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A Please
Is the Best Advertisement.
Knowing this, we do not say
much, but let our Clothes do the
There are clothes that simply
satisfy the demand for covering, and
clothes, again, that gratify the taste
that comes with culture and pro
gress. We have a complete line of
Winter Clothing in stock now that
will satisfy you if you come soon.
Let us show you what the full
measure of bargain-giving means
Men's and Boys'
Clothing, Hats
and Underwear,
iLvd: o :r a- a int,
500 Main Street, Plattsmouth.
B . & M. R. K.
No. 2, dally 6:16, p.m.
No. 4, daily 10:29, a. m.
No. 10, from Schuyler except Sunday.ll :55, a. m.
No. 12, dally except Sunday 8:25, p. m.
No. 92, dally except Sunday 12 :23. p. m.
No. 30, freight from Louisville 2:50, p. m
No. 3, dally 3:43, p. m.
No. 5, dally 9:15, a.m.
No. 7, fast mall, daily 2:l2.p. m.
No. 9, to Schuyler, except Sunday 2:20, p. m.
No. 11, dally 4:50, p.m.
No. 91 , dally except Sunday 7 :15, a. m.
No. 29, freight to Louisville 2:20,p . m.
M . P. ft. R.
Passenger, No. 1 4:50 a.m.
No. 193 5:03 p. m
Freight, No.127 (dally exc'ptSunday) 3:35 p. m
Passenger, No. 2 1Q:43 p. in.
No. 194 11:52 a. m
Freight, No. 126 (dally except Sunday)10:05 a. to
l nlon and Lincoln accommodation. No 3C3,
it.oo, uejmns, o. co-J, s:uu p. m.
Notice to Subscribers.
All subscriptions to the Weekly
Journal are payable in advance, at
$1.00 a year; or, if not paid in ad
vance are payable at the rate of $1.50
a year. If subscribers would keep
track of their receipts they might save
themselves some money or the pub
lisher some embarrassment. It would
be a source of both pleasure and proli
to me undersigned it every man paid
in advance. Attend to this matter
and oblige.
C. W. Sherman. Manager.
The'Tlan Sif ter"flour is the popular
brand. Ask for it from your grocer.
The Weekly JOURNAL
Both one year for only $1.25.
The Enquirer is a 9-column, 8-page
paper, issued each Thursday.
.narKeau m slze? cneapest in price,
most reliable in news, all large type,
plain print, good white paper. If our
readers want another live paper, the
Enquirer is that paper.
Call or send orders to
Manager Journal, Plattsmouth.
Julius Pepperberg,
also maker of the
The Best Ten-cent Cigar Sold
on the Market.
Mall Crdera to Plattsxnoutli, Neb.
"The Y. P. S. C. E. of the Christian
church have obtained the elocutionist
Misa Lucy Cone, of Lincoln to re
cite Saturday night at White's hall.
Admission 20 cents.
A -v-r -r
wuujau in rxew lorn, dressed in
purple and fine linen, has been run
r .
nmg up great bills of credit on the
representation of being the wife o
Huntington, the California railroad
king. After lording it in society for a
few weeks, and having all the bon-ton
and toadies bodily at her feet, they
have now discovered that she was
fraud and as crazy as a bed-bug
though it never occurred to them be
fore, not having any idea what kind of
woman a California railroad king
might select for a wife.
ii you want something new and
fresh in the way of evaporated fruits,
ana want them cheap, call at Ben
nett & Tutt's. They have fresh rais
ins, figs, currants, prunes, apricots,
peacnes, cranberries, etc., all of the
crop of 1895.-
Dr. Marshall, Graduate DENT
IST, Fitzgerald block.
Who wants to buy a farm 'cheaply?
mi ... .
x ne writer Knows or a farm of 135
acres of splendid farm land (with ac
cretions of as much more) not six miles
from town, for sale at $35 an acre.
Also a farm of HQ acres of fine upland,
with buildings and orchard, at 45 an
acre. Where are some of these 50 an
acre purchasers ? Inquire at this office.
jacoo Yallery, jr., went to Omaha
this morning.
P. M. llichey went up to South Om
aha this morning.
Mrs. Oswald Guthmanu left on No.
5 this morning for a visit at Lincoln.
The '
The crowd i
el's Wives" 1.-.
not a3 large l
t ; feted k,'lhe Colon
. : at Love's was
; Tits of the play
t Sheep,'7 a very
pretty curtain l aicei , by Sedley Jjrown,
also the author of "The Contented
Wives," preceded the performance.
The play is well staged and the actors
are the very best. The play itself is a
Corn has drdmoed aain and is now very meritorious production. Fre
. ujuui iiuiaiu.
oemuK i"e street ior seventeen
J as. Al. Palmer and Geo. Sheldon of
Nehawka were Plattsmouth visitors
.a. ligne, one ot Cass county's
most prosperous farmers, was in the
city Saturday.
airs, inede r,;Uon came over from
filenwood this morning for a visit with
her children.
JUrs. Coon raJlerv went to Omaha
this morning for a visit with Mrs. Car
ter of that city.
It is reported that Mrs. Dr. Cum
mins is s uttering from a severe attack
of appendicitus.
Iheli. & M. pay car will make its
regular monthly visit in this city next
Friday morning, Nov. 8.
Asa Coleman, of Nehawka, was in
town Friday on business and gave The
JoukxaL a pleasant call.
Mis Pheme ISobbins is reported
The above-mentioned attraction will
be at the White tomorrow evening and
deserves a liberal patronage from the
amusement-loving public. The fact
that it is one of Chas. Frohman's com
panies is a guarantee that the enter
tainment will be first-class.
ur. ueo. wiiKinson, specialist, eye,
ear, nose and throat, of Omaha, will be
at Dr. Livingston's office on Friday,
Nov. 15th.
Wanted A good
dress, box 868, city.
milch cow. Ad-
Paints, Paint, faints!
A coat of good paint is just what
the farmer needs for his house and
barn to preserve them from decay.
P. G. Fricke & Co. of Plattsmouth
have the biggest stock of the best
paints in the market. Paint your
bome. barn and other belongings.
Short, bat Complete.
What a story is that of Linson, the
considerably better and able to sit up Indianapolis engineer! He had an only
for a little while, each day.
iV special train, consisting oi an en
gine and President Perkins' private
car, passed throucb the city this after
noon. Jas. Paling came in iast Monday
from Greenwood, where he has been
visiting for several months with his
son, Walter. J
Two foreclosure suits were filed in
the district cleik's office by A. J.
Seaman against A. A. Hardy, et al.,
and J. M. Carter, et al.
Win. Neville & Co. were unloading
a car of celebrated Pabst beer Mon
day, in anticipation of the usual good
trade just before and after election.
A license to wed was issued in
county court Saturday to Merton M.
Edwards, aged 24, of Custer, Mont.,
and Sarah May Ashcroft, aged 25, of
Cass county.
Frank Wheeler and Win. lirissey
were over the river hunting Sunday
and were very successful, each getting
a fine string or quail, rabbits and
prairie chickens.
sister to "whom ho was devotedly at
tached. Ho placed her in school at Par
kersburg, W. Va. , where she met Frank
Reynolds, and, as she thought, married
him. Three months later, when she dis
covered that she had been deceived by
a mock marriage, she committed sui
cide. Linson swore at her grave that he
would kill Reynolds, and for four years
followed him from place to place, once
to Europe and onco to South America
and thence back to the United States.
finally killing him in a hotel at San
Francisco. Linson was convicted after
three trials and sent to the penitentiary
for life, but public sentiment was strong
in his favor, and he was pardoned in
three months. Philadelphia Times.
Overeating is generally condemned on
the ground that by stuffing the digestive
organs or by giving them too much to
do the food taken is prevented from
properly nourishing him who takes it. It
is possible, however, that one may suf
fer from too much nutriment as well as
from too littfe, even when it is properly
and SilOSS
Was purchased before the advance in prices, so
avail yourself of this golden opportunity, and
buy your Winter Footwear, for we can give you
more for your money than any other house in
Cass county.
? va XV
Repairing Neatly Done.
F?obt. Sherwood.
At my farm, four and one-half miles south
east of Ashland, Nebraska, on
Saturday, Nov. 9, '95.
I will offer all the fTops" of my 1895
crop of Thoroughbred Poland Chinas,
consisting of about Forty Boars and
Fifty Sows ; also ten head of yearling
and older sows.
A Free Lunch-Sale at 12 sc;
Citric Acid.
Citric acid, the active principle of
Judge Ramsey, notwithstanding the hmes and lemons, was first extracted by
vigorous campaign he has been mak-
A boiler explosion in Detroit, Mich.,
yesterday wrecked three buildines.
killed at least forty people and injured
as many more.
Pure maple syrup at $1.00 per eal-
lon. New sorghum and New Orleans
molasses, honey drip syrup and black
strap can be had at
Bennett & Tutt's.
Take Oft the Horns!
The undersigned is now ready, with
a good portable chute and tools to re
move the weapons of horned cattle at
ten cents a head. If those who wish
to have such work done will address
me at Rock Bluffs, Neb., they will be
promptly answered.
4t w S- L. Furlong.
ing, found time during the month of
October to issue twenty-five marriage
licenses and perform six ceremonies.
Mr. Eikenbary assures The Jour
nal, he is not fighting Judge Chapman
on political grounds, but purely as a
personal matter, thatowing to the way
in which Chapman had treated him.
James Ruby, an old resident of this
county, but now of Smith county.
Kas., has been visiting here for
several days, and departed last Fri
day for a further visit with relatives
in Iowa.
liurwell bpurlock, of l ork, who has
been in the city and county for several
days in the interests of his son's can
didacy for the county judgeship went
to Omaha Friday afternoon.
Judge Cutes of Chadron dropped
into town from Omaha Thursday, and
departed for his western home on No.
5 Friday The judge said that he
was very anxious to get home in time
to vote.
hVERY Farmer in the state who
thinks wheat is too cheap, can get the
benefit of the advance that is sure to
come. How to do it free. Write L. P.
Good & Co., 63 Commerce building,
Chicago, Ills.
It is delighting to notice the presence
on the streets again, after a long and
dangerous illness, of the venerable
Thomas Mitchell, and to see that be
seems to be restored to a quite excel-
Ient degree of health.
An agent of the Fidelity & Deposit
Co. of Maryland was in the city Friday.
This company furnishes bonds to cor
poration employes, guardians and those
who are required to furnish bonds for
the faithful performance of their
Scheele. It is found in considerable
quantities in many other fruits besides
these, the acid of commerce being, it is
said, extracted from almost any fruit.
the cheapness being the main factor in
Legal Notice.
To Benjamin A. Gibson, Mary C.Gibson. Annie
ii. iteea, l.steiie need. Win. Reed, Clinton
eea, iucu;e ueea ana 10 Annie if. Jteed. as
the mother and natural guardian of Clinton
Keed and Lucille Heed:
You and each of you, non-retident defend
ants, are hereby notified that A. J. Seaman
commenced an action against you and each of
you impleaded as defendants with John M.
Carter, et al., in the district court of Cass coun
ty, Nebraska, on the 2d day of November. 1805.
the object and prayer of which is to foreclose
two certain tax liens and tax certificates ow ned
and held by plaintiff and issued to him by the
county treasurer of Cass county on the .Id day
ot November, ikoc: one for 188'J taxes due on
fractional lots 3 and tt in the northwest quarter j
oi me souineast quarter or section " in town
10, range 11, Cass county, Nebraska, for I1.V08
end for SI for notice thereon, with if 13 ;tl paid
May 4th, lsyi, for 1890 tax, and $8.69. paid July
7th, 1HU2, for 1891 tax thereon ; one certificate for
$155.40 on fractional lot 23 in the northwest
quarter of the northeast quarter of section 1.
said town and rantre, fractional lot 21 in the
southwest quarter of the northeast quarter of
said section, and fractional lot 11 in the south
east quarter of the northwest quarter of said
section, lor the taxes thereon for 1884. isms
1880, 1887, 1888 and 1889 and for 3 serving no
tice and subsequent taxes paid by plaintiff
thereon on lots 24 and II, $21. SS paid Jlay 4th,
ior isao tax and 16.04 paid thereon .July
7th 1892, for 1891 tax. Lot 23 aforesaid is now
known and described as blocks 1, 2, 3 and 4, in
Noble Heights' addition to Weeoine Water and
a part of said lot 24 is known and described as
blocks 0, 10. 11.12 21 and 22 in said addition.
It is asked that said Seaman be decreed a lien
for said amounts paid by him, with 20 per cent
interest per annum on each payment for two
years from and after Nov. 3d, 1890, with 10 per
cent per annum tnereatter ana iu pr cent
on the entire sum so paid, as an attorney
fee and for costs and eauitable relief, and that
eacn aeienaant be barred and foreclosed of all
right in said premises and the same be sold to
pay said Seaman's claim.
You are required to answer said petition on or
before Monday, the ICth day of December. 1895.
or your default will be entered, said petition
taken as confessed and judgment rendered in
accordance wltn the prayer or 6aid petition.
By his attorneys, II. D. Travis and Beeson &
ItOOl. 4G
Farm four and
miles west of South
COL. F. M. WOODS, Auctioneer.
miles southeast of Ashland and lour
Underwear I
Uncle PNeath the question of
Under Selling is the question of g
Under Buying.
C. E. Wescoti
Hrlng In Your Wood.
Wood will be taken at this office in
payment of accounts due the Weekly
Subscribe for the Weekly Jour
nal $1 per year, if paid in advance.
Mrs. II. C. McMaken left this morn
ing for a visit at Alliance. Her bus-
band accompanied ber as far as Omaha
and Wednesday will join her at Al-
iance. He expects to go out into the
sand hills and kill a few deer before he
comes back.
Miss Lillian Kauble will play a
violin solo Saturday, November 9, at
White's opera house. Admission 20c.
You can always find the very best
of coffees and the purest spices at
Bennett & Tutt's.
Lejral Notice.
To M. C. Gibson, whose first and real name Is
unknown, Geo. Olcutt and Joseph E. Cal
lender, trustee:
Y'ou and each of you are hereby notified that
on the 2d nay of Isovember 1895, A. J. Seaman
filed his petition in the district court of Cass
county, against you and eacn or you, impleaded
with Albert A. Hardy, et al, the object and
prayer of which is to foreclose a tax certificate
against the northwest quarter of southwest quar
ter of section 17, in town 10, range 11 in Cass
county, Nebraska, and one tax certificate against
the southwest quarter of said southwest quarter
or saia section, eacn ceruncate issued on the 3d
day of November, 1890 for the delinquent 1889
tax against said property, and each being for
tne sum or $y.U4: ana . suDsequent taxes 1S90
f 19-88, 1891 taxes 818.40 and 1892 taxes 519.85; it
is claimed that in addition to said sums there
should be allowed twenty percent Interest on
each payment for two years from and after No
vember 3d, 1890 per annum and ten per cent
interest on eacn, oi saia payments per annum
after .November 3i, 1892 with ten per cent attor
ney fees on the entire Bum with costs of suit,
and lor equitable relief; it is also asked lhatyou
with an other defendants be foreclosed of all
equity of redemption in said premises and that
the same be sold to satisfy said demand.
You are requested to answer said petition on
or before Monday the 16th day of Decemberl895.
or Bald petition will be taken as confessed and
your default entered and judgment entered
agamstyou. A. J. skamajn.
By his attorneys, II. D. Travis and Baeson &
Koot. 40.
r :
Under Take to say they
Under-Buy and, therefor, can
Under Sell all competitors in
Under Wear. If you
I Under Stand REAL VALUES, I
you'd better look us over. 2
We Can Save You Money.
... ONE PRICE . .
The best musician of the city will
urnish the music Saturday night at
he Christian Endeavor concert.
Leave your orders for job work with
The Journal, an artistic job guar
Probate Notice.
State of Nebraska,
Cass Countv.
In county court. To all persons interested in
tli estate of David Burbee. deceased :
Notice is hereby Riven that on the Cth day of
December, A. V. 1895, at the hour or ten o ciocx
a. m.. at the county judge's omce. in nans-
mouth, in Bald county, the petition, asking for
the appointment of Horatio N. Dovey as ad
ministrator of said estate, will be heard and
considered; at which time and place all persons
interested may appear and show cause, if any
they have, why he should not be appointed as
such administrator.
Dated this 7th day of NOvemrer, A. D. 1895.
46-3 . B. S. Raxset, County Judge .
Plattsmouth, - Nebraska
. . . DEALER IN . . .
Fresh and Salt Meat
414 Main Street, - ' - Plattsmonth, tfeb
! K
SUte Hlstoiiole Society