The Plattsmouth journal. (Plattsmouth, Nebraska) 1901-current, June 08, 1939, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 1939.
No distance too far our telephone
makes us neighbors. Porter Funeral
Heme, Nebraska City.
A. L. Becker and grandson, Don
ald, were in Lincoln last Friday to
look after some business matters.
Henry II. Becker and wife were
In Omaha Monday of this week where
l hey were called to look after some
business matters for the day.
While D. Ray Frans was attend
ing the graduation of their nephew,
Dr. John Gilmore, Jesse Dysart was
looking after the lumber yard.
Mrs. Robert Whitmore, formerly
Miss Sara Upton who makes her home
ncr.r Adams, was a visitor with her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Upton
from last Friday until Sunday.
The Union ball team was over to
IVrcival, Iowa last Sunday where
they played with a ball team of that
place with the result that the Iowa
team won by a score of 11 to 4.
The members of the Union Wom
an's club were enjoying their annual
outing on Tuesday, June 6 by driving
to Omaha for a picnic and to
Jrselyn Memorial and other places of
Mrs. Victor Clarence was called to
Nebraska City last Saturday and was
accompanied by the children, where
after attending to an errand they
had in hand visited with relatives
and friends.
Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Rihn were
spendnig Sunday with friends at
Beatrice, driving over in the morn
ing and enjoying a visit for the day,
with an excellent dinner and a very
Messrs. and Mesdames Oscar Mid-
kiff of Nehawka and Mathew Midkiff
of Avo.a were guests for the day last
Sunday at the home of -their par
ents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Midkiff where
all enjoyed a very pleasant visit,
pleasant afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Porter who at
tend the Methodist church in Platts
mouth were over last Sunday and
w ere accompanied by some of tir
friends, they attending the morning
st rvices as well as meeting a number
of their friends in Plattsmouth.
Mrs. W. A. Taylor and grandson,
Donald Hoback, were in Nebraska
City last Saturday morining looking
a tier some business matters for a
short time, and in the afternoon Rev.
Taylor was called to Plattsmouth to
look after some business matters.
Dr. and Mrs. G. II. Gilmore of
Murray and Mr. and Mrs. D. Ray
Frans were attending the graduation
exercises at Lincoln Monday where
Jchn Gilmore was a graduate of the
medical college of the University of j
Nebraska.. He will be an Interne at lain down for a brief rest, and hav
a hospital at Victoria. B. C. inS fallen asleep was much surprised
Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Griffin and jwen awakened by a group of ladies
daughter, Miss Ruthan were guests 'singing "Happy Birthday to You."
for the day last Sunday at the home (However she gave them a royal wel
of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Griffin, where come, and they were soon all busy
they enjoyed an excellent
Miss Opal who is assistant postmis
tress, was spending her Sunday in
Ashland with a lady friend.
Enjoyed Nice All Day Trip.
Mr. and Mrs. II. D. Bugsby with
Dale Karnopp and family made a
happy party who last Sunday morn-
ing drove to Peru where they crossed
Ihe Missouri river into Missouri and
drove to the farm of Supt. and Mrs. '
Bugsby where they spent the day
at the far, with a picnic dinner at
the noon hW and during the after
noon drove V a number of other
places, returning through Iowa view-
Put an Merila
Over Your Srops
harlford Hail Insurance costs
little and is such a comfort!
The World's
For GEfl -
and Ever-Ready RAZORS
lng the country and stopped at Shen
andoah where the flower show was
in progress.
Attended Family Gathering.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Banning de
parted last Thursday for Keokuk and
Grinnell, Iowa, where they visited
with relatives of Mrs. Banning at
both places and enjoyed a family re
union with the folks of Mrs. Ban
ning which was held at Grinnell.
Mrs. Banning formerly resided there
and many of the relatives now make
their home in and about Grinnell
and Keokuk. Mr. and Mrs. Banning
were able to visit them all and en
joyed a very pleasant time there, re
turning home last Monday evening.
Visited Greenwood Sunday.
Frank and Anna Bauer, and the
trio of granddaughters, Ruth, Dor-
othy and Bessie Anna Nickles who
are house guests at the home of
Frank and Anna, made a merry party
who visited at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. Pete Schrcader at Greenwood
last Sunday. A very pleasant visit
was had and an excellent dinner,
with a merry ride through the west
ern portion of the county, returning
home in the evening.
Beth Families Now Settled.
With the coming to Union last
month of Gilbert Edmonds who pur
chased the garage of Charles Land
when he went to farming, the Ed
mnods family were not able to secure
a house to live in but later got one
and were able to move to Union and
become actual residents. Later
George Poulas, Jr., mechanic at the
garage was married and was not
able to get a place to live until the
closing of school when they were
i able to secure a residence property
owned by Charles Atteberry.
Virited With Friends Here.
Thaddius Becker, a brother of our
townsman, A. L. Becker, the former
making his home in California, but
working as a traveling salesman in
this territory, while the wife is visit
ing with her folks in Sioux City,
was visitng over. Sunday wth his
brother here. Register of Reeds Ray
F. Becker and wife of Plattsmouth
were also guests at the Becker home
as well as Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ehlers
and little daughter, Delores Anna.
Birthday Celebration.
' As Thursday, June 1st was the
birthday- of Mrs. Clara James, Paul,
Doris and Lenna Barber, who reside
in the home, thought to give her a
surprise by inviting in a few rel
atives for the afternoon.
Mrs. James, who was somewhat
weary from her household duties, had
reminiscing about former associations
Those present to enjoy this pleas
ant gathering besides the family
were: Mesdames Laura and Mable
Reynolds. Myrtle Swan, Robert
James, Alan Madsen, Fannie Eiken
bary and sister, Mrs. Carper. Also
Ada Clark and Mary Davis, sistees of
Mrs. James.
Lovely angel food cake, ice cream
strawberries, wafers, candy and cof-
fee were served at the close of
tornty General Frank Murphy today
termed Alcatraz prison a "place of
horror" and proposed transfer of
hardened criminals from the "rock"
in San Francisco bay to a new secur
ity penitentiary to be located in some
isolated part of the country.
"It is a great injustice to San
Francisco to have that place of horror
,n, ,the dc,orstcp o thc titv MurI,hy
aia at a press conference.
"The whole institution is conducive
to psychology that builds up a sin
ister and vicious attack among pris
oners. he said. Murphy said no
definite action was likely for two or
three years but that he had ordered
justice department officials to study
the situation.
Weeping Water
Miss Mayme Hillman has bought a
restaurant at Louisville. She took
charge June 1st.
Knude Jensen was in Omaha last
Sunday attending the races and visit
ing his many friends.
G. R. Binger was called to Omaha
last Tuesday where he had some busi
ness matters to look after.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Keckler were
in Omaha last Sunday attending the
Ak-Sar-Ben races and visiting with
Miss Cleo Jameson left Sunday
night for Chicago, after a month's
visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Ernest Jameson.
Lawrence Earhardt of between
Murdock and Wabash was looking
after some business matters in
Weeping Water Tuesday of this week.
Mrs. Lauren Mickle, of Denton
;pent last week veiling at f.he home
of her sister, Mrs. E. M. Ruby and
Mr. Ruby, and at the Clifford Cooper
II. A. Henderson, who was taken
ill while at his office at the U. S.
Engineers quarry, a week ago is able
to be out and around again, and is
improving rapidly.
Henry Crozier was in Elmwood cn
Tuesday of this week, called there to
look after some business matters in
connection with some property in
terests he has there.
Clifton Cooper, nine year old son
of Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Cooper, has
been in bed for about five weeks with
an infected hip. His condition re
mains about the same.
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Almquist,
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Almquist and
Mr. and Mrs. M. R. Almquist en
joyed a picnic dinner Sunday at Mor
ton park at Nebraska City.
The new residence which is being
built by Troy Davis for a home is
progressing rapidly and it is expect
ed that it w ill be completed in a short
time and ready for occupancy.
Miss Vera and Reba Stock were
at Milford Sunday attending the re
gional conference of the young people
of the Menonite church. There were
about one hundred delegates in at
tendance. Miss Marve Way, a freshman ; in
the Weeping Water schools, was tak
en to the St. Mary's hospital at Ne
braska City where she underwent
an operation and since the ordeal
has been getting along nicely.
Dr. and Mrs. C. O. Herman and
son, Jack, moved into their newly
remodeled and redecorated home this
week. They have been making their
home at Rest Haven. They are now
at home one block south of Rest
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace, Philpot re
ceived a gift last week which they
prize greatly. It came from a cousin,
Lynn Barrett, of Calgary, Canada,,
and was a silver tea spoon engraved
with the picture of the king and
queen of England.
Mr. and Mrs. Taylor Wilson were
down from Crete and spent Satur
day night visiting friends in Weep
ing Water. Mr. Wilson was connect
ed with the Missouri Pacific railroad
here for several years, and their visit
was greatly enjoyed.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Dawson, of
Gandy, arrived in Weeping Water in
time for Decoration day, and visited
with friends anti relatives until Wed
nesday evening when they went to
Omaha to visit with Mr. Dawson's
sister, Mrs. David Foltz.
Eugene Ludwick and family were
over to Irretta last Sunday visiting
for the day at the home of of the par
ents of Mrs. Ludwick. Mr. Ludwick
returned heme while Mrs. Ludwick
and the kiddies are to remain for a
week and visit the folks.
Edmond Moore left this week for
Peru, where he will attend school
this summer. Mr. -Moore has taught
the Laurel Hill school for the past
three years. He has been elected as
teacher in the Chilson school north
of town for the coming year.
Faula and Reginald Speak are in
Livcna, Iowa, visiting with their
paternal grandparents. They were
taken to Omaha and traveled alone
on the train to Des Moines, where
they were met by an aunt who took
them on to Livoni. They expect to
remain a month.
Mrs. Henry Lemke was in Omaha
Friday when she had two impacted
wisdom teeth removed. These teeth
had given her trouble for some time
and it is to be hoped that their re
moval will be of great benefit to Mrs.
Lemke. Mrs. Cy Erandt, her daugh
ter, accompanied her to Omaha.
Mr. and Mrs. Ross Shields were
in Plattsmouth last Sunday, just
driving around and looking over
the country. They report much, evi
dence of small grasshoppers but not
yet doing much damage but in
uificient numbers that they may eat
the crops if it should continue dry.
Louis F. Neuman who farms be
tween Manley and Murdock was a
business visitor in Weeping Water
fuesday morning. He tells of young
grasshoppers being very numerous in
the vicniity of his farm but says no
particular damage is being done yet
but expects great damage to crops
should the weather remain dry, but
3ays if there is plenty of moisture
the damage will be negligible.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Pool received
word that their cousin, Rev. Abra
ham Woodard, of Bloomington, In
diana, his wife, and son, will arrive
here for a few days visit on Thursday
of this weeK. tev. woodard was
born in Weeping Water and attend
ed our public schools, and it will be
a great pleasure to his friends to
have a visit with him and his good
wife. Rev. Woodard is superinten
dent of the Methodist church, with
headquarters at Bloomington.
The 500 club met Wednesday
evening at the home of Mrs. Ras
mus Lauritzen. This club meets
every two weeks and is composed of
a group of eight ladies who always
enjoy an evening together.
Miss Marie Wade was taken very
ill last Friday and was taken to St.
Joseph hospital in Omaha, where she
underwent an operation for appendi
citis. She is reported to be improv
ing rapidly.
Mrs. Edd Scown, of Marion, Iowa,
left for her home Wednesday after
a week's visit at the home of her
sister, Mrs. Maude Moulten.
Jean Elizabeth Day, of Lincoln,
came down Monday and visited un
til Wednesday afternoon with friends.
Jean reports that her grandmother,
Mrs. Murfin, of Denver, is visiting
at their home,
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Day and Mrs.
L. P. Wolcott motored to Crete last
Sunday to attend the Baccalaureate
services at Doane college. After
dinner, at Gaylord Hall, they at
tended the alumni reception and the
hobby show at the college. They
report a most enjoyable day.
Mrs. F. H. Gorder entertained at
a luncheon Wednesday. Guests were
Mrs. C. E. Pool, Mrs. Edward Lor
ensen, Mrs. J. M. Ranney, Mrs. C.
E. Tefft and Mrs. L. P. Wolcott.
Mrs. Fred Klepsei was hostess to
the Bide-A-Wee club this afternoon
at her home. The Bide-A-Wees are
the oldest social club in town, and
include a congenial group of women
v.ho visit as they ply their busy
needles and spend a most delightful
afternoon together every two weeks.
Mrs. G. S. Hunt, Mrs. Ole Olsen,
Mrs. W. D. Ambler. Mrs. John Do
mingo and Mrs. Robert Hall, of
Avoca, left Wednesday afternoon for
Crete to attend the Women's Retreat
of the Congregational churches of
Nebraska. This meeting is held each
year on the campus of Doane col
lege and lasts from Wednesday af
ternoon through Thursday and Fri
day. Among1 the Graduates
O. R. (Ray) Clark received his
doctor's degree in botany this spring
at the University of, Nebraska. Duane
Harmon is a graduate of this year's
class also, and three daughters of
former Weeping Water people are
among the graduates this year. They
are Mary Beth Hitchman, daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hitchman,
of Ord, and Miss Betty Clizbe,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. George
Clizbe, of Valentine, both at the
University of Nebraska, and Miss
Ann Stoker, daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. L. O. Stoker (Mabel Murtey),
of Shelby, Iowa, who graduated from
Christian college for girls at Colum
bia, Missouri.
Milford Smith, son of Mr. and
Mrs. S. Ray Smith, was a member of
the 1939 graduating class of Wahoo
Lutheran college. Graduating exer
cises were held May 29, with 42
graduates. Milford is a graduate of
Weeping Water high school and at
tended the University of Nebraska
v,fnro Ptitprincr Wahoo college. He
left this week to enter the summer
school of the University of Nebraska
to take preparatory work so that he
will enter a school of embalming
this fall, probably at Cincinnati,
To Hold Joint Meeting- Here
A meeting of the Fellowship of
Congregational Women will be held
in the Weeping Water Congregation
al church next Wednesday afternoon
at two o'clock. This group is com
posed of the women of the Congre
gational churches of Paisley. Syra
cuse. Avoca and Weeping Water.
Mrs. Ole Olsen. president of Wom
en's Work" for 'the Lincoln district,
will preside, and the Syracuse wom
en will have charge of the program.
Undergoss' Critical Operation.
Mrs. Wm.' Gussett who has been
troubled with a mastoid growth for
some time was taken iast week to the
Bryan Memorial hospital in Lincoln
where she underwent an operation
for the removal of the growth, and
was kept on the operating table
for Borne two hours and a half, the
operation being very severe and re-jof
quiring delicate work in the removal
of the growth from the base of the
brain. Following the operation the
patient was very seriously ill, but
after a few days showed indications
of improvement.
Mother and Daughter Luncheon
The annual Mother-Daughter lun
cheon given by the ladies of the
Congregational church was held on
Tuesday of this week, with eighty-
five in attendance.
Mrs. Edward Lorensen and Mrs.
B. A. Olive were in charge of the
arrangements. Mrs. L. II. Behrends
superintended the serving of the
luncheon and Mrs. L. P. Wolcott was
the toastmistress who guided the
passengers on their journey by air
plane, as the airplane was the theme
of the after luncheon program.
Plane models were suspended from
the ceiling over the tables and at
each plate were air mail letters
bearing the program.
With Mrs. Wolcott as pilot the
guests had a happy journey as they
were entertained with music and
talks furnished by the passengers, as
Invocation, sung by the passen
gers. Welcome, Camp Fire Girls.
Song, by passengers.
"High Flying," Mrs. Frank Mar
shall. Vocal Solo, Sarah Hunt.
Piano Solo and Duet, Janet Loren
sen and Patricia Wainscott.
"Air Currents," by Mrs. Herbert
Song, "Whir of the Motor," by
Camp Fire Girls.
"Flares and Beacons," by Mrs.
Lloyd Ranney.
Vocal Solo, Miss Betty Hinds.
"Sky Pilot," Mrs. John Domingo.
Song. "Follow the Gleam," by
Business Changes Hands
The bowling alley which was es
toi.ncV.ori in wppnintr Water a short
time ago has been sold by the man
who installed it, the purchase being
made by Ralph Keckler and Knude
Jensen, who have installed James
Wilcott as manager. Mr. Wilcott is
well acquainted with the game and
chould make an excellent man to care
for the business.
Visited Folks Here Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Buchanan and
family of near Nehawka, and Mr. and
Mrs. Virgil Sudduth and family from
southeast of Murray were guests at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Askew Sunday, the ladies being
daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Askew and
sisters of Lawrence Askew. They all
enjoyed a very pleasant day and an
excellent dinner.
Sewer Work Progresses.
With some hundred men actively
vorking on the installation of the
Weeping Water sewer system the
work is progressing very satisfac
torily and every day sees the work
farther ahead and completion nearer
in sight. It Is necessary to go deep
in rome places to get the proper
drainage, which of course requires
more work, but with the completion
of the work will be the very best.
Taking Their Vacation.
Rev. Harold Baker and wife and
their three children of Valley were
visiting at the home of the parents
of both Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baker
for a few days and while Rev.
and Mrs. Baker are looking after
some work out of town the kiddies
are staying at the home of Grand
father and Grandmother Baker.
While they are taking their vaca
tion Mrs. Baker had her tonsils,
which have been giving her much
trouble, removed.
Visited With Friends Here.
David Ewart, a former citizen of
Weeping Wrater, who has been mak
ing his home at Wahr.o where he has
been employed on the Wahoo Wasp,
a newspaper of that piace. and mak
ing his homa there for a number of
;ears, was visiting friends in Weep
in? Water Tuesday ol this week.
Divid has many friend? h?re where
hi lived for many yeara and gradu
ated from the Weeping Water school.
Earl Oldham Very Poorly.
Earl Oldham, the trucker and pro
prietor of the produce station, has
been feeling quite badly for Bome
time past on account of returning
attacks of asthma which makes it
very difficult for him to breathe.
During the summer when polen is on
the vegetation he is troubled with
the asthma to that extent that it
seems sometimes he will be compelled
to give up the business here, altho it
is paying very welL but health comes
before even business.
New Weeping Water School.
The new school house which has
been under construction for the city
Weeping Water has been going
forward with much alacrity, and
besides the very rapid manner in
which the building has been erected
the building is one of great beauty
and most substantial and up-to-date
in every respect. The marble floors
are being laid and are a piece of work
of great beauty. While the time
for the opening fo school in the fall
is some distance away the contrac-
tors are to move to Fremont where
they have another building under
construction and are desirous of get
ting their force of men at work there.
Sells Many Poppies.
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Philpot re
ceived a letter from their son, Lloyd,
who lives at Garden City, Kansas,
telling them that their grandson,
Marvin, seven years old, received
the prize of a Legionnaire son's pin
for selling the greatest number of
poppies on "Poppy Day." He was
the youngest person to sell poppies
and sold $27 worth of the flowers.
He was also chosen to place the
wreath on the unknown soldier's
grave on Memorial day.
Makes New Discoveries.
Dr. L. N. Kunkd has made some
new and important discoveries re
cently when searching for Indian
relics. He unearthed some Indian
corn and fragments of matting made
of hemp and cornstalks, some rare
pipes made into the form of animals,
such as ducks, deer and antelope.
He also unearthed specimen of paint
rock, a fine speciman of grinding
stone and muller, beside many new
and beautiful specimans of pottery,
some of which are in a good Btate of
preservation., Dr. Kunkel states that
the corn i3 about one thousand years
Celebrate Birthdays.
Twenty-eight relatives and friends
gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Clifford Cooper Sunday, to celebrate
the birthdays of Mrs. Lauren Mickle
and Mr. E. M. Ruby. All brought
well filled baskets and a bountiful
dinner was served. The afternoon
was spent in visiting and late in the
afternoon ice cream, cake and home
grown strawberries were served.
Those who were present to share in
the happy event with Mrs. Mickle
and Mr. Ruby were Mr. and Mrs.
Lauren Mickle, Bonny and Wayne,
of Denton; Mr. and Mrs. Bernard El
rod, Benton; Mr. and Mrs. Harold
Mickle, Lincoln; Mr. and Mrs. John
Dietrich. Lincoln; Mr. and Mrs.
Floyd Ruby and Charmaine, Shen
andoah, Iowa; Blain Racine, Clar
inda, Iowjt; Mr. and Mrs. Bernard
Ruby, Nebraska City; Mr. and Mrs.
Wallace Philpot. Mrs. Nettie Amick.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Ruby, Mr. and
Mrs. Clifford Cooper, Clayton, Rol
iand and Lulu Jeanine.
Mrs. Mary Adams and daughter,
Jane, arrived in Eagle last Sunday
from Phoenix, Arizona.
E. P. Betts is visiting in Akron,
Iowa, with his granddaughter, Mrs.
Jay Busker and Mr. Busker.
Dinner guests of Mrs. Pauline
Ollerman last Thursday, evening
were her daughter, Mrs. Bertha
Wulf, Mrs. Lloyd Vance and Mrs.
Carrie Daugherty of Lincoln.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence McMaster
and sons of Beloit, Kansas, came
Saturday evening. Mr. McMaster re
turned Sunday evening, leaving the
other members of the family for a
visit with Mr. and Mrs. II. T. Sex-
son and other relatives.
Mrs. Mary Wachtcr spent Satur
day evening and Sunday in Lincoln
with her daughter, Mrs. T. M. Pet
erson and family.
Mrs. Carl Oberle and sons return
ed on Wednesday of last week from
Venango, where they had visited
Mrs. Oberle's parents for the past
ten years.
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Morrison and
family of Gandy came last week and
are visiting Mrs. Morrison's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. II. L. Scattergood and
other relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Wr. B. Hursh and
Fioyd left last Friday morning for
Denver, Colorado, where they will
visit until the middle of this week
with Mr. and Mrs. Orville Hursh.
Mrs. Myrtle Blanchard and daugh
ter, Mrs. Archie Miller, of Wray,
Colorado, have been the guests of
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Oberle, Mr. and
Mrs. William Ketelhut and Mr. and
Mrs. William Winters the first of
this week.
Mrs. Lennie Deles Dernier visited
from Saturday until Tuesday with
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Horn. She re
turned to University Place on Tues
day of this week. '
Mib. George Winkler entertained
the Trinity Lutheran Aid at her home
last Thursday afternoon.
Carl Rodaway, who has been visit
ing here for several weeks, left for
California last Saturday morning.
He was accompanied by Ralph nans
ford, who will make an extended
visit with relatives in California.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Wulf and Mrs.
Pauline Ollerman visited at the Al
bert Maahs home last Sunday after
noon. Miss Lois Jean Lytic is employed
at the Eagle Cafe.
Daymond Norris and family moved
out to their farm on Monday of this
Mrs. Blair and daughter, of Har
lan, Iowa, are visiting Mrs. Blair's
sister, Mrs. John Peterson and Mr.
Miss Aletha Tyson, who taught
during the past year at Mitchell,
Nebr.. visited last week with
sisters, Mrs. Ira Stull and Mrs. Elmer
Frohlich and their families.
William Hohson was in Eagle on
Thursday of last week visiting old
Mr. and Mrs. U. 05. Palmer, of
Detroit, Michigan, arrived Sunday
and are visiting Mrs. Palmer's moth
er, Mrs. Leoua Gardner and otLcr
Mrs. Rudolph Finland, who recent
ly underwent an operation at the
Lincoln General hospital, is report
ed to be getting along nicely. Her
friend3 hope she will be able to re
turn home soon.
Miss Edith O'addy, daughter of Mr.
end Mrs. Harry Caddy, became the
bride of Richard Schradcr of Lin
coln, June 3rd. 1 The ceremony was
performed by Rev. Donald Spring
er at the home of the bride, in the
presence of the immediate families
and intimate friends.
The bride was attended by her
sister, Miss Ruth Gaddy and Willard
Gillespie was best man. After a
vedding trip, they will reside in
Eagle. Best wishes are extended this
young couple.
Bride-to-Be Honored
The Blackbird club honored Miss
Edith Caddy at a party at the home
of Mrs. Willard Gillespie in Lincoln
cn Wednesday evening of last week.
The honoree was presented with a
lamp. After an informal evening,
the hostess served delicious refresh
ments. Those present were Miss Edith
Caddy, Mrs. Alfred Thomson of Tal
myra. Mrs. Paul B. Johnson of Alvo.
Mrs. Howard Stege of Elmwood, Miss
Melva Wall, Miss Maxine Wetenkamp
tnnd"frs. "Willard Gillespie of Lin
Forestry and Bird Club Meets
The Camp Creek Forestry and
Bird club held their fourth regular
meeting at the home of Dorothy
Frohlich, May 31st. We were to have
had one bird house made and also
a bird bath. Our trees are to be
taken care of and later each mem
ber is to judge all the trees.
We planned a hike for our next
meeting, so we will have an oppor
tunity to observe different kinds of
birds and trees. We plan to meet at
the home of our leader, Mrs. Bert
Muenchau. very soon, where a pro
gram for the Camp Crook Women's
Home Extension club will be plan
ned. Club Reporter.
Snarry Stitrhers Club Elects
The Snappy Stitchers held their
first meeting at the home of their
leader, Helen Nelson, Monday. May
2fth. Officers were elected, as fol
lows: Inez Althouse, president; Vcrda
Ilockonbach, vice president: Dorothy
Frohlich, secretary, and Doris Bird,
news reporter.
After the business sossion adjourn
ed a delicious lunch was served. The
next meeting of the club will be
at the home of Dorothy Frohlich.
Yum-Yum Cooking Club
The Yum-Yum cooking club held
their first meeting at the home of
' Tl f : ft 1 Tt . . .1 . . 1 I, Tl, ... V r n
" ,luuu""'- 4 "v ...-..
are taking up cooking and are busy
pouring through recipe books.
Those who have Joined the rlub
are Betty Folken, Hazel Rudolph.
Fay Scattergood. Fae Rudolph, Mar
ion Dysart. Elizabeth OJardner, Lau
retta Herrmann, Eva Mae Rocken
bach, Virginia Meyers, Margaret
Wulf, Velma Siekman and Barbara
The officers are: Margaret Wulf,
president; Hazel Rudolph, vice pres
ident; Velma Siekman, secretary,
and Barbara Boren, news reporter.
The club leaders are Inez Althouee
and Viola Root.
All the members were present at
this first meeting of the club, and
Virginia Wall was a visitor. Delic
ious refreshments were served, after
which the members enjoytd playing
games. Barbara Boren, Reporter.
See the goods you buy. CaU'oa
but how about tna oood when
Cesjsrlptipns are alluring enough,
you set themT