Plattsmouth weekly journal. (Plattsmouth, Neb.) 1881-1901, February 06, 1896, Image 9

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The county commissioners opened
the bids and let the county advertising
and printing February olh the con
tract, under their rule, going to the
lowest bidderoutside of Plattsmouth
the Louisville Courier, at twenty-five
cents per square for road notices, $4.00
for county treasurers statement and
fifteen cents per case for court docket.
The joke is on Commissioner Hayes in
connection with the matter. When he
left Elmwood Monday, Bert Clements,
of the Leader, handed him his bid,
sealed in an envelope, requesting him
to put it in at the richt time. Mr.
Hayes, however, forgot the matter un
til the day atter the award was made,
when lie opened the envelope and
found that the bid was lower than the
one to whom the award wa3 made.
Since then he has been kicking him
self for his forgetf ulness.
A small fire occurred the other niubt
at the residence of City Editor Curtin.
of the Nebraska City Pre.. siiuUb
News of that city remarks that "it is
unkind on the part of some to suspect
that the Ore last nipht at the home ol
Editor Curtin, of the Press, wa
caused by the spontaneous combus
tion of some of the red hot but un-
published endorsements of ex-Judge
Chapman that were stored ttere to
kindle fire.'
It i reported that a certain man (?)
residing it the Third ward, almost
iaiy amuses himself by beating and
shamefully abusing his wife. If this
aforesaid man (?) continues his brutal
treatn.f x;t of the woman he is pledged
to love and cherish, TllK JoUKNAl
wili give him sornt free advertising m
a very short time.
Speaker Heed is the victim of a
crank who is in the habit of writing
long communications to him on postal
cards. The crank begins on one card
and continues his writing on others
until a single letter sometimes covers
i dozn cards, which lie mails sep
arately. Annie May Abbott, the Georgia
electric magnet' whose feats ot
;encth created a sensation in thi?
antry some years ago. is amusing
rselfnon wiili the strong men o'
na and Japan. The Japanese
triers, whose physical strength i
'brated the world over, were un
to raise Miss Abbott from tht
!, while with the tips of her fingers
.'neutralized their most strenuous
JVts to litt even light objects, sucl
a a cane, trom a table.
An excb.-.nge informs us that Counts
Commissioner Samuel States, of Jef
ferson, l'a, has a son named United,
and wants to know whether you would
say, "United States is a good boy,"oi
"United States
Lincoln Call.
are a good boy?'
Having had a few months' exper
ience with a venerable husband,
Nellie Bly drops this chunk of matri
monial wisdom, anent the Vanderbilt
Belmont marriage: "In married life it
is a blessed thing to have one common
subject that both husband and wife
steer clear of. It is a comfort, though
unconfessed, to know there is one
thing upon which both are equally
sensitive and equally guilty. It saves
so much breath and so many senseless
arguments, such as are peculiar to
married ceonle." It seems Nellie
sounded every note in the matrimonial
L-utimanl and then whacked the
strings with an ax.
The "silver" senators have laid
down the law to their party associates
in which they set out the fact that the
finance question is of moie importance
to the country that the tariff, and
therefore they give it out that thej
will agree to no tariff measure except
ii no ii the condition that the house
i.hal! pass the free coinage amend
ment to the tariff bill which passed
the house last December. This prop
osition ptits the republicans of the
house to a direct test of the question
of their adherence to their platform.
or whether they have been masquerad
isg under false colors all this time.
It is with no undue forebodings that
Presslets makes inquiries as to the
state of health of one Col. M. D. Polk,
a newspaper man at Plattsrcouth. A
fw il-iys since the colonel whs in the
-citv and gave the editor of this paper
his solemn promise that if his life was
spared he would forthwith send an ex
press package to this editor. Three
long, weary dajs hav passed, and
many things have come to pass, but
that which was promised hath come
not. Each day. with sinking heart the
editor has carefully scanned the dis
patches, fearing lest the editor at
Plattsmoiith had departed hence the
arenes of this stormy old world. Each
day he as ulad to find that to all in
tents and purposes of the news bu
reau Col. Polk still lived, but each day
he was confronted anew with the re
membrance of the colonel's solemn
promise that if he lived he would do
so-and-so. ad bp-damned if he
-wouldn't. All this leads Presslets
to resDHCtfully and sincerely,?-! firmly
inquire. "Is Col Polk still in the land I
of the living?" Nebraska City Press.
fo :-:::-s
THERE, i !
LI - "
Headers will remember that some
time ago there appeared in this column
an account of the elopement of Mrs
Frances Lee Iligginson and James W.
Smith of Boston, Mass. The husband,
it will be recalled, sent the fleeing
couple a check for $100,000 which kind
act attracted considerable attention.
It now appears that the end is notyet.
Jimmy and his cirl have returned from
o'er the deep blue sea and
leaes that she returned for the one sole
purpose of contesting the pending di
vorce suit ol Mr. Iligginson. She does
not outline her defense, but states she
will win her case. It looks rather dif
ficult, at this distance, to see how
Frances will clear her skirts, especially
on the elopement charge, but then
who knows?
I noticed a keen bit of satire the
other day. in an Associated Press dis
patch. It was in regard to one of Dau
Stuart's bruisers at the Mexican fistic
carnival having consciencious scruples
against lighting on Sunday. A man
who follows the prize ling for a living
has no business with a conscience, and
this boy will find it out.
Over at Fairbury, 111., a farmer
convention listened to the reading ot a
paper on " When to Sell Corn." rhei
are a few people in this neighborhood
who can furnish pointers to the author
f that skit..
In Kooxville. la., the people are up
. i i
in arms becau3e the Masons piaceu
-ome emblems in the box that was
placed in the corner stone of the comt
house. These people worry over litth-
ihings. Why. don't they move to Dav
enport where the beer war rages and
then they will have something to worry
The Cincinnati police are enca-re.;
in unraveling the mystery of the death
f Pearl Bryan. For her murder the
police have arrested two dental stu-
lents, one twenty-five years of age
and the other twenty. The murdered
iirl was twenty-three years old ami
vas engaged to her murderer. Her
Oody was found in a roading in K n-
ucky. decapitated. Such crimes a
his lead men to meditate upon the ie-
rurn of ancient methods or punish
ment. For this kind of business the
ld stvle of punishment is best. When
man knows that he is to be skinned
dive, or broken on the wheel, or b
orn to i ieces by wild beasts he is apt
ro desist from his vile actions. These
kind of crimes recall the Durrant mur-
lers in San Francisco. Durrant's
crime was worse than the present case
because his victim. Blanche Lamont,
was a girl only fifteen years old. Dur
rant had ruined this girl and then
killed her. For this kind of a man
ihere is no punishment adequate. Hell
was a special contrivance for this kind
f a criminal and it sure fits his case.
From the looks of the windows in
some of the Burlington cars the
curtailirg of passes is having a bad
effect. Some evil-minded person has
been casting rocks against the win
dows with violence and great strength
and has substituted large gobs of air
for solid glass in several cases. This
is wrong for the railroad is only carry
ing out this pass business so as to
make a little money this year, and it
don't really mean any particular
The information is given out that
there is now in bond 75,000,000 gal
lons of whisky. This ought to con
vince the most skeptical that he can't
drink the whole product and he ought
to quit trying. The annual consump
tion is 15,000,000 gallons so we hav
five years supply on hand. It would
look like a hard job to drink all this in
one-fifth the normal time and I doubt
whether it can be done.
Governor Ahumada of Chihuahua,
Mexico, is one of the kind of men to
have bandy. The governor has made
no lurid talks in the papers but he has
ordered 1,000 troops to proceed to
Juarez and stop Dan Stuart's pug
ilistic carnival at all hazards. The
gentlemen plainly knows why he hold
his job. If American politicians had
the knacK of doing work like Ahua
mada there would be a big improve
ment in the country.
One of the funniest things out is the
way the Spanish troops in Cuba com
plain because the rebels won't stand
still and be whipped. What do these
coffee colored invaders expect anyway r1
Do they hug the fond delusion that
the Cubans are in the revoluting busi
ness for fun? If they do they had bet
ter quit their rainbow chasing and
saw more wood, or they will wake up
minus a fine island some day.
Lulu Ilollingswortb, an intimate
friend and schoolmate of unfortunate
Pearl Bryan, whose headless body was
found in Kentucky, has confessed to
the IndUnopolis police that she pur
chased the drugs that .caused the
death of the girl, and she states that
Miss Bryan went to Cincinnati to take
the drugs, stating that she wanted to.
be near Jackson so he w ould hang for
her death. She further staled that
Miss Bryan was very Litter toward
Jackson whom she claimed wi-.s re
sponsible for her condition. Ti tle i.s
a manifest discrepancy between Miss
liollingswcrth's story and the stories
told by the two men under arrest for
the crime which leads one to think
that all has not, jet conn out in the
A train on the Colorado (. :itr;;l was
blown from the track the other day,
'about one mile from (Jeor.-.etown
There was no one kilU-tf, hieh is lit
tle shoit id r,.ir,ieu!ous, a t-.e io:o:
runs over wotue .it-ciaedly had teiritory
in this iieighbvai:-.'.2 as ;ti. ne i ;::i
iliar with tne co:.;i;i cm tt-tii.
The ice is n-.-w ah.).:L the pi pt
thickness to ln-:in furnishing ti.rer
line notices reading like- the follow i:.g:
Johnny Jones, aed IS. while skat
ing on Skuggin's slouch, broke t hrough
the ice and was drowned. Ti1-- parent
are utteily jivs: r.i! -' -
This is the spi '.v '.y;r " vi-:-iImm;
teuehhiv' ep'.t;.pJ-s ;!."! :- " :;'
'anted to tit any c i'lsitr-iiuMi
lias been fortunate dm ii:g the uiUr,
but it is iut yet to.
ture president.
-in to lo-e
An item going the lounds o:
state press states that Iartle
izens gave Or:i ' 'j;u.'. a
1 a s t w e e U . ' ' No w v c h a v
for a long t!Luj to id in a . i .
didu't iv at Oi .i i igot ht.-ioie t his
have no persona! aopiai-iiai i t
Ora. but I "low she's aii i :.:h:. "
item would r.t wi h..Y:' ;'.;; .r
realh believe that Or a !- h 1 -d
some correspovdeTiT, i.
method ot p!Mlit:g he: .
At the c.mnciJ iiftti;..: M ;
ning atte'.'.t ion ;.s ea:.. d u :
tery ami vic-w w- : e !.-d :
the matter of planting rL,- t ; .
mowing blue grass, 'j his in is
tainh in th.e iii.-iit '. i u v-'-i ; a:.:
tie cat lied o:; . .-;. '
for a ei;y t!:.i:! h.i;i . :!.
It is a !M"oui.d io v. 1 !.;.:;
es! ed . if not. din e: . i ' : ' ' . . ;
would seen: thai i.u j ":.-(:! c
a irood obj"e". ion to lie v- -"
city f u::d- ui iht-i.ui.;-- a: 'A-
o mak beautitul u. . :. ' r. .'. ,
iast rt sli:: r ;!;:! . c l a M. ' ; : :..
.i i
flection i" (.'.:U: - to ; ;;..!
1 1
man ;;t-o;i. ni . :;i- .. v-- i
.a' only too a'.iu to ii. :;-;te .t-.; tl.
thoiities ilawci- ; : . i .-i :i.h.: i
proveitit-nt pi i -:. I ifir.h a:
leqtieat liiaii- hy J!, r.iji i' ;ti.d
cil wouid pr.i'!ii. e V'.i;!r that
make our cetoett i y
to our peepjt".
This is the chronic ; ( f y,' t-nu no. -it
Philander v.onlii that hemidht tiohi o
fice and among men be c-d: side red liht
pert. S ) he go.-th forth arra id. !i-d f :
like .-o!i,imii, but rather 1 !;;.? t.r.toh
Lazerus. and whfn he lue: e? !i t:;
lame, t lie halt and the biiml hi- coi:
eth them with exceeding vigor and n
drageth them into tno tavern v.' here i
intoxicants are sold, and he b-altth
upon the bar with much earnestness
and force and bellow e:h fort ii, "Come
upbojs. Wh:tfl! it be?" And the
come, 3 ea. ever: from tie siiet.a:d
l bey drink ci
;ee : i . v.
JS;;;;:: ,:;;:
t captureth the iioiuiiiittion lor
lander c;tpt
pound-master, aril ht i
tants and joy. Ai:il h'.
his house ei he i i n lit visile! h uinr.u:
i lull cT in ;-
::r-t.h out iic;:: j
his rjcii-'ii.'. i ;
timl ainoiifi tho;e lie k ;:.)'-. it ii tut ;;..
Adam's oil ox, and he ki.-sKh habi !'
sendry colors, and atlorcth the n:c5t!;t-:s
of lates, inl when thy day of i'.; cli"i.
draws to a ciosy, rhih.i;!,r rt-p::i: : 1:
unto the polling p;::co atni waici.
the count. And it torn; s t. pA-- ii:a!
Philander is of the e'.rci n;t a:.u
bis grief and aiij;er is uiost :
rible. .lle uoetfj iiotue :i i : t i hvealcet !i
ye meat Jvuahe ; iat.n jpli. spiai! td's
and l'f t h spaiv many yeais- h' is
grieved anil son-.
('ji.i:Li:s (3tiMi:.
Leave your orders lor job woik v.;!')
The Joitiin'al, an artistic job c-iar-anteed.
A I'romiHnt tVliolfriiilf (iro it ol Oiivim.i
!., Wi it:
To the alllicted:
Sevt-ral years auo I diso.vercd a
slight falling anil bleedingot thn lov-.
bowel which increaj-eil and lcaii.e
very distiesin. I m.-ole iiujuiry as
tothe nat tire of the dist je and !!
that I h;id a sornew hut a'rj.rravatal ea-e
of Hemorrhoids or Piles. Ya to'd i.f
several remedies' and um d thetu as di
rected, obtaining theitby some tem
porary relief. -XoT. lini: sati!id wi:!,
such .slight reli'-f least a'-out fera per
manent cure; w hi n a l'rh'Md directed
theuse of the famoiiK Magkitf Pim:
KlLl.EU. I ued il. Immeiliatf relief
from pain followed, and soon a eom
plete cure was affected.
Very re? peel fully.
For sale by Gerirg Co.
The Elwood .scheul house o-intrht
Gre and a small p::nic whs ?tarted
among the scholars. The build iru-r
was saved'withoat st ions dumge.
Wood will be taken at this efjjce in
payment of accounts due the Weekly
I'.nnacum lias Withdrawn.
A dispatch in this morning's World
Ilerald. from Auburn, says: "Con
siderable excitement was aroused to
d:iy, especially in Catholic circles, over
th j receipt of news from Bishop Bona
cum at Lincoln. The Bishop notified
the attorneys of Fathers Murphy and
Fitzserald, by letter, that he would
withdraw the charges made against
the two clergymen whom he had ex
communicated, on the charge of in
subordination. The case has been one
of several months' standing and has
created : sort of split in the church.
It is presumed from Bishop Bonacum's
iK: action that his decree has been re-vei.o-d
by the higher ecclesiastics, the
aii ;ir h iviug probably reached Cardi
nal Salolii himself."
l a i in I.nai!!.
Money to loan on Improved Cass
county faims at 7 per cent straight,
no on vision, with the privilege of
p.;i:.u' a:iy amount at any time; inter
est p :M.i.:e annually at the bank you
d-:! with .
This. loan, which is the cheapest and
,-.: ever oliered, can only be obtained
ivoi.. T. II. POLLOCK,
7 S !e agent, Piattsmouth, Neb.
Ail subscribers to the Weekly
.I(iL'u:,'al who desire it can have that
-ph-ndid magazine, the Cosmopolitan,
by paying i'l.P0 for the two that is by
i a i; g tor The Juuisnal in advance
tin y vill get the Casmopolitan for a
r jVr !?d cents. The Cosmopolitan
: . o: cx'.'eiient by any illustrated
.'.A.t- in the world.
I it l it r'-t l i.uii, ( ;ims Coualy, NebraskH
V.. .?...hiis.:! -o .1 John , NOTICE
s : : 1 ' v I : nr.- ill ! 1 1 f
::s-r w '. n:: u s-.iinont of
! i i!i c. H .mllcy, de-
c: ui., deft-nd-
1 a,.i v. J. hooii. first naiae unknown,
i: a. nnk'ioivn, It -v. George lliudley,
K. Ciurk. Asaus Street, t ied P. Ken,
(w m. Jtritt i.i;. Henry UuKois, Mary CGlb-
r.cnj A. j.l4n. Halverstadt, first
(.:' s:,.-. n, c. M. Burns, lirsi name un
, , i.e. n, ;r.-. :oei. lirst name unknown,
u-::..--.!MctVnd:i!it.s. will take notice that
.( i':!: .j.iv :' .l uu: iry. i-ao. Frank E. John
i . i .;. iai . s:atl. executors of the last will of K izabeth V . Handler, de-
:. tiiTs hvTin, iiled their petition in
-t ort if e'a-ss county, Nebraska,
tae :i day of Januf.ry,
1 oi niiitn ied tet:tion) at;ainet
. .a i, i o.t?, the object and prayer
i:. h ? foreclose a certain mortgage eac
.. ;.v i. !:' !! I. lioed and Anna B. Reed
.! V:h i(. llaii't'.ey. due anil payable live
- ; . .niui'ite thereof! upon all the west half of
: : !,.':M oon r!er. civ. i Of 11. C. H) Of See.
i . )( u !-t ri ji f uil ieimth across the north
.. '.K-t.i 7.0 fet-t in wi'lth. Also the east
i ,. ;t I. et quarter e. fi n. w. 14) se
eitvptinc 1st. a strip lull length
'.:.-.' ( :'!'ff0.' feet in width,
. . : ' vu -'h a tract in southwest corner.
o .
one unknown, A T. Show,
i.-: ISejiniiin at southwest corner
i forty-M-vcn rods to a pointin west
i' i r-ii iiiior ea-t sixteen rod.s;thence
Mt:;iii t -rt -seven rods; thence west
t ' . to j'lace of teginnicji: also
:rr ttiirdiy, one nnl one-fourth acres on
: fuiiar if above lfnd used for lime
A!: if.ove land icing In township ten
1 a :,-rth of r:::iee eleven 11 east Cth p. in. in
.iid 1 i'- county, tj secure the payment of one
ri ii'i pr.-.iai-'-ory note dated October 2Jth.
7. f ; r tIk s;::a of 6.".ooo: that there isnow due
a i t; s;.id note i'lid uiortgage the sum of 84,500
vi;ii intiT'.-st t seven 7-crcent perannum from
i n
1-t dt:v of June. lSW. for which sum wltn
crc-t iroin that date, riaintiffs pray for a
r.e th:.t defendants mav be required to pay
s:.i;u or thnt said premises mav be fold
-.iti.-iy t!:e p.motint found due on plaintiff's
: n::d n.ortaLa.
You hp rr-ouired tr f.ntwer sai.l petition cn or
!tri the f:h daT of March, A. D. 19C.
i.i.-.o'd tbi day of January. 1SVC. 3
?.', 1- I. Trt-ivuiv 1 vn .Tnv Ctrl ! .
II:. '.; ors of the lst will and testament of
riiiO i t!i iMlnndlev. deceased, by their attor
i . v, ii. ). Travis, John S. Stull, pro se. G-4
Splendid Iowa Bottom L
tnurlr.ct Hie larra ot Joe isacus, about 7
;;e wt: ;f GIeav,-ool, Iowa, south of tbe
m r.f Eli ;t:nl Albert DlrJsall, about m miles
. t..r 'hutsiuouth. S(i SEU SWJ4' section 21,
i.: :li j :i i:t':i is nrrc-i of the NE:i XW'i sec.
. La', ii 72, rane H, Mills county, Iowa.
a.' e (n
time, in small payments.
O tiler Good Farms.
Apply to . . . .
Near the land, or to
i-S Council Bluffs, la.
Place an "Ad"
If you have
Anything to Offer.
Dr. Alfred Shipman
j OJIlco in Riley Hotel,
'N ?.Ialn Street entrance.
'l A-i'!ir;t' No. P.". Kef-idence one block s-outh
nt M . 1. ''eioi.
T A "C T-k
iuv: m,a kkliaule
Sixth Street ChsckerRd 8am,
j.cclal cltentJor. to FuncralF.. Ilackb be
uti to aii trnias. "Proraptnes1 and Fidelity to
Customcfc'Ms his motto
fact, Everything
mm HE
Which he has just opened in the
Waterman Block,
HAVING tired of doing nothing, I have
just put in an entire new stock of Gro
ceries and am prepared to serve the
public with every and anything in the Grocery
line, just from the wholesale markets. No
musty, old or shelf-worn stock on hand. I
will greet my customers with the cleanest,
neatest and most attractive grocery house in
town and my
All my former customers and everybody
else is cordially invited to call and see me
and inspect my goods and prices.
Waterman Block, - - Piattsmouth, Neb
Flour, Feed
And Corn-Meal,
Union Block, Piattsmouth.
And sells at the closest mar
gin. He invites patronage
and guarantees satisfaction.
Call at F. McCourt's ol stand.
W.L. Douglas
4.3 so Fine Calf &KAsGARca
3.50 P0LICE.3 SOLES.
Over One Million People wear tbe
W. L. Douglas $3 & $4 Shoes
AH our shoes are equally satisfactory
They give the best value for the money.
They equal custom Shoes in style and fit.
Their wearing qualities are unsurpassed.
The prices are uniform, stamped on sole.
hromji to 3 tivea over other makes.
11 your tieaier cannot supply you we can. Sold by
mm:.. . ,m
NEW in the new
t i
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readers want another liye paper, the
Enquirer is that paper.
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Manager Journal, Piattsmouth.
First National Bank
Capital, paid up $50,000
Geobqe E. Dotet President
F. E. White vice president
S. Watjoh. Cashier
H. N. Dovey Assistant Cashier
George E. Dovey, F. E. White. D. Hawks worth
S. Waugh and H. N. DoTey.
Careful attention riven to the lntpresm nf
i customers. Collections made and promptly
rciuiuou iwi uuKucDk xnaii avr b ynce D&IQ xof
remiiiea xor. uugnest m arret price paid to
county warrants and state and county ponds