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What the People In and Around
Plattsmonth Are Doing.
Mr. Wanhtngton Smith Fiftieth Ilirth-
ljr AnniTrraary Krmenibered Hy
m Number of Lady Friend
Other Happening.
Remembered Her llirthday.
Mrs. Wasbiogton Smith was fifty
-fears old Monday, and she was the
victim of a most pleasant surprise that
evening, which was planned and suc
cessfully curried out by a number of
her lady friends. As a token of es
teem, Mrs. Smith was presented with
a handsome, silver tea set, the gift of
the ladies present. Elegant refresh
ments were served at the residence of
Mrs. Will Coolidge, after wuich the
guests devoted the remainder of the
eveniog to social chat and a general
good time.
Those present were MesdamesS. P.
Ilolloway.C. W. Green, Henry Mar
tens, II J. Help?, F. D. Lehnhoff, F.
II. Steimker, C. 6. Johnson, G. F. S.
IJurton, O. II. Snyder, Geo. Hay, D.
15 Smith. A. Drew, W. II. Newell. A.
2s. Sullivan, Win Ballance. Chas.
Rutherford, .1. M. Robertson. J. T.
Raird, Sift, Ithaio and Wendell.
Iul Coiiticlerattle Damage.
This vicinity was visited by a small
sized cyclone Friday aDd as a
result various out-buildings, fences,
chimneys and mfs were scattered
proinisCMnsly around by the tierce
gale At ab ut half past six o'clock
the sky suddenly became a heavy
leaden color, and the wiud blew so
strong that it was scarcely safe to ven
ture out. The air was filled with fly
ing debris, rain aud mud, and for a
couple of hours the elements had full
sway. The tall smoke stack of Reisers
roller mills was blown down during
the storm, and several sign boards and
fences were carried a considerable dis
tance, and the tin rojf of the Leonard
block was blown off. and a number of
.window panes weie broken in variou
'houses damage to property
in this city will probably amount to
one hundred dollars.
The storm appears to have been con
flued to thi taction of the state, as
tte morning papers did not chronicle
any serious rfrsult elsewhere.
Mnt IVeuliar Accident.
A report was received at Burlington
headquarters yesterday of a peculiar
accident that occurred the other day
about five miles west of Otis. Two
cars on freight tiain No 150 were de
railed. Tney were two empty box
cars and were situated in the middle
portion of the train They ran aloug
off the track for several miles. Con
siderable damage was done to the
track, but the cars went bumpina
along, the couplings holding good, ana
escaped any injury. The dropping of
a broken brafce shoe was the cause ol
the accident. The train officials are
trying to figure out just bow more
serious refills were escaped Bee.
Iloldrege tart For Hie Kant.
The sudden departure of General
Manager Iloldrege of the Burlington
for the east has, in railroad circles,
given greater force to the rumor that
the B irlingtnn would soon take con
trol of the Omnha & St Louis railroad.
A firt the rumor of such a move was
looked upon as a mere cauard, but
auniiK uif im two uajo .u- iixj. le
sion among railroad men that there is
something in the m-ttter has grown
considerably. A number of local rail
way men, w ho keep pretty close tabon
matters concerning western roads re
ard ti e purchase of the Omaha & St.
Louis by the Burlington as an occur
rence that is altogether probable.
Tom LMion pron is'S at an earlj
da'.e to publicly exhibit his apparatus
for making the huunn body transpa
rent, so that doctor or any other man
may look intoand throueh you.aodaee
just how yo'ir arteries and veins and
JuiJkts and livei are working and puiup
ing. If begets the art of penetrating
thviN "itli'ien I Hitup'ified, it i
- ii heale in li tgers il
advel l-e lot a (pinner t-X I a. t o fur
nish ever man wnhoii- wi- iKstalled
b h gh h in front of him, so thai
afrce he cannot see the pUy Oil the
staje. le can amuse himself with the
play of i he internal organs of the per
son unoer the high hat Lincoln Jour
nal. Most people l-elieve that this has"
been an exredinil warm winter and
tint March bns ben warmer than
U,,H ij i- - mi-take. While
there beei. !iut little verv severe
the governni-n- QL i .1 hw that the
winder l been t lit le colder than
UMial nul that he aveiHge tem
peiatme for Match lias been about
tirp deirree clder than the normal
F rn.-i ..-irii'k riek-'ay irg plas
ter i u. s i . m -oi i "i have such
VX. ik o. ne by .pling to Wro Mostin
of I'latti-moutb. who can be addressed
through The Journal.
From Friday's Daily.
J. M Beardsley and T. M. Howard
came in from Weeping Water this
Klva Kilborn was granted a divorce
from Joseph Kilborn by Judge Ramsey
in district court this morning.
Little Maud Dearing was at Elm
wood Wednesday, where she sang for
the entertainment of the Modern
Woodmen social, receiving a hearty
Miss Myrtle and Master Charley
Hulfish of Wabash are visiting in
town, the guests.of Dr. and Mrs. W
II. Dearing. Miss Hulfish is an ac
complished pianist, as was evidenced
by her delightful performance last eve
ning. About twenty lady friends of Mrs.
George Luscbinsky tendered her a fare
well surprise yesterday afternoon at
the home of her mother, Mrs. Gable-
man, on west Gold street. A most en
joyable time is reported by all present.
Mrs. Luscbineky will depart in a few
days for her new home at Colorado
City. Colo., where her husband is em
From Monday's Dally.
Mrs. C. S. Sherman of Crete visited
in this city over Sunday.
Rev. Bomgartner of South Bend was
a county-seat visitor today.
The Cass County Teacher's institute
closed a very interesting and profitable
session at Weeping Water Saturday.
John Robbins has been appointed
traveling representative for South
eastern Nebraska. f or thePacemaker"
a journal devoted cyclists" interests.
published at Lincoln
Sheriff Holloway was notified today
that a man named Fred Trunkenbolz
intat Eagle, had suddenly become in
sane, and he will probably go out after
the man this evenlug.
The republican county convention
at. Weeping Water Saturday unani
mously endorsed II. X. Dovey of this
city as a delegate to the national con
vention from the First district, and A
C. Wright as state delegate.
Frt m Tuesday's Daily.
Judge B. S. Rarnse and his brother.
lohn,departed this afternoon forltusb-
ville, Xeb . called thither by the seri
ous illness of Dr. Waterman, a brother-in-law
of theirs.
The court house presents a deserted
appearance today. Judge Ramsey has
gone out to Rusbville, County Attor
ney 1'olk is in Omha, Sheriff Hollo-a-
y is out tn the county, and Distnc
Clerk Houseworth has gone fishing.
Rev J. M. Woods, the first pastor of
the Baptist church in tbiscity,preacbed
i very eloquent sermon at that church
Sunday morning, his subject being
Love." Rev. Woods is enroute to
Oregon, where he hopes to benefit his
f filing health.
Gertrude M. Wiley vs. tJ. E. Wiley,
et al, is the title of a case tried to a
jury in county court yesterday. The
defendants sought a change of venue,
but the motion was overruled. The
jury found for the plaintiff in the sum
of $200 00. the full amount claimed.
Twenty-seven uew members were
initiated at the special meeting of the
Modern Woodman of America last
evening, and about one hundred
Woodmen were present, including
several from various parts of the
county. Everybody appears to be get
ting aboard the Modern Woodman
Farm For Sale.
The undersigned has for sale, either
in wholeorin part. the property describ
ed as the north east quarter and
the east half of the north west quarter
md north east quarter of the south
west quarter and north half of the
south eat quarter of section 2, and the
north west quarter of the north west
quarter of sect ion 1, all in township 13,
range 9. Saunders county, Nebraska,
comprising 400 acres. The property is
uoier cultivation and has a house and
outbuildings thereon. Apply to
Montgomery & Hall,
609 New York Life bldg..
13 3t Omaha, Xeb.
John Phelps, a farmer living on the
north fide of the river, killed a large
aoo.-e Wednesday . 'He was turprised
when lie picked it up to find a neatly
tinted leather harness on Mr. Goose
and troai appearance it had been worn
a long time. It was made from a
w ide strip of leather, one end being
split in two strips. These run back
between its legs and fastened with
trps into a ring over its back. It is
probable that it has at some time been
used as a decoy and broke loose but
could not free itself from the closely
fitted harness. John says be has
killed all kiuds and sizes of geese, but
this is the first one he ever captured
with a harness. Papillion Times.
During Lent there will be services
Wednbdaj and Friday evenings of
each week at the Episoopal church.
Tii service on Wednesday evenings
will be in he shape of a short lecture
I by the pastor. Rev. H. B. Burgess.
Every one is coidially invited to at
tend these services.
I Advertise in Tjjb Jouknal.
Two strangers came unto the gate,
Where Rood M. Petter nodding sale.
The one was sleek and round and fat.
And wore the latest style of hat.
Ilia garments, too, were tailor made
Of finest wool that could not fade.
Bis hands were white, his fingers shone
With many a ring and precious strne.
lie first approached the Saint and bowed
With distant air and manner proud,
"I am," he said, "Fitzgerald Browne,
Come to receive my starry crown.
I walked, but much against my will.
Up that long road and stony hill.
May I enquire why it is thus.
There Is no carriage 6ent for us :
Of course you know my standing, sir.
How did this awkward thing occur?"
St. Peter answered, "Sir, I fear
You will be most unhappy here.!'
The saint sun-eyed bis ample girlh.
"I had the finest church on earth,"
He said with most complacent air,
"None but the wealthy worshiped there.
The altar rail was gold inlaid.
The floor and columns were of j ade ;
The windows shone with rainbow hue.
Aud richest music floated through
But that is past, I'd like a place
Close up beside the throne of Grace
Unlock the gate and let me in.
For I am wholly free from sin."
But Pe'er rose with cold disdain
nd pointed to the house of Pain,
Go learn," he said, "they do not Doast
Who love the Lord and serve him most.
Thy purse-proud friends aud kindred dwell
Within the ebon walU of hell."
And 6ent him forth with faithful guide
Into the flaming gates and wide,
Then turning to the one w ho stood
With drooping head and ashen hood.
He said : 4 'What reaeon canst thou give
That thou sbouldst enter here and live?"
The second man was gaunt and white,
His eyelids drooped before his sight.
His garments hung in tatters thin,
Scarce hid the fleshless form within.
His hands were calloused, bent and seamed.
On them no shining jewel gleamed.
His voice was low and mild and sweet,
Not to command, but to entreat.
He said, "1 come, my spirits grieves.
With nothing in my hands but leaves.
I plead no virtues of my own,
I isk no Keat beside the throne,
I am not great, I am not good,
I cou d not do the things 1 would ;
I am a sinner weak and sore
Nor hope to enter Heaven's door
Except through Him who died for me
Upon the cro.'-s of Calvary."
And Peter said, "In Jesus' name
Was none refused who ever came."
Isabel Kiciiey.
Workmen are busy on a new Bap
tist church at Alliance.
Typhoid fever is getting pretty
thick in the neighborhood of Norfolk.
The crearuer at Lyons paid out
$2,062 for milk during the month pf
A burglar conQued in the jail at Sid
ney crawled out through the roof and
The editor of the Juniata Herald
weiuhs 200 pounds. He may not be all
wool, but he's a yard wide, easy.
Hon. II. C. Wortbain has dropped
out of the race for state treasurer and
Pawnee county is solid for Charles E.
Chaunccy Ilurlbut of Elk Creek died
at the age of only thirty years from
Bright's disease. He has been bedfast
for two years.
The hotels at Milford have made a
rate not to exceed $1 per day to the
veterans of Shiloh, who will meet there
on April 6 and 7.
The marshal of Ainsworth proposes
to enforce the ordinance against stock
running at large and protect the inter
ests of those who desire to raise a gar
den. A suit has been instituted in the dis
trict court of Thomas county to test
the validity of the court bouse and
jail bonds lately issued by the county
Jacob Ehrman of Weeping Water
has invented a contraption that placed
on top of a chimney will keep it free
of soot. If it works as be says it will
the patent ought to net him a cool
half million.
We ought, says the Beatrice Ex
press, to decide on a uniform pro
nunciation of the name of this town.
For some reason there seems to be a
diversity of opinion as to the correct
pronunciation. Authorities agree that
the accent should be on the first syl
lable, and other authorities agree that
it should be on the second, and a few
wild-eyed authorities agree that it
should be on both. This breeds a
great deal of confusion.
K Prominent Wholesale Cirocer of Omaha
Neb.. Writes:
To the afflicted:
Severn I years atro I discovered a
slight falling and bleedingo! tbelower
bowel wiiich increased and became
very distressing. I made inquiry as
totbe nature of the disease and learned
tbat I bad a somewhat aggravated case
of Hemorrhoids or Piles. Was told of
several remedies and used them as di
rected, obtaining thereby some tem
porary relief. Not being satisfied with
such slight relief I cast about for a per
manent cure; when a friend directed
the use of the famous Magnet Pin:
Kill. eh. I used it Immediate relief
from pain followed, and soon a com
plete cure was affected.
Very respectfully,
Oscar Allen.
For sale by Gering & Co.
Wm. Gilliard. the Iowa farmer, who
reads The Weekly JouRNAL,naticed
through its columns that . Gus Gorder
wa making harness from old-fashioned
oak-tanned leather, so be came over to
Plattsmouth and bought a set.
Lighting Up Interior.
Edison's application of the cathode
ray. whereby the physician or any cur
ious person having i he price can see
through t he human body with the
naked eye and examine all its organs
at leisure, will not, perhaps, be entirely
welcome to the interne. -
Heretofore one of the dearest de
lights of the study of medicine has
consisted in the student's liberty to
cut holes in such persons as fell into
his bands and to pr7 around among
their inards as a child pries among the
contents of a forbidden drawer. Un
der the Edison system this, of course,
will not be necessary. The pi Lient
will be stood up and examined from
the out side, as a jeweler examines the
works of a watch. Chicago News.
llouie-Seekertt' Kxcurttion.
On March 10th, April 7th and 21st,
aud May 5th the B. &M. will sell
tickets to all points in Arizona, Arkan
sas, Indian Territory, Louisiana, Mis
souri, Oklahoma and Texas at one fare
for the round trip, plus $2.00. For
further information call at tbeB.&M.
depot. W. L. Picket, Agent.
Highest cash prices paid for chick
ens and eggs by E. W. Black, at
White's store.
In County Court ot Cass County, Nebraska.
In the matter of the guardianship of Minnie
Ann Adams:
To all persons interested In said matter: No
tice is hereby given, that on the yist day of
March. isy6. Jacob It. Vallery, as guardian of
tiie person and estate of the said Minnie Ann
Adams, tiled in the county court of Cass county,
Nebraska, a final report and vouchers therewith
and a petition stating, among other things, that
said ward left the stute of Nebraska in Fe bru
ary, is. and went to the state of Indiana,
w nere she now is, and, as youi petitioner Is in
formed and believes, the proper court in Indi
ana has appointed a guardian for her in said
stHte, and said guardian is now demanding of
your ietitioiier the money in bis hands belong
ing to his slid wat l.The said petitioner praysio
be discharged from further duties aud responsi
bilities in rrgard to said guardianship: that he
be ailowvd compensation for his services as
sor-h guardian, and that he te allowed a
reasonabletiine to collect the balance founddue
said ward, and pay it intocourt.
You are further notified, that if you fail To
Hjear before said court on the 20th day of
April, 18:i. atito'clocfc, a. m., and contest said
petition and final report, the court may settle
Hiid allow said final rebort. and grant the prayer
of said petition, and make such other and fur
ther orders, allowances and decrees as to the
court may seem proper, to the end that all mat
ters pertaining to said guardianship may be fin
ally settled pnd determined.
IMted this 21st dnv of March, lSPfi.
Hv the court, C.LOKGK M. SFURLOCK,
U-4w County Jud,-e.
I fg-al utice.
The Peoples' Building, Loan it Saving Asso
ciation of Syracuse, New Y ork, defendant, will
take notice that on the 11th day of March, A. D.,
Issh;, Chas. I) Cummins, plaiutift" herein, tiled
his petition in the county court of Cass county,
Nebraska, against said defendant, the object
mid praver of which are to io recover a money
. judgment in the sum of ?137 and interest at
1 - r . - . 1 1 . . V . . -. . 1
seven per cent i or in o aiiu uue unu jrnrsniiu
cost of suit, being money had and received by
said defendant on certificate of stock No. 3.fC5
in said defendant association, and said sum be
ing the present value of the said certificate of
stock which the said defendant has In its posses
sion and impliedly promises to pay for same.
That the said county court issued an order of
attachment and garnishment summons for the
said sum. and that property of said defendant,
consisting of money in the hand9 of Sallie
Thomas, Andrew Ilarwick and Andrew Ithody.
has been attached and garnished under said
orders, of a sutiicient amount to pay plaintiff's
claim, interests and costs. Said cause has been
conitnued to the 29th day of April, A. !., 1S96,
at 10 o'clock a. m., and you are required to ans
wer said petition on or before said date or de
fault will be entered against yon and the money
gurniseed as aforesaid applid in the payment
of plaintiff's claim and costs.
Chas. D. Cummins.
14-4 Rr D. O. Dwyer, his Attorney.
tiling to patent ? Protect your ideas : they may !
bring you wealth. Write JOIIN WEDDEK-
tsUKiM as ju., I'atenx Aiiorneys, w asiiingron, ;
u. C, for their S1.S0U prize oner.
Julius Pepperberg,
The Best Ten-cent Cigar Sold
on the Market.
.Mull Crler to I'lattsnioutli, fib.
First National Bank
Capital, paid up $50,000
Oeorge E. Dotet President
F. E. White Vice president
S. Wacoh. :... Cashier
II. N.Dovet Assistant Cashier
George E. Dovey, F. E. White, D. Dawksworth
9. Wangh and II. N. Dovey.
Careful attention given lo the Interests of
cuHtnmers Collection made and promptly
remitted for. Highest market prion paid for
county WHrntntH and Ptate and county bonds
iV tu.yg
v Omaha, Neb.
i Corner 12th and Howard Sts.
' Under the rnHungement of slLLOWAY
It is Omaha's newest and best fitted hotel.
Steam heat, electric light! Rates. $2.0, $2.50or
$.00 a day. Give it a trial and you will neTer
want to go elsewhere.
Sixth Street Checkered Barn,
FIBS 7- CLA SS S ' r
Special attention to Funerals. LIsckb '.. be
, un to all trains. "Promptness and Fidelity to
Customers" la his notrn ,
ew Store,
In fact, Everything
Which he has just opened in the
Waterman Block
HAVING tired of doing nothing, I have
just put in an entire new stock of Gro
ceries and am prepared to serve the
public with every and anything in the Grocery
line, just from the wholesale markets. No
musty, old or shelf-worn stock on hand. I
will greet my customers with the cleanest,
neatest and most attractive grocery house in
town and my
Prices Defy
. All my former customers and everybody
else is cordially invited to call and see me
and inspect my goods and prices.
Waterman Block,
t 0 t
Flour, Feed
And Corn-Meal,
Union Block, Plattsmonth.
Anti sells at the closest mar
gin. He invites patronage
and guarantees satisfaction.
Call at F. McCourt's old stand.
W.L. Douglas
FRENCH &. ENAMELLED CALF. fine Calf &Kangarmi
j" SEND FOR CATA! ftrirr
-W-L'D O UGLAfli
Over Ono Million People wear the
W. L. Douglas $3 & $4 Shoes
All our shoes are equally satisfactory
The prices are unltortn, -stamped on sole.
From $i to $3 saved over other makes.
If your dealer cannot supply you we mt?, Sold by
ft; ?
They ?lv the best value for the money.
They equal custom Shoes In style and fit.
Their wearing Qualities are unsurnassed.
Is NEW in the new
p ru
vy; ul x)
Plattsmouth, Neb
$ 0
The attention of farmers who expect
to plant orchards is called to the fact
that I have home-grown trees, war
ranted to be true to name, by a man
who you know, and at prices that will
compare with any nursery in the land.
EACH.I..100.. 11,000.
Apple Trees, standard varle
ties, 3 years old , ..
Same, 2 years old
Plums, blue
Pears, 3 years
Cherry trees, 3 years
Concord vines, 2 years
Peach trees
Currants, choice kinds
t .15 flS.OO ,t95.W
Will take corn lor part trade and
give two cents a bushel above market
Parties living too far away can send
orders. Will be carefully packed in
Fred Krug
Brewing Co.,
Fred Egenberger. Agt.
Dr. Alfred Shipman,
Jb. i Office in Riley Hotel,
( Main Street entrance.
i Telephone No. 95. Residence ono block sooth
' of M. P. depot.