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    VOL. V.
The Magnificent Address of a Colorado
ThTwo Winged Gold Party and The
Populist Party The Intrinsic
Vdue Fallacy Shown up.
Colorado Women With the Populist
iToin the Road.
Mrs. Raberta is a relative of Mrs.
Louise Forrest, the wellknown and en
thusiastic Populist organizer of this
city. She Is a plain, modest, womanly
woman, with a good, face and a splendid
voice, and. her first appearance before
a Colorado audience was greeted with
most tremendous applause. During her
speech she found it almost impossible
to proceed at times on account of the
uproar and excitement, ani when she
had concluded people crowded around
her and bestowed most earnest con
gratulations. Mrs. Roberts will be
heard from often during the campaign.
Her speech was as follows:
Fellow Citizens: In addressing joq as
such, you cannot appreciate how glad I
am to-Blght to think that the time has
arrived when public speakers in Colo
rado, can do away with the old stereo
type introductory appeal: Ladies and
I have been called on this evening to
address you on the silver question. It
seem quite unnecessary to say that I
fully appreciate how often that pile of
straw has been thrashed and re-thrashed
upon the rostrum. I shall not at
tempt to thrash over the old subject
again tonight. I can assure you that I
would have been better pleased had I
been given some other subject, but no
truth grows old with reiteration. Even
a lie, well reiterated, often does good
service for the truth.
In the limited time allotted ma it will
be impossible to go very deep into the
subject assigned to me. It will be my
aim to tell you something this evening
calculated to set you reading. If it
does, then I shall consider I have done
well my part.
In discussing the silver question it
would be well to go into its entire his
tory. That cannot bo done tonight,
only a few points will be touched upon.
mi t .utl. .ill u l
i:io pnuun'ai uuw ui nmvu mil us 114
money function.
To thoroughly understand the mean
ing of silver as money every one should
' mako it his or her business to secure a
copy of "The Seven Financial Conspir
acies,' and carefully read it. This little
pamphlet can be secured in many places
in the city and can always bs found in
the reading room of tbe Woman's Popu
Hut hfftdqHurttfin, In thrt TUmlay block.
Thlr little pamphlet gives a condens
ed history of all the financial legislation
doled out to the people of this nation
by the tnonej power, from the begin
ning of the war of the rebellion up to
that crowning epoch of sin and destruo
tloa marked by the call of "John''
Cleveland and (trover Sherman's extra
tlon of Congress.
by many It uipod to be a local que,
tloa with tho silver state just, at Iron
aad coal are the pet tariff protected pro
duct of Puuntylraal, at wuodn but
m'i and tap bolW sugar U tho Utue
lu Connecticut and Vermont
Thit It an erroneous conclusion, ao4
it paint nit to rjad that Kunjawia liar
ila rt marktni In hit Trinidad iecb
that "out are" the iltvr acUon It a
pmuilaeul oud. Thit iprttUa do
iiMult that wa It&rrltoa ha not
vet learned or Aimu But rtrt Iti 1 tiara
that silver l a world wld qui:lua,
and a iuliuo, t-e M1 Wlr uador
lo4 among lb tuawwt ut the old world
lb an by the pj.l of CoU'rado.
U cunactia will) thit rviuark mad
fcy tf l'rtd at tlarriw'tt I dlr (oral!
jeuratWatio. i Uli fact. thai h-
ftvor tho salwgad ut ! llr.
tttfat faUuia who aow wcupltt
the presidential chair in this particular
Harrison favors the enlarged use of sil
ver and Cleveland favors the extended
use of silver; but only GeneraljJames B
Weaver and Populist bodies favor free
and unlimited coinage of silver.
The platform of the People's party
reads in so many plain words: "We de
mand the free and unlimited coinage of
silver and srold at a ratio of 16 to 1."
Could anything read plainer?
I am assured that it is the intention
of the State Central committee to order
that plank printed in our next State
platform in red letters a foot high in
order to assure the old parties that
they mean just what they claim.
While digressing please pardon me
if I call your attention to one more fact.
There are only two parties today in ex
istence. One la the Populist party and
stands for Cod, home, humanity and
The other Is the Gold party. This
Gold party has two wings, one is the
Democratic wing and tho other is the
Republican wing, and both wings flop to
the music of human oppression, finan
cial frauds, purchased legislation, pol
luted courts, corrupted legislators, and
goldbug Cuckoo Congressmen and Sena
To return to my subject. It is the
cry of the money power that money
must have intrinsic value and with
great solemnity it prates about a gold
dollar being worth a dollar because it
contains Intrinsic value. " """'"
Friends, when you go home tonight
take your dictionary down and turn to
Intrinsic, and find what its definition is.
You will find that it means: something
of use to mankind for instance, that
material in this world of the greatest
intrinsic value, is that which mankind
could the least afford to part with.
Wheat has intrinsic value because it
is needed to sustain life; so has corn in
trinsic value, barley, coal, iron and the
thousand and one other substances re
quired by mankind to feed, clothe, shel
ter and warm the race.
Now let us stop and consider these
facts for a moment, or two, while we
are on the subject of intrinsic value.
The Shj lock who sings so low and sweet
about the dollar's worth of gold in the
dollar fails to mention the fact that in
Colorado during the year 1893 nearly
$10,000,000 worth of the stuff was pro
duced at an actual cost of less than 22
ctnts on the dollar. Yes, friends, and
In one day "Little Johnny Mine," hoist
ed over $100,000 worth of gold out of its
shaft at a cost of less than one cent on
the dollar.
There, fellsw emzens, is intrinsic
value for you with a vengeance. How
dishonest are they that claim there is a
dollar's worth of gold in a gold dollar,
when gold can be produced at such fig
ures. Ia it not high time the people of the
west began to return "the cheap and
nasty dollar cry" the New England
Shylocks so mercilessly greeted ub with
when their gold dollars bought the leg
islation thai crucified silver as a mouej ?
What gives gold iu value? Legisla
tion Now you will ask where does ln
trinslo value cor o In? I'll tell you.
Suppose by some accident all the silver
In the world should be dropped Into the
middle of the Atlantic ocean, how
would it affect our civilization? I am
here to say tonight, that It is my hoaott
opinion that the people would dad some
other metal to take Its place on tery
short notice, and civilisation would go
right on jutt at usual.
Now tup() all tho gold lathe world
thould be dumped Into the I'aclflo ocean.
Would clvtlUttloa step? I think cot.
Kew bl-chlortde of gold Institutes
might abut up temporarily tut biuln.
would go right on jutt the tame.
Now for au llluttra'loa ol InUln.lo
tatue by ooniraflon-uark wtll the
pylai I am aow about to wake - tuppote
all the Irua la the world should t 1
ttrovml. Would clvllUatloa turn fcck
rd? I jot. Th greet basdtef
rllway Iron thM g ridiru tbl toall
ncrt om!4 dlrtpptar and elli and
MaW would Weenie t ttraagvrt, t&
UiU'fraph Ws would e0 Vi click Itt
mi fro ait quarters wf IU wtirhl.
aad once more would we dctvond to the
dart of the sari aad tey sipr,
far great vvfae tluet woull dUya
aad a or would lb tkortt of Ku
rope fade away into trips of six and
eight weeks.
(Would to heaven I could say that
tonight). The father away from Eu
rope we are the better we aro off.
No one can picture the ruin that
would follow the sudden extinction of
iron. You can appreciate that fact
without further examples.
Now for my conclusion I maintain
that iron has greater intrinsic value
than either gold or silver, and Webster's
definition bears me out on the position
I have taken. Legislation, my friends,
and a mutual agreement among the peo
ple to recognize gold and silver as money
is what gives gold and silver their value.
This monetary value is purely an
agreement and tbat agreement was
rudely cast asldeand annulled when the
Sbylocks of this nation bought the leg
islation that constructed coin to mean
only gold.
Prices of commodities of all kind in
cluding labor, are always regulated by
the volume of money In circulation.
When this nation was covered up with
bonded debts, national, state, county
and municipal, we had for legal tender
money, greenbacks, gold and silver.
Then came the cunning treachery tbat
struck down greenbacks at the command
of that most infamous scoundrel, John
Sherman, than whom no more inhuman
or more traitorous ever lived or dis
graced this earth. Judas Iscariot was
a good man compared with Sherman.
I was about to say greenbacks were
destroyed and these "vast debts were
made payable in coin. Prices went
down to conform to the decreased
volume of legal tender money.
Then came the crime of 1373, that
made coin mean gold by demonetizing
That act means more currency con
traction and falling prices. In the late
special session of Congress we witness
ed the crowning of the infamy, and to
day we practically stand on a gold basis.
You all have seen prices go down.
Wheat has reached the lowest prices In
the history of this nation. Cotton, pork
and all otner products of the tolling
millions have gone down, down, down,
with the decline of silver.
C There is one thing however, that has
remained stationary aDd has failed to
decline with silver, that thing, dear
friends, is the mortgage or bond.
The obligations our deluded people
bound themselves to pay, remain up at
tho top notch and command today threo
times as much labor, pork, cotton wheat
and products to pay as would have been
required to have paid them the time
the debts were made.
Usury is the curse of the age. It has
built up in your and my time a civiliza
tion that will pay a poor girl 4 cents
for making & 6hirt In a sweaters den,
and a Chinaman 10 cents for spitting on
It and ironing it.
Hut Is there one here tonight who
dare face me and say the timo has at t
yet arrived for radical utterances?
Let me give an illustration of usur
by it I shall attempt to prove that the
only way that cities can ba sustained is
by keeping prosperous the producing
intoresta of the country. Let us take
the national debt. At the closo of the
war by a system of bondage forced up.
on the people by the Shylocks, who re
futed to atitltt the noble Llncsin, we
owed 2,000 million dollars, and since ISf 5
the people of this nation have been
taxed to pay 12.000 million dollars In
u.ury t'lsoountt and premium. While
doing that taa debt hat boon reduced
enly a little, a very little over one-half,
leaving unpaid at this time la rund
numbers about 1,000 million dollar,
Now for the point. It will lake more
labor, more cotton, snore wLeat l pay
ttat l,i 4)0 million dollar cell today
than it would have takta to hava paid
the original debt of 1.000 million wbua
it wtt cuetravted, and thit ki la face of
thafact that the aatlotal baok rubber
have tinned the producer of tblt
natioa of 12,00 Million dollar In utury,
In tht iunt!m aa4 all, too, ul of m
war dwbv, Mom Ung can Ult rtpubllt?
tut at titrate?
U U aot hljh llm Ixfaa to n-e-Hi
that the rooaoy ,m.ilpn It tt rl
it j Mure the Amerlna )moj,4 klf ,
and aot lie A. i A. Idiocy? Kp yvui
yet on the nt$af quvttlon aad kp
ut of reUitout ttrif. Urllt lo it aot
lee lit via,
Gold is money, silver is money and I
believe that both should be coined
Now my friends, in conclusion I want
to say that greenbacks are money, and
we demand enough of them to raise the
per capita circulation from 15, where it
is to day, to 850 per capita, where it be
longs and where it was whta the nost
of our vast bonded debts was mad.
For myself 1 do not care whether gold
is secured for the deficit in the United
Stales treasury through the issuing of
fraudulent bonds. What are bonds?
Bonds are printed pieces of paper back
ed up by the wealth of the nation.
What are greenbacks? Greenbacks
are pieces of paper backed up by the
'wealth of the nation.
What then is the difference between
bonds and greenbacks?
The bonds draw Interest aid circulate
In tbe pockets of the Sbylocks and
money changers.
Greenbacks do not draw interest and
thej circulate In the pockets of the com
moa people.
As this government is run today the
demands of the bankers are heeded, but
the poor people are turned aside. TW
policy must be stopped. If it cau't be
stopped peacably at the ballot box then
bullets will stop it.
I am a believer in America and Amerl'
can institutions and believe the time
has arrived for an American policy.
An American financial system.
, An American industrial system.
I say down with English interference.
England and the Rothtchilds have
gone plenty far enough. It is time to
call a halt.
We stand on dangerous ground. Only
the flash of the musket is needed to set
the nation on fire.
I stand here tonight in the interest of
a peaceful selutlon of oar troubles at
the ballot box, and pray God that the
good sense and patriotism of Americans
will see to it that tbe homos of the al
ready poor and discouraged people are
not ruthlessly destroyed in a religious
war of some kind, fathered up by the
Shylocks in order to draw the attention
of the common people from the money
Dj not be misled, the Issue today is
money, legal tender money. Feel in
your pockets friends and deny it if you
Silver is money and from time im
memorial has been recognized as such.
We are going to get free silver or a
free fight, mark the prediction.
American womanhood stands pledged
everywhere to assist the masses in this
fight against tho classes and Colorado
women will stand shoulder to shoulder
with tbe Populists to whom they owe
all for the blessed right to vote.
This silver fight has just begun.
From now until the last Shylock Is
driven from the halls of Congress the
conSict is going to be hot and furious.
Thl Ought to Have Iteen Printed
littt Week.
J'ENDEit, Neb., Mar. 6, 1894.
I m an old reader of your paper, like
It now better than ever, and thank God
you are gotag to have a new name. The
paper has certainly been handicapped.
Now 1 predict you wltl spring upward
like an unchained balloon.
Your Faithfully,
N. II. Nvk.
The .National Commit t.
Since establishing head quarters at
Washington, D. C, the committee has
arranged with the CVntut Oilloe to tend
out to our worker all over Ihe country
a large lot of extra Centut Hullellat,
giving the mortgrgtt Indebtednvt of
ttie d.rterrol ttate and other va!uabl
Whenever th eommlU caa ar
rang with aay of the Ikpartmeat to
tnd out valaable ducuintai to the
HHtido, It will hi done.
Ftu4i aow ou, the eotamttu will
avail lWH of wry eprtialt W tup
ply the (Mop! wild literature.
Ail r-mntualotiwus rtUtltig Ut ill-
rlur thould bo e7r4 to the kh
wury of th okuiwUW.
ftfan. At.
TtifcftA fraud ( first olat
Ikitl via UUhhi !'at 1 ) rva. city
llctjlem 01, LtKWa, NV
The Power of Wealth Concentration Con
Some Startling Figure and Mathematical
Proof of tbe Dangerous Forces
Confronting us.
Stirring Word by a Nebraskan.
Read before the open
tbe Whltlerlan literary
Hastings, Neb
The American Republic in its great
nesa and grandur, commands the
admiration of the statesmen of the
world. Its foundations were laid deep
in prayer; deep in the conviction that
nation was yet to be built which
should be the land of the free and the
home of the brave Its superstructure
reaches the very heavens and its build
ing is guirded by the omnipotent haad
of God. It recognizes no divine right
of kings, but that all men are created
equal, and are endowed by their Crea
tor with the inalienable right of self
Well may we point with pride to her
glorious record a record of the eman
cipation of the masses. The embodi
ment of strength, eqnity and Justice-
the glory of man; the handiwork ef
God. She bids defiance to the com'
blned powers of the world. In her in
fancy she twice whipped the mistress
of the seas. She has crushed out the
most powerful and stubborn rebellion
the world has ever knows, and with
characteristic Americanism re-unltcd
the factions until It is stronger than
before the fracture. The glory of her
Christianity and the search-light of her
clvllzation have penetrated, the debth
of darkest heathendom. Our admira
tion knows no bounds: yet reason com
pels us th admit she Is notyetjperfect.
Today there is an enemy, more power
ful than any nation, being fostered ia
the very bosom of our Republic, a force
more deadly to freedom than poison is
to life. Already this powerful organ
ized tyranny has tho American Repub
lic by the throat. The mngnifient
structure already totters.
This fiendish, silent power controls
the metropolitan press of tbe nation
and thus indiroctly controls our legis
latures and our congress and therefore
makes our laws. It controls our courts
and therefore Interprets those laws for
its selfish advancement. It owns our
railway, steamship and telegraph lines,
and thus controls our commerce. It
owns our factories ond our mines, and
therofore controls the price of labor
and of all other commodities. It holds
a mortgage death grip on the mott
of the homes and ths farsa la Amcr-
ca. It demands more tribute money
than did ever the Rsman conquerors
from their victim and we pay it with
out a murmur' Yes this monitor; this
organized greed; thit concontrtted cap
ital; thee trutU; these millions of
wealth in the hands of the few, threat
en the very existence of oi'r Rrepubllo
There are In the city of New York
alone 1.1C3 millionaires. Nearly all of
these are raulll millionaire. Mtny
ar worth from 10 to 20 million apiece
and several are worth 50. 00. ?o a4
a high at Va millions. Ia Uo nation
there are known to be t.&l? million
aires and it I fair to suppo thai lhy
will avertg worth at least tarte mill.
Ian dollar. Thl nuakr thote 4,oi7
pertout worth 111,1 U,im0,0i XX Hut to
be sure and bo contriativ enough we
will tay tby are worth la rouad lum
ber bul l.,0iHl,ft!. Our U.orfuts
wadily spoah the flgur, but oartuibds
are utterl) unabl lo comprehend them
We way bat eoufptioa of a
million dollars bul our ta'ad Maggrr
whta try to omprhd lb rallty
of H),Mi,0m WeaaoU-ci.r.
h. bJ ii. bat we im tisak j sum u.w
narUaa. Th t're, WfaUh et th
I'nlwJ Swttt, laoUdltjf vorHral!ont.
'a, rtltaU and Hrtoeal proper
ty, wtt ia 1) tat ltjj,,m.n).
NO. 40
That is, these 417 peoplo now own
nearly as much, is did the entire 3,000;
000 peopl0 of the United States. In 33
years 4,047 men have come Into posses
sion of nearly as much, as was then tbe
entire wealth of the nation. And yet
some politicians tell us the wealth ef
the nation Is not accumulating in the
hands of the few.
Suppose those 4,047 persons bad their
wealth in cash and pegan buying up
f irms, city realty, railroads, manufac
tories, mortgages and bonds, merchan
dise and personal property of every de
scription, when would their purcbas"
ing power end? They could buy out
every dollar worth of wealth In Neb
raska, together with all of Kansas, and
all of Colorado, all of South and North
Dakota, all of Ohio, Indiana, Indian
Territory and Texas, all of Arizona,
New Mexico, Utah and Idaho, Wyo
ming and Montana, Oregon and Wash
ington, and California. Yes they would
own every dollar ef property of what
ever description from the Gulf to Can
ada, and from the Missouri river to the
Paclllo ocean, and still have billion
left for spending money. I mlghtadd
several of tho southern states to the '
list to make half of the staUs of this
so called free republic I say ,"so
called" for It is a question whether we
are a free poople if 4,047 individuals
are worth the told wealth of half of the
Those select few could give to each
of the 13,000,000 families cf tho United
States, a present of $700.00 and still
ba.'e enough left, which if loaned at
only .01 per cent Interest, would bean
them and their posterity rolling ia lux-
ary irom now to eternity.
Those select few own over a Quarter
of tho entire wealth of this nation to
day; and we have not taken into con
sideration the much greater number
who have perhaps not a million, but
whose hundreds and tens of thousand
draw Interest just the same.
There has never been enouch rold
coined in the Uuited States, all told, to
pay a fair rate of interest on this com-
blnad capital, for a single year. Those
select fow the 4,047, whose post offices
names and addresses are known could
by an investment of only tiaht cent a on
the dollar of their capital stock buv ud
the combined capital stock of all th
banks of America.
If their wealth is brineiner in B tier
cent interest, they are sitting idle, and
ana clearing f 000,000,000 per year, or
nearly 12,000,000 per day. As thi In.
terest money whether paid in inter
est, rents or profits) must be produced
by labor in somo form, the American
psople must do some pretty hard rus
tling to earn this each year, for those
lords. This monied arlstocfaev U an
expensive luxury ; they come high, but
I suppose we must hare them.
Lot's see. At 11.50 per day and la
borers are working on the streets ot
Pittsburg, at 50 cents there must ba
just 400,000,000 days of labor porformed
each year to satisfy the greed of theee
mlltlonlare potentates. Allowing 300
woik day lo the year, it wiii toko over
1,333,000 American laboring men
working ten hours per day, everyday
lo the year, and every year to salUfy
tho greed of this select few If it doe
satUfy their greed. That means that
1,3X1,0(19 American laborers are in re
ality slaves to the aristocracy. Tdea
to think that these lord do not giro a
cent la return, directly nor Indirectly,
till rtln their great wealth, and yet
have the fruit af the labor of 1,333,000
American worcineo etch year for abso
lutely B'lthlGf !
Hut who are thoce who annually do
nate ihlr labor for the support of tfel
aristocracy? Krery man who labors.
w hether by the day oron a salary, It do
nating hi prorata f th ua earad
(10ui..n)0 ol greed money,
Oo they really doate a sharw efth!r
ahor, you ak la all sincerity? l.UUn
lo tho plteou cry of i,(H,0CU American
labor, ati aid wining tu work, who
ht bvit out of ratUyuita! the
cold ttf nioiilbt. MIA tisj Wir
at work t!)y cur4 tWat aouga W
fidft4 cltlM tarrutvlv and trlr
lartiUk. tt ay, th hlac- t!vt of th
&ith rwlv4 the taut rga..ut
laoy wr avt lure out ia th eoM
of wiaU'f to slat
W bo ! lulfk tdppjri tbe t4