Plattsmouth weekly journal. (Plattsmouth, Neb.) 1881-1901, May 24, 1894, Image 3

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Mi&s Mia IT. Gering lias been se
lected as deputj postmaster by Post
master Fox.
J. F. Sheesilfy of Tipton precinct
was in town Thursday attend in.? dis
trict court as a witness.
Andrew I'ituiun f Xehawka was a
iMattsmouth visitor Thursday and
gave The J of una L a pleasant call
C. J. Z;tar,of South Iiend.and Henry
Behrn?, ot Avoca.weie in town Sat
urday and called at tlif-se heady uar
teis. Ilezekiah Strong and Chas. Harming
drove up from Xehawka Thursday
morning and lrtnlfd 15. t.V: M. No. 5
tor Oai.iha.
A Mrs. Lewis, who resides in the
south p.n t of town, was attacked by a
vicious cow last Friday and according
to reports was severely injured.
Postmaster Fox has forwarded his
bond to the department at Washing
ton. It is in the arnouBt of flS.OOO.
and is signed by James M. Patterson
and Horatio X. Dovey.
David Miller, who has been engaged
in sttlint5 up th business affairs of!
the Chasr Manufacturing company at j
Weeping Water, was at home for a
visit with his family over Sunday.
K E. Jay.of Weeping Water, was
kicked in the neighborhood of his liver
by an ugly horse the other day, and for
dome hours it was feared he would die.
He is now almost well enough to play
eveu by kicking t lie horse.
The democratic nominee for congress
in the first district this fall must be
aiu advocate of bimetallism. If he is
anything else he will not be a western
democrat and as such deserves the
certain defeat which awaits him.
Mi?s Kat?Feltheuser,the youn . lady
who tiled a complaint against Eddie
Wooster at Nebraska City, charging
him with attempted rape, has con
cluded not to prosecute the young man.
and accordingly withdrew the case.
Mrs. Oliver King, one of the parties
afflicted with small-pox at Itethlehem,
became del irons Wednesday afternoon
and wandered away from the house.
Her husband and the quarantine guard
eooQ overhauled her and returned her
to the house.
It is estimated that M. P. passenger
receipts have fallen off over fifty per
cent since the first of the month. IIow
much more notice does the M. P. man
agement desire to learn that time
tables should be modelled to suit the
patrons ?
Ilev. J. J. Williams, accompanied by
Ida family, departed for his new home
Thursday at Syracuse, where he has
accepted the Baptist mission. The
people of Syracuse will find in Mr.
Williams an excellent gentleman and
an earnest worker.
The railroads are experiencrtig a coal
famine, caused by the general strike
among the bituminous coal miners.
Several roads have exhausted their
supply of fuel, and the Wabash has
been compelled to discontinue running
many of their trains.
Consumers of hard coal will save
several dollars per ton by laying in
their next winter supply right now.
The freight rate war which has been
on for the past week ha affected the
rates on hard coat, so that that com
modity can be sold at from $0.50 to
7.0 per ton.
A public sale of real estate belong
ing to the estate of Henry Mertens
was held at the court house on Satur
day, a seventy acre tract was pur
chased by C. H.Parmele for 840 per
acre, and nine acres of timber land
ou the hills along the river south of
town brought $3 per acre.
Prof. Noble is packing his house
hold goods and will depart this
week for hia new field of babors in the
insurance business at Lincoln. For
the next two or thr months Mrs.
Noble w ill visit with her parents at
Atlantic. Iow a, while her hubanJ is
becoming accustomed to the corrupt
atmosphere in and about the capital
A telegram from Atliaoce announces
the death of Frances, the daughter of
31r. and Mrs. John Sexton, and a later
wwiuwhiiih!.- ""'"i1 wtiia rrn wen remorenr r rDeTOBoerr
cnniessore..Dui.inwi3a, riVllllAllt?Bl tobave been made-
report is to the effect that Mrs. Sexton j
is very low with measles and her re
covery is in doubt. Mr. Sexton is a
former resident of Plattsmouth and
his many friends here extend their
sincerest sympathy in his sad misfor
tune. The Con way-Akeson reward case is ,
being threshed oi r again in the dis-I
trier court, whither it has been ap
pealed. Detective Malone and Chief
Cooper have filed answers in which
they lay renewed claim to the reward
on the ground that " lie arrest and dis
covery of the murderers was due to
their efforts. Lincoln News.
A tramp called at a house up in
Shaferville Thursday and asked for
some :ofi'ee, say ing Let wanted it f.:-r
his companion who was liug sick in a
box car at the Missouri Pacific jaids.
The coffee was furnished him, and
visions of small pox immediately en
tered the woman's head. The police
wer notified and the sick man was
visited, but he did not have the small
The Plattsmouth Wheel Club is the
name of a new cxcling club which was
organized in this city Monday evening
and altogether the organization staits
out with a strong membership and
flittering prospects for success. The
following staff of ofiicers were chosen
at the meeting last night- President,
C. A. Marshal; treasurer, Geo. 15.
Lehnhnff; secretary. C. Sherman;
captain, T. M. Patterson; lieutenant,
T. K. Pollock.
The demise of John O'Leary, the
aged store keeper at La Platte, oc
curred Thursday at about noon.
He lias been ailing for several
months, and his death was due to old
age more than to any ot her particular
complaint. A well-kii wn character
in and about Li Platte, he will be
greatly misseu by the people of that
vicinity. The remains were interred
at South Omaha on Saturday, the
funeral being held under the auspices
of the A. O. II.
The Nebraska City celebration of
the nation's birthday appears to have
"petered out." Not a cent having
been raised by the committees to de
fray the celebration expenses. In the
meantime the plattsmouth people
have "got together." raised a big fund
and prepared for the biggest eagle
screaming in the history of the town.
The Nebraska City folks are invited to
come hither and join the festivities.
Visitors are alwajs well treated in
I). O. Ij wyer, attorney, Plattsmouth.
Z. W. Shrader, one of our weekly
readers at Nehawka, was in the city
yesterday and called at these head
qnarters. Try us for light harness. We use the
very best of leather and employ only
first-class workmen. The prices will
please. Fked Gokdek & Sox,
Lieut. Governor Tom Majors was in
the city Tuesday feeling the political
pulse in regard to bis candidacy for
When traveling, always take a cake
of Johnson's Oriental Soap with you;
diseases are often caught from using
hotel soap. Sold by Fricke & Co.
The li. & M. completed their new
track south of Peru Monday evening
and the train from the south came in
on time in charge of Couductor Mc
Gregor. This is the first train that
has been able to cross the break south
of Peru for nearly a week.
Omaha ain't in it with me now
when it comes to prices on wall paper,
and it is the same way with drugs,
paints and oils.
Brown's Phakmacy.
At tin? meeting of the republican
state central committee Tuesday
evening it was decided to hold the
stateconvention at Omaha on August
WANTED- once A good en
ergetic man in every Township in this
county to handle the -Daisy'' Wind
Mill Regulator. One who w ill put his
entire time to the business can make
good money. Write at once for terms
and territory to Daisy llegulator Co.,
Omaha, Neb. P. O- box 617.
And every article was bought at Rock-Bottom Prices. The pur
chaser Will Get the Benefit, and in this particular case it will
be a Benefit of more than ordinary importance.
Everything Will Go at Panic Prices.
A Mew ; Tasty Une of SfBfW 0 11QJ.IQ StflflTS
Just unpacked. Call and See Them. They will Surely Suit.
Fatal Sliootiug at Waverly.
Billy Holt, a section hand on the
Burlington, was shot and instantly
killed last Wednesday at Waverly by
City Marshal Charley Kroesen. Par
ticulars of the affair, as near as can be
learned from the conflicting stories
told, are in effect t hat Holt, with his
brother and three r four other young
men, were intoxicated and making a
night of it and disturbing citizens.
The marshal urged them to disperse
and threatened the party w ith arrest.
They showed tiht and Holt, the mar
shal claims, struck and kicked him.
He drew his revolver, firing to frighten
them. Holt ran and Kroesen, so the
bystanders say. tired a second time,
the ball striking Holt just above the
riuht nipple, causing instant death.
Holt has a reputation that is not good.
He has caused trouble before and was
once under arrest.
We are pleased to announce that F.
G. Fricke & Co., our enterprising
druggists have secured the agency for
the Japanese I'ile Cure; a most
wonderful discovery for the cure of
piles of very kind, which they will
sell with a written guarantee to refund
the money if it does not cure. It is
said to be a s-pecitic for that terrible
and dangerous disease. Get a free
sample anil try it.
t 'cij-tuuthili. Itroltctiili-. Catarrh, mil all
diH" ot the respiratory orumis r- of like
Krrm origin, und it In only lately Unit lliey have
l)ffll surressl IlllV tri'illeci.
In llvi.'i. taken I y vieum inhalation. Ameri
etui M-ie'itNts have Mir ni,l, where koeh and
Hitfteur faileil. in pt-rteelini: it eure lliat i I kk.
Kor particulars ntldref iilifornia Chemical
Works. unaha, Neb. IS-14
In the dis-trict court of t'at-s county. Nebraska:
in the matter of the estate of Solomon Ward,
Notice is hereby jri veil that in pursuance of an
order ot Samuel M. Chapman, jude of the
district court ut Casa county. Nebraska, made
on the 7tb day of April, A. 1J . IW. for the
sale of the real cstme hereinafter described
there will be mid at the south door of the court
house in I'liittsuiouth. i ass county. Nebraska,
on the liilh day of June. A. !.. 1:4. at 1 :.U
of lock p. in., at publie vendue to the highest
bidder for cash, the followliiK described lands
and real estate, to wit: The smith hair of the
Mouth west quarter of section twenty UO'r, In
township eleven (11. north, of range nine 18J,
in Cass county. Nebraska.
aid Bale will remain open one hour
ALKlitU s. CooLKY.
Administrator of the estate of Solomon Ward,
deceased .
liv kon Clauk. mt'y for udm'r. -J 4
l&ottd Notice.
To all whom It may concern : The commls
sionr appointed to view and locate a road, pe
titioned fjr by Fred st and others, commenc
ing at the northwest corner of section 12-10-1,
A voca precinct, running thence east one mile
on section line between, sections IS and ijj 1012.
and terminating at lht northeast oorner of said
section his reported in favor of the loca
tion thereof, and all objection thereto or
claims for damages -must be tiled in the county
clerk'a office on or before nuon on the Midday
of July. A 1), 1'4. or such road will be granted
without reference thereto.
h'KASK DICKSON. County Clerk.
22 4 Uy W. A. SwEAiusiiEN, Deputy.
Notice to Creditor.
Si atkok Nkhbaska, !
CamCofxtt, u. I
In the matter of the estate of Elizabeth Bab
bitt, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the claims and
demands of all persons acainst Elizabeth Hub
bllt. deceased, late of said county and state,
will be received, examined and adjusted by the
county court at the court house la Plattsmouth
onthe'lTthdayof NovemDer.A 1J.1X.K4. at 10 o'clock
In the forenoon. And that six mouths from
and after the 17th day of May A. li.,
1MU4. is the time limited for creditors of said
deceased to present their claims for examina
tion and allowance.
tiiven u.ider my hand this 10th day of May
A. I).. 18K4. B. S. Hamskt.
21 4 County Jud(?e.
Final Settlement Notice.
In the matter of the estate of Joseph 8.
rpton deceased :
In the county court of Cass county, Nebraska.
Notice is hereby Riven that tieorae S. I pton,
executor of the last will and testament of the
aid Joseph S. I pton deceased, has made appll
cation for iinul settlement and thatsaid cause is
set for hearing at my office at Plattsmouth on the
7th day of June, A. !.. IhW, at ten o'clock a. m.
on said day, at which time and place all per
sons interested limy le present and examine
said accounts. B. S. Ramskt. County Judtte.
Plattsmouth. Neb., May loth, isjit. yi-3
Kstray Notice.
HPAKEN up by the undersigned, three miles
x south of Plattsmouth. on April 10th. two bay
mares. suposed to be five or six years old,
weight about eleven or twelve hundred. One
with a colt about tour mciiths old. the other
has while marks in thu face and has found a
colt since coming to my place Wire marks on
lef I front foot of each, owner is requested to
call pay charges and take th em nwav.
Instant killeroi Pain.
Internal and External,
Cures ltHKHMATISM. .M'l'mi,
OlA, Lame Kaok, Sprain. i.ruici.
, . ttwcllinim. Stiff Joints, (liLii'iiti.
- .CHAMPS instantly. Hi. !..,., .41. .r-
ius, routi.lnpuietla. Sore iuro..t
UKADACilK, as if by magic.
themort Powerful and PeuetriitiiiK'l.iuinswnt for lit
or Btuiat ui existence. Lurg-e m sue 7cw., Luc. sui iv..
Medicated and Toilet. The Oreat Skin Curi hit:.
Face Baautifler. Ladies till und It the .,.,
delicate and highly perfumed Toilet -.-i . -the
market. It is absolutely pure. M;:- ' '. -skin
soft and velvety and restore the l"i or,i
filexion; is a luxury for the Bath lor lriT-,rv..
t alavs itching, cleansen the scalp end r ui
the growth ot hail-, price 2x:. for sale by
F. G. FKUKE & 10., IMU U.ISTS,
Sole agents, Plattsmouth, Neb.
is j nrmrfmr-
J church JivL
uiiiXAiiSiAiir , admired
Spring Stock of Clothing, 1 Furnishings
The Fair
Of next June is new pausing oc
casionally, amid her busy studies
to look forward to her appear
ance on that eventful night when
"the narrow walls of the school
room will expand and spread
away into the kingly palace of
the world." She strives with the
aid of her friends to solve that
vexing problem, "What shall I
wear?" We. too, have been at
particular pains to aid her in
finding a satisfactroy answer, and
as a result of our labors can offer
the following complete line of
beautful White and Cream Silks:
L'-J-inch Cream Satiu Moire, er 69
21 inch Cream Brocaded Wash "7C
ilk, yard O
1 inch Cream Satin, all silk, pt-r "7C
yard I O
22 Inch Cream Creje de Chene. CQ
yard aO7
yoinch Cream India Silk, fine 7C
prude, yard ml O
2 -inch I' ream Satin Iticbese. OQ
yard . CJO
22 inch Crem Brocaded Satins, OQ
yard .CO
22 inch i ream Brocaded I'eau de 1 O C
sure, yard laO
21 inch Cream China Silk, yard. QC
only O
32 inch Cream China Silk, yard, QQ
only . O C7
21 Inch washable Habutaf Silk, OQ
yard, only .Oi7
21 Inch washable Uabutai Silk. CO.
tine .iiality, yard O J
2T inch washable Japanese Silk, id.Q
tine quality, yard Tl?
24 inch washable Japanese Silk, CQ
hue iuallty. yard -- C7
inch Cream washable Japanese
Silk, fine quality, yard mJCs
JH inch Swivel wash Silk, vard, A f
only mTJ
Samples of these sent on ap
plication. Besides this special
line our stock includes complete
lines of Kai Kai, India, China
and Moire Silks, and Dress Goods
of all descriptions. We are
headquarters for Silks and Dress
T H 1 f 1 We have the most
lVlrlll (JPClPFS eoraplete mall W 1 UVyl O. orjer department
In the city and samples are mailed promptly.
Be careful to stale just W11AT you want to buy.
JVe have no traveling aireuts or representa
tives. All claiming to be such are frauds.
Dry Goods, House Furnishings
and Groceries.
Compound Oxygen
Send for book free. Three months.' treatment
for il2.00
Room 33, Dotmias block, flmarta Huh
t or. 10th and Dodge Sts. uillaJId, RZl).
First National Bank
Capital, paid up $50,000
Jons Fitzoerald President
F. E . White Vice president
S. Wal-uu. .. Cashier
John Fitzgerald. I). Hawksworth, F. E. White
S. Waugh and Geo. E. Iovey.
Careful al tent Ion given to the Interests of
customers. Collections made and promptly
remitted for. Highest market price paid for
county warrant and state and county bonds.
w. u.cvsmsa, j. if. jonxsoft,
frrmidtnt. Kice-Prttidntt.
Til K
Citizens' Bank,
Capital paid in - - - - $50,000
J. W. Johnson. V I). Merrlam. Wm. Weten
kamp, D. C. Morgan. Henry Eikenbary,
M. W. Morgan and W. II. Cushiug.
A general banking business transacted. In
terest allowed on liiue deposits.
and lniSniivTlf the ctillcTa's sdmevrTiatr
What is
Castoria is Ir. Samuel Pitcher's prescription for Infants
and Children. It contains neither Opium, Morphine nor
other Narcotic substance. It is a harmless substitute
for Paregoric, Drops, Soothing Syrups, and Castor Oil.
It is Pleasant. Its guarantee is thirty jytv-rs use by
Millions of Mothers. Castoria Is the Children's Panacea
the Mother's Friend.
"Castoria is so well adapted to children that
I recommend it as superior to any prescription
known to me." II. A. Ascexk, 51. D.,
Ill So. Oxford St., Brooklyn, K. Y.
" The uae of " Castoria ' is so universal and
its merits so well known that it seems a work
of supererogation to endorse it. Few are the
intelligent families who do not keep Castoria
within easy reach.
Cabujw Majctyn, D. D
New York City.
Is distinctively the place where the Farmer's Dollar Goes the
Farthest. We lead, as ever, in
Buggies and Carriages
This year's line is larger than ever and the prices
cannot fail but suit.
As to Implements,
Our two large store-rooms are brim-full of the BEST and
MOST PERFECTED to be found in the Implement
market. Special attention is called to our
"Boy Riding1 Cultivator" and our
"New Departure" Tongueless Cultivator,
Both of which will bear out the assertion that nothing
their equal can be found in the market.
For the Money, and are the only firm using "Old Fashioned Oak
Tanned Leather" in Cass County. Consult your own interests and
Deal with an Establishment which conducts Business on the Plan of
Giving Real Worth in Return for the Buyer's Money.
307-301) Main Street, Plattsmouth, Neb,
Physician and Surgeon,
ThI n iy or ft-nnrrj Promo'lr A pn-rt
Dr. Agnes Y. Swetland,
Special attention to Obstetrics. Diseases of
Women and Woman's Surgery.
Office; "eVSxTaT'1-Omaha, Neb
A I. ta t-t
Caxtorim cures Colic, Constipation,
Sour Stomach, Diarrhoea, Eructation,
Kills Worms, gives sleep, and promotes di
gestion, Without injurious medication.
"For several years I nave recommended
your 'Castoria, and shall always continue to
do so as it has invariably produced beneficial
Eo wis F. I'akdcx, M. D
125lh Street and Tth Ave., New York City.
Compact, 77 Mukkay Street, Kcw Yokx City
We Manufacture
The Very Best
I r KKllIi X hMU "Uctl directly to the mm ot
FOR KITH KB SEX. Thl remed?
mm m m arr a w
tboae Axmmatm of Ute ienit-L' nnary Or
lint, requires bo chanf of dtet or
nauseous, mercurial or putsonous med
icines to ho taken interaaJlj. tea
by either one It Is irapowit4etoeaatraet
any venereal draeeae ; but in the case of
those already Uaruaiasarrnxv Arrucrsa
with Ucnorrho's sod tileet. we guar an
te s eure. Price by mail, postage .,
fl per box. or bauseur
$500 Reward!
WE will pay the above reward for any case of
Liver Complaint. Dyspepsia. Sick Headache, In
digestion Constipation or Costiveness we cannot
cure with West's Vegetable Liver Fills, when
the directions are strictly complied with. They
are purely Vegetable, pud never fail to give sat
istaction. Surar Coateu. Large boxes, as cents.
Beware of counterfeits and imitations. The (ren
ame manufactured only by THEJOHiJ C WEST