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    Jftmes M rattcrion
(l'.iblinhei iu two parts I'rt One, Wedowday.mnd Part Two, Saturday.)
Vol. XVII. No. 48.
$1.50 Per Year.
Democrats and
Nominating an Exception
ally Strong Ticket.
Hon. James M. Patterson For the Senate, Fred
Gordcr and James P. Rouse For Represen
tatives, D. 0. Dwycr For Attorney.
For State Senator .. ..lA.MrSM IWT FKIUMS
Vr H-ml l:t.ieMMittive...;. W. TIIOXl'KINS
' i j. r. Km r;
Fur I'oiu.ty A u. rut y I. . OW'YEIt
Fr Cituimi.xl'jiii r :t I li-t ;Eo TdWI.E
With i iiiiHiiimitf ' that will cause
(rri'at r 'nltTDHtion inthM republican
rank, tbf fusion iorets of !;ign c uriy
noiiiina'ril a ticket last Tn aday at
Weepinu Watir tht h eminently de
serving Hie hrtY Biipport of every
honest belie vini: m m in the county,
regardless of politic.
Every r. ndid ite's nomination was
m-td unanimous. nl 1 a few
friendly contents oecured over some of
tlie minor oiu s. .it the end the best
of feeling wh niaiiifext, and every del
egate went li'Mif. feeling that the
work !;'! lm well performed.
iKinnrntk t'onirlHirn.
The ilt-ni x'rat ir convention was
cilled to order at 2:00 p. m. in the op
era house by Chairman Ilungate.
Hon. Matthew (iering was made
temporary chairman and It. Ij. Kirk
ham Bfcretarj .
A committee on credentials was then
selected as follow?: C. W. Sherman,
L'MiiA Foltz, (ieorjie Towle. Os ow-
delegates as handfd to the credentials
committee was declared entitled to
setts in the convention.
Temporary organization vas made
A committee consisting of Chas. 1.
(;rimes, Thos. Wilburn and John
Tremble were appointed to select
twenty-three delegates to the float
II. I Trtvis moved that a confer
ence committee of three be appointed,
and the motion prevailing the chair
appointed the fallowing gentlemen:
II. I). Travis. J. T. Falter and Elzie
The cojamittee appointed to select
delegates to the float convention then
banded in the following list:
Matthew (Jering. Jacob Tritscb,
W. K 1'ailing, John Tremble, II. D.
Travis, V. D. Wheeler, Geo. Towle,
Henry Ilirz. H II. Frans, L. . Stone,
J. II. Ilungite. John Newham, Sam
r.Uterson. Chas. Grimes, Ed Tighe,
C. Sinter, E'zie Lewis, Fred Gorder.B.
F. Liughlin, F. J. Morgan, Thos. Wil
b'lrn. (itf . Sniiib, J. I. Falter.
The convention then took a thirty
luioute recrss, and the (Tass and Otoe
county llo:it delegates then met in a
corner ot th opera house, and organ
ized their convention by selecting C.
M. Ilubner of Otoe as chairman, and
M;as. I). Grimes of Cass aa secretary.
A conference commit te was appoint
ed as follow?: Frank J. Morgan, V.
E. Failing, Henry Hiiz. Taylor Wright
and another gentleman from Otoe,
whose name was not learned.
The float convention then took a
recess, ani the county convention
again assembled.
Th conference committee recommend-! the democrats beentitled
to nominate state senator, one repre
rentat ve. county attorney and com
missioner, and that the populis sname
the fl 4t representative and one rep
resentative from Cass county. On mo
tion of lorg:m the report was
The several precincts then n
uouneed the following county cer.tral
committee for the ensuing year;
Tipton E L Lewis.
Salt Creek W E Failing.
E'mwood II,V McDonald.
Weeping Water Precinct Charles
LiiUville II E Fankonin.
Mt. Pleasant tJ E Doty.
Avoci John Tromble.
Nebawka L E Stone.
Liberty K II Frans.
Eight Mile Grove Jacob Tritscb.
Hock IJluff First district: David
Amick; Second district: W II Mnitb.
Flattsmouth precinct William Gil
lispie. Greenwod George Foreman.
Stove t rtek-E P Comer.
South Bend Samuel Patterson.
Center Edward Tighe.
riattsmoutb City:
First Ward-C W Sheimao.
Second Ward D M Jones.
Populists Unite in
Third Ward II I) Traviu.
Fouith Vrd 11 L Kirkham.
Fifth Ward Win Slater.
Wmping Water Ciij:
First Ward Fred t order.
Se-oud Ward A M Kockwell.
Third Ward II A Hart.
On motion of Cbas. Grimes, the con
vention ratified the list of committee
men as announced.
II. D. Travis placed in nomination
for chairman of the county central
committee, the name jf Frank J. Mor
gan of Flattsmouth, and Mr. Kime
nominated Dr. 11. il. Wallace of
Mr. Morgan received 184 votes on
the first ballot and Dr. Wallace 31.
The former's eleer.ion was made unan
imous. C W. Sherm?n was appointed a com
mittee of one to report the action of
the democrajic convention to the
other conventions.
Frank Morgan moved lust, the con
vention now proceed to the nomina
tion of a county ticket so far as within
tl.H recommendations cl the confer
ence coino'tvee. The motion pre
vailed mid Matthew Gering, who had
temporarily vacr.ted the chair, in a
neat speech placed in nomination
James M. Patterson of Flattsmouth,
for state, benator and moved that his
nomination be made by acclamation
and by a rising vote.
When Dr. Ilungate. the acting chair
man called for the yes," every dele
gate rose, to his feet with a cheer, and
the utmost enthusiasm prevailed.
For representative E. Katnour pre
sented the name of Frf d Gorder of
Weepirg Water and he, also, was
made, the unanimou choice of the
convention by a rising vote.
D. O. Dwyer was nominated for
county attorney by acclamation, and
another recess was taken to await the
action of the populist convention.
During the recess the delegates from
the Third commissioner district met
for the. pin pose of nominating a can
didate for county commissioner. P. J.
Conner of Tipton, George Towle of
Elmwood acd W. S. Hall of Elmwood
were placed m nomination. The first
ballot resulted as follo ws: Connor 33,
Towle 28, Hall 15. T. J. Wilburn 13.
It required fori y-Ove votes to nominate
and no choice being made another
ballot was taken with the following
result: Connor 39, Towle 49. Mr.
Towle having received a majority was
declared the nominee and his nomina
tion ws made unaaimous.
The county convention upon reas
sembling unanimously ratified the
nominat ion - by the populist conven
tion of J. P. House for representative.
On motion of Frank Morgan the
county central committee was em
powered to All any and all vacancies
that may occur on the ticket and the
delegates then adjourned to the popu
list hall to complete the details of the
l'opallot Convention.
The populist convention met at the
City hall and was crgarized by select
ing J. P. Rouse as chairman and B. F.
Allen as secretary. After appointing
a conference committee and selecting
delegatus to the float convention, a re
cess was taken, and the latter conven
tion assembled. W. F. Moran was
made chairman and B. F. Allen secre
tary. After balloting sor some time
upon different candidates, the conven
tion finally united upon George Thomp
kins of Otoecounty,and be was unani
mously nominated by the populists
and democrats.
The county convention then resumed
its session and nominated James P.
Rouse for representative, and unani
mously ratified the democratic nom
inations. The two conventions, which were
assembled together, then adjourned.
TnE Journal was unable to learn
the names of the county committemen
in time for this issue, but they will be f
published as soon as possible.
W. B. ELSTER, Dentist. Water
man block, PlatUmouth, Heb.
Their l.alor Lout.
A letter frt ni the Third' regiment in
last Sunday World-Herald contained
the following account f an amusing
"As iu all other companies, humor
ous incidents occur. Recently one of
the squadK of u mnany II rt-solved to
C el some lumber to put a floor and
some shelves in their tent. They pur
chased it from the sawmill about a rxile
from camp and 'tired a colnied man
with a one borne dray to haul it down
for them They Uin returned and
made arrangements to do the work.
"Half an - hour passed, then another
half hour, then a third. Getting im
patient they started out in search of
the recreant drayman and found him
about half a mile away, his horse
which looked as if it had been fed on
pine tan bark unable to pull the load
through the sand. So, like the good
fellows they are, they put their shoul
ders to the wheel, and with much
pushing, and heaving, and urging of
the horse they reached the camp very
hot and tired, but satisfied because
they at last had their lumber. Their
feelings can better be imagined than
described when they were about to un
load when the old dark remarked:
"No, cap'u, dis ain't youah lumbah.
Dis belongs to a man in company G.
You ah "a is comin on de nex' load.' "
lines t,
h cents
America s
best, fo
Hlg Circus Do in I ns;.
Judging from our exchanges those
of our readers who are so fortunate as
to see' the great Wallace shows in
Flattsmouth on Wednesday, Septem
ber 21st, will be well repaid for their
time and trouble.
The Commercial Gazette, of Pitts
burg, Pa., comments as follows:
The great Wallace Shows arrived in
the city at 11:15 a. m. yesterday in
three feections. A few hours later the
immense show was landed inside the
exposition park, and long before night
fall the many acres of canvas was
stretched and the apparatus placed for
the performance.
Wallace's show has many strong at
tractions this year which are not in
troduced in the other circuses. The
performance in thefcig tent brings be
fore the nublic-ihSuNelson famliy, ac
robats of international fame. The
nine members of the family are known
to the Pittsburg public, their clever
work having been appreciated here
many times. The Angelo family do
the flying trapeze act, and the Stirks,
Frencb trick cyclists, perform. The
Petits in their aerial bar comedy act,
are one of the most important features
of the show, and the grand ballet was
a raaznificent spectacle.
Mmoke the Bent.
Wurl Bros famous "Gut HeiP is the
best 5c cigar in the market.
Dr. Marshall, Graduate
ST, Fitzgerald block.
The cigar makers all took a lay oft
ou labor day.
Ycung man 18 years of age would
like to work for bis boatd while attend
ing school in the city. Address vJouk
nal office. :
M. T. Grassman of Schuyler, one of
the jolly good fellows of Flattsmouth
in years agone was in town Wednes
day ;tnd called at this office. He bid
the boys "hooyah" in the evening and
departed for home.
Sam Sawtell the grading contractor
who is now at Humboldt doing some
work for the B. & M., will return here
about October 1st with bis force of
men and resume his work of rilling the
trestle at the big bridge.
The work painting and decorating
St. Luke's church has been completed
and the sanctuary now looks as neat
as a pin. Services and holy commun
ion will be held there next Sunday at
11 o'clock; evening service at 8 o'clock.
Sunday school at 10 a. m. The public
11. F. Keioard, national organizer
of the socialist labor party will ad
dress the citizens of Flattsmouth on
the doctrines of socialism, next Tues
day evening, September 13. If the
weather is pleasant the address will be
delivered on the street, otherwise the
meeting will be held at Waterman's
nail. Those who link anarchy and
socialism together might profit by
listening to this address.
Mai Help Wanted.
Reliable traveling salesman to sell
a full and complete line of lubricating
oils and specialties. Good position and
liberal terms for the right party.
Address The Atlantic Reftnixo
Co., Cleveland, O.
TnrnTrln Picnic.
The Flattsmouth Turnverein will
give another of their enjoyable pic
nics at Nick Halmes' grove September
11th to which the public is invited.
Trnas-MtMlMtppt xfotic.
Before visiting Omaha, be sure and
supply yourself with Pepperberg's
'Buds' instead of paying high prices
(or low grade cigars.
Secretary of War Aiger Hakes
Some Inquiries.
Private Uagh Parret ail In Umrm Ild ty
llMtna of Neglect, and Alger Hay
-Other Ant y Nw.
Washington, Septets 5 Secre
tary Alger eent the followinx order to
M on tauk Point today: '-v'v-,. ;
To the Commanding General, Mon
tauk Point. N. Y . : The New Yoik
World of about the 2Sf,hult. published
a statement of the death, ot Private
Hugh Parret of the Eighth regulars in
which it is charged that when he
begged of Dr. to take him to the
hospital the doctor notified him that
the hospital was for thesick men, and
it is reported that Parret died that
The account is sent lae by Represen
tative Grosvenor of Ohio, who says
there is great indignation in bis com
munity over the case, apd if it is as re
ported there should be responsibility
fixed-. ' .
I Wish an inquiry instituted imme
diately to learn about this matter and
report tome at once.
One Sergeant Rich of same company
and regiment is under: arrest for hav
ing complained of this malter.
I have beard much of the neglect of
the men, much of whjen is no doubt
ficticious, but if there is any founda
tion for this statement, or there are
any men ill in the regolars in their
tents that are not provided for, I wish
to know the reason why and at once;
also the names of the officers in com
mand of the regiment, nnd company
in each caee. . ...
It.' A. Alg: t,
Secretary of War.
Havana, September 5. The letter
sent by Maximo Gomez to the Amer
ican commission is addressed to Gen
eral Butler, and in it he places him
self unconditionally an the American
crmmission's disposal.
The separatist-in-arms state they
are ready to aive up their a run pro
vided their government orders it so,
and state they have a blind faith that
the Americans will fulfill their word
and establish here a strong goy em
inent composed of Cubans and consti
tuting the island an independent
Yesterday I visited the insurgent
hospital established at Mariano. Ten
thousand people from Havana are giv
ing present of money and provisions to
the ladles' commission charged with
hospital work.
San Juan ds Porto Rico, Sept 5.
Major General John It. Brooke, his
staff and his escort, have completed
twc-thirds of their journey across the
island toward this city. The march
has been like- a march through a
friendly territory.
Saturday General Brooke stopped at
Cayey. Yesterday L-e reached Cagus,
twenty miles from here. This after
noon he enters Rio. Pedras, one of the
aristocratic sabttrbs1 of Sau Juan,
where he Kill establish his headquar
General Broeke has accepted the
hospitality of Captain General Macias
who gracion sly offered him the use of
his private residence at Bio Pedras.
The column, though small, is impos
ing, and is making s deep impression
As it wound its way over stately
mountains, covered to their summits
with ceffee and tobacco plantations,
and through broad savannahs and
valleys, General Brooke, with his
chief of staff, rode at the head of the
The natives, who had news of the
coming of the .Americans, lined the
road, their faces showing their pleas
are, although there was no demonstra
tion. At interval) along the way the
Spanish soldiers of the guards pre
sented arms as our troops pass.
New York, September 5. A dis
patch to the Herald from Washingt on
At least fl ,900,000 prt'-e money ufjll
be distributed among the American
sailois as a result of the war with
More thin one-half of ibis sum will
be ptid in accordance with that fee
thin of law providing for the payment
of a bouuty for pesrous ou board ves
sels of war sunk in actiou. Ills esti
mated that the aggregate amount due
the Asiatic fleet as a result of the de
struction of the Spanish force amounts
to 187, 600, which cougress will be
asked to appropriate during the com
ing session. One-twentieth of this
sura belongs to Rear Admiral Dewey
as commander-in-chief and he will,
therefore be tO,375 richer than be was
. . i
uoiuic i no war. j
Rear Admiral Sampson has realized '.
a snug little fortune as a result of the
war. As commander-in-chief of the
North Atlantic fleet be will get one
twentieth of every prize taken in
North Atlantic waters and one-twentieth
of the head money allowed for
the vessels destroyed off Santiago and
Cuban ports. -
It is estimated that he will finally
receive about 840,000 as nis share of
prize money.
Sick Rata In the Third Nebraska KKliniit
-.. ' Rapidly Increasing.
Lincoln, September 5. There is a
prospect that the Third regiment will
be 'moved from Panama Park camp
near Jacksonville, Fla , to some more
healthy clime, so that not only the
strength of the soldier boys mav be
saved for foreign service, if they are to
be given such service, but they may be
saved from the wreck of health and
great loss of life which now threatens
The daily report oi' the number of
the men in hospital and in quarters
sick for yesterday was received at the
adjutant general's office this morning
though it was filed with the telegraph
company" at the camp' Hi the early af
ternoon of the day before. In this re
port Colonel Bryan gave the informa
tion that there was an additional
death, on Satuiday, Charles Head of
company F- whose residence on enlist
ment was North Bend, Dodge county,
and that the number from the regi
ment sick in quarters yesserday was
sixty, the number eick in hospital
ninety-seven. This increase in the
uumberof sick added to the anxiety
of the governor and convinced him
that some measures more decided than
had yet been recommended should at
once be undertaken'. There was a
message which promised that the sick
report for today would be promptly
forwarded shortly after noon and the
governor decided to wait fr this be
fore he did anything. The sick report
for today, Monday, was received from
Colonel Bryan just before 2 o'clock
and showed the same alarming in
crease in the number of sick which has
been steadily kept up for the last two
weeks. His report in brief is that
there were today sixty-seven sick in
quarters and 112 sick in hospitals.
Governor Holcomb bad said during
the morning that, unless some decided
improvement was shown in the health
conditions of the regiment, he would
at once send to the department through
Colonel Stark a request that the regi
ment be at once moved to a healthier
camp in the north, where they would
be free from the surroundings and cli
matic conditions which are so evident
ly playing havoc with them where
they are.
The following is the telegram sent
tonight by the governor:
T.TTsrrfi.N. Neb.. Sept.. 5. To Colo
nel W. L. Stark, Washington, D. C.
Sick list in the Third Nebraska is
growing so rapidly that a proper re
gard for the health and lives of sol
diers requires that they be moved to a
healthier location. Pending the de
termination of question whether they
will be mustered out or assigned to
active duty, it would seem wiae to re
move them to some northern state. 1
earnestly hope the war department
will not find it incompatible with the
public interest to have this done un
less they are at once ordered to Ne
braska to be mustered out of the ser
vice. Silas A. Holcomb,
This message will reach Colonel
Stark tonight and it is expected that
the matter will be taken np with the
war department in the morning.
Plattsmouth, Wednesday,
September 21st, ;
The Great Wallace Shows
The Greatest, Grandest and best of
America's big shows. Three Rings,
Half Mile Race Track, 1,000 Features,
100 Phenomenal Acts, 25 Clowns, 20
Hurricane Races, 4 Trains, 1,500 Em
ployes, 6 Bands, 50 Cages, a Drove of
Camels, 15 Open Dens, a Herd of Ele
phants. $4,000 DAILY EXPENSE.
The Purest Cleanest. Ilightiost and
Llost Magnificent Amusement Insti
tution of the 19th Century.
The Greatest Perfdfflj.ji-lift knowjL. world are with the Great Wallace
Shows this season, inclQdiDg
The 9 Nelsons, $10,000 Challenge Act.
The Angelos,
THE 10 DELLAMEADS Statuary Artists.
Mile. Norda French nrstericiao aiobe.
Our Street Parade
At IO a. m. daily, is the finest ever put on the
streets. A sunburst of splendor! A tri
umph of art, money and good taste, with
lavish luxury of spectacular effect, and
greatest professional features conceiv
able. Excursions on every line of travel. No gambling devices tolerated
Never Divides. ever Disappoints.
Sept. 21st.
y s-rl 4 J.I.
(JMt .., S: :