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Tarious Bits of News of Interest to
'Journal" Readers.
Convict! or Manslaughter, fnctllit J At.
Lindsay Is Taken To the Peniten
tiary to Serve m Two Years'
Sentence Joltings.
Taken ta the l'eu.
Pugilist Jas. Lindsay, sentenced to
two years in the penitentiary for the
killing of Fletcher Ilobbins, was taken
to Lincoln this morning and landed
in the pen. Sheriff Kikenbary and
Deputy Ilyers accompanied the pris
oner. Pending a decision on his ap
plication for admission to bail by the
supreme court, Lindsay will continue
to be an Inmate of the penitentiary.
Death of Airs. O'Keefe.
Today's Bee says: "Mrs. Margaret
O'Keefe, mother of John A. O'Keefe,
James O'Keefe, Mrs. R. C. Cushing,
of this city. Mrs. Robert Fitzgerald of
Oklahoma City, Mrs. Xellie Moriarty
of San Diego, Cal., Mrs. J. W. Flynn
of Des Moines, Miss Maggie O'Keefe
and Mrs. John Templeton, died Tues
day night in Chicago at the residence
of her son, John A. O'Keefe. Mrs.
O'Keefe was well-known throughout
Nebraska and resided in Plattsmouth
with her son, John, for a period of
fifteen years. She was beloved by al
who were fortunate enough to have
her acquaintance. She was a loving
mothtr and a consistent Christian, and
her death will be mourned by her
children, grandchildren and a large
circle of friends. Mrs. O'Keefe was
74 years of age and came to Nebraska
In 1370. The funeral will take place
in Omaha on next Sunday.
Only the very best cigars sold at Ger
ing &Co.'a.
Anniversary of Appaiuatox.
The members of McConihe post of
the Grand Army are preparing to cele
brate the anniversary of the surrender
of Gea. Lee and his army, on Tuesday
evening next, April 9,at White's opera
house, to which the public is invited.
The following prpgram of exercises
has been prepared for the occasion:
Jamie High School Band
Song "America' Gran J Chorus
Address of Welcome Hon. S. M. Chapman
Song "Tenting oa the Old Camp Ground..
Glee Clue
EossUn Condon, S. V.. Pres. W. It. C. of Ueb
Song--"The Flag- Glee Club
Address Comrade J. B. Strode
Song Glee Club
Address... Mrs. KateMcMaken
Reminiscences and Songs By Comrades
Closln? Song -Rally Round the Flag."
The District Declamatory Contest.
The third annual declamatory con
test of southeastern Nebraska will be
given in the First Presbyterian church
on Friday evening, April 5. The best
performers of southeastern Nebraska
will be selected to represent our dis
trict at the coming state contest to be
held at Grand Island. Six gold med
ala will be given to the winners in the
different classes. An interesting pro
gram is guaranteed. General ad mis
BionSo cents. Visiting students 20
cents. Seats reserved at XebnhofTs
without extra charge.
We heard a gentleman remark the
other day that when hard times struck
the average citizen the first thing he
did was to stop his paper; the next to
take hischildren from the schools, and
the next to quit paying the preacher,
and thus imagine be was practicing
economy; and the gentleman talks the
truth. Great economy, isn't it ? Kill
off the preacher and let your children
grow up moral savages; kill off the
teacher and raise your offsprings to
be hewers of wood and drawers of
; water for the children of those who
havemore sense-kill off your newspaper
and see your town go down, business
grow stagnant, and those children
whom yon have decreed to be Intellec
tual and moral dwarfs, loaf around
for want or employment. This is
wonderful economy. Current-Voice.
Governor llolcomb has approved
thirty bills. Including fiire which ap
propriate a total of $448,000. The sum
of $250,000 being for relief, $73,000 for
completion of the state university
library and $125,000 for legislative ex-
. penses. A large part of the latter wil
probably not be required and It wil
therefore revert to the .treasury. In
addition to an irrigation act, the best
sugar bounty measure, and other bills
that have become Jaws, the governor
has signed an eyen dozen proposed
constitutional amendments, and elec
n.rm iar fall arill tiatrA an nnnnrnttn
of voting a second big sheet of paper
besides the regular ballot, at the gen
eral election.
A. B. Taylor or the precinct was
down toward the south side of the
county yesterday, and reports that he
. never saw a finer showing for winter
wheat and rye than there is now, and
that everything Is looking first-class
for the farmers. If there is not
good crop of small grain in this county
it will not be because it didn't get a
--i a tart.
Tom I'armela Is Injured.
Cashier Tom Parmele of the Bank of
Commerce goes about town by the aid
of a pair of crutches, caused by a fall
received white alighting from a freight
train Wednesday night. He had been
at I'lattsmouth and came home on the
midnight freight, and in jumping off
the caboose while the train was in mo
tion he fell into a switch injuring his
left knee cap and bruising him up
pretty badly. Ills many friends hope
for him a speedy recovery and tiiat no
serious injury will terminate from the
accident. Louisville Courier Journal.
Beginning with April first and con
tinulng for a month Uncle Sam wants
every bit of mall that comes to or
from the Plattsmouth postoflice
weighed, and so it is with evt ry post
oflice on a line of railroad in the
United States, as upon the weight of
the mail thus carried are the estimates
made up upon which the railways are
paid during the next four years. The
month of April is chosen because it Is
supposed to be the best average month
in the year. The weight of a letter
does not amount to much, but when it
is taken into account that there are
many tons of this matter sent or re
ceived every year at or from the local
postotlice, each letter cuts something
of a figure.
A remarkable slice of luck occurred
to a Liverpool man a few years ago
He was walking along a street of the
great shipping headquarters when lie
picked up a piece of paper which
proved to be a bank note for XI, 000.
He took it to a police station, and it
was reported to the bank, but al
though every effort was made it was
never found possible to trace it to its
owner, and after a considerable lapse
of time the note was handed back to
its lucky finder.
Miss Cora Cook, a teacher in the
Plattsmouth public schools for the
past four years, handed in her resigna
tion Monday and departed that even
ing to accept a more renumerative
position in the schoolsof South Omaha.
MI? s Cook has an excellent record as
an instructor, and the South Omaha
school board is fortunate in being able
o add her name to its corps of teach
The people of Cedar Creek have bern
treated during the past three weeks to
visit from a band ot roving medicine
- .a m 9 . ft a a
men advertising tne imauiia aieui-
cine Uo., ana report says me innaoi-
tants did nothing for days together
but to attend the show, and when tbey
got hungTy tbey would take does of
the medicine instead of taking the
trouble to cook a meal.
We guarantee a
fit in spectacles, or
G eking & Co
no sale.
While Ed Horrigan, of Sheridan,
was in the city yesterday the story got
out somehow through his friend. Win.
Nevilld, that Ed's mission east was
looking up sundry stage beauties for
Bill Cody's new show, and was espe
cially in search of such as would look
well in abreviated costumes. Whether
it was true or not, The Jolknal can
only refer to Mr. Neville.
The Sherwin-Williams prepared
paint covers most, looks best, wears
longest, is most economical and of full
measure. Sold by F. G. Fricke & Co.
Asher Clark's grocery is headquart
ers for everything to be desired by
those who will plant a garden and ex
pect to realize on the seed planted.
Early Ohio and Early Rose seed pota
toes, first-class quality onion sets and
the well-known brands ot Ferry and
Lice garden seeds. Garden-planting
time is closu at hand, and Clark has
just the seeds you want. 23
Coleman, the jeweler, has all the
new novelties in the jewelry line for
the Easter season. Ladies new collar
pins, watch charms,ribbon watch fobs,
Sterling belt and hat pins, collarettes
and the Egyptian bee pin the latest
Easter novelty. Everything is new,
low in price, and the ladies are invited
to call and give them an inspection.
The Patterson Bros, have taken the
agency for the well-known -"Spalding"
bicycle and have ordered a sample
wheel. Tho "Spalding" has a well
earned reputation of being one of the
staunchest wheels on the market, and
combined with its easy running
qualities, it necessarily becomes a de
sirable machine.
Mrs. George Ballance and children
departed this morning for their new
home at Germantown, where Mr. Bal
lance is now regularly employed as a
locomotive engineer for the B. & M.
- - 9
iiavmg resiueu nere lor many years
the people of this city accept their de
parlure with no little regret.
Dr. Shipman is having his residence
on West Locust street remodelled and
will move his family back to this city
after next week. The doctor has lived
In Omaha for the past year, but is
pleased in being able to again make
his home iu this city. He will make
his oflico at the Hotel Ililey.
Flowkii Pots Tliia is the season
to set out Jlowerlng plants, and Mc
Court has a large assortment which ho
is selling at cost. All the ladies who
delight in flowers will be pleased if
they call on McCourt and get a supply
C'rocerUn At Coot nntl I . Anythlna to
(let Out OT Hie ltiittlncKS.
A few sample prices are given bo
ow: Tkas Bt-st Moyuneand Gunpowder
tea, C0c; cost 75c.
Best uncolored Japan, 40c; cost 40c.
Great reduction in the price of Hour.
Best canned corn, 10c, cost 10c.
Is bound to Bell out and offers every
thing at cost.
Has a larce stock, and will sell for
cost or less. Has a special diive in
Graham toilets. Call, ladies, for
When you paint your house, barn or
vphiclt-s. tret the best naint. F. G.
Fricke & Co. sell it.
Tom Parmele was elected at Louis
villo Tuesday as a member of the vil
lage board of trustees, receiving the
highest number of votes accorded any
of the candidates. Verily IMatts
mouth people, and especially those of
democratic persuasion, are in the push
Dr. Marshall. DENTIST Fitter
aid block .
Mllllnrry Auuuunrriiii nl.
We take pleasure to say that we have
itist onened the largest and lx'st se
lected stock of mllliuerv rood- rver
opened iu the city, consisting of jets
buckles, stick-pins, strawbraids witl
patent leather edge (something new)
ribbons, very latest pattern, (a check
a striped and moss rosebud), also i
full and complete line of pattern hats
all of the latest and best sty les, amoug
them the Gould and Trilby, and sure
to pleaee.
Commencing on Wednesday Apri
3d, and continuing through the week
we will give our kasteii open i so, am
invite all the la-lies of Plattsmouth
and vicinity to call and inspect for
themselves the beauty and harmony
of our great display.
Our customers will remember tha
our prices are always reasonable and
befittine the times. Our shop Is still
in Sherwood block.
A new invoice of nickel alarm clocks
just unpacked. Special price of 7o
cents cash for thirty days. These
clocks are fully warranted, have no
superior for keeping correct time and
are ordinarily sold for il.'2-i. Anvil
CoLKStAN. Jeweler, Cart ultra old
LUt of Letter
Remaining unclaimed in the postoflice
at Plattsmouth, Nebraska, April 3.
Don. Iraluard Jame, Mrs May
Martin. Mr. AnJrcw Ncthcrlll, K. W.
Persons calling lor any of theaboe
letters or parcels will please say ad
ertised." W. K. Fox, P. M.
I'ruuilorut Whole! tirocr of Outuli
Neb., Utile:
To the afflicUd:
everal years ago I tliseoveied a
slight falling and biet-diiiguf the lower
bowel which Jncita-id and bream t-
very distressing. 1 made inquiry as
tothe nature ot the disease and learut d
that I bad a somewhat aggravated case
of Hemorrhoids or Piles. Was told of
several remediei and used them as di
rected, obtaining thereby some tern-
norarv relief. Not being satisfied with
such slight relief I cast about for a per
manent cure; when a friend directed
the use of the famous Maonet File I used it. Immediate relief
from pain followed, and soon a com
plete cure was affected.
very respeciruny,
Oj-cau Allen.
For sale by Gering & Co.
KJ. Horrigan a prominent citizen of
Sheridan. Wyoming. J. C. Horrigan
of Omaha and J. H. Horrigan. the
banker at Imogene, Iowa, visited
with their aunt, Mrs. T. L. Murphy
of North Sixth street over night. They
left for their several homes this morn
Instead of being captured at Vera
Cruz some weeks ago, as reported, it
is now said that W. W. Taylor, the
South Dakota defaulting treasurer, is
now in Chile, and the Pinkertons are
after him. Taylor seems to be as elu
sive as the festive Ilea.
The Tucker Sisters. Sixth street
milliners, have secured an expert
trimmer for their Easter trade in the
person of Miss Lympus, who comes to
this city after serving as trimmer in
the wholesale houses for six years. 30
Fred Gorder, our former townsman,
has been re-elected to the mayoralty
of Weeping Water. This will be Fred's
second term. The people of Weeping
Water are to be congratulated on their
good judgment.
Eagle and Eclipse bicycles sold by T.
E. Parmele, agent. Agency at Smith
& Parmele'a drug store. Seo him be
fore buying. 1m
T. II. Pollock's new map of Cass
county is a thing valuable for refer
ence and as a guide. It's value will
be greater as the years go on. Get one.
Ladies, see those new hair orna
ments at Coleman's, ju3t the style to
setoff your new spring hat or bonnet.
Mr. Meisinger reports that inquiries
for farm implements are getting quite
numerous since Sunday's rain.
German Vegetable liver pills are
without a rival. Sold only by Gering
&Co. 9
At the Old Stand Again,
Waterman Block,
"xXnti-exe E2Ie ZESIa-s Opened, a,
ZOrrci-r-Lc-a. ZbTe--r Stocks: of
Hats and Gent's Furnishing Goods, Etc., of
the Best Material, Workmanship and the
Very Latest Styles. - -
asm M9H MM imi I n
Tiik JoruNAk oflico has been re
moved from th Fitgf raid block to No.
: Main street, commonly knon as
the Drew building, where it wil! have
more commodious and roomy quarters,
and to which place it cordially iuvited
ill its patrons. Come and sve us, and
lon't forget the pl-tee-.'i0S Main street
Drew building.
The fiewrsl and latent designs in
wall paper at Gering .V Co.V
The inruibers f li e Young Ladies
Heading Itoorn As.' cUlicn met at the
public library rooms on Monday aflir-
non and elected rfliceit (or the en.-oi-tng
ear. the reruilt Iwing as follow.:
Frenhtent Olhe .1 .-..
Vice-president A Her I a ilyers.
S cr-iary Alma Waterman.
Treasurer Margaret O'Kourke.
Much of l h good work accomplished
by the public library for the good of
the young people of tin city, has been
accomplished by UiU association, as it
was through their efTon lhat. a public
library was made pos-lble tit the town.
It goes without sajing lhat the good
work dooe by the young Indies is
thoroughly appreciated.
I.IHiSton lllchl ru;urr.
A.C. Fry & Sons will pasture stock
for the ensuing soasou on Livingston
Heights. Custom is solicited. 1-lm
Statk of Ohio. City of (, Lucas Co. f
Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he
is the senior partner or tht liim of F.
J. Cheney c Co., doing business in the
citv of Toledo, county and state afore
said, and that said llrm wiil pay the
sum of one hundred dollars for each
and every case of catarrh that cannot
be cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh
Sworn to before me and subscribed
in my presence, this day of Decem
ber, A. I. 18SG.
seal: A. W. G leason.
Notary I'ublic.
Hall's Catarrh cure is taken inter
nally and acts directly on the blood
and raucous surfaces of the system.
Send for testimonials, f rea.
F. J . Cheney & Co., Toledo, O.
gJTSold by druggists, 75c.
Application for Dragglst'i i'eruilt.
To whom It uiajr concern: Notice Is hereby
given that the nndertlRned Lave fllod their ap
plication with the city clerk or the city of
hatunioulh. Can county, Nebraska, for a
drtiRKlBt'a permit to sell aplrituoua and vinous
ILjuora for medicinal, mechanical and culinary
nuriKMtes at their place of business on the wet
half of lot 3. block 35, In said city of 'ltt
moutu, for the period of one jer from May 1 ,
April 5, 18'J5.
Application for IrtiKrUt,a Termlt.
To whom It may concern: Notice Is hereby
given that the undersigned have, tiled their ap
plication with the city clerk of the city of
PlattsiDouth, Cass county. Nebraska, for a
driiKKlst'a permit to sell spirituous and vHioua
liquors for medicinal, mechanical and culinary
purpose at their place of buMiiess on the west
Calf of lot 8. block 34. in said city of Platts
mouth. for the period of on.jjwmMgl.
April B.1HU5.
Application for Dragglst' Permit.
To whom It may concern! Notice Is hereby
given that the underslKiied have filed their
application with the city clerk of the city of
Plattsmouth. Cass comity. Nebraska, for a
druKKlst's permit to sell spirituous and vinous
lluuors for medicinal, mechanical and culinary
mirooscs at their placo of business on part of
Foul and 2 ? block 84.1a said city of iMatts
mouth. for the period of one yarhgr Mar I.
April 6, 1895.
a Dollar's Worth
CionlZi . Millinery. Shoes.
(irahilnl Mle t:r Ifr'tl by
onvculrs rrit wlih ech rOrr
Rxtr nl o vav!lr lo lhe ho I rlns In
t'tl .Uvriicn. -nt wlih them.
N. W. Cor. 16th and Douglas Sts ,
For?-.00 and over idv.
Money refunded fr ny !
t tf nctory.
T nnl.lAt.lK.rhl'll niil.!lll 6 CV
Lawrence L L. unbleached mtiMln 3cjd
Amoskean apron chock ginghams j r y
Outing tlanncl- good grade & c ya
Men's Furnishing: Goods.
tl.SS Men's white Uundricd ehlrts AO
75c Men's neKllKCe shirts 2.
II.SS Men's lik neckwear 23
tl 00 Quality men's Kalbrlggaa, medium
welir'it. tinilerwrar S
ln'iiill linen ruffs O
Men's l.'c all linen collars' Tn thlft aitdil .3
Silks and Dress Goods
From the great trade auction sale In New York,
whore II. U. Clatlin, .M and-all Field and our
selves were the largest buyers.
Extra heavy ft.TSbl'k grosKrsIn silk....... .OS
21 inch strictly all silk, dark ground, China
sllk.costiioc to Import, at
50C quality, all wool . Henrietta and Cash-
mere, in black and all colors ''
Suits. Cap os. Waists. Skirts
Ladies' all wool, 2 piece suits, lateM style,
extra large sleeve, skirt M-lth 3 box
Plates, all hIzcs. blue and black, worth
W. 60. goat f 3 oh
Ladles' double capes, of French broad
cloth, large satin ribbon bow full
sweep. Hlack. navy and tau, all sizes,
worth fo.00, go at
1.81)0 Ladles' capes. Serge. BroaMojh;
Clay Worsted and Coveit cloth, plain
or fancy trimmed, worth 10 00. go at.. 1.08
Ladles' silk waists, with extra largo
sleeves, very newest styles thli year,
the 5. 00 ones ko at .0 the 7.M)
waUtsgo at s)3.oa. the $10.00 waists
goat ....... -J"
Separate dreis skirts. In navy blue, black
and serge, each ", ao
All wool drees skirt, made In w ide walo
and fancy materials, lined throughout
and with new CJodet back, only .08
Ladles' 3.00 Dongola button shoes, any
style toe.and all lasts l.oO
Men's $3.00 Jersey Calf, lace and congress
shoe, at l.fiO
N. YV.Cor. 10th and Douglns St., Omaha.
Attorney at Law,
OFFICE: Second Roorof theTo.1d block. eat
of the court houte.
m ".;(trt:tp - jig
the t.-rgv -i -. -lore in Ou-al-a, ownit.g
our own building an-.i p.iii:g no ie,!,
together h- f.c: t l-uy ig h:i-1
sellingour :f f" o sh, enables
us to ne5l !?. f n fs too..-;, than
any other h"-! :n Aim-rica.
A tore rare for 0norrhcr. ilet.
Uororrbcrs (white), nd all on
healthy ilcharice. I'oltlTe pre
vrntltlr for Stricture. ITIce. BOtU.
$nt prepaid on receipt of price.
P. O. Box 634.
Omaha. Neb.
kki:i ox TiiF.n: iiuoks roi:
s w.k at, . . .
The l.t ssl mejiS in the market.
PRESH . . -
In fact, everything you want tbat is
the most palatable for the tab!e,
" and in the best stle ami form.
Call and we will prove it.
Fitzgerald blk. Main St., Plattsmouth
Pure Winec, Liquors
Sole Agents for the CUbratd
Pabst Beer.
DellTerles made to as' part of the
city or shipped to any place.
Attorneys at Law,
OFFICB-rUiRerald block, oyer FirstNat'l bank
i:tlioo.-ii!iu& and only FRENCH, pafeandr
;'..vbie enre on tne market, trice Kl-UUi sont
ViaiJ. Ucutiico sold oaly by
Fricko & Co.,