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    The Plattsmouth Journal
C. 7. SHER2XAW. Editor.
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Entered at the poatoQce at Flattamouth, Ne
braska, as tecond-claM matter.
We believe that the rank and file of the party
ahould at onc6 assert themservea la the demo
cratic party and place It on record la favor of
the Immediate restoration of the free and un
limited coinage of gold and allver at the present
ratio of 16 to L a such coinage exlated prior to
1S73. without waiting for the aid or consent of
any other nation, inch gold and silver coin to
be a fall legal tender for all debts, public and
Gov. Uolcomb should veto the
sugar and chickory bounty bill, with
out fail.
It is generally understood that the
legislature is to adjourn April 5th. The
sooner the better.
"I would rather be honest than a
monometallist." n.-C. Sibley s speech
in congress, Aug. IS, 1S93.
HURRAH for the rain of Saturday
night, Sunday and Monday! It is nearly
as good as a big democratic victory for
G rover's dictatorial efforts to run
congress will prove to be the most dan
gerous assaults upon our institutions
ever attempted in this country. Crete
A carbonic acid gas well has been
struck at Craig in Burt county, which
out-rivals the roaring well that was dog
several years ago at the Crawford
place, west of Plattsmouth. At first it
was supposed to be natural gas, but
would not burs.
The republicans were able, by means
of the fear of Brcady becoming a can
didate for congress, to whip a sufficient
number of their partisans into line to
elect their candidate for mayor, Frank
II Graham, at Lincoln Tuesday. Mr.
Strode used the ghost of Broady as a
stalking horse very effectively.
The legislature has passed the
sugar and chickory bounty bill over
the veto of Gov. Uolcomb, and in a
few years a large number of farmers
will be cursing the time when they
went to planting sugar beets. German
farmer shave already gone through this
mill, and found that it does not pay.
Bogus certificates of registration for
Chinese by the thousand have been dis
covered in San JFraiwU -- - uex
js umcer in Oregon at its head.
The documents were printed in Phila
delphia and shipped to Victoria, B. C.
where they were sold to incoming Chi
nese. Tnc fact is downing on the minds of
the people of north Nebraska that At
torney General Churchill has been
making a holy show of himself in that
reg'on, upon the presumption that the
local attorneys were not able to protect
the public interests thereabouts. The
governor had better send for him to
come home.
Axoxo the latest converts to bimet
allism in this countr i3 the venerable
George D. Am ick of the vicinity of
Murray. Mr. Amick is a life-long
democrat, who, in habit and association
is of the rock-ribbed sort, but until re
cently he never could understand how
bimetallism could be maintained. lie
got a glimpse at "Coin" the other. day,
however, and was soon convinced of
his error.
If the war between China and Japan
should close by the agreement of China
to pay Japan $250,000,000 indemnity
in gold, which she hasn't got, and pro
ceeds to bid for it on the European
and American market, will not gold
go to a premium still higher than it
brings now ? Do our single standard
friends imagine that we can keep up
that standard in America, under such
a pressure, without further disaster ?
Is it not likely to prove that there is
not gold enough in the world to make
that the only standard.
In 1872 silver was held at $1.32 per
ounce; wheat was quoted at $1.35 per
bushel and cotton at 18 cents per
pound. In 1873 a republican congress
demonetized silver, and silver began
to decline shortly after until In 1894 it
had dropped to fifty cents an ounce,
and wheat followed in the downward
course until it reached the low figure
of fifty cents per bushel, and cotton
went down, down until it reached five
cents per pound, notwithstanding the
high protective tariff that was to give
prosperity to all American inter
ests. Council Bluffs Globe.
Omaha World-Herald,
The time has como for the demo
cratic party to make the money ques
tion the first and paramount issue.
AH other questions will be put in the
background in 1S00. How would this
do for a platform ?
"We believe with Thomas Jefferson
that all men are created equal; that
they are endowed with certain inalien
able rights, among which are life,
iberty and the pursuit cf happiness;
that governments are instituted among
men to secure theso rights, and that
governments derive their just powers
from the consent of tho governed.
"We believo that these four prin
ciples underly our form of government
and that the executive, legislative and
thejudicial departments should be ad
ministered at all times and uuder all
circumstances in accordance with
"We believe that the restoration of
bimetallism is the first and paramount
duty of the United States, and, there
fore, declare that we are in favor of
the immediate restoration of the free
and unlimited coiuage of gold and sil
ver at the present legal ratio of 1C to
1, as such coinage existed prior to
1S73, without waiting for the aid or
consent of any other nation, such gold
and silver coin to be a full legal tender
for all debts, public and private."
In so far as this platform quotes
from the declaration of independence
it follows the example set by the re
publicans who, in 1860, quoted the
same sentiments in the platform upon
which Abraham Lincoln was nomi
nated, and the republican convention
of 1S00 simply followed the example of
several democratic conventions which
were held before that time. The plat
form suggested declares that in the
settlement of all questions the prin
ciples set forth in the declaration of
independence shall govern, and then
states the position of the party on the
one question which will be uppermost
in the minds of the people On such
a platform the democracy could appeal
to the voters with confidence of suc
The reason why the banking inter
ests have been able to overcome the
wishes of the people for so many years
and prevent a return to bimetallism is
that they are the most perfectly organ
ized political body in the world. It Is
their business to control financial mat
ters, and the conspiracy which robbed
this country of the "dollar of the dad
dies" was formed and worked from be
hind the bank counters of Wall street
and from that bulwark controlled con
gress effectually. The banks control
all the boards of trade ami chambers
of commerce in the country, and the
sentiments of these are simply the re
flex of the great money lord !aW.)
streeU -Tk -u uoes not put up
margins to the banks and through
inese connections he Is controlled. He
dare cot run counter to the wishes of
his banker or his source of accommo
dation will be cut off. So, when the
manipulators of the nation's finances
agree upon a new move the whole en
ginery of bank iniluence is brought to
bear like clock-work; every banker in
the country is informed of it; every
board of trad orchamberof commerce
is called together, and resolutions, all
of a common tenor and differing only
in wording, are formulated and sent
broadcast ovt r the land through ' the
associated press, which is also a crea
ture of the great conspiracy, and this
unanimity of seutimeut is pointed to
as the declaration of the business
world, while as a matter of fact the
whole thing Is dictated by possibly less
than a dozen men, in secret counsel in
the directors' room of some great bank
in Wall street. Such is the character
and such are the methods which the
people must meet and overthrow in
order to once more establish the money
system of the country on the basis of
the ereatest good to the greatest num
ber. There is no limit to human greed
and the only chance of overthrowing
this gigantic conspiracy of wealth is for
the men who gain their livelihood by
toil to unite, regardless of past differ
er ces, and control congress, enforcing
their rights under the constitution.
Armed with the conscious knowledge
of the justice of their cause, all the
chicanery and corruption of concen
trated wealth will be powerless before
them if they but do their duty.
TriE public will bear witness that
The Journal editor has sought no
personal controversy with his neighbor
of the News, but that it was the News
which raised the issue by declaring
that it had evidence of corruption of
bribe-giving and taking between Hon.
John A. Davies and the writer, and ss
a matter of defense to the public this
paper has simply demanded the publi
cation of that evidence. And now, it
seems, driven from pillar to post, the
News assertH that there are other
people who could make affidavit that
The Journal editor "has accepted
money from political opponents." So
long as our esteemed neigkborls in the
affidavit business we beg of him that
he product) the documents from at
least a portion of these "plenty of
men" of reputablo character, or the
people will have u right to believe that
he is bearing false witness, or, as they
say in sporting circles, "running n
bluff." It is coming to a point where
our neighbor must sustain himself by
something mote than mere billingsgate
and bluster. It were far more manly
to admit making an error than to per
sist in bearing false witness against
even the poorest ami meanest of God'n
creatines. Come, now, "an honest
confession is good for the soul." Try it.
Tiik electiou is over, of course, and
the truth of the tariff claims is coming
out, hut nowhere stronger than in the
Second Weal Virginia district, where
the mining vote was arrayed against
ex-Congressman Wilson through the
tactics of the Davis and Elklns school.
Tha mluers believed that the reduc
tion from seventy-five cents a ton to a
duty of forty cents would open the
country to Novia Scotia and accepted
the claim that there would be no work
for them under such circumstances.
Both Davis and Elkins knew that they
were making false statements but that
did not interfere with their plans.
With no louger occasion to humbug the
miuers, thdse party leaders announce
that they have just closed contracts
for West Virginia coal with Mexico
where they face the competion of the
world, and this, too, on prices at forty
centa a ton paid for mining to the six
ty-nine cents paid in Canada. The
Wilson district miners will waken up
to the enormity of the imposition prac
ticed on them by th way, and when
they do it will be Mr. Wilson's time to
make even on the deal. Philadelphia
As niEDiCTED many weeks ago, the
schemers are trying to prolong the sea
slon indefinitely. Last Friday was our
sixtieth day, and then we should have
adjourned for good, but here we are
again, and the bell-weather schemers
say they will keep us here two weeks
longer. However. I very much do:bt
their ability to do so. This beautifu
spring weather is making the farme
members uneasy, and many of them
have already gone home to plow. There
is an understanding among those mem
bcrs of the house who have axes to
gtind, that they will vote to adjourn
sine die on Friday of this week. They
recognize now that the senate has pre
pared to kill all good measures, ant!
the better element in the house is ready
to retaliate by forcing an adjournroen
before the senate can do any more
harm. When the house shall have ad
journed sine die the genaqtnn:iVlw
powerleatvjr u.i7Tlhe two !)oues in ex-
trasession for the sole purpose of pass
ing appropriate bills. These are the
plans of the opposing forces, but I can
not say which plan will win. Hon
Edgar Howard In PapiUian Times.
The common people can be trusted.
Their opinions of men are seldom
wrong. Just lately President Cleve
land's picture has been receiving hisses
of the multitude at the Omaha
theater. That means that the average
man hate3 Mr. Cleveland with a holy
hatred. And the people are right
They know that he, acting for tha Shy
locks of Wall street have brought upon
the poor of this country more of sor
row, more of woe, more of misery and
of gaunt, hungry want than any man
whoever lived; they see about them
stagnation in trade, closed industries.
ruined business all tho result of the
conspiracy of concentrated wealth to
destroy the money of the people sll
ver. They see on every side doubt and
danger, if not ruin and desolation, and
the only man who is happy is Shylock.
The blame for all this is brought to the
door of the man in tho white house,
who has acted for their oppressors and
not for them. Mr. Cleveland is de
servedly the worst hated man in all the
land. He has betrayed the people.
The platform of the republicans of
Nebraska declared in favor of a sugar
bounty. The members of that party
in the legislature who voted for the
bounty bill and passed it over the gov
ernor's veto are, therefore, not to be
personally blamed for carrying out the
party's pledges, upon which they were
elected. That fact, however, makes
their vote no less unconstitutional and
wrong. And that wrong has been
specifically set forth in one of the deci
sion of )h? supreme court of the
United States, (that of the Topeka
case), wherein it set out the doctrine
that taxation for private purposes or
to put money into the pockets of pri
vate individuals or corporations for
private gain was "no less a robbery
because it is done under the forms of
law." The republican party of Ne
braska may temporarily defy the con
stitution, but when the people awake
it is safe to say they will rebuke them
in a way they will not forget.
The result of Tuesday's election
n thin city was not so much a victory
for the democratic parly as it was for
good government, an represented by
the democratic nominees, who were
the best men presented. The like has
never before been known in this city
where either prly elected every one
of its councilinen. Tho sober thought
of the people, irrespective of party.
took in the situation and decided to
vote for tho men who neaient repn
sented the best interests of the city.
In the first ward Walter White got
not only nearly every democratic, but
a number of republican votes. In the
secoud it was a repetition of the first.
and so it might be said of every ward
in town. And the men who thus
buried purtizanium had the public
welfare uppermost in their minds. The
third ward presented the closest fight
because the merits of the men were
evenly divided both were strongmen.
and the victory for Mr. Parmele was
ai much tho result of the general trend
of matters ail over town as anything
else. In the fourth many republicans
deserted their candidate, claiming
that the method of his nomination
didn't suit them and Mr. Gutsche was
agoodinan. The fifth ward rejected
one good man to take up another.
Possibly tho Hawkins -Tutt contest
had its lntlueuce on the vote in that
The net result is the election of the
strongest and best set of councilmen
the city has had for years. Tru some
weak men hold over from lsst year.
but there are enough good men to give
hope and courage for a more economic
and intelligent city government for the
coming year.
In view of these thin the citizen
in general, regardless of party, ate t
be congratulated, no Itss than th
democrats, who, by their sensible nomi
nations, made it possible, because of s
result that is promotive of common
good. To the coming council no
boodlers need apply and robbery must
take a back eat.
As to the fight over the school boar
it was a fair ftaud off, and two ery
good men have been selected. The
JoUliNAL will not di-guise its disap
pointment at the non-election of Mrs
rftoittenborough, and still the innova
tion was so great that a better result
could hardly have been anticipated.
The experiment of putting a woman
on the school board will have to be de
ferred to a later date.
Winhave the good sense to put the
school election in cities on some other
day than that of city election, aud in
that case it may be possible, perhaps,
to divorce the yrhools' from politics,
and then the experiment may I e suc
cessfully made.
Tills is an object leson, from na
tional and international facts, which
he ffho runs may read and aurr the
question. What is au honest dollar?
It has been stated that cost only is the
test of real money, and that this makes
it saleable, nt auy time, at coat. I defy
the proposition. Sixteen ounces of
silver have always cost more labor than
one ounce of gold and until law di
vorced these two metals, at that legal
ratio, the variation from that ratio for
countries has been infinitrsroal.
Twenty years of law has made one
ounce of gold worth thiriy-two ounces
of silver and yet the cost of production
of both has remained relatively tho
same. John V. Farwell.
OUaolut Ion Aotlrct.
Notice is hereby given that the part
nership heretofore existing between
the undersigned doing business under
the firm name or Oliver & Hamagehas
been dissolved by mutual consent,
neither member desiring to continue
the business. E. A. Oliver,
Fixed Hamub.
March 1, 1S93.
The receipts of the poslofllce in this
city for the quarter ending March 31,
1895, were $2,178.49. If this rate were
kept up during the ensuing year it
would putour postofiice into the second
class, with several hundred dollars to
President of the CJoaney Llv tttoefc. Com
puny Writ en:
- i
Magnet Chemical Co.
Gentlemen: I have for months been
a sufferer from Itching Tiles, and tried
numerous so-called remedies which
did rae no good. I procured a box of
magnet Tile killer, and I confess
the first application gave me great re
lief, and whiln I feel I am not entirely
cured, I believe that before I have the
entire box used I will be well.
To every one suffering with this un
pleasant disease I sincerely recommend
Magnet Tile killer.
Yours Truly, Sam uosney,
South Omaha, Neb.
ires. uosney i.ive atocK company,
Nineduys later Mr. Uosney writes:
'I am entirely enred of the Piles and
Pres. Gosney Live Stock Company.
Magnet Pilk Killrk did it."
For sale by Gerlog & Co.
TIIK citv i:mxtion
I Carpets and Rugs.
For the Spring Trade we
Z have replenished our Stock
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prices are attracting far more.
Tlio Painless Dentist,
Weeping Water, Nebr.,
Makes a Specialty of Fine Gold Filling, Gold
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The PlattSmOOth MHlS,
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This Mill hai boon, rebuilt, and furutuhed with
Machinery of the best manufacture
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jttni "Pi. r" i
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trial and bo convinced.
$- - Of J ".-! line A WATCH." (
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The best meats in the market.
In fact, everything you want that is
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anil in the best style and form.
Call ami we will prove it.
T. J. THOMAS is, SO 17,
Fitzgerald blk. Main St., Plattsmouth
Dr. Agnes Y, Swetland,
pedal attention to Obstetrics, Di8esf8 0f
Women and Woman's Surjrrrr
Office : tnSSSJSSru Omaia, Keb
Attorney at Law
OFKICH Second floor of the Todd bloct
emt of the court houne.
W Havo Money to Loan at6Dercent
On farm or City nronertv I
country where property ha. a fixed market
value Monev ready for imme-llmte loani wbero
accur I ty and title I s good . No commK
?equeltW,H aUOD9 BUak' furD,'l upon
ALLEN & CO.,40 43 Hqd j.N.w VorU