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1 "I'lnflMSaSMi r
(Punished in to parts Part One, Wednesday, and Part Tvo, Saturday.)
Vol. XVII. No. 39.
$1.50 Per Year.
American Shells Bring Desolation
to Santiago-
Tb Fleet llrpa It. Trrrinla Miuln Into
1h. U"ui(t Cii)i ami i hr Land Haf-
Icrlr, Wnn li fmt uctiou
and Kuin ".r lluuta.
At the fiont. I illy II, via Piaja Del
Este, July 12 Santiago is now com
pletely surrounded l American mid
Cuban forces. Tbe last gap was filled
today by the Illinois and Ohio troops.
The Spaniards no have no avenue
of escape left, tut must surrenderor
BouVMirdinen'. was rpiiiued by land
batteries and rkft ilia morning, and
contirued until - oVock when Shafler
aent a message to t he Spanish under a
flag of truce.
No gattliug imis were used, Ihe
infantry did little liii i: ;;t;d only for
the picking off of uni v:l u;i Spaniards.
TLe niai kstuaulii u :"" excellent as
was evi-l-iieed by tie occasional
headlong piung- -i h B'.ile,harpshcot
ers from trees.
Land batteries opeLt-d uluo'ckck in
the morning. A mist which envel
oped the Spanish line lifted. Shatter
ordered e tc-h shot aimed at si oie par
ticular object and tiling at iutervals of
ten minutes.
The Spaiuaitis' batteiits fired four
rounds hai tulefcsly . It is I rlicvtd their
ammunition is nearly exhausted. Sim
ultaueou 1? with the land attack the
New Yik an l Brooklyn moved close
to shore at Aguitiores. The New
York wiywngjrfd 'o the teach signalers
Mho weie on the crest of a ridge to ob
serve i he effect of the shells. The
first shell was an eight inch from the
New Yotk. fired at a high elevation.
Men on the ride telephoned Shafter
and an Lour later signalled to the New
York. (Winners changed range and
fired a second shot.
Again a wait, more signalling and
fine calculation by the gunners.
A third shell finally sped over the
bill Signal id err --. .jttr-
oin-.r 0TC1 tedlv. officers reported and
People'. ludrprodrut t'ounIT Convention.
A delegate convention of the peo
ple's Independent party of Cass county
is hereby called to meeet in Louisville
on Siturd.ty, July 30th 1S9S at 10
o'clock a. in for the purpose of elect
ing twenty four delegates to the state
convention ol h:iid parly to je held in
Lincoln ou the second daj of August
IMiS, also to elect twelve delegates to
the first congre-s oual district con
vention of said party to be
held in Plattsninut h on the elev-.
enth day of August 18'j3, and fori
the transaction of such other business I
as uny coin before, the convention.
Th- lusis of representation is fixed on
vote cast for Hon. Silas A. Ilolcomb
for governor iu 18!i One delegate for
each ten votes or majir fraction
tt ereof. The several precincts and
wards are entitled to representation
as follows:
Plattsn.outh City-
First Ward " delegates
Celebration of Nation's lrthday
at Chickamaugf.
fTil eoM-r I ell il.iw .Nfbrt'kii Boy '
rrvert I lie Great Holld.y fuuir.l
.'rriiunnifi Over i 'I'er. ail
Koglf i nmp ".
. .13 delegates
..13 delegates
. . .9 delegates
. . .6 delegates
. . 4 delegates
. .8 delegates
.. .2 delegates
..13 delegates
..13 delegates
...7 delegates
..11 delegates
. 12 delegates
.. .8 delegates
. .10 delegates
. . .8 deleft 4tes
. .17 delegates
..12 delegates
. . .9 delegates
Secomt Ward
Third Ward
Fou. Ill Ward
Fifth Ward
Weeping Water City -
First Ward
Second Ward
Third Ward
Klmwotxi l'reeinet
Salt I'reek.
Weeping Water
Kigbt illle Grove
Ruck Bluffs. Firvt Ii.-irU t. ...
K-M-k III uff. Second IHstt kt .
Stove Creek
South Hend
Avoca 9 delegates
Liberty .14 delegates
Mt. Pleasant lodtlegatea
Greenwood ." 12 delegates
Seuawla B delegates
Primaries for the election of dele
gates to said convention to be teld in
the various precincts and wards of tne
county on Saturday Jtiiyraaai lour
o'clock if not otherwise changed to
later hour by precint or ward committeemen.
It is recommended that no proxies be
allowed but that delegates present
cast the full vote of their re?pective
nrecints or wards.
J. 1 House, Chairman,
B. F. Allen, Secretary.
Two h-n:'rol of the beet parior
matches for 1c at u eking As Co s. at Illwali
H.irhli!rht." a re
Ca? TnoaAS
jair 9lb, 18l.
Editok Joukxal: f
Dear Sir The curious Fourth
past and Uncle Sab who never neg
lects his sons somanaged it tDilt we
all could have firecrackers and enjoy
ourselves to thtWst advantage, so in
the morning waVceived our pay and
with ail drills suspended, and the
news of the grad victory at Santiago
we were happier than ten-year-old
boys with Ranches of fire crackers.
When the tie s of Schley's magnificent
victory wasPa8se along the regiment
there .was continued cbetrintr for more
than an ionr, and all day long you
could see tquada gathered together
under Ve shade of the massive oak.
with lockets of lemonade in their
midt. talking about the victory and I
think if we bad been at the front on
that iay it would have taken ten times
our number to have whipped us. For
myseif I felt like, Shakespeare says
'Seeking the bubble reputation even
at the cannon's mouth."
I d9n't think they can ever whip an
American on the 4th of July any more
than they can an Irishman on Saint
Patrick's day.
The boys are getting very impatient
to go some place where we can see ser
vice Every day or two a report gets
out that we are to move in a short
time huj it always proves to be fake
so we refuse to believe anything until
we? see it in the paper. It was reported
esterday that I'ewey had sunk four
German boats at Manila that would
not stop when he signaled them to
stay out of the harbor, but have Dot
seen anything of it in the papeis.
When I awakened on the morniDg
Rayat makes the food pure,
wholesome and delicious.
Absolutely Pure
jBtereresting Gossip Regarding
urayan's .craves. .
n Drilled aurt lttt ItUclpllned t ,.m
panjr In the Kefliuen t tVllI Gu t
Jacksotivlllo TliU Week l?tl.
llijin.worn In Today.
Ciaalp About Hryn'a ICraTrs.
Company 13 from Plattsmouth hat a
doctor in the person of Fred E. Kraft.
who enlisted as a private. Dr. Kraft
- : s a Nemaba county boy, whose home
Was at Brock until be came here to
and rel111611 the Omaha Medical college,
floneer C'ltizen Dies.
Vf r Inhn .Irthnann an old
Bpected citizen of Cass county. diedrom which institution be graduated in
last Saturday at his home, southwesthe C,8S of 1897.- He practiced for a
of town. The deceased was agefhl,e at Unadilla, acd latr at Har-eighty-four
years, and up to the timeMj-
of his death had enjoyed very good Tnoa- s- Allen andbridt-iiiinois,
health for a man of his advanced gemhaThurflelre married Tuesday.
Mr. Johnson removed to his late home" ' hour cn the. grounds.
in 1863. and re"' r
rived in Plattsmouth for a biief leave
taking of their relatives and friends,
returning to Fort Omaha today.
It is the uuiversal opinion of all vis
itors that company It is the best drilled
and disciplined oi,c in I he ntin tegi
ment. this is accounted for b the
warm and hearty feeling that exists
betweeu Captain Sheldon and hit-, lieu
tenants and the bojs in the company.
The boys admire their captain acd his
subalterns because they ate not afflicted
withswell-headednets-a common com
plaint with some office! s of other com
panies. The other day a litt le incident
occurred which showed that coiupHny
IV s splendid training is appieciated l
Colonel liryan. The companies of the
regiment were each being inspected in
quarters by the commanding oflic-r;
and when the officers caiue to inspect
company li they found the quartets io
excellent condition, while the men
were drawn up in front. As Col. JJryan
and ataff marched by every man gave
A Well-Told Story of an Interest
ing Trip.
CHizcua tit llawaliau apilsi Hliuw A uirt
lru Mnliiirr Kvrry Tourirsy Foa
aiblu lli Jalaud a I vritaMe
l'aradiH on Karili.
UorHBor KFrKCsKHTariviir, i
Kkitklic or Uiwiu, V
llovoLt LC. II, I., June 25. 1 )
Chas. E. Spencku, Co li, 3 J Neli
V. I., Ft. Omaha. A'eb., U S. A. !-
Friend IIine: We airived ,nt
the 23d at ten P. SI . anJing the trip the harit-o, and maybe we
days and,rad to sight laud agalo.
them the "right hand salut," prompt- fr.W were only a few in our regiment.
who were not seasicK, ana jonuawu
Iy and in unison.
company in th.
This was the oV
' . . . . . u'a a :4
few. On tne vi'F "
."MPkms and eeaRUlis
from Holt county. Mo
sided there ever since.
ivn liim- W. .1. .TohnflOD.
Ul lirm.iijiun., i-.v,. UthBKIlT tO
HIair: Tobe Johnson. Andrew John-n ine .
day from the family residence
the interment was made at the Eiken
bary cemetery.
. . CnA
Mrs. Alien s Droiuci,..
They were
The following""" Mr. Allen's brother, O
' - T
A"tu " - . j i,o
Colorado to speuu w.
borne In i-m-
We baa
service on the
Rings from 50 cents tip at Coleman's
guaranteed solid gold.
jackieson theNew York cheered. The I f fom iortiand, is mascot tor the First j
rirht mnoA hail been fouml at last. It
was then 10 o'clock and the tiring be
gan in earnest.
The Now York tired at five-minute
intervals. At the eigntenth shot the
Brooklyn moved in and at the New
York's twenty-sixth began firing, but
like the New York slowly
At 11:3? the Indiana joined in. She
opened with a broadside from her
eiflht-inch nuns. The firing was much
taster than from the other twoships.
The telephone was ever active and
wigwagmen ware busy telling the ef
fectiveness of the fire.
At 12:45 the ships having fired 106
fdiells. t he shore signalled that Sbafter wind
bad sent a flag of truce to the enemy.
and the firing ceased
Caotain C. A. Vickers is a joung
editor who sola out uis ucw?pp
Madison, Neb., to follow Old t.lory to
Colonel Brattof the First Nebraska
was military coinm imlcr of the expe
dition after the thiualeltthe fleet.
Colonel Uratt had beer highly compli
mented by the best authorities . a iue
appearance and condition of hi reR
A departing soldier on Jthe ship
luflur In
Senator atteroptea io iuri"
some one on tli9 wharf to mail. iiie
..,i..i th letter out into tne
Death From Kick.
Fred Lindsey, aged fourteen years,
died Monday evening at eleven o'clock
at the home of bis father, John Lind
sey, in Murray. The boy bad been
working for Dr. Gilmore, and a week
ago last Friday be was kicked in the
abdomen by a horse which he was
tending. Since that time everything
possible was done for the unfortunate
lad, but he grew rapidly worse, and
suffered intensely until death came to
bis relief.
Mr. Lindsey, the boys father, has re
sided in and about Plattsmouth for
manv years, and the deceased was
born in this city. The funeral occored
EfsnAAVtexROAarom the Chris-
If vou want ood toilet aoap' cheap
come to (jerino v.u.
Ieth of Mr. Gl aon.
Jonathan Gibson, who has resided in
Pas count for over a quarter ol
.pr,tnrv.died Monday evening at bis
ai me au-
Joe or me
onv B is Third
. o longer at
U'a state university cadet two years tbe boys
v. tha t'frsniiiK
aLincoln one year
rrniog the regimental band wasent !
round to company B's iadquprteis,
and the boys were given a urenade
tbe only company on the grt,ds to
receive such a distinction.
rmnini B does noi iaca
ments. as a number of the boys are ex
SeHent entertainers. The "pride of
is a young man from
lowanamed O. E. Anthony f am liarly
tt fts ia a lirislit as a 1
i known as - - - . , wasn i a uuo .;
und mvself were
few. Oat
ng fish.devi
w whales, flj-
1 fish, sharks. Mother Ca-
1st. It w as iui
m a
r' bovs from Beatrice.
t?ss vis - r
ocea untn the service was over.
r, VDl1 a. 94th we
barbor.ana ma,
gbt! Honolulu is loca-
; robe jonnson, narew- e and will beat borne
and Mrs M. Berger of &BtMm Mr. Allen is
"1 .rrr; r;;:: former law pau. t - " MM -reat glfs as u ----- t. f the center of
,oa( ftrilieu men io i aoni , . ," lru -
ird Servant E, G. Wood- -natural born ' commedian. Nib crfc8ceut-shaped .nRe of laountaU
IJSIIZ Water, who i9 constantly getting off some oke on lliat Burr0UDl39 the wbor, and the
mi h is a favorite with all.
He is a Kxi maicu "w"
hnt I . anl that is saymn bu""
ADe " c, "r , ' TnniA i about as funny as they
alozen teachers in company - oie! " To bear "Backie" sing
51 I'lcSut .SujSa-- a -on.
pan, 1U.-.J- - momh.r of tbP
will receive i tout cbi-u
"mpany fifty cents a month, or .bout
ioO-and be earns bis money.
. lien-1 ..niii"fiuthman.
ity of Nebraska wuu a r: examination, will accorn-
tDant's comm sston ,n y
rposi graau- S(,rffeant
t the same piace. t .
f. E Morrison is a well known teacher
n Sarpy. Butler and Cass counties, re
ceived military drill at the Lincoln
tM . t.noht last Year at
normal coiieRe, -
azle. R. E. Current anu . -
er are ooin priuirm
Omaha Bee. Vl
As the recruits at ton
. a arddier life the
! CUliiv MS vmw -
1 .J
mountains were one insol emeram
green. Tall cocoanut and im trees
covered the lowland, and if tradise
ifl one-half . iiin.r. i-We me PHra-
dise forever. ,Ain
xv- rf.h(.d the capi.ol building,
which is in tbe center of the finest lit
tle park I ever saw. and were -eated
at long tables in the park, that were
loaded down with all kinds of frott
and edibles. The tables were protect
ed from the sun's rays by sheds that
were covered with paim leave,.
, tmnauet 1 weuv
backinan, f-tand-keeper and tradester j
one is liable to hear on the ground of
a 4th of July celebration. The boys
wauted to make it sound like an old
time celebration so each one pieked
out a calL such as "Fill up the Little
Bed Wagon," or 'A11 tbe Lemonade
von can Drink for Five Cents." or hma on Platte bottom.
Ino Kil,t7 TlAirn rnn out Ona iu(rur" I arra rf SBVfntV-siX VearS. The
T irnw at I j,,i had been engaged in
Ollll iTiJ VII v a m. m au as aw a u - a wmm aa w a iri,cnDl.U '
fm .Tmcksonvill
The Third Nebraska regiment.
United States volunteers. Colonel W.
Vn.l J .. ,mmmdiDe. will probably
j.orja.i w---- .-.nv,.,- Fla.,
. , mnrt i...u. rimalta lot
.inline of the post utnu. - .r.v- savs tue
Vii.nd the troops.stati vtfii IVK IMfL P"" ' u'
l i . I. : I .... ,- . 1 .,mth
uica&iuK i ue railway lines t?et uu
. was ex-Queen Lil 's palace, and taking
. J -1 a n
throne, proceeaeu iu
" in ih roiks av
part of this
are a. . tr
m.n of tha regular army
over the guard lines has come to be a
sna matter tran li was a
IllOIO O"""" " - - . . I " .. s. .,mriT,
, or.H mnv a ffl ow who bas th same time mere is
t(&s, i ;i., -irripa thRt it tray
made a break lor iicetiy u i"'"" army anu -
ud later in tbe guard house, where ne be sent to jnicamauK. .
bas remained for twenty-four hoursto Bent in Wednesday morning. It is
. . ,i tn tav I t,i th trnnna will ba moved J: rl-
come out nevier twuicufc; miicvic
within prescribed limits. Tbe dieposi- day or Saturday
a seat near the
write a few "cantos
home. ...
.. i .t mnk In
We then left tne capuui
the town, and I saw some of the finest
reaideneea ees ever resveu
amorTg tbem bing I'raaident DjI-i.
... : I. l..aa(1 lorn
We then stocKea upu L '
tne uass county lair ou one ot me dairy nusiness .u. , , --. - . - - --- men who Da- To tran-oort the
trees in the street was pinned this owing to failing health, ne was . " .,i. The ..T; ia;,timated. fifty tourist and
. n a i it mm it iii ac irms7riiiiiiiiuua7aaB'' - i uin vi -
wvhiiAi trt retire lruiu atn n ui ft . - - - 1
pellea io reure. n i nAnn,. hnv and his more rcr.ilar B eepers, and
. . ...f niTA Oinnai VsVIIII.ll LILUU 1 avkaviBiu X mm wm w J I -n
aiAU aj.w- rf
Pay Day & J itly Fouktii Exercises
given BY
Company C, Second Nebuaska.
fined to bis home. An gainly companions have been made as bagage and 1
averal children sur- one by the blue uniforms, and.the civ- Bids will
"S, Ud. Le . ircus Will Joi?er.
Prelude "All Hands Have Some-
t-..ii fi. utile fellow was hold
II line vuc n.
and swimming in
Atl o'clock Shafter sent a flag of coin
l-ntr liner thf letter UP
. i,i nt WnUith it a ladv's Ut also blew into tbe
Just as the snips ceaseu acimu iut i.uic .w
k m;i ahnanl. She hand and the letter in
-r...i i h flatrshiu and was lib- swam In with bis feet only
erallv cheered. Miles landed at Sibo
T1PV :.nd made an insrjection. He will
go t tbe front tomorrow.
Tampa. Fla.. July 11 A large ex
Md.'ion braves Fort Tampa tomoirow,
aTfaII all nf heavv artillery, bound
f jr Santiago.
Plata dkl Este, July 12. One
hundred and one shells from the shirs
landed. Only live fell in the harbor
the oiher,
Both the
a ,4 I. atiar-t u t ATR
departing soiuieis auu iuc .v-.--
pk.rf innniv aoDiauuru iuc
. u . . - J
boy. . The letter got into the
hands of Charles E. Rice who wrote an
explanation of the incident ana inclos
ing ai; in another envelope addressed
iltoC. E Hyde. Geneva, eo.
ha has been con
i wifA and several child
IKvv "
vivn him.
Th funeral occurred from the f am
iJv residence, Tuesday afternoon at
four o'clock, the services being con-
,t nr mil cemetery, where
the remains were interred.
Watch chains and charms at Cole
m.n'a HPCOfld door BOUlD 01 pol
Nebraska Soldier Burled
The following letter was received by
Honolulu Evening Bulletin, Jnne 24.
On leaving the fleet June 20 uenerai
Greene of the flagship China appoint
ed the steamship Senator as the liag-
shin for the remainder of the trip to
Kidding Declaration "How Much I
Owe," John Koddy.
Song "Cookie Solo" Private Church
Itecitation I Dreamt I Ilolled in
Codfish Balls," George Fass.
Oration "A New Recruit," Corpor
al Bennett.
inil"Competitive Frills." Cor-
noral Brennon
Song "Bed White and Bl
mer's Quartette.
gong "I'm uiaawearw
Copo,al htapleton. .-... ,,. died in Honolulu,
Oricinal Poem-"i ou.a i.iae y The funeral
Kow' .r?jrS?-A ,.mmL.0M,,onSundaT afternoon at the
b ile aSOlO 1UC M JUU tfBUitMVt nnu uv - -
ir. , it u nritiRon. Antral Union church. A company oi
Sne'ech-"ilow to Whip Spain." by the national guard of Hawaii actad as
Davy Kime.
i ro.iiahpa rears ana oiner-reuuisiirB
and made for the "Senator."
We put in tbe evening sitting on
deck. On one side on the whart une
the fruit venders, visitors and sight
seers (for we are a sight), and on the
other side a lotof tbe native boys lying
around in the water and diving for
i,.i,ioa .inhnson surprised some of
us by stripping off and jumping or div
ing from the upper deck of the "Sena
tor" some forty or fifty feet into tbe
water and paddling round with the
best of them.
Good bye; boat leaves in a few min
utes. Let me bear from you at Manila.
Your friend,
Ciias. H. Seable
regiment will re-
about twelve
freight cars.
i. nnnnaii ut nrmr li Pad-
one bv the blue Hnitorms, auu iuoi.-i uius wn
ilians are going through cnanges mat, i quarters luesaaj uiuiu.un
will convert them into soiaiers.-auiuuK porting captain euw -
the men are Englishmen, acoicuuieu, engineers to vrnca.
Irishmen, Germans. Mexicans, ana The Thira regimeui,
11 ,DU a- 1 ..t. l,tl a-ociir
men of all nations, in fact. some oi nnleers, may move
them have been in America only a Tbe rumor has created more or less
short time and were able to enter me excitement, in every i-j
armv only by taking cut their tirsi nai- i,e men seem anxious iu
uralization papers; but in camp mcj Lieutenant, uuu, nu -
eniov the fellowship that army lire tween the regiment ana me aiu
nto. ami the lierman wuo opeoao i nartmeni. anu - '
nalish is iust as good an recfeived dfioite orders for the move
lue," Wei- the World-Herald from Rev. Douglas American aB the boy who was born ment of tiie regiment, would give
. T,. . Putnam BIrnie at Honolulu, Hawaii: under tne stars and Stripes. nothing more than tbe statement
inDixte, n. c. Fisk, company D.Nebraska Tne old game of blanketing bas been the Third regiment will probably ii
Hiri in Honolulu, Ha- nn a the fort until I11Mn nsrni it can be made reac
o "Tlnw do vou Like lour
. fll U" T - " '
ans " The Cooks.
niwleSolo.9p. m.- uive me ioui
... Aimy batteiics fired 400 jieauiy 1 Houolulti and appointed uoionei niau, Quarters," Sergeant jessen.
havoc was created and many oi tne tbe geniai commander of theNeoras- Tuia programme greauy amuseu tuo
finest buildings in the city were re- kaD8 aa commander of me ueei. tbe boys, for
duced to allies. The men of the Nebraska regimeni every case.
tk. aiunahtwr and devastation was rf th most intelligent class 01 rmnan B had a mistoriune
..u ICUUOI- - ,1 vviuf--j -
ao great and so sickening io me bibui. volunteers wbicu nave ueeu week. Their oig unts ean" "
i.-t shatter sent in begging for the sitia United States sery ice and the ureA in the Black Hills, and has
cnrr. and militarv honors were paia
to a soldier who died in a foreign land.
Mr. Fisk'a home is at Adams, Neb.
Douglas Putnam Biknie.
Minister of Central Union Church.
i t thn fort until I nnn oc aa it can be made ready to
a very popuia vut v - an ouuu
Friday, when Private leonaru vi cum- 8tart.
J ... a m.r ...V. 1 atM enn l If TAT AOf
The worsoi guinu icou, mmhpd. Seven compa-
a Course OI Diiuk m """" I vice io ic.e, r
Tonard is a very light -Ips now have uniforms and arms.
man and four fellows were giving bim New reCruits are being examined rap-
the "high toss" when one oi mem uiy, and the omcers me
Hi nnrner of the blanKet Blip, auu
fnnard was thrown
its adplication fit in Watches and clocks at Coleman's.
surrender before the town should be coionel bas been very hignly compli- bePn witb them all tbe time, died a
completely destroed mented upon the appearance,efficiency I .epk ago Sunday, being unable to
The Spaniards made several sorties, and gentlemaoly condnct or ins men. gUn(1 lbe neat. He haa a reat umim,
.iiThtinff demons, but were driven Th men are well satisfied with their Knpif,i followed by the whole of Co. B
back at every attempt. treatment on loaid and are greatly in- to n?s craVe back of camp, and after m be twenty-five cents
No there are only 300 jards be- debted to Chief Steward Hume for bis bi3 iQtermHnt they put up a bead stone dancing, upon a good fl
tween our advance trenches and the eener0sity and kindness in donating witn tbe following inscription: -teamer will leave here f
Spanish. What is left of tbe city is delicacie8 to sick men and others.
hardly worth bombardment. iutren-i The men also highly appreciate mc
untiriug efforts in their bebaii oi w-
Hlver Excuralone.
Tiie excursion steamer John R. Hugo
will give two excursions up the river
from this city next Friday, July 15.
One will leave at two o'clock and re
turn at six, and tbe other will leave
promptly at half past seven and return
at ten o'clock, me rare ior mo
floor, free.
to the ground
Take all your recipes and prescrip
with great force and was so badly hurt Uons and have them filled by
rhat he h. been confined to a bed in Ge1UK" C
Throws From ringer
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Johnson and lit-
.i ..mhinr npm out driving last
11C UBUUv..
Sunday evening, when the horse be
m friffhtened at a flock or geese
der expected every moment.
London. 12 The Madrid cor-
respotdenZf tbe Times, telegraphing
Monday is:
-aaata went to the palace
lli? t.j raainnation
-1 . . nl Tff u im . "
or. lithe cabinet. It is said
In '.ed the queen regent to
'bund' cabinet largely consist-
, jisturv element, wnicu
"rn ' .. ...
rr S i Retecces9ariiymeau iuu
" V. ,P5"Uarlike policy but prob-
j;nerr9ally expected that the
. aiAnfan till I tnA
K Si C "n"i kT. ha nartial recon-
tr are now In council, auu
irast. h,3 doubtless K?,11,"? Cn
cant0f his audience with tbe queen
ior Stotsenberg. Sixth United States
cavalry, whose long experience piuvca
of the greatest value to them.
Captain Taylor, company L, the
"crack" Thurston Rifles company
which won the national prize at" Mem
phis, Tena.,two years ago, is the pet
officer of the regiment, on account of
bis efforts in providing tbe men witb
frenuent batches of fresh grub.
The First Nebraska regiment band
is a fiue organization of talent. It is
one of the best In the United States
service and intenced to treat me peo
nle of Honolulu to a concert bad there
been tioie enough. Lieutenant Rich
ards, director of the band, regrets the
lack of opportunity to show the quali
fication of bis players.
DitD JlT 23th, IS.
bill Mckinley.
Mascotteof Co. B. ;
: Burled June 29; 181. :
: .........a
Toor Bill Is dead, the noble bird,
The mascott of Company ; -We'll
miss him from Ills lofty pereb.
No more his form tko'II see.
From Nebraska's fartlle land
Two thousand miles he came.
Poor Bill McKinley when he died
Was a noble bird of fame.
A bird of sense and noble bearing.
And he loved the boys in blue,
Outck of sight and keen of hearing
The boys all loved bim, too.
We carried him to hl lonely grave
The twenty ninth of June ;
The noble bird so proud and brave
lias left us an hw mmu .
-R. L. Miller. Co. B., Sx Editor Harwell Eye.
Well, will have to close till a future
date. I remain. Yours Truly,
H. E. Spbncbr.
.ko. hnanital fever since. It is not
thiTht that bis iciuries are serious.
but orders were sent out immediately
forbidding "blanketing-; ana omer
jantremus camp diversions.
o - . . 1 vaw ' - r m .
Th. latest thing in tne way oi (.amp .- nart of town, ana sua
- . - m m. 1 .tmbaP rT I ... t i l.n
followers at the ion, ia uuwr. denly swerved around, throwing mc
uninntr nhotographers" wuo nave . . th pround. Mr. and
VVUMa.-- I . . - I UCLU aU n
set up tenta ana uoaou - I Mrs. Johnson were quite eoc.c.j
air urging soldiers to secure F"" brui3ed tne former being unconscious
(..ra ivpq and sweethearts . . nio tms was al-
, I Tfir UlULUCIDi I ff iir U 1 14 1 II L 1ft II uvus.
Tbe steamer iuieajen iw fae WM otherwise
Saturday mornmK -' themselves to Spanisn ouueia. o . f.-rfii iniured about the roreueau
. Ml 1 .rk fl Ft W PPnT R I w . . llnn.iiililfiS ' V-" ' ,
nhntntrraDhers nave aone uuu...u.u ihnnn'i bios were seveieiy
business. As soon as a new companyl hrniHe(, butthe little girl escaped with
m .ff ka v ' . .
Read it and prom oy receives its uniforms many m iu
secure permission to leave the grounas
and have themselves puoiograpueu .u
soldier clothes. .
Tbe fare up will be fiftycenits.
tka .miMe the new advertisement
-" j v
of W. K. Fox?
it. .
Ti, Third Nebraska will be mus
tered in as a regiment Wednesday aft
ernoon at 3 o'clock. Col. Bryan appear
i..ik.nin hin uniform for the nrst.
time and receiving the oath of office
Company l tha Fa-orltra.
The members of company B, Third
Volunteer m-
retri ment. Nebraska
.r, niMmhnd AdiutantGen. I Hnnned their new uniforms on
uuniuui im.w-. """'J' . . i
r, .sil Ia nreaent. vIahHh last, and IDe DOJI '
3 I - ... r- I..II.M ririnl andnttlM
c .i,r .nd nenhew came up armed wun cpnuKu- -
c . Tj n.ranhernalia for field service.
from Nenawsa yesieiu.j, r ----- v.rcraant S
. Cn.nrPr
. . u i i nnnav avauiua oca - i
The Journal a pieasani can. .lBn" He and Carmack,
aaivBficu i w.fw !-
- . v. ka wantrain
Hja w m .... i I ArURfaT Ramnson .
oat crop considerably, ana ma. uu.j
about a half crop of that cereal will roj;
w i hi. vicinitv this year. 1 and Wagner an oi
(K3 tie a V co m a
Lost On Cutoff street, a little black
pig with red spots. Peter m-aukk.
The Journal wants a good cor ree-
pSndent in every village in Cass count j
who will see that all the nea
items in bis or her neighborhood will
reach this office regularly once a
if possible. Send your name anu
dress to THE Jochnalh juu
to act as our correspondent.
The very best black machine oil only
19c per gallon at G erinu .v a.
Miaar.iaire Coleman returned Sun
day night from a two month's visit at
Topekawith her sister, an-
Brown. She was accompanied home
by tbe latter and her little daughter
Marguerite who will visit here for
some time.
Trana-Miaalaalppl fioilca.
Before visiting Omaha, be suie and
supply yourself with Pepperber a
"Buds" instead of paying bih price,
for low grade cigars.
i ii UiimmellTwho is farming oi.e
of tbe best pieces of land in Cass coun
ty, about five miles we.t of 1 Utts-
mouth, was in me cny
remembered The Journal.
aimer, Thompson
company B r-
out a Bcratcb. The injurea coupie a.c
now getting along as well as possime.
but it will be some time before thej
enirely tecover from tbe effects of the
The Juniors of the Christian church
will give a patriotic concert and social
at the church Friday evening. Ten
cents admission will be charged at the
door and refreshments will be free.
Tbe proceeds will go to the mission
fund. ,
amoks tba Ilcat.
Wurl Bros famous "Gut Hell" is the
beat 6c cigar In tbe market
t..r.fclrt manager of
Louisville flouring mill, was in ton
Monday on bus! cess.
John Ramsey', one of the silver -r
horses of Louisville, was in town ......
day evening.
a dollar a year, tell your neighbor so.
and ask bim to Mibscnbe.
rare ground pepper, mustard i orcin
namonat Geiun& C o s.
Chas Dining rf Wabash was a
Tbos.W. SbryockofLoui.ville wa.
in the city Saturday..
f-. .