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March 22, 1'.4
charity scop 11 ttrwjjb the long mostL
whlcu have Intervened For every Idle
there have tow ccuie lobe two. Where
one man was then Idle there are three or
four cow. Where there was then one
nrii v tai ii t a iiiifivM rn n rwi nil
7 U day? mark you, the skies were
to brighten and business was to resume
iU wonted course.
k Nevertheless, for the fire succeeding
Intervening months we have been pass
Zing through a period of unprecedented
and appalling destitution. Wheat has
gone down, down, down, until it when
sold goes almost no distance at all in
paying our debts to the money lords.
And it is the same wsy with all other
products which farmers raise.
. Now what are the necessary inferences
Llobe drawn? Either John Sherman,
urover Cleveland and the banking fra
ternity who demanded the repeal of the
limited silver coinage act knew they
i..i . ti i,... .u .m
wore iviugt uaiiAuuus iuiicd, iuo niu
ing tools or principals of the great
money oligarchy to bring vast lrrepar
able loss and injury to the producing
classes of this nation, or they were the
most harmful set of fools that ever
brought disaster and ruin upon any
people. The lesson of history cannot
be overlooked or misinterpreted. It is
so plain that it ought to drive every in
telligent citizen out of the supremely
wicked or ruinously blundering old par
But it does not follow tbat the re
enactment of the Sherman law or the
passage of a free coinage measure would
usher us into an era of perfect and last
log prosperity. So long as land, cap!
tal and money miv be monopolized and
usury charges demanded of producers,
we shall have panics and recurring
periods of business stagnation and en
, j i ki, it,. t m,,v.
tariffs and low tariffs and no tariffs
ae equally powerless to prevent these
usury cycles.
IIeke is a paradox. It is for the tel
fish or Individual advantage of every
SJnotobo unselfish. But this is but
f another way of saying tbat orraniauon
pays, Industrial organisation, commer
cial organization. Individual headship,
each for himself, means competition,
antagonism, despotism, slavery, moral
-nntitut sn and o no nnVin TnA na f 1.1 111
lart.nnrahln. nr nnlrott Intamiit. mPftriH
the combined wisdom and strength of
nil frvM all flmannllniv orfth ill t aucT
I - 1 . a I Jll,.iMtU..l.
vi euuuuuiiv; pxuuuuiauu auu uibuivuwuui
Ward McAllister says "President
Cleveland has a strong leaning toward
the Populists." Thai must be one of
the Jokes of the 400,"
Received for lie view.
Problems of th b Future, by Samuel
Lalng, author of Modem Science and
Modern Thought, etc. Published by
The Humboldt Publishing Co., li Astor
Place, New York.
'DC: A Romance ov Utopia. I3y
Frank Hose water. Published by The
Utopia Company, Omaha, Neb. 208
pages, price in paper 50 cents.
uuu hdu luiAsrwinw unii ivuuu,
Word is received this morning: from
Vtlie Nebraska director of the above
wsrwi)wl aii A 4 Vi O ' iin inn a mst-sr
act. xxrrtolr of IVilnt. V-Lilt vat TVtYaa with
100 teams. The first 100 miles will be
icauj ivi 1 lll ujr v uuo ion. inu uuu
dred miles Sept. 1st. A silver spike is
dow being made and engraved, and a
woman will drive the iirst spike with
imposing ceremonies. A silver chain
will connect the iron at Mason and Dix
on line uniting: North and South with
the iron bonds oi tuo brotherhood of
man. The contract for 2,400 miles is
let and security put up for the survey
ing, right of way and grading work.
The Associated Press refuses to give the
truth to the people, and are deceiving
them as much as possible. But North
and South II. R. U a go, and all the
powers of the monopolist press with all
their money can't stop it. all th) people r hout amen. Inian
efpatlon from the shackles of transpor
tation extcntlon is close at hand.
Wake up, ye peoplo, aad refuse to to
further blinded by the dally press of
this state.
culture. At the rale o; interest cow
charged by most of the money lenders,
not one man in five mat owes very
much on his land will ever have a home
of his own free of debt. I think I
know what I am talking abjut.
I think it would be wU to mention.
once in a while, that parties who re
ceive your paper need not be afraid to
take them from the o8ie as they will
not be called to pay for them. And I
wish you would print two or three
times a year the Omaha platform and
p ream Die. There wm De lots or your
readers this year who have never read
it and it might do them good. I well
remember how the party papers howles
at the things set fourth la the pream
ble and said that no such condition
confronted us, but time has proved that
all wo then foretold was too true.
Da I understand you as being in fa
vor of no interest or rent at all? If so
I think that will not prove a popular
doctrine except with a class that have
not now and never expect to have any
property of their own. For instance, I
have worked at farming all my life un
til now at sixty I feel as If I was entl
tied to a few years of rest; but if the
law was such that I could not take rent,
or if I sold it I could take no interest,
how am I to live the rest of my life?
Must I hire help and carry on my farm,
no matter how old aad decrepit I may
become? And after I am dead what
will my wife do if she can neither rent
or sell it and rent the money?
I am opposed to all banks, except
postal savings, and in favor of the gov
ernment Issuing all money; but I think
the government should get interest
enough on it to pay, or help In a great
measure to pay the expense of running
it. I think interest and usury are two
different words.
Yours for the right.
M. II. W.
Our correspondent's questions were
answered in the editorial columns of
March 8th, issue. Editor Wealth
He Heew the Kvll of Money.
Crkichton. Neb , Feb. 21, 't).
Kditor Wealth Makers:
v I am sorry to say our Alliance has
gone out. i;auii4, want of Interest to
attend the meetlugs. We have lots o!
good Alliance Independents around
here, and a good tuaoy of the weak
koot'd and those of both old prrtks to
IMk after. We had a IUU inan-y loft
l the treasury of the Alliance, and
nuetif tu thongs two had tatter In.
vt la a few copies of th Wealth
,MK:Ha(d gin toour doubtful nulgh
tr. hoping it m!fc-ht do soma good
We ik a goo I word fur your paper
whenever wu have a thaosw. Tuh
UWA . I ... . L. , . . I ...
jr" itiiira ttiai try won i iuuii,
ae bucket shops la our small tvra
tsr charglag Avs and U per rat
a month for tnonsy. Thai a!ua r k-v
to xu trying to pa? tils dtu ul
I 4yrt l faailiy, at' 1 1 that d
note mate a di(ra w.ah ( aujttiu
Bkva tuy heart il tad ta Ihbk IA
I am In Usurer a low tmu at Uu r
b not kttihor U tha itailit'.oa ihuw
J j ar Htaklag ta tat bmlat4 (,1 atl
Iteport of Their Action in tbe City
Tbe Independents of Lincoln met in
convention Thursday evenlncr of lust
week, the attendance being very much
larger than that of any previous city
convention in the history of the party.
Mr. II. M. Reeves was chosen chair
man, and S. J. Kent and K, N. Tbackcr
secretary and assistant secretary.
The committee on resolutlons,conslst-
Ing of D. A. Kreamer, C. 15. Woodard,
A. Edgorton, J. M. Thompson, O. E.
Goodoll, K. Le Fevre and O. Wilson,
brought In two reports. The majority
reported tho following resolutions,
which were adopted:
Whereas. The Peoole'a Indenendnnt
party was instituted by tbe producine
classes to remedy existing wrongs,
largely thercsultof legislation by the
two old parlies in favor of the wealth v
classes as against the toiling masses;
Whereas, The extensive use of labor-
saving machinery, that stiould be under
proper conditions a blessing to the
toiler, at present rather intensifies his
struggle for bread. Working as he
does long hours, and his ability to con
sume boing limited through the mon
opolization of the natural sources f
wealth ho is at the mercy of the capi
talistic class; therefore, be it
Kusolved. That we demand an elcht-
hour day and fair wages for all laborers
lu the employ of the city, and the aboli
tion of all contract work of a public na
ture; municipal ownership of gas, elec
tric lie tit, telephone and street railways
and crematory. We demand that our
city charter b so amended that here-
after work shall be furnished to the un
employed of our city. We condemn
the actiou of the present school board
in cutting down the already small
wages of its janitors and raising the
salary of the superintendent $300.
Kesolved, That we heartily indorse
the efforts of Mayor Weir to Improve
the moral condition of the city, and we
asa the support of every Abraham Lin
coln Republican and every Andrew
Jackson Democrat and every man who
wants virtue instead of vice to prevail
in our city to assist us in electing o Ul
cers who will assist our worthy mayor
In his present policy.
On motion of E. C. Rewlok the ladles
who desired that their sex have two
representatives an the school board
were invited to address the convention,
and Mrs. Dr. Wood spoke at length,
showing the reasonableness and just
ness of the demand, and ottered tha
nanes of Mrs. I. S. P. Weeks and Dr.
AddU M. Kestcr.
Balloting for bomlnations the follow
ing candidate weru chosen:
For police Jmlge.Capt. W. II. Hunter.
For watorcomiuUaloner, Wm. Crocuble.
For ctmelory trusU-e, W. MUkelwait,
Fur lutinbt r of tho clul board, Mrs.
I. S. P. W-ek. Dr. Ad tlo M. Ke.fcr
and Dr. II. It. Lorry, For Third ward
coancllnian, John K, Miller, the dry
goods dealer. Fourth ward council
man, I W. F.tdrUtjfts priuur. Fifth
ard, ilarr l'artr, already noiiiiaUd
by thtt UepuWIi'an. was van. Tl
S'tlh ward K -pufi'Lati no Milium, 11, ,
fswjfr, waa!opiaiHdnUiu Indpwo
dent ticket. And 'Adam K. Hixirvk
a thi? i'iiivt!uUu' t"lulia for tha
tt 'U'tUh ward
Mr. K. Kewlek tihtwa whalfmaa
uf f. riV rvnUat o.tuiMitt and t!ii
f..iklliijf nirtiluHU 1H..H tn U'd.
FSnt ward, D A. Kr am .r; H;rt,d
.".!; t'i )i lli, U, W, Ill Uj Fifth. O K.
(iinin; u k. ), f, Fiw(kTa;
tinli, J. V. Juration.
Th aral otttaa wai ttulrucwd
ta tit avaacU.
The following resolution introduced
by Ejwlc Le Fevre was adorted by the
Resolved, That the Populist of Lin
coln take this opportualty to denounce
all fusions, combines and tie-ups with
other parties or adherents of other par
ties aa bad politics and bad morals. We
declare that no man abouid be trusted
by the people who has not burned the
bridges that connect him with the old
political organizations and forever for
sworn ple counter" politics, or who is
a Populist "for revenue only."
A ItealUUc Dream.
ALTON, III, March 12th, 1894.
Editor Wealth Makers.
I lately had a dream, I dream pt
that the Peoples party had elected me
president of these United States. Ia
response to millions of petitions to re
lieve the miseries of the people, and
after my vain efforts with Congrers to
turn them from their beastly ways and
serve the people, I entered the halls of
these legislators and addrossod them
as follows:
"It Is high time for me to put an end
end to your sitting In this place, which
you have dishonored by your centempt
of all virtue and defiled by your prac
tice of every vice. You are a factious
crew and enemies of good government.
You are a pack of mercenary wretches,
and would, like Esau, sell your coun
try for a mess of pottage, and like Ju
das, betray your God for a few pieces
of money. Is there a slnlo virtue now
remaining among you? Is there one
vice you do not possess? You have no
more religion than my horse. Gold
your God. Which of you have not
bartered away your conscience for
brlbos? Is there a man among you that
has the least care for the good of tb
commonwealth9 Ye sordid prostitutes,
Dave you not defiled thU sacred pla;i
and turned the Lord's temple into
aen of thieves? By your Imuaora!
principles and wicked practices you are
grown intolerably odious to the wholo
nation. You, who were deputed
tbe people to get tbeir grievances re
dressed are yonrselves become their
greatest grievance. Your country
therefore calls upon me to cleanse this
Augean stable by putting a final parlod
to your iniquitous proceedings, in this
house, and which by God's help and the
strength he has given mo, I am now
come to do. I command you therefore
and on the peril of your lives, to depart
immediately out cf this place. Go! Get
you out! Make haste! Ye venal s'aver
begone! Take away that shining bau
ble there, and lock up tbe door!"
Though this was a .dream I ask tbe
toiling people of this country if every
word of it Is not a fitting rebuke to
these capitalistic hirelings, and trait'
ors? Is there a man who can say that it
expresses one word of exageratfon?
100,000 of farmers, laborers and mechan
1. . .lt! I.I V
ics win go witn me, i wm now in my
waking hours deliver this address to
these legislative harlots. I am in deep
earnestness. How many will respond
to my call? Never mind the capitals
tlo press crying out their bugaboo word,
anarchists! anarchists!! anarchists!!
Let us not be intimidated. Let'usmus
ter up the courage of our forefathers
C. S. Davis.
P. S. Since writing the above I have
been reading the history of England, and
have discovered that this address was
tho one that Cromwell delivered in dis
persing his Parliament. So I guess we
will abandon the idea of going to Con
gress, as Cromwell is too English for
our Institutions and it Is never to be
supposed that under our stars and
stripes such iniquities could ever trans
pire in our legislative balls. No! and
lack of confidence In our government
should never enter the mind of a patri
otic American. Because we are not
able to understand the mysterious ways
of our legislators, is no reason we
should say unpatriotic things against
them. A true patriot is always silent,
submissive and confident. C. H. D.
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"IU"1"l-i U-.JJl.JW III I.., HI J, L.J..IMII.I.UIIIIII ,1 HI .1.1 Jill LU
?r? w 1i Tm a a Ltmz$
Vn-a.,!-.'',. . ..'.Trr'-. 1. ',
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Ijmcoln, Nsa.. Aug, H), um.
i.iho.8ilMi BMh l o., I.imoin. Neu,
Ueo'iwmn I Mv twit a inn i, rhansiin
h ! r pt. I (uifsn-a mua.ily .it
', mul hv kui to lh. lint S(ifiti ihtwttt
ItakuU. mJ the II .t tnfnK . A'MAtu .
. ' rrittt. I h !. tar KI
nUl, nJt the U,rrll..f, i t alii. iH..uiaa,
l,t iwc mmin ifa I i ll,f. r.n w, i,
uwt violent Ua V i tk ill n. ai w a,
(m Umv nil nl.r l.jihi at t"' mt.4
t).lrillJ tl I. dim In iaitli;, t'ft.'tl l, txttl
fr ssiWntt)v ntl r-'ikkul liUt, M, II. hi,
a'H!i,.l.r, I I ltu,, ...,i:r,y f,.,,ft J.
r"i , nm ,.. hi, ',.it. t, V -tub
ul i'h"I tiling f,'i.i' tit luM
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IWWxiiilti and M iUmIm Uimo1.
A book for all Who belleva tha MinnaMt.fva
commercial struggle should be superseded by
m jtusu owuviuiu nvowiuj ui prouuction ana ais
trlbution. A book also for those who believe
competition necessary. Postpaid, paper corers
80 ceuta.
Tbe Railroad Queation.
Tha matter presented in tbe H pages of thia
book, drawn from all the American aad k'.hfo.
pean literature bearlag on the railroad prob
lem, is mobt valuable. Read thia bmk mil
you will be thoroughly Informed on one of the
Krei uvor-euaaowiug questions oi the da
Cloth I1.IS0.
The Seven Financial Conspiraciea.
This little book, which has had largest clrculs,
tlen and lufluenoe in the Farmera Alliance,
shows bow the Money power has aaihared Us
vast plunder. A beok to sow broadnaiit nn.
the land. Poll paid, 10 eta., I tor ii cts., T for
6u ceuta.
Six Centuries of Work and Wages.
Abrtdired with chart and aummarr. Tha farta
I ami lh thniihlmimtnrvor l lrj vnrr;M
I A historic oollfMiilon of most valuable Infor
mation bearing on the preneol crlsi. by Kev.
w. u. r. linns. Introduction hr I'm. It T
Kly of the state L'ulveraity of Wisconsin.
Paper, 15 cents.
CivilUatlon'e Inferno.
Studies In the aortal cellar. A .lutein, thrllllog
r'rtol wbatTtie Arena edIUir fooke.1 u.u
tia his ou lu the umemeitt dixtrlcuiof
ltiMtiii. A bona Which mini rt'r
! and arouse iuu. C'loU Hum. iMtwr M ceo is.
Leoilng Backward.
A ami nouaeraa aiw touitas roaataf, m
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The Dutlee ef Man.
r iotru MAKZim.
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Tea Men ef Meeey lata ad.
VlXtt.. t. T. NOSTOM.
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Errors in Our Moneurr System aad the
Mcenu. We have not yea aeeh thia beok,
uuu i,uw tjuibw vi i ds uonung nation
"The Dogs and the Fleas."
This book lathe strongest piece ef satirical
and allegorical writing which has yet appear
ed BKalust the forces of oppression and evil.
The dogs represent tha worsen and the fleas
the blood-sucking monopolists. The ethloal
force the story is great and despotlo newer
and greed get a fearful shaking np by this to
ns previously unheard of author, Don r las Mo
Callum. The book Is finely illustrated with
numerous cartoons. Price in paper, 00 cents.
Ai; A Social Vision.
A new beok by a powerful ethical novelist,
Charles B. Daniel, of Phllldelpbla. published
by tbe Arena Publishing t'e. Should be la
every true man's library. Rill ef tha new
thought of this time of social awakanlm i. ,1
questioning. In paper, 50 oeata. Order lhrouu
London Money Power; the Great Red
By L. B. 'oolfolk. D. D. New and ravlu
edition. Price in paper, 60 cents.
Tbe New Redemption.
This book bv RT. neortra n. Hmn n r
Professor of Applied C'lirttlantty la lowa'cni.
leva la virtually a new discovery of both the
law and the gosil,au uncoverinu of the truth
from accumulated temple rubbish, the truth,
whlrh alone can save the Individual
letyr It Is tbe goepel of love In action, the
inuutnai, conimercui gospel asdlxtltiKuiiihivt
fram a Sunrtav frnanal In elmh hin.i'n.. it
patfes, 74 CettUl,
A Plea for the Gospel
This book, t) the same anthnr a. tha r,r .i
lna. Is a moat searching exaiuiaatlou of tht
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MUlWnirr Fair Kates b.n )un,
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nunl trli itcunt to S'tn Fraticlaco at
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!a Xhhn 1 riy dollars hrMii Infi.r-.
tt atioM crU at. H ii M. d-.t or t'Uy
I'fl'.oe, funwr tUtU and O !n.-i.
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