The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, June 15, 1939, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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David E. Eaton was shelling and
delivering corn grown last' year to
the Stites Elevator company in Union
last Monday.
Mrs. Flora Taylor was spending a
few days this week at the home of
her daughter, Mrs. II. A. Schwartz
and husband.
Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Taylor and
Donald, Marjorie and Ivan Iloback
were visiting last Saturday at Ne
braska City with friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Clarence were
down to Craig, Mo., where they were
attending a meeting of a radio club
of which they are members.
Mr. and Mrs. Eno Van Every were
callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
W. A. Taylor, coming for a visit as
they are long time friends.
Wm. Craig who has for the past
week or more been visiting at the
home of his daughter, Mrs. George
Burdette at Rosalie has returned
Last Monday morning Edward Mid
kiff, Gilbert Edmonds and Jack
Iloddy were over to riattsmouth look
ing after some business matters for a
few hours.
Emery Hathaway has been suffer
ing with a severe attack of rheuma
tism and while he is able to be
around is still suffering greatly from
the malady.
Mr. and Mrs. Matt Midkiff of Ne
hawka with the family were guests
for the day last Sunday at th-j home
of his parents. Mr. and Mi's. Ed
ward Midkiff.
Mrs. Lowell McQuinn who was in
the hospital where she underwent"11111 -irs- iiarry uunen wnere tney
an operation for appendicitis was so
f:ir recovered th:Lt shp was able to!pf Harold Ahl and L. J. Walradt. the
return home late last week.
Mr. ana" Mrs. Arnold Fahrlander
are happy over the arrival of a girl
born to them at their home Friday of
last week. The mother and little
lady are getting along very nicely.
Ralph Pearsley has just completed
the redecorating of the interior of
the house occupied by Superintendent
of the Union Schools, Prof. Bugsby
and has the home in very fine condi
tion now.
Mrs. Gray, of Denver, sister of
Miss Lenna Barbara arrived here
lat Saturday and will spend the
summer with her sister whose home
is with that of Mrs. Clara James in
the country.
Mrs. E. B. Chapman who has been
making her home with her daughter,
Mrs. Clarence Willis in the .country
during the past winter has moved to
town where she will make her home
for the present.
Mesdames Hall and Merritt Pol
lard from near Nehawka were call
ers at the home of Rev. and Mrs.
W. A. Taylor last Sunday, they also
presenting Mr. and Mrs. Taylor with
a magnificent bouquet of roses.
Mrs. Norma Robb of Lincoln and
her brother, Herbert Stanford were
quests for the day last Sunday at
the home of Mrs. Gussie Robb. Mr.
and Mrs. Stanford are expecting to
go to California for an extended
Frank and Anna Bauer with their
house guests, Misses Ruth, Dorothy
and Bessie Anne Nickles who are
visiting here from their home in
the south were spending last Sun
day at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Chris Beil.
George Martin, a farmer residing
some two miles northwestof Union
brought in some heads of wheat
which was infected with Hessian fly
and was pretty badly damaged. How-
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iv nv
ever he reported he found very little
in this condition.
The home of Mr. and Mrs. William
Wilson was made happy by the" ar
rival of a son at their home one day
last week, and the happiness did not
3top at their home for Grandfather
and Grandmother A. J. Wilson were
pretty well pleased also.
Luther Crowford. former resident
of Union, who has been away for
some time is reported now in Omaha
in the hospital seriously ill. His
brother, Winnie Crowford was up
to the hospital last Sunday to visit
the brother and found him very sick.
Lee Farris and family were over
to Murray last Sunday visiting with
Mrs. Rachel Farris who with her
son, John, had just returned from a
trip to the west coast. With the
relating of the incidents of the trip
both guests and hostess enjoyed a
very fine visit.
The board of education of the
Unicn public schools was meeting
last Tuesday evening, looking after
the settlement of last year business
and as there was a vacancy in the
office of moderator which had been
held by P. F. Rihn, he not taking
the office longer, another was select
ed. While Mrs. J. II. Farris and son,
John were in Oregon they visited
at the home of Clinton Harris, the
eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Har
ris, and with their departure Mrs.
Harris was also departing for San
Francisco where she was to spend a
week at the San Francisco world's
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Greene
were over to near Manley last Sun
day, guests at the home of Mr.
enjojea a ,msu wnn tne tamuies
latter beins: from near Greenwood
and Mr, Ahl and familv residing
near Louisville.
Mr. and Mrs. Curtice Dixon and
the kiddies who make their home
near Blair were visitors over the
week end at the home of Mrs. Dixon's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. James C.
Rcddy where they enjoyed a very
pleasant few days visit with the par
ents and friends. They report crops
looking very nice up their way.
A large number of people from
Union and vicinity were over to
Omaha last Monday evening attend
ing the Ak-Sar-Ben den show. A. L.
Becker and son, Henry and family
were among those attending. At the
last count there had been 78 tickets
of admission given out by P. F. Rihn.
Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Iloback were
visiting friends in Plattsmouth for a
short time last Sunday evening.
Visited Mother on Birthday.
Last Sunday Mis3 Iola McQuinn
who was ill for a time, having under
gone an operation for appendicitis
and is feeling better now, making
her home in Omaha, came for an
over Sunday visit with her parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McQuinn i.nd
as well meeting all the other num
bers othe family who were there to
greet the mother on her birthday.
Lowell McQuinn was out in the eve
ning, as he was kept to the cafe dur
ing the day.
Baptist Bible School Picnic.
The members of the Baptist church
Bible school were down to the state
park, formerly the J. Sterling Mor
ton home where they spent the day
in tne open ana picnicisea, ua"s
dinner -under the tall pine trees of
the old homestead, and say they did
enjoy the good things to cat they
took along.
Minister Takes Vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. E. P. Booher who
make their home at Cedar Bluffs
where he is pastor of the Methodist
church after the close of services
last Sunday morning drove to Union
and visited at the home of their
daughter, Mrs. Paul Griffin and hus
band and attending services at the
Methodist church in Union in the
I II u n
n .at---
evening. Incidentally Rev. and Mrs.
L. 13. McGoughey, regular pastor,
were taking a two weeks vacation,
visiting their daughter in Lincoln,
Rev. E. A. Fletcher occupying the
pulpit Sunday morning while Rev.
Elza Serface of Iowa, formerly min
ister here many years ago, preached
in the evening.
With Their Birthdays.
Last Monday Oscar Davis was pass
ing his Slst birthday anniversary,
being born June 12, 1858 a few miles
northeast of Union and has made
his home here during his life, he be
ing away for two years. Oscar after
SI years residing here says he would
like to live here for ever.
On Sunday another near octogen
arian was celebrating his birthday.
i Reuben D. Stine who was 78 years
old, being born in 1861 a few miles
from Union. Both were among the
first white children in Cass countq.
They were quietly celebrating the
passing of their natal days.
In Honor of Mrs. Propst.
Mrs. D. Ray Frans was hostess to
a number of her friends last Satur
day when she entertained in honor
of Mrs. Wayne A. Propst of Jackson
ville, Florida, who has been visiting
here, at Avoca, Plattsmouth and Oma
ha. Mrs. Propst resided in Union for
a number of years.
Attended Old School Picnic.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Banning and
Mr. and Mrs. D. Ray Frans were over
to Lincoln last Sunday attending a
picnic of the former members of the
Lincoln Normal schools who have for
some thirty years maintained an
annual meeting of the alumni of the
school in the shape of a picnic in
June eac h year. F. H. McCarthy and
wife were also in attendance.
Departing for the West.
Henry Lidgett, son of Mrs. Lillian
Lidgett who was called home from
California by the illness and death
of his father, Joseph Lidgett, is de
parting for San Francisco this morn
ing (Thursday).
Attends Telephone Picnic.
A picnic of the employees of the
telephone comparies of Nebraska
City, Plattsmouth, Syracuse and
Weeping Water was being held at
Morton Park in Nebraska City last
Tuesday, and as Mary Beefier is an
employe in the capacity of collector I
of their bills she was cordially In
vited and was in attendance.
Feeling Pretty Fine.
Uncle W. L. Hoback who makes his
home on the farm with his son, John
Hoback and enjoying fishing iu the
Weeping Water creek, was in town
last Saturday and in speaking with
a number of friends here said "I am
feeling pretty fine'notwithanding my
more than SO years of age and I
feel like I can live 40 years much
more so than I did 40 years ago."
Well here's to you Uncle Wm., may
you enjoy many more years of useful
Their First Meeting.
The first meeting of the Happy
Homemakers 4-H club was held at
the school house May 31 with six
teen members present. The first prob
lem was presented and the setting
of a table Avas demonstrated and
tea towels were jdged. The next
meeting will be held June 14. Mary
Roddy and Darlene Swan will be the
hostesses. June Armstrong will be
assistant leader.
Hold Pleasant Gathering.
At the home of Mrs. Martha Lynn
last Sunday was held a very pleas
ant relative gathering when Mr. An
drew Lynn, son, Bert and wife and
two children of Geneva, Nebr., mo
tored down from therr home, stop
ping at Weeping Water and picking
up his sister, Mrs. Mary Johnson,
came in to spend the day, as well
as Mrs. Joe Lidgett and son, Henry
and Mr. and Mrs. John Lidgett and
needless tosay a very fine fined chick
en dinner with all the trimmings
was served by Mrs. Lynn.
In the afternoon a number of
other relatives came in to see the
folks and spent the afternoon very
pleasantly visiting. Those coming
were H. H. Becker, Mr. and Mrs.
A. L. Becker and daughter, Mary,
Roy Becker, wife and daughter, Mrs.
Emma Morton, Mrs. Else Porter, Mrs.
Minnie Banning. Miss Pearl Erwin,
Mr. and Mrs. Otto Thiers and daugh
ter. The afternoon was only too
short and here's hoping there can be
another gathering in the near fu
W ithout Laxatives and You'll Eat
Everything from Soup to NuU
A.Vl hould diirt two pounds of food
f,Vh vJ5.ben, b,,TI- eo.r or
rtrh Intxli or mhen you rt nerroui. hurried or
'T ",rJi'Tm'r -l often iour out too
Biurb fluid. Your food . dnu'i dlzeU and you
. hfrth"ni. iiau. pain or tour
toraeh. Tow feci our. ink and upt all orer.
,fi'i0.ri M7 ne" uk U for U0Bh
J,' ' danieroiw r-cj foolish. It tik thoM
lin.s bU-k ubut ia!!d Be:i-ins fur Induction
! nmt I'-omach hukU harm!, relja
S lllni' i l!J .no tlB" Jnd nut you T"ur
tnt. Hiif Is so quirk it ts annum- and one Jie
Putg proraa It. U for BeU-aaj for ladLgesUoa.
Weeping Water
Mrs. C. L. Lien and son Roger left
Sunday for a week's visit with rel
atives and friends at Fairbury.
Mrs. Donald Withro, of Chicago,
is a visitor at the home of her par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. John Wishert.
Mr. and Mrs. James DeLancy are
taking a week's vacation and visiting
with relatives at Albion and other
Lee Faris of near Union was a
business visitor in Weeping Water
Tuesday morning, also visting with
friends while here.
The county agent with Chris Ras
mussen were in Nehawka this week
mixing hopper bait, as the hoppers
are getting numerous.
Edwin Terrell of Avoca was look
ing after some business matters in
Weeping Water Tuesday, also visit
ing with friends for a time.
Walter Johnson, son of Mr. and
Mrs. John Johnson, is Weeping Wa
ter's representative at Minden, at
jCornhuske Boy's State this week.
The City Market has made the
purchase of a new truck with which
to make deliveries as well as bring
ing goods from the wholesale house
Oscar Gapen of Plattsmouth and
Wilber Hall of Broken Bow were
visiting with friends in Weeping
Water last Tuesday and also went
from here to Elmwood to visit.
Linville Prahl is another univer-
3itv student who is spending the
rummer at home with his parents
Linville was a freshman at the Uni
versity of Nebraska this year.
Virgil Sudduth, wife and son of
near Murray were guests at the home
jf the parents of Mrs. Sudduth, Mr.
and Mrs. Edward Askew where they
visited for thed ay last Sunday.
Marion Pittman of Avoca who Is
one of the rural carriers at that
place, was looking after some busi
ness matters in Weeping Water and
meeting his many friends here.
Lyman Lorensen and Tom Moulden
are in Crete this week attending the
Young Peoples conference, as dele
gates from the Scrooby club of the
Congregational church.
Millard Sutphin o: Norfolk, Va.,
was a visitor in Weeping Water last
week and also went to Wabash and
Murdock wehre he visited friends,
he walking all the way from Norfolk,
Vr., to Weeping Water.
The state president of the Anti-
Liquor League, Herbert Ford, of Lin
coin, was in Weeping Water and
spoke at the M. E. church at ten
o'clock and at the Congregational
church at eleven o'clock last Sun
The M. E. church Kensington met
Wednesday afternoon at the church
with their regular business meeting
and lunch. During the afternoon a
food sale was held by the Foreign
Missionary Society, at the church,
The Foresome Bridge club met last
Friday at the home of Mrs. George
Olive where they played bridge and
enjoyed a very fine luncheon. Be
sides the hostess those prsent were
Mrs. Emerson Dowier, Mrs. Andrew
Alsen and Miss Anna Hart.
Mrs. W. I. Smoots, of Palisade,
Nebraska, is visiting at the home of
her daughter, Mrs. H. A. Harmon
and Mr. Harmon. Mrs. Smoots came
to attend the wedding of her grand
son. Duane Harmon, an account of
which has appeared in the Journal.
The Children's Day exercises at
the Congregational church last Sun
day were well attended and a most
interesting program was given by the
younger classes of the Sunday school,
with Mrs. C. V. Wallick in charge
and Miss Doris Marshall at the
Mrs. Elwin Hunter (Ruth Noycs)
of Ft. Collins, Colorado, was visiting
relatives in Weeping Water last
week. She had come to Hastings
to attend the graduating exercises
of their nephew, Robert Hunter, son
af Earl Hunter and came on here for
a visit.
The Woman's council of the Y. W.
C. A. met Tuesday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. A. W. Johnson for their
regular meeting. Devotionals were
led by Mrs. W. H. Lenker and Mrs.
Johnson led the discussion for plans
for the future work of the Girls Re
serves. Mrs. James Elgaard and two chil
dren, Bobby and Jean, of Marys
ville. Missouri, were week-end guests
at the home of Mrs. Elgaard's . par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Hinds. Jamse
was having a vacation in the Ozark
mountains and they came up here
cr a visit.
Mrs. F. H. Gorder and Miss Helen
Gorder left Saturday for Denver,
where Miss Helen will enter school
to finish her course in library work.
Mrs. Gorder will spend part of the
time in Denver and part of the time
in Montana. They expect to be gone
all .summer.
With the close. of the unicameral
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Woods are again
at heme, and enjoying their own
home and garden once more. Mr
and Mrs. Wood closed their home
here and went to Lincoln, where Mr.
v0od was employed as head bill clerk
at the Nebraska unicameral.
Glen Jameson, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Homer Jameson, has accepted
a position with the Shell Oil Co., at
Wood River, Nebraska. Glen gradu
ated from the University of Nebras
ka in January, and since that time
he has been employed in the high
way testing laboratory at the uni
Miss Evelyn Barton had as her
guest over the week-end. Miss Louise
Martin, of Springfield. On Saturday
evening Miss Barton entertained the
Misses Anne Johnson, Betty Johnson
and Grace Steckley at dinner in
honor of Miss Martin and on Sunday
she had as her guest, Miss Margaret
Miss Dorothv Olsen.- director of
kindergarten work in the Emerson
school at Oak Park, Illinois, is spend
ing this week at the home of her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ole Olsen. Miss
Olsen returns to Oak Park Sunday
to take over the management of the
Studio Dress Shop in Oak Park, for
the summer, while the jwner is
Quentin Wiles, son of Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Wiles, who finished his
junior year at the University of Ne
oraska this spring, returned home
last week for the summer's vacation.
Quentin was the fortunate winner of
a Dr. Borrowman scholarship. He
has been the recipient of scholastic
honors each year and we congratu
late him on this latest honor.
Enjoyed Very Fine Day.
Last Sunday a party of good
friends went to Iowa where they pic
nicked at Waubaunsie park which
is a state park east of the Missouri
river near Percival. Here the party
c. imped for the noon hour and ate
their picnic dinner of which they
took plenty along. The park is one
of great beauty, maintained by the
state of Iowa, with hundreds of
various kinds of flowers and every
thing about the park nicely appoint
ed. Following their delightful din
ner they went to Shenandoah where
they visited the broadcasting sta
tions and the flower gardens of the
ieed houses. In the evening on their
return home they came via Nebraska
City and stopped at the Morton state
park for their evening lunhc.
The merry party was made up of
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Oldham, Mr. and
Mrs. Walter Little, Mr. and Mrs.
George Dieckman, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Thiele, and Alpha Bell, Mr.
and Mrs. Leo Switaer, Mr. and Mrs.
Louis Kune.
Home Made Over.
Dr. and Mrs. W. .II Tucke have
just completed the entire revision
and changing of their home, with a
new roof and many changes on the
interior to add to the comfort and
convenience of the home, the work
being done by Sam Baker while the
Interior home in its refinishing was
the work of Henry Lentpke.
Returning From Australia.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Cook, who
have been making their home in Aus
tralia for the past two years, are
arriving in Los Angeles in a few
day where they will be met by Mr.
and Mrs. E. A. Brunstead of Lincoln
who departed a few days ago to be
at the port when their daughter ar
rives. Dorothy Brunstead, who was born
in Lincoln, is a niece of Mrs. Clin
ton Wilkinson of Weeping Water,
She spent her early life in Lincoln.
When she was fifteen years of age she
went to two of the leading stores in
Lincoln at Christmas time, and un
beknown to her parents applied for
a position as sales lady for the holi
day rush and secured employment.
With every recurring Christmas sea
son she was called to assist in the
holiday rush. Later she secured em
ployment elsewhere and accepted an
offer from them which would carry
her to Australia to introduce some
new styles of women's clothing.
While there she met her husband
and they were united in marriage.
Miss Dorothy posed for pictures as
a model in garments which were
wanted to be displayed.
Now, after two years she with her
husband, who Is a real Australian,
are returning to visit with the folks
in Lincoln, and it is expected that
she will also come to Weeping Water
to visit her aunt, Mrs. Clinton Wilk
inson. Hold Reception for Harmons.
We failed to tell last week about
the reception which was held by the
members of the Christian church for
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Harmon
has been an active worker in the
church, aiding in the music at their
ssrvices and they took this means of
showing their appreciation of his
'work and to get acquainted with his
bride. A large crowd was in attend
ance. Ice cream and cake were served
and all enjoyed a most delightful eve
ning, leaving some . beautiful gifts
for the hapry couple. Guests from
out of town were Rev. and Mrs.
Charles Livingtson, Hebron; Mr. and
Mrs. F. R. Bradley, Lincoln; Mr.
and Mrs. Clyde Jenkins, Lincoln;
Mrs. W. I. Smoots, Palisade, Nebr.
Hold Happy Gathering.
The hospitable home of Mr. and
Mrs. Ray Norris was again open to
their friends last Sunday and was
the scene of a very happy gathering
of friends who meet annually for a
social visit. Originally it was a meet
ing celebrating the wedding anni
versaries of a few congenial friends.
Other names have been added until
nineteen families were represented
at this year's picnic, with fifty-seven
The day was perfect after the rain j
and dinner was served on the picnic j
tables in their garden, and such a
dinner! Everything goodto eat from
fried chicken to home made ice
cream. The crisp cool air made every
one hungry so ample justice was
done to a bountiful dinner, after
which the afternoon was spent visit
ing and reminiscing. Guests were
present from Lincoln, Avoca and
Weeping Water.
Welfare Club Meets.
Weeping Water Welfare club met
Monday afternoon at the Methodist
church with a good attendance. A
comforter was tied and the usual
business attended to before a most
delicious lunch was served by the
hostesses of the afternoon, Mrs. Troy
Jewell and Mrs. Dave Patterson.
This group of women are doing most
excellent work providing for the less
fortunate of the community. They
meet once a month and piece com
fort tops and quilts, and some work
is taken home by the members of
the club. Many homes of this com
munity have appreciated the kindly
acts of these women in this organiz
ation when the need of a helping
had has come to their home.
P. E. 0. Picnic.
The P. E. O. society, chapter BT,
and their families enjoyed a delight
ful picnic Friday evening at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Day.
Ft was an out of door picnic and sup
per was served on the lawn, with
the tables loaded with good things
to eat, and every one in a happy
mood to enjoy the pleasant evening.
Celebrated Parsing Anniversary.
Last Sunday was the birthday an
niversary of Edward Freeman and
the occasion was celebrated by the
members of the family. A most
sumptuous dinner was enjoyed.
Those present were the family of
Earl Freman of Avoca; Virgil Tigner
and wife of Murray; Cecil Nickles
and wife cf Union; Charles Freeman
of Weeping Water.
A very enjoyable gathering was
had, and the wish extended to the
father for many more such happy
New Home Coming Nicely.
The new home whiih is being
built by Troy L. Davis is progress
ing very nicely and is about ready
for the brick masons, as the home
is to be a brick veneered structure
and insulated, making it almost air
tight, and when completed will be
one of the finest homes in the city,
and well constructed. Mr. and Mrs.
Davis have worked hard all their
lives and are entitled to a good home
and this will make one.
0. E. S. Initiation
Elizabeth Chapter, O. E. S., Weep
ing Water, held their regular meet
ing Tuesday evening, June 13, and
initiated one candidate. This was
the first initiation for this year's
officers. There were a number ofi
visitors present.
Mrs. Bessie Butler from Jephthah
Chapter, at Ewing; 'Irs. Stella Hen
derson, from rawhuska, Oklahoma;
Airs. Bessie beyoou ana ..irs. .wi- Grant Howard, w ho i.s r.ow lo. ated
garet Brendel from Home Chapter,in Liru.oln u in sp. -nd-
riattsmoum; -urs. joiner jmcksou.j inR. lhe W(ek wilh his p;1I.t r!,H Mr.
Worthy Matron. Mrs. Vada Mertz,an( Mrs I:ov jjoward alid )10,j.( TS.
and Margaret Jackson from Trinity charlts and Edward of Murray.
Chapter, Omaha, were among the
A special invitation had been ex
tended to Narcissus Chapter No.
260. of Omaha. Those who came
lrom Narcissus were: Mrs. Mar
garet Olson, Worthy Matron; Floyd
Lindsey, Worthy Patron; Mrs. Nellie
Lecky, Associate Matron; - Manley
Rumbel, Associate Patron; Mrs. Jew
ell Lindsey, Conductress; Mrs. Cath
erine Segelberg, Associate Conduc
tress. Other officers present were Mrs.
Marie Hitch, Miss Margaret Gutting,
Mrs. Leola Cadwallader and Mrs.
Viola Soland. Other members pres
ent were the Misses Eunice Roth,
Carolyn Snell. Fern Ford. Dorothy
Canim. Mary Nelson. Mrs. Manley
Rumbel. Mrs. Marjory Phelps and
Mrs. Mary Alice Black.
The following Past Matrons and
Past Patrons were alno in attend
ance: Miss Edna Snell, Mrs. Mary
Nye. Mrs. Lottie Kingsbury, Mis.
Lucile Monroe. Dr. Robert Jones.
Charles M. Nye and Henry ONnn.
All enjoyed the imeting very much.
Refreshments were m rved and after
a social time the meeting broke up
about midnight.
Group Fellowship Meeting
The group Fellowship meeting f'r
Congregational women w;s held oil
Wednesday afternoon at the Con
gregational church in Weeping Wat
er wiih a good attendance from the
Syracuse and the Avoca c-hurehes.
Mrs. Win. Keithley. of Syracuse, pre
sided and had charge of the program.
The flag salute was given and Mrs
C. E. Fool of Weeping Water gwet
ed the ladies with a few we ll chosen
words, which were responded to by
Mrs. Robert Hall, of Avoca. De
votionals were led by Miss Elsie De
Long, of Syracuse, after which the
Misses Elsie and Francis France, c f
Syracuse, sang a duet which was
greatly enjoyed.
"Tardy April." a play written by
Lois Wilson, a former pastor of tin
Weeping Water church, was given
with the following cast: Miss Anna
Hubbard. Mrs. L. II. Behivns, Mrs.
Homer Jameson, Mrs. H. C. Wilkin
son and Mrs. Kenneth Boyd.
Mrs. Ole Olsen then took charge
of the meeting when reports, or
echoes from the Retreat a t Doane
were given by Mrs. John Domingo,
Mrs. Nellie Ambler, Mrs. G. S. Hunt
and Mrs. Robert Hall, of Avoca.
Mrs. Olsen, Lincoln district presi
dent, then told of the woik for the
coming year, and c sited for sugges
tions from all presei.t. The meeting
closed with the singing of "Blest be
the Tie that Binds." Mrs. Fred Muel
ler, of Syracuse, presided at the piano
during the entire meeting.
A social hour was then Kcnt dar
ing which refreshments were served
from a table beautifully dec-orated
with spring flowers and re d and blue
tapera against a background of
white appropriate to "Flag Day.',
Twenty ladies were present from
the Syracuse church and twelve from
the Avoca church. An iiiterestin;;
out-of-the-district visitor was Mrs.
Keith Biuuig. of Scottsblu ff , a form
er teacher in Tougaloo college in
M ississippi.
Socony Convoy
Arrives Here at
an Early Hour
High Stage of Missouri River and
Swift Current Makes Necessity
Change in Handling.
From Tut-sday'a DaHy
The Kansas City Son ny, towing a
cargo of gasoline for tl " Sucmy
Vacuum company, arrived here thii
morning shortly after 5:::u with two
of the barges which they have h id as
part oT the; tow of iOO.Oi'u gallons
of gas up the Missouri liver fiom
Kansas City.
The tow fioat reached the local
dock and had the two barges tied up
here as it returned down the ricr
to bring up the oilier two barge of
the convoy which the swift and fail
currint had made ne essi.iy to tie up
down the river and later return to
bring up.
The river is at a very high st.ige
sow and the current very strong and
hard to battle wiih the lo.;r s
and it was necessary to dnicic the
loud and join the convoy again at
this point.
The boat reached Nebraska City
i on Mouuay morning and nas i-i h
battling up the river since that time
to reach here today.
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