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    T Co(rakaIst(t.
The world 1b, after all. a happy one,
and as we gaze from the window of
our editorial monastery at the sun
klased landm-upe, sweet visions of milk
and honey, humming hlrd3 and mo
laflBea dance before our astonished
vision like a calf before a circus pro
cession. Last Saturday one of our
subscribers came In and paid, in cold
cash and in cold blood, three years
in arrearages and two years in ad
vance. "Praise God from whom all
blessings flow." Nauvoo Rustler.
Troop on th March.
A single battalion of infantry 1.000
strong, which is the strength of an
English battalion, takes up a road
length of C25 yards. Including about
eighty yards for stragglers. A bat
tery of field artillery takes up 2u0
yards and a regiment of cavalry takes
up, when marching four abreast, Go')
yards. An army corps, with its staff,
wagons, guns, hospitals, etc., wo'ilJ
extend over thirty-four miles.
I'apar Wall mt Indian Head.
In order to minimize the destructive
effects of possible explosions In tho
government's new powder manufac
tory at Indian Head all the buildings
are provided with "paper" walls at
the ends. The thory Is that tin se
light walls will be Immediately blown
aside by the concussion of the ex
plosion, leaving the main walls, which
are built as strongly as possible, prac
tically unharmed.
Acconipllxhed Interpreter Wanted.
Can anyone In Pittsburg speak
Kranish or Wendish? If so a nice
berth in the postal service awaits him.
Kranish and Wendish are the tongues
of two ancient people of Slavonic
stock. Their dialects are distinct,
and, as they exhibit an uncontrollable
desire to write letters, a mystified pos
tal service needs the services of an in
terpreter. Pittsburg Dispatch.
Valuable Collection of Fishes.
President David Starr Jordan of
Stanford university, California, has re
turned from a three months trip
through Japan, where he succeeded in
securing the largest and most complete
collection of Japanese fishes ever ob
talned by scientists. Collections or
descriptions were made of all but 15
known species, besides 125 species un
known to science.
IkMton'i Pity for Monkeys.
The "overworked" monkeys of hand
organ finders are now exciting the
pity of peculiarly kind-hearted people
in Boston, and they are writing pitiful
appeals to the newspapers for the re
lief of "the poor little creatures, evl
dently fagged ot and always grasping
the chain with tie little, left hand to
lessen the jerk upon the neck collar.
Shipyards In Scotland.
Greenock and Port Glasgow between
them now turn out more ships than
any other districts of the Clyde of the
same size. There are fourteen yards,
boiler shops and repairing places be
tween and in the two towns, which
cover a distance of only three miles,
and these employ many thousands ot
Raise Tarantulas for YTeba.
The Australians, it is stated, are
raising tarantulas on account of their
webs, the filaments of which are,
owing to their extreme lightness, de
sirable for many purposes. Each in
sect gives between twenty and forty
yards of filaments, eight of which
twisted together make a thread.
A Cvclincr Feat.
Howard Hale, an expert cyclist, has
brought to a successful finish his re-
mark.He feat of riding 100 miles or
more a day for a year. Sundays ex
eluded. His road has lain through
the Midlands, Scotland and the west
and south of England. His total dis
tance was 32.496 miles.
French Admiral Eluded British.
French papers are chuckling over an
alleged feat of Admiral Gervais during
recent manoeuvres of the French fleet.
He Is said to have slipped through the
straits of Gibraltar at night without
being noticed by British observers on
the rock.
Salary of 3 a Tear.
The parish clerk of Sulgrave, Eng
land, has again successfully sued the
church warden for the payment of his
salary of 3 a year. He said that he
had on several occasions provided tne
communion, wine out of his paltry sal
ary. Die as no Uvea.
For death is not the end of all, and
the wicked is not released from his
wickedness by death; but every one
carries with him into the world be
low that which he is and that which
he becomes and that only. Plato.
Stopping Tralaa.
A train traveling at the rate of 60
miles an hour can be brought to a
standstill in 400 yards, at 55 miles an
hour in 340 yards. 50 miles in 275, 40
in 180, 35 in 135, and 30 in 100 yards.
Women to Be Half Understood.
Women like to be half understood
before they speak, and the grosser
intellect of man seldom more than half
understands them after they have
spoken. Marion Crawford.
Sierra Leone' Bl- Gam.
Sierra Leone Is probably stocked
with the greatest variety of big game,
the sport to be obtained being ele
phants. hlDDODotam! aid deer.
SJmt Kntrrilna; Spaniards Kxccpt the
Among other places along the Span
ish roast the queen regent of Spain
visited recently on board the royal
vaiht was Bilbao. This very Import
ant town li the capital of Biscay, one
of the four sister provinces. It i3
beautifully situated along the banks of
the river Nerviou and surrounded by
high and partly wooded hills. The old
town is very uninteresting, with its
ugly houses, many stories high, and
badly paved streets. There are one
or two fine churches, and the quaint,
much-venerated shrine of Begonya.
perched high up on one of the hills.
The Bilhamous would never forgive
Maria Christina If she did not take
her youthful son to hear mans in that
miraculous "basilica." The new suburb
uf Bilbao Ensanchc is very modern
and can vie with any other European
capital, with its fine buildings and
well laid out parks.
The principal drive Is by the water
side, along which coquettish villas ex
tend. Where the river flows into the
sea nre two small suburbs called Por
tugalete and Las Arenas seaside re
sorts, with a fine hotels and bathhouses.
A splendid iron bridge, invented by a
Spanish engineer, connects the two
banks; so high is it that vessels pass
ui.Joi;iC.ih. Vcoocls of 3.00U tuns can
go far up the river to the wharves
where they take in their loads of the
rich iron ore from the mines of Prea
nera, Goldamcs, Friana and Castro.
Last year alone 5,000 vessels, mostly
English, entered the port, carrying
away 6,000,000 tons of iron ore. Many
of the mines are worked by English
companies, and in some aspects Bil
bao reminds one of an English sea
port. There is a very large British
colony in Bilbao, the consul holding
one of the most important posts in
Spain. A quiet, restful looking ceme
tery nestles on the bank of the river
md the great vessels, as they pass, al
ways dip their flags in token of respect
to this tiny corner of British terri
tory. The English sailors home has
been a great boon, as yearly it helps
to keep 60,000 sailors out of mischief.
The Bilbamous, as the people of Bilbao
style themselves, are, next to the Cata
lans, the most enterprising of Span
iards. Since the war with the United
States they have bought seventy for
eign steamers of more than 2,000 tons
each and have registered them in
Spain, in order to undertake the carry
ing of their own ores to foreign coun
tries. The same enterprising spirit
is shown in their foundries, their
manufactures of every kind and in the
network of broad and narrow guage
railways all aroud Bilbao.
Unfortunately there is an equal ac
tivity displayed by the extreme so
cialists in the rural districts of Bis
cay and In the industrial and mining
country, almost to the very suburbs
of Bilbao. In the suburb of Deusto
is the open-air ball game ring, where
thousands of socialists assemble on
frequent occasions to denounce capi
tal and the powers that be. J. Wright
in Chicago Record.
Mlssonrl Convict Pardoned for Telling
the Trnth.
Gov. Bob Stewart, Bourbon and
Democrat, was the most picturesque
character who ever occupied the exec
utive mansion in Missouri. He de
feated Major James S. Rollins for
governor in 1S57. The governor was
from St. Joseph and many are the
stories told of this eccentric and er
ratic westerner. The following inci
dent illustrates Gov. Stewart's keen-
noted throughout Missouri. It was
sense of humor for which he was
the custom of the governor to question
the convicts In the penitentiary as to
why they were Imprisoned. The in
variable answer was an avowal of in
nocence and of wrongful conviction.
Finally, in his rounds he encountered
one prisoner, who said he was im
prisoned for horse stealing. "Are you
guilty?" asked the governor. "Well,
governor, I guess I am; I took the
horses," rejoined the man in stripes.
"Get right out of this penitentiary,"
Governor Stewart vehemently replied.
"You will contaminate all these in
nocent men who have been wrongful
ly placed here."
The fellow was released immediate
ly and a pardon was filled out for
Skill of the Camro Cotter.
The cameo cutter's occupation Is
very exacting. He can put in only a
few hours' work at a time as a usual
thing, because of the tension on his
nerves. A quavering hand may be re
sponsible for the single stroke which
will spoil a week's work. He must
have an eye almost like a microscope,
and a very delicate touch; he must be
an artist in soul, and as skillful rr
craftsman as is a watchmaker; he
must know how to model and draw,
and he must have a knowledge of
chemistry, so as to remove offending
spots. The work Is executed in relief
on many kinds of hard or precious
etones, but essentially the chalcedonic
variety of quartz and on shells.
Royal Corpite Awaiting: Burial.
It Is said that since the year 1700
a custom has prevailed in Spain which
prohibits the burial of a dead king
before the death or his successor. The
late King Alfonso XII., therefore, lies
embalmed on a marble slab in a vault
of the Escurlal, covered over with a
sheeL On the death of his son. the
present young king, the body will be
removed and buried with great pomp
by the side of its ancestors In the Es
curlal chapel, that of Alfonso XIIL
taking its place on the marble slab.
Fight Witnessed When Mexican line
Was Heine purveyed.
When the international boundary
commission rcsurveyed the territorial
lines between the United States and
Mexico the naturalists of the party
gathered a carload of natural history
specimens. Dr. Mearns. who, with hU
assistants, collected nearly 20,000 speci
uifciis of birds and mammals, tells uf
a fight in the air between a California
vulture and a rattlesnake, which he
saw while exploring the Cocopah
mountains of Lower California. It was
in the early morning. The hi? bird
had seized the snake behind the head
and was struggling upward with its
writhing, deadly burden. The snake's
captor appeared aware that its victim
was dangerous. The b'irden was
heavy, as the reptile was nearly five
feet long. The grip of the bird on the
snake's body was not of the best. The
snake seemed to be squirming from
its captor's talons, at least suiliciently
to enable it to strike. Its triangular
head was seen to recoil and dart at
the mass of feathers. It did this once
or twice, and then with a shriek the
vulture dropped its prey. The bird
was probably 500 feet or so above ob
servers. The astonished men were
then treated to a spectacle seldom
seen. Few birds but a vulture could
accomplish such a feat. The instant
the snake escaped from the bird's
clutches it dropped earthward like a
shot. And like a shot the bird dropped
after It, catching it in midair with a
grip that caused death. At any rate,
the snake ceased to wriggle, and the
vulture soared away to a mountain
peak to devour its hard-earned meal.
That the snake did not bite the vul
ture and cause its death can only be
explained by the fact that the' thick
feathers probably protected the flesh
from the reptile's fangs.
A Pretty Jolly Sort of Toy for the
Amusement of Bigger Boys,
Somewhat different from the toy en
gine or truck that the small child .drags
ibout on the sidewalk by a string is
;he aerial fire truck, as it is called,
made for the amusement of bigger
joys. This apparatus, exclusive of the
.ongue, is about six feet in length, the
wheels being a foot or more in height.
The tongue handle can be grasped by
.wo boys, constituting the team, or a
irag rope can be made fast to it, so
hat more boys can tally on to whoop
-.he truck along. There are two lad
lers to this truck, lying one upon the
ither, and carried like the ladders on
i fire truck. There is a seat for the
Iriver, this seat being so made that
t fits down upon the top of and over
he ladders as they lie upon the truck
when not in use. When the ladders
ire to be used the seat is thrown off.
J'he two ladders really constitute an
extension ladder, which can be raised
.o a height of about twelve feet, the
-aising being done without removing
.he ladders from the truck, by the op
eration of two cranks. Turning one
:rank raises the two ladders, lying as
.hey are one upon the other, to the de
;ired position upright; turning the
)ther crank raises the ladder that had
Deen .uppermost a3 they lay on the
ruck upward now in extension. The
lerial truck is sold as a plaything for
lity use, but it Is more often used
iround a country place, where there is
nore room and oportunity for its use.
n such a place, where a lot of young
sters can yank the truck off on the
lead run to some barn or high wall,
here to raise the ladders in a great
lurry, while a boy mounts to the top
with a pail of water, they manage to
;et a great deal of fun and excitement
jut of it.
Criticises Paris Kxpoltion.
M. Paul de Cassagnac, In a leading
article in Autorite, says the Paris ex
position is a gigantic failure, which
will have disastrous results not only
Tor the exhibitors, but for Paris trades
men and the commercial public. M.
de Cassagnac cites an instance of
bankruptcy in the Rue de Cairo, where
one day three fine Egyptian camels
were sold for $50, and twenty-five beau
tiful white donkeys, brought at great
cost from Cairo, were knocked down
at auction for $8.50 each, when they
would yield more than that if chopped
up into Lyons sausages. He says that
the number of awards is out of all
proportion to the number of exhibit
ors, and declares that in the face of
an epidemic of exposition bankruptcy,
failures, ruins and disaster, this deluge
of medals of every imaginable metal
nnd all this junketing, wining, dining,
speechifying and self-glorifict.tion are
as grotesque as it would be to decor
ate the morgue with flags and roses
and illumine it with a blaze of electric
Inlted States Banks Third.
It is just as well to be truthful
about the rank of the United States
at the Paris exposition, as indicated
by the awards of prizes, says the Bos
ton Herald. Commissioner General
Peck's statement - that the United
States; after France, secures the great
est honors at the exposition is not cor
rect. The latest figures show that,
barring France, it is Germany that Is
far and away ahead of all other na
tions. The United States comes sec
ond; Great Britain, with the British
colonies, third. Germany has secured
251 grand prizes, the United States,
218, and Great Britain 179. As among
these three great competing countries
Germany triumphs in fifty-one of the
121 classes comprised in the exposi
tion. The United States wins in thiry
one classes, and Great Britain In thirty
classes. In other words, the verdict of
the International grand juries is that
the world's fair. In proportion to that
of Germany, Is as three to five.
HtuUlt'd Out of School.
Gen. Chaffee, not bavins the advan
tage of a military duration before he
became a soldier, tias taken every op
portunity presenting itself to become
proficient iu his profession. He has
completed courses in law and .-military
New Vork's Free I.i-ctures.
Free lectures given under the aus
pices of the New York city depart
ment of education show sn increase
in attendance of 18.C73 during the last
winter and spring, as compared with
the same period of a year before.
Tomtits Jn a Lfllcrltni.
At CranlK)rne, Dorset, a pair of tom
tits have been nestling In the private
letter box of a farm house. Itteis
have been placed In the box almost
daily without the birds being disturbed
and nine eggs have been laid and
hatched. The same letter box was
utilized as a nest last year.
TKx-4Mltifl nn F.iicIIkIiii! n.
Maj. Loihnire, the Iele;ian olficer
rlu executed the Englishman nanie.l
Stokes in the Congo Tree State, l.a
been dismissed from the potion as
niunarer of the Congo Free Slate trad
ing company. It is understood that
this is the result of the charges
orousht against him of cruelty to the
ii'riniiii Army Step.
he G'.-Tmnn army the step Is
if 1 i t TI V. inches, and the num
'ps in a minute, at 112; in the
: rs. and the num-
H ' to; in the Italian at 2'J'2
. ' i'.t- up ruber at 1-0; in the
:T: h"s. .unl the number
.i t'i;' I-:.!;.-l:sh at ."50 inches,
:. ; :it 11C steps a minute.
i:: t
Tin- liiikro Tra t.
A liU!e boy in Bangor, Me., was suf
.'..ring from a severe cold and his
i:ct:;M- gave him a bottle of cough
Mixture to take while at school. On
us return she asked him if he had
;:i;en the medicine. "No," he candidly
r!k"i. "but Bobby .Ton did. fie
i!c-d it, ?n i snapped it with liira for
h.iiidful of peanuts."
Ak-Sar-Ben at Omaha.
You'll ''see things" if you are in
Omaha this week.
The Knights of Ak-S:u-Ih-n have
arranged a i marram compared with
vhii-li their efforts of previous years
sink into insijrni licence.
Six days and ni'hls of fun and friv
olity; of jrorjjeous street parades, five
vaudeville shows, hand concerts, and
out-door masquerades.
The greatest week's amusements
ever provided by any western city
an Oriental ('arnival and an Occi
dental Street Fair, all in one.
Half rates to Omaha, via the Burl
ington route, Septeinlier 2. 'Jti, -
and 28.
Only (JO cents for round trip from
Plattsmouth. See t he t icket a .'.vent
the lJurliryt n ticket arent.
Great Horse Sale.
We will sell at auction October
BKX), at the farm of A. S. Will, opjM-
site Eight Mile drove cemetery, two
(2) car loads of good horses, weighing
from nine hundred (!M0) to fourteen
hundred (1.400) pounds, well bred,
good style and good action. Sale will
commence at 10 a. m. sharp.
. Terms of sale: One year's t ime will
be given on bankable notes, at S per
cent interest, or 2 per cent on" for
cash; all stock must be sett led fr lx-
t'ore leaving premises. Free lunch at
noon. A. S. Wn.rt Sons.
The Last Chance.
September 20, is the date of Burling
ton's next low rate excursion to
points east.
The last of the Home Visitors ex
cursion is announced for Wednesday,
September 2!.
One fare plus is the round trip
offered from all Burlington Houte sta-
ions in Nebraska and Kansas to
everywhere in Iowa, Wisconsin and
the: northern peninsula ot Michigan
nd to nearlv everywhere in Illinois,
Northern Missouri and Southern Min-
Tickets good to return until Octo
ber 31, 11)00. For rates and tickets,
ipply to nearest agent of the Burling
on route, or address J. Francis, Gen
eral Passenger Agent, Omaha.
Harper Whiskey Received Cold
(Special Dispatch.) Paris, Aug. 2.".
-American whiskies received the
llicial approval today when Gold
Medal was awarded to liernhemi
Bros., Louisville, Ky., on their I. W.
Harper whisker. Sold in Platsmouth,
Nebraska, by F. G. Eyenberger.
F. M. Higgins, editor Seneca (Ills.)
News, was afllicted for years with
iles that no doctor or remedy helped
until he tried Iluckien's Arnica Salve.
the best in the world. lie writes,
two boxes wholly cured him. Infalli
ble for Files. Cure guaranteed. Only
25 cents! Sold by F. G. Fricke .V Co.
Removes everything in sight; so do
drastic mineral pills, but loth are
mighty dangerous. No need to dyna
mite your body when Dr. King's New
Life Pills do the work so easily ami
perfectly. Cures headache, eonstipa-
tiou. Only 2.1 cents at F. G. l ncKe
Go's drug store.
For Those Going East.
General Passenger Agent Faancls is
enthusiastic on the subject of the
"home isitors " excursions which
the I'.ui lington has announced for
September 10 and 20.
'From present indications I
lieve I urn safe in saying that our fa-t-i
lit ies w ill be taxed to the ut most to
provide accommodations for ealt
bound taavelers who will take advan
tage of these rates," said Mr. Frauds
yesterday. '-Our mail has i or reused
enormously during the last week. We
are receiving inquiries from all parts!
of Nebraska.
"I knew, of course, when I an
nounced the rates that they would
iind favor with the people of this
state, hut my most sanguine expecta
tions are being exceeded. No such
'wide open' rates as those of Scptein
ber'10 and 2 have ever I m-fore Imvii
made, by any Nebraska railroad. As
you know, the rates arc not confined
to Chicago, Peora or St. Louis. They
apply to every point in Iowa, Illinois
and Missouri. The good jK-oplc of
this state, having time, money and
inclination to go east and visit their
friends, are going to keep us busy in
looking after them properly. We
shall, of course, do thfs. If necessaay
we can secure a large number of cach
es from connecting lines. These, with
our regular equipment, will enable us
to care for the business in good shaie.
"The revenue which these excur
sions will add to the company's treas
ury is an important item, hut my
principal idea in running tliem is to
send cast several thousand men and
women who will be living illusl rat ions !
o the fact that just now Nehraskans
arc on Easy Street. The renters and
? A. W. ATWOOD....
Sella -
rrcccripticnG caref-iali; ccrmpcunded
South Side Main Street - - Plattsmouth.
Carries the Best of Everything.
C3-ia.3Ld. Seer
Ore tt lenCLOin.' sBeer
ZESecd. Top "T7"ii.is33ze37-
Ed Donat, Prop.
Better than a Piano, Organ, or Music Box, for it sinps and talks as well as plays, am
don't cct as much. It reproduces the music of any instrument band or orchestra t, ;i,
stories and sings the pld familiar hymns as well as the iopu lar songx it is al ways ready.
Bee that Mr. Kdison's (denature is on every machine. f'ati
iogues of all dealers, or NATIONAL PHONOdRAVH CO., 135 Flfth.Avc, New York.
Baking Powder
Made from pure
cream of tartar.
Safeguards the food
against alum
Alum baking powders are tne greatest
menacers to health of the present day.
povm. eAKiNO powoca co.. tew vomu
: : ; ' eV;V$-T, .llm-. t,nH'. any Xft ill
i'.'.-i." rA ' ;-iu;tMt r,
- ,-''!' Th- rive a light (VI
V'-''--: ' - nnd lril- D
v-ry-.vli.'n. J r
small farmers of Iowa, Illinois and
Indiana are hound to lie impressed
with the prosperous apH-arancc of
their visitors from the West, who,
with money in both kctK and good
clot lis on t heir hacks, will advertise
the state more effect ively than a ton
of printed matter."
Was grandly shown by Mr. John Dow
ling of Rutler, Pa., in a three years
st niggle with a malignant stomach
trouble that caused distressing at
tacks of nausea and indigestion. All
remedies failed to relieve her until
she tried Fleet lie Hitters. After tak
ing It two months she wrote; "lam
now wholly cured and can eat any
thing. It is truly a grand tonic for
the whole system, as 1 gained in
weight ami fed much stronger since,
using it." Its aids digestion, cures
dyspepsia, improves apK-tite, gives
new lite. Only .in cents. Guaranteed
at F. G. I i li ke X Co's drug sI'Me.
Only a roaring lire enabled .1. M.
Garret tsori. id Nan Antonio, Tex., to
lie down when attacked by asthma,
from which lie suffered for years, lie
writes his misery was often so great
that it seemed he endured the agonies
of death; hut Dr. King's New Discov
ery for Consumption wholly cured
him. This marvelous medicine Is the
only known cure for Asthma as well
as Consumption, Coughs and Odds,
and all Throat, Chest ami Lung
troubles. Price .V) cents and iM.o.
Guaranteed. Trial I Ies free at F.
G. Fricke A: Oi's drug store.
Subscribe now for The Journal.
Dr. W. B. Elstcr ..
All Work Guaranteed
Satisfaction Assured
Special Attention to Filling hw!
Bridge Work.
Watrrman Dlnttcntmitll Mfh
it lock lunaiiiwunn
Bear in Mind
Is pecond to none In tLe et(j.
We are Prepared
To handle promptly all work comiog
our way.'
n 4 " v
1 1 iir n ir.(. ii'i " 1 1 jii fuvi
VUi 1 liVV J Ui w uu uv u UU'