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Ihe Plattsmouth Journal
Entered at Poetofflce, PUttamouth, 'Neb., as Mcond-claa mall matter
MRS. R. A. BATES, Publisher
Subicribere Urine in Second Postal Zone, $3.50 per year. Beyond
COO miles, $3.00 per year. Rate to Canada and foreign countries,
$3.50 per year. All subscriptions are payable strictly in advance.
Regardless of the hour or the dis
tance, we are ready to serve you.
i o'rter Funeral Home, Nebraska City.
Victor Clarence was called to Oma
ha Monday to look after some busi
ness matters.
Mrs. Willett, Dorothy and Fred
were entertained at a splendid sup
per at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jack
Miss Ila McQuinn of Omaha was a
guest of her parents over last Sun
day, spending the day with Mr. and
Mrs. Thomas McQuinn.
V. A. Ost and Thomas McQuinn
were both shipping hogs to the South
Omaha market Sunday night iu order
to be on the market Monday.
Miss Gussie Robb was a guest over
Sunday at Lincoln at the home of
her brother, Flemming Robb, return
ing home the first of the week.
Rev. and Mrs. L. R. McGaughney
were spending a few days extending
over the Fourth of July holiday at
the home of a daughter at Lexing- brothers. Walter and George
Mr. Elliott Ozbun of Waukee, Iowa
where he operates an elevator for
the Farmers Grain company was
visiting with his friend, George A.
Stites for a time last Monday after
Harry Garrens and family of Kan
sas City were visiting over the 4th
of July at the home of Harry's
mother, Mrs. Mollie Garrens and were
accompanied also by Mrs. May Shot-
well and babe.
Mesdames Elmer Chapman and
Winfield Swan were guests for the
day last Sunday at the home of Mr
and Mrs. Jas. S. Pittman where all
enjoyed a very fine visit, and an ex
cellent dinner.
Superintendent Howard D. Bugby
and wife departed last week for
northern Minnesota where they will
enjoy a well earned vacation and try
their luck at fishing in the lakes of
the northern country.
Henry Lidgett who has been here
during the illness of his father has
.returned to Visalia. Calif. Ho return
ed to California by way of Sacra
mento where he visited with his two
Mrs. Willett, Dorothq and Fred
Willett. Mrs. Joe Lidgett and Mrs.
Jack Lidgett motored to Lincoln.
They went through the capitol build
ing and enjoyed the day very much.
Word aws received of the very se
vere illness of Mrs. A. R. Eikenbary
at her home at Brush. Colorado. Mrs.
James Pitman, a sister, departed to
be with her and assist in her care.
Mr. and Mrs. John Heavner,
cousins of Mrs. V. A. Taylor, mak
ing their home at Sidney, Nebraska
were visiting for a short time at the
home of Rev. and Mrs. W. A. Taylor.
Obie Tickering, who is now mak
ing his home at Clinton, Mo., has
been spending several days visitnig
with his mother, Mrs. Martha Pick
ering and his brother, Taul Picker
. H. H. Becker, Manager
hk ffi:hi
5 Gallons for
with a Can of Pressure
Gun Grease Free
Warren Oil Co.
II. II. IIKt KF.K, naMxrr
.Mrs." AVillett, of Chicago, III., sister-in-law
of Mrs. Joe Lidgett and
Dorothy and Fred Willett came in
from Chicago to visit Mrs. Lidgett.
She was gladly surprised by them
and enjoyed their stay very much.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Rathe of
Adams were vistlng last Sunday at
the home of the mother of Mrs. Rathe.
Mrs. L. G. Todd, and were accom
panied by the children who when
the parents returned home remained
to visit ' with their grandmother - for
i time.
Nadine Booher who has boon visit
ing with her friend, Mrs. Smith at
Auburn returned to Union last Sun
day where she is visting with her
sister. Mrs. Paul Griffin. During
this week her parents. Rev. and Mrs.
E-'P.' Booher will visit here and Miss
A'adihe will accompany them home
to Cedar Bluffs.
Charles Attc berry and family and
Louis Burbee and family and Frank
Bauer and sister Anna and their
three house guests ewre over to' the
jChris Beil home where they attended
the celebration of the 37th birthday
anniversary of Greeley Beil, and
which was attended by Grandmother
Chris Beil who was 9 4 years of
The Union baseball team lost their
game at iturr last Sunday in which
the Burr team won in a nicely con
tested game by the score of 2 to 0.
though -still in a cast and is being
attended by a nurse. Mrs. Barritt
went to Omaha to see the sister last
Monday evening and is assisting in
her care.
Honored on Birthday.
Mrs. L. B. Mougay entertained a
number of friends of her mother,
Mrs. John C. McCarroll on the pass
ing of the birthday of Mrs. McCar
roll, who makes her home with the
daughter. A number of the friends
called and spent a very enjoyable day
with her, as they have known each
other for years. A delightful lunch
con was served and the guests when
departing extended the sincere wish
for many more happy years for Mrs.
Here Comes the Boys.
Yes, three of them. Three young
men have come to Union and vicinity,
ihey being, a son for Mr. and Mrs.
Ralph Mansfield who were born last
week at St. Mary's hospital at Ne
braska City and with the mother are
doing very nicely.
The second young man to arrive
is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Mc
Carroll. who contributed to the hap
piness not alone of the parents but
also- Grandfather and Grandmother
Moss McCarroll.
The third of the trio of young men
is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Meade
who came last Monday morning, and
who with the mother is doing nicely.
He just missed being born on his
nation's birthday, the Fourth of July
by one day.
Local CCCrs
Lose Belongings
in Dakota Fire
Camp Savoy in South Dakota Where
CCC Boys Located, Suffers
Loss From Fire.
Visiting in Union.
Misses Dorothy and Rachel Pell,
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Pell
nf. Omaha were guests of relatives and
friends in Union over last Sunday
tnd the Fourth of July, they being
quests at the homes of Loy Pell, a
brother, Mr. and Mrs. Victor Clar
ence, Mrs. Clarence being a sister,
and also with Grandmother Mrs.
Rachel Pell.
Theatre . Nebraska City
Saturday - Sunday - Monday
uiri.i, ski-: this v i:ii
Henry Fonda, Marjorie Weaver in
Matinee Sat. and Sunday, 2:30
Undergoes Operation.
Mrs. Carl Peters of Nebraska City,
who has been troubled with attacks
of appendicitis for some time, last
week went to the St. Mary's hospital
in Nebraska City where she under
went an operation for correction of
appendicitis and since has been mak
ing very fair progress toward re
covery.. Her parents. Mr. and Mrs.
Joe Banning and her brother, Lucian
visited her last Sunday and found
her doing nicely.
Charles Mason, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Bert Mason, and Gordon Rob
bins, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Rob
bins of Plattsmouth suffered the loss
of all of their persona! belongings in
a fire which raged at Camp Savoy
in South Dakota recently, completely
destroying the barracks in which
The young men enlisted in the
CCC training camps early in April
and left for Weeping Water April
15. Upon arriving in Weeping Water
the young men were assigned to
the South Dakota area with Camp
Savoy as their destination. The
young men, at the time of the fire
which broke at 5:20 p. m., were on
duty in training to combat forest
fires. At 6 p. m. when the group,
accompanied by their captain, return
ed to the barracks they were aston
ished to find them burned to the
ground. The origin of the fire is still
unknown. The young men were
then taken to Camp Robeaux, a near
by camp.
Mr. Mason, who had been in Platts
mouth visiting recently, returned to
camp with all of his clothing, includ
ing a suit that he had just purchased
as well as other valuables that he
possessed. All of these were destroy
ed in the fire.
Mr. Robbins also suffered the loss
of all of his clothing, he also having
all that he owned with him. lie had
just purchased an expensive camera
and all that he possessed was in a
mass of ruins.
A large number of the young men
were unfortunate in losing a consid
erable amount of- cash that they
possessed, some losing large amounts
because of the recent pay that they
had received.
Regardless .of the hour or the dis
tance, we are ready to serve you
Porter Funeral Home, Nebraska City,
A party, composed of .Harry Noell
and family, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mar-
tis, Jr., were in Omaha last Monday
attending the Ak-Sar-Ben races.
Mrs. Joe Long who with the hus
band and little daughter, Miss Patty
recently moved from Omaha to Ne
braska City were visiting for the day
last Sunday at the home of Mrs.
Belle Frans.
While Mr. and Mrs. George Nickles
were in the western part of the state
lookfog after the harveting of the
wheat crop on their farm there which
required nearly a week, Lee Nickles
of Plattsmouth was looking after
the lumber yard.
Mr. and Mrs. Ora A. Davis enter
tain one evening last week and had
as their guest3 Rev. and Mrs. J. C.
Stuart, their son, Morgan, Mr. and
Mrs. C. H. Boedeker, Dr. and Mrs.
G. H. Gilmore. A most pleasant eve
ning was enjoyed.
Herman Hough of Plattsmouth
was a caller in Murray last Monday,
having some business to look after.
James W. Holmes, owner of the
building in which Mr. and Mrs. Earl
Merritt reside, will have a garage
constructed from the material sal
vaged from the barn which is now
on the property.
Preaching Service Next Sunday.
Arrangements have been perfected
for the holding of services at the
Christian church the coming Sunday,
July 9th, when the Rev. J. W. Taenz-
ler, pastor of the Christian church
at Plattsmouth will contluct the ser
vices. Rev. Taenzler to accommodate
the congregation at Plattsmouth has
arranged to hold services at 9 o'clock
which is before Bible school and
while he is teacher in the Bible
school has arranged for someone to
take his class the day which he is
to preach in Murray. What arrange
ments are to be made after the com
ing Sunday is as yet not known.
R. W. Tyson of Murray and Dr. R. R.
Andersen, both of whom were out on
calls and so a call was placed for
Dr. G. H. Gilmore who was found.
While Dr. Gilmore does not praetice.
he having retired from the practice,
he responds in an emergency.
He found on arriving at the scene
that Miss Chapman Was the most
seriously injured and administered
first aid and allowed to rest for the
night and the next mornin taken to
the Clarkson hospital in Omaha by
the Hobson ambulance. She was re
ported as showing improvement at
the hospital and is ejected to re
cover rapidly. Boyd Mayfield is also
rallying nicely as well as a sister,
Charlotte Mayfield and two young
men Eddie Brown of Lincoln and
James Ruteard of Arapahoe.
While the wreck was bad enough.
all were fortunate it was not worse.
Return to Their Home.
Misses Myrtle Mason, Mildred
Booker and and Mary Gilmore, all
from near Calloway, in Custer coun
ty, who were visitnig in Murray and
vicinty last week, guests at the homes
of their many friends in and about
Murray, after a very pleasant visit
returned to their home in the west
late last week. Miss Mildred Booker
will in a short time depart for Oma
ha where she is to enter a hospital
to take a course in nurse's training.
Natal Day Last Monday.
The birthday anniversary of L. R.
Upton and that of Mrs. P. V. Rihn
occurred Monday, July 3rd, while
that of D. Ray Frans came one day
later. July 4th. They quietly cele
bratrd the passing.
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'Lucky Night'
Jlowlirtf hilarity hits a new high. Also
(Comedy, Disney Cartoon anil News!
Meht Khowra. 7 nd 0
Matinee, 10-25c Nights, 10-30c
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jAdults; 25c - - GnilfJretv 105
Walter Evans Visits Ilzre.
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kvans. now
of Cedar Rapids. Iowa, where he has
been for a number of years visited
here with some of the old time
friends, among who were D. Kay
Frans and Frank Bauer. Mr. Evans
; resided here many years ago but
now is a contractor at Cedar Rapids
and with the wife have been visit
ing both at Omaha and Nebraska
City and called on friends here last
Saturday for a short time.
Mrs. Bryan Some Better.
Mrs. Esther Cryan, who some
weeks ago tripped on a rug at the
home of her sister, Mrs. Wm. Bar
ritt and foil, fracturing her hip and
was taken to an Omaha hospital, has
so far improved that she was taken
to her home in Omaha last week, al-
Air Cooled 8
Open Neck
Plain White, Blue, Green
' or Grey -Lounge
$.45 .
Wescott's I
Check of performance is going
ahead as rapidly as possible, espe
cially since this is a busy part of
the season.
A complete mailing list is being
sent out over the county, giving In
formation as to qualifications for
producers desiring 193D wheat loans.
All liens listed on county records
must be waived before a loan may
be certified. All personal taxes must
be paid "up before a wheat loan will
be certified.
Five hundred wheat crop Insurance
losses have been reported so far. If
the adjuster does not get around to
your place before harvesting, that is,
if you combine, save all records. It
would be to your advantage to have
a neighbor verify the disposition of
Question Box j
Q. What will the loan rates for
farm storage loans be?
A. No. I hard winter, C9c; No. 2
hard winter, 68c; No. 3 hard winter,
66c; No. 4 hard winter, 63c; No. 5
hard winter, 60c.
Q. What will the loan rate for
the warehouse storage he?
A. No. 1 hard winter 77 c; No.
2 hard winter, 76,4c; No. 3 hard
winter, 74,ic; No. 4 hard winter,
71 Uc; No. 5 hard winter, 68 ',4 c.
Q. Can wheat loans be made if
the wheat is stored in a bin in a
livestock barn?
A. No.
Q. What grade most wheat test to
be arceptable for a loan?
A. It must test No. 3 or better; or
number 4 or 5 solely on test weight.
Q. Is it permissible to plant Ilegari
on ground from whicn wheat nas
been harvested and not receive pen
A. Yes.
O Where Quality Counts'
For Prompt and Dependable
Service Reverse Calls to
Plattsmouth 499
Murray : 3312
Union 2601
Nehawka 2291
Avoca : 3310
Fort Crook ..Market 3541
The Fort Crook
Rendering Works
Ft. Crook, Nebr.
icans are rapidly becoming tamping
conscious according to Julian H. Sal
omon, National Park Service camp
ing specialist of Washington.
On a tour of th& California camp
ing sites, Salomon explained this
phase of the National Tark Service's
work as follows:
"It is assumed." he said, "that
there were numerous agencies in the
country interested in camp oper
ations if they could be assisted in
obtaining suitable sites and facil
ities. "It was also thought that smaller
agencies operating camps would be
.iblc to pool their .efforts if offered
improved facilities to encourage bet
ter service.
"As a result, through consultation
i'.Uh local agencies, camp develop
ment was studied thoroughly from
the viewpoint of 'committee's needs.
Out of these consultations came or
ganized camping for family boys,
girls educational and other groups
utilizing facilities carefully ' planned
to provide the greatest use at a mini
mum cost."
Salomon said that in 1936 there
were only nine camps in operation
In the United States with a total of
37,310 camper days.
For 1938 these figures were in
creased to 49 camps with a total of
376.173 camper days.
The service expects to have at least
60 camps in operation with a prob
able total of 60,000 camper days for
Visited With Friends Here.
Last Monday Elliott E. Ozbun of
V'aiikee, Iowa, father of Frank L.
Ozbun who formerly resided in Mur
ray and worked for A. D. Bakke, he
being well known in Murray was
visiting here Monday. They had come
to Plattsmouth to vist with Mr. Oz-
bun's sister, Mrs. M. S. Briggs and
husband. Frank I-Oisiuii and fam
ily- were also here last Tuesday. July
4th for a short time, they having, to
return on the evening of the Fourth
as they had to return to work at
Waukee Wednesday morning.
Entered Royal Hospital.
Dr. John Gilmore, who graduated
from the University of Nebraska med
ical college recently and who depart
ed for Victoria, British Columbia, at
Vancouver, to become an interne in
hospital there has taken up his
work and writes his parents and
many friends here telling of his en
tering upon the work.
Mrs. Geary Very Poorly.
Mrs. C. D. Geary who has been in
serious condition with repeated at
tacks of hemorrhage of the bowels
was taken to the Clarkson hospital
last Sunday evening where she will
be given a course of treatment which
it is hoped will effect a cure notwith
standing she is very seriously ill on
entering the institution.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sterner ot
near Bradshaw celebrated their gol
den wedding anniversary Sunday,
June 25. They were guests at a
family dinner, given by their chil
dren at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Cyril Sterner. Many relatives ana
friends called during the open house
in the afternoon.
Miss Hulda Peterson and Charles
Sterner were married at Plattsmouth
June 26. 1889, and resided at Schuy
ler and Plattsmouth until 1902.
Since that time, they have lived north
of Bradshaw. Mrs. Sterner was born
,near Rogers, Neb., in 1869, and Mr.
.Sterner in Norrkoping, Sweden, in
They have five children: Cyril and
iHilliB, Bradshaw; Hilbert, Los An
'geles; Mrs. Olga Worrest. Lincoln;
and six grandchildren.
4. hh-MW-W-W-H-
Thomas Walling Company
Abstracts of Title
Phone 324 - Plattsmouth
1 4. -hh-WWI-H! 4-
Have Seriou3 Auto Wreck.
Last Sunday evening just before
dark there occurred a wreck which
was very costly and as well fraught
with danger and caused much injury
to a number of occupants of the
two cars involved.
C. G. McCarthy of Union with the
wife and their son, Donald, went to
Nehawka and picked up Mrs. Alber-
tina Ost. mother of Mrs. McCarthy
and they all drove out to the farm
they own near Nehawka to look after
some business. Mr. McCarthy and
son Donald desired to see about some
matters in one of the fields which
necessitated driving out to the road
leading south near the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Henry Theile, which they
Meantime a car driven by Boyd
Mayfield was coming from the north
and it was evident neither saw the
other until just as the car of Mr.
McCarthy entered the highway and
the two cars crashed. In the crash
the car of Mr. McCarthy was badly
damaged with Mr. McCarthy and j
Donald badly shaken up.
The car of Mr. Mayfield, occupied
by some seven people turned over,
both cars rolling into the ditch.
The occupants of. the Mayfield car
were also badly shaken up and some
quite badly Injured. Mr. Mayfield
very badly injured his knee and leg,
striking the gear shift lever, break
ing it off, showing the force of the
impact. Miss Beatrice Chapman, cor
respondent for the Nebraska City
News-Press was very seriously shak
en up and received a cut on her
mouth and lips and had her back in
jured and was unconscious when
taken from the car, as were the other
passengers. A doctor was called im
mediately, calls being placed for Dr.
Attend Birthday Celebration.
Greeley Beil was passing his 37th
birthday anniversary last Sunday jThimgan, rf
and was given a recention and birth. Parriott, cf
-.. k jm r Chovanec, cf 3
V " " J lUIIUIIIUUltl f - 1 .
Chris Beil, who herself has reached
the advanced age of 89 years. Mr. and
Mrs. Earl Merritt were over to en
joy the occasion.
Wins One Sided
Game Sunday
Defeats Co. D, 17th Infantry by Score
of 17 to 6 Locals Score 11
in One Inning.
The Plattsmouth Aierchanta base
ball team trounced the reputedly
strong Fort Crook outfit Sunday by
an overwhelming score of 17 to 6.
It was a shutout until the eighth
inning whn fhc Merchants eased up
and allowed 5 runs to be scored on
but one safe hit. The soldiers got
only two hits all game off the fine
pitching of .Floyd Thierolf.
The Merchants while hanging up
their seventh victory were on a bat
ting rampage again, getting 17 hits
for 17 runs. The sixth Inning was
really a big one as 15 men batted
in this frame. In this inning "Kid"
O'Donnell got his homer with the
bases loaded. Before Jack went to
bat the umpire had called time out,
but on the first ball pitched Jack
hit a short fly to second which was
caught, but as time was called in
lack was allowed to bat and this time
homered. This brought much heated
argument from the Fort Crook man
agement as they claimed O'Donnell
was out.
This outfit Is to return later in the
season and they promised Ray Shafcr
they would have a better team and
swore they could beat the hustling
The way "Terry" wa3 pitching, he
deserved a shutout for sure, but a
few bonchead plays in the late In
nings gave the Eo!dIer3 0 unearned
Next Sunday Manager Ray Shafcr
has engaged A. C. Nelsons aggrega
tion again. This team played here
three weeks ago, with the Merchants
winning the thriller 2 to 1.
The box score:
Plattsmouth (17)
ab rt n ro
E. Smith, S3 5
Ault. lb 5
Phillips, 3b 4
O'Donnell, If 5
Hayes, 2b 4
Thierolf, p 5
B. Smith, c 3
Visited in Lincoln.
Last Sunday Mr. and Mrs. G. E.
Brubacher and Beverly Ann went to
Lincoln where they visited at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. L. M. Haupt
man where they enjoyed seeing the
littel lady. Miss Beth Anna Haupt
man, who came to their home one
day last week. They found the little
lady doing very nicely and the par
ents happy over the arrival.
40 17 17 27
Fort Crook (6)
ab n
Rlruba. If-p 5 1
Larsgard; 2b 4 2
Cohagen, cf 3 1
Moore, cf 1 0
Burke, c-lf 5 0
Trlzzle, (ss 4 0
Aholtz, p-c 4 0
LInd. rf 3 1
Perrin, 3b -3 1
Madison, lb 2 0
h ro A
0 2 3
Visited Friends Here.
Mrs. James Persinger and daughter
of Washington state whom Mrs. J.
If. Faris and her son visited when
they were in the west a short time
ago, as they were coming to Elmwood
to visit their sister. Mrs. Albert Box
John Box and family and Miss Lizzie
Box. also came to Murray to visit
with Mrs. Farris for over night, re
turning to Elmwood the following
morning. ,
35 6 2 24 10 4
Home runs: O'Donnell; Two base
hits: Thimgan, 2, B. Smith; Sacri
fice hits: Ault; 1st on errors: Platts
mouth 3, Fort Crook, 2. Strikeouts:
Thierolf, 13. Slruba, 8, Aholtz. 3.
Hits: off Thierolf, 2; Aholtz. 16;
.Slruba, 1. Hit by pitcher: Phillips
(Slruba). Bases on balls: Thierolf, 3;
Slruba, 4; Aholtz, 2. Wild pitches:
slruba, 2. Umpires Speck and Sween.
Scorer, Gavin Farmer.
of Murray, Nebr.
Chart-r No. 578 In the State of Ne
braska at the Close of Business
June 30, 1939
Dr. George LeRoy McCIun
Telephone No.
FOR SALE: All modern dwelling lo
cated at Eighth and Main Sts. P. O.
Box 38, Plattsmouth. Jy3-2tw
Loans anl Discounts $167,7SS.2? i
1 venlraf ts 66.07
l"nitei states Government 1
( )I1 ia t ions, direct andor I
fully Kiiaranteed 73,779.00
Ohlipations of States anl I
Political Subdivisions 1. 148. 43
Banklnff House. Furniture j
anl Fixtures 3.240.00
Cash in Bank ami
P-tie from National
anil State Banks,
subject to check.. $ 65.290.54
Check ami Items
of Exchange 123.95 65.414.49
TOTAL J311.433.23
Capital Stock Common 20.000.00
Surplus Fund
I'niliviflert Profits (Net) 4,325.82
Individual Deposits
subject to cbe;k. .1122,659.04
Demand Certificates
of Deposit 5.000.00
Time Certificates of
Deposit 144.125.80
Cashiers Checks.. 5,322.57 277,107.41
Another Exciting
Serial on KOIL!
TOTAL $311,433.23
FOR SALE 92 acre hill farm. 62
cultivated. 7 miles south of Platts
mouth. Small house, other buildings,
14 mile to river. $500.00 down.
H. R. Crook, P. O. Box 200, Beatrice,
Nebraska. ltw
State of Nebraska
County of Cass
I. Charles H. Boedeker, Cashier of
the above named bank do solemnly
swear that the above statement is a
true and correct copy of the report
made to- the Department or Banking.
V. ;. BOEDEKER. Director
O. M. MIXFOK1), Director
Subscribed and sworn to before me
this 3rd day of July. 1939.
(Seal) Rotary Public.
(My Commission expires Jan. 15, 1942)
True-to-life adventures
of a real American
Family !
12:30 P.
v -
Monday thru Friday
i 1
Sealtest Approved
Ice Cream