The Lincoln independent. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1895-1896, December 13, 1895, Image 1

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    VOL. III.
Q-zreaut Oleaiiriri.
Of Dry Goods, Clothing, Shoes, Carpets, Cloaks, Capes, Millinery, Ladies and Gent's Furnishing Goods.
For Twenty Days, Commencing Monday. December 14 !
The object (if this .sale is to dispose of our Entire, Stock of winter goods wlu'cli we will sell for Lchs Hum Half the Actual prices.
We believe in Cutting our Prices and Marking our goods for little money while winter (Joods are in Seiison and not wait till spring and then
cut prices to well these goods. The way we are going to Bell goods v ill he sufficient proof that we mean what we say when we fell you that
we are going to sell these goods for legs than half price, JJelow we will .mention a few prices which we hope the people will rend carefully
and take advantage of this great .offer: It will he money in your pocket to attend this sale:
Read These:
Men's all wool clay worsted suits, sizes 'AH, :tii, 40 and 12, worth 2(
and 82, Clearing Trice all IS
Men's Scotch cheviot suits!, sizes "A-40, worth 10 to 812, Clear
ing Trice. $ 5 7X
Men's three button cutaways, worth 12 and 1 5 Clearing Trice !'H
Men s Scotch suits, worth ( 'leuriiiir Trice g
Hoys suits, 14 to IH, wortli 5 Clearing Trice
IJoya' suits, knee pants, ages 4 to 8, worth 82 go at
Boys' Scotch suits, knee punts ages 4 to S worth si (Hearing I'ri
Hoys Scotch cheviot suits, knee pants, ages to 14 worth 84
Clearing Trice
Men's lilaek overcoats worth 87 (Hearing; price
Men's Overcoat 6 worth 810 clearing price
Men's Tine Melton overcoats worth 81H, clearing price
2 48
1 38
1 HA
A 48
4 78
u t
Prices Over Carefully.
Gent's Furnishing Department:
Men's fleece lined Underwear worth 82 suit, Clearing price SiTc suit.
" grey underwear worth ."ilk;, go at jUe
Wright s lleece lined underwear 82 So suit go at 81 2'A
10CX) pair suspenders worth 40 to (iOc goat 18c' pair
too duz sox go at .'i',,c pair
.")00 caps worth 40 to "t c go in one lot for ZAa each
Mens silk plnsh cups worth 82 clearing price n,V
(ireat reduction in shoes during this sale.
Ladies Furnishing Department:
Ladies gre Merino underwear worth TAkt go at Hoc
" grey wool underwear wortli 81, clearing pries u'.tc
" union suits worth 81 50 dealing price 8.'tc
I lot Ladies hoods and fascinators worth 81 go at 17c
Our Best c rsets worth COc go at 21c
"ior"' worth 81.25, clearing price ti'.ic
"Our llattler" corsets worth 75c, go at i:ic
85 H
:i ;s
2 (18
7 as
Cloak Department.
Ladies Cloaks worth 815, clearing sale price
" 88 and 10, clearing price
" 8t!, clearing price
" Cliiuchitla cloaks, worth 815 clearing price
(Jood unbleached Staple Muslin worth 8c go at
l'leaclied Muslin worth 7'je go at
50 pieces Hi inch Fine Castmiere all shades worth 50 to Mo yard
cierrmg price 2U
50 pieces Novelty goods 5 inches wide, worth m to 75c a yard
clearing price
25 pieces don tile width dress flannel worth 75c! yard, clearing pr 'AVi
25 Tieces French Moire worth 40c yard, clearing price is
50 pieces double width Cashmere now 35c, clearing price 15
Great Discount in Ladies Trimmed Ilats.
Half prices in Table Linens ami Bed Spreads During
Our sale.
liemeaiber these prices are good for HO days only, so take advantage of these (ireat Bargains and Come early before the Best Mar.
gains are gone. Mail orders will receive prompt attention. Don't Forget the Place.
oor m
We buy for CASH and Sell for
Cash. We will sell more goods for
Less Money than any house in the
City. We don't claim to have all
the trade; only part.
Spoclalc for Ttzto "SSTeelazs:
i ochI Flour I'.'c
Vinegar V.l
Onions p-r bu 2'.
llaisins (
I'J hose Parlor Mutches It)
I Mar White Coconnut soap I
Can Corn "
Tan cake Flour, package o
I'Mh li Oats " '-'"
L)e i
Corn Meal, jht sack S
Don't forget the Place.
New Combinations Being Formed
Against the Gold Standard
is Washington.
Don Cameron Will Not Run For
Senator in
The plutocracy never did and never
will forgive or foreet the follow
ing sentences in Cameron's speech, de
livered in the senate Sept. 24, WX)
"How does this much abused Sherman
act injure Pennsylvania V In no way
whatever. Under this act we increase
the currency now about !?H(i,(KJ0,0(M
year, barely enough to meet the needs
of the natural increase of population.'
"1 am not, I admit, as a mere matter
of personal opinion, especially anxious
to see much foreign capital come here.'
'If the silver is sacrificed, the maim
facturers will be responsible for it."
"I do not want to see the time when
the Republican i what is now passing; in England shall
. U. I 1 i ' ; 1 1
1819 O St.
Tin; Indki'ic.nkkxt 1ms been very
fortunate in receiving news from Wash
ington from a man holding one of the
highest ollicial positions and whose
name is a household world on two con
tinents. The news is as startling as
W Asiiisiio, Dec. K Special. -
The force opposed to plutocracy are
gradually coming together. Things are
occurring here that to an outsider may
have little significance, but to those
who know what they mean, are of last
Within a day or two )on Cameron
wilt give to the public a letter in hich
he will positively decline to be a candi
date for re-election to the tinted Slates
senate, (The letter upjteared in Tnes
da) 'papers. Ki. Imhtmkm.i This
is thii jirst htep in a withdrawal from
the republican party. lon tame
ron has n more intimate friend than
Sfimtor June of Nevada. They are in
entire accord in their view tijton the
money tmeallon, and within the hl
few li t) have had long to,. I rncil
rimMit4tt"n, muiiHliattly after which,
lone, for the t rt time, took an i.ttvu
happen inPennsylvania,w here a hundred
and lifty thousand miners starving for
food after a strike which has already
lasted two months thall unanimously
vote to continue the strike even if they
die for it, rather than consent to a re
duction of their wages."
"The I'ritish fiovernment may prefer
to shoot its miners, as it has lately done.
I do not think that a senator of
United States should legislate with a
view to shooting his constituents.'
"I will not vote to rum Colorado or
Nevada. I will vote to help them, and
in return I will ak their help to ufsist
the other interests that ar struggling
throughout the Union for existence
against heavy odds. I will vote insucli
a way as to lighten the many ditlieult
iws of the Southern statet and aid them
to keep abreast of the national move
ment." It is v hisjx red around that a great
combination is being formed for the
overthrow of the gold standard Into
lin combination are coming hot only j
lit producing interest-, but the great I
life insurance itiKtUtitiotm ud thesiv I
ing buiks, nuny of which ai getting'
dangerously near rccriVt rdnp. It is j
aid tint M, John, prfnii iit of the Mer J
tlaiilde Nati'iuil batik of New Yok,
Formerly the Opelt, Corner Ninth and Q.
It has the best Location.
It is two Mocks from 13. & f , three from F. E. fe M. V. and M.
P., ami two from Tot Office.
Therefore it is easily ac-
lt it one block from street car line.
ccgsililo to ail points iu thfl city.
The location avoids the noise and Inistn of the main street.
It has all the modern improvement::
with modern conveniences.
It is newly equipped
Special attention to Commercial Men.
Its rates are iu accordance with the time.
It it. utider the management of an expireneed hunt.
A. L. BROWN, Pop-
KstiiididuHi Hates $1 and $I..i0 pt-r day.
10,000 FARMERS to Know that the
t33 SOUTH 12,
TllOnO THl ' ,,,'', mih "', l,"l"l''t and ji tii'"" i vmt mi l.nitiy for U? tin
A XlUilU Uu J. . j luwt ffigrt of tu m a'hohol l t$ipopi j IhmM vMitagf of siher. h tn d the
.t t"t'.!l,i t in ,,t U dy at Mri. tfy ' l"nw workf m tlu .rg.o.j t.on ,
4rti io, V!l Hot no-411 son , ih,i j f,,,, ""''31 'r (,n,' iniioieovrr it I
lit f M l It liiral. it i t tb t
pl ltH tl. tt, liw li.ti inU to g ithrr Hn i,il
I uudr oiw and etpritu,,I management wlii r' ia can t
all yon want to . a, ervtliiu, oa th J'tlt .f Kr for
'Open Day and Night.
j the -pi,lt paity.
e la ku latit l.iM of llolvdm N. V r
ii.ti r.S, sl,'KNl'Fl.'.v..
w. ,tr.. I.. iunuM;s, 4i-.-t rvii.or.r
Paine, Warfel & Bumstead.
re-. m.M..-lJ.M.,H, M,wl,t,, ,Uh,n; Ni illt1Jfi ,I4,U
.,e,e, '. .tUt ... w.niM. U)lUl tB, ((l(tJ
to.r I..m4ke t u, V,.te4I.l..f h;.('. ,Hi ,U u.tliU .If . .
t ' t,' l . I liJi.l Hint .ii Ik a. iiiw. ii
t. o ti f.. tMt'.d" tt,ftii :i t' -n l-a.r. .t Uoii.-ui' and Mio'.J
-uK U t-rtWil li f .i . (;, i tr "''" " I l V,. WVr'h from j
I lle.-M.-tt-et l,(;?-'lM'"'.",,f trl'l I.ndv
po.f omM )lU- .1. l40 l(i,,Ji v, lt,,r! n ,' ak o ,UH
hue l t.. m .M, iu O M. ! f n .,tr4iiet M( ,fi ,.'ti
iit.H,it ! : t-tionir) 4i4 ! en tl
t(.. pr -s-j-i.t . t'e t- !'.,.. ,f .1 V. -t.ttr of hit tr.-n . i',.i'. 4?
Special Oyster Soup IOc,
i Your Produce Taken nt C;uli l'rii ri.
L. 0. HOLADAY, Prop.
V f
fit Ui
t.. 11..
Hli I K - I
!t I i . m l,iti
.Met I mol -t.l V
t I -. 4lit! fc'l 1 1" t
: ! i ii ut
ft tot til .r,lt. tiHof of
ifuihan l M tp-U r It. k M, t k-
!!" Anithiit tit th totrlx-r
1 Me f t ti-o i !( tt titrf i
-.'ro'-r of I !,',!, f .. I n
; '. -m r to .i I
1 1 ,
!' ' ' I i n . !. (.'i .!.! r r. it . , t
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