The Lincoln independent. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1895-1896, December 20, 1895, Image 1

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NO. 34
Now old wan remember the next
time patronize the
arid Fuel Go.
1024 O Street,
Yard 16th and Y.
,., , I Office, 71(5.
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Capital City Meat Co.
J 014 P Street.
An illustrated Journal tell
ing all about the workings of
si Livk School in a Live city
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Short Hand, Typewriting, etc.
You can't imagine how much
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tiou of the right school to at
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Lincoln Uiwinefs College.
Lincoln, Neh.
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Physician and Surgeon.
Uruwiiell Elixk.
. Ti j.Kt'iiit.NF-: Oihce, No !!.
rii. delict No. otj'2.
Surgical Diseases of Wsmsn,
And Chrcnis Diseases
T.J. Thorp &Co
IVY ikO 111 at 1 ft la.!.i,J, ri;isi:s
i ,i. , f 11 ii li.nt
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Childrens' Books, Toys, Games, Dolls,
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' I
Poor Man's Store.
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Specials for
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Don't forget the Place.
1819 O St.
e I AH Flaunt I. iio-i f I Ntiker
We ,,. I,.!,! rl oriiiHi.s. a i TSUOE-i
ro. c M L hi l
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10th and P Sts.
Tizro IZTeolrs:
Can Corn
Pan cake Flu'ir, paokttg
Fill, K Oats
('rn Mi ni, per ihcI
Phono 391.
& Bumstead.
Advocates of Free Coinage Meet
and Organire.
About forty freesihf r advocates from
all parts of the state met ut the Lindell
hotel last Saturday afternoon and or
ganized the Nebraska Silver league.
The following declaration of principles
was adopted:
"We declare ourselves in favor of the
immediate restoration of free and un
limited eoinageof old und silver at the
present legal ratio of Hi to 1, without
waiting for the aid or consent of any
other nation, such gold and silver coin
to be alike fuil legal lender for ulldcbta
public and private,
'We Invite all persons who believe in
the financial policy above bet forth to
unite with us in its dissemination. "
The organization is entirely non-partisan
und the executive power is vested
in o committee of four chosen from the
republican, jiopiili&t, democratic and
prohibition parties. Ex Congressman
. L ' Laws, Governor Holcomb, ex
Congressman iJryan and lion. II, W.
Hardy, late prohibition candidate for
governor were unanimously chosen as
members of such committee.
The persons present represented all
parties and all parts of the state. A
large number of free silver repull cans
were there. Among the populists were
the chairman and secretary of the state
central committee, John II. Powers, . I.
V, Wolfe and many others.
What He Thinks of Nebraska's
' new Silver Organization.
Hon. W,J. ISryan was asked in re
regard to the plans and purposes of the
new organization founded in Lincoln
last Saturday. He said:
"I think that an organization to pro.
pagate the gospel of bimetallism will be
much more effective, composed of all
t'jofy ho fs)vor the free and unlimited
oomage of both metals, than seperate
organizations restricted by party lines.
Party orgaizations cannot avoid more
or less antagonisms."
I)o you think it is possible to get all
thohe uho believe alike on the money
(jiiestiou together in ou organization
and t luts concentrate the educational
work V
"1 think so, for the iinancial policy of
the government effects all alike. The
fiirtner, the merchant, the professional
men all, without exception feel now,
and will in the i.ear future still more
fully realize, that their interests are
identical. Low prices ailed the farmer
first. When he, gets but little for his
products, ho has little or nothing with
which to buy goods of the merchant
When the merchants cannot sell the de
posils disappear from the banks, then
there is disaster to the banks, the de
maud for all sortof professional sit
vices ceases and we come to the coudi
tion we .see to day."
Do you think that Una new organiza
tion will be successful?
1 "ISy next Saturday night we expect
! to have two congressional districts fnl
j ly organized with a working committee
in each county, and within two weeks
i the whole, state. The time seems ripe
J for active work in this line."
What Mr. Hardy Says.
Mr. II. W. Hardy was asked what he
thought of the prospect of thoroughly
organizing the state by the Nebraska
Silw'i League. He said:
1 think the pronpect is guxj. The
work ulreudy done shows that it will be
a Ktucess and 1 bel:ee that in a short
t i lilt the W hole st lie w ill be oi'guniz d."
hat do you think the sentiment of
tins uta'e Wiiii the 0,ursf ion t f Hi (rei
coinage t Mlvtr?
"Not U s than timeout of live voter
are in (jut of the fun und unlimited
oinak'e of nittcr, The tumble with
theilt r,ertt'f"re is that they nnl tli'(r
paity, w Integer it wm, m.r thm they
dii free mini. Out now 14 4 i;oh1
tune t' j; t th 10 louvii; ite."
It they ilon t tin y wilt pri..ihl g-t
the mi ft f it, will they not
"Ihiry nrlaitly will and tie oi.t
Who Will git the W ut of it Will lint I
the (iriiirt either. I tn f can
live vm if we ! ,ae dronII,, f,.
tui 4 1 "il l, a i rmk r t mi ii i,t- tir ir
ywtf, i( wur-it 'icr 1 1 wo tmul
race rooiili j.ot 4t..e, cm and b4ti
! 1 n. I of the Imi Wf aid ho filntil
Will Ktr i.- thii n, Ui-t i 1 vt ty
Line l' ij' f ' U t,i Huiikih l
h.t 1 tl.ijutlr m t:. im I hi-I mi
Ui in f.lini. in I!,.. , ,i, wi.A 11
Ji- .1 tl! U.e '( 1; I ),,',
L .1 - 1 Ml1- tl.f.k-'.rf
The Best Banking System in tho
World a Failure in Lincoln.
One link in "the best tanking sys
tem the world ever saw" Hew apart last
Monday when the (li-rman .National
Pink of Lincoln closed its doors. The
failure is not as disastrous as sonic that
have preceded it, hut in some respects
it is most shameful. It appears that all
the large depositors had, in some way,
been forewarned, and when the doors
closed, there were none but the small
depositors left to stifler. Even these
w ill not receive much sympathy from
any one. 'They have ulmobt to 11 man
rejected the truth when presented to
them. They have by their vote and
their influence supported a system of
finance that could result in no other
wuy. Let both bunker and depositor
get out 011 the road and tramp aw hile.
Perhaps alter a year or two of such ex
perience they will be able to tell the
difference between plenty of good, full
legal tender money and this wiud.whieh
is the basis of the best banking system
in the world.
- There was some ejcilement on the
street at (irst, but when it was learned
that there was less than 5U,(XX) depos
its in the bank and some of the stock
holders were wealthy men,
tho idea that at Borne
time, the depositors woull get part of
their money back had a quieting effect.
There was a run for some time 011
the First National but the cashier con
tinued to hand out money to all comers
and toward noon it subsided.
On Tuesday there was more excite
ment. The Lincoln Savings bank put
up a notice that they would require the
sixty ,days notice allowed by law, in
case of any withdrawals of deposits.
The excitement increased when it was
announced early In the forenoon that
H, II. Niksley & Co's, large dry goods
house was closed up.
All these chunks of republican prog
pentycoming at once, had atendency to
unsettle the nerves. Vet the people
went quietly about their business and
there was no disorder at all. A great
many people however are seriously in
quiring how much of this sort of prot
perity can the people ttand and remain
orderly and submissive.
Men who are such fools as to vote
such a state of affairs upon themselves
are not to be relied upon to maintain
order and good government w hen the
time of trial comes. A man who will
vote to rob himself w ill not have any
more sense than to try to kick up a row
when the robbing is done.
nON. O. L. LAWS.
He Makes Some Remarks About
the Nebraska Silver League.
To the Lii:pi;mi:sis inquiry con
cerning the prospects of the Nebraski
Silver League, Mr. Laws replied:
'it will take a good deal ofhard work
to thoroughly organize the w hole state,
but we are willing to do the work. I
think the plan adopted is practical, and
the work is going rapidly forward,'
Do you think the people generally
will take it up?
" Ves, I think so. There is not a citi
zen in the state who is not vitally inter
ested in it, whether he bo laborer,
banker, farmer, nierchantor professional
man. No man can escape tho power of
money. A fanner out of debt is in the
safest position, but ho is by no means
safe. If prices continue to fall, al
though he umy own a farm and be out
of debt, the time will come when he
will be unable to support his family and
pay his taxes. There in no exemption
l iw that applies to taxes. Taxes will
t ikn t:,u pillow out front under a man's
A few men think they ar" ife with a
t-t tut 1 1 11 it till in price, but they are not.
No one is satnexceM the owner of
debt', the principal and m!cie-.t of1
w hit li are payable by t mation,"
hat proportion the peo iMl')"
thilik f.or the In-e coinage of mher;
"A my Urgn majority uf them m-
I in ly, aii'lllicy aie to ! f..tinui:ii ery
l.i o( miciety."
OoPI Standard l'ropirily.
UUi 1 10 r, 11., lie, i v.,.
Ihhoi hlui'iMUM: Mont-) 11
ury mam ti n, 411I 4 l.(!!e moot)
n pi 1 1 lui o( corn oi l gram. ( orn
ft II twl. e m ti Wrck Iron M L l.".,t l
1 1 for af lout, Vn! ,iru cent, ;
m,i' j t 1"' (i -ni, 1,1 at d in l)
toi cr:U, the l I tut r ; ' M lt l (
1 i . M. M A - 1 1 1. I
N'ltb'ii K II I!iwI"h(j
4 1 il M j iio- :t
ftf bill lift !n I h-"!.
Ill iVe !
Mr. D. M. Small and Miss Elrie
Blake Join Hearts and Hands.
One of the prettiest wedaings ever
occurring in Lincoln was celebrated at
the residence of the bride's parents, 17UO
L street at noon Monday, Dec. ICtb,
Miss Klvie Wake and Mr. I). M. Small
were there united in marriage, lv.
Lewis Gregory ofTicieting, the beautiful
ring ceremony being used.
Promptly at the stroke of noon Miss,
Alice IJ. White at the piano struck tt,
first notes of Mendellssohn'a wedding
march and the bridal procession, headed
by little Miss Ktta Small bearing the
ring on a silver tray, entered the parlor
doors, The rooms were very prettily
decorated and being darkened afforded
opportunity for some tasty decoration
with candles. The bridal couple were
preceded by Miss Clara Irwin, maid of
honor, and Mr. Frank H, Small, a
brother of the groom, who otllciated as
the groom's best man.
Th bride was a bright, beautiful
young woman with sparkling eyes, and
a graceful ai:d elegant carriage. She
was attired in u gown of white Bilk,
with a veil of white tulle, and carried a
boquct of bride'i roses. Tho maid of
honor, Miss Irwin, wore pink mouseline
de soie over pink silk, und can led
LaFrauce roses.
After the young couple had leeu hear
tily congratulated, refreshments were
served by Misses Lou Kimball, Maggie
Williams, Kuby I'rindle, Ida Herpol
sheimer anjl Km ma Jackson of Court
larid. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and
Mrg. (JoorgeW. Make, one of the beat
families in Lincoln. Mr, lllakeis the
business manager of the Indki'kndknt.
The groom has for years been optician
at Ti ickey & Co.'g store, and is well es
teemed as a youg business man of
character and fidelity.
The jouag couple left at 6 p. in. on
the day of the wedding for the south
stopping at Monmouth, 111., and St.
Louis. After spending a few week's at
the Atlanta exposition they go to Montj
gomery, Ala., where Mr, Small goes into
business for himself, and where their
future home will be made.
A large number of wedding present
were received during the morning and
No bridal couple ever left Lincoln
with more hearty good wishes for their
future welfare and success.
About tho Blind Institute.
Nkhkaska Citv, Dec. IS,
II. H ircKi.vs, Lincoln, Neb.:
IfKAKJ'iit-The situational the blind "
institute is not very materially changed.
The removal of W. F. Wright by the
superintendent has had no tendency to
make peace with many populists hero
v ho respect and admire Mr. Wright
for his long devotion and earnest work
for populistic principles and who at the
tame time are led to question Mr. Johu
son's devotion to reform.
Since the superintendent aililiates
mainly w ith republicans since assuming
the duties of his position, and from tho
fact that he prefers republican em
ployes to the exclusion of competent
populists, it woul l seem that we aro
justified in questioning Mr. Johnson's
fidelity to the party of which he Is now
a beneficiary.
As you know, Mr. Johnson's appoint
ment was bi ought uboutlargely throug 1
the efforts of Otoe county
is to be regretted that he has so con
ducted himself and the institution as to
create strife and distentions among our
friends here and over the stale, and
and bring discredit upon the adminis
tration and the party.
1 think the ImH'K.mi:. r rtrutk the
keynote lift Wtk when it remarked
that "evidently Mr. Johtison was no
the right man in the right place,' yet I
sw that one of bit favorite euipl i) W
making a vigorous e.Iorl to lioMter Mm
up through the columns of the Wealth-Maker-,
Warden Peidti who wa once 11 nop
porter of John. ui, M-eum to ta t X r
rieiuitt a 1 hung of lit a II evident
(y xe the itu'oiopt ti my, und that a
bitter iM : oO, Uli'l l.,. a!.rd t
lial ilt
It evl!! to lie all t litHV th !!: Id
the It' 4lM;em lit t f the llotltutlott I
tl.r 4..irt. ! r"-d nut f thMV t tMVffy
tf I ru lot.
4ilr. J alii l ' r la aiHijul4 At
lslil" I. t ' mt
l! lal (.- Or" U''.l li fr
I, H ILiOitH. I (t.! iJ.Cki H..r
itn ( r '.SM u-i' )r.