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Plattsmoutii, Neb., Feb. 5th, 1805
Hoard met pursuant to adjournment.
Present: J. C. Hayes, Geo. V. Young
and J. M. Patterson, county commis
sioners, and Frank Dickson, clerk.
Minutes of January meeting read and
approved, when the following business
was transacted in regular form:
Hoard, after auditing and allowing
claims against the county, adjourned
to meet Feb. Cth.
Feb. (ith. Bids for county printing
were opened and contract awarded to
A. U. Mayfield, at the following rates:
Court dockets, 15c per case; treasurer's
statements, $4.00; road notices, 2oc per
square, and commissioners proceed
ings free.
Uids for burial of paupers were
opened and contract awarded to
Streight: Sattleron the following bid:
Coffins, $1.00 per foot; over-boxes, 2ic
per foot, and trip to cemetery, $1.75.
Physicians' bids for ensuing year
were opened and contracts awarded as
District No. 1, Plattsmouth city and
precinct, to K. D. Cummins, at Slil.OO
per annum.
District No. 2, Kock Muffs, Liberty
and Nehawka precincts, to F. J.
Chainpney, at $34.34 per annum.
District No. 3, Weeping Water,
Avoca and Si of Mt. Pleasant and
Center precincts, to W. A. liurke, at
?tMrt per annum.
District No. 4, Eight Mile Urove,
Iouisville and Ni Mt. Pleasant and
Crnter precincts, to Hichard Ixrd,at
$4?.crt per annum.
District No. 5, South Dend, Salt
Creek and Xi Greenwood and Fire
wood precincts, to A. (I. Hamilton, at
$49.00 per annum.
District No. 6, Tipton, Stove Creek
and S4 Greenwood and Klrnwood pre
cincts, to N. 1. Hobbs, at $7".00 per
Druggist report of II. V. McDonald,
for the six months ending Jan. 7, IS'm,
tiled and approved.
Overseer settlements O. J. Wort
man, district No. 5, allowed $35.70;
Wm. Morrow, No. IS, $30.00; A. A.
Leesley, No. 23, $32.07; Geo. Hanson.
Xft 2S, $30.00; A. IL Weichel, No. 30,
$:w.00; M. li. Williams, No. 53, $34.00.
Feb. 7th. Itonds approved Joseph
Mullin, Soldiers' Kelief commission:
Chas. Joyce, assessor 3d ward, Weep
ing Water. Road overseers O. J.
Wortman, district No. 5, John Kirker,
No. ;I. S. Hassemeier, No. 12, Fen
Heckman, No. IS; J. A. Davis, No. Iff;
A. llickli. No. 24; A. A. Leesley,No
26; M. J. Nickel, No. 30; C. F. Harris.
No. 06; M. B. Williams. No. 53; Patrick
Hayes, No. 54; Chs. Uramlt, No. 55:
J. O. Lynn, No. b'X
Resignation of Al llabbitt, constable
in Flmwood precinct, Gled and ac
liids for rental of poor farm and
boarding and caring for paupers were
opened and contract awarded to 11. F.
Dean, Le to pay as rent for said farm,
$420.10 per annum, and to board the
paupers at $2.25 per week each.
ten. md. m. t. uase was ap
pointed road overseer in district No. 42.
Petition for public road, commenc
ingata point on the old road as at
present located about 40 rods from the
SE corner of the SW of the XE of
sec. 15-12-10, running thence a little
north of west until itcrossestheravine
right south of and near a clump of wil
lows, thence in a northwest course on
west side of ravine to a point about
north or Williams' house, running
thence across and up Pawnee creek in
a southwest course until it strikes the
section line in the XK: of sec. 10-12
I uience west on saiu line to ana
terminating at the road running north
and south through sec. 10-12-10, and to
vacate old road from the commencing
of the new, as above described, to road
running north and south through sec
10-12-10, as above described, was taken
up for consideration and granted, with
the following change: Instead of run
ning on the I section line in NF4 sec
10-12-10, said road shall be located to
run on the t section line, between the
X and Si of the NKi of said sec. 10-
12-10, aa surveyed and platted. Dam
azcs were allowed as follows: On Ki
X Wl sec. 15-12-10, $50.00.
JJond of Hichard Lord, county physi
cian in 4th district, filed and approved
.1 C IUyes. salary ami expene I 7'j W)
Ceo W Young, vaine C7
4 M Pattenon, aame C6 00
Frank Dickson, work, salary and exr 113 KS
J II Peniwn, bdg and Mjt priaonem OS 00
JO Elrenhary, gdg pr, autn'ng Jury . . 71 !V)
'SPolk,rzp 12 U)
W K Fox, tamped envelopes w 10
Frank Morgan, mdse to oor 2 2.1
Bn Heinpel, Janitor CO 00
1J W ISatta, wle to poor too
.foaShera, aame 7 00
J C Elkenbary, bdg pauper, less rent 139 oo
HO Spncer, mdse to poor n 00
Omaha Printing Co, mdse to county .. 119 30
A II Wechbach, mdse to poor ... CC 16
Joa Fetzer. shoea to poor 1 75
It C Manuardt A Co, mdse to ioor C 00
State Journal Co, mdse to county
Jos Graham, care of loor ... 12 00
F McCourt, radie to roor 35 CO
II E Elkenbary, gdg Harry III II ei 00
I T Sheldon, indae to poor 6 oo
Geo L Farley. aalary and ex p.... 102 00
J C Smith, keeping poor 10 0o
W n Dearlng. expense etc 3 Oft
F8 White, mdao to poor 353 00
A L Uphara, Mg poor 5) 80
I A Jacobaon, imlee to poor 21 00
J A Ilaaemeier, pby aerrlcea 6 ino 25 00
A Clark, xndae to poor 53 70
C M Leach, aame 32 0
D Cumtnlm, pby aal 4th quar St 25
ItVarlman.nidsotoJall 21 2
A U Mayneld, printlM 50
Aug Uaeh, radso to poor . . 2ti 00
V J Hanson, mnie IW 00
J K Nlchola, ttamo 12 0
Zuckweller t LuU:. aame
It ,t C Hcmpel, vcod to poor - '0
S F Olrardet, mdsiJ to poor
JJSwobola, aame - ,u
Mrs It E Yoder. of poor. 0
Hay A Hubbard, mdse to poor.. 15 .'
E O Dovey A Son, same W
Sim Archer, hauling wood.. I
N H Hobb, phy 81. one year 7MH)
F Brendel. phy sal. 4th juar M
Feutou Metallic Furniture Co, vault fur
nl tare
II E Palmer A Sou boiler Insurance 173 OO
J 11 Tlmblln. tned aid to poor 1 W
P 1) Hate, work at court home
John Waterman, coal to county and to
Evening News, printing
Phil Greeu ,V Co, mdse to poor 00
2 OO
15 J3
Neb Tel Co. telephoue re;
I S 75
E E Dsiy, mde to poor o 00
ambler Uros tj Co same 7 R
C E Wescott A Son. clothing for poor . . 51 M
lennett& Tutt, mde to ot 4.1 C 5
A U lUmilton, j hy nal 1 year 4
Dally Journal, pttntln; 7175
M Archer, fee uito va Chas Noyea S K"
J C Elkenbary, same 3 M
J D FurKtison. same 5 P0
A l.t-e. ame 8
John Mtttx. htmo 3
W T Ferstiocn. iim 3 00
A F Sturi!. 1 jmber . . . '.
'rank A Uidg?vny, .me y u)
Avoca Lumber Co, ame 12 si
John W;ermn. Minr 11 SO
Avoca Lumber Co aame 11
Weeping Wattr Co, name aked
133 H) - B'.v 40
P M Dean. a.m .. ao 22
II ii Todd, icp-iir J.rld- 7 i
uhn Hlr.t, mt le 4 to
Then E Fulton, rv;lr road tooltt . . 6 VJ
S Komlae. py.-r road dtmaire ... . 2 0
Ja Crawfor!, btae ... . .1 .
T J Fountain, aame i 40
II E Paukoatn, spike 73
JeM? Da-il. viewing rod 2 To
Marlah Muck, road damage ..... to OU
lioard adjourned to finish checking
otHcials, and to meft Tuesilay, Match
5th, 15.
Fi: an k DicKMiN, County Clerk.
A t'ecnllar l.rcat Taa(l
A novel situation appears in a North
Carolina case, repectini the jurislic-
tion of the crime of murder committed
by shootinff from that state into Ten
nessee, wtete the person killed was
standing when struck. After the su-
reme court of North Carolina de
cided that thre was no jurisdiction
in that state over the crime because
he stroke wa.i,in leal contemplation,
given in Tennessee, the prisoner was
arrested in North Carolina as a fugi
tive from justice, as we learn from
counsel in the cae. on the basis of an
indictment for the murder found in
Tennessee, whereupon his counsel
sued out : writ of habeas corpus.
claiming that he was not liable to ex
tradition because he had never t!ed
from the demanding state and there
fore was not a fugitive. From a deel
cision ajrainst the prisoner, an appeal
has been taken and is now pending in
the supreme court of North Carolina.
The North Carolina court having de
cided against its own jurisdiction of
the murder, on the ground of the pris
oner s constructive presence tnlen-
nes.see where the ball struck the vic
tim, has now a pretty severe test of the
theory of constructive presence. It
mav be consistent to say that if he
was constructively present for the pur
pose of dealing the blow, he was so
much constructively present that his
actual presence in another state con
stitutes an escape from Tennessee as
a fugitive from its justice. If the court
decides that he is not a fugitive from
Tennessee and cannot be surrendered
the only apparent way to secure a con
viction wDuld be to abduct the mur
derer and carry him into the jurisdic
tion of the courts of Tennessee
Otherwise."borler ruffians" will nil a
larger place than ever in crimina
annals. A newspaper item informs
us since the above was written tha
the prisoner won his case and has
tx?en discharged. Case and Corn
Tim Staltt ApMlv
Lincoln News: "The case from Ilol
county involving the constitutionality
of the law requiring intersecting rail
ways to put in connecting switches
has reached the supreme court. This
case was begun at O'Neill at the Octo
ber term of district court in that city
In it tho Htate board of transportation
prayed for an alternative writ of man
damua to compel the Sioux City,OW'ei
& Western railroad and the Fremont
KIkhorn & Missouri Valley railroad to
put in a connecting switch at O'Neil
and to put in force a joint schedule o
rates for freight in car lots from every
point on one line to every point on the
ouici. jy supination tne case was
heard by. Jndgo Chapman of Cass
county, instead of by Judge Kinkead
as the sitting was at Omaha. The de
fendants demurred to the application
alleging, in addition to the usual points
of a general demurrer, that the pre
tended act of tbe legislature under
which tho action was brought was un
constitutional and void for tho reason
that it deprived defendants of their
property without due process of law
and denied defendants equal protec
tion of the law. Judge Chapman sus
tained the demurrer and dismissed the
case, and the state board of transpor
tation now comes to the supremecourt
to decide the cjueation of constitution
ality." Jos. Shera, the Itock liTuiTs mer
chant, was in town Wednesday on his
way to Omaha.
The County 1'oor Farm.
The county commissioneis Friday
awarded the management of the
county poor farm, just west of town.
to Mr. II. F. Dean, a resident of Hock
MulTs precinct near Murray. Mr.
ean's bid was to pay 11-0 for the rent
of the farm land and to board inmates
or j per week. There were two or
three lower bids than Mr. Dean's, that
of Jas. (Jrace in particular, whoso of.
er, if accepted, would save the county
some $150 over that of Dean'n. The
atter gentleman is a farmer of con
siderable experience and bad a peti-
ion largely signed by intluential citi-
yens, which especially recommenueu
him as a person well-quaiilied to man
age the furm. The board doubtless
acted conscientiously in the matter.
and although there ate a few com
plaints, the awaid, we hope, will prove
for the best interests of the county.
Mr. Dean will succeed Sheriff Liken
ary, who was also a bidder, during
the month of March in the manage
ment of the farm.
In asking for bids the board has
made it possible for the. saving of sev
eral hundred dollars to the county, as
there exists that difference between
lr. Dean's bid and the present fig
lltl l ilrrlt .rl.
Representative John Davies of Cass
is foiniust, and righteously too, the
idea of voting an increased appiopria
tion of additional funds to the state
university. The state treasury is in a
fair way to become absolutely empty
and it seems that ordinary sense would
lictate to the state legislature that
eeouomv should be practiced. 1 he
Lincoln Journal, as could be expected,
favors the university grab and because
Mr. Daies is numbered among the
opposition, it deliver itself of the
following at the expense of the repre
sentative from Cass: "ISrother Davie'
sympathy with the jHor lny on the
rairie" and his determination to give
nm money from the state treasury in
reference to wasting it on the "(J reek
and Latin trofessor in his warm
room,'' us his excuse for refusing to
vote for the completion of the library
building and the provisions for suffi
cient other room in the university
buildings to accommodate the hoys on
the prairie who would like as good an
education, t ei haps, as the gentleman
from Cass received either at public or
private expense, is rather short
sighted. Nebraska is a great and
rich state, notwithstanding the tem
porary disaster of a short crop or two.
the toor boy will doubtless weather
the storm this 3 ear and want to come
to the university just as soon as the
state is restored to it original pros
perity ami thrift. The stateman who
thinks he can fool the poor boy on the
prairie with that sort of rot will wake
up some morning to discaverthat the
poor boy has a memory and will not
yoon forgive that species of detnag -
guery. The poor boy on the prairie
can stand short commons for a year.
if necessary, as many of the poor boys
that grow up tefore him all the way
from the I'enobscot have stood them
before him. Hut if the advantages
that the people of the United States
have heretofore insisted upon giving
the poor boy in the way of an educa
tion are to be withheld from our
poor Ijoys on the prairie by the par
simony of the politicians of the stamp
of the Cass county statemen, they may
soon rise up to demand the reason
All of which argues absolutely noth
ing. When the Lincoln Journal, that
defender of corruption and plunder in
state affairs, abuses anyone it can be
put down as plain truth that the per
son abused ii 0:1 the right track.
Fete Hrown, editor of the Nebraska
City Fress, was in town for a few hours
this morning on his way to Omaha.
Kd. is the possessor of a trotting
roadster which he thinks can reel olj a
mile at a fast lick, and he bantered
Tom Patterson for a race, the latter
to ride his bicycle. Tom took him up
in a twinkle, suggesting that they ride
for a stake and gate receipts, winner
to take all. The race will be run at
the Nebraska City track after warm
weather has fairly set in. and a goodly
number of Flattsmouth people will
journey to the moss-backed burg to
witness Tom give Fete and his naga
thorough skinning.
EVERY dollar's worth of JOE'S stock of Cloth
ing, Furnishing Goods, Hats, Caps, Gloves,
Trunks, Satchels, etc.,
Will be Sold Regardless of First Cost,
OTjr -will never liOAro clicIi. an. c"D"Dcrtinit3r cxrr 3.123.
IT -will tv-c-u. -big- interest to lo-a.'y zr-T supply ti
r nezrt -winter. - - - - - -- --
One Door West of Old Stand, Waterman Block.
hhn llth tli !: k"
The Msir ltt In Ihc eve lo hlin
K jiitil nol j-our vjv. my Valentine.
TUr -!lh mi l beauty i vour )m !r
Mirje all the Jewel lare
t tf So!ot)io: or ("rtM-nuv
The annual encampment of the
Grand Army of the Republic and the
annual convention of tho Women's
Kelief Corns are in session at Hast
ings and will complete their work this
evening. Omaha has been selected as
the place for the next winter's en
campment. Considerable politics has
cropped out in tho selection of ofllcers
for the next year, as also the delegates
to the next grand encampment. For
the first time in years thero is an open
breach between T. J. Majors and
Church Howe, the department com
mander, and tho former has apparently
made a combination to shut the latter
out of recognition as a delegate, a
courtesy it Is usual to accord to the de
partment commander.
Druggists C. II. Smith and Frank
(f reen of this city were before the state
pharmacy board at Lincoln yesterday
and successfully passed their examinations.
'l'ti li:n;.;- In your !ahily i hri k,
Which .!y n futile M-le an-l mA,
l'y at-em v Make tlirlr 1 h (i-U
That uitU- sre jtiir kly nlicd to :-lt
The t;rave ati'I il-r iak-e
If I t-! I u,!i r far a a y ,
Au I !? from th e full tuduy a .Jay.
att I forr t that fare dlv ine
No ' in : l!, my Valentine '
That I full out ft M'A.on.
If r-l the rea:j w hy luaM
Ilath J-it the other in the tl.a tr,
11 J aumrr them in t!.U lean tro!n :
llrr J el'rt e, A hr!ht blue vein.
I- ! by t:ftj thiU:i J ' 1 V
l'itillr S hM I rrtiir t iurr.
The citins of Phtttmouth should
bt pleased to know that the teacher i
of the public scbwols hav rompletea
arrangements for a tirst-cla.s series of
lectures, to b given soon. This is
somewhat of an experiment in I'latts
mouth and we hope sui!icient interest
will le shown in th enterprise toguar
antee its continuance each winter.
The i"r?t lecture of the course will be
by the famous humorist and author.
VA IVrkinsat the Presbyterian church
on Thursday evening. Fetmary Jlst.
The regular price for a IVrkins lecture
is l ", but the teachers have secured
a special rate m that an admission fee
of riO cents cjti be charged.
Frank (J. Carpenter will furnish the
second lecture of the course on the in
teresting subject cf China and Japan,
Mr. Carpenter ban spent thousands ot
dollars traveling in those countries
collecting facts and photographs which
will te used in his talk here.
Chancellor Canrield. who needs no
recommendation in Flattsmouth will
deliver the last lecture of the course
sometime in May. As most of us are
acquainted with Mr. Cantield we do
not hesitate to say that he will present
us a masterpiece of eloquence and
Reserved seals for Mr. IVrkins lec
ture can now be secured at LehnhotFs.
Secure a seal as near the door as possi
ble. Mr. IVrkins usually presents a
bouse and lot to all w ho remain until
the close of his le-ture.
Manager Fbright received A.S. Ken
nedy's contract from Cedar Mulls,
Kan., y esterday. "Snapper Kennedy
is the hard-hitting St. Joseph short
stop who made such a favorable im
pression here on one trip last year. He
is live feet and a halt in height,
twenty-live y ears of ase and weighs
I V) pounds. He commenced play ing pro
fessional ball w ith the Flattsmouth and
lleatrice state league clubs In VJ.
Since then he has been with Fhillips
burg In the Montana league. St. Joseph
In the four club Western league. New
Orleans and Memphis in the Southern
league and St. Joseph in the Western
association. He played forty-three
games in the Southern league and had
a batting average of .353. He stood
sixth in the league at batting and sec
ond in shortstop-work. He was signed
by the Detroit team this year but Man
ager Strothers did not send him his
advance money and finally released
him to make room for a personal friend.
Kennedy w ill play in the outfield here.
Lincoln Journal.
Tiik Joitknai. is assured by the su
perintendent of the water company
that unless people are more saving and
economical in the use of city water
thero iscertain to be a water famine.
He asks all private consumers to use
their cisterns and wells to tho lull ex
tentof their ability. With a few days
of warm weather the water company
will be all right, but at present their
source of supply is almost frozen
The state banking department at
Lincoln has authorized the Farmers
bank of Weeping Water to commerce
business on March 1. This new insti
tution is to have a capital stock of $10,
000 with John Donelan as president.
General Manager lloldrege and Gen
eral Freight Agent Crosby of the ii. &
M.,camo down from Omaha this morn
ing to meet Fresident JelTrey of the D.
U. Sc G., who passed through town
What It will Do
To our Friends and Patrons :
After due consideration we have
decided to adopt the
and on and after JAN. 1, 1895,
we will do no more crediting, ex
cept to those whose names are
now on our books and are very
prompt in meeting accounts.
We have tried the credit business
for nearly fifteen years and have
profitted but little thereby, the
most of our earnings being on
our books or lost by uncollected
By selling for CASH we CAN and
WILL give our patrons the ben
efit of our gains and the advant
ages derived from getting spot
cash by selling them goods
At Reduced Priees.
Of course we shall continue to
exchange goods for country pro
duce. Come in, get our prices
and see how far a dollar will go
these hard times.
No. 406, Main Street.
this afternoon on Xo. 3 from a trip to
Chicago. The It. & M. officials boarded
the I). 11. .V, G. magnate's car at this
place and accompanied him as far as
Threo good
street to rent,
wood block.
store rooms on Main
T. H. For. lock, Sher-
II. St M. 11. It.
. 2, laliy
.4. dally
10, from Schuyler except 8uuJay
12, daily except Sunday ,
93, dally except Sunday
y freight from LouIsyIHc
3, dally
6. dally
7, fast mall, dally
to Schuyler, except Sunday . ..
11, dally....
91 , dally except Sunday ,
VI), freight to LoulHVille
.5:16, p. m.
10:31, a. in.
.11:55, a.m
,.H:25, p. m.
12:23. p.m.
,.2:50. p. m.
,.3:Ij, p. m.
..9:15, a. in.
.2:12. p. m.
.4:00. p. in.
..5:33, p.m.
..7:15, a.m.
..S:00, a. m.
M . 1 K. ft.
Passenger, No. I..: .....4:50 a.m.
No. IB ..5:03 p. m.
Freight, No. 127 (daily exc'ptSunday) 3:35 p. m.
PaHsenger, No. 2 lo:43 p. in.
No. 194 11:52 a. ui.
Freight, No, 128 (dally except8uuday)l0:03 a.m.
w .r i y
jc. .-cws
ln:tarl KiUc-rel P
I n tor r. i. ! n r. ; LV.t c r : : a '
t urn I.ill k V :M
t. .V..l' -
1 .lthi r::. I!.
it I'v in u ;:-'.
I'l'AlUl'IMl .bi
i-ur i(ir.t C C9i'rt r..ivi
Kit. riJliOC ET.rt.iyt lvuilo m:cu;"
fl.Trt frful .ul r.; tn tuz I :u;mi r :f r ; . :
ratiiisto'jrs oriental co';r-
"Tt tfio-ittvl . tr-i TuvJ J. Tl.oCr-v.; 3kinC, -facj
Ce.iu tifie Lad.C vi;l f"..l ;t uv- m
'ilic;nt on i Mi;f.fy pertumed Tji'.t-t r-c.
!n uirr io;. It u sbtioiutciy puro. j.a;- i
inioft A n otrn.! r'rei U.c 1 ' I 0
Met'on; i luxury t.r 'UoBatii f.-r Irsf.-.r
,i u'. a i -h tRir, cw-i.' luofi'dip on l jc-..'
Jit r1h of l"r.v 2.V-. 1'TCalol
Mental prro-
aiHi. SOfteninw 'T
Is cold lth written
guarantee t. euro
Inn. Fiik. Dilli
) neBS.Hi-HLliioheitsitl
fulu.t',i au-tsl lyx
Iit-PUKC rnti- ai.m. S
i tlrwln. cnuMw Misery, woanitfwuiiieair.,
reeoiw, luipiipny. Lout Power iu eithori.
wnntur Old Ab, lnvoluuUry rx.ffw", ouvv.l
iutT-lilui(tiiit, jvtr-xf rtiim of th lirniu ftn.l
"tcrot Youth. Itiriveato Wfak Onrana tfcoir
ittural V lRfr 1 A'uMm the Joja ot life; curo.i
, ,jV'.irr!iOi(i Riv.l Fi-nifclB Wcwkne. A ..icatii'H trout
i .'t, ilaiu ir.ckiv, by tnul!, to auy l,lr'Nf, l
v r 1-ix. C Ih.xoh f X With evt-ry J5 nir m kiv
vm Guarantee to nire or i efuud tho lutmoy.
n-vti'.aia frto. Uuaruuteo isuei ouly t our t