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1 4 V,
Nevr York C ity 1 .c at tlio Mervf of
VoretRti Jiatinn- .. KrancUco 1
Well I'roteetril -Tlio tiroat Mmippiar
Wir lii:'..
paper contains nn
interesting inter
view with Con. I3y
ron it. On tcli von on
tho prom at romli
tion of tlic ciKir.t rtc-f.-'iiEfS
at New York
:uul other Import
ant harbors, On.
Oilcheoii served
three yearn hi the
lu 1.1 during the lata war, und eight
years In congress on the military
commit too. brln chairmen while
liia parly was la conRreaiiional
eontrol. From eoiijrronn he went
on the hoard of ordnance and for
t Mention, where, he served four years,
until hU n&lgnatlon a ft? months no.
When nf-lsed if New Yuk oily could he
nuceeRf fully defended walnut an Kii
gllKh Ironclad fleet, tho plural Bald:
"New Yorli If. in my onlnlon und in
tho opinion of our he::t wHitary author
ities, fully prepared to receive any Iron
elud fleet, Tho defense work done
Hiero Klueo the fortifications hoard wan
organized, cl.?ht yeara ko, la cf tho
tnoKt modern and complote character,
calculated to defend tho city from any
number of tho IkhI battletihlpH afloat.
During the past elKht years the fartiil
tlons board liar; built live new batteries
to command the entrances) of Now York
harbor, which en ineomin Kt"arn:.liip
pa!!senr;er would hardly notice. The
most of the walls arid all the guns arc
down out of Bight. Tho outer walls, or
first liners, nro at Sandy Hook, the en
trance to tho main. or sown channel,
where powerfi 1 batteries of twelve
inch rifled steel guns and rilled twelve
inch mortars are planted. Tho bat
teries, when on high ground, have walla
even only with tho surface, and on low
ground they are slightly raised. Tho
outer wall la of concrete, forty feet
thick. In tho concrete nro blocks of
stone, thrown In promiscuous;!)', to de
flect projectiles which penetrate the
nurfae, Inside this wall is thirty feet
of sand, covered with concrete; then
another concrete wall, under which tho
men and guns are protected. Under
neath all are steam hollers and power
ful tuig'.nea for handling the immenso
guns, which wcIr'i over fifty tons each,
and the carriages weigh r. much more.
The largest guns on any wnr vessel are
thii teen-inch, but the g)in on laud, with
a firm foundation, has more power and
accuracy than one on ship, .
"In addition to its twelve-Inch guns,
the Handy J look works h ivo a mortar
battery of sixteen twelve-Inch modern
rifled mortars. Their shells cau carry
100 pounds of cmmensHe, e'liial to 300
pounds rif powder In explosive force. If
oho cf these monsters strike tho pro
tected deck of an lroncla ! It will go
through It and explode, ,A:dde from
these equipments, Sandy Hook has
three of the lately Invented dynamite
guns, ready t'i throw ."jO-pouml charts
of dynamite on or against an invading
ship at long ran:;c.
"For an Inside line behind the Sandy
Hook batteries the board has also
powerful. Across the channel is a line
of batteries one-half mile long about
Fort Hamilton. An attacking fleet
would be in range of the Sandy Hook
gnus when eight miles out. If It passed
tho Hook it would then be under the
concentrated fire, of the Sandy I lock and
Narrows batteries for another eight
miles. No fleet could etand this tiro
for any long period, ami torpedos or
submarine mines would prevent any
HUick pafsage, Nov.' York is easy to
defend. An altaiklng fleet could not
deploy, as the English did at Alexan
dria, form a semi-circle, and concen
trate the firo of every ship, There Is
not room for miiIi tacrtcs. The ships
must appro.uh bead on, In single ll'e.
Powerful senr.-hllghts at all the bat
teiii H would help the gunners at night
ami prrvent tampering with thy
planted mint's or torpedoes.
"The.e powerful batteries are the
i'iackbohe of the New York defenses,
' .'? xt conies the modern Mil. marine
'.iliMH. which uie iu i jilarneinent aim
I.ikVw.Mi ..,.! tvw.ft' , li'iMfir r.-j
nearly ns powerful nine miles up at
, - i tho Narrows. One set are about Fort
.'I Wardsworth, on Siatoii Island. These
V :j ' are 1W feet above the wu, and very
Otg Inipioveim nt over the old f.ihMouiil
torpedo. A Htoek of mines with
i tticir appiiai KH nil i.iitiiiiereti 1 1
ittm-l on Htaim Idtml. and nt Vl
l. tt's t'olnt U 4 fan e of )) n,' n from
ttt i i itner corpH. thoroiiKlily dfi'lnt
for (! In the i'ik t.f pl.nj:i r.d
V Miri.l: tin in. "lb" V..n riv- r utranc
ti Ne York b.u u di ' mled by new
land p.iwriful lni.!ii bit.!', bu'lt c
it ivint hikI I n il i l i H i. iae
i, t limn' u!i 'In- J'iiu'!: I mill I,
it t j New s.m lv.i'i"ie'
i Hue
h !
Htd t'.'-n tiiinj
tul Utl..'".' e- '
t,. t 1 nlH It "
e; k. H U Kiii'i
t;l 'i.f i w
I' I f I - n
, t)H Mi i I'l
' i It r I
' o;" , il i.i ; ,
. I I ' I I
! ,V -n s, n. r
11 W '
, , J I
P u.
'l i
t Pf I
it a
i H I
I I'll
f 1 1 I
o I...
k , -. I
I t. , . ,
C 1.
t'oiuplcx mefhanimn Uemli-m It rnnlbta
but tho At'.itiulR I Not Normal.
From the Scottish American: We are
eo accustomed to standing upright a'.V
a natural attitude that few of ua think
what a Epecia! coniple:; mechanism is
required for this purpose. A momeat'a
consideration will siu.v that the or
dinary explanation cf thu erect posi
tion (the center of gravity to bo direct
ly above the feet) in insu'Ti .lent. When
a in nn is suddenly shot, whether from
the front or behind, he drops on his
f:i:e, for the truth is lhat there i.s much
more weigh; In tho front of tho rpinal
cnlmun than behi.vl If. The fact Is that
when we are ctandlr.g a large number
of powerful mui-U'les (both front and
back) are simultaneously nt work, tho
effects of their action being to neutral
ize each other. Thus, tho legs would
fall forward vero it not that they aro
kept vertical on the feet by the strong
tendon (tho "Achilles") at the hack of
the heel. At the tamo time the muscles
of the thigh are tightened eo as to pre
vent us taking a sitting position, and
the muscles of the bae.k aro pulled tense
so that the trunk does not sloop for
ward. The head Is prevented from
dropping on the c! bt by tho ligaments
in the nape of tho neck. That the up
right la not its normal Ion is easily
shown by the fact that a man nods as
he falls asleep; for as :-oon as the con
trolling nervous force is deadened the
head drops forward by its own weight,
only to be pulled back in position again
with a Jerk' when the brain becomes
suddenly awnro of an unusual attitude.
U iiimcii Curry I be Staff ttt l.lftt fr'itn
Hour to Door.
Fiie largect loaves of breed baked in
tho world are those of France and Italy,
Tho "pipe" bread of Italy Is baked In
loaves two and three f et long, while
In France the 'oaves are made in tho
shape of very long rolls four or live foot
in length, and in many niii'i) even six
feet. The bread of i'arls Is distributed
r.lmoct exclusively by women, who go
to the various bakehouses at C :f'0 n. m.
and spend about en hour polishing up
the loaves. After the loaves are thor
oughly cleaned of dust an 1 grit the
"bread porter" proceeds on the round
of her customers. Those who live In
apartments or flats find their loaves
leaning agnlimt the door. Hcstrnra
tenrs and those huviug id reel entrances
to their premises find their supply of
the staff of life propped up against the
front door. The wages earned by these
bread carriers vary from a couple of
shillings to half a cro vn a day, and
their day's work Is completed by K
o'clock in the morning.
Tlie I,w)y mill tlio Uiirglnr.
From the Chicago Times-Herald: The
lady, hearing come one In t no dining
room, thought It was her husband, and
slipped down to pour a glass for him.
She confronted a burglar who was mak
ing a vigorous eeureh of the sideboard.
She idepped to a (lonet and brought out
a heavy barkct, sajlng: "Here Is the
silver; now'f,o away, my good man, be
cause I hear my huabnnd at the front
door, and he caries a pistol," The bur
glar fled with tho basket and tho ladv
fainted. When btr husband revived
her she told the tale and explained that
tho basket contal.i"d an Immense Mal
teiia cat that slept in it. She fainted
again for the possible fate of pussy.
The next morning the cat iicratch"d nt
tho basement door. It looked no worse
for the adventure, and it lore a note
tied around its neck, which conveyed
tho compliments and admiration of her
victim tho burglar.
Aj.1i' Am llriln I'ooi',
"The apple," declares a hygienic Jour
nal, "hi one of nature's best gifts to wo
men. It cle:.r3 and beauti
fies the complexion by exciting the ac
tion of the liver. Ilvgleniially it aula
digestion, prevents calculous growths
by li'dping tho kidney secretions and, as
It thoroughly disinfects tho mouth, is
one of the best-known preventives of
throat dlseas". Apples are excellent
hiaiu food, for moro than any oth'
food do they contain phosphoric arid in
an easily digested Ftate. The best tiam
to eat apples in Just before going to bed,
for they nro sure to promote sound und
healthful sleep." One quest ions, per
haps, the latter part of tho paragraph,
for nil person cannot c t fruit, even
the l holt min e applfl, at bed time; but
the i st Is undouiiN dly trm-. Cliuiu
natl Tril'iiee,
I'.ulWrll.n fur lb Hair,
Jev.-eh d is iii'im nis In the hair Me
g'l?g t; be line h worn win r.
hi ttie i 'ells if a mut t theater, a (i w
iiiKhl li!, I null. i.l IH'Mil, cut
third lady were a diamond luit'erdy to'
n:r llr.htly poM.-il i n i n i;eiit t fiVi i.
A tr.i it'i' t.nni t't ihi'inotitH taught
H a tbiT , f iir fi ie !. ' I . but u
tul.)' i I d. llllilli liUl'i'l lU p.Yi'itrd (Hi
,i mil df la iky In. r ai i 'i mere pe-
ll'if. V'lut l,i, t ' 1 I 1 1 . lll.
pi lO.C.i '! e , I HI ( I I ( ' 1 , , .'jilH 'i in
if. e
'i. I lt I i M )i , it.
N. 1 them Ml. . v, ,: : , , ie. J itu
a 'In. in. ii. I . i. .(i ..' (i in ,., 1 1,
Mr. I I III I i.'-Cl if. , I
Miu i It li'i Ii. i,,t ! ii v I in lit t M
n-.ih) t.'t' r ..,ini.; S.l pri i '
i U'.l4f Aim r..f l.ia i l- 'v: "I I
i. l ' i ,) i I i ! . : ii I i '.i, I"
i ,1 , ,!(, i I- ' . . ( . i .. . (. '
U ; . if l'i ' ("''' .
ii, r . i ' t i i
!,. ' I K ! ii' I -t 11 ."liai . ,'
'...!. I i I I .1 I 1 . Mil
big hive
house, a
of work-
people, situated in
tho Ruo Delambre,
where for six
months Tony Ko
be.: had o.Titi'iled a
roo,n, every one
thought that he
V , was a wldow-r. He
tould not have been
a widower very
for hhV llttlo hoy, Adrien. who
with him, and who was always
well-cared for, was not moro than six
years old. Yet neither of them wore
Early every day, Tony Robee, who
was employed aa a compositor in a
prlntlng-houso In the (Junrt'er L:'t:n,
left his room, with the child ( till half
nsleep on his shoulder. He loft, tlio
little one nt school, and called for him
again at night, whi n returning from
work. Then they went shopping to
gether, after which they shut them
relvca up In their garret, and nothing
moro was seen of them until tho fol
lowing morning.
Tho kind-hearted gossips were full
of pity for the poor fellow. Ho couldn't
be more than forty, and was still good
looking, although Had and pale, and
with tdiver streaks In his black beard,
Behind his back they said: "That
man ought to man'y again."
They wished to make his acquaint
ance. Generally this Is not dlllleult in
Mich a house, where the tenants live
with open doors. Hut Tony had a very
reserved manner, ami bowed so dis
tantly and so coldly although politely
to hlu neighbors, when he mot them
on tho stairs, that they were r.fraid to
approach him.
"No, ladles," said the door-keeper,
who was Inclined to ho sentimental,
"that widower will never marry again,
mark my words, Tho other Sunday I
passe-; him In tho cemetery at Mont
parnnuse. His wife Is doubtless burled
there. It cut me to the heart to seo
tho poor man with tho motherless llt
tlo chap at his side. Ho must havo
doted on his wife,"
Certainly Tonv had been very de
voted to his wife, und would not bo
consoled now that ho had lost her
but ho was not a widower.
His life had been simple, but not by
any means happy, Although a con
scientious workman, he was not par
ticularly good at his trade, ami there
fore until ho was thirty ha had not euc
ceeded In making a to'?rably gooit liv
ing, and could not think of marrying.
When ho did resolvo to marry, ho
ought to havo chosen a s.-rislble, eco
nomical wife, who had known want as
he had. Hut love does not. occupy itself
with such trilles. Tony lost his head
over a pretty, light-minded, light
hearted .flower-girl of nineteen, honest
doubtless, but frivolous, and thinking
moro of her toilet than of anything
else under tho kuii. It mupt be admit
ted, however, that the could make a
dress out of u few scraps of tuff.
Ho bad saved a llttlo money with
which to start housekeeping. Among
other things be bought a big cupboard
with a glass door, in whlc'i his wife
could admire herself the whole day.
They were married, and at first lived
very happily. They hnd two modest
rooms on the fifth lloor of a house in
the Hotilevnrd do Fort Hoyal, villi a
llttlo balcony from which Miey h;nl a
lrd's-eyo view of Paris. Fvery nH;lu,
t leaving work, Tony ltobec disguised
h e ,
. N At.'.
la . . r'.S ,A-;,Z i.v. ii
r, , ii r
his workman'ii clothes uruler n lan.irt and waited for his wife, who
priMcntly appeared from btr little
booth la tho Hue S.ilat-lloiioie, iiiel
nrm-di-aim ihe reuuned tj tie ir
lilU'lhle lii'llie.
At t e"'i watt barn, a:; I ;ui pu
out to fitu i!e. Tlie i i. iit v.i iit to i, i
h!"i tiote u (ornilglit. Hitt fit the m!
i.f .1 '.i-ar th ' I bil.l dh 'I of i ulivul-l iti-i.
I The par- ntn liOev-r. ki.ui niter
j ward KUiMniiil by tin l.i ;li f li tb"
I Adn n. llaln;, had a b.s I -
! rl'i:et Cleiiit l.t'.iii ii -ohed to brinii
; u,i th"' child lii'l it If. I;:d j'ave up le I
i ;:ii'a .hp l'i tiribi to ! nO'i- tii
j ten.l t- Ii - r S tic t.i.i. ia .,,.
ii U ill I IH' fi-ik" iieira l( :l l .i'f III
I !iat !. .- b i l j 1 1 iine ly i . i ii- I N'
n-tbt ..ii i enrui.' ! - i i
I la
i Ii 1 1 i mill! ; i il I ,
. .... lii ,u. , III ,. I I I I
, I ,n : t. ... i, (In- i,ll
, ,i . i ,t mi ; .
t. a it i ' . 1 1 ,i . . i -it ii i
, f. e(:n i;:,n i I lw .e I
It '
1 i , I, til' ,
i a . 1 1
( I
' I
I "
Tony sc!d the greater part of his furni
ture in order to pay hie debts, and
moved into tho Hue Delambre.
Toward the end of September he re
ceived a letter from his wife four in
coherent and desperate pages, plenti
fully washed with tears iu which uho
announced that she had repented and
invplorcd pardon. This was all verj
painful fnr Tony, but he was proud,
ami the loiter remained unanswered.
He heard no more from Clementine.
On Chrls-tnias eve he weut, as was his
custom, to tho (canary at Moutpar
ua.'?e, there to place on the. grave of his
dead child a few frozen violets and
roses. For the first time Tony went
alono with the child, and, ntrango as
It may reem, on entering tho cemetery
he tuiVered more poignantly than ever
before from tho absence of that wife
who, had ro cruelly deceived him.
"YYhcro lu r.ho now, and what Is sho
doing?" thought he.
On arriving r.t the grave, he r.tarted,
for at tho foot of it were strewn iwv
eral Utile playthings such ns tho poor
glvo to their children a trumpet, a
jaek-ln-thc-box, and a whistle. They
had evidently just been placed tin re,
for they were cpiito new.
"Oh, what pretty playthings!" cried
llttlo Adrlcn excitedly. Hut his fath
er, having detected a scrap of paper
pinned to orio of the toys, opened It
nod read: "For Adrian, from his broth
er Felix, who is now with the child
Suddenly ho found the boy pressing
ngalnst him, and murmuring, "Mam
ma." There, only a few paces away,
under a clump of cypress trees, knelt
I ho mother. Sho was clad in a
wretched dress and a thin shawl. 1 lor
eyes wero sunken nud her cheeks hol
low ami pale. Sho was looking at her
husband, and her clasped hands wero
stretched toward him In supplication.
Tony pushed tho boy gently toward
her, saying, "Adrlcn, go kiss your
Tho poor creature strained tho child
convulsively to her breast, and covered
him with klsces. Then rising and
turning toward her husband, but al
ways with tho air of a suppliant, eho
said, "How good of you!"
Hut he, alnady at her side, said
huskily, almor-t harshly, "Don't talk.
Take my arm."
It is not far from the cemetery to tho
Rue Delambre, and they walked quick
ly, and without uttering a word. The
child, engrosred In his newly-found
treasure, trotted along at their side,
thinking only of his toys.
When they reached the bonne, the
door-keeper was standing on the steju.
".Madame," paid Tony lo her, "this
hi my wife. She has been elx months
In tho country with her mother, who
was ill, and now she has come back to
live with me."
When they reached tho room, Tony
made his wife sit down in the only
arm-chair, placed the boy In- her lap,
and opened a drawer, from which lie
took an old card-board box. Out of
this be took tho wedding-ring, which
he pressed on his wife's finger. Then,
without a word of reproach or bitter
ness about the sorrowful past, silently,
gravely, with tho overflowing gener
osity of a simple, childlike heart, he
gently pressed Ms llpa to her fore
head as tho Kcnl of his forgiveness.
Hin l'iiiiiiiiilniir Coiffure.
Tl;f pompadour fashion of wearing
the hair has been adopted by two of our
most talked of brides this year, J.IIhs
Anna (iouhl and Miss Consuelo Van
derbllt. This stylo of hair dressing
seems escntlally natural, but a false
pompadour may be bought In varying
lengtlu ami prices to suit the purchaser.
One for the forehead alono costs $10,
one to extend to the ears, $!;, and t
complete wig In th!:: nt) le over S
it I:, i.o t cheapest. Kx,
Iioiki by "Il iioiiari( .
King Leopold of Helginn:, ehi' f o.
the Congo Fre Stnte, recently ex
pressed, in a letter, his high apprecia
tion of the cervices rendered to the rtate
by ii grammar of the lmguage which
Mr. Heiitly, a Uapiut missionary, 1ml
prepared, Another liaptlst missionary
Mr. Urunfell, was knlghred by the king
Co'niC lo It It llnril Wlnlrr.
If there is any truth In the old saying
that rt reason of Hlnindaiit wild fruiis
and liiilf presages a cold and fpcwv
winter, n vere weather may be expi-etrd
lo Mai ' ii nc.t, All lh wild fruits have
In en ui.i iiil'y abundant nid Hiiro Ii
prorniM- f an ec.ualiy : luiudiint nu;
j crop.-- AU .i!iy 'i'ia.iii I nam.
' Tif A .'".inpreii :iiet,!f j.ur-
I ate I a i;n..l! r.tat at Hraemar, n::J
, il! t.aie . L' 1 built tl' re.
I ('oluui I "ii K"i III ll.H bet 11 Clllnl
! Ikci ftoai Japan lo befu:ri mnagitijr
Iii!i,fr of th" ,'e Yolk IN tall.
:-t,tnn'l Khiw, ii wealthy farmer of
1 Anij bti, O, tin inuritd fur Hie fiftli
i II ,-ne i'lil 1 lint PMf i'l ,,IUK fif BRO.
I I hii Mi.t!i - aitlst of ,oii .m I'uM-h,
ft- t 1,1.- l;nillrl dialt'lt. fell .! of
. ..i t, , !ti il i". her rm
! i i" 'in Vea .J t, Ii t. f.innerly .-
) , ;. a' (( M,IS!i 11,11 II ill! i:,i'.n, hti
; n .ii ini ii1' I pi-..t- -, ri'liry it?
f in . Ii . - it
, " i ' f t v Fit' .-I 1 Ii f IMf t
i 'i' ' v, .: t . i Uie . ' !-. 1. 1 1 ' o
. I 'i, ' ''. f f .rt i t ii ,'it
' , : . i i ! .. it - .-n i ."!.
V j 't -. . V. IM- r, I hp - nt! i !
I ' in . I , l ! ,tO I ' t 'I F '." I' -I cf
. ! - I ii I ...i-i I v i 'i.i; J.
I til '.' K,r-ut' ', ii .",.i' -r II,
1 i i I . V! I Ii , ll It' a il !"!,, Ci'H fl ,
ill ill 1 lliliyis
Best in the City.
On iii'ctjinit of Hard Times we have eU'c'ulml to make the ptica
o our Celebrate. Mca!a nt
lO -: CSHTS -: lO
And ujiwanls. Kcmoisiber we giitirnnti' our Monls the Best in
tho City for tho Price.
Everything Clean and Neat.
132 South Tenth.
10,000 FARMERS to Know that tho
yiilLM 133 SOUTH 12.
Is ninlor pew ami I'spi-ricin'oil m&nacnu'iit whore you can get
all you wdiit to cat, tuorythiiiij on the Hill of Fare for QC,
Open Day and Night.
Special Oyster Soup 10c.
Tprsr IT.
Your Produce Taken at Cash Prices.
L, 0. HOLADAY, Prop.
European Plan.
Corncr 11th and ? Ets. Lincoln, Neb.
ALL NKWLY HKNOVATED: Haciotia, well.fnpnitiLeiJ ltownw
with Kteani Heat.
ROOMS: X iiiil W Vi.t- i'cr Day; $I.C(, $2.00 and t'J)
l'er Week.
SI'KCIATj IJATKS by tho month. Train-ient custom solicited.
First ClafiH JJcbtHitinutiti i-onnection with the hoitEc.
CAPT. J. H. McKEE, Prop.
The Old Reliable
Is tho p'aice to hny your Pianos, Organs fuul Musical Merchant
tli&e of All KuhIs.
208 South Eleventh St.
Lincoln, iNToTorELSfeieL
Tho UcKt St haol lor MurumI Tr anlnj In tt o WoKt.
Wuniil it'll it" nil tlii1-" ih ii 'Intf tt r.fft i lf-iS tniHiitrl I'llur.tticii
tt ri'R'l tlicir ciiNi'ietif Rii'l Pro? ''i fiir 1 v.i"i i'. tirnilmU fiom
tlii h !itl ran inter tl.i tip i.i l:iiti.j'iii! lu.TinNiriei withniit
ntuiimtKiii tiii:'t ft t!it'niiir,!i mtiMi ;il Irnii'ini;. A t fut
lii'tlll f.'T I I lie litl l elltl Uletl.
re rvTi,a r. nuFKCTi' .cut xwx.w t. ui.y
A. A Ihl tiY. nn-iiii -i ; r. Mm. L 1. I.r.i'ohs
i M'.fii . JImi.iI I'mtt'T. S-fiiiriy,
III; is
Wines, Liquors and ciears.
'I 'M. lii'. I Ii. I'. tt!. Ii'i .i 't; UmI,
Win V ( r IV . fi u.' A ?vu,!ii.
Lincoln, Neb.
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