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    Blola Illbioilcal society
VOL. 13. ISO. 3S.
1 nn PEH YEA n.
Our Choice for United States Senator W. J. BRYAN.
Follow the Crowd and You'll Come to
Receiver's Report, However, Shows
a Very Favorable Condition.
A Wordy War
Fusion And I
Over the Question of
I lie Squnhble Finally
n Adjournment No
Kniis Id
Nomination Is Made.
Citizen Hank Clime Its Doom.
The Citizens bank of this city closed
its doors Monday and went into
voluntary liquidation. The move was
decided upon Sunday at a meeting
of the stockholders. The amount of
cash on hand was low all last week
and on Saturday it fell below the
statutory reserve of Dfteen per cent of
the capital stock paid in. thus forcing
the officers to refuse further deposits.
At Sunday's meeting the stockhold
ers favored the selection of C. C.
Parmele as receiver, and that gentleman-
was sought out and placed in
charge of the bank's affairs today. Mr.
Farmelgwas ergaeed today in compil
ing H'tftatus'of the real situation for
publication, but enough is already
known forTiiE Journal to state posi
tively that the bank will pay out in
full and thus work no hardship to
any of its depositors. The liabilities
will aggregate some $92,000.00, while
the assets exceed $142,000.00.
There are several reasons for the sus
pension, the principal one being too
much long-time paper and the crop
failure. The bank was carrying loans
for many farmers, and the failure of
the corn crop made it impossible for
most of them to meet their indebted
ness. The deposits have also decreased
to the extent of some $30,000 during
the past nine months or a year, and
this fact also bad a damaging effect.
President Cushing and the other stock
holders are to be commended for their
action in suspending business when it
became apparent that to continue only
meant an increased loss to depositors.
It is too often the case with bank fail
ures that a system of deception and
fraud is practiced to the detriment of
depositors, and it is tothecreditof the
Citizens bank people, upon finding
that business could not be further con
tinued in an honorable way, that they
decided to go into voluntary liquida
tion. The bank was organized some ten
years ago with a capital stock of $100,
000, half of which was paid in. During
that time the bank has earned divi
dends aggregating 93 per cent on the
stock paid in, and it is thus apparent
that the stockholders have been well
paid on their investment. The failure
will effect the town's business inter
ests for some time, but the assurance
is given that the affairs will be closed
up and settled in a very few months.
The Receiver Krporti.
Receiver CC. l'armele of the Citizens
bank, after a thorough examination of
the bank's affairs, prepared a state
ment for publication Wednesday. It
reads as follows:
Bills receivable . ...$129,492.25
Real estate 2.720.00
Furniture and fixtures
Warrants and other securi
ties 490.39
Total ..$142,811.20
Capital stock
Certificates of deposits. . .
Individual deposits
Bills payable
Total fll42.8IX.20
From a perusal it will be een Uhat
Are you going to let the opportunity of a life time, of getting an elegant Top-Buggy actually
GIVEN TO YOU, go by without, taking advantage of it and having at least one chance on it ?
We have our complete Fall Stock now in, and you might as well buy your entire Winter
outfit now and secure that many more chances on the Buggy.
And YOU may be the lucky one. For once in your life, Clothing is cheap enough to please you.
ORGAN, The Leading Clothier, iPtotteimoiiitfa-.
the situation is favorable, to say the j
least. The receiverthinks that he will j
be able to realize on the resources at j
hand a sufficient amount to pay out i
depositors in full, and that something j
will be left for a later distribution
among stockholders. That such may
be the result and that the bank will
atterwards be reorganized oh a firm
basis, is the wish of the entire com
munity. Itis a public misfortune, and
there are none but who sincerely hope
that the affairs may be cleared up
without anv loss to the stockholders.
The Populist County Convention.
The populistic or people's party of
Cass county held their convention at
the town of Wabash on Saturday last.
but it was without result, so far as the
placing of a ticket in the field is con
The convention came to order at 11
o'clock, at the request of A.M. Russell,
chairman of the county committee,
and G. W. Peterson of Tipton, was
made chairman and B. F. Allen, secre
tary. Then the fun began.
The populist candidate for congress,
Lincoln's mayor. Mr. Weir, was pres
ent nnd being called on. addressed the
convention for some time, and after
the appointment of the usual commit
tees a recess for dinner was taken.
On reassembling the 'committee on
credentials reported that all the dele
gations present were regular, and no
democrats had slipped in to corrupt
the convention. The temporary officers
were made permanent and the conven
tion settled down to what proved to be
an all-afternoon's debate.
Then ensued a lengthy discussion of
the question of a fusion ticket with the
democrats, which was warmly engaged
in on both sides, J. P. Rouse, of
Greenwood, chiefly opposing and L.
G.Todd making the chief argument
in favor of uniting with the democrats
on a union ticket. Finally a vote was
taken and anti-fusion prevailed by a
vote of 56 to 54. B. F. Allen was
named for senator and he declined to
run on a straight ticket. Mr. Waugh
was then nominated, but he declined,
and after vainly endeavoring to make
up a ticket, a motion w as made that
the convention adjourn till Sept. 22,
and this prevailed. This was con
sidered a victory for the unionists.
A Serious Fall.
Mrs. R. R. Livingston, who lesides
on north sixth street, suffered a fall
last eveniDg which at one time threat
ened to have serious results. The
lady was going down a flight of stairs
at her home when she suddenly became
faint and fell on the steps from whence
she rolled to the bottom of the stairs.
When picked up she was well-nigh
unconscious and suffered intensely
from a series of bruises received in the
fall. Her two sons, Drs. T. P. and
Robert Livingston, were speedily sum
moned. For several years past Mrs.
Livingston has been afflicted with
heart trouble and her accident at first
threatened a complete collapse of that
vital organ. The physicians remained
at her bedside throughout the night
and iheir labors were rewarded thi3
morning by the patient taking a turn
for the better. The lady was resting
comfortably today and her countless
friends will wish for her speedy return
to good health.
Recovering Bis Senses.
Harry Race, of the Weeping Water
Eagle, is giving signs of recovering his
senses, as the following will testify:
"Everybody should attend the great
Cass county fair, to be held at Platts
mouth next week. To enumerate all
the great and smi.ll things that can be
seen would be too great a task. It
must be seen to ge tithe full value of
your money. It might "by proper to say
that this is not a paid loci v
The "Plan Sif ter"fioar is the popular
brand. Ask for it from you grocer.
Cass County Democracy In Conven
tion at Union Today.
And so Is Congressman Itrran's Candl
err For the Senate An Harmoni
ous Convention And a Strong
Ticket Nameil Notes.
Union, Neb., Sep. 13, 4 p. in. ,
Special to The Journal The de-j
uiocracy of Ciss county held its con-'
vention at this place today. P. C.
Hansen, secretary of the county com
mittee, called the convention to order
at 1 1 a. ni..aud Chas. Grimes, of Platts
fi.outh, and O. II. Allen, of Wabash,
were chosen temporary chairman and
secretary. After a committee on cre
dentials bad reported all pre
cincts represented except Tipton,
an adjournment was taken for
dinner. Upon convening in the after
noon the temporary organization was
made permanent. The name of B. F.
Allen was proposed lor state senator.
Before any action was taken the re
port of the democratic and populist
conference committee, in which fusion
was agreed to. the democrats to name
the two candidates for representatives
and couuty attorney and the populists
to name the candidates for senator and
float representative, was read to the
convention. Allen, being the choice
of the populists, it was deemed best to
allow them to make their own nomina
tion, and his name was accordingly
withdrawn. Louis Foltz of Weeping
Water and II. Guy Livingston of
Plattsmouth were then nominated
for representatives by acclamation.
County Attorney Travis was renomi
nated on the first ballot, the vote
standing Travis 110, Dwyer 25. The
committee on resolutions reported
favoring the free coinage of silver
at a ratio of 16 to 1, and en
dorsed Congressman Bryan's candi
dacy for U.S. senator, and the reso
lutions prevailed without division.
The state delegation was instructed to
act as a unit in accordance with the
resolutions. Delegations were also
chosen to the congressional and float
representative conventions, the float
delegation being instructed to favor
the candidacy of a populist. In the
contest over the nomination of a can
didate for county commissioner in the
first district, J. P. Falter of Platts
rnouth precinct won. The vote stood
Falter 29, Hendee 13 and Bestor 3.
Altogether it was one of the most
harmonious conventions evtr held by
the county democracy.
The committee on resolutions, of
whicb Frank Morgan was chairman,
reported the following which was
adopted without a dissenting voice:
Resolved. That this convention in
structs its delegates to the state con
vention to vote a3 a unit in behalf of
the following declarations:
We favor the immediate restoration
of the free and unlimited coinage of
gold and silver at the present ratio of
16 to 1. without waiting for th "id or
consent of any other nation on arth.
" We favor the election of United
States senator? bv direct vote of the
people, and in the present coropaisrn
recommend the nomination by the
IS TX7itia.
coming Btate convention for United
States senator of Hon. W. J. Bryan,
who has been tried and found true,
and is today the best representative of
democratic principles in Nebraska.
The following is the list of delegates
chosen to the state convention: Henry
Zaar. C. W. Sherman, F. C. Gustin,
Geo. Towle, John Newbam, Conrad
Schlater, W. D. Wheeler, C. W. Ban
ning, Dr. R. B. Wallace, Conrad Val
lery, F. Gorder, M. Archer, V. C.
Hansen, F.J. Morgan, Phil Thierolf,
L. Foltz, C. D. Grimes, E. Ratnour,
Ed. Tighe, G. W. Ilarshman.
The following delegates were se
lected to the congressional convention
to tie held at Tecumseh: W. H. Dear
ing. C. D. Cummins, Ed. Tighe, R. B.
Wallace, J. P. Falter, P. C. Hansen,
J. F. Brendell, J. A. Pollard, Jacob
Tritsch, II. R. Wilcockson, Ed. Fitz
gerald, O. II. Allen, P. C.
Minor, C. .
W. Sherman. John Connelly. G. W
Snyder, John Shank, A. J. Pitman, J.
Eighteen delegates were elected to
represent the county in the float repre
sentative convention.
Charles Grimes was elected chair
man of the new county central com
mittee. Fell Fie Hundred Feet.
The remains of Eugene L. Reed,
formerly a resident of Weeping Water,
this county, but latterly located at
Black Hawk, Colo., arrived at bis old
home Fiiday for interment. He
was connected with the ownership and
management of tbe Black Hawk mine
at that place, and be was accidentally
killed while at work about the mine.
Deceased was known as the father of
the town of Weeping Water, having
settled there in 1859 and been ever
since a leading factor in the advance
ment of this section of the state. He
was for a long time postmaster and
was for years connected with every
leading intererest in that town. About
ten years ago he was tbe republican
candidate for state senator from this
connty, but was defeated by J. M.
Patterson of this city. A wife and
three children will nbare the sorrow
his death will occasion around his old
borne with hundreds of warm personal
It is learned from persons conversant
with the facts that last Tuesday even
ing Mr. Reed bad been down in the
mine with a party whom be was show
ing through the mine. On his way to
tbe top he was struck on the bead with
a heavy timber in the walls of the
shaft and drawn out of the car, falling
back down tbe shaft, a distance of
about 500 feet, killing him instantly.
Fatal Shooting In Banner County.
J. C. Walters of Uarrisburg, Banner
county, this state, was shot and killed
in Enderly Bros.' store at Harrisburg
Saturday night. The man w h6 did the
shooting was L. F. Enderly, a well
known business man of Harrisburg
and a member of tbe firm of Enderly
Bros. Walters entered Enderly Bros.'
store intoxicated, where some dis
turbance occurred. Some one at
tempted to lead Walters out, when
Enderly seized a Winchester shotgun
and discharged two shots at short
range into Walters' breast, killing him
instantly. Enderly was arrested, and
a coroner's jury impanelled, tbe fol
lowing verdict being rendered: That
J. C. Walters came to his death by a
wound inflicted by a shotgun in the
hands of L. F. Enderly, who feloniously
and maliciously, without just provoca
tion, shot and killed the deceased.
This week's edition of Thje Weekly
J'iuuxal has been purposely delayed
in order that the doings of the demo
cratic county convention could be
printed, i'he dati of printing and the
con ven tt;va falling on Thursday, it was
liect'fMu :j to delay the paper's publica
tion .
Preacner Allen's Disappearance Not
So Strange After All.
If the Citizens of That Enterprising; Town
Make an Effort, They May Secure
the Cast Caunty Fair A Mad
Dog Scare Notes.
Mo Tidings From Rev. Allen.
Friday's Council Bluffs department
of the Omaha Bee says:
"The relatives and friends of Rev.
AIlsn. th vrmnir Christian minister
who disappeared from Elmwood, Neb.,
where he was holding services on Sun
day, two weeks ago, are satisfied now
that he was suddenly stricken with
some mental malady and has wandered
away. They are still prosecuting tbe
search on this theory and hope to bear
from him Boon. The theory that be
was a victim of foul play has been
almost abandoned."
Mr. Allen's disappearance really
amounts to nothing He will be re
membered as the young preacher who
conducted revival meetings in this
city during July. Tbe real facts are
that the young man scored a "myster
ious disappearance" of the same na
ture some two years ago and his
parents bad no knowledge of bis where
abouts for several weeks. He turned
np after a time, but would say nothing
as to where be had been. Tbe local
authorities have been looking after
the matter for a time, and have con
cluded that tbe young preacher will
show up when be gets good and ready
and not before.
Union's Opportunity.
The formation of a driving park as
sociation at Union and the subsequent
erection of a driving park, with an ex
cellent haif-mile track, affords tbe
people of that thriving village in
southern Cass counvy an excellent op
portunity to secure the CaBS county
fair. Plattsmoutb has had tbe county
fair now for almost thirty years. At
times tbe fair has been very good, and
likewise at other times very bad. This
year tbe association looks forward to a
highly successful meeting, but not
withstanding tbat fact, tbe sentiment
seems general here in Plattsmouth
tbat it would be better for tbe fair
were this city to take a vacation and
turn it over to some other Cass county
town. From a geographical stand
point a fair in Plattsmouth will never
draw people from all over tbe county.
Down at Union matters are dif
ferent. The town is so located
as to be easier of access
than any other Cass county town as
far as railroad facilities are concerned.
The process of removal is very simple
let enough citizens of Union and
vicinity secure membership in tbe fair
association to be in the majority. The
fair could then be voted to Union
without tbe slightest trouble. Union
could make the fair win. She has her
old settlers' reunion every year and it
is always a success. Tbe two could
then be held in conjunction and tbe
attendance would run into the thous
ands every day. Nothing could pre
vent the scheme's success. Tbe town
of Elm wood for two years past has
maintained a fair, but it threatens to
drop out after another year. The
Journal does not appear as a cham
pion of the interests of Union. It
simply recognizes truth by saying
tbat Plattsmouth people seem tired of
tbe fair. This spirit or lethargy needs
to be shaken off and the only manner
by whicb this can be accomplished is
for the fair to be taken to some other
Cass county town. With the fair re
moved Plattsmouth people would
possibly awake to the real value of the
institution, and after a time when
Union might feel fairly disposed to
transfer the fair back to this city,
perhaps our people would act together
and make it the success whicb it de
serves. Plattsraouth's indifference is
Union's opportunity.
A Dnngerns Doe.
A mad-dog scare is on down in the
neighborhood of Rock Bluffs. A dog
belonging to Perry Marsh, a farmer in
tbat neighborhood, exhibited signs of
rabies Thursday and bit Mr. Marsh's
little daughter on the face. The mad
animal then proceeded to bite Mr.
Marsh's live stock, and almost every
animal on the place felt the effects of
the dog's teeth. The vicious canine
has been chained up to await develop
ments, but the general opinion is that
the dog is mad and that bad results
will come from its tantrum of Thurs
The Plattsmouth Loan and Building
association has commenced foreclosure
proceedings in district court against
J. L. Farthing and wife.
Mary S. Mickle filed her petition in
district court Tuesday asking for a di
vorce from her husband, Abdrew J.
Mickle. The plaintiff alleges extreme
cruelty and failure to support as
grounds for action. She further asks
for the custody of her three children.
License to wed was issued in county
court Tuesday to Mr. Henry Thimgan
and Miss Emma Ilulka, both of South
Bend precinct, and after the necessary
document was issued, Judge Ramsey
performed the ceremony.
The costs in the preliminary exam
ination and coroner's inquest in the
Lindsay-Griswold matter amounts to
$264. The defendants' costs in prelim
inary were not allowed by the county
A. P. Garnett, who was married at
Avoca, Cass county, Nebraska, De
cember 5, 18S5, has filed his petition in
the district court of Otoe county, pray
ing for a divorce on the grounds of
desertion. He alleges that his wife,
after living with him six years, in 1S91
left him without just eause or provoca
tion, and has since remained away.
Major Pearman Insane.
From Omaha comes information
that will bring tears to the eyes of
nearly all the pioneer settlers of this
county. Major J. W. Pearman, the
first treasurer of this county and one
of the best known men in the state,
has been declared insane, and will
soon be taken to some asylum for
treatment. From what we can learn
it seems that his mind has been gradu
ally failing for months until now it is
a complete blank. The change was
first noticed by his wife some months
ago and while medical aid was se
cured nothing was said to the outside
public. It is said tbat he is suffering
from softening of the brain. Nebras
ka City News.
A large-sized borse is on a farmer
named Seitz, who resides in Douglas
county near Fremont. Seitz has a
large patch of watermelons, which tbe
boys are in the habit of visitingduring
the night. After due deliberation
Seitz loaded up his double-barreled
shotgun the other night and secreted
himself in the center of his patch.
After it became quite dark he heard a
noise, and turning th- gun in that di
rection he fired. Upn Investigation
he found bis cow witli a shot in ber
body. )
Next Week's County Fair Promises
No End of Amusement. r
Mr. Frederick A. bioli: miin and 9f is
Ilertha E. Kupke, Two Prominent
Yoanj People of Alvo, Hap
pily United Jottings.
The Connty Fair.
The Cass county fair will open in
this city on Tuesday of next week and
will continue for four days, and every
thing points to one of the most suc
cessful meetings within the history of
the association. The exhibits will be
first-class in every respect, but the
racing program promises to be the
principal feature and will doubtless
attract large crowds every day. The
purses are unusually liberal, and horse
men are&eCJrBgin their entries to
Secretary Spurlocka rate which as
sures the attendance of "ktabundance
of flyers. The track recortlkiudgiEg
from the speed of several of tLdL goers,
promises to be lowered several se-nou".
The management recognizes the fact
that fast horse-races draw the crowd
and the management proposes to do
its full share, relying upon an appre
ciative public to do the rest.
Lovers of that greatest of all ath
letic sports, bicycling, will also get
their full share of amusement. As
before mentioned, the fair directors
appropriated a liberal sum for
the bicycle department and then
turned over to the local wheel club the
matter of arranging a program of
races. The fact that none but
Cass county 'cyclists will be al
lowed to participate will make
the races of more than ordinary
interest, and altogether the fair people
deserve to reap a suitable reward by
the liberal manner in which they have
acted in regard to the speed program
of the fair.
At the Ev. Lutheran church, near
Alvo, Cass county, Nebraska, on Sept.
12, 1S91, at 10 o'clock a. m., Mr.
Frederick A. Stohlman and Miss
Bertha E. Kupke, Rev. John Baum
gartner officiating.
The groom is a son of Fred Stohlman,
esq., one of the old and prosperous
farmers of Cass county, living south of
Louisville. The groom, while com
paratively a young man, is already
well-to-do, financially, owning a well
improved farm south of Louisville.
The bride is well and favorably
known for her many graces and
charming qualities, and the union
of the two young people is one of the
leading events in society circles in the
neighborhood of Alvo.
The Journal, in common with the
many friends of the bride and groom,
extends congratulations and many
wishes for the success in life of the
young couple.
Farmers throughout the county are
beginning their fall plowing, so that
they can sow rye and wheat for fall
and spring pasture, and for a possible
crop next season. The recent abun
dant rains have put the ground in
splendid condition for such work.
Many are beginning to see that fall
wheat is much the most profitable of
any wheat they can raise. Its sowing
answers a double purpose; besides,
when it winters well it is a sure crop.
Magnetic Nervine quiets the nerves,
drives away bad dreams, and gives
quiet rest and peaceful Bleep. Sold bj
Fricke & Co.