The Wealth makers of the world. (Lincoln, Nebraska) 1894-1896, March 29, 1894, Page 7, Image 7

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    March L1, 1894
ft m'mm: Hm otm mittim -
aat wm lit wm ainto . a
bM a, atfeaiaf aaraa w a. 4alar am g)
n I hint ai-atl MM ttfkv fca IB. 2
Decatur, II'-
Holsteln Cattle.
Thirty-five sowa bred tor spring farrow, four
malt of June farrow ana a few fall pltf at
price to null the limes.
Beaver City, Neb
Hog Cholera Cured
Gretna, Neb., Nov. 18, '93 I here
by certify that Henry Coraba operated
on my hogs la August last and since the
operation I bave nver had my hogs do
so well. I believe it to be a good pre
ventative against all diseases. I also
believe it to be to the interest of every
hog raiser to try It as- the cost is very
little. r M. J. Gillespie.
Address, Henry Codcbs, lltb, and
Cuming St., Omaha, Neb.
D R.
la tta only
Women Excluded. 1
18 roar experience.
Circular free.
14 tli and Famam tit
Omaha, Kks.
To Make a Trip to the
Best Advantage It Is Es
sential to
If Going, to Kansas Don't Call On Us,
Any point In the two Dakota or Central Wyoming .
rail on u, Because 'he Only Llner"n,1'K
Direct to litc uml intTiiictiiiii; poind Ofi ilf
Own 7i1-' mile of mail, it i the fj 66t
W. M. Slfll'MAN, A. S. FlELDIN'J,
Gen'l Agt. City T'kt. Agt.
I 1 33 O Street, Lincoln, Neb.
Depot: Corner S anil Sth aireetn.
Great Rock Island Boon
The Rock Island is loremost in adopt
ing any advantage calculated to im
prove speod and give that luxury, safely
and comfort that popular patronage de
mands. It equipment is thoroughly
complete with vesUbulod trains, mag
nificent dining cars, sleepers and chair
coaches, all the most elegant, and of
recently improved patterns.
Faithful and capable managtmeat
and polite, honest service from em
ployes are Important items. They are
a double duty to the Company and to
travelers and it is sometimes a task
dlftloult of accomplishment Passen
gers on this Un will And little oauso for
complaint on that ground.
Kor fullpttrUoularsas to Ucket.mpsl
rates, apply to any coupon ticket office
la the UnitAM) Suties, Canada or Mexioo
or address: JM). HK1IAHTI AN,
Una'l Tki a Turn Ajft. ltli'(i. 1U
K. KT. JOHN, dea l MBser. Chlc.i. k.
Fr Ff V raw Free.
If you am about u make a trip to
north, i.nrthwMtra Nebraska, the
Ulack llllls oountry or cantral Wyom
ing, to rtU It tlta two liahotaa, to
Hi. i'aul, Mtnnsapttlis or Uatuth, or
Hiitt wtt on Ui l'4'ifla lift-, to any
Hlat la Miacraota, Wtxiaia, North
r UUaols and Iowa, direct ki Chicago
tf rMt anJ south, you can obtain frrs
ol rharge at ts rlty tsff.m, l.t.l (I Hi
tf dpi'. voraer th at H strK of
North V' tNiWra Uka, t taatit 41 r
UaUla lf.-rwatlaa of all eoantstinsa,
rate sM. Vi'tth J witl. vl u r-e
llo In tr s'al ssiimhI l!Ur tuaay
t! thrirt raa hut wrts their lairuiU by
triuiU1ii the ortho' Una,
A, H, I'immk i,
atyTWirt Aft., IlIIOilrtHiV
W, it. ItUII'MAft,
t.ctv Agt
end for
per hex.
Schenectady, N.Y.
far S3..
a iroc kvllie. Oat
Rational . .
1 OFFICE," Karsas Citt, Mo.
Mont Practical BuetDe College In the
jfl Went, bhorlhaud. Typewriting-. Hook-
by Mall. Tb re leawm free Send for l1
..I rritt r $r?'thl V
Mtf,iAi,ii crop llttrw.- Jh i: A
0 f'lffJ'i Mi'Muune rnd(!u f-ir tit V
V V ?. c(.ii.,!Uoil (ulltrelwe
A WM.&
'H'QIppI . Win! its FnrflPo
nan been In ure alnee t483,
u u piQHttk arett mi.
Bllllt, POWCRi H I t M'ti
bence tlit mill fr yiu 14 bur.
Tbouii4 bars taom I
Ouf&teel Tower
llura 4 (ingle ited corner pot'.
ritilUntml U1 virU ini
brucea; not fenw wire. They
fWr, U1R0N1, BlUPtt IN
C0NSIHUCJION' iniicfi cheatier
toe wond and will lt a life
time I O'tr mllla R.nd towem are
AM. 8TKKL and are FULLY
OUAUANTaEI). Write for
price as J circulars. Add rent,
Zdeutlonlng tblt paer.
Arkansas City- Kansas.
Pearl Steel Mill
and Tower.
Will run 20 years without oil.
Will sond thm on 30 days' test trial.
buuii ooteauHiuuiory 10 inepur-chniM-r
It enn be rturne te us
.1 .... a r i i , ii
uiu we pay ireigni ooin WI7.
WeKlve the UrimgrM warranty Ot any
Mr,mn..rf I 1 . 1 . I.
by protectlnir you and your cus-
lotm In case of an
Write for full
particulars and
printed matter,
Batsrls, Ksns Co., III.
A . a S OnMixI'llnvWdHM, I
JJ T r I II, K ndM,w(MH,iMrtWi.itaM,
UralntawMM. AimtAmh, Oivw, Pimm, tu.r Mult,
ik urjwmT' F4 ant bmum, n.m am.,
Amllh Mrllu-n,
brills KNArlM
Copy Haoti, VUm,
laa Nnwrn.
, am., kuw,
I wra,
raaalra Hilla.
IluA Urt, mmm. NenpmWIn m,
Wriwrm, ElMriMa, , NtMllMakt,
im, imw nara, iwim, iaa, mn
k, Klmlar, Hallraad, F laUarai aaa atr M UUa
far fTM Cal.loatt. aaa aM, htff ta akff. Haafff.
Ul Se. aSrtoa St., OHIO AOO SCALE CO., CMoa.o, IU
Ploane mention Tbe Wealth Maker.
for any cane cf blood
IKtlHon that 1 cannot
eliminate from the nystom. Not by imttliiK
PoIhouh In, bin by pulling them out and killing
all gerniH. If yuu have ever had private din
eaHH, you have taltfii Mercury, Arinle, Uold
IchIIUmh and other Mineral PoIhoiih, and you
will nvr be youmelf axaln until you have
them all pnllud out. 1 bave iutU that akk
MUl'KUIOK TO AK V HOT hl'ltlHOI. KlieuinatlHui
without KNirs If you are iiotenJoyltiKgiiod
bealih, call, or addrevi. with Htamp. Kmf A.
1' . KlptiuRor, wf Avenue A, Council IllufTsJa.
Pine Stock Auctioneer.
1 203 O St., Ulpcolrt, f4eb
Tourists from Minnesota Points.
Commencing October 6th, a Tourist
car leaves Mlnnonpo'is overy Thursday
niomlnjr unit run to l'uehlo and via
Albert Lft to Columbus J unotlon, ar
riving at 11:07 p. ra. and there connects
with ourC. U. I, & V. train No. 13
which will hold at that point for ar
rival of the 1). C. it. it N. train carry
ing that enr, and vta Kansas City arrive
at l'uoblo second morning.
IWlanlng October 10th, Tourist car
will 1-Bve Albert I every Tuesday
morning and run via Minneapolis k St.
lou!s Uy. through Angus to les Moines,
arriving at night, and there lay over
and be luken weal on "Utg Five" Fri
day morning, and run via Omaha, Lin
coln and HtJleville to I'uehla
See that your tlckeU ral via the
MlsMiuri I'aelno route fur Kan Francisco,
Cal. City ticket offloe Wl O strvel.
Use North waste? line t Chicago
InwraUis. Fst trains, Ontoe 1133
The vheajaMit pla for monuiuents Is
at lieo, NaiUmiMaa's, IS tfouth Math
tit , Uauola.
Aoyow" fan obtain fro wt! vtr lltera
turn tulirtoatng The I'au-Amurkan
Hi Mttallla AwMlitlon, IVmvrr, Otuu,,
knd tHtmtMf nMlif m 0 Malta,
I's NrthwwiWira line
f a rlu. r Mt tralas.
to CJliluvo
Use NorthwMtakra Has te Oiayo,
Uwrake, rMtnalna. OffWj 1IU Ult.
av -'wj m T
aw- jb . urn.
Tk.- at
. J
i r
The People's Party Platform Adopted
at Omaha July 4, 1892.
Assembled upon the 116th anniversary
of the Declaration of Independence, the
People's party of America, In their first
national convention, Invoking upon
their action the blessings of Almighty
God, puts forth In the name and on be
half of the people of this country tht
following preamble and declaration of
The csnditions which surround us
best justify our co-operation. We meat
la the midst of nation breught to the
verge of moral, political and material
mln. Corruption dominates the ballot
box, the legislatures, the congress, and
touches even the ermine of the bench.
The people are demoralized; most of
the states have been compelled to iso
late the voters at the polling places to
pre ventunlverial Intimidation or bri
bery. The newspapers are largely sub
sidized or muzzled, public opinion
silenced; business prostrated; our homes
covered with mortgages; labor Impover
ished and the land concentrating in the
hands of capitalists. The urban work,
men are denied the right of organiza
tion for self protection; imported pau
perized labor beats down their wages, a
hireling standing army, unrecognized
by our laws, is established to shoot
them down; and they are rapidly de
generating into European conditions.
Tba fruits of the toil of millions ere
boldly stolen to build up colossal for
tunes for a few, unprecedented In the
hostory of mankind; and the possessors
of these, la turn, despise the republic
and endanger liberty. From the earns
prolific womb of governmental injustice
we breed the two great classes tramps
and millionaires. The national power
to create money is appropriated to en
rich bondholders. A vast public debt,
payable in legal tender currency, has
been funded into gold-bearing bonds,
thereby addia? millions to the burdens
of the people.
Silver, which has been accepted as
coin since the dawn of history has been
demonetized to add to the purchasing
power of gold by dccressLg the value
of all forms of property as woil as hu
man labor, and the supply of currency
is purposely abridged to fatten usurers,
bankrupt enterprise and enslave indus
tries. A vast conspiracy against man
kind has been organized on two conti
nents and it is rapidly taking possession
of the world. If not met and over
thrown at once, it forebodes terrible
social convulsions, the destruction of
civilization or the establishment of an
absolute despotism.
We have witnessed for more than
quarter of a century the struggles
of the two great political parties
tor power and plunder, while griev
ous wrongs bave been inflicted
upon a suffering people. We charge
that the controlling influences dominat
ing both tbeie parties have permitted
the existing dreadful conditions to de
velop, without serious efforts to prevent
er restrain them. Neither do they now
promise us any substantial reform,
r- ' ...
jhey hBTe ga-feed together to ignore,
in the comisr campaign, every Issue
but one. They propose to drown the
outcries of a plundered people with the
uproar of a sham battle over the tariff,
so that capitalists, corporations, nation
al banks, rings, trust, watered stock,
the demonetization of silver and the
sppresslons of the usurers may all be
lost sight of. They propose to sacrifice
our homes, lives and children on the
altar of mammon; to destroy the multi
tude in order to secure corruption funds
from the millionaires.
Assembled so the anniversary of the
birthday of the nation and filled with
the spirit of the grand generation
which established our independence,
we seek to restore tbe government of
the republlo to the hands of "the plain
people," with whom it originated.
a We assert our purposes to be identical
with the purposes of the national con
stitution: "To form a more perfect
union, establish Justico, Insure domes
tic tranquility, provide for the common
defence, promote the general welfare,
and ae:ure the blessings of liberty V
ourselves and our posterity,"
We declare that this republic can only
sndure as a free government while built
upon the lovs of the whole people for
each other and for th nation; that it
cannot be pinned together by bayonets;
that the civil war la over and that
every passion and resentment which
grew el It must die with it, and
that ws must be ia fact ss we are in
same, the ualted brotherhood of free
Our country finds Itself con fronted by
eoadltions for which there Is no prece
dent In the history of the world; our
mbu1 agricultural prod action i araouat
te billions ef dollars In value, which
Kust within a few wetsa or months be
exchanged (or bllllooi ef dollars of com
saodltiM oonsumed la their production;
Us ssletlof eurrsaey supply 1 wholly
Ued squat to snake this eishaae; the
results are fslltag erioes, the formation
of ooatlast ftd tlagt asd the lm
aoverUasisslef the produclsg elas,
We tlJ eurts'sts that. If gtva
MVer, we will IM I kt enrr4 thowi
vLU Uy wise avd reAHUkAbe UnLs
istloa 1a aKriaee with I We wmi
si ewr alaWurwt, Ws UlUve Uat
Ue fowsrs of govvratneaV-U ettur
vsris, U tH opltshu!4 be
ihvud4(u Is tl esse U the '.al
service) as rapidly and as far as the '
good sense of an intelligent people and j
the teachings of experience shall justify,
to the end that oppression, injus
tice and poverty shall eventually
cease In the land.
While our sj mpathies as a party of
reform are nr.turally upon the side of
every proposition which will tend to
make men Intelligent, virtuous and
temperate, we neveitheless regard
these questions, important as they are,
as secondary to tne great issues now
pressing for solution, and opoa which
not only our individual prosperity, but
the vei7 existence of free Institutions
depend; and we ask all men to first
help us to determine whether we are to
have a republlo to administer, before
we differ as to the conditions upon
which It Is to be administered. Bellev
lng that the forces of reform this day
organized will never cease to move
forward until every wrong is remedied,
and equal rights and equal privileges
securely established for all men and
women of the country, therefore:
irst That the union of the labor
forces of the United States, this dsy
consummated, shall be permanent and
perpetual. May its spirit enter Into all
hearts for the salvation of the republlo
and the uplifting of mankind.
Second Wealth belongs to him who
creates it, and every dollar taken from
industry without an equivalent ia rob
bery. "If any will not work, neither
shall he eat." The Interests of rural
and civic labor are the same; their cno
niics identical. 1
Third We believe that the time has
come when the railroad corporations
will either own the people or the people
must, own the railroads, and should the
government enter upon the work of
owning and managing any or all rail
roads, we should favor an amendment
to tbe constitution by which all persons
engaged la the government service
shall be placed under a civil service
regulation of the most rigid character;
so as to prevent the increase of the
power of tho national administration by
tho use of such additional government,
We demand a national currency, safe,
sound and flexible, issued by the gene
ral government only, a full logal tender
for all debts, public and private,
and that without the use of
banking corporations; that a just, equit
able and efficient means of distribution
direct to the people, at a tax not to ex
ceed two per cent, per annum, to be
provided, as set forth in tbe subtreasury
plan ol the Farmers' Alliance, or some
better system; also by payments in dis
charge of its obligations for publlo im
provements. We demand the free and unlimited
coinage of silver and gold at the present
legal ratio of 16 to 1.
We demand that the amount of circu
lating medium be speedily increased to
not less than 150 per capita.
We demand a graduated income tax.
We believe that tbe moneys of the
country should be kept as much as pos
slble in th j hands of the peoplo, and
hence we demand that all state and
national revenues shall be limited to
the necessary expenses of the govern
ment, economically and honestly ad
We demand that postal savings banks
be established by the government, for
tbe safe deposit of tho earnings of the
people, and to facilitate exchange.
Transportation being s means of ex
change and a publio necessity, the gov
ernment Ehould own and operate the
railroads In the interest of the people
The telegraph and telephone, like
the postofllce system being a necessity
for transmission of news, should be
owned and operated by the government
In the Interest of tho peoplo.
The land, Including all the natural
resources of wealth, is the heritage of
all the people, and should not be mono-
pollztdfor speculative purposes, and
alien ownership of land should be pro
hibited. All land now held by rail
roads and other corporations In excess
of their actual need, and all lands now
owned by aliens, should be reclaimed
by the government and bold for actual
settlers only,
North Western Line Palace Sleeper
and Fast Chicago Train Service.
A palace car for Lincoln people U
now attached dally to the Chicago Urn
Ited, leaving Lincoln at 1:35. No better
service, lowest rates.
For tickets, berth reservations etc.,
call at city office 1183 O street, or del
Cor. U and dth streets.
Mtit-Wlnter Fair Rales are I (,
The llurtlngtua route tie now tolling
round trip ticket to Han Francisco at
I.1V0O. One way .0.tx)
Think of It! Four thoutand mites for
lea than forty dollar. For full lofor
r 'on call at II. A M. depot or city
offio. corner tuth and O street.
ti W. .tONNKt.U
C. I',TA,
llrw Host to st la St, Paul and the
OlSSt NeMhweel.
Htartrljht. 1 here Is but one direct
TWm line, To leave Lincoln by other
wad U U be turned ovr to the .North
Wsatera He e'ireute, K that wj
tUrtouth "NethtViU'rn" by pur
tha!itg t'cscWof Its rprtiUtr,
A. 8. FUilJing CUy Ticket A&fnt III
H. loth, tit., F.. T. Moore at d'ttcr
a t u.h au4 8 ttrvvW
n "" with riire and Military
In Kforle to Kntorre Ilfiunl
B-jda 1'kstk, March 2C Yehtertby
afternoon and last riijrht there were
many conflicts between over-zealous
admirers of the late Louis Konuutli
ami c police and military. The most
serious disturbance was at tlio opcr.t
house where the flag of nionrninj
placed there AVcdneMlay nlffht had
been removed. After a vait crowd
had denounced tho opera Iioumj
manager bitterly, stones were thrown
at tho structure. The troop were
called out and the infantry fired blank
cartridges, while the police and cav
alry charged with drawn sword. Sev
eral times the mob drove Luck their
opponent, but tho rioters were finallv
dii-perxed. after many had Wen wounrl
ed. Ordt-r wan restored at inldiilirht
and cordons of troops placed across the
principal street.
Ti liijf. March 2LTho coffins con
taining the belies of the wife and
daughter of IOiils K'oshuth, exhumed
from the English cemetery at (ienoa,
arrived here thin morning under the
care of Count Kni'olyi. The two cof
fins, which were covered with llowers,
were met at the railroad depot by the
sons of the dead patriot, liui and
Theodore Kossuth, who followed the
bodies to the cemetery, where they
will bo kept until removed with the
body of Kossuth to liuda Pcnth on
Wednesday next
1'oatpoiM'il Till Tiu-mliiy hf Agreement of
Ollllai-1 lu tbe ('aM'
Chicaoo, March 20. By on agree
ment of the Interested attorneys to
diiy, the hearing of the Insanity plea
of Fremlergast was postponed until
next Tuesday,
Durinp; the arffiiments refrarding1 the
fixlnjr of a data for tho trial, the re
marks were frequently interrupted
by outbursts from tho prisoner.
Finally, I'rendergast making a loud
appeal for the right to speak, Judge
( hetlain ll.tteried to a long harangue
from liiin about his eoiistltutional
right und his objection to delay.
Tho priKoncr.afler ho had completed
his upeeeh, frequently cried out, "Wo
want no delay. We want the case to
bo tried at once." The bailiffs were
unable to quiet him and ha continued
liis interruption: until taken back to
A (IiIiuko Cli'l Jtcdome Inauno
lirooiilnjr On the faun.
CjiiOAoo.Murch 215, Ell .a both JiaVls,
aged 18, created considerable excite
ment last night in the Woman's Temple
building by demanding to see tho
murderer of Mayor Harrison, Mho
wus laboring under on insane delusion
that 1'rvndcrgtiflt was confined some
where in the building and she wanted
to talk with him about his case
The girl's wild actions frightened
the occupants of many of the oilices,
she announcing that she was in sym
pathy with I'reiKlergast. ho was
finally locked up by tho police und
will bo examined for insanity.
Xew Man Irlvin Away,
Toi.kdo, Ohio, March 28. The street
car company Is advertising In Chicago
for lOOernployeHbeetiuse itldimpossible
to get the required number here. When
a new man starts out with u ear he
finds himself a target for rotten eggs,
and by tlio time ho reaches the com
pany's ofiiee lie ubitndnns his post and
some officer of tho company runs tho
cur back to the barrm. Few persons
are bravo enough to ride In them.
Texae tlaltln Moving Northward.
Has Antonio, Tcxns, March 20. The
movement of Texas cattle to the In
dian territory has begun here. Kev
eral thotisani head will be moved
from point on the Han Antonio fc
AransitH I'ass railroad to to tho terri
tory pastures within the next two
weeks. The severe drouth in (South
west Tcxuh lias caused the range to be
unusually short of grass this spring.
ii:iiultn l uili-r it JuHtleo' llotme.
Ht'NTi.voTOJf, W. Va., March 20.
About 10 o'clock last night dynamite
was exploded under the house of
(Squire Vance on tho western fork of
Hart's creek and one of his children
was badly hurt, He had recently be
come obnoxious to a certain class, and
it was intended to kill him and his
.Muplo Sueur Crop a failure.
Co:ioni, V. II., March 5U. Ueports
froi.i tho northern and western por
tions of this state nud Vermont tate
that tho maple sugar erop thi yeur
will be a practical failure. The ab
sence of frost In the ground and the
scarcity and high wages of help are
the other etiusps. It in believed the
majority of the trees will not be
Itrpuillal the Strike Idea.
Umaiu, Neb., March 5o. The chair
men of the labor organisations of the
Triton I'tteitio met this morning and
repudiated the meeting of Wednenday
nifiii at which Wciix striw talk was
received with approval. The chair-
men say now tlmt Heb cannot get
litem Into n strike.
Deadly I ire H a Hoarding Hi h.l.
I'akis. March A dla Bli h from
l.ottn, depart men of A Unc, announces
that a ladle school directed by Wa
ter of t'lmrlty, was burned Thursday
liik'ht. Ms of the fftrls who were
asleep on the top floor perUhed and a
tiuioUr were, iitor or le wverely
loiruril while eapUif.
t t !( t fae la Heel,
llrsmotoi, W, Va., Ma re It St.
Wallace Wkhtntou, deuce intent ol
a rvUtlv tf llvory tVakhiiig-toii, w ho
had I ren rhief vleik to tint chief of
no I lev uf lUchiitoHil, Va., tiled In this
viiv Uat nL'ht Irs an imralyU. Us
had Wt n here on a i,'t to a mh.
Out TttUa4 It pair f Uni
.Bvt orti, Kau. , M .mh, ri-
IVday Hi tm ilttHMMtudttt Kiu Uy
inn n at tHa .HoHMer' h- wa w
M I let. The W vent ceUbrated by
too Qrtug of guiu, UiA tw
Jcai Bgv tl InattWIUm WS vtt4P
luhrd at the huie
The late Colouel Kwope of KenlaiUy
Dragged Iota the ISreeklorldge Sceu
J.l -Three Very Dainasliiff Oepu
altloa Agalont the C harac
ter of lb I'lalntlff All
emphatically Iieoled,
Wasiiinoton. March 20. Just before
tho hour for court to open to-dav a
whisper passed between the lawyer
and they slipped one by one into the
judge's consultation room while a
bailiff denied admission to all but the
cgal forces, iJrcckliirioV. and his son.
The party wascloscU d in tho judge's
room two hours.
There are three denosltions to which
Miss Pollard's attorney rnuUe their
principal objections, tho point in
volved being the relevancy of testi
mony bearing upon Miss 1'ollard'
character. One of these was made by
Alee Julian, the young blind man to
wnoiii wiss I'ollanl alluded in lier let
ter to Wessiu Jlrown tin her "blind
llarnaba." He usserts in the
affidavit taken in Kentucky that
mock murrluu-o was nerfoi'iueil be
tween Miss J'oUanl and himself at
Hquire 'i'lnsley's at llridtreriort oh
Christmas day, 1HSJ. Tho n-eorul wu
iiy vv. w, Uosciic, to whom Miss ''"l
lard was engaged to bo married Jii
18H4, wlien she was a student ot Wes
lcyan seminary. He swore that ho hail
been intimate with the girl and when
he left for Chicago she begged him to
take her with him, The third, to
which the plaintiff is nurtlculurlv
opposed, was made by Dr. Lewis of
Lexington, who allirmed that tho
late Colonel Kwopu once approached
him with a request that ho perforin a
criminal operation on a woman whom
ho called "Miss 1'ollard." The doctor
did not see the woman, nor could ho
Identify her with the plaintiff, so tlio
objection was made thut there was
nothing to connect the deposition with
the principal in this case. Mis J'ol
lard denied that any of the state
ments were true,
A secret licarintr was deemed best
so as to keep the con tents of the depo
sitions from the jury till the court
should decide upon them.
lluny rn paralloin Heine Made at Mae
alllwit for Coxey'a Cohort.
Mamhuxow, Ohio, March SO, There
are about twenty newspaper corre
spondents hero and the army is less
numerous. Coxey and ISrown bustled
in this morning from the former's
house and seemed very busy with the
preparations for tho march, which Is
to begin to-morrow. Tents were
pitched on the gun club grounds.
There meetings will lie field and re
cruits will lodge to-night if they de
sire. There arc yet few signs of tho com- (
ingarmy. Twenty-two tramps were
? riven lodging at the police station
ust night. The number is unusual.
but Mayor Keed says they are prob
ably not recruits, for, on being re
leased, they scattered and have not
reappeared. It was reported that 400
Salvation Army soldiers would arrive
from Cleveland and that a delegation
of J50 would come from Medina, but
Captain Fiwtler of the (Salvationist
here said four ami not 400 would come
from Cleveland. The Salvation Army
is not in sympathy with the Coxey
Mexico' MinUter of I'ulille Work l imii
111 Mlicht Wbll.i at Work.
City oir Mkxico, March 20. Wednes
day eveulng tsenor Fernando Leal,
minister of public works, was sittiug
at his desk examining an important
document, when it became blurred be
fore his eyes, He culled in
his secretary and asked him
if there was any anythlu.T
the matter with tho paper, to which a
negative response was given. Within
a few hours total blindness came on
the stricken minister and, notwith
standing the best medical treatment
obtainable, he has been unable to see
anything. Oculist experts ngreo that
it is the result of overstraining of the
vision and that If relief ia not gained
in a few days he will bo blind for life.
A lieorjla rawer Start a Itoo
Sleveiiaon and CrUp for 1SUU.
Amkiiicts, Oa., March 20. The
Times-Recorder put this ticket at its
masthead to-day:
For president in IS 'JO, Adlal Steven
ami of Illinois. For vice president,
Charles F. CrUp of Georgia.
l'ltttform I'ut none but straight
fkonocrat on guard; no goldbuggeryi
no in ii g v uiii in-ry; no hmnbuggcry.
Aineiicii I the home of hrwaker
I rclos a tela wf the Setfalurs I'lIU
WAMtxuroi, March In. The situa
tion at the White house in regard to
the sclgutorage bill prewuU one
strong feature of novelty, lu the fact
thai It appear to m the see tie of a
hlianttr-aa battle Jtiat now between the
foiifc-rrtMinsn uu the one baud the
liitV Uisjority of whom are urgimr
aigeliig of the seigniorage bill, and
the grvat commercial luleresta of th
country on the other, for lcnty Mae
out of svery thirty eowtiutiuUeitou
fntiu them t-iay for the veto of the
hi a n
M ether a tlejh I la ttealh.
i i itss Mareh h T1
fi !. !iom st ".' 11a1 hi lr t Ma
dt tro w4 bjf tlru to dy, Mt. Jn
l ie U.wi juuipK from a l k in !
nl. llio i 4r..iKi witit I" r i taoulh
olt baby In her ami and tth wcrw
kllleit AUe vther Inmates n arrow I j