Plattsmouth weekly journal. (Plattsmouth, Neb.) 1881-1901, August 01, 1895, Image 10

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The Scribner News flouts tbe follow
ing banner at the head of its editorial
column, which, by the way, is all
- -.
; For President :
Of Nebraska. :
: Sixt en to one. without any more :
: delay or damphoolishness. :
The Iowa river bottoms are full of
wild grapes now, and several parties
from this city are bringing home large
.Liberal prizes are offered for the
best, ball game at the G. A. 11. district
reunion at Wabash August 20th. and
Harry GreeD received a card from
Mike Cavey this morning inquiring
whether or not Plattsmouth would be
The saddest exhibition of the weak
ness of human nature has occuued in
Indiana, where the gold brick em
ployed was made of mud and not even
Under the new banking law, which
went into effect Thursday, banks are
allowed thirty days in which to get a
nice neatly printed charter from the
banking board.
The laws passed by the last legisla
ture without an emergency clause
went into effect Thursday.
William Lackey, a fourteen-year-old
boy, was drowned in the Missouri
river near South Omaha last week.
while in bathing. The body has not
yet been recovered.
The failure of the Western Manu
facturing company has brought about
?t strange condition of affairs at the
penitentiary. Most of the convicts
are idle and to keep them from falling
victims of the scourge of idle confine
ment they are taken out and compelled
to walk for two hours in the morning
and two in afternoon. There is no
punishment like idle confinement.
Nebraska City News.
Whenever we can help it we avoid
all business dealings with the man who
(ooks as if he had just been invited to
gk?vup and make an address in Sunday
If the mn called to act on the jury
that tries Holmes are to be rejected if
they have read the newspapers there
is a very fair prospect of Holmes never
coming to trial at all.
One don't like to admit it, but it's a
fact that the growing corn all over
Cass county was injured a good deal
by hot, dry weather in the past two
The Home for the Friendless at Lin
coln has recently come into possession
of several thousand dollars left it
by Mrs. Handly of lirownville, who
died in 1892. Her relatives fought the
case from one court to another, and
it was only a few days ago that the
supreme court affirmed the will.
From now on caterers who serve
butterine on their tables will have to
keep notices posted to that effect or
run the chances of being fined for vio
lating the law.
A pear tree at Saylor Springs, 111.,
that h.'.s been bearing pears for eight
years is said to be hanging full of ap
ples this season. Even nature is
yearning for a change since Altgeld
became governor of Illinois. State
Tbe farmer in Cass county who
doesn't get something of a crop of
corn this year must be greatly at fault,
and to all appearances 40 to 60 bushels
will be the rule, while less than the
first figure will be the rare exception.
One good corn crop is all that is
needed. It.iH already in sight. Once
let it be garnered and disposed of and
the farmers of Nebraska will forget
that they ever suffered the ravages of
drouth. The corn crop promises to
lift the whole state of Nebraska out of
the slough of depression.
Norfolk News: The man or news
paper that tells the simple truth about
the crops of northern Nebraska this
year, is labeled an agricultural liar by
those not familiar with the plain, un
varnished facts.
"Talk about these horseless ve
hicles," said Uncle Si," I seen 'em long
ago." "Why, pa?" began Aunt
Mandy. "Oh, but I did. Don't you
remember tbe old ox cart we rode to
our weddin' in?"
The taking of the recent Iowa cen
sus developed the finding of rive cen
tenarians, the oldest being a colored
woman at Keokuk, aged 119. She was
horn a slave in Virginia. In fact four
of the five centenarians were born in
A lawyer in a court room may call a
man a liar, scoundrel, villian or a thief
and no one makes a complaint when
court adjourns. If a newspaper prints
such reflections on a man's character,
there is a libel suit or a dead editor.
This is probably owing to the fact that
people believe what the editor says;
what the lawyer says cuts no ice.
Conductor Terry of the M. I'. says
there is a larger acreage of oats on his
run between this city and Lincoln
than there has been for five years.
Farmers are all harvesting and the
yield is excellent both as to quality
and quantity. Nebraska City Press.
Wheat is an average yield, some of
the other important crops are above
the average, and corn, the most im
portant of them all, is far above, in its
present condition, and a month hence
it will be entirely out of danger. The
agriculturlst;is in luck this year, and
his good fortune will be a great item
in the country's prosperity.
A farmer in an Oregon paper says:
"Every year I hear of caterpillars de
stroy ing whole orchards, and there is
nothing that can be disposed of more
easily. I bore a bole'in the tree deep
enough to reach the sap, till it with
sulphur and then plug it up. The re
suit is magical. The sap takes the
sulphur to every branch and twig and
the caterpillars die at once. I gather
the insects up by the pint under trees
that have become infested with them
before I noticed it and destroyed
them. I have never known the rem
edy to fail, and I never knew a tree to
be injured by it, ami I have pursued
this course for years."
Take a dollar bill, fold its length
wise and double it, fold it several
times each way, and you will see it in
crease. Take the silver dollar ana
drop it on the floor and it will ring.
Give the ring to your best girl and send
the dollar to your printer.
A Kansas genius claims that grass
hoppers can be manufactured into a
very good imitation of butter. This
adds a new terror to housekeeping.
Shall we have to boil our butter, too,
before using V
A western Nebraska paper says: "It
is an amusing sight this summer tosee
some of our farmers chasing a cul
tivator down a long row of corn attired
in a swallow tailed coat, a Fedora tiat.
plaited shirt, picadilly collar, four in
hand tie and a pair of patent leather
shoes, being tbe full dress suit of some
eastern dude and contributed to the
sufferers of Nebraska last winter."
The lightning cut a queer freak at
Mrs. Gyger's place this week that goes
to disapprove the saying that "light
ning never strikes twice in the same
place." During the thunder shower
Sunday morning lightning struck a
large cottonwood tree quite close to
the house and about noon on Monday
struck the same tree again. The in
mates of tbe house were considerably
shocked by the lightning but were not
injured. Elmwood Leader.
Judge Gildersleeve, in the superior
court of New York yesterday signed a
decree granting Mrs. Ollie Corbett an
absolute divorce from her husband,
Pugilist James J. Corbett. Tbe de
cree provides that Corbett shall pay his
wife $5,200 a year alimony. In case
Mrs. Corbett remarries, she will forfeit
the alimony. She is authorized to re
sume her maiden name of Ollie Lake
and can remarry. Corbett cancot re
marry until his wife is dead.
Attorney Allen Ueeson was in town
yesterday in tbe interest of his candi
dacy for the office of county judge,
lie called at the Courier office and re
futed the statement that he bad prom
ised Mr. Barr that he would not be a
candidate. He also says that the re
port that be is up for trade in the in
terest of other candidates is untrue,
and that be will use every honorable
means to procure the nomination. As
the Courier, through erroneous in
formation, has given publicity to such
a report, we are free to make amends
and state that our informant has erred.
Louisville Courier.
The state banking board has sent
out blanks to every bank in the state
so that application can be made under
the new law for charters. Applica
tions must be made within sixty days;
and as the work of making out tbe
charters will consume considerable
time, bankers are requested to apply
as soon as possible.
Peter Malone was arrested Saturday
at Eagle by bank officials, charging
him with obtaining money under false
pretenses. The case is set for hearing
August 27th before Justice Peterson.
Mrs. T. DeWitt Talmage, wife of
the celebrated Brooklyn divine, died
Monday morning at her home in
Dansville, New York.
A Mr. Teegarden of Weeping Water
has announced his desire to become
clerk of Cass county. Tbe News pre
dicts that tbe gentleman will want to
change bis name to squash or perhaps
fish before snow Hies, as he will find
political aspirations of even a Tee
garden man meet the same fate as a
potato patch in a dry season. Ne
braska City News.
The Omaha jail now contains six
men charged with murder and one
charged with manslaughter, in addi
tion to the various other criminals.
That isn't so slow for the Nebraska
An inter-state Chautauqua is being
held this week at Salem, Neb. Eight
thousand people were drenched with
rain by Sunday's storm.
Over at West Side, Iowa, the ether
day, Mr. Corn and Miss Wheat were
joined in the wholy bonds of matri
mony, bv ltev. Cottonwood. After the
ceremony the choir very appropriately
sang, "What Will the Harvest He."
There were four rounds in the fight
between Mr. and Mrs. Corbett. First,
matrimony; second, acrimony; third,
testimony; fourth, alimony. This last
is a "knock-out" for Jim. New York
The Falls City News says that "over
in Kansas the newspapers have de
cided not to mention the name of a
candidate unless he so announces him
self through their columns. This is
proper. It is but right that the public
should know who the candidates are
thereby enabling it to make a wise and
judicious selection. As a party ex
pediency, no convention should enter
tain the name of a man who has failed
to herald his candidancy through pub
lic print. A qualified man can have
no objection to this, and if he is dis
qualified for any cause he can rely
upon it that bis sins will be found out
in time to avert a calamity."
Nowhere in Nebraska had irrigation
been carried on so successfully or on
so large a scale as in the Platte valley
between Alliance and Ogalalla. Be
sides tbe Belmont canal, which is 42
miles long, there are a number of other
canals to the east of- it, and all com
bined they irrigate now, or will irri
gate in the near future, about 100,000
acres of land upon which magnificent
crops can be raised and upon which,
in fact, great crops were raised last
year, even during the drouth. Alli
ance Grip.
During the summer of 1SSS, says the
Ashland Breeze, Mr. Van Tassell,wife
and daughter boarded at the Clifton
house while Mr. Van Tassell worked
on Mr. Shedd's building. Ho was a
good looking man, with long yellow
whiskers. The girl at that time was
about twelve years old. She disap
peared in 1S92 and is supposed to have
been a victim of Holmes.
Oulte Correct.
The Plattsmouth Tribune boasts of
being an "all home printed" paper.
Suppose it is. Out of thirty-four col
umns of reading matter but twelve
columns are of home production and
the other twenty-two columns are
edited by "Mr. Plate Matter." Now,
just where the difference comes in as
to whether one gets their patent pages
printed away from home or has the
plates shipped in and prints them at
home, we cannot see. Surely it is not
of enough import to crow about.
While we hope to see the new Omaha
institution prosper and would not
throw a straw in its way, yet we do
not like to see it misrepresent. As far
as actual home print is concerned
either The Journal or News dis
count the Tribune for matter actually
produced at home, and yet they make
no such claims. Louisville Courier.
Victory For a Krewery.
Judge Cole in the district court of
Washington, I). C, Saturday granted
the Anheuser-Busch Brewing associa
tion of St. Louis an injunction to res
train John Boyd Thatcher, one of thtj
members of the Chicago World's Fair
Board of Awards, from making or pub
lishing the awards on tbe first analysis
of the beer of tbe association and re
quiring them to accept trie second
analysis of the chemist. The dispute
has been a long one. Prof. Wiley, the
chemist of the Agricultural depart--
merit, who made the analysis, acknowl
edged that a mistake had been made
at first, but the commission refused to
change tbe award, asserting that it
had no authority to do so. Recourse
was then had to tbe courts by tbe
Does Your Breath Come
in Duchess Trousers?
Many get theirs that way.
C. E. Wescott & Son in sales have
passed the lineof 4,000pairsof Duchess
Everybody happy in Duchess Trous
ers. C. E. Wescott & Son sells them,
and everyone who tries them is sure
to buy none other.
Nance county reports some good oat
fields. Ben Bateman threshed fortv-
five bushels to the acre and Williami?,60686?1? Present lheir claims for examina
Dawson fifty.
S. B. Turner harvester!
luiij-uve uuaueis ui uauey to me acrts
Wunst we went a Renin' me
An' my Pa aa' Ma all three
When they was a picnic, 'way
Out to Ilant'h's Wood, one day.
An' they was a crick out there.
Where the fishes is, an' where
Little hoys 'taint big an' strong
Hetter have their folks along :
My l'a he 1st fished and fished.
An' my Ma be said tdie wlsdied
Me an' her was home; an' l'a
Said he vihed o worse'n Ma.
l'a said if you talk er fay
Anything, er sneeze, er play,
Ilaint no flVj, alive or dead ,
Ever KOln to bite! he said.
Purt' night dark in town when we
(lot back home; an' Ma. says (die,
Now she'll have a fish f er hore :
An' she buyed one at the store.
Nen at suit er, Pa he won't
Eat no fish, an' says he don't
Like 'em an' he pounded me
When I choked Ma. didn't her
James Wbitcomb Kiley.
Will t'rotecute Sliauk.
World Herald.
General Superintendent Nicholas,
Superintendent Sutherland and Super
intendent Canada of the special ser
vice of the Union Pacific have gone to
Grand Island, where they will prose
cute G. W. Shank, charged with at
tempting to steal 1,000 tons of Union
Pacific rails. Saturday night Shank
engaged a number of teams and began
loading the rails on the wagons and
was going to ship them to Chicago,
where he had sold them to the Block
Pollack Iron company and some of
them to F. L. Patrick of Itockport,
Ind., who is building a small road.
The scheme was a most gigantic one,
and for pure nerve, Mr. Canada says
he has never seen it equalled in the
twenty-five years he has had to do
with criminals. Shank proposed to
ship these rails to the towns and where
he had sold them for S1G in Chicago
$17.. 50 in Ilockport, and already about
$-500 had been advanced, says the
Union Pacific officials. He was ob
served just in time to prevent a suc
cessful carrying out of the deal. It is
believed that there are others mixed
up in the deal.
I). McIIugh, practical horse-shoer,
makes a specialty of road work and
bad feet on horses. 1 warrant my work
to give satisfaction.
Half Kates to liuston.
August 1U to 24 Burlington Itoute
agents in Nebraska and Kansas will
sell rouud trip tickets to Boston at the
one-way rate, lleturn limit, Oct. 0th.
The Knights Templar official train,
having on board Grand Commander
Finch and escort, will leave Omaha
via the Burlington Route at 4:45 p. m..
rhursday, August 22d, after arrival of
all trains from the west. Through to
Boston without change. Seven hours
stopover at Niagara Falls.
Tickets and sleeping car reserva
tions on application to any agent of
this or any connecting line.
Send for free folder giving full in
formation. J. Francis,
(I. P. & T. A., Omaha.
A colored man at Port Jervis fell
eighty feet on his head and wasn't
hurt. Truth is funnier than funny
stories. But this may not seem
strange to those who are. acquainted
with the "staying" qualities of the
average negro's head.
Special Notice.
The 24th annual camp meeting of
the state Holiness association will be
held at Bennett, Neb., Aug. 16-2G.
Ilev. G. W. Wilson of Des Moines, la.,
and Rev. 1. F. Bresee, D. I)., of Los
Angeles, both members of the Na
tional Holiness association, will con
duct the meeting, lteduced rates on
all railroads. For further particulars
write to the secretary, II. G. Wilcox,
Beatrice, Neb.
Leave yourorders for job work with
TnK Journal, an artistic job guar
anteed. A Prominent liolenale Cirocer of Omaha
Neb., Writ en:
To the afflicted:
Several years ago 1 discovered a
slight falling and bleedingof thelower
bowel which increased and became
very distressing. I made inquiry as
totbe nature of the disease and learned
that I bad a somewhat aggravated case
of Hemorrhoids or Piles. Was told of
several remedies and used them as di
rected, obtaining thereby some tem
porary relief. Not being satisfied with
such slight relief I cast about for a per
manent cure; when a friend directed
the use of the famous Magnet Pile
Killek. I used it. Immediate relief
fronf pain followed, and soon a com
plete cure was affected.
Very respectfully,
OscAn Allen.
For sale by Gering & Co.
Subscribe for tbe Weekly Jour
nal $1 per year, if paid in advance.
Notice to Creditors.
State op Nebraska, I
t'AS9 COUNIT, . ) 8 '
In the matter of the estate of Henry J. Mea
nings, deceased:
SJOTICE is hereby Riven that the claims and
demands of all persons against Henry J.
Hod n in c.u, deceased, late of said county and
state, will be received, examined and adjusted
b&- the county court at tbe court bouse in Platts;
mouth, on the 1st day of February. A. !., lsytiT
;ft ten o'clock in the forenoon, and that six
uonttis from and after 1st day of August, A. Ik..
is the time Hunted for creditors of said
i i nun ilihi r i m w a r. n a
Given under my hand this 25th day of July,
32-4 u,
A.11SEY, County Judge.
What More Could You Ask ?
The House Furnisher,
Offers to buyers the chance to secure the VERY
BEST in his line which the market affords, and
Til E fact that my stock is the Biggest and Best in all
Cass county, deserves the attention of people desiring
something in the FURNITURE line. The three floors of
my store building are full to overflowing with new goods,
and everything goes at "depression" prices. Call and see
for yourself.
I. PEARLMAN, The House Furnisher,
Opposite Court House, Plattsmouth.
Every purchase made at his store
is a guarantee that you obtained the
best and most goods
- AX 1
A Special tv.
One door North
First National Bank
Capital, paid up $50,000
George E. Dovey . .. President
F. E. White Vice president
S. Waugh Cashier
II. N. Dovey Assistant Cashier
George E. Dovey, F. E. White,
S. Waugh and II. N.
D. llawksworth
Careful attention given to the interests of
customers. Collections made and promptly
remitted for. Highest market price paid for
county warrants and state and county bonds
Arnold's Erono-Csieiy.
Splendid etirativp nnont foe Nervoua or Sick
Headache. Brain F.xhHiiAtion, Sleepiest if.
.special or penerp.l MeuriilRitt; also fir liheu
mutism, (uut, iviauey uisoraRi-a, aciu
pepsin, Aniemiu. Antilot for Alcuhblit
and other excesses, Price, 10. 25nd&0ceiit:j.
151 S. Western Avenue- CHICA5
$500 Hew.
WE will yay the a'ove rcwart" Tcr any case oi
Liver Complaint Dys.opsirt, hick Headache In
digestion Coutipuii-.m i r Costiveuess we cannot
cure with West'-; Writable Liver Fills, when
the directions are f.lnctl complied with. The
aie purely Veectrble, end never fail to pive sa.
isiaction. Sugar Contra. La rec boxes, 25 cents
Beware of counterfeits and imitations. Thesren
uine manufactured only bv THE JOHN C. WEST
F. G. Frlcke & Co, druggists.
e. 11 ndiu, m.d.
The Good Samnrltan's
For Young and Middle Aged Men.
'Infallible remedy for Youthful Errors and
later Excesses. Melancholy, Mental Depression,
Nervous DebJity. Palpitation of the Heart,
Had Dreams, Dizziness. Night Losses. Falling
Sickness and Fits. Hysteria. Syncope. St. Vitus
Dance, and Kheumati.-iin. Hiive cured over
-UHI ease". From one to three bottles restores
viror and bealtn. Send J.VnO for a bottle by
P. O. money order. Address
u. w. iANGi.r, sr. .,
Council Hlults, low"
F. S. -A Written Guarantee given each ji
ebaser to refund money unless cured. r
Groceries, Dry
Goods, Notions
General Mdse.
The Old Reliable
Pioneer Merchant
for the least money.
The Plattsmouth Mills,
C. HEISEH. Prop.
This Mill has been rebuilt, and furnished with
Machinery of the best manufacture
in the world. Their
"Plansifter" Flour,
Has no Superior in America. GIv j it
trial and be convinced.
Attorney and Counselor at
OFFICK Kooiim 1 and 3, Union Itl'k,
Plat tsmou til. ... Neb.
Lumber and Coal.
Menlotacoal 4. 5
Hard coal ' 9.00
Canon City coal 7. to
Dr. Agnes Y. Swetland,
pedal attention to Obstetrics, IMscaeeg cf
Women and Woman's Surgeij.
Office : ,mZ:$:zs Omaha, Neb
Dr. Alfred Shipman,
i Office in Riley Hotel,
Main Street entrance.
Residence one bloc k south
Telephone No. 95.
of M. P. depot.
Park Obemitt Pills will reduce your weight
PERMANENTLY from 1-' to 23 pounds a month.
NO STARVING, sickness or injury; NO PL'U
LICITY. They build up the health and beauti
fy tbe complexion, leaving NO WKINkLK or
flabbluess. STOUT ABDOMENS and difficult
breathing surely relieved. NO EXPERIMENT,
but a scientific and positive relief, adopted only
after years of experience. All orders applied
direct from our office. Price 2.0l per tacxage
or three packages for $3.00 by mail postpaid.
Testimonials and particulars sealed 2 t ents.
3A11 correspondence strictly confidential.
Park Remedy Co., Boston, Mass
G. W. P7TNGLE, M. D.
'I'tie Good NantaritaiHs
Glean Sweep for the Blood!
The Good Samaritan has been a craci itii-inoi-
of medicine 2 years and has cured over a
thousand cases of
XSo need of goin? Jo the Hot Spriugs of
Arkansas or elsewhere when you can be
cured at-home of the Worst iilood Poison
man or woman ever became a rietimoi', without
the use of mercury, arsenic or any other
mineral poison. Send f 10.00 toy P. O. money
order tor a bottle of luedicine. It only nnjeures
from 1 to :i boA to cure a disease, from oi
week; t-" $' standing-. Address , '""'
I-AffitK. 31, Hi i
'onnciLru-j Km J
. Yif""- .. .;