The Lincoln independent. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1895-1896, December 20, 1895, Image 5

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A Groat Throngs Fay Tribute to
tho Memory of Wra. A.
All that was mortal of William
A. McKetghan was laid to rest in
the cemetery at Red Cloud Thurs
day. 1'ublic buildings, private
dwellings and business houses were
drapcd'in his honor. Flags were
draped and at half mast and all
business houses closed. The
Christian church, the most
spacious n the city would not ac
commodate one-third the people
in attendance, many going long
distances by private conveyances to
pay their last respects to the dead
ex-congrcsfman. The procession
was Jed by the Sons of Ve terans
band, followed by a hrirg squad
detailed by the Grand Army of the
Republic, next a large number of
veteran comrades and members of
the Modern Woodmen. In car
riages were, besides the family, his
brother, Alexander McKcighan
and wife of Yates City, 111., Isaac
Urown and wife of Springvillc,
Kas., Mrs. Klizabcth Urown of
I'ontiac, II!., brother and sister-in-law
of the departed, and Mrs.
McKeighan's mother of l'airbury,
Neb. There were also Mrs. W. V,
Allen, W. J. Uryan and Adj-Gen.
Harry. Gov. llolcomb was un
able to be present but vas repre
sented by Stenographe r Nelson of
his office. The church was taste
fully and elaborately draped, and
the floral decorations were in pro
fusion and were the offerings of
many personal friends.
The services were conducted by
Kev. Mr. Maxfield of th Metho
dist church and Rev. Mr. Yciscr
of the Uaptist church of lied
Cloud. The principal address was
delivered by Hon. V. J. Uryan.
In subdued tones he bespoke his
personal emotion as in beautiful
sentences lie portrayed the kindly
, nature of his departed friend, nnd
touched the well of sympathy in
the hearts of his hearers. At the
grvc with the simple ritual of tl:e
soldiers' society the body was laid
in its last long resting place.
We hope to receive 10,000
Christmas gifts this year, mainly
from delinquent subscribers.
I3k Hiiro mid see Sutton t Hol
low bush's utock of XniHH candies
before you buy. Twelfth ami O
street, 1" unke opera house block.
ropuhsts who believe in sup-
" TrrMnnr thoir narfv nancr fan ln sn
J i n 1 1 1 - -
g very materially iy cieaiuig wmi
those merchants who advertise in
its columns.
The Journal weista long distance
lOiit of its way last Sunday to be
little Warden Leidtgh by publish
ing the false statements of an cx
convict. If the Journal ever pos
sessed any dignity an i fairness it
has long since laid it away. It
simply merits contempt.
A reporter overheard several re
publicans on thf streets tins week
clamoring for war, and kicking;
vigorously about the condition of
the country. If a populist takes
such a stand In- is brauded a an
. 1 . , t,,,, ,i, , .v 1 !
anarchist. lut th- republicans I
COt what they Voted for.
fit J-ugenc .More nas rcturn.ij iroin w ith an-appropnation le l ows at
H, ,, ..,,.(.,,.. .
sinunin. in .M-.I..I Linn -
,ohn the governorship of Nebraska,
Mr. Mciklt phn graci fully ai rcj.ted
il. That ends the matter. A U w
nieaniiilcss fmnn are t In gone
through itii before betaken his '
M at, but oni.t hi nothing. J
U bat m the t jtubli an 1 b'.i of lln-'
N- where III tin- I nihd Slut,
W4 vsift g'l a nie.d oiM it fi r
tell cent at tho Met. hanti tin.
t 1 101111T I" ami l.l . Ml,
f (iov Ikilvomb v in d ll
pi- o
dill! I'ul Nci v.m 1 1- to
b.k lip the Mt!'t' dot time, I I 1
t!otfttwf r iei,ed a t -pjivb ftuin
MrV St 114. 1 i f Vjtt.. N. I. ,
4 !:.! oil el 'lt'l
lei t Vo ttiiiiiUen Ai'itn. .01
tU'l ti ' o I 1 t.. ,,. ,, t t
ll,,!i In a 4. vtU, I 4 1 ti 1 i , 1
ltliiii.ut ini'rii' 'iu;t,t tl . , , ,t
. ot a"y ot ti..e
Cleam 4pkiii, u t t..ih,
atUlltiie Wil,la yu 1 i i( ,,f
h at f foii for m n it t M i li.t.
lloUt, P UK I I N rvVi lret4
A Shady Affair.
i .1 ii i? v:efi..t. x- i
Monday turns out to be a shady
Tafiair. The two partners, Nissley
!& Wells have been arrested for dis
posing of mortgagtd property. It
appears that they gave a mortgage
on their stock to the American
Exchange bank some time ago and
then persuaded the bank officers
not to put it on record, so astO;
keep their credit good with other
parties, promising to make me
bank good at all hazards. Then
they gave other mortgages and had
them filed before the bank knev
anything about it. Then the bank
officers got hot under the collar
and had them arrested.
The question is, are not the
bank's officers also culpable? Tne
keeping of that mortgage from the
public records enabled the firm,
with the bank's knowledge and
consent, to deceive other creditors.
Honesty is the best policy, even
under the gold standard.
Canting Hypocrite.
Lincoln, Nkh., Dec. 1 9, '95.
EunoK Lincoln iNDti'KNW.Nr:
Some republican idiots in Lincoln
would shut up a poor littb school
and turn the pupils out on the street
that they might buy flag poles and
flags to float over the others. They
call that patriotism! They are
canting hypocrites. The men who
act that way never rallied 'round
the Hag when shot and shell were
screaming the air.
An Old Soi.mi.k.
Here's Your Chance.
Improved Iowa and Missouri
farms, where drouth is unknown,
for Kale on easy term or will take
purl in htocks of merchandise or
clear city property in any good
town. Address the, owner,
A. Ii. NOME,
Hamburg, Iowa.
The good substantial meals for
10 cents at tho Merchant Hotel V
aud Eleventh streets, are the won
der of the ,-,ity.
A. 15. Noble, an old friend and
substantial citizen of Hamburg,
la., Was a welcome visitor here
this week. Ho reads the Iniu
Uefore you buy your Xtna can
dies see Sutton A; Hollowbush's
assortment. Twelfth and O, Finite
opera bouse, block.
Miss Lorctta E. Iloxie ami Win.
Mann were united in marring on
Wednesday evening at the home
of the bride's mother, six miles
northwest of Lincoln, Kw. Mr.
Parker of Kaymond officiating.
Only an intimate circle of friends,
and relatives witnessed the cere
mony. The young people are well
to do, popular among a large circle
of acquaintances and the future is
. , .. j Cajon pass, imagined they saw some
full of bright prospects for them. . (hig 0, f)0 ,ra.k ahai, Myt
The 1xiki'KS1kst (Mends good the San Francisco Kxaminer. Think-
No j imming, no Htools to sit on,
but, L'ood servire und a a iroixl diu -
hit for ltfceuts, Merchants Ibdel 1 '"iir"1 ,1,al ,h' "R,lf' Ji,,,lJ'
V and Kleventl. btivet... ,ng 'f 11 ?n h"hlp
' hdihCH hml brrn lUtac hed. Their driver
A proposition was made to the J had wen ihe bmidliRlit of the i-iirUio
school board to spend .piito a l,tt!! an'' J'l"l n time to me hlm
, 1,1 'r' an'l t'5'" Moi'iiulK theniKUTK were
sum of money to buy the parapber ( cropping tho M Rrann nlnnc the road
nalia for floating Hags over all th i side, which chowed that they had not
school buildings in the city. I'nA. lrr" fr,fa,l: dl' ,"r,,"!l ?'" m '"-.i"1-
... . , . .
l'o.v ,.r. w:t h vevi ra nt hrr. um ,
.Tain it vmm nf lhi nl.l ll i.
1.11. m j-rtii MniMii, it iuimmhii
that when Pi of. 1'ohsler Mated his
objections to the appropriation he
said he opposed it only for the
reason that the chooi diMnct
alie.uly in debt Ioo,ooi, but he
would lonti ibnti: live dollars it I
u w poikel to M !j buy tl t
Hagt Novelet some of IIh-m Hit ;
! l are so i.m.Iv t.. ,iM "t
tbe.r patriotism and i mi.ii uim
!,, ,, ,'.lx,v-. s, ,(
iim (! u ,
I bll,4 .14 It p'll . In, i;I
ti,. ir j ki t
it in no
t.k III' Mt V
op, ei 4i 1
I li' ' en
init tj.i t ot t ;.!,.
mi, 1 h ii tis di !i iht-
it 1'iil 1 ) 1 , ,
i? p, o'd j , p it
A f .r"i't i mi !k bi4 h,o1.
fthiit l Ihe M- l. !, .!(! , t, l p
fllld ' M Kill IM t, Mill fill' lie I I
4 K'" ' I" dleiOT f il ll . l I
8 ii 'ott
.. ,t
and (I
.S I il tk'l tl'l I' I !o
IIMKll Clli. 'jUllflli
t''M,k' i r t l.o ui
The Merchant s Hotel is a dandy ou
i It proposes to Use ju iit out of the wet
i 'I'ii fiif nut si lied nice and clou!), free
You cm w alk on I hi carpet tr w alk on
the r
You can sleep and your rc-t vull lie
sweet arid serene.
ru'.listui'teu" by the, rowdy, the drunk
ard, the mean.
The prices bo moderate a i taker w ould
You can sleep for a (junrterur sleep tor
a half.
- r,.y the Merchants' this onct-ami you
nlwavs will come
The landlord 's so kind, He's a genial
old chum.
Tho land lady, though short, is of pretty
good tize
Hut a lady Indeed such a one as ou 11
Mr. Hock sets up meals rich and eleiii,
pure and nice.
That can not bo beat in the town for
the price.
You can have a nice, meal for the sum
of a dime,
That will knock ull other dime meals
out of time,
Hut if you are hungry and this don'
You can send up your orders for all t h it
s nice.
You can send for more coffee, beef,
ham, eggs and pie,
You can eat 'till yon'er bursting or eat
'till you die.
So come, try tlie. Mcrahunts, you will
never regret.
You can come when it's warm, cold,
dry. windy or wet;
You will al ways be welcomed and rested
and feci
On .McKee's duwney couches and
llonkc's butter -bread.
1), M. Sw isnri:,
Merchants Hotel, Corner Eleventh and
1' streets, Lincoln, Neb,
I Mi,
i:S O Street, Telephone m
Hest thing in the World"! We,
have? it. An oil that will hold
dust. No scrubbing neeesssry.
Best thing for stairs, hall, school
rooms, etc. Warranted.
Circulate all the reform literature
poHsible. Education is the watch
word. Wc have the goldbug on
the run. For ten cent (10-ctn.) in
hilver or stamjiH your name will be
placed on the Iteform Tress Circula
tor List and the leading reform pa
!rg of the United .State w ill tend
you ham pic copies free for distribu
tion among your neighbor. (Jet on
the list at once; yu will receive lots
of good literature and are wire to be
more than satisfied with the invest
ment. Write your name and address
jihtitthf, Address j our letters to
Dcs Moinew, Iowa.
A good, solid, substantial meal
at tho Merchants Motel 1' and Kiev
enth streets for 10 cents.
Runaway .orninotl 1 1 a J Many fclcvy
talk; rten(cY la Tow.
Karly on a rewnt morning the en
gineer ami of the Saaia Fe
overland train, hound east, wben near
log the train was about to w wrecked
; they both junjpJ. The -nglnM-r wan
; rather badly hurt, but when thf fireman
i P'(k,,,l hiiulf up out of th- .lut lie
uih me irain. wun no no. y bi me en-
.. .. .,...
throinrh the durkneHM the i)anrnEeri
. , , , .
miou tluit were beinR drawn by
H loc.iniol Iv e. Thr fireman, WHO
hml Wen hit behind, thulium be would
try to nvertnk tile ftylliR train on foot
Then he eh;ini' I 1ln 111 1 11 I hint, Jiiilip
IllR Hntridi one of (lie Iicmm . be net nut
iiftr 1 he run iiw,-) Irain. Me knew It
liiilM ftnji xtiortly, iic i' hud to tH'tib
lerv ttieu urn Ii mil If tin lire tin ler
th i u rn w i n'ni kejit up (! uiply
"f ',1"n would not r.i'.i..i ijr? U nt
, . , . .
nille HI' . hill fi.mi Mt.iie l!ir And j
ll'lll IM',I,'. I itlfl ill.l . Ill ki em lo
be illi V I 4 ill lur .ill III If II il)i' lull Of the
Juliiu V hi lh.. (Milli" ioi l . tlii
i mill .1 i ..i .i", I r tk' in.ia Ii'iito i .! J
I' !l lli.ll l.i !, I.I il , I I l.C l eef
w I n ' ii I f il i i n , "i I l,r 1 tt' 1 11, 1
tin' 1 1 .. jii .,' 1 .111 ... t 1 lrl t ti 1 U
i-ii i,i I'm. !i l!i l.lii I Jh- u'liit
1 ti ' t,, i .1 4; 1,, I mi ) i . ' 1 1
mil 1 Ii l( w,- I I l',iK. I M,l tiMil
l.i , -tini , , ih. 1, tui . - !.siirtr
Ulsil- 11' 1)1- r,r .re. 10 1 t,
ai i i.,, I, p. m U'it ni hr"
ln .,, 1 t,,,ir 1 vfiii 1 1 i i limn
ki) i. u 1, .0 hi' I 'lll l llU el .
a 4, -t I j. a ) is fifu !.t the lira, 1
li t, eg ft.- trfilfi.i'l ii It d wf lti ;
ii t iriiii lid' It .i )
i'.tp a i, 'Hi ).!' htf ii(: t, tail
t ft in I - ! H
lull anil hi oi., I hi I IMk i
lJ, i,, I ' r i ' 'M
The Inhabited bu.ldinj; in
Eurooi' v thp Alpine dubhouse on Mt.
Hosa-12.(100 feet above r,ea level.
In experimenting to find tho effect of
sunllht on disease germs it has been
disioveird that suoh npores arc killed
by tho blue and violet rays of sunlight
!n a few hours.
Dr. Iiohr lias none to the Faroe Is
lands to study the breathing apparatus
of the diver birds. In the name ship
went the IChlors expedition that is to
invcBtlKiite leprosy In Iceland.
The oil of tobacco found in the stems
of tho lonic-HKed pipes, or obtained by
distillation at a red heat, is one of the
most active and powerful poi.sons
known to the chemist. A single drop
will often aune death in the case of n
dog or cat.
Mathematical calculations nhow that
an iron ship weigh twenty-seven ncr
cent less than n wooden one, and will
carry 115 tons of cargo for every ion
tons carried by a wooden ship of the
same dimension, and both loaded to
tho sumo draught of water.
In about twenty-two neeond 11 drop
of blood goes the round of the body.
In about two minutes thoentlre blood
In the body makes the round through
the right side of the heart, the lungs, to
the left side of the heart, through the
arteries, the veins, again to the heart.
Peek the sunlight I the advice of al!
present-day hyglenlstfi. Patients on the
sunny lde of the hospital ward recover
oonet. The person who alwny walk
on the Bunny bide of the street outlives
bis shade-eeklng brother by ten yearn.
Rlep in rooms where the sun ha shed
his ray all day. Bask In the mm nil
you con. ,
A man. I a old s hi arlerie. If
they are soft and compressible, the de
teriorating effect of old age have not
yet aupeared. Distilled witter is recom
mended as a Holvent to net upon the
earth salt In the blood and expel them
from the body. Apples, grape ami
bananas are rich in nutritious elements
and do not contain anything which
cause the ossifying blockade In the
Sir John Lubbock has been experi
menting with the appetite of a nplder,
and comparing it eating capacity with
that of a man. He find that not even
the ogre of fairyland were credited
with Hiich eating capacity an a man
iniiKt have if he absorbed the panic pro
portion to hi weight in food that a
nplder doe. If a man nte In a spider'
proportion he would conmimetlie equiv
alent of four barrels of fish, a dozen
hog, three sheep and two oxen in
single day.
The wife; "Isn't that your rye doc
tor?" The hudband: "I thought ho
until he hent in hi bill. He' a tskln
special!!." Harper's Weekly.
Her effort to be agreeable - Clergy
man: "Some people think I preach long
ermon. Ho you think so?" Khe:
"Oh, no! They only erem long." Puck.
VIitor; "Hut thl portrait of Mr.
Ilulger I a good deal more than life
i7.e." ArtlKt: "I know It, That I the
ly.e he think be 1." Ilonton Bulletin.
"That whiiiky I fifteen year old. 1
know II. becfitme I've had It that long
mynelf." The colonel: "I5y .love! lr,
you mind be a roan of phenomenal aelf
eontrol." I.lf.
She (haughtily): "I beg your pardon.
Ir; you have the advantage of me."
He (jauntily): "I ahould ay I had. I'm
the fellow yon Jilted ten year ugo."
Melbourne Weekly Time.
Flrnt tianip: "It makes tne nervou
to leep In one of dce lodglu'-hoiiHe.
Supposln' a fire wn to break out in do
night?" Second tramp: "Hat's o.
Dem firemen Would turn a hoe on yer
in a minute."--Truth.
Teacher: "Tommy, you may define
the diffi re nee between ti while and a
time." Tommy: "Wy-wy - when paw
h.ivh he I going down for a while maw
mj he'U bet he's going for a time,"
Cincinnati Knqulrer.
"What couri ahonld a lawyer puruv
when called on lo defend a man whom
he known to be guilty?" asked the ex
aminer. The examined scratched hl
head a moment and angered: "Charge
him ilouiiK of course.' - t'liielrinati Kn
H'-iitrbe nerd lis Home verw enti
tled. "Why Do I I.tve?" We cannot ne
your eontributlon. lle.Htrb e, but we can
anther your conundrum. You live sim
ply beeauM' j on wad your verite ln
iead of bringing them. -Yniiker
State mian.
The tencher of the i I;oh at Ihe
Fund'y hod. lo InteriHt ttie I
little one, bM.l begun lo tell them the
Mo'y'nf the ,ill of man, when a mite of
ii girl w,i heard tni xcluim h.ilf aloud:
"till. I in mi tire, ef nut Htory IhmiI (h
V I.Oi.m h." Moat on TranFcrlpt.
The ue ol e I f lli'ea lie a i;" u -
I I , , ii! Hit In Mliena i i! ii,; tin imieef
Si, ion he i x," I n lb i fin ti ldiun le ile I he ill IVn'l III i' I '
i ill ,i iiii it ai a
C.iio le Hik i ori ,n:e I i hr : (
I, Ml. a-iii, III liiillii.ot bU ll ink
Vi llllri , mil le. :lh It.h I lk Ci4 be
i .!,. -4 . i;i,:n 'He t'',, .f Ihe er hU
I,.- ii k tv piti.iiK H t'ifti, dl, it hi
oii i, i men ib,n iiu.e r
I'rtii i, ni .i,'"a ul ibe I lii'! ! if
i ,tiri.,nli at Iidirt iiK ; ) Uea. t,,
,1 inid' ilf l -i i lh- aimi n
n ioi'lt ir, . niie S ,ii ,i .oat Ihe
M'llMMi, ! I'.!. I H it I lbl Millie
III, I.I l 1(1 t l if ' !
1,1'f !
in n- ik . ,i ii i jttii, ; ,i in V',4 '
i,,it:llK nil nj ef t.fl' , lit 1 1 1 1 1 a
i mi' I, tin, e'l nil toeift ; .,nlJi O
tin 4l k ) lit , il l o i i ih,i: ,y
h,r 1 i yuai'ita .1"il if '
til a I t in t lo i ' 4 ; I
i l.v f'n I "n ' I to t ti H 1 1-
Tour Opportunity
We know times lire hard ami Morjey HCtirce, but
Clottiing ih no luxury. V Iielp you to get what
you want by making pricon so low that a very few
ilollar will go a long waye. Our pricos art always
low for tlie quality we give but now to done ilown
our Men's ami loyn' (,'lotliing wo have nia'le them
still lower. Wo will nel! you Men'a units from $3 H7
to 10 that are from 11.00 to $.00 behiw regular
priced ami OvemmtH fron; $3.Ti0 to $10 that are juitt
hh cheap.
al Hric, 11.00 and $l.r0 that are mrprisiugiy
gooil for the money. Our WOOL Suits at $2.35 are
mae double at Kent and knepB and warranted to wear
Shirtx, love, and Mitta und winter Caps equal
ly as low in price.
Our Bargains are Yours if You
Want them.
The Globe I
Clothes, Hats, FurniFhings.
O and Tenth Streets.
Great 10 cent Store.
The Greatest and Largest Bargain House in
the State.
Onco morn w denim to Call your attention to ourVlegatit ami
very extensive line of LauipH, especially oui beautiful, lntegt ami
large variety of ltanquet Lamps. We are going to otler yon for thw
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our entire maiimioth lines.
Come and look at our recent shipments of Novelties of Japanese
Auhtrian, (terman and French iniportaiioiiH of our own. (Opening o
our goat Holiday Display will be announced litter.
Very ltesiectfully,
118 S 12th. S. POLWOSKY
The Great Ten Cent Store.
Nicely furnii hed rooms, fiom $1 to $3 Per Week.
13,'Jl OSritHT. l.iMOi.s, Nib.
Ofiina. I
SI 0,000 Stock to bo Slaugh
tered before Jan. 1st. To como and
see will be to buy.
la ke Moaev.
1032 0 St.
lass, Lamps
1032 0 St.
1032 O St.