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No Opponent of Free Silver Coinage
Can Call Himself a Bttnetalliat mnd
Tell the Troth at the Sam
to 154 ounces of silver"; at the sazn
time saying to the owners of silver bul-
lion, "Bring that along and have it '
coined at the rate of 15 ounces to 1 !
ounce of gold, and when so coined they .
shall both be full legal tender every-
where in France," it ought to be plain
that no man with a grain of business
sense would take much less than the
French mint rate. It was not necessary j
that "all the silver in the world," as the
American goldite puts it, should b j
poured into the French mint. '
Highest of all in Leavening Power. Latest TJ. S. Gov't Report
McHxfl Ess
Boon to Eng-
As tho avowed purpose of this pub
lication is to aid in the complete resto
ration of "bimetallism" in the United
Cheap Silver a Ciloriou
A recent press dispatch from China
says: The British consul-general to
China discusses the silver question as
"Under the influence of cheap silver,
the volume of export continues to ex
pand and the European consumer reap3
the benefit of their cheapness in gold
prices. The fall in silver and low
freights have combined to enable the
majority of the staple exports of China '
to be laid down in Europe at about
one-half the cost at which they could
states, it fS riPPmPrt nroner that the pre- i be Rol(l twenty years ago."
Ti nature of "bimetallism," or the j The above item gives peculiar em-
"bimetallic system." should be clearly j phasis to the one concerning the sale;
ard accurately stated. In the present j of Mexican silver bonds. For years
stage cf the controversy in this coun- j past the bimetallisms of Europe and
try it seems to be in the highest degree J America have contended that the rise
t btential that such an explanation i in the value of gold was operating as
should be made. A large majority of i a bounty upon exports from silver
tlip opponents of free silver coinage using countries. The facts here stated
proclaim themselves "bimetallists." prove the correctness of that claim. :
The idea of a person being opposed to i The manner in which it does so is so
the fiee coinage of silver and at the j simple as to be seen at a glance when
same time being a "bimetallist," is ab- i attention i3 directed to it. Briefly
surd. There are certainly some who ; stated, it is this: Silver has main- j
are sufficiently familiar with the sci- ; tained a practical stability of value as :
ence of money to know that they are compared with commodities in general,
giving themselves a false designation; j For twenty years past, upon an aver
but the most of those who thus apply j age, an ounce of silver would buy a
the term are no doubt innocently mis- ' bushel of wheat in India and lay it
taken. down in the English market. It will
There can be no true "bimetallism" d0 the same now. Therefore the East
with free coinage of one meta! and a Indian can get no more silver for his
limited coinage of the other. The word wneat at the present time than he
"bimetallism" as used by monetary couiri twenty years ago. Nor does he
writers means exactly the same as the lose anything by reason of that fact, for
"double standard." That is to say, it nis ounce 0f silver in rupees is just a3
means a money standard consisting of mucn an(j just as good money m India
two metals, used at a certain ratio to ag it eyer was with the American,
each other, both freely coined and each howevei it is different. He can get !
full legal tender after it is coined. inst as much for his wheat as the East
In his testimony before the Royal Indian can and no more. That is to
Dancer From Dait.
The Italian physicians who have
been making- a study of the component
parts of the street dust of Turin, one
of the cleanest cities in Europe, by the
way, report that the germs of almost
every disease known to science are dis
covered. On the candles exposed for
sale in the streets, and on the surface
of food sold in the open air, they found
the germs of tuberculosis, anthrax and
half a score of other maladies. 2oth
inr can be really safe to eat if there is
danjrer in dirt. The wax fruit that is
kept in glass cases is probably as un
healthy as anything- that is offered for
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Salaries of Ball Fighter.
Spanish bull fighters get salaries as
large as those of exceptionally great
actors. "First swords," like Mazzan
tani or Guerrita, are among" the richest
men in Spain. Guerrita, who isnotyet
30, earns an income which is never less
than 540,000 in one year, and owns near
Cadiz, a villa and park, where in the
winter he entertains his friends with
lavish hospitality. Mazzantini has
$400,000 invested, and it is a bad year
when he does not earn 550,000. Keverte
once, after a triumphant corrida in San
Sebastien, lighted a cigarette with a
spill rolled out of a French bank note
for 1,000 francs, to show bis contempt
for money in ceneral, and French
I money in particular.
False Witnesses.
There are knaves now and then met with
who represent certain looul bitters and poi
sonous stimuli as Identical with or possess
ing properties akin to those of Uo.-aetter's
stomach Hitters. These scamps only suc
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upon peonle unacquainted with the genu
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pepsia, constipation, rheumatism and kid
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TTTE A T1TI r O TOT CO. tori r-.lf t; -rj,rs
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Wind power to 1.0 wrstj il js.f It ii:ts man 7 branch
fr houses, an t FuptHies its Roods si;d repairs
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Farm values in England are much de
preciated through the low price of pro
duce, and many holders of estates are
disposing' of their property, not infre
quently at auction sales. An estate of
1,200 acres located near Winchester sold
recently at a price equal to STiTS per
acre, 2,70'J acres and mansion located
on the River Rule have changed hands
at ST1.15 per acre. An auctioneer has
just sold under the hammer 130 acres
at Weston, Notts, in small parcels for
3,794, equal to SI 42 per acre, a prop
erty which twenty years ago cost 10,-0O0.
FITSAll Fits stopped free by Pr. Kline's Great
Jierve Restorer. .No Kits after tbe nrstday's vbe.
ilarvelouncurvs. Treatise and S'2 trial bottle fre-t
t It, Cfebe. be ud to ir. K.liue,3ol Axch feU, Plaia., fm
Commission of Eneland. given on the
fourth day of March, 18S7, H. II. Gibbs,
then a director and ex-governor of the
eaiiK 01 rngianu, ut-uueu uhuciul.o. which is of the
as follows:
1. An open mint, to which every
man may bring either gold or silver
to be coined.
2. A fixed ratio which the gold and
silver coins are to bear to each other.
3. The enactment that the money so
coined shall be legal tender to any
amount of the option of the payer.
Any limitation upon the coinage of
either or upon its legal tender, de
stroys one of the fundamental princi
ples upon which bimetallism rests. The
other at once becomes the standard,
while the one subiected to a restric
say he can get an ounce of silver,
or its equivalent in gold, for a bushel.
But measured in American money
gold standard, that
ounce of silver is only worth about
one-half as much as it was in 1873. So ,
that while the East Indian is receiving
the same price as formerly for his
wheat, the American only gets about !
half as much as he used to. The very ,
moment silver began to decline in the
English market it acted as an induce
ment to the English exporter to buy
wheat in some silver-using country ra
ther than the United States. He could
first buy the silver at a profit, and then
buy as much wheat with a given
amount of silver as he ever could. This
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at a!L
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put heart in our work.
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suffer with enriis. and they are not conducive to
graceful walking. Kemore them with Uidercorna.
The important thing is not how long we
are going to live, but how.
tion is dropped into a secondary or sub- '. is exactly what the English consul- .
ordinate position. Tne tneory 01 01- seunai qu - :
metallism is that the free coinage and low price of silver expanding the trade
full legal tender of the two metals af- of China. The great staples of the
ter they are coined will keep them at United States are and for years have
a substantial parity. If, for example, been sold in the European market at
the value of one should rise a little, by silver prices and in direct competition
reason of a stronger foreign demand, with silver-using countries. Neverthe
the home demand for that one would , less the gold advocate continues to roll
immediately decrease and fall upon the his eyes in horror at the thought of the t
other, and" cheaper, metal, thus act- United States getting upon the silver
ing as a compensation. But, if one has ; basis With him the silver standard
free access to the mint and the other i8 gcd enough for everybody but the
has not. then they meet upon unequal ! mony-lender and the fortunate few ;
terms and this principle cannot act. who have been benefited by the appre-
ciation of gold.
The one which can be freely coined will
always be in stronger demand than the
other, and. consequently, of greater
Nor is this merely a theory. It is a
principle as well established as the law
of "supply and demand." In fact, it is
one of the most perfect illustrations
of the working of that law, and its cor
rectness has been proved by seventy
years of European monetary history.
In 1S03 France threw open her mints
to the free coinage of both metals at
the ratio of 15V2 oz. of silver to 1 oz. of
gold, and this mint ratio controlled the
relative market values, not only in
France, but everywhere, up to the year
In 1S1G England adopted the gold
nandard, and at once put forth an un
usual demand for gold. Had there been
no bimetallism in France, gold would
immediately have risen greatly in
value. Ae it was, though, a large part
of the gold required by England was
furnished by France, but the demand
of the latter for silver to take the place
of the gold withdrawn by England op
erated c.s a compensation, and prevent
ed the silver from falling or the gold
from rising, except to a very limited
Again, when the American civil war
broke out. England was forced Jo turn
to India tor cotton. She had no silver,
and the East Indians had no use for
gold. So England exchanged large
amounts cf gold for French silver.
This, combined with the immense
gold production of California and Aus
tralia, grained France of a large por
tion of her silver. The conditions of
1S16 were now reversed, and England's 1
extraordinary demand for silver was
offset by the French demand for gold
to take its place, and again the parity
was preserved. . i
These arc facts recognized by all
monetary writers of sufficient standing
to be remembered fifteen minutes after
they are dead. Wolowski on the bi
metallic side, Jevons on the gold mono- ;
. n 1 1 i oirlo t Vi o Pnval fli-ilrl on1 Btl.-ri-
URldU U olu"' 7 V , 7 . ; And after that the Satan of monopoly
Commission of England, consisting of j w(mld bj chained thousand
six bimetallists and six monometallism. ; Nevada Director.
all concede the correctness of the prin-
ciple here stated. But without consult- ' ,
. .... . . . The
ing the authorities at all, it ought to j DaUghter-These English novels are
be manifest to any person of ordinary . always speaklng of an
intelligence who stops to think. When ; -at does jt mean?
a rich and powerful country like France ; old Lady I s'pose It's the same way
said to every man who had gold bul- j over tbere .tis here The heir a
lion. "Bring it to the French mint and j wayB taB go t0 law before he can get
it shall be coined at the rate of 1 ounce : anything.
The Omaha Platform Contains Your
Silver Creed.
If our republican and democratic
friends could only realize the fact that
the main sources of information from
which the people of their respective or-
ganizations have derived financial wis- j
dom have been nrst tne old greenDacK
party and later the people's party, the
political situation would be simplified.
The goldbugs in both old parties are
planning to head off the silverites, and
the republican and democratic silver
men are planning how they can head oft
the populists. Yet the populists (who
include a great many of the old green
backers), are the very chaps who have
persistently kept up the agitation of the
financial question.
While the two old parties were quar
reling over the tariff, which is now
"played out," as Mr. Bland truly says,
the populists were making a fight on
the money question, the real issue.
Had it not been for the agitation kept
up by the populists the free silver coin
age 16 to 1 men in the two old parties
would have been snowed under long
Don't imagine, dear democratic silver
brethren, that the gold wing of your
party is the least bit afraid of you.
They fear the growing strength of
the people's party will cause you to
slip out from under WTall street's thumb.
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you from joining us, for in unity there
is strength.
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trine from us, and you know it. The
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We are making the only straight fight
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power knows it, and hates us.
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cal chaos would come like the crack of
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