Plattsmouth weekly journal. (Plattsmouth, Neb.) 1881-1901, March 26, 1896, Image 12

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    The Weekly Journal
C- W. SHERMAN, Editor.
One year, in advance, . . . . . . $1.00
Six months, in advance, 50
Three months, in advance, . . . .
liates made known on application.
A delegate convention of the demo
crats of the state ot Nebraska is here
by called to meet in Lincoln on W ed
uesday, April 22, lSi)6, at 2 p. ni., for
the purpose of electing sixteen dele
gates to the national democratic con
vention, which will meet in Chicago on
the 7th day of July, lS'JG, and for the
transaction of such other business as
may properly come before it.
We invite all democratic citizens of
the state, without respect to past po
litical associations or differences, to
unite in sending delegates to this con
vention. The basis of representation is one
delegate for each 100 votes, or maj r
fraction thereof, cast for Hon. W. J.
Bryan for United States senator at the
general election of 1S94, each county,
however, have at least one delegate.
(Here follows the list of the counties
with their number of delegates. On
this basis Cass county is entitled to
twenty-one delegates, and the whole
number of delegates to the convention
is 813).
By order of the democratic state
central committee.
C. J. Smytii, Chairman.
Lee Hehdmax, Secretary.
It is said that the sugar trust is dip
ping its hands in the Cuban question
in the senate and that is the reason
for the chancre of sentiment in that
If the ElmwoodaEcho wants to copy
our best editorial paragraphs it is wel
come to them, even if it steals them
bodilv. but it crates on our delicate
nerves to see them credited merely t
The house conference committee on
the Cuban resolutions has agreed to
recede and adopt the senate resolu
tions. That may briDg about tbe pas
sage of the resolutions. Then we
shall see what Mr. Cleveland thinks oi
the matter.
There is a growing belief that the
republicans are going to have the wis
dom to link a demand for free coinage
with their peculiar ism which they call
"protection," and we want to say if
they do they will not only carry the
country but keep it for years to come,
while, if they don't and should sue
ceed in the coming election, they will
lose the country the Grst opportunity.
The enemies of ex-Judge Chapman
are gloating over the fact that Satur
day's convention came near perman
ently retiring that gentleman from the
domain of politics. They boastingly
point to the fact that he was elected
delegate to the state convention by the
merest accident and state that such an
occurence will not happen again. It
really looks as if the Polk brothers
had the whip hand in the republican
camp. Chapman's nam is now
printed at the tail end of the list.
The gold standard people have many
sins to answer for, but none of them is
more certain of proof and conviction
than this: that not a single one of
their promises or predictions respecting
the effect of their policy has come true.
Not only that, but the people have
continued to suffer, as this nation
never before wa3 compelled to suffer,
during the past three years, from the
folly of putting any faith in their false
The people of the city of Platts
mouth, two years ago, went wild over
the prospect of securing alleged reform
in city affairs. Despite the fact that
for two years prior, the affairs of this
city had been entrusted to the most
capable set of officials the city ever
had, a senseless idea that a change
would be beneficial seized the electors
and they hurried into power a so-called
"reform" administration. What has
this administration reformed? This
question is one of paramount import
ance at this time. Wherein has this
set of ofiieials improved the city or
given to it better government. All
people remember the melancholy farce
performed just prior to the last gen
eral city election when a grand jury
was called by the Jate lament d court
to investigate 'mmorality and corrupt
ness in city affairs and, incidentally,
serve as a stepping-stone to enable the
republicans to reform the city. This
expensive luxury indicted three gamb
lers and created a feeling that a change
was necessary to secure good govern
ment. Mayor Newell and the repub
lican city t icket was carried into power
and "reform" began. A change iu the
police force was had in order to better
secure this era of good government for
the people. Almost' from the first
"reform" converted the city police
mto veritable sleuths who trailed the
festive "growler" from saloon to resi
dence and tracked designing women
like an avenging angel. All this great
'reformvculininated in a so called spar
ring match for points, which resulted in
the death of a Plattsmouth citizen and
the serving of a penitentiary sentence
by his murderer. All this happened un
der au administration bound to "re
form"the city underan administration
which "reform" the saloon and the
house of ill-fame and promoted the
general health of the city by premit
tiug sparring matches for "points'
under police supervision. Will anyone
turn back the pages of the city history
and find under a democratic adminis
tration where the city oflicers permit
ted prize-fights to take place and open
ly aided and abetted the violation of
the law. Yet this is one of the bean
ties of ''reform." Truly meat is a
"reform" administration that has
eauties such as the present adminis
tration can point to. It has suppres
sed the violation of the liquor laws it
has closed bawdy-houses it has
driven gambling from the city it has
made men good it has produced an un
livalled police force but greater than
all this, it 1ns truly cleaned the muni
cipal ausrean stables and lurnished a
city where peace and quietude ai.d
lack of excitement is painfully ap
parent. Have the people seen any
thing of all these "reform" promises of
two vears aero? Rather not. True
reform consists iu the administration
of the law as the oilicers find it. and it
can best be had in this city by the
election of the sonnd democratic ticket,
headed by John A. Gutsche for mayor.
This ticket gives satisi action to the
people. It's list of names is a guaran
tee that it will not attempt hypocrisy,
The Atlanta negro ascensionists,
called locally "!lawa) negroes"' vho
expected to be taken up to l.t ;tv ii on
the sixth of last March, and gave awaj
most of their earthly possessions ii
anticipation of the eveuf, htve re
ceived notification from some where
that the flight has been postponed for
seven ears. Many of them are in
pretty severe straits as a result of tbe
completeness of their f i h.
The mikado of JuDun can trace his
royal pedigree back farther than any
ruler or potentate of high or low de
gree on earth. His family began to
reign 660 )eais before Christ, in the
time of Nebachudnezzar. He is the
122d in the line of royal rulers of his
family. Tins record is most extraor
dinary, showing that Japan possesses
the most stable government in history.
The bridge over the Tennessee river
at .Nashville is to be constructed en
tirely of piuk marble from quarries
near by. It is be 1,000 feet long, with
one arch 250 feet in length, which is
20 feet longer thau any oilier in the
world. It is 105 feet high at the high
est point above the water, and is to
have a fifty-foot roadway.
thirtyflve years, he was induced, after
much persuasion, to execute a few
steps Saturday evening at the
chlieska-Wilde wedding, and those
who witnessed the treat say it was
worth going miles to see."
A Kansas judge has decided that if
a mau calls upon a woman regularly
and now and then takes her to places
of public entertainment it operates as
a legal engagemant. this is hard on
the women there in one respect, for it
will make it necessary for them to pay
for their own ice cream or stay at
Three big bald eagles attacked a
crocer's clerk at Seabrook, N. II.., tone
day last week and were mauling him
badly when help arrived. Tbe birds
were beaten off and they escaped.
Many Canadian hares are soon to be
turned loose in the woods of Sandwich
township, Massachusetts, which is on
Buzzard's bay. Sportsmen of that
rpgion are arranging to secure the
hares ami turn themtlown,in the hope
of stocking the woods with them for
game purposes.
A remarkable succession of misfor
tunes occurred recently in the Irving
family of Oldtown. Me. Not long ago
the old homestead burned down, leav
ing the family with but a shed for
shelter. Two of the sisters moved into
a store and started a millinery busi
ness. The store was burned down and
they lost all they had. Soon after that
three women members of the party
ivere thrown from a boat in Pushaw
stream, directly opposite their home,
and drowned. A week or two since
two other sisters be'onging to the fam
ily were murdeied in Oldtown.
Chairman Kenuard of the finance
committee of the Omaha city council
has addressed a letter to J. N. Wise,
instructing him to supervise the work
of the expert emploed by the bonds
men of ex-City Treasurer Henry IJolln
to examine the books of the city. Om
aha Sunday Bee.
The King Press Drill company will
begin work on their new plant at Ne
braska City in a short time. They ex
pect to have the plant in operation by
May 15th.
Itrmg Your Krlemlit to Nebraska.
The Chicago. Burlington & Quincy
H. It. publish a sixteen-page monthly
illustrated newspaper called the "Corn
Belt," which gives iu an interesting
way information about western farm
lands, particularly those iu Nebraska.
The regular subscription price is
twenty-five cents per year, but if you
want it sent to any of your friends
living east of the Mississippi river,
send ten cents in stamps for each such
person, giving, name and full address
and the paper will be sent for one
year. The B. & M. It. It. It. agent
will show you a sample copy of the
paper on request. Help your state
and induce your friends to immigrate.
Address the Corn Belt,. 209 Adams
street, Chicago, 111.
iHitfw and it!
1'roiuinrut Druggist of Itlair, Neb., Writes
Magnet Chemical Co.
Dear Sirs: The goods which we
bought through your salesman are
sellers; the Magnet Pile Killkk es
pecially sells good and gives excellent
satisfaction. We have re-ordered
through our jobbers several times.
Respectfully yours.
Palmer & Tayloh.
For sale by Gering & Co.
Parlor Suites.
$100 for $75
75 for 55
55 for .-40
45 for 3'5
Lonnges and Couches.
$35 for $25
20 for 15
15 for , H
11 for 8 50
8 60 for 5 00
Bed Room Suites.
$100 for $75
75 for 55
50 for... 35
Wo rib.
435 for
25 lor
22 for
Dining: Tables.
$28 for....:.. ''SIS
20 for 14.0
G for du"
4 for' . . 2.50
Gold Coin Steel
Ranges and btoves
$85 for.
05 for.
50 for.
40 for.
30 for.
25 for-
Opposite Court House, Plattsmouth, Neb
The Plattsmouth Mills
With Ihe best Machinery made, manufacture
I. M. K. It.
2, daily
4. daily
10, from Schuyler except Sunday
12, daily
y2, daily except Sunday
3)t freight from Louisville
3. dally
5. dally ..
7, fast mail, dally
9, to Schuyler, except Sunday ...
11, dally
29, freight tc Louisvllhi
.6::l, p. in.
10:21, a. m.
.11:55, a.m.
.8:25. p. m.
12:23. p. m.
..2:50, p. m
..3:43, p. m.
..7:27, a.m.
.2:12. p. m.
.4 :00 p. m.
.4:50, p.m.
Bloomers af an aid to smuggling
were tried by two San Francisco girls
in an experiment that failed. The
girls took passage to Honolulu on oue
of the mail steamers, and excited the
suspicion of the Hawaiian customs
officers by going ashore clad in
voluminous bloomers. They were fol
lowed to a house in Honolulu, where
the discarded bloomers and sixtv tins
of smuggled opium were found. The
girls were arrested and convicted of
M. P. It. II.
Passenger, No. 1 4:50 a. m.
No. 15W 4:50 p. m
Freight, No. 127 (dally exc'ptSunday) 3:35 p. m
C Passenger, No. 2 lc:43 d. m.
No. l'.4 11:52 a. m.
Freight, No. 12 (dally except Sunday) 9:35 a. n
Union and Lincoln accommodation, No3G3,
arrives 12:55; departs, o. 264, 3:4o p. m.
but will give a genuine reform govern- smuggling, but on appeal to thesu-
Trvla Accrpt.
Hon. II. D. Travis has been induced
to reconsider his declination of the
democratic nomination for member of
the school board and his name will ap
. a la rm -
Dear UDon tne oaiciai oauoc. xuis
announcement is made so that tbe
voters of the city can understand that
preme court the case against them
was dismissed because their guilt was
not proved clearly. The girls returned
to ban Francisco a few days ago in
the steerage, wearing skirts.
The haimony conspicuous in Ohio at
present is menaced by a bill pending
in the legislature prohibiting the
wearing of hats by women at theatri
there are two democratic candidates cal performances- The measure seems
Mr. Travis an introduction to the
citizens of Plattsmouth. He is a sterl
ing citizen, excellentlv qualified for the
position for which he is nominated and
his election seem3 almost certain.
If Ohio solons want war' they could
not select a subject more likely to
shatter domestic peace. Revolutions
have been started from less cause.
Trade Especially Solicited. Runs
Night and Day to Supply Demand.
C. HEISEL, Prop.,
Washington Avenue, Plattsmouth, Neb.
Good Knadw.
The growth of bicycling the past few
years ha3 aroused great interest in
the subject of good roads all over the
country. In this city good streets and
roads are particularly necessary as the
peculiar formation of the city renders
travel over the streets exceedingly dif
Gcult unless the streets are in good re
pair. The policy of the present city
government is one that is calculated to
permit the streets to fall into decay
and disuse if persisted in and a change
in policy is necessary. To secure this
the city administration must be
changed. Let all people interested in
the improvement of the city streets
vote to place at the head of city af
fairs a man who will take a pride in
good roads. That man is John A.
A few discordant notes threaten tbe
harmonious relations presumed to ex
ist between the brethren of the Xew
York Press. One sheet dubbed "a de
cayed pretender" retorts by calling
the publisher "a vulgar swindler."
Another rival is singled out for this
ChII for Congressional Convention.
The democratic convention for the
First district of Nebraska is hereby
called to meet at Lincoln, Nebraska,on
the22d day of April, 189G, at eleven
o'clock a. m., for the purpose of nomi-1 shot, "The present editor of the
nating two delegates to the dem-1 js as thoroughed-factd a knave and as
ocratic national convention to be nastv a blackguard as has recentlv
held in Chicago on the 7h day of July, projected himself before the public
said nominations to be ratified by the I scrutiny." If the country must have
democratic state convention to beheld war this method is to be encouraged
in Lincoln on the 22d day of April,
189G, at two o'clock p. m. The
baste of representation sball,be one del
egate for every 100 votfcs, or major
fraction thereof , cast for Hon. W. J.
Bryan for United States senator m
1895. The several counties shall be en
titled to representation as follows:
Va?s 21Otoo 20
lonnson 13 Pawnee -.. 8
Lancaster 40 Richardson 20
.cmaoa jo
as a means of saving funeral expenses.
The Talmage Tribune with com
mendable enterprise offers a setting
of fifteen Wyandotte and other brands
of chicken eggs with every cash sub
scription. Xextear the editor will
take chickens on subscrjption. Thus
it is that the wise man profiieth.
Everything New.
Canned Goods,
Dried Fruit,
Tobacco and Cigars.
Have openen a splendid new
stock of these goods in
Which the public is invited
to purchase.
Will be their motto. It will also be
their purpose to keep open a
First-Class Meat Market
Where everything in that line will
be kept in first-class order.
Groceries, Dry
Goods, Notions
I General Mdse.
i F. S. WHITE,
The Old Reliable
Pioneer Merchant
Every purchase made at his store
is a guarantee that you obtained the
best and most goods for the least money.
Farmers are invited to call and trade.
General Casey is dead. It was he
Total 1.38 who that completed the monument oi
Washington after it had been partly
built and remained so foryears. At
the time of his death he was superin
tending the completion of the con-
Ilome-Seeker' I,xcui-aioii.
Missouri PaciGc will sell home-seekers'
tickets at th'e ratio of one fare
Pius - ior round trip, with stop-over gressional library building at Washing-
privneges io points in Iowa,Minnesota, ton in response to a special request of
i3cousin,ortn and South Dakota, congress
August Gorder,
Successor to red Gorder & Son
: : : DEALER IN :
Arkansas, Indian Territory Oklahoma,
lexas and Arizona. Dates of sale.
March 10, April 7 and 21st and May 5.
For further particulars call at Missouri
I'acitic depot.
C. F. Stoutenbo rough. Agent.
Judge Archer isn't "as young as he
used to be," but lie is yet able to give
some of the young chaps a few pointers
on dancing. Although the judge has
not indulged in that pastime for
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