The Lincoln independent. (Lincoln, Neb.) 1895-1896, September 27, 1895, Image 4

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    Weekly Independent
The Official Populist Paper.
If KI IIY 111 ( Kl.VS, I'ulilMior.
FRIDAY, SEPT. 27, 1805.
Entered at the pout oflice of Lincoln,
Neb., as (second class mail matter.
People's Independent State Ticket
' For Hupiume Judge,
Urgent r State University,
The People' Independent County
For Jintrict Judge:
a. s. Tin i; Errs.
II. F. JtOK.
,J. 0. .McNKHNEV,
For Clerk of District Court:
Vor Sheriff:
.Ar Treasurer:
For County Clerk-
ilKQMlK if. WALTKI.'S.
For Comity Judge; ,
For County Superintendent:
For Coroner:
For County Coinmissiier:
First Ward,
Third Ward,
Fourth Ward:
0. A.COOK.
Fifth Ward,
.Sixth Ward,
Seventh Ward,
For Constables:
For Justice of the Peace:
1 E MG K W, JiL A K E.
i ins paper will not advocate any
doctrine not contained in the
Omaha platform. Communications
on economic themes advocating
theories not contained in that plat
lorm cannot be published in the
Write us how the cause pros
pers in your community.
That it is a very dangerous thing
for a republican to take a bath, is
proved by the expericne of John
M. Thurston out in Ida' o.
"That commodities would rise
or fall in proportions to the in
crease or diminution of money, I
assume as a fact, that is incontro
vertible. " K icardo.
Hekk's to the principles of the
Omaha platform and death and de
struction to the issues that would
destroy it. Editors of Nebraska,
join us in the toast.
Tin: dough faced, Wall street re
publican editors are now lorced to
advocate a partizan judiciary. They
say the populist advocacy of a judiciary is worst; than
the free silver lunacy.
Tiik Lincoln Herald, the rump
democratic gold bug organ, pre
fcents to its readers a large tut of
Thomas C. Carter, chairman ot
the national committee of the re
publican paity for its first poitrait
! distinguished men.
Wt are glad to see that Walt
Mason has thoroughly r formed.
There jt indisputable evidence of
it. It has always been said that
Walt did 1. is best writing when
dnmk. Hit etlusion m the Statu
Journal khow that he ha 1. . it
MiU'f quite a Jong time.
SnI Judge MavwtU" at eipt-
m e the republican ringsu t .no
busily engaged Hying lo toiinne
i llul it it disgiau: (or a citt. cn
in vote tor any uuu who ha
Ikm-ii a republican. i.y.(y in
very jxp they intet, "you'll hac
10 vote lor a it ptiph. an" as if ii
wiM' an ait that would bung t-M t
lasting dugrat ,
On' ye laritu'i and planter ol
tho South nd Went, o out lo the
turn and weep, wad and howl for
mi hour, destitution it mar at
bn John Sherman' ii"ive
has (alien in low itw,titi,tMtt.
Again, oar tfohku gtnli being tar
tied away to Kngland. a Utile at a
timr. Ww! Wort Woe!
The letter of acceptance of Judge
I Maxwell, published in anothe r
column, will meet with the appro
bation of every citizen of this state
iwho is not in favor of a partian
The letter is full of aphorisms
which will become a household
words in Nebraska, like the follow
ing: The business of the atate muni iw conducted on
business principle! and the same degree of Integri
ty and accountability required on In u tlritt class
nilTato buRluesi establishment, and It aeciiis
to me court should tlx that as the standard.
A party should be made to feel that lurccny from
the atateUaa culpable as If committed again! a
private Individual.
To light the election of Judge
Maxwell, the gold bug editors must
take the position that a partizan
judiciary is to the best interests of
the state, that tho affairs of the
state must not be conducted in a
businesslike manner and that lar
ceny from the state is not culpa
ble. That is what has been the prac
tice of the republican ringsters in
this state for the last ten years.
Hut to fight Judge Maxwell they
must publicly defend it.
Judge Maxwell is the most dis
tinguished lawyer this state has
ever had. He is easily the super
ior in legal learning of any man
now on the bench, and he says:
1 accept the nomination In the spirit in whit li it
la tendered, and if elected judge I will perform my
tiutiea faithfully, fearlessly and Impartially to nil
alike, and to the belt of my ability enforce and so
cure the right of every one,
What more can any honest
voter ask ?
A cause that must continually
rely upon false statements as its only
defense is weak indeed, livery at
tempt that the State Journal makes
to discuss economic questions, is
filled with what the writer must
know are falsehoods. In its dis
cussion with ueo. K. Chanev o'.
Beatrice it says:
The Journal again repeats, the greenback, the
liver certificate, the al.vcr dollar, the half dollar
and quarter In Ave dollar lota are not "fifty cent
dollar" today, because they clve Hold for their
face at the, subtrcas ury. on demand.
The State Journal knows that it
printed an unqualified falsehoods
when it said that the subtreasury
will give gold for silver dollars on
demand. Secretaries Foster, Win
don and Carlisle have in official
documents all stated that there
was no law and no practice of the
treasury authorizing the redemp
tion of silver dollars and it had
never been done.
As late as August 25, 1895 the
acting secretary of the treasury in
the absence of Mr. Carlisle wrote
a letter which has been widely pub
lished in which he says::
Silver certificate are according to their terms
redeemed by the government In silvcrdollaraouly,
while the latter, being standard coin of the United
Htatca, are not redeemable In any other form of
money .
Any man with a grain and a half
of common sense knows, that if
the treasurer should announce that
he would redeem silver dollars in
gold, the treasury could not stand
the strain six hours.
The silver dollar is "fiat" money
and is "sound money" at par with
gold because it is legal tender for
all debts public and private, unless
otherwise provided in the contract,
and is received by the United States
in payment of taxes, duties and all
other obligations. That is the
reason ami tho only reason that it
is as good as gold, for with a gold
dollar you can dp no more, unless
you owe a debt specifically payable
in gold and made so by a written
The gold bug democrats have
resurrected the old Lincoln Herald
and installed their candidate for dis
trict clerk, J. G. 1 Hihkrbrand
as editor. To the discussion of
the great economic problems now
attracting the attention of the
American people, it a Ids one arti
cle. This scholarly addition to the
cuiicnt discussion is as follows:
llilmihj;tlic tulur of the dollar will m ier i fl. il
th diffi n-nce U twreu the value of ; oiniii,litl, .
For this addition to economic
science the world should begratt-ful.
So profound is the remark, the
Imi h t r confesses that it is
unable lo coinpn lu nd it. Hues
the learned editor wi.h lo intinute
that the free ilvir men whom it is
etablisl.i d to hghl want to tK stroy
the dillerotue in the !ti9 of com
tnoditie by free tuiiugc and nuke
pumpkins ol ust the same value a
gold bogs. Moth are t omimnhtii's
(or tkile 011 thematic!. Hat bean
1 t 111 , an wants lo t quali, c
tin value 1. 1 the two by the !m
f .illume o siUri at lh- lalio of id
lo 1 without thctonsent o' any
ctht r nation on cnh? Water n a
tomiMsd.t) in l.tmoln for the p-o
plo have l buy il ol ihe watc?
company. lo this U armd
kviitlcmau want to tquahe
(he ahif ol waur and whiokrv
with a do!ai the Baltic of
whuhisii'i I,-, la, i, This M(r.
iitauicd Clrtdand political rcono
my is a little loo dr. p t-i ordinary
mortal. No one but a banket and
h afotsiid learned cd.toi ati un
drrstand it, it is u profatnl!y
M It lUltiC.
There should be authority lodged
somewhere, in some committee or
body of true and tried populists to
designate which are populists pa
pers of this state authorized to
speak for the populist party. Very
great injury is being done to the
party and the cause it represents
by the course of some editors,
claiming to publish populist papers
who are not now, and never have
advocated the principles contained
in the Omaha platform, but on the
Contrary, give their columns over
to the advocating of schems entire
ly outside of that platform and di
rectly opposed to the fundamental
principles therein laid down.
As an example of this kind of
distructive work, last week a sheet
of this kind, which claims to be a
middle of the road populist paper,
devoted over three columns of its
first page to the theory of the total
abolishment of interest, when the
Omaha platform especially provides
for interest and fixes the rate.
Hut this was not the worst of it
by any means. Two columns of
its third page, under the head lines:
"Truth Tersely Told. A populist
who is not afraid to tell the truth
speaks out plainly." It makes a di
rect attack upon the whole financial
system as laid down in the Omaha
platform. Here is an extract from
It will lie "uercoivt-d that the demand for an in-
creuxe in the currcucy finds it greutest expression
In the agricultural states, seemingly for this reason:
The decline In orlcea of airririiltnnil nrnrinctu la
simultaneous with the destruction of the legal ten
der and the demonetization of diver. It i ' in
ferred from this that the contraction of currency is
the cause of the full of prices. I donotbeliva that
this I the real reason. The reason, la more likely
to he found In the enormously increased capacity
to produce,
There is a column and a half of
that kind of talk which can be
found originally, almost word for
word, in the cold butr speeches de
livered in the United States senate
during the silver session, by John
Sherman, Hoar, Hawley, Mcl'her-j
son, Gray, Palmer and their kind.
The editor of the Inekpknoknt can
nev-ei be made to believe that that
sort of writing is not paid for, and
well natd for hv flip hanl-c !
well paid for bv the banks.
Turning to page six of this same
"populist" paper we find two full
columns from Keir Hardy, the gold
bug agitator sent over here by the
Rothschilds and the bank of Eng
land, who goes through the coun
try denouncing the populist party
as a fraud and advocating that kind
of socialism which is pure commun
ism, and who was so fiercely de
nounced by old Gov. Waite.
That paper calls itself a populist
paper and is drawing money for its
support from populists, while it
lavs the foundation for the over
throw of every principle contained
in the Omaha platform,
It is time the editors in this state
who have been defending the
Omaha platform come down on
this sort of treason to our princi
ples and make it so odious, that
the man guilty of it would not dare
show his head in a populist crowd.
If we are to win in this campaign,
or any future campaign, the victory
will be gained upon the basis of
the fundamental principles of the
Omaha platform. We would like
to see every editor in the United
States.who is heart and soul a popu
list, put up at the mast head the
sign that the Imucpkmiknt floats.
This paier will not advocate any doctrine not
contained In the Omaha platform, (.'omtiiiiiiiea
....... ..... ... ....,. nm tmti,,i 111. 1. Minimi mi H 1
lions on economic themes advocatim; theories not
contained lu that platform niuiot be in j
"'"(rT' ,1 r, ( v
Meantime the popuhs s of Ne-
b askawhowan a populist paper
at the state capital, which does not
hit its columns with communism,
and every other ism that has a
tendency to ruin the cause of re-
torm ami help the Cleveland Sher
Hint fftinliinr f r driv-A all rnenrtitiln :
ami respectable voters aw ay from
us, can send then subscriptions 1
and their money to the I ndhkn
Tin vi.r.-tarv rtl i... v ...... i. t
tin mi ruary 01 tiie .Navy last
week invited proposals for the t on-
sa nction of two addional steel clad
battle ships to cost ,.),.H,fHi,.
each .elusive ol the lug K"s and
othti aimatmm. When Imish. d
thev will not t ost less than to..
Hio.tMi, Adam Smith m Ins
- '
Wtallli ot Nation s,,iy t (hat all .
wrauii tomes out ot tin? atth and j
we wid have to thlw in the soil
and fane ll wheat, oats, t orn and i
totto-i that will pay io.o v ,
h.. It will only take nt...iss.,iXNi
bushrlsuf oat. .iH.,o".t,ihm pounds
of ttitlon, and wht at in ot i itiou
Iw-irJl". Hh,H '"'"W' n.anomnd o give ,t ! jmj , 4Moinc,,,'
wral and toil we have paid it, tmrl,.n wmtt-t that would' . ' . .,
!whathav welor.t Twtlh,g wafieally hint, about the diM ! ,ht' ,t"'.,,! M,Vr nJ r,,otl 10 u,,et 1
mat him (hat mav b- irndcitd drunkeniies, 1,1 tU saloons and fiom the spousibb- bou Isnu u
worthies 111 an hour by the gt um touinutt. 1 tooun. vl the hoti. and "I the dt lupient oliu ial.
c. Vtnie inventor, and lor whu h, M nati; and tl wouldnt lake it Ir w day a t the i ily kiijih il. (, ..ep .1. ;, x lnAht lulled ,,,ctc
prompt ciivt luluM!. I he ,nnt ; ulM ubt r bv Itaud. lo im them . ....
who have done Hot. ilo.i,. . ,11 i ... .1... ,1 .1 . srfoi, lot tl lolle ol ll lily .
tin iiiselve Mad unit n.
iu n,
. .
un out ihuig tanU H twrt i
Twflty. etrta'nll Jar uary
The sound money reform club
made a monthly report on Aug. 29.
After reporting an expenditure of
$45,000, this remarkable passage
We note however at Fremont, Nebraska, C'orsi
caiiu, TexM, at St. Louis, and at Boston aocia
tlons have been doing importaut and expensive
work to nuch an extent as in a large measure to re
lieve ns of responsibility and permit us to offer in
steadof ask co-operation.
This will be astounding news to
the citizens of Nebraska. An
eastern gold bug agency located at
Fremont, spending such large sums
to fasten the gold standard upon us
that the enormous expenditure of
the New York reform club is only
auxilliary thereto and relieving
them of responsibility. It is about
time the true patriots of this state
woke up to the awful responsibilities
of the fight for freedom that is now
upon us. The only thing that the
reform club has to fear in this state
is the populist party and the above
item shows that there is an organ
ized effort of eastern gold bugs to
crush it, backed by unlimited quan
tities of money. Little did the
honest farmer as he followed his
plow or the merchant who stood
behind his counter for the last few
months trying to make an honest
living think, that there was located
at Fremont a band of eastern and
foreign conspirators, laying plans
to capture the farm of the one
through foreclosed mortgages, and
ruin the other through impoverish
ment of his customers.
Citizens of Nebraska, there is an
awful fight ahead of us. It is fool
ish to underestimate a foe. The
money power intends to cauture
this state and hold it to the gold
standard. Is there patriotism
enough left in Nebraska to prevent
An honest man can have some
respect for an English gold bug,
tor nowever rapacious he maybe,
he is not a hypocrite. He does
not deny the fundamental laws of
economics like the sneaks of Wall
the western gold bug dailies He
i. .1 1 .. ,
uon 1 say mac uie free coinage 01
silver would not effect prices. He
acknowledges that it would, but
claims that it is not to his interest
as a money lender to do so. The
London Times in a recent issue
speaks frankly and says:
It ceeins Impossible to get bimetalifls to under
stand that there is (julte a Iiuyc number of us for
w hom a general rise of prlees bns no charnu what
ever. We like them Iqjv, and the lower the better.
If they all went down to half tnelr present figures
we should rejoice, because we have nothing to sell
ami a gnat many tiling to buy. For those who
have things to sell we do uot feel any great con
cern. The money lenders and bankers
have nothing to sell and everything
to buy. It is therefore to their in
terest to make prices as low as
possible. Then come these dough
faced hypocritical editors and say
that it is to the interest of men
who manufacture goods and raise
wheat, corn and cotton, to have
low prices and dear money! We
owe England over $500,000,000,
bearing interest at 5 per cent. The
Englishman says, "I want that
paid in the dearest money that it
is possible to make. I want prices
just as low as they can be made.
If they went down to half what
they are that would suit me exact
ly. I want to buy my meat, Hour,
wool and cotton of these Ameri
cans at just as low a price as they
J I v w "
Can be forced to nrodnrn tlioni
ylcn comc these Sncakill" traitor-
Kold bug editors, WalTstreet's
k, ljileIin and .,rhat s
That is ,vl)at - d for
Americans.' Thev oneht to bo
tarred and feathered and whipped
out of the country.
11. 1 1
York called the Voice s, nt out by
the nmt !,..;.. ..,.i.i;i,;
'company in the United States,
whiih publishes about adoen other j
weeklies pretending to advocate
ditterent schems of moral refoim,
i.. i . .1 ,, . .
, init in uahty they are all, the oice
inc luded, simply advertising sheets
I to sell the books ol the i ouctrn. 1 he !
; Voice advocates prohibition, and
j this tomvrn has , volvcd scheme
I to make the oice a .leadlv foe ut
' il,.. ,.,.!..- ..,. I, : .1... 1 . 1
I V' IV , I i, . ..I-.-,. lll-
It is l. in.iiii!
in id.. ,. iintniii 1...11. 1 !
and siUt r so as to indm- i,.,imli-i
oteis r leave th ir t arlv. It
simply : tool el the banks aid
Wall Mrect an I nuptow.l bv Ihcin
(,, .Unp( iy popidut p 11 ty . Ills
4 tiaud in tcgard to piuh.oition
and will publish tint iny that v.tll
realK linn ih viloske l,uoiir.. A
- "
1 111 prt.pltt 1. 1 the United Mat.
. ...... . . .1
--. . - , -.. ... - .
art miijhjvi iihitt tin nit w in an j of , .,iti the 1 ity loi five yearn
.ndeaor to , nlorte an v-td. ol;w M,tf favonte at .i ..nn..,H ,
loliu Sliilniiil. 111 Atlas willioiilai
cohirollaw, lorsabhhagold IC
't'm olli',lHsi,ii,i.
In presenting the candidates on
the populist ticket to the voters of
the tins county, the 'Independent
wishes to draw the attention of all
citizens who desire good govern
ment for the city and county to a
few facts, known to all men, in re
gard to the manner that public af
fairs have been managed by the
men who have so longc controled
In these distressing times of crop
failures and the lowest prices for
all products that have ever been
known, when it has been almost
impossible to pay taxes and in
many cases entirely so, it would
seem, that any set of men who had
the slightest regard for the pros
perity of the city and the welfare
of the people, would have taken
every precaution to husband its re
sources and carefully guard its
funds. But the men, who during
all these dark days, have secured
the offices have squandered the
money placed in their hands--money
that had to be be earned
by hard toil, stauding behind the
counter or following the plow over
the parched and heated fields that
gave but little return for the toil
and sweat expended upon them.
So great have been the crims 6i
these men that it has stunned the
people. So universal have they
been that that the task of reform
has seemed almost hopeless.
For years republicans have read
with horror the accounts in their
daily papers of the stealing and de
moralization in New York City
under Tamany rule, of corrupt po
lice, of blackmail, of social cor
ruption, fostered and protected by
men holding public office. Will
they stop and consider that Lin
coln, the city in which they live,
wnen its small population is con
sidered, has more officials indicted
for stealing public funds, more
officers and policemen caught in
i houses of prostitution, more gam
bling dens, more filthy dives, than
ever New York had under Boss
Tweed or Boss Crocker? And yet
Lincoln has a population far su
perior to New York in moral stand
ing, in the general level of intelli
gence. and in everything that ought
to make good citizenship and good
c In Lincoln it seems that a pub
lic thief can rarely be convicted in
our courts, as the result of the in
dicted criminals who robbed the
insane asylum proves.
Under a populist mayor strenu
ous, and to a great degree, success
ful efforts were made to abolish
open gambling houses and dens of
prostitution. Under republican
rule these places run wide open
and fallen women can be seen on
all the streets of our city. Flats
in the most respectable parts of
the city are filled with them and
they are unmolested. This is what
is called a "liberal administration"
and was voted into power by the
whole vicious and criminal clement
assisted by many good citizens,
who through the pressure of busi
ness cares or other causes failed to
; comprehend, that that it ws utterly
,n,Pt,iSlhIt-10 obtain hoce't or cvc
tlecent government while the re-
publican party, once great andj
honorable, was under the control!
of the managers alio have forever j
n , , , , ., '
blackened the goo! name of tats,
c ommunity. ;
There are men on the po!u e fort e (
todav, dignified bv th.j title
, ..',., rs of the law"' who aic a
. . , , ,,
ii-gr.i:c to mankind. I ht ie are
been found in den til PtostiMlion
.', ... ..... v , 1 1 V . . ...... 1,11 . V
and wiio Iiave in open loidt at
know ledee 1 1 . ,r drunkenness and '
iheii tdiauie,
Within the last lhre vl.iIs m,. i
have l en Mob ti ironi tin
....1 t. f. 1
'ktie nothing attotit it, nndru-'
h ntiuu ol llu lulrt, let a t ontrat t
. .
i"" nll,il, ,( " "'
that the hard ptetkcJ t-iti na i
this city will be forced to pay of
their earnings $10,000 to a mm cr
men who will make no return what
ever for it.
To remedy these evils the peo
ple's independent party presents a
list of candidates consisting of the
very best citizens of the city and
county, all men of unimpeachable
moral character, some of them of
the highest scholarship and learn
ing, men who are honest in their
private lives, pure in their moral
characters, and asks the better
element of society to put them in
control of the government of this
county. Every moral agency in
this community should be thrown
into the contest in their favor. The
universities, churches and schools,
being more interested than any
other organizations in good govern
ment should, as in other cities,
mass their forces for the overthrow
of the set of men who have brought
this disgraceful state of affair upon
All- the men upon the populist
ticket have once been democrats
or republicans and have left those
parties to help redeem his city from
moral rottenness and corruption in
public office. Let the other good
citizens follow their example. Let
them do it for business reasons, to
stop the cruel drain of unnecessary
taxation. Let them do it for moral
reasons, that their children may
grow up in a community uncon
taminated by constant, flagrant and
open official corruption. Let them
do it for the preservation of the good
name of their city that it may not
become a by word for all that is
foul in government.
Under the kind of government
we have had, the men who have
built up Lincoln are wrecked.
Hundreds of deficiency judgments
are matters of record. Their all
has has been taken and unpayable
judgments above that amount pre
vents them from ever beginning
business again. Hundreds more
will follow them in the near future,
and they must leave the state cr
remain in idleness and poverty.
Let us have a change and pros
perity. Our foreign trade is computed
by the economists to be only one
fifty-fith of our total trade. The
home market, which was destroyed
by the repeal of the Sherman act
and contraction to the gold stan
dard, is what made our merchant
and trades people wealthy. Let
them vote to restore the home
The Vandervoort police excell
the world. Even the Bee acknowl
edges it. It says in speaking of
the capture of some burglars:
"Officer Hoff covered three of
them with his revolver." That is
like the Irish soldier who faid that
he captured three prisoners. WThen
asked how he did it, he said, "I
surrounded 'em be jabers."
llEcKVHKit, lT'.ill, the following resolution wai
parsed by tin- C'oiiRreca, and on the i'lrd of Jhs-eni-ln
r, 17113, wan plgued liy Georjjc Washington, then
president: Any person huldini; an office or any
stock in any Institution in tho nature of a hunk Is
suing or discotiutiiiK bill or note payable to
bearer or order, cannot be a member of the Utilise,
whilst lie holds such audi office or stock.
This law has never been repealed
and bank presidents rise in the
House and laugh at it. George
Washington's views have but little
weight with bankers. Their inspi
ration comes from thc children of
those men whom George Washing
ton drove out of this countiy.
li the National Watchman wll
put up the same notice that th
Isoi 1'i.Mit.M runs at the head of
its editorial columns it will have a
tendency to clerr the air arounJ
the sane turns of a few bellicose
populist editor. Many of the men
thai have been yelling so h.u liy;
keep in the middle ol the road,"
nt vt r have been in the popiihM
load themselves or within a thous
and miles ol it. They hive hee!i
advocating silly, tint onstilntiorl
1'ieorie nol in the Omaha platform
at at!
J fit HI IS lo' ol ipieer Wulk II
politics the pott en t ol which, I .1
one not in Ihe ting, i very h if I to
tlehrti The (haiimaiiol th'.-ru: !
demot tatif, convention hh d 1 r n.
t.itrsi l the tioiiiiitatioitt of V ut
t onvt uliun a made by the d' to
italic paity ( Nebraska. He
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