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VOL. 14, NO. 21.
The City Council Decide to Investigate
the Water Work Bills Al
lowed, Ktc.
The city couucil met in regular ses- '
sion on Monday night, with all the j
members present excepting Council- ,
wan Steimker.
After Clerk Kerr had read the min- j
utes of the two preceding meetings, a j
communication from ' Mrs. Adelia .
O'Neil was read relating to the opening
of south Fifth street south of the
chops, and on motion of White the
communication was placed on file and
the street commissioner ordered to
furnish the residents of that vicinity
. with sufficient lumber to build a email
A letter from Cnas. E. Eddy, presi
dent of the 1'lattsmouth Water Co.,
to Mayor Newell, in which Mr. Eddy
declined to give the city any relief in
the way of reduction of hydrant ren
tal wus, en motion of Grimes, placed
on file.
At this point White wanted the city
to make a test in order to ascertain
whether the pressure was such as
called for in the water contract with
the city. Gutsche desired a chemical
test of the water to find its purity,
and Hinshaw moved that the commit
tee on tire and water make such tests,
which w as carried unanimously.
A debate as to whether the cemetery
should be mowed at the city's expense,
or only the stieets and alleys thereof,
was finally settled by ordering the
entire cemetery mowed by contract to
be entered into by the cemetery com
mittee. The reports of the police judge and
marshal were, on motion of Grimes,
referred to police committee.
Treasurer Unruh's report submitted
showed a total balance on hand of
1 11,032 32 The report showed enough
funds in the Parmele judgment fund
to pay off the same, and it was so
ordered on motion of Gutsche.
On motion of White the five per
cent penalty on delinquent paving tax
on the Prooger property on Main street
was remitted, as the owner desired to
pay the same but objected to the pen
alty and heavy interest.
A general dissertation upon the evils
of small boys was indulged in by
nearly every member of the council.
Grimes, White. Gutsche and Barwick
all testifying to the inherent spirit of
cussedness prevailing in the city con
cerning needless and mischevious de
struction of property. The police were
finally ordered to exercise more vigi
lance and arrest sundry persons as
horrible examples.
Claims were allowed as follows :
Public library, exp 128.50
Terra Cotta Co., mdie go
Peier Claus. labor 2.25
C. L. Marsfca.Il, sal and labor 11. SO
AL Ilarklna. labor T.C3
Ross Little, seme 2.10
X. Jones, ume .. 210
0. Gllson, same 1.B0
Jacob Hauk, same 8.70
M. McCool, same 1.06
A. Broback, same 185
Al. Brltton, ssme. 1.25
L. Klikow, same t.10
Evsuing Newi, printing 4.25
A. II Weckbacb, mdii 2 45
Caaa County, boarding prisoners 3.50
Wm. Gingery, labor 3.00
Jno. Murray, salary 40.00
John Flu Patrick, same 40 00
1. n. Dunn, iimi 60.00
Jno. Waterman 2. 50
E. E. Hilton, laying monuments 2.00
Sam Archer, sand S.00
M. HIatt. hauling dogs 2.50
The following claims, on the recom
mendation of the finance committee
was referred to the claims committee:
Gas & Elec. Light Co.. light for April. ...COS. 30
M. Archer, uncollected coats 15. 80
A. Busch, rent police Judge's office 27.00
On motion of White the judiciary
committee composed of Sattler and
Slater were instructed to investigate
the matter of the claim of the city
against the bondsmen of Uaubens &
The light committee was instructed
to Investigate the matter of inferior
lights, and the city "dads" then ad
journed. Ltit of Letters
Remaining unclaimed in the postoffice
at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, May 15,
Bugger, Mr Brown, II
Elliott, Wa Esller, X F
Eanitt, Catharine Johnson, J JE '
Kennedy, Saale Mackey, James
Morrison, Mrs Annie Nealy, Rer Daniel
Stack, Miss Grace.
Persons calling for any of the above
letters or parcels will please say "ad
vertised." W. K. Fox, r. M.
Especially Selected.
Having secured a large amount of
hams and bacon before the advance in
prices, I am able to sell same at 10 and
12i cents pr pound. Your patronage
respectfully solicited.
8 J. C. Petersen.
Thy Play Hall Today.
The much-talked-of game of base
ball betweeu the county officials of
Otoe and Cass counties will be played
at Nebraska City today. The players
who will represent Casa county have
been practicing up. during the past
week, and will no doubt prove a "sur
prise party to their opponents, al
though the latter is reported to have
three very effective batteries.
The Missouri Pacific railway has
made a rate of one and one-third fare
for the round trip between Platts
mouth, Union, Nehawka and Weeping
Water and Nebraska City, and a
special coach will be attached to the
morning freight. Quite a crowd from
this city will take. advantage of the
low railroad rates and will witness the
game. Tub Journal, will detail one
of its editorial staff to attend and take
notes and will report in f ull next week.
George W. Covell, Esq., of Omaha,
was in the city Monday ou legal bus
iness. E. II. Wooiey, of Lincoln, was in
Plattsmouth the first of the week at
tending matters in the district court.
Attorneys Al. Timblin, J. E. Doug
lass and J. II. IIaldeman,of Weeping
Water, were iu the city the first of the
week attending district court.
The May term of the district court
convened last Monday morning with
Judge Chapman on the bench. The
day was spent in calling the docket
and hearing motions and special pleas.
On Tuesday morning special matters
were beard and court adjourned until
yesterday, at which ticae the case of
Sadie Kinsey vs. Walter Scott at al
was tried and taken nnder advisement
by the court.
Samuel Everett, a batchelor, living
a short distance southeast of this city,
baa of late been observed by his
neighbors to act very strange. On
Tuesday last a complaint was filed
charging him with insanity. A few
hours later he was in the sberifl's cus
tody. On the following day at the
hearing before the board of commis
sioners on insanity, he was adjudged
insane. lie will be taken to the asy
lum at Lincoln in a few days.
Judge Chapman has appointed C. S.
Polk, J. L. Root, A. J. Graves, Byron
Clark and B. S. Ramsey, as a board to
conduct the examination of candidates
for admission to the bar at the present
term of court. B. Cecil Jack and
Allen Reason jr. will undertake the
trying ordeal. If successful their
shingles will be displayed and the pub
lic asked to give them their share of
the business. They are both in
dustrious and upright j Dung men .
The Lincoln Asylum Investigation.
In the investigation of the manage
ment of the asylum under Dr. Hay be
fore the govercor,Mr. and Mrs. Weart,
former attendants at the asylun,but
now located at -the Norfolk asylum,
testified to mistreatment of a patient
named Mrs. Brown. Mrs. Weart testi
fied that the patient had refused to ac
cept her food, that a tube was inserted
into her mouth and that in the process
of feeding her thus her jaw was dis
located. She testified that the jaw
was allowed to remain In a state of
dislocation tor a full week before it
was reset. Both of the witnesses tes
tified to the administration of paralda-
hyde by the asylum authorities, but
said that the drug is not used at the
Norfolk asylum. They bad heard that
a patient named Parrott had died at
the Lincoln asylum from the use of it.
Dr. Manary, who has been requested
by the governor to hand in by the 1st
of June his resignation as first assis
tant physician at the Lincoln hospital
for the insane, to make way for Dr. J.
L. Greene, who is appointed to his
place, has announced that he will not
supply the desired document, claiming
that he was appointed for a term of
six years. He is following the example
of his superior officer, Superintendent
Hay. This will mean another fight.
Governor Hclcomb has also appointed
Dr. Minerva Newbecker of Omaha to
succeed Dr. Sophronia Lane as second
assistant physician, and it is under
stood that he will encounter the same
sort of opposition there.
White Hat Par lee.
In addition to having an ice house
well filled with the purest kind of
channel ice obtainable, Wlite & Co.
have the most competent deliveryman
in the city. People who are discom
moded every summer by an ill-mannered
"ice man" should let us deliver
their ice. Leave orders at White's'
general merchandise store.
F. S. White & Co.
Jury in the Hill fate Disagree.
After being out twenty-nine hours
the jury in the case of the state vs. ex
Treasurer Hill was discbarzed by the
court, for the reason that it was no
nearer to an agreement on a verdict
than when it first went totherjury
room.. There was evidently a distinct
difference of opinion among the jury
men when they did not agree iu the
first few hours, and the predictions
then that there would be a "hung
jury" were rife around the state house.
The only question given bv the court
for the jury to decide was "as to
whether there was a valid execution
and delivery of the official bond of
Hill for the second term." The de
fense of the bondsmen was that Ilili
agreed to sign the bond aud did not
do so. Hill had uo defense, for the
court had decided the question as to
turning over certificates of deposit
Instead of cash ta his successor. The
bond came into the hands of the gov
ernor and was approved. Hill entered
upon the performance of his duties m
treasurer under the bond, a thing he
could not and would not have been
permitted to do without it ; thus if
there was any irregularities they had
been waived. What is furthermore.
Hill's liability was uot increased or
diminished by his not signing the
bond. He was personally liable for a
judgment for the amount of money he
had not returned to the state at the
end of his term of office, if no bond
whatever had been given. The bonds
men could escape liability only iu case
a fraud had been practiced on them,
but in this case there was no fraud for
the failure of Hill to sign the bond did
not release him from liability, hence
was immaterial as far as the bondsmen
was concerned. They are all jointly
liable. But strange to tay, for reasons
only known to themselves, U ey have
failed to reimburse the state for its
money that went down in the bank of
a ring of plunderers iu the capital
The Knralyptue Tree.
' The culture of the encalyptus tree
has become very common in California.
This tree is used for various purposes,
the most common use being for fuel.
It is planted around orchards to break
the force of the wind. Its use in Cali
fornia became common owiug to the
rapidity with which it grows. The
first year it is planted it usually
reaches a height of ten feet, and fifty
feet in three years is not an uncom
mon growth. At the end of the third
year the tree can be cut for fuel, and
this is worth from $ C to Si per cord.
An acre of this wood of three year's
groth will usually sell for about $50
while eight years growth would average
$100 an acre.
The eucalyptus tree is a native of
Australia. There it is used for fuel,
ship-building and manufacturing. The
bark of the eucalyptus abounds in
tannin and is extensively used in tan
ning leather. From the leaf of this
tree mauna is extracted w hich is used
for medical purposes. The eucalyptus
trees are the tallest trees in the world,
sometimes reaching 500 feet in height.
Chain Them l"p.
Nebraska City News.
The . mysterious leaving of their
homes by married men of late has be
come an epidemic and from all over
the country comes daily the stories of
their sudden dropping out of their
busy life and leaving their families
without apparent cause. It seems to
be like small pox, catching. The
ladies when they find their hubbys
acting a little queer should chain them
up until the spell, passes off, unless
they want the worry and expense inci
dent to looking up a man who "tem
porarily" loses his mind and wanders
off to bob up shortly with the story
that a blank intervened from the time
he left home until he "found" himself.
Statk of onio, City of i
Toledo, Lucas Co. j
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that lie
is the senior partner of the firm of F.
J. Cheney & Co., doing business in the
city of Toledo, county and state afore
said, and that said firm will pay the
sum of one hundred dollars for each
and every case of catarrh that cannot
be cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh
Frank J. Ciieney.
Sworn to before me and subscribed
in my presence, this Cth day of Decem
ber, A. D. 1886.
seal: A. W. Gleason,
Notary Public.
Hairs Catarrh cure is taken inter
nally and acts directly on the blood
and mucous surfaces of the system.
Send for testimonials, free.
F. J . Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
C3Sold by druggists, 75c.
Leave your order for the season's ice
with Poisall.
.Mary, the Faithful Coiwort of Jncob Val
lry. Nr., Croatr the lark Klver
-Hi Funeral Tomorrow.
Yesterday morning at 8 o'clock
Mary, wife ot Jacob Vallery, Sr.,
departed this life. She had been sick
about one day with heart failure,
superinduced by old age, when the
messenger of death rapped at her
door, aud her queenly spit it entered
the Heavenly Kingdom.
The deceased was born in Germany
seventy-six year: ago, and in girlhood
came with her parents to Ohio. It was
there she was married to her kind and
loving husband, who still survives her.
She was the mother of seven children
ot which Mary and John are deceased;
Mis, Rtmmiel, Mrp. Pitcher, C. F.,
Jacob and Peter are still living and
reside in this vicinity.
After the allotted period for the
existence of mankind, the lamp has
ceased to burn. Life's oil has been
consumed. Thus ends a long and
useful life, filled with love, affection,
kindness and charity. She with her
husband and children have resided in
Cass count) ince 1S55. They were
anion z the pioneers, who through per
severance, industry and thrift have
made Nebraska what it is.
Th whole community extends its
heartfelt sympathy to the husband
an I surviving children in this, their
sad bereavement.
The funeral will takt place from the
family residence west of town at 2
o'clock' Friday afternoon. Rev. II. B.
Burgess, officiating. She will be laid
at rest beside her two children at Oak
Hill cemeterv in this oil v.
The educational Mtiii;.
Atilm.d Gazette.
bupcrintendeuts Farley, Clarke and
Crabtree went to Denver last week
and arranged accommodiations lor the
teachers of Cats and Saunders counties
for the N. E. A. convention there July
S to VI. They secured rooms for ilfty
teachers al the Gilsey at the rate of
fifty tv rits per teacher per day. The
rooms are large and handsomely fur
nished. They were fortunate to get
these excellent rooms as the hotel
room of the city is nearly all engaged.
The indications are that the gathering
will exceed that of the conclave.
Teachers of Saunders and Cass coun
ties are requested to write to county
superintendents as soon as they are
reasonably certain of going as to be
sure of a room. Many besides teach
ers will t ike advantage of the cheap
rates. All who expect to go must
write at once to Superintendent Far
ley, Plattsmouth or Superintendent
Clarke, Wahoo. Arrangements have
been made for a special train for these
two counties to leave Ashland at 5:21
the evening of July S. Trains from
Schuyler and Plattsmouth will make
connections at Ashland with the spe
cial. Saunders and Cass expect to
send as many teachers as any other
two counties in the state. This is a
chance of a lifetime for Nebraskans.
One fare for the round trip, to attend
the greatest educational convention
ever held in America and to visit the
most picturesque country in the west.
Every teacher who can afford it ought
to take advantage of this opportunity.
For twenty-five dollars a teacher can
enjoy what would usually cost fifty or
one hundred dollars.
A l'romiueut Wholesale Grocer of Omaha
Neb., Write:
To the afflicted:
Several years ago I discovered a
slight falling and bleedingof the lower
bowel which increased and became
very distressing. I made inquiry as
tothe nature of the disease and learned
that I had a somewhat aggravated case
of Hemorrhoids or Piles. Was told of
several remedies and used them as di
rected, obtaining thereby some tem
porary relief. Not being satisfied with
such slight relief I cast about for a per
manent cure; when a friend directed
the use of the famous Magnet Pile
Killer. I used it. Immediate relief
from pain followed, and soon a com
plete cure was affected.
Very respectfully,
0car Allen.
For sale by Gering & Co.
To Whom It May Concern:
I am making a genuine effort to close
out ray business here, so that I can
join my family in California soon.
Therefore I must not only sell my
goods cheap, but I must close all run
ning accounts and sell for cash. Those
of my friends whom I have been carry
ing should appreciate this fact and
call aud settle up at once. Friendship
cannot continue long unless it is
mutual. Call and see me.
F. McCouitT.
Dr. Marshall, DENTIST Fitzger
ald block.
Gering & Co., sell the Munyon
Lsave your order for the season's ice
with Poisall.
Headquarters for cheese at Weck
bach's grocery.
Two packages of Arbuckle's coffee,
45c, at McCourt's.
New and fresh groceries every day
at A. II. Weckbach's.
Miss Mollie Tucker and Mrs. T. L.
Murphy were in Omaha on Monday.
Tbe"PlanSifter"flouris the popular
brand. Ask for it from your grocer.
Graham Bros.' toilet soaps the fin
est in the world at cost at McCourt's.
Miss Ollie Jones and Mrs. Geo. E.
Dovey were Omaha visitors on Friday
Leave your orders for job work with
Tiik Journal, an artistic job guar
anteed. Tom Walling, abstractor of titles,
Todd block. Guarantees accuracy of
all his work. 25tf.
When you paint your house, barn or
vehicles, get the best paint. F. G.
Fricke M Co. seh it. 29
Money to loan by the Livingston
Loan and Building associution. Apply
to II. R. Gering, secretary.
Other firms may come and go, but
Herold & Sou, the old reliable dry
goods house, keeps on forever.
Ask Attorneys Byron Clark and
C. A.Rawlshow they like operating a
sail boat on the Missouri river.
I). W. Foster, one of the pioneer
settlers in the vicinity of Union was
a Plattsmouth visitor on Monday.
Buy the improved Singersewing ma
chine. Anton Trillity, local agent,
office in Unruh's furniture store.
Miss Dora Fricke returned Tuesday
from a short visit with her friend, Mrs.
John Donelan of Weeping Water.
Judges of good cigars agre that the
Exquisitos is one of the best nickel
cigars in the market. Ask for them.
The "O. K." bath rooms will re
main open on Sundays until 12 o'clock
(noon.) Best baths in the city. Price
15 cents.
Eagle and Eclipse bicycles sold by T.
E. Parmele, agent. Agency at Smith
& Parmele's drug store. See him be
fore buying. lm
Wm. Loughridge, the genial black
smith at Murray, was attending to
business in Plattsmouth the latter
part of the week.
George Dodge, wife and son Roy,
last Tuesday evening departed over
the C. B. & Q. for a months visit at
their old home in Pennsylvania.
McCourthas just received from his
fruit farm at San Jacinto, Cal., a con
signment of tine evaporated apricots,
to be sold at 10c cost laid down. S
Choice canned fruits and vegetables,
such as raspberries, strawberries,
blackberries, plums, beans and peas
at 10 cents a cau. Zuckweiler & Lutz.
The Nebawka Register says: The
citizens of Union do not care to shoul
der the Cass county fair and the $1,000
or more debt hanging over the society.
The Sherwin-Williams prepared
paint covers most, looks best, wears
longest, is most economical and of full
measure. Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Miss Gertrude Kerney, until re
cently stenographer in Byron Clark's
law office, is now filling a similar posi
tion in U. S. Marshal White's office at
The fern social at White's opera
house last evening, given by the
of St. Agnes' guild, was a complete
success. A snug sum was realized by
the ladies.
This is the best time of the year to
paint your houses, barns and fences.
F. G. Fricke & Co., keep a full stock
of the best prepared paints in the mar
ket, at low prices.
A Story & Camp organ, in first class
condition, good as new, to trade for a
good fresh cow. Apply to Mrs. G. F.
S. Burton, Marble street, Plattsmouth,
or postoffice box 103.
Cols. Elege and Benscoter, the Beth
lehem fishermen, captured an eighty
two pound cat fish at the head of
"Sundown" island on Tuesday, and
marketed it in this city.
Harvey Holloway has concluded to
take part in the great six day bicycle
race at the Coliseum la Omaha next
month. The racing will be two and
one half hours each evening.
Capt. Mapes has received an invita
tion to bring company C to Elmwood
on July 4th and there meet a company
from Lincoln. There will be some
prizes for which to drill. Nebraska
City News.
The home of Myron E. Wheeler at
Lincoln was partially destroyed by
fire last week. Mr. Wheeler is well
known in this city and his many
friends will be pleased to learn that
the loss is nearly covered by insurance.
The quarterly conference of the
United Brethren church for the Hills
dale, Iowa, circuit will be held at the
Bethlehem church on Saturday, May
25th. Presiding Elder Cronk, Rev.
Preston and others will be in atten
dance. Mrs. W. J. Bryan will address the
woman's club of this city, next Friday
evening at the residence of Mrs. Sam
uel Waugh. She will be accompanied
by her husband, who with her will
visit their numerous friends here dur
ing the day.
The river has been raising steadily
for the past few days, and a raise of
eighteen inches since Sunday is re
ported. Rivermen believe this to be
the commencement of the annual June
raise, which is a few weeks earlier
than usual.
On the evening of May 9th Mr. and
Mrs. George E. Dovey entertained the
high five club at their beautiful home
in this city. Enjoyment reigned su
preme throughout the evening, and
those present by their pleasant remem
brance of the occasion can testify to
the abundant hospitality of host and
The authorities of Mills county,
Iowa, succeeded in placing Clay Con
nors under arrest at Pacific Junction
on Monday, and he is now an occupant
of the county jail at Glenwood. Con
nors was indicted by the Mills county
grand jury for selling liquor contrary
to law at Pacific Junction, and pend
ing trial was released on bond. He
then came over to Plattsmouth and
did not appear for trial on the date
set, leaving his bondsmen in the lurch.
The Lincoln News says: A young
man working on the farm of Thomas
Allen, ten miles north of Eagle, acci
dentally shot himself In the forehead
yesterday afternoon while toying with
a gun. He squinted down the barrel
and pulled the trigger. The ball made
jagged wound but did not enter the
skull. lie refused to give his name,
saying,"! have a father and mother
in Lincoln, but I don't want them te
know what a d d fool I was monkey
ing with that revolver.
At the delightful residence of Mr.
and Mrs. Samuel Richardson, at Eight
Mile Grove last Saturday evening oc
curred one of the leading social events
of the season, in honor of their daugh
ter Florence, who will, as soon as her
school closes, take an extended trip to
Denver. Salt Lake City and to many
places in California. Besides the
friends in thsir vicinity many young
people attended from this city. With
the exception of a mishap in which
one of the carryalls from this city was
overturned, but none of the occupants
severely injured, the occasion wan a
very enjeyable one.
President of the Gosney Lire stock Com
pany Wrltee
Magnet Chemical Co.
Gentlemen: I have for months been
a sufferer from Itching Piles, and tried
numerous so-called remedies which
did me no good. I procured a box of
Magnet Pile Killer, and I confess
the first application gave me great re
lief, and while I feel I am not entirely
cured, I believe that before I have the
entire box used I will be well.
To every one suffering with this un
pleasant disease I sincerely recommend
Magnet Pile Killer.
Yours Truly, Sam Gosney,
South Omaha, Neb.
Pres. Gosney Live Stock Company.
Nine days later Mr. Gosney writes:
"1 am entirely cured of the Piles and
Magnet Pile Killer did it."
For sale by Gering & Co.
1100,000 to loan. National Exchange
Co. See adv't. another column. 14.
There is no doubt but what Cass
county will have a good crop
and in view of this fact we will
sell you
Wall Paper,
Paints and Oil
At prices too low to mention.
You all know that "paint points
to prosperity," so be sure and
paint your house and barn.
Gering & Co.
'is" .
( f
! .. . '