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    THURSDAY, JULY 20, 1939.
Ihe Plattsmouth Journal
"" '
Entered at Potto ff ice, Plattimoath,
MRS. R. A. BATES, Publisher
Subscriber liTin-p In Second PoaUl Zone, 12.50 per year. Beyond
COO milea. 3.00 per year. Rate tp Canada and foreign countries,
$3.10 per year. All eubscriptiona are payable etrlctly in advance.
Mrs. John Frans was In Omaha
Friday of last week looking after
some business matters.
Visit our funeral home Learning
the facts brings peace of mind. Por
ter Funeral Home, Nebraska City.
John If. Fitch was in Plattsmouth
last Saturday night looking after
business matters and visiting friends.
' Mrs. Susan Berger. manager of
the Murray hotel, has been feeling
rather poorly and has not been able
to look after her work and has been
assisted by her son, George Berger.
; George E. Nickles and wife w ere
in Omaha Monday looking after some
business and also visiting friends.
During their absence the lumber yard
was looked after by James E. Gruber.
Carl J. Schneider, vice-president
of the Plattsmouth State bank, with
Mrs. Schneider were in Murray one
night last week enjyoing the open
air moving picture show, a feature
sponsored by Murray business men.
The Ladies' Aid of the Murray
Christian church was entertained last
Wednesday by Grandmother Topliff
at her home. A most enjoyable time
was had and the ladies did much
coed work Tor iheir organization and
foV the church.
Miss Mary Smith who was so ser
iously injured when she was struck
by a steel fence post while riding on
: the side of an auto is reported as
doing fine. She was able to return
from the hospital last week and is
getting along nicely.
Messrs. W. G. TJoedeker and G. H.
Gilmore were in Weeping Water last
Sunday attending the funeral of their
old time friend. Mr. Charles Philpot,
who had resided in Cass county for
more than sixty years. They report
a large attendance at the funeral: '
. Postmaster C. D. Spangler and
daughter. Mrs. Margaret S. TPdd.
assistant postmaster, were down to
Nebraska City last Monday morning
attending the funeral of Mrs. Ida
Roddy, mother of Eugene Roddy, car
rier of mail on the Murray rural
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Howard are
having their country heme refinished
with paining, papering and some car
penter work to make some desired
changes. M. G. Churchill is doing the
w-ork, having worked last week and
expects to 'have the changes made
by the end of this week.
Eugene Gruber who is stationed
rn the LT. S. S. Colorado as a mem
ber of Uncle Sam's navy, with the
ship went from San Francisco tc
Seattle and then on up to Birming
ham where the ship is to be repaired
and changed, the crew to remain with
the ship while it is undergoing the
Enjoy Visit at Lincoln.
C. L. Armstrong and wife, the lat
ter a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nor
man Desles Dernier, came down from
Omaha last Sunday and picking up
the parents drove to Lincoln where
nMililr Kraturt h I'rlrr l,nrrr
'Mr. Moto in Danger Island'
Mote pits liis oriental cuimim? in liis
(transrest crime ai vrnturt-. I'lii.- lt
Itojcrrx in a new Fast-Action AN" etem:
'Shine On, Harvest Moon
. llusic-al Show You'll Like
Also larr l-II of Itni Circle crlal
Matinee Saturday, at 2:30
Adults 25c Children. . .101
'Susannah of The Mounties'
. 'Famous ttory of the Northwest
Also Donold Iuck. Lincoln in the White
House ani News. A fine Sunday show.
igbt fcbowat, 7 aad O
Matinee, 10-25c Nights, 10-30c
fZriyr. i. Iliihlnnon, Kranrrx Itlrrr In
'Confessions of a Nazi Spy'
It's a privilege of every American to
this Dirturt':. Stark. Powerful: Also
omely Miollight. Matinee Tues
day at Xiht thows at -7 and 9.
All Shews, 10 and 15a
Mmrth- Hmyr ana l"'" Mpe la
'Never Say Dis
ie f-jri-v.est rictura tr.ev ever mace.
s9 Corned'- and' NeveUr Reels r,4
e laet FREfc Sickle, given !
Neb., as tecad-flap mail natter
they spent the day visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Woodard White
and Miss Pearle Deles Dernier, the
ladies being two daughters of Mr.
and Mrs. Deles Dernier. A most en
joyable day was had. all returning
to their homes in the evening.
To Have Water in Church.
Arrangements have been completed
for the installing of water in the
Christian church, which will be a
service for the Ladies' Aid. as they
often meet in the church building
when they have their regular ladies
aid meetings and when they give sup
pers. Enjoying Vacation This Week.
Olin Morris is enjoying his vaca
tion this week. He is employed in
South Omaha with the United States
government and has a regular vaca
tion once a year. He is visiting for a
part of the time at the home of his
parents in Union, and with the wife
was enjoying a visit last Sunday
from the parents of Mrs. Morris.1 Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Meade and family
for Sunday dinner at the Morris home
in Murray.
; Work on Water Tank.
The tank whiih has been ereited,
and still remains inaomplete is being
worked on as it has to be riveted and
made water tight. The wcrk of com
pleting it will require about three
weeks yet. but the work on all por
tions of the water system is being
pushed forward and it is expected to
be completed on contract time.
Celebrates Birthday Anniversary.
Chester Sporer was just thirty-five
years of age last Sunday and the
good wife arranged to celebrate the
event in proper fashion, which was
by having the other members of the
family there for dinner. Those to
join Chester in the celebration of the
! event were Martin Sporer and fam
ily. Charles Sporer and wife, and Wm.
Sporer. father of Charles.
Enjoyed Fishing Outing.
Last Sunday at the Missouri river
near the Beil lake, a party of young
men consisting of Mason Dies. J. A.
IScotten and Harry McCulluch, repair
ed to the river and tried their luck,
which was not bad for they caught
a number of fish.. However an acci
dent occurred to mar the pleasure
of the outing, when the skiff which
was manned with oars, one of which
could not stand the heavy work of
the fcwift current and was broken,
leaving but one oar to guide the craft
to shore.
Mrs. Geary Better.
Mrs. C. D. Geary who was so ser
iously ill that she was taken to an
Omaha hospital where she underwent
an operation has been showing good
improvement and was able to be re
turned home this week. Her many
friends are wishing that she may
soon be in her former health again.
Home From the North.
The family of Lucean Carper who
with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Paape, the
latter a sister of Mr. Carper who
were spending some days in the north
part of Minnesota where they enjoyed
fishing and outing. They tell of the
weather being very cool there, so
much so that they contracted colds.
But when htey returned home Wed
nesday of last week they found that
intensive hot weather and wished
they had not returned. But they
had to come some time and it had
just as well be then as auy time.
Theatre . Nebraska City
Be Refreshingly COOL for 2Q
Sat-- Sun. - Mon. - Tues
: SONM' . . TYRONE .
rfriMi ftiYfliivrfi
llatiues- Ut. f. Styiy 2 :30
xiStfs, Comely, Cartoon
Weeping Water
Miss Jeanne Mansfield, of Des
Moines, Iowa, is a guest of her cousin,
Mrs. Harold S. Bowers.
Sunday guests at the Fred Linville
home were their daughter and hus
band. Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Fleshman,
of Nehawka.
Harold Krecklow of Manley was a
business visitor in Weeping Water on
Tuesday of this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Max . Richards, of
Omaha, were week end guests at the
L. J. and L. R. Lane homes.
Mrs." Jane DeWolf spent the week
end visiting with her daughter, Mrs.
Alice Bates at Plattsmouth.
H. S. Bowers left Sunday evening
for Fort Crook for another two weeks
training as a reserve officer.
Henry Lemke has been busy paint
ing signs for Forest Stock for his
newly acquired service station.
Earl Oldham was in Omaha for
three consecutive days with stock
for farmers near Weeping Water.
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Harmon spent
last week at the home of Duane'sjlo give her
parents. Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Harmon.
Perry Rector and family who have
been making their home at Union
and from there driving to his work
has moved his family . to Weep
ing Water.
Mrs. J. M. Hayes, of Culbertson,
Montana, is spending this month
visiting with her brother. Alec
Mitchell, and other relatives in this
Mr. and Mrs. Doane Harrison and
two children. Helen and Jack, of
Lincoln, spent last week visiting at
the home of Mr. Harrison's aunt, Miss
Edith Clizbe.
The Ralph Kecklers have been en
Joying a visit during the past week
from Mrs. Keckler's niece. Jean Deer
ing, of Onawa, Iowa. She returned
to her home Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bender and little
daughter, Joan, were in Sutton last
Sunday, guests of the parents of Mr.
Bender, Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Bender,
finding them all feeling very well.
Mr. and Mvs. Chas. Gibson enter
tained a group of eighteen friends
at a picnic supper on their lawn
Fiiday evening. The evening was
spent visiting and thoroughly en
joyed by all.
O. C. Hinds and his son-in-law,
Wilbur Long, joined a party consist
ing of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hinds
and Ross Martin, of Lincoln,. and all
went to Cass Lake. Minnesota; for a
ten day vacation.
Plans had been made' to hold the
union vesper services last Sunday eve
ning on the lawn of the Congrega
tional church. Owing to the rain
coming at the hour of the service
plans had to be changed.
The ladit3 of the M. E. church
held an all day meeting in the
church basement Wednesday. A cov
ered dish luncheon was enjoyed at
noon, and the day was spent tying
c.finforters, p.nd with other sewing.
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Baldwin and
two daughters. Ragene McNally and
Margaret Baldwin were visiting
friends in town Saturday. They ex
pect to leave in a few days for a
three weeks vacation in California.
Twenty-four men were discharged
from Camp Cass on June 30. On July
5, 53 men vere enrolled, and on
July 14, fosir more men were en
rolled, making a total enrollment of
04 men at the camp at the pres
ent time.
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Poore of At
lanta, Ga., arrived in Weeping Water
recently and have been visiting at the
home of their uncle and aunt, Mr.
ind Mrs. Thead Davis and with other
friends. They expect to remain here
for about two weeks.
Oscar Gapen. Sr., of Plattsmouth
was visiting with a number of
friends in Weeping Water Tuesday
Df this week. Mr. Gapen in other
years lived cast of Weeping Water
but during the past eight or ten years
has made his home in Plattsmouth
The eeping Water Camp Fire
Girls entertained the Louisville Camp
Fire Girls at a bard times party
Wednesday evening at the American
Legion Hall. Miss Mayme Michelson.
guardian and Miss Ruth Wade, spon
sor, assisted in every way to make
the evening a succcas.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bills who are
spending some two weeks here from
their home at Los Angeles, were
visiting over last Monday with
friends- in Lincoln and then went to
Omaha for a visit before departing
for their homo in the west. They
have greatly enjoyed their visit here.
Their home is at Huntington Park, a
suburb of Los Angeles.
Miss Margaret Ranuey entertain
ed her Sunday school class at her
home Tuesday afternoon. Games
were played, pictures were taken
Tioma$ Waiting Company
Abstracts of Title
Ptrn$ 334 - Flatt$:acr.ith
and the children had a happy time.
Ihose present wre re Sally Speck. "Pat
ty' LaRue, June. Everett, Evelyn
Lyritsen. John Domingo, John Ran
nty, Viola Thomason, and two visi
tors Patty Uickford and Joy Ann
Lc-nker. Ice cream and cake were
served and all went home happy.
Has Narrow Escape.
What might have been a very ser
ious accident occurred Friday at
noon, when Marvin - Frisel, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Frisel, was play
ing near the belt in the Farmer's
Union elevator. Not knowing that
the children were playing there the
machinery was suddenly started and
Marvin v.-as thrown head first to the
floor. He threw out his hand to save
his face. The result was that he had
a badly bruised arm. Although very
painful there was no bones broken
Mrs. George Spohn Very Poorly
Mrs. George Spohn who has not
been in the very best of health for
.ome time past, has just iecently
been quite a bit worse and in orde
pi;K:tunity to rest
visitors have been
ind recuperate,
Visited Over Sunday Here.
Corporal Vera Amiok, who is
his second year at the CMTC at Fort
Crook and Marice Shirley who :
there for his first year, were enjoyin
an over Sunday furlough with thei
folks at Weeping Water. They were
returned to the camp by Jean Jones
where Mr. Shirley was visiting for
the time.
Buildings Proeressine Nicely.
The preparations for the annual
conference of the Menonite church
af Nebraska which has selected Weep
ing Water as their central headquar
'ers for the state have during the
past several weeks been building
house and a tabernacle in which to
hold their annual conference early
in August. A kitchen and a numbe
of other smaller buildings which will
be used as eating house and dormi
tories are nearing completion. Work
was started on the tabernacle last
week and is progressing nicely at this
time, with the framework in place
and the work being pushed on th
enclosing of the structure. As th
convention will be held here early in
August the work must necessarily
be hurried.
The erecting of this buildings i
adding much to he busy atmospher
of Weeping AVa-ter which has man
other enterprises now in the process
of completion.
Hake Changes in Business
Forest L. Stock who has been con
nected with the west side service sta
tion, known as the Handy Station
managed by Wm. Van Every, has
resigned his position and Mr. Van
Every has place'lffus son, Russell, in
the vacated position. Mr. Stock re
signed to take over the Don Philpot
3tation on south - street near the ele
vator which has been conducted by
Frank Elgaard who has disposed of
it to enter into other lines
tock will
Philpot in
be associated with
the carrying on of
Visitors From Oklahoma.
Mrs. Lyle Standing and her
laughters, Glorida and Susanna, of
Oklahoma City, were guests of Mrs
Moody's sister. Mrs. Jess Collister
for a week and left for Hastings
tccompanied by Mrs. Collister, to
visit with their mother. Mrs. Hattie
Moody. Persuading her to return
home with them all returned here
for a more extended visit, when Mrs
Moody was called back to Hastings
by a message telling of the death of
her sister, Airs. May Hollister, of
Hastings. She left immediately for
her home.
Weeping Water Garden Club.
Weeping Water Garden club held
their regular meeting Friday evc-
ning at the horns of Mr. and Mrs.
Carl Day, with a good attendance in
spite of the intense heat. Mrs, II.. C.
Wilkinson presided at the business
meeting, after which the program
chairman. Mr3. J. M. Ranney. intpo-
duced the two speakers. Mrs. Edna
Shannon and Mrs. L. P. Wolcott. Mrs.
Shannon had as her subject "White
and Red Gardens' Mrs.. Day favored
For Prompt and Dependable
Service Reverse Calls to
Plattsmouth 499
Murray 3312
Union .1.2601
Nehawka 2291
Avoca 3310
Fort Crook...,. .Market 3541
Tito Fort CrooIC
Rendering Worlis
Ft. Crook. Nebr.
the club with a piano solo. "Hazel
Blossoms." Mrs. Wolcott followed
with 'Yellow and Blue Gardens" aa
her subject. A forum on "Dry
Weather Flowers" was then open
for discussion by. all. The general
opinion was that petunias and por
tulaca are the best dry weather
flowers for this climate. Home' made
ice cream and small cakes were
served by the hostess, and plans
were made to have an out-of-town
speaker for the next meeting.
Will Build New Home.
Harvey Rich has given orders for
the erection of a new home to be
constructed on the south side ol the
Weeping Water creek upon which
construction will begin at once. The
home will be 24 by 2 8 feet and will
be of the bungalow style, but will
be completely modern in its appoint
ments.. Passes Examination.
Another one of our Weeping Wa
ter boys is making good at his
chosen work. Marvin Hunt, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hunt, has been
attending the Northern Radio-Television
Institute at Minneapolis. Word
has come that he has passed the
R. F. C. C. examination successfully
and that he has received his govern
ment radio operators license. Mar
vin's many friends here will rejoice
with him over this successful culmin
ation of his school work.
Feeling Quite Badly.
Peter H. Miller, the produce sta
tion man. while striving hard to
take care of the business, the con
dition of his legs are such that it
seemed almost impossible for him to
work. When a man comes with large
cars of cream Mr. Miller can have
him unload the tans, but when a
woman or girl drives in w ith a large
consignment it is difficult to care for
it as when the can is large and well
filled Mr. Miller with his lame legs
cannot unload it. neither can the
To Visit Here Over Sunday.
Ross Shields, whose home when a
lad was at Gosport, Ind., but has
been away for many years, made a
visit there last year with Mr. and
Mrs. Earl Shields and family. Mr.
and Mrs. Earl Shields and little
daughter will arrive here Saturday
tor a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Ross
"hields. Mr. and Mrs. Shields visited-
the old home last year and also
when Harold Meyers and party were
ba ck - eaet Vece n 1 1 y t h e" "v isi t ed a t '"t h e
home of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Shields,
who are to be guests here this week
end with his brother, Ross and wife.
Visited Here Sunday. -Mr.
and Mrs. Edward Askew were
host and hostess at their country
home last Sunday and had as their
guests for the occasion Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Carsten and family who were
also joined by Mr. and Mrs. Virgil
Sudduth and son who make their
home near Murray.
The Socialy Worker Flower club
met for the July meeting at the
home of Mrs. Peterson with Mrs.
Mumm and Mrs. Harris assistant hos
tesses. Mrs. Spangler had charge of the
meeting and plans were made for the
picnic to be held August 9th at the
Spangler grove.
Roll call was answered by each
member telling where they would
like to spend their vacation.
The world's fair was the popular
place. Mrs. Haith, Mrs. Mayficld and
Mrs. Newton Sullivan and baby were
The hostesses served a delicious
two course luncheon.
Deputy Sheriff Emery Doody with
Mrs. Doody and their children.
Tommy and Jimmie who have been
enjoying an outing in the Black Hills
and other rartg of the country, re
turned home Sunday. They had a
very fine time and enjoyed to the
utmost the opportunity of visiting
with their relatives and old friends
n that part of the west.
Open Mesh
Very Cool and Comfortable
This Hot Weather
Where Quality Counts
Frank M. Massie, who is probably
one of the oldest residents of the
ounty in the number of years that
he has spent here, was in the city
Saturday from his home in Mt
Pleasant precinct.
Mr. Massie is eighty-five years of
age and was born in Ohio, but his
Hie has been spent in the west aa he
was brought by his parents to Nebras
ka when six years of age and he has
ince been a resident of this part
of the west. It was his part of the
settlement of the new west to suffer
mapy pf the privations of the early
day settlers. He well recalls the
pioneer settlements here at Platts
mouth and the firm of Tootle &
Hanna. which maintained a large
general store In the east part of
Plattmouth and facing the river
which flowed at the foot of Main
street. This firm was one of the
leading establishments for the out
fitting of those going to Denver and
the war west, the firm receiving their
stocks by shipment from steamboats
from St. Louis and St. Joseph.
Mr. Massie is feeling very well and
ascribes his long and useful life to
his active practice of the golden rule
in living and associating with his
fellow man.
Our 4-II club met at the Mynard
community hall on July 13. President
Eloise Cole took charge of the meet
ing. Most all the members were
Demonstrations were given by
Elizabeth Perry on the hand towel,
Marilyn Beckman showed us how to
make an even basting stitch. Marilyn
Lutz showed us how to make the
cross stitch and outline stitch.
We practiced our new club song
and yells.
Delicious refreshments of ice cream
and cake were served. Alice Woster
and Eloise Cole and Mary Margaret
Cole were hostesses.
Nancy Jane Trilety and Mary El
len Woester were visitors.
The next meeting will be July 25.
The many friends of Mrs. G. B.
Smith, former resident here, will re
gret to learn that she-has just been
compelled to undergo a very perious
operation at a hospital at Atwood,
Kansas. - where, the family have re;
sided for the past several years. She
was doing very well, however, in the
last word received by her sister,
Mrs. Henry Kaufmann.
From Tuesday's Daily
Mrs. Henry Marksbury and chil
dren. Henry, Jr., and Gene are leav
ing early Tuesday morning for Mar
sha!!, Missouri, where they will spend
two weeks vacationing and visiting
with Mrs. Markbury's father. E. R.
Peterson as well as other friends and
Sundav afternoon Mr. and Mrs.
Jess Scurto of Nebraska City were in
the city for a short time to visit old
friends. They were en route to !
Omaha to attend an announcement
party of a brother of Mr. Scurto. the
brother planning to be married in a
short time.
m"- ' It nlTl tO
tW. Handy C"
Omar Schlictemeier and family
were in Lincoln Monday of this week
looking after some business matters
for the day and trying out their new
Dodge auto.
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Paap of St.
Louis while returning last week fr!:i
a fishingtrip to northern Minnsot;i.
stopped for a visit with the moMur
cf Mrs. Paape, Mrs. Gertrude Car
per. John G. Wunderllch who has bcn
sick for so long is able to get out
and around and still rinds It a pleas
ure it roe his friends as well as
wher: he desires. However -he is
not feeling 1.8 strong at he would
Charles Hemphill who ahs been so
seriously 111 for several week is ro
portd as being much improved and
able to sit up for a short time at
Intervals. His many friends arc
hoping that he may soon be able to
be out and well again.
Stuart Rough, with iiis daughter.
Mrs. Martin Ross is departing 'today'
(Thursday) for Austin, Texas, where
they go to visit at the home of an
other daughter. Mrs. L. R. Benson
ind family. They will remain in the
;:outh for some two weeks or perhaps
longer and enjoy a good visit with
the Benson family.
Working on Vacation.
Albert Anderson, the faithful sales
man at the J. H. Steffens store is
taking a week's vacation from the
store and while away the work is
being looked after by Lavernc Stef
fens. Mr. Anderson scorns laying
2round during his vacation, and rath
er than go away where the mosquitovs
are big and not very many fish con
cluded he could find some work about
the home to keep him out of mischief
for a few days and is Ftraightening
up the home and paitning the house
and getting a number of those little
things done which he has not been
finding time to do while working. He
feels the vacation will be a profitable
one for him.
Visited With Aunt Here.
Miss Mary L. Harper of Elgin. III..
3 niece of Mrs. Ernest Kropp, arrived
in Nehawka one day last week and
visiteu for a number of days at the
home of the Ernest Kropp family, en
joying her stay here most pleasantly
and on Tuesday morning of this "week
departed front Plattsmouth for Chi
cago on her return trip home Mr.
and Mrs. Kropp driving her over to
catch the train.
Entertained for Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. McReynolds and
Miss Lanna McReynolds were host
and hostess for the day last Sunday
it the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. A.
McReynolds when they had for their
guests for the day and dinner John
Hopp and family, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver
Bogenrief of Omaha and Mr. and Mrs.
Merritt Dodson and son of Nehawka.
Celebrates 89th Birthday.
Mrs. Allie Hughes and Mrs. Grace
Chambers and Harve Gregg gave a
birthday dinner Sunday in honor of
their mother, Mrs. Lizzie Gregg on
her 89th birthday. The guests were
Roy Gregg and family. Ben Noell of
Murray. Mrs. Chambers and non. John
Harvey Chambers and wife of Kan
sas City. Mo., and Mrs. Hughes'
daughter and husband Mrs. L. C.
McBridc of Lincoln.
Another New
Dramatic Program
on KOIL!
7:30 P. M.
Eyety Friday
fldMlU, 25c
Children, ice
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