The Lincoln independent. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1895-1896, October 11, 1895, Image 1

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NO. 24
Dry Goods and Shoe Departments Full of Bargains.
Our CUT PRICE on hundreds of articles will be Continued an
other week. We realize that this season people are going to trade
where they can get the best prices on the same goods.
tbS In no case will we be undersold, ami our constant effort will be to go below the prices of
Competitor. "
ADPM HTriv nnnr luiivrn hnif.iT
nDuULU I Li. I runt V AtU rMIIJ I .
Ladies Fine hand turued blioes, pointed and
narrow equere toes, all sizes, wortji 1, this week
at S2.85.
Ladies' Dongola Shoes, flexible sole, all popu
lar Htylen, worth 51, this week at $2.35.
Ladien' dongola shoes, machine Bewod, patent
tipp, opera and square toex, nil, worth $2.50,
this week at $1.85.
Ladies' dongola shoes, plain toe or patent tip
a big bargain at $!.."() and $1.77).
Misses' dongola sdioes, patent tips, new styles,
at $1.50 and $!.
Jlen'H welt whoe. calf stock, all styles, worth
84.50, reduced to $.1.45.
Men's calf shoes, La's or cangess, worth $3.50,
reduced to $'J.ST.
Men's heavy work shoes at $1.50 now, worth
1.75. .
Men's heavy work shoes at $1.75 now, worth
Children's pebble "(rain and kangaroo calf
t:lmo. shoes, sizes IVl, at $1.25, $1.50, $1.75.
Children's pebble grain and kangaroo calf
tschool shoes, sizes 8J, 11 J, at fl, SLLj, $l.a...
Elegant line infants' shoes at 50c, 0c, 75c and
Infants' soft sole shoes, different colors, at 80c
and 50c
Infants' soft 'sole shoes, wool lined, just the
thing for cool weather, 5.0c.
Men's Ladies' and children's heavy and light
weight rubbers of all descriptions now in stock
and for gale at very lowesi prices.
COIJSETS All corsets in black and drab for
ffierly sold at 75c, this week at 47c. Fine stock of
all regular lines of corsets at $1 and $1.25. S5CJ
YARNS Spanish knitting yarns,"all Shades,
4 skeins for 22c. German knitting yarns,all shades
2 skeins for 25c. Imported Saxony yarns, all
shades, 3 skeins for 25. Zephyr yams 4c a lap.
Ice wool, black and white, lie per box.
LINENS Turkey red table damask, 58 inch
wide, fast colors this week at 42ic. Turkey red
table damask, full lines at 22c and .'13c. Large as
sortment of German and Irish table linen at 38,
!!7l MO 4W r.". 7',n gn.I lin In (1 5.1 o lo-,,..
assortment of napkins from 50c to $5 a dozen.
Turkish towels, firm and heavy, $1 a doz; crash
toweling at G,-7L 8, . 10. 11 J, 12J3ca yard.
DRESS OOODS-This week we will offer
some new and desirable lines in Fall Dress Goods,
including Henriettas, Serges, I'laids, Novelties,
Lite. Everything in this department will be sold
at prises especially suited to the times and the
stock will be the largest we have shown for years.
20 bales more of cotton baits to sell at 5c each. A
fine line of handkerchiefs from )c to $2. A fine
line of dress trimmings of all kinds. An elegant
assortment of buttons of all new styles. An ele
gaat assortment of Ladies purses from 5c to $1 50
Ladies, men's and children's uuderwtar from the
cheap to the best.
Special prices this week in Domestic depart
merit, Muslins, Shirtings, Ginghams, etc., all cut
to lowest point.
1026 and 1028 O Street.
'.025 N STKKKT.
Parlor Barber Shop.
A c';ai, smooth shave for 10 cents.
tiiiariuiftHi not to pull them out by (lie
Latest style Hair Cut 25 cents. ;ive
me a call.
Dr. W, Queen, lie Specialist
Of the Well Known
kW,: ft
Its scientific
ami removal
in twenty
?j without
pain or
a drop
of blood
PI!. QUEFX eurra I'itea ami Tu
mora without, kulfo or In of i
tlropof blood, he 1n.j cure Tatai rah
Treat, Lur.jf a, llrart and Nenroua Iv
ii. vi iia titnile il.Ki aa o!
Barr Parker Shoe Stock.
I'roiu Kansas, dealers in bankrupt merchandise have purchased
Ihis immense stock for less than one-third manufacturers cost and are
now selling it for oiu-half original tost.
This is the Largest and best Uetail Shoe Stock in th' state in
voicing over $.'!0,iXX. Uarr I'urker wan celebrated for keeping the best
good he could buy. consequently there are no ahoddy g'jod in this
stock. Kvery pair inut be so!. I wit In tt the nest 80 days. ,
Think of it, shoe at ."-it cents on t la dollar. ThU is mi
It is guaranteed to give Satisfaction by the
Standard Glass & Paint Co.
Paint, Glass, Oils, Varnishes, Brushes, Machine Oils, Plate Glass
Mirors, German Mirrors, American Mirrors, Etc.
I'he editor of the I vriKHKNOicxr
wishes to bay to Col. Norton, Chair
man Taubcncck and the editor of
Will f;e be a just judge? That
the) Stomach, K oticv, Liver, Hlnd aaa '. tiiintv vou cuinii.t Htfoid to inis.
I''.M'4--s ,,f Wu'urii irci4ily fat
tairt , tlie year-.. lit list- rrotur-4 IK-'ow W e tillutt oil it few t ri
Jicuiuijj t., the -I--4 f ami aiht vo la j
j.oithw.l ''i Kit-Trealmi'i;t an I fura ,
if -l I hn ii U' and l'ri-al Aiimvitia j
harlnj-1 , In l lntuln and t.atuaur j
isinity fur tii.riy yrar. j
Ur ap lyiiijf u tr yLi,.-n th K!n
rn'io, yui an u? IuUiit U4if an4
a lur InMii aU I'ma H!iriiiuatia
.Voaral'a and all I Ur,iiic AUhl-bu
aftrr all rvitimlipt hava (ail4
lotlitni and KV.-'riit Jiiu H.Him.
Onion DIock.N K.ror. loth&O '
the Express, what he said to the
delegates to the state convention.
"Fight thj devil and let the saints
alone." He doesn't deny that the
saints may sometimes lose their
temper. Even Jceovah is repre
sented in the Bible as being angry,
and one should not demand more
of a populist saint. Doth Taube
neck and Col. Norton are men of
unimpeachable honesty and integri
ty. Col. Norton has carried on
the fight without a days interims
sion for 25 years, and Taubencck
has been tried in a furnace heated
seven times hotter than usual and
came out without the snull of fire
on his garments.
Now these two saints arc fight
ing each other. Thf. Inoepkndent
advfes them to stop and fight the
devil awhile until they both get
into a good humor again.
Col. Norton got digusttd with
the Horr-IIarvey debate. He had a
right to get disgusted, so were we.
That debate was conducted on al
together wrong economic lines.
The essential and fundamental
principles of money and its func
tions were almost uholy ignored.
It was a battle between two metals
whether' one or both should enjoy
the favor of governments and what
had been done with them in the
past. Col. Norton got exceeding
ly weary of it, so did we. In his
disgust Col. Norton wrote an edi
torial and wanted to drop both,
gold and silver, and go in for scien
tific paper money. Taubcncck saw
the editorial and thought that Col.
Norton was going to abandon the
Omaha platform on silver, and
wrote a sharp letter to Col. Norton
in which he said that if the popu
list party ever came into power it
must get the votes from the free
silver wings of the democratic anil
republican parties and on that i-
sue alone.
Then Col. Norton got frightened
and thoui'ht that taubcncck
wanted to abandon the Omaha
platform demanded for a govern
ment issue of money direct, with
out the intervention of banks. The
Chicago Express jumped up and
demanded that Tauhcneck resign
the c hairmanship of the National
committee ami said several very
naughty tlungs. Sn the saint got
to fighting.
The ( ! .ire Col Niiftnil
in er intended t ) abandon the tree
m'ui plank and Taub in i k hcvirf
it iu time a l'matel making a!
light on .1 amIu' mU i iMie, I h il
by a hap w 1
Udie- line IVemh Kid Mum L't3 former price y,. now tl.-,. I TtZtZt ! 1 '.m hi '" mVt"Vt '
" Elegit 1'ittt ul 'leather walking kit.- " . , " hi, ,, . .1 v.U;t I. ,!, , , p, meral
.. .. i' t l i .. .. . .. .. ,,,, ! r tlie pat. lit inside, wiio wfit ti. ,
JI,jMrri.a M,,e,fr.erpr,.e (itt , U lh0;,,:itt,;, ur,
I.ldien Pnllk,'"Ii alioe. f,. mer ltlee 1. i.l !H I , , , , . . , i , , ... . .
I k. . I I M k I.M t.r4 44 mi t l
I Ova pa w a MimaiM
-4 . . - -4 M. I U-
I"- l I- 4 - . I ,
J t, 4 1 ( rt , 4,
'' I V .,41 I 1, , . n
J u. I 1 I ! 4 i i - 4. , ,4 j . .
a ! t, i! i ' i 1 4 ,,.., 'i
t. , s I , a. a , 4 - '
C. A. S N OW&CO.
iiCuln In" a utiuer p
KliM' kid ahoea " " 'A ' I f ,,
l ine toe bp era " " ' Ml In .. l Im". t ?K -
Mril'a Uurl 8h'irt rty fllte f ttllier prfe 4i to ? now 'J Ml to ;.j"i
.i .il . m ' .. . w . a ......,
" I ttinire.14 , !tH 4 i"iv hue unto r i rU' to fit, ,V''.i to . ia
- tf..r h.a " " " " It t.i i low t.t 1,7.
' Vik h.m " " " I .".!.. J ."( le.W t.. l.t'l
' n lu I ir,t l, i-tii " 1 ri
" ii.i.i.r itaiu tir-i .juiit - " i i .'at.i i ' te -::
would not dij u:ie
da, out iif re
ni'liii piiiiha 1 l.i l lii tm t tteg and pi I I hii lau.iU. Hu., r how
lis the point to consider in this cam
Low stock is at a very low ebb,
doubtless owing to Sam's question
able political affiliations.
Kx-CoDgressman McKtigan will
speak in Lincoln, Oct. 23d, and
every one should hear him.
Orders for copies of The Inok
I'ESDENi have been received from
several different states this week.
Several bundles went to Iowa and
Hon. V. J. Bryan returned this
week from his speech making trip
in the tar west. He received a
hearty greeting from his numerous
Lincoln pa'k presented a splen
did attraction last Sunday in Ag
new's Juvenile band, of Creston,
la. It is a splendid organization
and drew a large crowd.
The republicans, after reading
the Ixdepeni.enk last week, built
a funeral pyre and burned their
Irish terrier transparency, and will
rely on the old yellow dog breed
of candidates.
Mrs. T. II. Tibbies (Bright
Kycs) arrived in Lincoln, Wednes
day evening, and immediately be
gan work on The Indei-edkni'.
For sometimes at least, she will
w rite for no other paper or maga
zine. The young bloods who are run
ning the republican party ibis year
have learned that it is a much big
ger job thin they contracted for
as the old stand-bys refuse to over
look the snubs of the bleeds in the
outset, when they started out tc
run the camnaicn on their own
lupoids from every portion of
the county are to the effect that the
populists are gaining votes e.ery
o.iy. I itiens of the county have
become tired ol ting rule, jobln ry
thieviry and the result will be the
eh lion of the entire populist tuk
et. The people want honest gov
t riuiirnt one more,
1 lie 1 -.!(. I ('.ill l.. imlli 1,. ..I.,
J ! , ..1 . ... 11. -.i .
4 v igor:, i, lo i-M.,Mivl, John ' l", "m " 1 . , , t,,Jm
. , , I . I'1 till. IvMlll, T'OIVll bO OIlCI
Jia.iuiir '
Another conscientious republican
editor has been discovered the
Bennett Union man. Having tired
of re publican ring rule he has bolt
ed the ticket and is but in support
of the populist nominees.
livery republican paper in the
county has endorsed Col. Fred
Miller's honest, economical ad
ministration ,of the sheriffs office
time and again during the past two
years. Fred will be re-elected by
a handsome majority.
Lhas Baker is making a clean,
honorable campaign. His record
of the past four years in the dis
trict clerk's office is above re
proach, his character clean and his'
integrity beyond question. Baker
is all right.
For twenty-five years the re
publicans held the office of district
clerk in Lancaster county tnd
worked it for all there was in it.
In all that time there was not h
word said or printed about the ex
cessive emoluments of the office.
Of all the hypocrites on the face of
this round earth, a republican
ring hypocrite is the most disgust
As the canvass advances the fact
becomes more-and more apparent
that in the acceptance of the nomi
nation for county clerk by Prof. G.
II. Walters, the citizens of this
county have an opportunity to pro
cure the serv ices of the most compe
tent man for whom they have ever
had the priviledge of voting for
that office. The court records
under his charge would be models
for the whole state. A beautiful
penman, a fine scholar and a per
fect gentleman everywhere and all
the time, the county should feet
honored in having Mr. Walters in
iti sevice. The speeches 1 e has
ma Je in this campaign show a very
high order of intellect. Mr. Wal
ters will be elected.
Lancaster county never had the
opportunity to secure as competent
a man in all it history for probate
judge as it has now in the person
of Mr. i. W. Berge. Heisaman
well learned in the Uw and Ot the
highest M inding in the better ur-
.pas,!. I i LMihlten ''-HulldlM4 ; jlKt I all WiHi!..) ,k. IU lo 1, 1, when i
j 1 4'.lv ttei k it sitiiute ti. l
t tlu K had l-c tl let UK lili
been Known loiho ragtag ami bob
tail id the pinf. ssi.n,, although j
,111 really meed the most important
poMle-ri in ht) i (Ui'iiv
'!) I uht a 011 the iiiAl id hi no:m
i.. ....... .... .
'in I i.n;f t .i 3 liliu ,i
4 1 t ,
.1 VI . 4.'. ' -.. t . ft . I Upiii 111 l
' 11 'i r ii. 1 ii, Mll
t liairtiim I ai;l link ha wr ll 11 ' ' "'h ue u in uniuv on (iat
. u 4rati;
In tV I Ihia niliie at k i n'k I ibn to ." n,i ln d -liar an 1 1 .!-n, i I ib
I W dh the i'imv M 1 ii, ., l',v r
4!. ! I letter t 1 ( id Nulloii It
. ,i. Ui! ,i i i tilt, lit I t-pacr,
t '.I p ill id it 1 !. at'y t ! 1
p -pill st. whvil i ie-vi 1 'i. v ;
, 4 a ito
Mi I.
1 '! loan
who preside tntr it hUiil 1 4
man o! leirnmi;, integrity and
I pi th'iicnt Sin I, man ii
lh rf. I he 1 0 mi is will U
1 hoitoird by ' ul illg hit si I v u t m
llbbifa. tt.e . !,M (' ,, ,, ,.,. , , ... ,
..... j I lUlii-Hi' n
I hi Imi 11 i m, lem
by raUiniJ t' Vily tll I utt
Ik e an I H'ni'tiii I n 1 1 j
he make l.oi i f In n. .
f j , H 1 , lll lll l
, 1 ' ' i' ""V" 1 " y, auU,( d.MlM he, II bacU'tlftl
Simx)son & Co.
PaiUrs OIJ Stand ICQ90S!., tincoln, Neb.
l 'I, ..e t I .i.m 1 , A e p i,t itlta'l
! 4 1 v ! 1' , , 1 ,1 n v 1 ! i
4'i I pci .1.1, V p"ptii,t p. A. M
I w'liri, 4.i,;.j 1,-1 1 i.
t t it
"i is 1 1
,i W 1 i Ml ,1
I il 41
1. 1 it It 1 i " 1 : tl
! ie 1 teiMiiii. u I, r ich ! '""
te i!av bi lti, , Ti si..-. , !,.- I'fil!
I pi h't
'HI' trli'i l!l ,1 ,11, ell)
I iii I A hi that and
,li' ,(Jtd r the d.ii'k
; l r 1
it ! 1 1
a very lire majoi.l). liviry
IIHII Wh , 4M , Ih htj wm
.I w.ll h ive o vtds? 1 .1
I Vic t iifMi.ltli't' id one i 1 ilt u
u.h il.ipajtr h slut ill W 11 ,y
1 h eiltt u , Ii Jiit"llil.