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v VOL. 13. NO. 5. PLATTSMOUTH, NEBRASKA. THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, 1894. $1.00 JF ??i7SSv.
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The Journal.
Dr. BftroM Returns.
Dr. A. P. Barnes, the veterinarian,
-whose domestic troubles were related
in Friday eveninz's paper, returned
home Saturday afternoon from Kansas
City. Tne doctor was interviewed
by a reporter far this ptper, and
stated that be had fcone to Kansas City
to attend to soaae business matters
Rnd had made no attempt to conceal
the fact of his departure or his des
tination. On tbe contrary, he told
several people when and where he was
going. He stated that for several
years past his domestic relation were
anything but pleaaant, which was not
caused entirely by fault on his part,
and that the articles which appeared
in the Omaha papers were authorized
by his wife. He admits having: had
trouble at Fremont several years ago,
and charges his wife with being the
cause. Referring to the latest phase
an his case, he rays that he intends to
remain in business in this city and
Elmwood, notwithstanding a good
business opening bting offered him at
Kansas City.
Conway Wta the Afceaon Heward.
The case in which Joe Conway sued
Thomas Akeson and Chief Cooper for
the f300 reward offered for the capture
of the Cass county murderers was de
cided by Judge Lansing Saturday The
court gave Coiiway a judgment
against Akeson for tbe amount of the
reward and coats of suit, while he dis
missed the cuses of the claimants.
Culver and M alone, at the costs of
each. The suit against Chief Cooper
was also dismissed. It is not known
whether Akeson intends to bring an
action aeainst Chief Cooper to recover
the money paid to him "it the time of
the arrest or not. Lincoln Journal.
Japanese I'ile Cure is an unfaiiinz
cure for every kind and stage of the
diaaasa. Vaaraataea y r riaka & Ca
Plattsmouth Bushes To the Fore
With a Big Cigar Factory.
Superintendent of the Water Company
Reports That. U Dangei or a Water
Famine Baa raaaed That
BaTelock Shooting.
Some four weeks ago tbe mention
was exclusively made in these columns
that Julius Pepperberg, the local cigar
manufacturer, was preparing for a trip
to New York City, with a view of look
ins through the big factories of tbe
east for tbe purpose of acquainting
himself with the methods used in tbe
operation of those concerns. Mr. Pep
perberg 's plan was to increase tbe
working force and output of his local
factory, and he wisely concluded that
a personal visit to some of the big
eastern factories would be of material
advantage, should he conclude to make
such a change. lie departed at the
appointed time, and now comes the
cheering news from him at New York
City that be will make the con
lea plated change. The following cir
cular which Mr. Pepperberg is issuing
from New York City to the trade in
ibis section will testify to the truth ol
the above assumption:"
New Youk, January 15, 1694
lom patrons and the consumers ol
the products of my cigar factory :
Gentlemen: Having spent ruort
than eight days in the ureal en t tobacco
centre of the world (New Tork Cit).
with tbe utmost care I succeeded in
-electing tobaccos raided in the best
d'strcts in the United States, Cuba
nd Sumatra- The combinations of
bese tobaccos, and the best of skilled
abor. will enable me to produce the
ichest aroma and mot delicious taste
n '"Buds" and other brands of min0
making them superior to anv of the
igars ever made at my factory hereto
It is a well-known fact that tin
ireent tariff on imported wiappers.
hich makes the price on finest gratles
f Sumatra so high, cuts dowu the
manufacturers' profits to a very 6tuai.
margin. Il order to maintain tt
rod reputation of my factory ;is here
tofore, and to retain the highest
standard of the "Buds" cigars at ttu
orenent small profit, it will become
lecessary for me increase the output
f my factory. To accomplish thi
nnd. I mst earnestly solicit yniii
patronage for 1894; 'his will n"t alone
uipport me in rav efforts, but will also
nrove to your own interests, as the
Rods" will make your cigar trade
more profitable and popular than aov
ther brands sold in this western mar
ket. Thanking you for past favors. I
Yours for high-grade "Buds."
Julius Pepperberg.
Plattsmouth. Neb.
Mr. Pepperberg's factory is alreadv
the largest in the entire state, and
when It is known that he proposes to
more than treble his present working
force, it thus becomes apparent that
it gives Plattsmouth an institution
which is highly desirable and which
will add materially to the trade of the
town. Under the new arrangement
the Pepperberg cigars will be ex
clusively handled by one of the largest
jobbing bouses in the Missouri valley
and it is the determination of tbe
wholesalers to continually pushPepper
bere's cigars to tbe fore.
The Journal sincerely trusts that
Mr. Pepperberg's enterprise may meet
with the success it so justly merits.
Plenty of City Water.
Sup't Coursey of the water company
informs The Journal that the supply
of water at the pump house since
Tuesday evening has been subjected
to a material increase, and that there
now exists no possibility of the water
running so low that the company will
be unable to furnish an abundance
for all the requirements. The
standpipe is, as of yore, kept con
tinually full. Mr. Coursey and several
of the eity officials were out on Thurs
day testing tbe hydrants, and tbe
pressure was found to be up to require
ments and gave entire satisfaction.
Baveiocfc'a Shooting Scrape.
The papers which officially charge
Carter, tbe II are lock man, with shoot
ing at F. J. Aldenbruck with intent to
kill have been filed in tbe district court
of Lancaster county. From the com
plaint it appears that Carter beard
young Aldenbruck charge him with
stealing coal. Last Thursday after
noon Carter aggravated matters by
Bhooting Aldenbruck 1s dog and sending
an insulting note to the owner of the
pup. Later Carter and his wife went
ti AMnbi uck's store and became in
valved ia a dispute over a bill for $4.
Carter refused to pay the bill and hot
words ensued, during which Carter
drew a revolver and shoved it under
Aldenbruck-'s nose. Tbe latter dodged
under the counter, and by sliding a
couple of yard? along the floor, secured
his own gun. Then he ordered Carter
and his wife out of the store and
hastened their departure by firing a
bullet over their beads. The couple
left in some haste and a few moments
later a bullet came through the window
glass. An affidavit is filed going to
show that a man on 1 he street beard
Mrs. Carter remark to her husband:
"You didn't kill him; why don't you
shoot again?"
Cass Has the (iold-Fever.
The gold-fever has struck a section
of Cass county, as the following dis
patch in Friday's World-Herald from
Louisville wiil indicate:
Twenty years ago this winter J. G.
Eluber homesteaded and moved his
family on a rough piece of land, which
now borders the village of Louisville.
About the first thing to be done was to
bore for water. Himself and boys dug
down twenty-three feet when tbey
struck something that caused them to
wonder. It was coarse and heavy, but
is they were at that time somewhat
ignorant of the possible value of their
tind they dug on until they found
M ater and then walled up the well.
Of late years one of the sons. P. F.
Huber, has traveled considerable
through tbe western mining country,
and at last returned to his old home,
md has set a gang of men to work
-inking a shaft, and will give the find
f twenty years ago a thorough ex
To the Wo'-M-Ilerald correspondent
Mr. Iluber said: "I have a great deal
of faith in the old well and am confi
dent there is gold in it, but whether in
paying quantities, will be determined
bv ur investigation However, we
!roposr making a thorough investiga
tion "
From the la of the land it is quite
robable that the old time find was the
-enuine hi tie'e. After the gold-fever
California had abated an old miner,
who went out from this county, on hi
return took his pans and began an in
vestigation of the sard in tbe Platte
river. lie washed out from 25 to 30
ents worth of gold dust per day here,
iid then be went up the Platte above
Ashlar. d where he washed out 40 cents
per day.
In early days the river bed was south
f its present course, and tbe Iluber
farm is located on the banks of the old
bed. There is a sharp bend in the river
at this point, and tbe idea is advanced
that the object of their search was de
posited here by the channel striking
this point. At any rate everything is
putting on a lively appearance, and
many inhabitants are beginning to
'ake the fever in genuine old-time
style. Property here is not for sale at
present, and everybody is talking of
gold and prospects.
Retrenchment at Haveloclt.
The master mechanic of the B. & M.
shops at Ilavelock has received orders
from the headquarters at Omaha to
reduce the working force by discharg
ing fifty men. Accordingly on Fri
day some forty of tbe apprentices and
helpers in the machine and blacksmith
shops felt the keen blade of the re
trenchment ax descend upon their
beads, and are now at liberty to accept
any situation that comes their way.
It is also reported that tbe Platts
mouth shops will feel the effect of
further retrenchment in the matter of
fewer hours and five days per week.
Suicide at Nebraska City.
Hart well Baker, aged seventeen, shot
and instantly killed himself at Ne
braska City last Wednesday. In com
pany with Night Watchman Dugan he
was sitting in the watchman's house
on the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
bridge, playing with a revolver. Two
chambers of the weapon were empty
and three loaded. The boy placed the
weapon to his temple and pulled the
trigger three times. The last time a
shell exploded and scattered his brains
about the room. No cause is known
for the commission of the rash act.
There will be a meeting of the
Greenwood District Reunion commit
tee, G. A. It., at Greenwood. Ne
braska. Thursday, Jan. 31st, 1894. for
the purpose of making arrangements
for the next annual reunion in said
district. All committeemen are re
quested to be present. Business of
importance to be attended to.
David McCaio. President.
J. M. Matteny. Secretary.
Johnson's Magnetic Oil cures cramps
and colic and internal neuralgia; 40
ana T cents. ld at Friake & Ca.
More Fun in Sight in the Missouri
Biver Ferry Squabble.
A Reported Robbery at the City Hotel
Which the Police Believe to be
Fake Retrenchment at the
Have lock Shops.
What Iloes This Mean ?
In the Glecwood Opinion of last
week the following appears in the
published proceedings of the board of
supervisors for Mills county:
Auditor's Office, Mills Co. )
Glenwood, Iowa. f
Regular session of board of super
visors, Jan 9th, 1894.
Tbe matter of the issuance of a ferry
license to O'Neil & Thomas being un
der consideration, the following pro
ceedings were bad and entered of
record, to-wit:
Whereas, On July 17th, 1892, the
board being then in regular session.
determmea that in tbe application for
license Elijah i 'Neil and J. O.Thomas
had fullv complied with the law.
And whereas, on said day the board
bv motion granted exclusive ferry
license to the said O'Neil & Thomas
for one mile on either side of the cen
ter line of the right of way of the B. &
M R. R.. on the Iowa side of the Mis
souri, for a period of ten years from
said date; and whereas, by mistake
and oversight, the record of the board
was defective and did not fully contain
or conve tbe action of said board. Now,
theretore. to correct said record and to
make it conform fully to the purpose
intended and action of this board, we
1I0 herein grant and issue to tbe said
O'Neil & Thomas, for a period of ten
ears, from July 17th. 1893, exclusive
license to run and conduct a ferry, on
the Iowa side of the Missouri river,
for one mile on either side of the
center of the right of way of the B &
M. R. R . subject to the following con
ditions, to-wit: That the aaid O'Neil
& Thomas file a bond in the sum of
five hundred dollars, with good and
sufficient sureties, to be approved by
the auditor which has been done),
conditioned upon the faithful ob
servance of the law governing the run
ning of ferries; also that the rate of
toll charged shall not exceed the fol
lowing rates: For a man and team.
1 00: single horse and buggy. 75 cents;
horseback rider. 50 cents; single horse.
35 rents; colt. 25 cents; cows tied np.
25 cents; loose cattle 15 cents per head:
hops and aheep. 10 cents per bead;
passengers. 10 cpnts each. Sipped.
John B rbour. Chairman.
John' i tpon,
Geo Warner.
What does the board of supervisors
for Mills count v mean by "an exclusive
franchise for ten years?" Does it
mean that Ferrvman Archer, a Ne
braska man, will not be allowed to
operate his ferry-boat (i. e. not be al
lowed to make a landing) within the
proscribed limit, and that Mr. O'Neil.
an Iowa man. will be given a monopoly
for a period of ten years? If that is
what it means, the board of commis-
Should not fail to cast an eye at the
First column on this page.
A perusal of that column will demon
strate what an Extraordinary Offer THE
JOURNAL makes its Readers, and of which
none should fail to take advantage.
sioners of Cass county should grant
Sam Archer an exclusive franchise on
. this side of the river for a like period,
: and provide a heavy penalty against
anyone else doing or attempting to do
a ferriage business within a mile of the
j B. & M. bridge. But, after all, the
! Missouri river is generally supposed to
be under theiegal control of the war
department, and the secretary may
I have power to grant franchises to flat-
boat ferries.
W an ted to Lynch Leon Loxier.
During the firemen's tournament
! Plattsmouth people became acquainted
with a professional sprinter or foot-
racer named Leon Lozier, who ran
with the home team in he state cham
pionship hose race. Lozier ia an all
round crook, hiB specialty being fake
foot races, and oue of his specialties
was worked on an Indian doctor at
Louisville last summer to the extent of
tSO. He has been engaged in other
crimes, and has been charged with
nearly everything on tbe criminal cal
endar except murder. He now stands
cnarged with an attempt at rape, his
victim being a five-year-old child of
one of his neighbors at Council Bluffs
Lozier was captured on a Missouri Pa
cific train at Omaha last Friday and
taken to Council Bluffs, where a mob
of several thousand people gathered
for the purpose of lynching bim. The
authorities finally dispersed tbe mob
and removed the prisoner to another
county for safe keeping. All Friday
night the Dodge Light Guards guarded
tbe court house to protect it from tbe
mob's fury.
Lozier has heretofore been charged
with the same crime at several other
small towns in Iowa, but has managed
to escape tbe punishment he bo richly
Believe It's a Fake.
On Wednesday last a stranger ar
rived in tow n and stopped at the City
hotel, where be registered as L. G.
Powell, from Des Moines. He claimed
to be a physician in search of a loca
tion, and visited Plattsmouth for that
purpose. He alleges that on Wednes
day night he was assigned to room
eighteen at the hotel, and upon re
tiring locked his room door and re
moved the key and placed it upon a
center table. During the night he
awoke and was surprised to find his
room door ajar. He arose, picked up
the key and again locked the door,
leaving the key in tbe lock. In the
morning be discovered that his vest
bad been robbed of S35 in money and
bis gold watch and chain. Tbe rob
bery was reported to the police, who
examined every detail of the affair
and arrived at the conclusion that the
robbery smacked very strongly of be
ing a fake, the purpose being to secure
several days' board without paying
therefor. Mr Goos. tbe proprietor of
the hotel, has been in business here for
many. many, years, and his hostelry
has never vet had a charge placed
against it that would do credit to the
notorious Bender family.
idway Types
Greenwood Bank Formally Turns
Over the County Funds.
The Young Man May Find It m DlScnlt
Matter to Prove that His Previous
Reparation Has Been Be
yond Reproaeh.
The most recent development in tbe
county cash tangle is the paying over
of the money by the Greenwood Na
tional bank to tbe Bank of Commerce
of Louisville the new depository.
The Greenwood bank decided to re
linquish Monday and notice to that
effect was at once dispatched to tbe
county treasurer's office in this city.
Tbe cash comes, through tbe process
ofexchan e, by way of Omaha, and by
this time every red cent of it is
within the vaults of tbe Louisville
bank drawing 4 per cent interest for
tbe county.
The plan in which the supreme
court was to be petitioned to issue a
writ of mandamuB restraining tbe
county treasurer from drawing on tbe
Greenwood bank for the money, was
a temporary failure. The law firm of
Marquette, Deweese & Mall of Lin
coln had tbe matter in baud on behalf
of several Cass county tax payers, but
as tbe supreme court was not in ses
sion Monday when tbe application
was made, tbe Greenwood bank de
cided to pay over the funds and await
the next sitting of the supreme court
on Feb. 5. when the application will
be again presented and pushed with
renewed vigor.
Bert Parker's Trial.
The trial of Beit Parker, the former
Cass county boy who lived down at
Rock Bluffs, is in progress at Fre
mont, wbeie be is charged with having
burglarized a U. P. freight car. Law
yer Matt Gering journeyed to Fremont
on Tuesday to assist in Parker's defense,-
and several Plattsmouth people
went with him to testify as to the
prisoner's good character while he re
sided in this county. In this regard
the defense will doubtless be treated
to a sort of surprise, the same to be
furnished by ex-Deputy Sheriff John
Tighe. Some three years ago Parker
was arrested by the ex-deputy at Rock
Bluffs on the charge of rape, but he
crawled out by presenting proof that
he was under eighteen years of age.
Shortly after the episode Parker left
Rock Bluffs, and about a year later he
attempted a criminal assault upon a
four-year-old girl out in tbe western
part of tbe county. A warrant was
issued for bis arrest, but as he had
taken the precaution to flee, the officers
filed the paper away for future ose.
Mr Tighe was also a passenger for
Fremont on Tuesday and had tbeun
nsed warrant tucked safely within bis
inside pocket. It will be used by the
prosecution at the trial.