pretty gioa
Accot my thanks for the pleasure
vnar able articles have afforaea ae,
onH (wIIata ma ever vour well wlsLer
for the cause of right
Ralph lewis.
People's Party Campaign Literature
We have received from Headquarters
mnmnnr. vw mi uul kais wv tun ww ....
. -'"--. .M,,v- Ut WaBhlnirton the following list o
Dia oreatea ine iraouuu u i - ... , ,
pio urenwu " i ii.o-otiir which ran ha ob
r.nil k thli Dlttance? Wbo snouio i""" ; "
! thia and mora, not as a But of
.M.W 1 w
"charity," but as a Just right of labor
amply recompensea? What is the
difference between the idle aristocrat,
an th Hi-one f the bee hive. Both
live In luxury and Idlenetsupon the prt
,wtu nf thi wnrken' labor. Only the
drone, however, gets his just duos (in
that he Is stung to death) and the
arrUinnrut rinnt not. We do not wish
to kill' the person, but the principle.
Brothers and slaters ol tbe Alliance,
lot us rally first, lant and all tho time.
that our cnuaren, dos uo, waj
the reward.
Ulned at prices given by writing t
Headquarters for it:
The National OriranJarr'. Datee.
Bethany, Neb., Mroh 19, 1894.
Editor Wealth Makehs:
Hon. Alonzo Wardnll, national or
ganlzer of N. r A. & I. U. and Alllanue
A aanlsted bv W. F. Wrijrht, stat
organizer, will hold from two to thr
meetluzs with the Alliances In open
mwtino-s In the following counties, com
menelng In Richardson county, April
Kith, viz:
M lclmrdnon Co 8 mt'g. I JfteiTon t'oS uwUiigs
A Plain spoKrn Popull.t.
v.u.n. w.ii.Tii Maukhs:
Tha writer has sometimes crltloUed
the PopulUt prvsi 'f UmU for not
taking a more aotlve lotwmt in city
...mi. The late convention of Lift-
win P pulUti ld me to bolUve that
.i ...... v.. hail cootl reuaoe for
i.,h-.mJ uf tuslonUtt ana
..iui..M lui are running the lriafjea
.1.-. mum. of this city. Although
UV I'I vt.
they alopd a atrvni antl -fusion r"-
MUn. tht pnH4Ma w tv,
UvtiuhPean candidaU'S, and the
ralialcinmUwLav since trld to
rowd souad Popult.U off the ticket t
ui make rom for mow traJlsg.
. v . .dur U simply abomluab e
i . i.,..tV t artv have a dull-
tit- set tl priiKlpl the rrty has
vlcvw fr ssUWace. we i
eltU i a tdlfcoets. erweardly
... .....t h thtm. we iaaat s-
tct et akd UteUlgtat tlaf
tle old partis 4 f "
mwAiuHt fori I tat.
i...Ktvmet'MtHI MtM
T Mia I tfvtU lnwHe tf
the r. A A I U. Ul Md their net
U)t twewe Hee. Kwe h.i
a .i 11 M. a 1 Vw is
AW. Va.1.4. Kstu,W
v .. ...... i. I i haver
turn " ' phiiuu -
. ... .. 2 H I V..1U "
- , ... .
Jubiou " " Hmuwn
" 1 " I MU "
Dates will he mad and publUtietl
... . a
at'sr. Bills will bo sent to morougniy
' AualyMsof th Money
yue.uoQ -oy oon
i.. i' .l..lin P. Junt...
h nHiiaiur wai, .i
iv.iniiwihK Sdi.iuruui!
- Oy .euau)r niewai i
IHhUe ttnU RHieoi nuuun
Hvsfuuiur Wu. V
Money Qur.lion from a
lly oeniuur NMU V
Th Money Qu- Urn
117 HfUkLOl YV Itt. a
1. ffnr
Ike lucolllB TX U)
I. ufa Imiiim. M ll
Free .oiuko( Silver
liv I. Ufa Hhiiis. M. i,
Siiiiml mid Biitblr
Moty Hy Ji'hu
IhM Mniinv Uu htl U
tiy ji-try miuiimiu
m. O
jr. o. FEPJRAD, 1400-1402 UX10I A?J
Rrtl, While. Alfilf. am Ainuce nr-. ...
- 5
. 7
1 00 Summer Shawls (or
1 25 " "
2 25 " "
1 25 black Cashmorc Shawls for
1 50 " "
8 00 " " "
5 00 " ' "
Shirts and Pants.
85 and 40c. working shirts for
00c Extra heavy shirts for
. . .
50c lilacK atme nins ior
1 00 Striped Pants for
1 50
1 75
. 39
1 25
1 40
Hats and Caps,
3 00 Gents Stiff Hats for
2 25 to 3 00 Soft Hats for
1 50
1 00 " "
50 .
00 Childs Caps for
8Jc. Lad fast black Hose for
25c. " " "
35, 50 and 00c, colored
25 British i
8i Mens heavy Socks for
. 5
Bed Spreads.
75c. Bed Spreads for
1 00 Bed Spreads for
I 25 Bed Spreads for
Embroidered Dress Patterns.
$3 50 Patterns for
3 95 Patterns for
4 95 Patterns for
Shoes and Slippers.
75c. and II Childs Kid Shoes 4's to 7's for -HI
75 and 12 Misses Kid Shoes, 10,8to2's, for
2 00 and $2 25 Lad Kid Shoes for
3 00 and 3 50 Dongolo Kid Shoes for -
1 25 Misses Slippers for -
50 and 75 Infant Slippers, a Job,
5 oo Gents Cordovan and Kangaroos -
4 oo Gents Kangaroos
3 50 Gents Dongola and Calf -
2 OO and 2.2s Huff - - . -
1 50 Bull - -
1 25 and 1 50 Grain Leather, heavy
2 5o
1 50
1 23
1 00
And Get Some of the Bargains.
B I J 1
9 O. ft P.
I 8 8 8
S 8 8 8
I t
.Z", S for II 00
.05 tl 00 (1 85 3 00
.a: 40 t; 1 ou
.03 a, 1 ir. a 00
.03 65 1 10 1 SO
.04 80 1 GO I M)
.04 m ieu sou
40 n 1 00
.04 SI) 1 i tto
01 40 n 1 oi
advertise iho meeting la each county.
Al'lanee mfmbers, wakn up, antl pre
pare fur the mooting.
ataU OrganUcr.
Thra la l a County
SlaU Lecturer I'owors I t droUi
ihrM Ja ti All ans work la tb
utls bliw nam4, th firt aUr m
n t;h couatf binn at tho !'- ana
data lrn. M fltos;
April , tuMn. Uneola unt
5th. Grant, IVrilas
.. . II , 1 k'u.llu
V'.I. ouiwi 1 maim
11th, Milton, (vMir
UUL. Ununlt, t'beliM
lth. Kt Civh. ltuffa'.o "
tU. Vwa Ulrr, 1111
M h. lUania, AJaws
Tho above U only a partial list.
Others will bo added as soon as out
These si'oeches are furnished at cost.
and we earnestly request that all state,
county and local committees, !o all
lionlo'a Parlv Clubs. I.einons, and I Vo-
ple's party voters aUt In clrculatlnft
tt.u litor&turo. It lathe best flan to
fctva.100 our cause yt adopted.
Acatvoeue containing a comp'ore
I i.t of rtform books, pamphloU, news-
kiaiwrs. etc. will be nt out from neai
Quarter at an early day. Swad oue e nt
stamp for sama. 8nd all order to
Signed: J. 11. luiutit,
t iO Pjcu. Ave.
II. K, Tal'WKNKCK, Chairman.
J. 11. Tl RXKR, H'Cretary.
A Wra Abam ltMitle.
K.vr farmer and UUffer must have
.uul rt liatU toktutea aad hsrnesi f r
Mrk and pWMUie, gaaillj and prioe
ta whaieuuau every time, aud every
shrewd huyer wlU buy where he can t
the U cwHla fer the least iaoay
Tho l laiortaat njalltUs have
tiMa the arlue faitore la dtrtlfjf
thousand of orders the vast Jar ta the
Alhaao Ceftafe Co., of tueianau. u
TUy cliw ta have told snw fd la
J4 than any Uef Varrtse fafwwy
i the eerld. It o hav already
Kl J. 0.5s I II
I We have a very choice line j 3; 1 II
bona (or (lBscripLtvu cau- 2 I
CO., Lluc la. NdD. W j J
sgh.,m,i.i..j. - , ...i ---1 1
Leual Tender Vellow Drnt anil Mill Oountv
lltwi... I. 1 . 4 .. . I. .n
IT Ulifl. urn. imiuinYKwit.
Won Hrst and awMumtauea
lowa KlHU) fair Wi and
icy:t. Almj mwUl aud t!l
at World's Fair.
-ulld 10 central Iowa and
uuUi; II S IT bunbel
Two! ordtrn, im;I
frees law ordera low. Wi lie tor circular.
t heloe folaiiu-imiua mw uitu. -
Hit .S.. KMKKHUM lima,
and plants of varieties that will bea1
fruit lnNebraska,as evidenced by 13,OJo
bubhelsof apples and 800 bushels o'
cherries grown In one season In or
chards of
Crete Nurseries!
Larije stock of FRUIT TREE3 and
PLANTS, SHADK and i'umssj
iTiit'ira snttori tj- Nhralra. Tbe ex
perience and advioe of the proprietor
who la President of the State Horticul
tural Society will b found safe ad use
ful all Mn I is far I Inn Guaranteed. Cor-
I Ml VW -
refipond at once before extreme rush
opens. Address,
E. F. STEPHENS, Propr.,
Crete, Neb.
Cattle Robe Tanning Company,
1012 Q Street, LINCOLN, NtB.
.. 1...... u. liti,a ini RnnKM A
Mmn bld U ruiovHl trom aumul, trim r
hrad and l.'i. Mrad out on to,wr U
libam tmwUiim IwhI hW will r iulr
iwo and one hall vailoiia ol ) v",Jr
.i.rea. leave tu ihU condition tor to "'
. . . ..n .,.1 4 .. S. wIiIa nut. 111 W1I
.1.1.. i')..r.u l.,r in 11 n II if will trota
(3 uu to VIH) ou medtuitt tt v...a
ii hi'ti'mkmh ana oiufi- -
ch.dce bl H blda. iwiiama ' '""
AUItw, m-. will reiuru 'ir'?"'
inn two bUl.t. relKbl w h",'"r.
Uce and ltiau U-a ter Ul ou aaute
wriua, aainPieBioiacIUUB
.... . . . 1 ,k... ...'w.. ati.t A n.l
ihffiu lo lx r rlilueart iMl. ulr.
utUtut lr h buital t rune a ai
U umii) ii m rare t'umuhgra. 1
HheHMantaiy Alliens Meella.
Movrnaa Cikty Alllaaoe will wl
wa lrtdv April Utt at 1 o'eUak " .
ti.,n, rim I.i a twii Java avetttt.
We t iivit tu )ave me od spvaslei Mat fvr thtlr eataUue
a .. fell I. .. I . ik, ..ut.
aad diwJwtl a aa4 a ri g va .
We wuld lUe as wy of tie mtnttwi
ae eau4 (.onvealeatlf ta Im with ws.
Ywvn fraWraally,
(Vt. AUiaae.
"U" low eaa
have It fvr the mIoj,
I'rack 11. WlUoi, reerwUsic etRoof el
iha UJuatral Ualoa of IKn ae ctuity,
lefaUytai the VJflll tow of that
Art4 the state.
Olven away Frwi, A nampblet on wuu)
and iwan cuuure iriium ow ,p,.i.
toll, wber. to plant, how ui plant, hw l cultl
.... i ill ulvmi hk dvlall. AIM, a
deiM'Tliiilon catalogue and Jirlre llt of tour
. . . LH ... k. A ,M..t
. ... . . ... I ...... ..f .-k.....t Ll lllll. Al
KIUUVUIMWIUHK. iu.... . ....... .. . " ,
Mwd r-orn Ttire Ol i-hli'wt kllida of belli
I w an k Kverv rrmr ahould haveihlapamih
let, I'leaMi wild aumu to pv tati.
ft a tiiom,
Utnabatu I'age Co., Iowa
Vesteri) Trees
It Is a Fact that for Tralrle Plant
ing. Tres crown ou Prairies are the
best. You can get them at
The Geneva Nurseries
All sorts of them and In any quantity,
from one to a car load, at Very Low
Prices. Our stock Is very complete
In all departments.
Osage Plants and Forest Trees,
Also a full line of Fruit, Shado and
Ornamental Stock, Grape Vines, Ilos
and Evergreeas. Catalogue free.
Write lor Prices
Address, YOUnQCrS & CO ,
Geneva, Neb.
Anttiher Alliance Itonuunvee llm
NoRTItrULB, Neb , Marsh t V
cuutr Wraith Maker: ituMlah the rvtolutl'm beie
la yur valuahw peiwr, which w
uaanlmoiut ado td at aa oikb et-
lag of Nivthfleld Aillaiice .. 114, at
h.Kt menttoatd dte:
ft..u.. TIi.m Saa Vva aa altera it
1, - ---
VtrilMtf about Alaale of the IWpUs
aJtpaua vy "-
aa-t a tnp w taattnv p
Uhed by tue World Hera4 r e
lfnauir vt "X tftlll V, Alia
H" T6ei"rw, .
lUcadvtd, Tll V1"hWW V.,oW
f a Ua aa aa eff irt kt lUrupl the IW
.Ja'e ladopwndeat ' t, aa4 fe eVtvat
the aae U their elWie ta MUWUI
j4.Wi'e ae a perty la the t l i
IU'a JoaM I atiia, IWdvaW
14. h Kt&N, iSrVttf.
Alfalfa Seed
Cane, Millet Sd. Kaffir. Itice and
Jriwalem Corn Yellow and Whtt MUo
Malse, all prowa In lL lr I'rtoe,
Uardtu City, Kss.
$40,000 'n5 YEARS
P,I"J" ..NOW..
('. 1,. Allen In hi Hook on
ll. .11 . .1. i. ...!..., ll A.
, .....ii. ..1.. ... .1.. ..... tnfk Din Da ....1...1
tiui.i,.jr hv .uu riiw 11 .mi i..iicf ,it7i iiuib
... I U...I ..ll.... ....It. ...Ill . .....ll.... .1.1. B(..l
... . jviii, mi... ,,,.- m. ..... ....w v..,. ...... ..i.n n.n.n
ueuU At tlit, vtrv iiMMlnrate ItH-rnwi of 5 Imltie
i,..r Kiill, IIWI III ADIIII I ,,lu,ili.,l
iinnliiic 3 fillllun oi ImiiIih in 5 Ycuraor S .Million
In b Year It uwHirtt-il in isilm tlirv wliolt-naH- Una
yn.iratan nvrniii of $20 Ht 10(101 1 Any boy or
tlirl Ian crow tlixui witliuut tiuuiile.
t'ill CI l . u...i i.u ... .....
Kill of theae I'ROl.H IC GLADIOLI or
60 for $1.00; 25 for Ml CU. j 1 2 for 23 CU.
WarruntMi tiloouiiiiK ie, Willi pninolilct vrrlfvlm
itlxive UiUiiiifiili unit oihrr vuluubie iHtriivrnMra.
VVr.Ui'n.l lur II, ISOitwiortcd StiMmer ( lower
Ing HitJba, iiu-tii.lliiK niany rare aoita not lobe had
elMiwhcint, Imnlv rlimlwr. I. Unit, Mt , eiionuli for
v r.l.Mt er 70 Bulb lor SO Cta.l 30 tor 2 Cta.l
lOtor IOCl..,lli"l-iid. (.vKtveilnprt iiiiiini.
2 tUluu el llulha, IManti and Cacti. I'ree.
Iltiok en Cacti, 116 pegca, loOengravlnga.lOCta.
I a Cactus Plant, l SKirSOCU. t JluriSCt.
A.B!anc&Co. uPlrilada
e- jjesKtwa. r.w'ta'
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