The Lincoln independent. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1895-1896, October 25, 1895, Image 1

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NO. 2(1
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j 111 ii iii iii ii i oi iii 111 in u n in in
It is guaranteed to give Satisfaction by the
Standard Glass& Paint Co.
Paint, Glass, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, Machine Oils, Plate Glass
Mirors, German Mirrors, American Mirrors, Etc.
Of the Well Known
Barr Parker
From Kansas, dealers in bankrupt merchandise have purchased
this immense stock for less than one-third manufacturers cost and are
now selliug it for ons-half original cost.
This is the Largest and best Uetail Shoe Stock in the state in
voicing over 50,(100. Barr Parker was celebrated for keeping the best
goods he could buy. consequently there are no shoddy goods in this
stock. Every pair must be sold within the next .'50 days.
Think of it, shoes at T.O cents on the dollar. This is an oppor
t unity you cannot afford to miss.
13oow we quote you a few prices:
Ladies Fiue F-eneli Kid Shoes 2
" Elegant Patent leather walking shoes M,
French Kid " " " " 3,
Obildrens Shoes former price l.oO
Ladies Dongola shoes former price 1.75
" Fine kid shoes " " :l.2o
" Fiue toeslii.oers " " l.oOtoo.OO
MphV Hurt Shoes verv tine former
' " Cnnirress Shoes verv tine former price 53 to $ft mw U.'.'u to 2.i0
41 Oxford shoes ' "
" Work shoes ' "
" Arctics First Quality
" Kubber I3oots lirst (pualitv
Uovs Kubber Hoots " "
In fact this entire stock is marked down to r0e on the dollar and
by calling early you will be suited with the goods and prices, Every
pair must be sold within :!0 days.
Parker's Old Stand 10090 St.,
Fi-r Hed l!u.
For Uoach, Flea, Ant,
Moths mul Ml Vermin.
Fcr ! Out by
iii'. o. sua; Li
S . IT With
I -j r Lfe,
Ii 1 e n
; Mi: I r.
Parlor Uarfoor Shop.
i 141 'li tl. ! t I'
i ll! !, !' I'll.) I' lHI "!
t . '
' Trv M
And "
.4e.l '
it t ..'I
W II. i Col i n
Shoe Stoek.
to 'J.V former price 5, now $1.2").
(Jo to dOc
price 0 to 7 now $2..0 to IJ.25.
$-, to $4 row l)0c to 1.73
" 1 30 to 2.30 now itOc to 1.:55
" 1.50 " S5e
" $;5.r0to t.50" J 1.75 tolVJr,
son & Co.
Lincoln, Neb.
Tm crtatiL S nator. ( bandit r,
o( New Hampshire has under'
taken the Ib'n uluii task ol .' t fctop tin
.'.. I., it.... tlt. Iwtfiliri" III
r 1 n- uilruad'. tunning lioin the
.. .1. ...1 .... 1 ... .........
. . ..
li.f r, t ti.H U1 I tCC II HlMUMl I llie
pi' vu!('iih uf the nine ruiSriMd t
H je the p.iM ngtr and irtignt
r te on tlmr n4di un ih ir in si
tie j'lwpb willh.Hi IIU plutei
turn thioiii;b Mm;H titittn fnuu the
..4s t i'll i I lh'fo.1 .In, If Nen.l
I t t'h4iid!i t wuul I adopt tt 1
11.1 platform and none uitrttt."
p.p ii .t p.itt , l.e wnu! I .tt : .!
I ie llo I e!p .lud )iup.tht 4 t!.e
1.. .1 ...... ...... 1..,,. 1,.
. 1 . 1 .
livitiii titi't-4 M .11 1 uiitpii'iii
, ! 1. 1 . I.
ft tai.t 4ps
A it 1 i f H'.t.U I tin I'lrtnh t.t ail 1
i t' e lult MUte t t'looo lt
in .'ll ,lkili tin 01 I 1 t. )
t hi .
c ,,f '!" u
4 i,i I Unit i.d t O 'll 4I
I .V
I . I I . .1 I Ii . Wl.ll
ml., ti e w 1 l I k. I u i u v
!i i ' ... iiC'i I l i l i i n
,1 ! l V if. Il! I I t. H I - t I
st t p . it- i p-'H wi t v. ;
; ii i . i t -i etl i -
County Mcotings.
At school house No. 130, in
Highland precinct where republi.
can speakers because of their
abusive language were compelled
by the people tq break up their
meeting when only partially
through , I'rof. Walters and K. E.
Richards held a rattling good
meeting on the 21st.
The school house which is a
good large one was crowded and
standing room was at a premium.
The double doors were thrown
open in order that numbers who
could not get in might bear. The
very best of order prevailed and
the people received a lesson on the
science of money which L'thcy will
not soon forget.
As a student of the financial
question and a public speaker
I'rof. Walters is making a record
second to none. We understand
that he is to engage in a joint dis
cussion at Cedar Hill school house-
in Mill precinct with a republican-
on the financial issues on Saturday
evening Nov. 2. Our republican
brethren had better look out or
they wont know what is the matter
with them after they have passed
through his bands.
Walters and Hichardson held a
good meeting at Walton on the
22 nd.
A portion of ths school board
attended to run a bluff on the pop
ulists of the community by refusing
admittance to the school house,
calling populists a lot of fools.
Hut the people gave them to un
derstand that they bad some right
in the matter. The school house
was opened and a better meeting
has not been held in the county.
I'rof. Walters commanded the
closest attention of his bearers as
Mr. Richardson in a few well
chosen words impressed his hear
ers with the idea that only true
men should be elected to take
charge of the business interests of
the county. The pops an- in it
every where.
Republicans are very smooth
people when it comes to doing
dirty work. The rin;j has out a
number of gutter snipes and reserva
lion bums doing the scavenger
woik (or them. Thin red nose
brigade carries with it three or
four bottle of republic an ltj;hl
liintf. Tin y hunt up the prolubi-
tion and tempt ram r people tbiougb
.. . 1 ..1 .n...
v.... 111. 111 - .iiiiiu
and li.ik r whisky
St. lit tin I. a I cell
I.. 1.
1 11 .
mppo 1
!'i. I, and it it si i I v ei j! o!
(1 II A (..llldilllg th ulii-1,
lliivllli d In 4.1 t 4l gf4'.e,
rntwt HKiAt rMiLoi'M .'.
i. i I., la
t i .ii.
l.i m lilh
I'ki Ii It u 1. ..Ml
n, .. t i. h '
lii.l hi Ih.-li ( kt It
I'.ti t l . si 11 In, l.i
li.- 4. I ll i l K " l "
. Milt
I F. ,1 I,),
II. I" i t .
. Ll t "
I ( .) .1 I ' '..'
' I'. u M 1 'i I " 1
. - .. .... . 1 1 . it ...
..1.,, . .. . s. .. .( .. . .. . i
!. .,
I . I 'll-M 1 1
I i.l
.IV . l t I. .
,r ,t
Beware of Imitations
See the
Gold Coin & Radiant Home Base Burners.
Best Assortment of Stoves in tho City.
108 North Tenth, Between O and P Streets.
To Tho County Superintendent.
Dear Sir 15eing a voter ami anxious
to know how to vote in the coming
election I uddress these questions to
you, bo that 1 may he able to vote in
telligently in ihe coining election.
First. It is charged by your competi
tors for tho republican nomination, and
generally believed that you spent from
$uOO to $700 to secure said nomination.
Do you thiuk it fight and honorable to
procure a chance to run on a ticket by
such means, and if elected would you
use the influence of your ollico to in
struct the school children of this county
that it is wrong to (not to say criminal,'
to secure oifice by means of bribery ?
Second. It is charged arid generally
believed that you have granted certifi
cates to persons not leuiest, and not of
good moral character. If elected, would
you grant certificates to such persons
in the future?
Third. It is charged and generally
known to be a fact, that you have sur
rounded yourself with a sort of ''kitchen
cabinet" composed of favorites whom
you constantly reeomniett for the
schools in the country (to the detriment
of other and better teachers) at least one
of waich favorites is not lit to teach
school and who although he has taught
ten or fifteen years in this county, has
never taught the same school twice and
in come eases could not teach twice in
the same district if he gave his services
fiee. Would you do the act again if
Fourth. It is charged and well known
that you have permitted a large num
ber of teachers from other counties to
come to this county and take schools
which you could have prevented had
you wished to do so, notwithstanding
the fact that you had eoniclled our
hiuiie teachers lucum to the institute
at an exiienso they could not ull'urd,
under the iuijreMon that they would
I huM' th lirst chance to fetch our li"ine
I schools. It in u rid thai muii) of l-fr
1 te .telicr are nw out of empl ivmenl !'
jcjio-e of your action
Mild hi line uf them
do to doto .MiMt
IiivelilnMul. W011M S11.1 1.111 hop thf
mm' plan 4iu ;i elt i li tt
Fifth It 1 kimuii that when 411 iii.l,
rqaliltt kihI UnflliV tt ieher of H.H
. .. .. - t . . . ...
coiiiifv 14 iii roller ( )iii. W4 111
duurer ..fUi.. 4 ....t.., thr..ut, .,
MM truiupetl iipchute, f..r.ul4'.,l
i.t ... i .,. i l hi l'o. 1 iv " tun uK..
,1.1 ..e.!.t...tll,.. .,, .lie, .,!.
j . . , ii . i ii . i ..'initil to tlie nlvt n t! n iiiumI. Ihe
1, lUeH" Jtti tin wool I HI ;
.i i i ,i i. . . . . in i i iii iit 'mi i aihird In hue Ihein
, t,,t riliUnt tin 4i I ll line iiii i ) n
v ...all I u . - . 1 . . ..I.
j id! ll l.'4'll It 'le tul '
l . t l..f je I Ih it I Id
) nir ' i i I l in I I ,i I I i 1 1 i ii ion
i lMl.l' l'..l ill!' 'll lo l lulll. II lli'ilil
I U ut flit. nl i i.i li.leiiti. i.l tn )no
,l It .t It lln s i, 41 "I -I i "I Vi'iltid I
II (.mini l V I a 4 I'n'.it e M i 1' iiUi
l.i il i
rlitl H ! ktifWii ll t Von
.f"ll. I Ii li i I t. II I t i. 4
(Mil,! lni if II il ft' t lttttl' l't
h it Jon nii 'I t. I ei'i I I 4 It.ild Itriit
Tho Best Range Ever Ofiered for the Money!
ElOCllWltllH'M OollUiMO
Buy Only the Genuine.
Name on the hep;.
older it right to thus break your word
of honor und would you, if elected try
to get the ollice a fourth, fifth or sixth
An unswer to these questions will
enable me to vote intelligently next
November. Josreii Yorxo.
A Loiter from Sheriff Miller.
LINCOLN, Xeb., Oct. 21. (To
Whom It May Concern.) It has come
to my notice that there is a story going
the rounds reflecting upon my admin
istration and the muuner in which the
deputies in my oflice ara paid. I desWe
to say that there is appropriated by the
couuty coram issionerg from the earn
ings of the sheriffs oflice for deputy
hire in the (Alice the sum of iW,"00 per
annum. This sum is divided among
the four deputies and is all consumed
in the payment of their salaries. When
I first entered upon my duties a shcr
iff f employed five deputies Instead of
four deputies and the amount appro
priated was the same, of which Mr. T.
I. Worall, who was employed as a dep
uty for about three months, received
tl'.i;!. "j and the other four deputies the
remainder. Since Mr. Worall left the
oflice the remaining four deputies have
receiveed the entire sum allowed by the
county commissioners from the earn
ings of the oflice for deputy hire. My
books are open for inspection at all
times for all who desire to examine
them in reference to this or any other
matter in connection w ith my olheial
I'liKI) A. MlU.CIi,
The Reps at Raymond.
The republicans are having a hard
time this year. They held meeting
here Saturday night, which had an at
tendance uf seventy-live, not over. The
whole object ) the shakers seemed to
be tn talk without saying anything to
avoid touching on any issue. There
see 11 it it to be no euthiitiiasni tn,tqeak of
among the crowd.
A i funny incident took place during
A. J. CorniKh'i. speech. He started to
leA of the no nin at urn of Judge
Maxuell by the poputist when the
crowd broke out in upplaute at the men
1 1011 if the name.
The main iirguuieiit of tin . t ,ik r
1-'iltlsti-i of ubu-o ot the iiie iiitvilt
and ihni'MruU. Hut when they tiirn
tioiifd the prohiliitlni i't t'uy '( Kirrd
II i.-t tille 4 not king iliilM," hoping thus
I" i' t linn 'l.i.i. nil' Mtil HI IT
' " , , .
, U, l ' '" "- '
-"lil...ilu 4
i my . f l.b.. ll(er,M.r., le
: ... ....1 it. , ........1 It.. .1.1 - .
4 ' 1 h ,l ""' k k ,,,'
I i K't K Hit f the tfioiljl 4 0 ..4il.
I to oi I'.lii. n.e i't t! I' tkft tll.J
nut t! t .) . ut. 1 1 4ilti ir,'iiopir4
lion whirh C rtr l4 1 1 i.l it it iiii.'t r Vv
,i.(4ik H .i ,i, t.a h, , u
vliir uf l.l WK'eih), v.. u w- fel'ie
Mfl (.J.llf , tiff
lit I oil I I I .
ll t'ti.o lull'. fl.Ulllllt in llil
e I i I W !,' )UII W itit .l r,l
V OH ii ! i . li, ! I .m,t ll
The Cause in Cedar County.
II Aktinotox, eb., Oct. 21, 'it"),
Hon. T, II. Tibbies of Bancroft has
been canvassing Cedar county under
the auspices of the populists state com
niittts. He has spoken at St. James,
St. Helena and other points. The dis
tinguished gentleman has kept hit rec
ord good. The speech at St, James was
a masterpiece. Many old party men are
leaving, and burning the bridges behind
them. Mr. Tibbies speak at llarting
ton, the county seat, on Monday, the
28th. Maxwell will receive a two thirds
majority of theentire vote of the county.
The populist will elect at least four out
of the nine candidates for county ollices,
and have a lighting chance on the others.
Nine cents a bushel for oats and thirty
centi for wheat is an argument which
is striking home, and men who never
took an interest before are waking up.
Wiiiau r, Huvaxt.
A Populist handbook has just been
published and is now ready for distribu
tion. This is the most complete and
valuable populist campaign document
we have yet seen, it gives the whole
history of republican rottenness in a
nutshell. Nocampaign speaker orcom'j
mittee can afford to be without it. Pol
lowing is the table of contents:
'fne Asylum Steals,
History of the lloodler's Trials.
Penitentiary Cell House Steals.
The Impeachment Trial.
State band Steal.
Failure of the Capital National Hank.
suit Against Kx-Treasiirer Hill.
Hilton's Defalcation.
I -egislat i ve A ppropnat ions.
Deposit of State and County Funds.
The Attempted Printing Steal.
The Half N ot Told.
The Maximum Freight Hate Law.
Nebraska's Populist tiovernor.
The tiang Hies Hard.
Patriotic Inaugural Address.
I. milieu' llehef Commission.
Churchill Culled lowii.
Hold t heft of SjMiils,
sugar lloimly V eto.
Ai'ther Men! ut the Pen.
4inple Cepiiblican Statu ll!heer.
The A. P. A. Politics.
Omaha Fue and point' Muddle.
What Ihi) People Prty Im on for
Fads on the dver ijuctitni.
Iiivilii.ible usthewoik of reftreiicut
f ir -.tin L.t uti .f.tkrr. ( It n. lid ( 'tun
ptiiiu tint linn nt I t put Intu the lialnU
ef doublfiil Voter, I out 4iu two et
I il. tf llWeili most flliliHH
. llimlii'.
I he it t nf It ifliU. (Hit
ill ir pr il'oeu. !,. r huintft.1.
I Hllln I lui'it l i.Uin f if l4frf f ufdeM,
tliil of li f luthtf 4 lll ..
J. A. Fi. i litov
l.ihcoln NU
bul m J'.ivl C... ltrj ( Mrvti
nr xlteiitli 4ii. I . riitr'
Ir ! 4 pt nil), All gr n l if
Imrd .in I ofi tii! 4I oet piue,
lUrl u J oel C,i, lir.'l 1 Sv.l.
n. .' I i
i, (nil
'Ut I. I- 1 M. I
III k."
, ; i 1 1
i 1 k ll e 1 1 i s ri m i m until
' I'l 14! i I to ,'i I en 1 1
1 1
i t
4 I
., t?
'i;- "l 4 I 4 il . f 1. 1 ) nil I II